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hobo jungle drums warning USA

be careful of bad ju ju! the hobo czar may have to find a job, since Obama will eliminate the office of hobo relations. we're on our own! that's nothing new?!

Happy Landings Harrison!

February 22, 2017

One of the first laws we learn as children is the law nobody can break.  The law of gravity does bring us down to earth.  Harrison Ford loves to fly.  I suggest it is time to play at flying on Xbox and leave the airplane on the ground.  His most recent adventure created a lethal hazard for a airliner jet plane getting ready to taxi for departure.

I almost got killed in a charter Lear jet that had to avoid a small propeller plane that ignored landing instructions as we were taking off from Pewaukee Airport.  We got a fighter pilot bank at full power as I saw this idiot landing near our designated departure runway.  We went almost vertical and banking hard.  I hate flying!  Harrison Ford loves flying.  I refuse to fly until Ford no longer is permitted to fly!

Los Angeles premiere of 'The Expendables 3'

Do not accept a free plane ride from this senior citizen.  What is the point of wearing a tiny earring?  Harrison had a crash landing on a golf course a few years back.  President Trump should avoid ever inviting Ford to fly to any of his golf course properties.  The best airplane landing is the one you walk away from!

Maybe consider glider planes or ultra lights where the carnage threat is much less for us folks on the ground.  What goes up must come down.  Harrison seems befuddled on how to come down safely.  Why not invite John McCain for a plane ride?



Give ’em hell, Harry! Presidents Day

February 19, 2017
President Truman seated with Durante "Somebody always wants to get into the act!"

President Harry S Truman was a plain speaking patriot.  He campaigned for President #33 by visiting “whistle stop towns” too small for a regular schedule passenger train!  Our President Donald J Trump campaigned talking directly to the same types of people ignored by East Coast newspapers, national television stations, and the professional political leeches labeled as experts.  Both of these presidents confounded the legions of experts who laughed at any prospect of victory.


“If you cannot convince them, confuse them!”  Washington DC has experts on everything so it is hard to convince anyone to accept an alternative offered by our president.  President Truman was a brisk power walker.  It was hysterical to see the reporters trying to walk along side to score a news item answered.  Our current president keeps on the move with his goals as his priority. “I never did give anybody hell.  I just told the truth, and they thought it was hell.”  Truman did have a great attitude on challenges and trick questions tossed like grenades by the press.  “Whenever the press quits abusing me I know I’m in the wrong pew.  I don’t mind when they throw bricks at me-I’m a pretty good shot myself and I usually throw ’em back at ’em.”

The USA did enjoy having a strong leader in Truman who spoke loud and clear on his agenda.  The USA is enjoying a return to “Give them hell” style president again.  Obama wanted sympathy on any challenge he faced.  I cannot identify any challenge that Obama won?    Truman and Trump want USA to win by overcoming challenges.


California dammed drowning in tears

February 15, 2017

Raymond Smullyan was a published author that explored his beloved mathematics, puzzles, and magic!  Puzzles simply revealed principles in mathematics that eluded understanding.  I regret missing his time in Chicago performing in The Pump Room his close up magic during the 1970’s.

It is amazing to see the hysterics of our liberal citizens in California over the dam on verge of unleashing a tidal wave of doom.  They lived with this dam crumbling for 12 years with no repairs.  Now that the danger is upon them, this is a crisis that is the fault of our President Trump?  Obama harvested donations for 8 years from liberals in California.  Why was the safety alert from 12 years ago was ignored by Democrat Governor and former president Obama?  Of course it wasn’t a danger for 12 years, but now in this moment Trump has to solve their problem with our tax money!

If my roof has been leaking for 12 years, but I wait to attempt fixing roof until the Spring rains this year, then it is the fault of President Trump?  California crying their liberal tears, does not move me to pity them.  Excuse me as I laugh at your lunacy.  Why not roll on the ground and wail in agony?  Democrat liberals need