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hobo jungle drums warning USA

be careful of bad ju ju! the hobo czar may have to find a job, since Obama will eliminate the office of hobo relations. we're on our own! that's nothing new?!

Coonhound devotion for family of pack

April 17, 2015

Coonhounds are a special breed of dog. Millie has devotion to her pack dogs, our pets. When our Keeshond goes for a veterinarian visit, she drags me outside as she tracks his scent by our driveway where he hopped into my wife’s car. When he comes home from the vet, she is running around like it is Christmas morning. Her tail is wagging, and she has to sniff his head.

Her little buddy “Poochie” is our rescue mutt that is a mix of Shih Tzu and miniature Poodle. When we saved Millie as a puppy dumped near our woods, Poochie enjoyed knocking her over as top dog. Know that she is 3 times his size, she enjoys playing chase me every day with him. My wife just took him for a Spring hair cut and shampoo. Millie is sad and trying to track down her missing buddy.

Coonhound wants her little buddy back home now!  His empty bed is behind her.

Coonhound wants her little buddy back home now! His empty bed is behind her.

You cannot ignore the bonds of loyalty and devotion to family and dog pack of our Treeing Walker Coonhound Millie. When Poochie comes home from the groomer, she will pick on him that he smells different after the shampoo. Her boys endure her bossing them around, because she has to be the leader of the pack. Millie is loyal, loving, and the sheriff of our home.

AMERICAN SNIPER hurt feelings of whining students

April 10, 2015

Michigan State University found 300 students bitching about the movie AMERICAN SNIPER. These students protest that this movie is biased against Muslims.  Are these students affirming Muslim terrorists as representing the Muslim religion?  Being super sensitive against upsetting anyone whining about “hurt feelings”, somebody in University yanked the plan to show the movie about Chris Kyle.  I thank God that we still have men in this country like the new football coach Jim Harbaugh!

His reaction to the controversy at his University about this film was immediate and direct.  “Michigan Football will watch “American Sniper”! Proud of Chris Kyle & Proud to be an American & if that offends anybody then so be it.”  I love his direct and genuine response to the whiners on his campus.  We have the right to be Americans and we have nothing to apologize for a public display of our honoring those who protect our country.

USA and our citizens are not ashamed of our love of country.  We do not apologize to people who find our enthusiasm too rowdy.  This is a great country that has a powerful attraction to freedom lovers who are willing to sacrifice for great reward.  Coach Harbaugh is an American!  The offended Muslim students will need to deal adapt or leave the campus.  Protecting our freedom and honoring those who died protecting our freedom is more important to us.  Nobody is forced to live here.  Nobody is going to force us to be ashamed of our citizens or our patriotism.

Coach Harbaugh by his stand, turned the appeasing University stooges to reverse position.  The movie is being shown.  We all need to simply take a stand for our love of USA.

Coach Jim Harbaugh loves Michigan State University and the USA!

Coach Jim Harbaugh loves Michigan State University and the USA!

Jubilant street celebrations in Iran? Yeah, baby!

April 4, 2015

Our Secretary of State John Kerry has done the impossible!  He had the people in Iran dancing and celebrating in their streets over his “framework” of an agreement to be agreed upon for nuclear fuel.  He was very busy getting Swiss chocolate so he did not bring up the ballistic missiles Iran has bought to transport nuclear material.  We congratulate Kerry for making so many people in Iran happy.

I did not find anybody in my town honking car horns and celebrating the nuclear deal!  It did seem odd that nobody in the USA feels this is a great deal, but everybody is celebrating in Iran?

It is confusing to follow anyway.  Iran had their “framework” of an agreement to be completed.  Kerry had his “framework” of an agreement to be completed.  So we do not have an agreement, but we expect both versions of the “FRAMEWORK” to match sometime.

After 3 months, we decided we need 3 more months together?  Why not hold these talks in Israel?

The most holy Ayatollah Khomeni of Iran is about to get the infamous 3 Stooges double eyejab from Detective Drebin used by Moe on Curly quite often.

The most holy Ayatollah Khomeni of Iran is about to get the infamous 3 Stooges double eyejab from Detective Drebin used by Moe on Curly quite often.

Buffett finds it easy to take money

March 26, 2015
Buffett using private jet

The news media treat Warren Buffett as a beloved great grandfather of our economy.  I view him as more of a vampire sucking up great amounts of money to only make money for himself. Rich people always find leeches and media gushing praise.  Why is the “Oracle of Omaha” viewed as a blood sucker?

Recent history from the upheaval in the USA and the world in financial collapse of 2008 is where W.B. showed his fangs.  Goldman Sachs “agreed” to take billions in cash from Berkshire Hathaway of W.B., but at Shylock terms of 10%.  Beggars can’t be choosers, and W.B. chuckled counting his money by getting nose bleed interest rate and option to convert into shares of common stock of Goldman Sachs.

Just this week Berkshire Hathaway that owns a large amount of Heinz common stock, engineered a  merger and acquisition of Kraft foods to make a Frankenstein monster giant food company.  So W.B. suggests to Heinz board that buying Kraft is a great deal.  Kraft share holders will make a lot of money.  Heinz share holders have not seen any great gains while connected with Berkshire Hathaway.  Plus the financing for the takeover by Berkshire Hathaway “earns” a generous financing charge.  Heinz was not in a position to say no to any of this Frankenstein monster plan.

The laws and regulations lobbied by W.B. at White House seem to favor Berkshire Hathaway?  This is a total surprise to us common folk that watch the billionaires kiss the royal rump of our president of USA!

W.B. sucks but nobody can get him off the stage!

W.B. sucks but nobody can get him off the stage!

Stealing money from US Steel

March 19, 2015

Empty suit in chair of POTUS

Empty suit in chair of POTUS

Everybody in the USA deserves a fair chance and a fair shot at getting a good job per our president. Talk is cheap. Why is the import of steel from China flooding USA and shutting down our local steel plants? Our Federal Reserve policy has the strong dollar make our exports more expensive outside of USA. Our allowing China to flood our markets with steel sold below cost is subsidized by China to shut down our steel industry. Our president has been taking steps to fix this for the last 4 years!? Hope our steel industry figured out that they are on their own to fix our monetary problems, and to counter China stealing our steel business.

We cannot afford to wait 2 more years until we get a new president. In 2 years, our steel plants will be shrunk and those jobs will be GONE. Like all of our dire problems, our president tells us he is focused like a laser on the problem, and he will get back to us on his progress in a couple of years. We know how that goes.

We have a resilient group of business leaders in the steel industry. They cannot fix monetary exchange problems. They cannot stop China from exporting steel below cost.

How about our president insist that China must allow the steel workers union to be in every plant in China? How about mandatory health care benefits and maternity leave on any imported steel company? How about all imported steel must go through the West Coast sea ports on the work slow down holding up shipments for 4 weeks?

 I am too simple to be fooled.

I am too simple to be fooled.

It is all my fault.

March 7, 2015
Europe fought 300 years failing to rid themselves of Muslims.

My parents came from Lithuania after WWII to the USA. I am guilty of white privilege. They came here with nothing, no relatives to help them. My success was due to oppressing minorities and taking advantage of former slaves. My ancestors killed during the Crusades a thousand years ago. It is my guilt that Muslims today kill Jewish delicatessen store owners. It is my fault that dumb ass converts to Muslim are killing today. Chopping off heads, burning people alive, and butchering families of Christians is my fault.

I have been reviewing this. SCREW THEM! I am not giving a free pass to killers, thieves, whiners, and “life is not fair” protesters. In fact, I will hurt somebody’s feelings! Life is tough. USA is the land of opportunity. We are not a sympathy vending machine handing out money for the Crusades or Jihad wannabe idiots. Don’t bug me with my guilt being a white man. I am proud of my family, and what we have accomplished without handouts, welfare, or stealing.

My parents came here as “legal aliens” with nothing but determination to start a new life after losing everything in the war. I am a first generation citizen. My parents came over on a battle ship from Europe. My wife’s family came over on the Mayflower. What a great country!

Nobody is going to make me feel guilty on what I achieved. There are a lot of people richer than I am. Good for them! There are a lot of people poorer than me. We do sponsor Roman Catholic charities to help.

It is time for the USA to start losing our patience. Don’t blame us for Jihad, slavery, and illegal aliens demanding hand outs! The complaint window is officially closed.

Don't ask for permission from your mortal enemies.

Don’t ask for permission from your mortal enemies.

Did Hillary invent “e-mail” as Secretary of State?

March 5, 2015

That creepy looking lady was our Secretary of State representing our country. It would be seem pretty basic that she would be provided stationary for letters, an email address in our government for official communications, and maybe even a portable phone. I was more than stunned to learn that Hillary Clinton NEVER set up a government email account. I am sure the CIA and NSA all agree that her security system was superior to the U.S.A. government?

Excuse me, but is she NUTS? The Chief of Staff for the President and the security procedures in our government were ignored because she said so? What is the reason she used? It was too hard to remember her password?

If you worked the Securities Industry, and you set up a personal e-mail to conduct business, then you are fired and fined immediately. But if you represent the U.S.A. as Secretary of State, then sending confidential and secret e-mail as “Hot Momma” is no problem!

So secret e-mail on Benghazi in her private secret account is recorded how? It reminds me of her billing records as a lawyer that finally turned up in a car trunk in auto salvage yard in Arkansas, years after they were subpoenaed. Funny how stuff just walks away from Hillary. Not very funny for those families that still have no answer on their deaths.

Did you get your email from "Hot Momma"?

Did you get your email from “Hot Momma”?

Staying warm is best revenge

February 18, 2015
Wisconsin out of propane!  I'm not out of wood!

My wife knows I am a big baby! I never get sick. I had a cold for 10 days but luckily no fever or flu. However, even with sub zero weather, I do not mind hauling in fire wood to keep us cozy and toasty warm 74 degrees. Our furnace is set at 68, so the extra warmth is courtesy of our fireplace.

Stacking the wood in October and November made my life easier now in deadly weather. It is a short walk from our side door to haul in more fuel. Splitting and stacking wood is real work, but worth the effort to stay warm in the dead of Winter. I have some improvements in mind for organizing the wood stacks for this coming Fall. But I am very happy that I spent the time and effort that is keeping us warm today.

My wife appreciates the extra warmth that doesn’t cost us a dime extra. When we are out with the dogs, the scent of oak and cedar wood from the chimney is a welcome reminder of the waiting warmth inside. The sun is shining. The wind is blowing from the North West. It is below zero outside, and we can enjoy the view without frosted windows.

Feb 18, 2015 below zero but we don't care.

Feb 18, 2015 below zero but we don’t care.

We harvested dead trees earlier this year. In high winds dead trees do kill people when crashing down. In hot Summer droughts, wild fires are a serious threat. These trees now keep us warm, and our neighbors are safer with selective harvesting. The Menominee Nation are masters of timber management. We welcome their men and women who cleared our dead trees.

Global Warming conference canceled due to snow

February 17, 2015
Obama closed federal government due to SNOW?

Federal government declared today a “snow emergency” with 6 inches of snow in Washington, D.C. today! Our greatest threat to security is our own federal government being afraid of the snow! All government offices are closed today after the federal holiday President’s Day. It is time to regain our pioneer heritage and face the challenges nature throws at us.

President Obama continues to claim that Global Warming Climate Change is our greatest problem? We have survived as a country droughts, blizzards, tornadoes, and hurricanes without demanding billions for wasted research. The ultimate goal is to regulate the climate so that it is never hot or cold, but just lukewarm. Does anybody believe this fairy tale of climate control?

Our president is not setting any goals. He needs billions and billions more to “improve” stuff but not achieve anything.

Federal budget must be bigger to save our world!

Federal budget must be bigger to save our world!

Secret threat revealed

February 16, 2015
Cowards kill defenseless to pretend they are brave.

A credible threat has been discovered from the criminal element of the ISIS organization. They have been setting up video equipment around several golf courses favored by our fearless leader. Fortunately, he has never played a landmark or tournament golf course. So the targeted clubs are for fat cats in the evil 1% of wealthy. It is not clear if they prepared to interrupt his round of golf. ISIS knew that Biden would never pay the ransom to release their hostage.

This finding was in last month’s national security briefing, but he was out golfing at the time.

Terrorists have crossed a red line in targeting golf course terrorism!

Terrorists have crossed a red line in targeting golf course terrorism!

Finally music returns!

February 11, 2015

Euterpe has lifted the darkness with inspiration for songs that bring delight. Daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne, we are grateful! Bless this Muse and her inspired artists.

We Belong Together by Gavin DeGraw is a new direction based upon our best qualities. Genuine feelings that guide us as a lifelong goal is the bed rock.

Blue Moon by Beck Hansen in his album of the year Morning Phase is a triumphant stand even if “tired of being alone”!

Beck has woven a sonic fabric of emotions we feel in our pilgrimage through the universe. The sound is an ethereal Wave that welcomes us to ride the wave.

I am enjoying their downloads in my digital library that goes with me as The Road Goes on Forever.

Music for adults is a welcome change in the music industry. BOOTY and SLAP THAT BOOTY can never be replaced by new artists! Glad to have moved onto the new Millennium of music.

2015 Grammy Album of the Year MORNING PHASE by Beck

2015 Grammy Album of the Year MORNING PHASE by Beck

President Obama blames Crusades as evil at prayer breakfast

February 5, 2015
Gitmo and Crusades piss off Muslims to kill us?

Gitmo and Crusades piss off Muslims to kill us?

Today is the National Day of Prayer. Our president spoiled a prayer breakfast by sharing his concerns about Christians. It is our fault here in the USA that the Crusades took place a thousand years ago. The Muslims were invading Europe and pillaging churches for centuries before the Crusades. Crusades was the response of Europe. So Christians dreamed up an invasion of Muslim conquered territory that were taken from the Christians by sword and flame.

Our president is happy to wait a couple of hundred years to endure Muslim invasions and conquering territory. The Christians being killed are compensation for the Crusades killing Muslims? We need to recognize that our country has surrendered to anyone that wants to steal a country. Iraq for the ISIS is ok. Ukraine for Putin is ok. Iran making nuclear missiles is ok. China stealing our weapons blueprints is ok. Mexico blaming us for illegal immigrants is ok.

President blames the “cult of death” that is the Muslim Jihad invasion. The Pope is a thousand years ahead of him. The Albigensian Heresy was a target of the Crusade. They saw death as a glory to seek as soon as possible. Our president will set up a panel to investigate history of Crusade so USA can repay Muslims. We pay for everyone around the world. He is quick to pay, and slow to act on threats killing citizens and allies.

Please, dear Lord protect the USA. We have been abandoned and left without anyone to lead us. Amen

Driving School for Rappers by Suge Knight

January 31, 2015
Sugar Bear

Have you ever met a “Rap Mogul”? You are more likely to have met him if you have been in prison or jail before. Suge Knight runs Death Row Records. It seems Suge ran over 2 people by “accident”. He did it twice by backing into them and then running over them? We have to acknowledge his persistence, but have to doubt that he was not aware of running over anyone.

Mogul Knight in his youth loved the cereal Sugar Crisps with the mascot Sugar Bear, so he was dubbed “Suge”. If you want to learn how to drive like a Rap Mogul, then contact Death Row Records for the Suge evasive driving course.

It does seem odd that a few Death Row Records competitors got accidentally shot dead. Vanilla Ice got to see LA upside down while Suge held him by his ankles hanging him over his balcony during a negotiation.

Sounds glamorous being a Rap star. Unless, you need to work with a Rap Mogul, then it sounds lethal. Suge Rap Star Driving School is best avoided. Don’t expect a refund.

AMERICAN SNIPER movie holds audience

January 19, 2015
World of Chris Kyle portrayed by Bradley Cooper.

World of Chris Kyle portrayed by Bradley Cooper.

My wife and I had anxiety and worry when our son was in combat in Iraq. It was strange to keep in touch by Facebook postings, Skype, and email from the battle front. I was forced to learn how to use digital technology to keep in touch with our soldier. It was reassuring to keep in contact. It did not remove our worry that he could be kept safe just by keeping in touch with us in the USA.

Client Eastwood has directed a movie about an exceptional warrior who fought to keep us safe here in the USA. Chris Kyle is a larger than life man who was willing to face the lethal risks of war in 4 tours of combat. Bradley Cooper has captured his character facing death in combat and taking extra risks to win the war. I cannot praise Eastwood enough in capturing war in the battle front, without typical Hollywood digital tricks for spraying fountains of blood. This is realistic and honest. Kyle has anguish and deals with combat stress that complicates his life back home.

I went to watch the movie on January 16 alone, because my wife did not want to see the Iraq war. The movie showing was a full house. Nobody stirred or left the theater until the last credit was scrolled on the screen. The audience was silent and speechless. I learned that this is how the audiences across the USA stayed riveted to the movie to the very ending credits.

The one scene that hit me hardest was the intense focused stare of Chris Kyle seeing the live news video on the jet airplanes crashing into the Twin Towers of Manhattan. It dragged me right back to my feelings when I was watching it that morning of 9/11/2001. Kyle knew that the war was on without saying a word.

It is not worthy of comment to deal with the Hollywood folks who ridicule the life and achievements of Chris Kyle. Courage in the face of death by fighting terrorists with no defined battle fronts is confusing. The “rules of engagement” limited and punished the military to restrain use of force until attacked. Our military did not shoot first and ask questions later.

This movie is a very intense experience. It includes the doubts and stress from combat that cannot be left in Iraq when back in the USA. Consider seeing this movie. Prepare to be immersed in the world of Chris Kyle that ended sadly but triumphant.

Green Bay Packers ignore the “experts” to win!

January 18, 2015

Growing up in Chicago, I endured a lot of miserable football seasons as a fan. My shining moment was in the 1985 NFL season for the Chicago Bears. I was in the stands for every home game, and watched the away games on television. My biggest regret was not spending the money to go on the road to see the Super Bowl game in New Orleans. I was a little strapped for cash being recently widowed, and getting out from under a lot of bills. Anyway, my allegiance remains with my mediocre Bears.

I moved to Wisconsin, north and west of Green Bay. We have more bears, eagles, deer, wolves, than people in our area. Green Bay has a unique life style. I remember going to a Bears game, and seeing dozens of pick up trucks with tagged field dressed bucks driving by Lambeau Field. Guys hopped out of their blaze orange, dropped the carcass off at their garage, and walked over to the football stadium for tail gate BBQ with cocktails. Of course Reggie White and Brett Favre crushed my Bears.

The tradition of Bears and Packers is the National Football League. A small move, but a big impact on the Packers is the addition of former Bear, Julius Peppers. This is his season to finally get a Super Bowl ring. He wants to get a Super Bowl ring. His experience and his motivation has energized the locker room. I believe in fate and destiny in many important moments in all of our lives. It is my feeling, that Peppers walking into the Packers team is a major turning point. I admire his contribution to Bears football, and now his contribution to Packers football. They can win it all!

The “experts” of ESPN had 15 of the 16 analysts choose the Seattle Seahawks as the winner over the Packers today. Packers will win today. They are a team destined to give Peppers his last achievement as a professional football player. Julius Peppers is a champion player.

Julius Peppers will frustrate Seahawks quarterback Wilson.

Julius Peppers will frustrate Seahawks quarterback Wilson.

Is killing 2,000 Christians in Nigeria worth a tweet?

January 14, 2015
Michelle tweets do not save lives in Nigeria!

Michelle tweets do not save lives in Nigeria!

Wake up folks! Nigeria is in chaos, and our president focuses our military on fighting diarrhea. That is a morale booster for our fighting forces on the front lines of out house battles. Our president says killing thousands of Christians in Nigeria recently is a “regional problem” not affecting the USA. So how is EBOLA diarrhea a global threat?

It seems Michelle Obama knows her husband is a colossal loser, so she does not even bother with a stupid Twitter campaign against Christian extermination.

So world leaders in Paris marched to demonstrate unity against Islamic terrorists. It is a regional problem, so our president stayed in front of his television watching football games.

The girls and young ladies kidnapped in 2013 sparked a celebrity Twitter campaign that only resulted in self indulgent selfies. Thank you Michelle for sharing your Tweet in photo. How many girls did it save? ZIP NONE

More Christians are being slaughtered around the world, in many regional conflicts so USA will ignore it all. We are so proud that our president plans a summit on “extremism” in February. We can be sure racism, TEA party protesters, and Christians will be the problems needing new federal meddling.

There are families being exterminated for their Christian faith by ISIS and Islamic terrorists.

Paris in solidarity against Islamic terrorists

January 11, 2015
Paris Jan 11 2015

World leaders visited Paris to demonstrate unity opposed to terrorism. Our country’s leader stayed home. No reason or explanation was given from White House on what pressing golf game, or executive order kept our fearless leader away.

It was estimated that close to 3 million French came out to demonstrate for freedom in opposition to Islamic terrorist attacks. NATO allies and leaders of the free world made their presence to publicly prove their unity opposing terrorists.

History does not a PAUSE button or replay option. You are either there when duty calls, or you are history. Our president elected to do nothing. He sent Eric Holder who has done nothing on fighting terrorism, except lawsuits that can’t be served. Benghazi families are waiting for his justice against the Islamic terrorists who murdered our 4 citizens, and wounded more.

Muslim attacks invite cudgel Crusade

January 8, 2015

Centuries of battle and warfare against Muslim conquest of Europe and Asia never did end. We are not even bothering to pretend to battle the Muslim conquest of USA. We welcome diversity. Muslims have no diversity. Muslims behead Christians. Muslims kill and maim critics of their odd beliefs. France discovered that Sharia justice uses bullets against their citizens in Paris.

There are spontaneous demonstrations in France and through out Europe against Muslim attackers. We are waiting for President Obama to complain that Europe has no right to profile Muslim killers for protest. We know that worked real well for Boston when the bombs blew up too many Marathon celebrants. Our fearless leader lives in a dream world of his bong haze.

The start of the Crusades a thousand years ago is not well recorded. We can have accurate records on this Crusade that arises from the people of Europe. Cudgels, hand axes, and daggers are readily available to defend your freedom from Muslim conquest. If I protest to Muslims that they need to stop their terrorist members, it would be a waste of time. Evil doers will not find anyone offering mercy for their doomed path.

The leaders in Europe cannot ignore the people in the streets who have no patience with tolerance of Muslim violence. We need to honor the will of the people to drive out the evil doers who claim they are the true Muslim. Onward, Christian soldiers!

Europe fought 300 years failing to rid themselves of Muslims.

Europe fought 300 years failing to rid themselves of Muslims.

Winter 2015 kicks open your door

January 4, 2015
Wisconsin out of propane!  I'm not out of wood!
More snow than we need everywhere!

Remembering winter of 2014?

Today the wind is from the North by Northwest. It is 10 degrees now going to 15 below tonight. The wind brings the chill down to 10 below now. I got to enjoy playing outside for over 2 hours shoveling and hauling fire wood to the house. Even the dogs won’t stay out that long.

The West coast has wild weather of high winds and sudden snow, and the East coast gets to fight the Northeastern storms. Wisconsin north woods gets the storms from Canada or the Northwestern plains. USA sees Winter that reminds them of our worst last year.

I hope we got some good luck. Meanwhile keep the fire burning bright, and be sure you got deerskin bomber hat with rabbit fur to keep your head warm. I got the cast iron stove blazing away. I need to keep it going all day and night.

Governor Mario Cuomo bought me drinks!

January 2, 2015
Mario Cuomo 1995

In 1991 I worked as Executive Sales Manager for a printing company headquartered in Illinois. One of our major clients supported the Anti-Defamation League and we bought a table at the fund raiser in New York City for $4,000. Several of us were needed to dutifully represent my firm at the event. My boss Rick was Vice President of Sales and was a nice guy.

He spent a lot of time in New York with our book publisher clients and was planning on attending the event with me. The Account Executive from my office was already in New York as well and we were to meet him at the event. I met Rick and we walked to the hotel. Neither one of us had the invitation and I asked in the lobby where was the fund raiser. Get on the elevator to the penthouse. It didn’t sound right but Rick wanted to just push elevator button and go.

There was no reception table, and we went into a large suite with a bar busy serving. Rick and I did not need any prodding. We both got cocktails with his favorite Old Fashioned and my favorite Vodka Gimlet with onions. The majority of those attending were Jewish, and the Anti-Defamation League is a Jewish sponsored event. However, having an open bar with waiters serving lots of appetizers did not fit prior events. We looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders and ordered our 2nd drinks.

We were pinned into the suite with later arrivals blocking the hallway out from the bar area. We were forced to keep drinking! Then my fears were confirmed that we were missing the client event. Governor Mario Cuomo entered the room from a side door into the Suite living room. He got a warm welcome from the wealthy donors. This was obviously a exclusive crowd political fund raiser.

Mario was reminding these wealthy city dwellers on the benefits they enjoy relying upon the Democrat party improvements benefiting New York City from his governor’s office. He made specific reference to the exclusive area of Manhattan where those wealthy enjoyed living. They smiled and nodded in appreciation. He closed with a pointed reminder to give Democrat party money to take President office. He made sure to shake hands and chat before his departure. Rick and I plowed through hallway people to get out of there after appetizers and cocktails on Cuomo!

The event was half way done and we found our event on a mezzanine level ball room and went to our table. Jim my sales guy was worried something happened to us. He was laughing that we got a better deal by our mistake. We did make sure to shake hands and congratulate his customer. Typically, our absence was not noticed since the room was packed.

Farewell to the Governor whose hospitality was enjoyed by 2 freeloaders many years ago.

2014 has released a few more souls

December 30, 2014

When I was young, the death of musicians I loved near my age bothered me a lot. Why choose to wander stoned on the edge of a cliff? Too many fell into a crypt way too soon. One of my favorites to this day is little recognized. Alan “blind owl” Wilson discovered the blues working in the old world retail “music store” selling vinyl records. Anyway, he loved the blues, and some in Chicago thought he ripped off music from other older blues players. I don’t know, but I do know he had the questions a lot of us asked in the 1960’s. Going Up The Country and a great boogie song On The Road Again are worth a listen and a download.

Blind Owl is one of the best blues harp players of all time.

Blind Owl is one of the best blues harp players of all time.

So from that same era, we say goodbye to Joe Cocker. He passed away recently from illness. I have been adding a lot of his music to my digital library. Jim Belushi did a hilarious impersonation of Joe on SNL many many moons ago. Joe appeared to be in spasms and contortions when he was deep into his song. It seemed odd, but hey England celebrates eccentric personalities! The funniest was that the promoters of Woodstock assumed he was black when they heard his songs. Here comes this tall white dude belting out soul singing!? Woodstock kind of opened the door to his fame.

Joe Cocker kept the flame alive until the end.

Joe Cocker kept the flame alive until the end.

Goodbye Joe. The heavenly choir will get some more soul!

It’s over! Chicago BEARS fire head coach

December 29, 2014
ditka-cigar-smoker Da Coach

Born in Chicago, I grew up a BEARS fan. It was not until 1985 that I felt the elation of victories that meant something. The cast of characters, and they were real characters, combined with the coaches feuding between Iron Mike Ditka the head coach, and Buddy Ryan the defensive coach made the chili a lot spicier! We had fun, we had celebrations, and we had stories that endure to this day.

Ryan ridiculed and rode the ass of Samurai Mike Singletary. Mike was a devout Christian that Buddy said was too damn slow and too dumb to be a middle linebacker. Mike of course, was a crazy man on the field on a mission. Ryan and Ditka could not stand each other and ran Defense and Offense like 2 separate teams. Quarterback Jim McMahon knew there was only an “I” in Jim and didn’t worry about being a “team” player at all. He ridiculed league commissioner and wore goofy head band messages to infuriate the commercial NFL industry ruler Rozelle. Mike Ditka knew he had more of a circus than a tragedy to play out in 1985. Super Bowl victory is now a ancient memory for this BEARS fan.

The general manager Emery, and the head coach Trestman have not made any impression or added any chapter to the legacy of the “monsters of the Midway” of Poppa Bear Halas. They are fired and nobody will miss them or remember them. The next coach will not have a hard act to follow for an improvement. Emery has made quarterback Cutler wealthy beyond his meager accomplishments. Halas has to be spinning in his grave over the 100 million dollars Jay would collect if they keep him into 2015. Mike Ditka knew Halas threw nickels around like cast iron man hole covers.

I will return to the scene of this tragedy in 2015, hoping to find the magic of 1985 after the ruined 2014 season. Chicago had a team that was not the model of brotherly love, or role models for Boy Scouts either. They did the SuperBowl Shuffle video because they knew they would win the big game. They did!

Loser coach and GM of BEARS gone good riddance!

Loser coach and GM of BEARS gone good riddance!

Smells of the season

December 23, 2014
Do not take gifts from congress!  They cost too much!

The refreshing odor from a fir tree in the living room is a unique smell for Christmas. Decorated with ornaments and colorful lights it is a festive sight. The smells of Christmas add to enjoying memories.

Mom baked cookies in when I was a kid, and she would let me lick the mixing spoon when she was done. We anticipated enjoying those cookies on Christmas day. The smell of her baking a couple days before Christmas Eve was awesome.

There was a young Indian boy who played with our youngest son. He would time his visit close to supper meal time. “Boy, that sure smells good!” His mom was divorced and didn’t make a lot working, so she lived with mom across the road. He was not bashful on enjoying a meal with us. Of course he always got some of our meal to carry home.

Snow is on the ground and I haul in oak and cedar firewood to bring a warm holiday glow from the cast iron stove in the family room. The smell of cedar is not overpowering but a welcome scent. My wife loves to have candles glowing and she always includes a large scented candle in her holiday glow. The advent candles are glowing every night.

Coffee brewing on Christmas morning is essential for my wife. I enjoy the smell but I always drink tea. Merry Christmas from the north woods of Wisconsin! My coonhound howls every time she goes out in the woods and lifts her head to catch every scent in the breeze.

A picture is worth a thousand words. But a smell makes a memory! Who cut the cheese?

Coon Hounds hunt bears, but Millie is a BEARS fan since I am.

Coon Hounds hunt bears, but Millie is a BEARS fan since I am.

Protestor industry 2014 reaps bitter harvest

December 21, 2014

How does a criminal appoint himself as a executioner of New York police?  It has occurred to me that the hysterical public protest demonstrations in New York city with chants for “dead cops” has a definite connection.  The mayor of New York has fortified his mansion more at city expense, but has allowed anarchy to grow by turning a blind eye like “what problem with protestors?” Nobody intends or wants anybody to get killed, but inflaming emotional anger is lethal!

Two husbands gone with widows to see the year end with a funeral. At press conference on execution of 2 NYPD Saturday 12/20/2014 had police officers turn their back on the mayor of New York. The mayor has a private police guard with a newly fortified fence to protect him and his family. Protect him from the people of New York? He speaks out about equal rights and criticizes discrimination. Is he scared of his own residents of his city attacking his mansion?

The entrepreneur protestor on call for any extortion money by racial protest is “the reverend” AL Sharpton. He spun a tale that he was working undercover with authorities to stop drug dealing in New York. It seemed he was dealing as a small time criminal for a few dollars. Now he has found his calling. Stirring up hatred and inflaming mobs to riot is just a necessary way for him to make his money by donations to make him go away. Protection money to criminals is an old profession he has chosen. Do you want a mob marching own your street? Pay up, support the cause for freedom and justice defined by “the reverend”!

Weathermen targeting military and police for execution was Bill Ayers contribution to justice in USA. Black Panthers using force for “street justice” is honored in universities and Eric Holder’s office. The danger is that tolerating the concept of “street justice” leads to anarchy with vigilantes roaming the streets. Liberals of course know which are the proper causes to use violence and mayhem. Everything else is illegal and investigated by Eric Holder with teams of FBI.

The mayor of New York should go to Hawaii for a consultation with our fearless leader. He stepped into it and seems mystified why people are mad at him?

Christmas is a time to try to bring everyone to appreciate the promise of salvation from sin. I do not care about the mayor of New York, or the extortion industry of “the reverend”. Nobody will care or remember the agents of discord and anarchy. We will still honor Christmas long after I am gone.

Bombs are Bill's preferred method of killing.

Bombs are Bill’s preferred method of killing.

Fearless Leader defends free expression in USA!

December 19, 2014
BAFTA Los Angeles Britannia Awards - Arrivals

Kim John-un is the tyrannical ruler of North Korea. The USA recognizes his brutality and his ambition to be a nuclear super power. Our president has done nothing over 6 years to impede or derail the military growth in North Korea.

Sony approved a comedy film to mock the young dictator Kim in a fantastic plot of USA secret plot to kill him. Our president ignored the premise of the plot. Everyone knows he favors drones to kill any problem he wants to solve. Anyway, our heroic commander in chief did not approve of cowardice of Sony to whimper and hide from Kim. Canceling distribution of a movie that targeted to offend and humiliate Kim was criticized by Obama.

So our president is a champion of free expression, and too bad if it offends terrorists? It seems so long ago, but President Obama was critical of a movie mocking Muslim Jihad. Obama was convinced the deaths in Benghazi on 9/11/2011 was result of a movie nobody has seen. AG Holder did find a reason to jail the producer of this movie. You can’t see the movie, and you don’t see anything of this imprisoned producer.

So Sony should know that you might wind up in prison and targeted by the attorney general if Obama finds your film offensive. However, Sony needs to stand up to North Korea alone, even if Obama has not stood up to North Korea.

This is a job for POLICE SQUAD and detective Drebbin!

Ayatollah unveiled with turban removed reveals a punk rocker in THE NAKED GUN!

Ayatollah unveiled with turban removed reveals a punk rocker in THE NAKED GUN!

George Clooney took a mature and measured public sign that Hollywood refuses to be cowards and hide from threats of North Korea. Only problem, is that Clooney is the only one willing to sign a public declaration defying Kim! Where are the heroic folks of Hollywood? George sees he is on his own! Proud of George to publicly stand up to tyranny.

Christmas celebration renews faith, hope, and charity

December 15, 2014
Hobo Santa

Christmas for 2014 compels us to enjoy the company of our family and friends. The Christmas memories we relive from our past include the ornaments on our tree connecting us to places and people we love. We celebrate connecting with family and friends The simplest gesture of making a phone call can be worth more than a bottle of champagne to family.

The Hobo Railroad in Lincoln, New Hampshire celebrates our traditions and railroad history. As a kid, I enjoyed visiting friends with my family by train. The experience of traveling by train, and the anticipation of visiting a new place adds to enjoying the trip.

Santa Claus is coming to town!

Santa Claus is coming to town!

This is our time to remind ourselves that a baby can be a miracle to save our world. We need our faith to be strengthened again. We will find our hope restored as we devote ourselves to acts of charity. Santa Claus deserves a break

War path of Elizabeth Warren

December 14, 2014

“How!” Senator Elizabeth Warren is wandering through the fond memories of happy warriors that are now in their Happy Hunting Grounds. There are not any scalps hanging from her teepee. She has not been on a real war path. Her war paint is for video and photo opportunities.

She must have heard the tales around the camp fire of Indian nations donating wampum for weeping Slick Willy Clinton when he was our great white father in the White House. He accepted donations the native nations could not afford to donate. The only chance for native Americans was to buy some freedom by “donations” to loosen our government’s noose around their necks. Elizabeth is an Indian princess with claimed ancestry to the native blood of North America. Slick Willy would bite his lip and tears welled up as it suited him. He had no shame in selling federal favors for wampum.

The list of problems that Senator Warren has cataloged on her web page are long and familiar. These are the favorite targets of “Reform Candidates” since before Huey Long was buried. Just like the poor, these reform platforms will always be with us. You don’t get a buffalo hide for warmth or some venison for food without actually hunting! You have to pull the trigger. You cannot talk a buffalo or a deer to death. We have not seen a single scalp taken yet from the enemies of reform she keeps yakking about.

Not many senators do much more than talk. Senator Durbin and former Senator Feingold have done nothing but talk. They have accomplished nothing. (Unless you count the worthless campaign finance reform bill known as McCain-Feingold. Since that has been passed, donation mounds of money have grown huge, and endless advertising plus phone calls.)

We look forward to seeing the war path of Indian princess Warren.

Reform warrior Warren talks a lot but no scalps.

Reform warrior Warren talks a lot but no scalps.

Elizabeth Warren is Captain Ahab!

December 12, 2014
Gregory Peck

Senator Elizabeth Warren took a cue from Senator Ted Cruz and asked the Democrats still left in office for Senate and House to be killed in act of vengeance. Just like Captain Ahab tormented and chasing Moby Dick the great white whale, our Indian princess demands revenge and death for her ship mates. The 1st budget to actually be voted and passed in 6 years offends her sensitive sense of smell. “I smite thee, cursed whale!”

She has publicly claimed the mantle of protector of orphans, widows, retired people, and every voting block that evokes tears of sympathy! This wealthy 1% defender of the down trodden has her money in great mounds of cash. She has declared open season on taking shots at the same targets Democrats have blasted for the last 5 decades! She connects with the poorest and most at risk in her Huey Long rhetoric. Share the Wealth What has she ever actually done?

Her heritage of being an Indian princess was her inspired creation, even if deceptive. Her speeches have accomplished and helped none of her suffering impoverished dependent people. Now she demands that all harpoon the budget to bring down Moby Dick. Democrats saw how well Ted Cruz did on last year’s government shut down. Nobody is rowing full speed ahead to be crushed by Moby Dick, and they know the Indian princess has never killed a whale like the budget.

Gregory Peck

She loves to talk.  Nothing done yet.

She loves to talk. Nothing done yet.

We have 18 trillion line of credit!

December 3, 2014

Today is a very special day! USA can be proud that we have 18 trillion dollars in credit owed? Wait! We know that in 2015 our fearless leader will get us to 19 trillion dollars in debt!

My sons, and their children, and their grandchildren, and their great grand children will be paying the interest charge without reducing the debt. In 6 years our president has found it essential to add 8 trillion dollars of this debt. This is not enough debt! We have to feel guilty on overlooking more money for every government program. We can take pride that we are cutting staffing and cutting budget in our defense department!

Maybe the election results for 2014 are evidence that we are not “stupid voters”? Maybe the USA tax payers do not want to give a blank check for stupid spending to our president? Everyone of us can point to a government program essential to our life?

Hey, it's only your money we are spending!

Hey, it’s only your money we are spending!

Masked idiots want us to follow!?

November 30, 2014

USA has mobs that want to lead our country by extortion. Give us what we want or you are a racist. Give us what we want so we don’t burn more buildings. Give us what we want or we will invade public areas to interfere normal community activity. We are not being restricted by the Attorney General or FBI. Masked terrorists are tolerated as acceptable now by our federal government.

We pretend sympathy for dead thug Mike Brown.  We want to control USA!

We pretend sympathy for dead thug Mike Brown. We want to control USA!

Ports like Oakland get blocked to extort the public into submitting to any lunatic cause. Highways are blockaded by mobs that don’t consider ambulances or emergency vehicles blocked. When will we see prosecution and rogue gallery of mug shots to single out the masked mob idiots? Atlanta dared to take a reasonable step.

This moron was hiding behind his mask and hauled in by Atlanta police.

This moron was hiding behind his mask and hauled in by Atlanta police.

Citizen vigilantes start, when the courts and police let mobs of marauders hold the community hostage. Our president can be proud of his stirring up more violence in his last 6 years. Expected to hear our president tell us that “If I had a son, he would be like Michael Brown!” Ferguson in flames and president won’t show up. Just like Benghazi when he hid.

May the odds ever be in your favor!

November 28, 2014
Hunger Games

We have endured a long hard time of sacrifice and loss of hope. The emotional connection with The Hunger Games is to see the wealthy elite self indulgence in The Capitol who enjoy the annual carnage and gore of the annual competition from the impoverished 12 districts. The oppressed and over taxed citizens provide the wealth for those leeches who inhabit The Capitol. We can relate to the concept of a ruling elite class who enrich themselves at the expense of impoverished citizens.

Can we at least have a video marathon showing all the exotic vacations in lavish settings that our First Family had over the last 6 years? How about the lobbyist lavish events to gain favor from the ruling elite for government contracts? Never mind about our 17 trillion dollars of debt paid by generations of impoverished citizens. Did we really need to spend millions on research of drunk monkeys, fat lesbians, and dilemma of promoting tofu?

Anyway, when my wife and I watch these movies, the social mirror reflects the self indulgent elite being voyeurs watching the impoverished killing each other as entertainment. Our fearless leader has no clue on the mass slaughter going on in the black communities of Chicago, and other impoverished neighborhoods. There is no entertainment value in watching these senseless killings. How about an annual gang killing contest for some prizes televised? This could include all ethnic type gangs, even some Russians! So many are getting killed every year, our President should at least create some entertainment out of this carnage. He is doing nothing to help get more jobs for the poor. He is doing nothing constructive so he might as well be our entertainer in chief.

Do you know my favorite gum?

Do you know my favorite gum?

Do we have to?

November 20, 2014
President pretends to ignore complaints at home and abroad.
Listen to the clown in the White House!

Listen to the clown in the White House!

It will be interesting to find out the audience rating for our President speaking to the world tonight. Don’t think many citizens will be listening. We know the illegal aliens will be huddled around their big screen LED television to celebrate. The people smugglers in South America will be watching too. A lot of money will be made off this executive order by the criminals.

The states will be forced to absorb the new wave of illegal aliens marching across our border. The state tax payers will be forced to add more free loaders to their health and welfare services, and their schools. The citizens will pay with more taxes in every state.

Taxed Enough Already
will be the last straw. Nobody is against improving immigration. We the people do not accept imperial decree as our method of government. TEA party is a movement of frustrated citizens taxed and regulated into protest.

Will we get to read this “executive order”? Or is it 25,000 pages of lawyer writing? My bet is that this imperial decree is confusing book of Babel.

Beware of drive by senior attacks!

November 17, 2014
burn that mother down

You reap what you sow! I enjoyed the threat video advertising that warned USA consequences of electing wrong president. If Romney was elected president, instead of Obama for 2012, than senior citizens in video threatened to whoop ass and unleash violence to “burn that motherf#$%er down!” This was a confusing threat. If we laughed, than we risked the havoc of seniors on a rampage. If we took the old bitch seriously, than our holiday cookies might not get baked!

Now, our senior citizens have a new weapon of mass destruction. Gun toting seniors with drive by shoot ’em up wheels are everywhere!

Look out you young punks, because the turf war is about to get old school! Massive tank tracks and high performance power plant can get these bad boys into any ‘hood. You better hit the deck when granny or grandpa shows up packing some heat!

Senior assault vehicle

Senior assault vehicle

Democrats in Mayberry

November 16, 2014
Senator Reid with Granny Pelosi are ready to provide enemas!

Nancy Pelosi seems to be more like “Aunt Bee” from Mayberry. Harry Reid could be Floyd the barber. It seems Aunt Bee can’t remember Goober? Maybe she had too much sherry? We don’t know why Goober said the people of Mayberry were “stupid voters”? But you never know why Goober says half of what he does.

Floyd is keeping his mouth shut, which is very unusual. Nobody asked Floyd if he knew Goober. He likes talking about Coke all the time. He always tells anyone who will listen that the Coke brothers are ruining America.

Nobody believes that Goober is a professor from NITWIT. He does love having attention. Aunt Bee doesn’t like it.

Goober is a professor from NITWIT U

Goober is a professor from NITWIT U

Saving money on gasoline courtesy of Obama?

November 14, 2014
In debate with Romneym Obama jobs plan was a fancy little booklet nbody ever saw.

President Obama does not see much benefit to “approving” the Keystone Pipeline. He brushed off the impact for us stupid voters because it will benefit Canada. So our ally and neighbor that has been with the USA is not worth our effort? He publicly told Canada not to lose patience on waiting for approval during the presidential debate with Romney! Now Canada is supposed to pretend Obama never promised this back on television in 2011. It goes without saying, that the US citizens that heard this debate promise can pack this as another deception to stupid voters.

To rub salt in the wound, Obama claims it was his administration that lowered gasoline prices. What Obama policy helped lower gasoline prices by increasing USA supply? Of course, he claims this while out of the USA.

The source of this additional oil supply came from privately owned land of farmers and homeowners. State governors took the initiative to expedite the start of hydraulic fracturing. Fracking reduced cost of oil. Federal energy policies restricted and reduced access to tens of millions of acres of public land. Desolate regions of wilderness are sacred to be kept from any public benefit per Obama. Obama policies are killing thousands of endangered species with Solar and Wind Turbine projects in the wilderness areas!

Canada now sees how they rate with our president after supporting USA on battle missions. We are the stupid voters to be so lucky that Obama lowered our gasoline prices! How did Obama reduce our gasoline prices? What Obama energy policies increased our supply of oil?

USA saving on gas thanks to our fracking!

USA saving on gas thanks to our fracking!

J. Gruber gives a salute to “stupid voters”!

November 13, 2014

Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama have a great following of stupid voters. Jonathon Gruber was hired to testify on Senate and House hearings on the proposed Affordable Care Act known as Obamacare. He was paid $400,000 for one year of “work” for White House. Presenting the facts on the proposed law included deceit and deception by Gruber. He observed correctly their voter base was “stupid” that support Democrats.

We learned that Gruber can’t be too smart if he got tutoring from John Kerry when a senator on how to confuse the voters by deception on where the costs will be hidden. Nancy Pelosi learned that bigmouth Gruber was on video on 3 different times bragging about how he deceived “stupid voters”. She discounted this because Gruber said he was “sorry” and that he “mis-spoke” (whatever that means?). So presenting false information on the hearings preceding that vote on the law is fine? He didn’t mean to brag on several recorded occasions in public on how he got the stupid voters fooled? He didn’t mean to rob us for years by lying to us stupid voters?

We been Grubered! Bye!

We been Grubered! Bye!

More “advisors” to get killed in Iraq

November 9, 2014
Empty suit in chair of POTUS

Iraq and Afghanistan war claimed too many lives from U.S. military. We won the Iraq war, but gave away the country to ISIS. Now that it is too embarrassing for our president, he is sending in more “advisors” to die for nothing but propaganda. Our president wants to pretend he looks tough. He enjoys handing out medals. He doesn’t want to win any war. He wants to “manage” ISIS?

So the last Democrat President that used “advisors” was LBJ in Viet Nam. So we get to lose the war we won in Iraq? Plus, we get to repeat the mistakes of Viet Nam too? Brilliant! Advisors are not boots on the ground! Really? Sure, our president told us so. He knows we don’t believe him anymore on anything.

Our darkest days are now. The main priority now for USA is to open borders, and grant amnesty to illegal aliens? Our enemies ignore USA as threat to any of their plans. There will be no medals issued for killed advisors, because they are not in combat officially. These are sad days.

Hobo revenge came on 11/4/2014

November 7, 2014
Love the 3 stooges golf outfits!  Available in pro shop, made in China.

The Democrat Senators, plus Democrat Congressmen voted out of office are newest members of Hobo nation! We will be hosting a hobo introduction workshop in Washington D.C. for $25 and each Democrat will be assigned a mentor Hobo that will free load and do nothing. This is only fair, since these elected officials have free loaded and done nothing for at least 2 years.

This Hobo workshop will be in the alley behind the 4 Seasons Hotel with dumpster diving for lunch. These folks are probably now discovering that the lobbyists that got them drunk and fed them like hogs are unavailable every time Democrats call.

We know that our newest hobo novices will pretend that nothing happened. When it is time to clear out your office, and all of your staff you treated like slaves are long gone, then you know you are on your own. Some wives, lovers, and mooching in laws will all leave now after cleaning out the refrigerator and running up your credit cards to maximum balance! Hey, what’s another trillion dollars in new debt for USA, right?

Don’t expect President Obama to say anything for your stupidity in following his ideas for how to run your office as legislator. You are on your own, baby! Hobo folk have been ignored by our fearless leader for the last 6 years. Now, you lazy chiselers are kicked out in the street like trash. You need to prove you are worthy of being admitted into the hobo tradition.

It's not funny being poor, but we can laugh about it!

It’s not funny being poor, but we can laugh about it!

Climb on board our Freedom Train!

November 4, 2014

Minute Man Concord Mass Our freedom started with farmers and hunters. Our spirit of independence is alive in our youth again. We are tired of excuses. We see that the majority of the federal budget is spent to spy on us. IRS wants to snoop into our churches and private organizations for civic good. Our military is a LGBT social experiment for liberals. HANDS OFF! DON’T TREAD ON ME!

Of course the elections taking place today are only a small step. The real work is ahead. But it’s great to clear away the debris and garbage! Let the sun shine and the church bells ring! We are free!

Grab a musket and shoot a wild turkey for Thanksgiving! Drop some dead trees and set up a bon fire to light up the night in celebration! Go to your local diner for lox and bagel. Go to your local saloon to rub elbows with your fellow patriots. Now is the time to stand up and be counted!

Our foreign enemies see a weak White House that enjoys luxuries us poor working folks can’t even know. Our foreign enemies do not know that United We Stand!

We salute our stupid Democrat Senators!

October 28, 2014

Durbin wound his turban too tight and cut off blood to his brain!

Durbin wound his turban too tight and cut off blood to his brain!

There are too many stupid Democrat Senators and not enough time for comedians to cover their classic material. One classic bit is ridicule of any project for developing more oil energy in USA. “What is the point? It will take decades to have any effect!” In other words, just buy more oil from the land of turbans and keep paying more! Is it possible that a magic carpet deposited some donations for the senator?

So every research project with analysis was dismissed as taking too long to do any good in our lifetime!? Glad that USA has stubborn governors that permitted fracking in their states. Of course, Illinois and New York refuse to ever consider with their state governors. Too bad for those citizens watching other states thrive with work, more income, and growing prosperity. Too bad Durbin could not pretend he never tried to derail the train of progress. Now the progress train has run over him, and his “it will never work” colleagues.

Please remember that the Hope and Change Senators laughed at any energy project for oil. Oil is the failed past of the USA per Durbin. Plow billions into solar cell companies like bankrupt Solyndra, and wind turbines from China. Congratulations to our know it all Senator Durbin! You are a dumb ass!

Matt Damon PROMISED fantasy LAND

October 27, 2014

In 2012 a propaganda anti-oil movie was funded by Abu Dhabi oil money.  Matt Damon portrayed an idyllic fantasy land of proud farmers who didn’t want to get ahead.  It insults the intelligence of the citizens of the USA to believe we are all dying because of oil industry practices.  (Let’s go back to harvesting whales for lamp oil!  Let’s have coal steam powered transportation railroads!)

Consider our decreasing cost of oil products are going lower because of harvesting more oil in USA.  Are the oil cartel countries in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran, and Iraq in favor of getting a higher price for their oil?  Tough question for Matt Damon but even dimwit might see the motive on funding this Promised Land movie dud.  However, the private jet, luxury car, and power yacht crowd in the elitist ranks of Hollywood want cheaper fuel for their conspicuous consumption lifestyle.

Now let’s look at real farmers in a state like North Dakota.  The oil company representative knocks on your creaking farm house door.  You and your wife endured blizzards, tornadoes, droughts, and lousy commodity prices for selling your crops.  You have an old tractor, old truck, and no plan on retiring because the tax due on selling your farm will eat up half of your money.  Now the representative opens his brief case that the oil exploration agreement will not require you to sell your farm land, because they want to buy only the mineral rights with free access to set up drilling!  Old Roger and Agnes don’t say a word, yet.  A contract for $50,000,000 is on their kitchen table.  Roger and Agnes sign and don’t even pack as they run out the door with a check as they head to Arizona to buy a retirement home.  Roger, and his parents and grand parents broke their backs and lived modestly from farming in this harsh environment.  Roger and Agnes are laughing all the way to their bank in Arizona as they meet many of their ex-farmer neighbors now wealthy.

Farmers get wealth, USA population get more jobs in energy exploration, steel fabrication, local services for all the oil workers boom, and our cost of gasoline goes down.  There is no good news in Saudi Arabia on oil going down from $100 per barrel to current level of $75 per barrel in commodity market.  If the average commuting worker in the USA saves $1,000 per year on gasoline budget, then do you think more purchases for their family might get this $1,000 instead of Saudi Arabia?

Halloween will include #Ebola

October 17, 2014
Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Glenn Strange, Lon Chaney, Jr., and Bela Lugosi in ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN, 1948.

My favorite Halloween movie is Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. Saw this classic 10 years after it came out. Going out with my pals as 3rd graders was a major event of our year! Setting up some tricks, and a loot bag for some treats took preparation and planning! We went out after dark as hordes of children pestering and visiting apartments and houses.

Our children and college students are experts on zombie killing, and don’t watch my favorite movie. There was a time when we did like to get scared, but not enter some zombie culture college courses? The truth is stranger than the fiction of movies. It would not seem normal or healthy to be living in a zombie make believe world most of the year! It’s a free country, but I am concerned that we have too many people choosing a life of diminished mental capacity now.

Commercial news media are forcing everyone to endure endless marathon of Ebola “news” that keep repeating over and over. I do expect to see kids wearing plastic garbage bag outfits as hazardous material clothes. The Ebola trick or treaters will surely be on the evening news everywhere! The new political hack Ebola Czar should be out walking with the kids on Halloween. A lawyer that is a politician is now our medical expert on epidemics and virus infections? That is scary!

Trick or Treat!  Ebola expert

Trick or Treat! Ebola expert

Ebola visitors welcomed into USA

October 7, 2014

Center for Disease Control combined with Homeland Security are tasked with preventing EBOLA invading the USA. More than a few citizens were a little alarmed at chartered jets hauling back 2 infected US citizens infected on aid work in Ebola territory in Africa. I don’t know anything about Ebola, and I know less after official government updates.

We all are alarmed that our safety net to prevent the export of Ebola is the airport security of Liberia? So this alien Duncan handles a dying housemate in Liberia, and decides to quit his job and hop onto a jet for good old USA?! How did he get a visa to visit? He lied to Liberia security that he was not in contact with Ebola. Why did he lie? To get health care in USA! Why not? We have no security to stop any plague victim walking in from Mexico, or flying in from Liberia.

Our president promised us that we have nothing to fear by our meddling in Africa to help them. What about helping us? Now his promise that nothing to fear is being updated with a new promise that he will do something more, now. The plague is in our country, and this Ebola tourist from Liberia was kind enough to share it with unsuspecting airline travelers.

We are being cautioned by CDC that we have nothing to fear. So why are all towels, bed sheets, and anything physically contacted has to be treated as hazardous material? That makes no sense if only we can get infected by personal close contact! Does anybody know the real infection threat story?

Congratulations to Texas for not only getting the lion’s share of illegal alien kids, plus now add the Ebola invasion that wasn’t going to happen! Governor Perry is getting more challenges and burdens than any state at the moment. Thanks to God, Chicago didn’t get the Ebola victim. Gang bangers would have shot him in the street after rolling him. The police would never find the shooters and away we go!

Airport security doesn’t bother asking where you traveled. They are basically machine operators like a cashier at grocery store. They scan you naked, rummage through your luggage and don’t even talk to you. TSA is front line for CDC protection! Great!

We know how to stop Ebola!  Wash your hands!

We know how to stop Ebola! Wash your hands!

We are prepared in Northern Wisconsin

October 5, 2014
Minute Man Concord Mass

The video and social media campaign of ISIS to threaten anyone daring to stop them is bloody propaganda. My concern is that the children of today in school are not being schooled in the strength of our people and our traditions. If our children understand how deep our love of country is in the roots of this land, then these cowards who kill defenseless people will not seem so threatening.

My favorite essay writer is Ralph Waldo Emerson. His poem Concord Hymn is eloquent in demanding we remember the spirit of our revolutionary heroes. Their spirit is in our blood today.

Here once the embattled farmers stood,
And fired the shot heard round the world.

Had a Twitter conversation with a devoted patriot in Texas on fear of ISIS terrorists. My mind took me back to why we are free today. Farmers dared to challenge tyranny with musket shots near Concord Massachusetts.

My fellow patriots in the north woods of Wisconsin breathe the same air of freedom as those farmers that started the Revolution. The ISIS cowards hold up axes, guns to show us they are coming to take over the world. Go to any neighbor’s home in my area and you will find the tools of our area. You will find a chain saw or 2. You will find numerous axes. I have a massive axe for heavy splitting, a medium weight axe that is sharp for tree limbs, and a hand very sharp axe. One or 2 rifles of different caliber with one of them in your pick up truck is very common.

We are very hospitable folks and enjoy the visitors to our territory. We are very protective of our territory. We don’t have wildfires by vigilant pro active watchtowers and volunteer fire departments. We don’t have rampant crime, because we don’t let anybody claim our territory. ISIS would not get any heads in this area. Their last day on earth would not be fun here.

Just as a footnote. We in Menominee county are proud that we historically retain the privilege of the highest percentage per capita of volunteers in military. I was proud of my marksman son’s service in Iraq, and his buddies. The children here don’t need to fear that ISIS will kill school kids in our territory.

President wants winning lottery number?

September 30, 2014
President pretends to ignore complaints at home and abroad.

The captain of our ship of state is lost and adrift. When the seas turn stormy, and the ship starts getting tossed we need our captain to set a course. We don’t want to hear that it’s stormy out there. We don’t offer our sympathy that he had no idea that hurricanes are dangerous.

Obama is mad that his staff won’t give him the winning lottery number before the drawing. Does he really think the world is so simple that his staff can predict and foresee everything? He is a child in a world of adults.

The USA is adrift with nobody taking charge to lead our government. Our president is looking backwards offering stupid excuses. If he surrounded himself with political lackeys, then that is his fault. If he ignored the work necessary to keep up with world events, then that is his fault.

It is an insult to our history and heritage to pretend that this president is a victim of incompetents. He is incompetent. If he chose incompetent cabinet members, then why is it the fault of the cabinet? If he ignored for years the experience and knowledge of president Bush, then that is his ego ruining our future. President Bush was not perfect, but he did take pro active approach to find solutions to our problems.

The game is up. We all know that our president is lazy. We all know that our president wants the luxury and lifestyle of a world leader. He does not earn the respect of world leaders. He is not a world leader. He takes no position. He leaves all options open to cut and run at the first sign of trouble. He bombed Libya into chaos with no plan to restore their government. He wanted Muslim Brotherhood to run Egypt, when their people rejected that fanatic group. He threatened Syria and hid behind Congress as his adversary. He deserted the people of Iran who called out for support their taking back their country. He talks and talks about Ukraine but offers no aid they need.

A weak captain risks attacks of pirates. A weak captain stirs the crew to consider mutiny. Our ship of state is adrift with excuses and speeches from our president.

President acted swiftly to release 5 terrorists to ISIS for a deserter.

President acted swiftly to release 5 terrorists to ISIS for a deserter.

Here we go again! Hillary being naughty

September 16, 2014

She looks like Dr. Strangelove in a creepy sort of way. What was going on in her basement? When she was Secretary of State it seems her top aides were busy sorting out documents about Benghazi in the bowels of the State Department basement. Their mission was to save “the 7th floor” which is her floor with top aides. Saturday morning staff ordered into hiding evidence from Inspector General and Congress is just another day for Hillary.

Ambassador Stevens is not the first person to die due to association with the Clinton curse. Dead men tell no tales. There was that suicide years ago, but that’s ancient history and what difference does it make?

Hillary does have a unique filing system! There were billing records from her law firm that suddenly just appeared in the White House residence, 9 years after a subpoena. There were documents that just showed up in a auto salvage yard in the trunk of a car in Arkansas. She has no records on her making $1,000,000 on a $200 investment in hog bellies futures a while ago.

Best guess is the Benghazi investigators need to head back to Arkansas to that salvage yard in Arkansas for her State Department documents. It seems that FELONY danger may force another Clinton associate to commit “suicide”? Strongly suggest that Raymond Maxwell stay with friends so he doesn’t suddenly show up as victim of suicide.

Hillary has definitely skill at being naughty. Anybody care to remember “travelgate” for her kicking out the travel service group to be replaced by a hand picked travel agency? So her direct orders to Maxwell to get rid of evidence seems like the good old days back in Arkansas. Except the federal government is not like Arkansas under Slick Willy.

Saw her wearing an orange pant suit. She may be wearing orange a lot in the jail house.

Raymond Maxwell not going along with cover up.

Raymond Maxwell not going along with cover up.

Tower of Babel in White House

September 13, 2014

On September 10, 2014 our President made a speech that declares “War”? Our Secretary of State Kerry said we are not fighting a war. This is only a counter terrorism process. The military are called upon using the weapons of warfare. The military are facing criminals bound for civil court? Or are the military facing an army declaring a war to kill us?

To make it clear, our President explained carefully that ISIL is not associated with Islam religion. He did not explain the definition of ISIL in his speech. ISIL stands for Islamic State In Levant. We are dealing with terrorists too dumb to know they are not Islamic? Levant is a term referring to a territory known for centuries as portions of Cyprus, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Turkey. So no worries, we aren’t fighting a war against Islamic terrorists out to kill us. How many of these folks are Protestants, Jewish, Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Baptists or Amish?

Our fearless leader is restricting our military to using only rockets and bombs. People might be surprised that even targeted rockets and bombs do kill anybody in the blast zone. Babies, children, moms, dads and ISIL soldiers will be blown up and incinerated by our use of these “precision targeted weapons”. War is hell. To save lives in the USA we did firebomb Dresden Germany burning up thousands of families living in the industrial area of weapons factories. We did blow up Hiroshima and Nagasaki to make sure Japan surrendered.

War is brutal and ugly. Do you want your family to die or do you choose to maybe kill innocent families to force a surrender? General Grant used brutal means to end the Civil War. A never ending war will kill millions over decades. A war that is won will kill many, but not millions. I do not want our military to get killed without getting a surrender by ISIL or destruction of ISIL army.

Our president has never listened to war experienced generals. He has surrounded himself with Xbox players with PHD’s and is playing word games. These are not war games. This is life or death war.

"Stormin' Norman" Schwarzkopf was a war general.

“Stormin’ Norman” Schwarzkopf was a war general.

King for a day! New amusement park?

September 8, 2014
Even a king might feel overwhelmed by such grandeur!  But not Obama!

How would you like to park your ass in the throne chair of our fearless leader? How about hosting a press conference where you can tell everyone off a teleprompter baloney!? “I didn’t know about it, until you did!” “I don’t have a strategy yet!” “Not even a smidgen of wrong doing in IRS!” “I won’t put the cart before the horse!”

Play par 3 golf from the lady tees. Eat chili dogs in a diner and talk to unemployed people that you feel sorry for them. Sing karaoke! Hop onto a private jet, if you got $50,000 to use it. Or just look at a cardboard cut out with your head stuck out the window! Play doctor wearing a lab coat and latex gloves!

And if you are up to the challenge, enjoy the “Fund Raising” ride! Just as you are about to start the ride, an ambassador about to be killed calls for help. Of course, you get on the ride!

You can spend the night in POTUS Suite. The National Debt clock is one whole wall of this luxurious suite. Enjoy the luxury of satisfying any craving from our 24 hour vending machines down the hall! On the other side of your suite wall will be Hillary Clinton having loud sex. At 3 AM Bill and a hooker will be banging on your door demanding that Hillary get her girl friend out of bed!

No state is offering any tax incentive for building this amusement park. Maybe Sarah Palin would be the tour guide in Alaska for BO Land? Be sure to stop in the gift shop to get the gift pack; “I got a pen! I got a phone!”

Love the 3 stooges golf outfits!  Available in pro shop, made in China.

Love the 3 stooges golf outfits! Available in pro shop, made in China.

White House cannot keep a secret on military

September 3, 2014

The NATO meeting has not happened yet. Of course the whole world knows about a “secret plan” to assemble a rapid deployment force in the Baltic countries. Do you wonder why our allies cannot trust the USA? The game of chess has equal forces and the same allowed moves on both sides of the chess board. The advantage is in positioning your forces, with a secret strategy. Your opponent can see what is moved, but there is no announcement declaring that in 2 moves I will checkmate your king by these 2 moves. Our president wants publicity and strutting around in the spot light on everything that he can claim credit. Even in chess you need to try to keep your intent secret, just like global military plans.

So I am quite sure that the “leaked agreement details” of a rapid deployment force of 4,000 troops is not big enough to intimidate anyone. The whole value of the force is in secrecy. 4,000 troops can swiftly move into a strategic position when needed. Russia laughs and Putin announces he can add a lot more troops to Ukraine invasion now that he knows this. Thank you to our fearless leader for having his staff leak sensitive military information again!

The only secret information we have is on IRS emails, Affordable Healthcare security breaches, Fast and Furious guns Holder gave Mexican drug lords, and Benghazi massacre of deserted U.S. citizens. Even the federal Inspector Generals that are tasked to investigate our government have gone on record complaining of being blocked with information moved out of reach.

If our president thought of Putin as a Republican Congressman, maybe he would take secrecy and being tough to heart.

We got a secret military plan!  OK I'll tell you!

We got a secret military plan! OK I’ll tell you!

Global Warming Wizards

September 2, 2014

Latest report recorded by National Snow & Ice Data Center issued on August 19, 2014. NSIDC report is readily available on their web site. August level of ice Antarctic Ice is at record high. So Global Warming crisis makes more ice?

German scientists charted solar activity effects on climate. Read up on how people in the world struggled though global cooling from 1350 up to 1850. Anyway, solar activity measured in ways I don’t understand, are in a trend to earth getting colder for a extended period of years. Frank Bosse and Fritz Varenholt published their report on the relation of sun spots to more heat transmitted to earth’s climate.

The “scientists” demanding everyone accept Global Warming as our punishment for enjoying creature comforts, are the modern dooms day repent idiots. They are more like fortune tellers and probably have no more credibility than a wizard from medieval ages. Global warming wizards sneer and laugh at any question of their predictions of doom.

Volcano eruptions create more pollution in atmosphere than China and India for a year. Wildfires in the USA create more pollution than all of the coal utility plants! Who can we fine for volcano and forest fires?

The Museum of Doom has many exhibits. I am suggesting to make Al Gore the fund raiser and curator of this new museum. I will be the Ombudsman at large. It seems nobody is happy, unless we can predict several extinction threats to keep everyone scared and alarmed. Mark Twain observed “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so!”

Mark Twain knew we were doomed 100 years ago!

Mark Twain knew we were doomed 100 years ago!

Postman flies into White House?

April 16, 2015

April 15 had some comic relief with the “Invasion of White House” by a postal worker named Doug Hughes.  Doug flew his gyrocopter to personally deliver his complaint letters to every member of Congress on corrupt donations in politics.  He didn’t trust mailing those letters by the United States Postal System?  He had to hand deliver his hysterical protest political corruption.  He didn’t have Hillary’s email address or he could have sent it by email.

Doug Hughes is a goofy postal worker/

Doug Hughes is a goofy postal worker/

Instead of Congress acknowledging Doug’s questions on corrupt political donations, they will drag in Secret Service, Army, Air Force, and Susan Rice on inquisition about gyrocopter invasion of White House. Scramble the jets to chase a gyrocopter at tree top level? Shoot some rockets into White House to do what? Get Secret Service shooting machine guns into the sky? We need our own gyrocopter squad equipped like the James Bond “Little Nellie”!

Rockets, machine guns for our Secret Service gyrocopter quad?

Rockets, machine guns for our Secret Service gyrocopter squad?

We need more regulations! More fines and fees, too?

March 22, 2015
Obama takes a bite out of unemployement!

Clown hearse is dignified exit for our government.

Clown hearse is dignified exit for our government.

It was welcome news that we are getting more regulations from Obama government clowns. Yes, the one sector of our economy that is lowering cost of gasoline will get more rules to make operations less efficient. Hydraulic fracturing for oil known as Fracking will have more restrictions placed for any operations on federal land. The good news is that our federal permits for Fracking on federal land is as rare as finding a reduced budget of any federal agency. So they are wasting time and money to add regulations on nobody.

Fracking is all on state and private land. Mostly because it takes 25 years to get a permit from government to do anything on federal land. Our president took credit for the jobs and the savings of fracking that he blocked by denying permits for federal land. Now, he can tell the environmental doomsday crowd that he did add regulations on fracking for federal land. It affects nobody! Millions of dollars in staff time for new forms was wasted to accomplish nothing as usual.

We are looking forward to new Environmental Protection Agency regulations on how we must use less charcoal briquettes for barbeque. Plus, we are going to restrict use of water for taking showers. Who selects theses issues to waste our government resources?

I propose a citizen Volunteer EPA watch dog group. We will examine if the EPA offices follow their own rules to protect our environment. What is the heating and cooling energy being used in excess of thermostat limits? Why does EPA need limousines for anybody?

I am sure our president will welcome a citizen volunteer group to monitor waste and violations in the EPA!


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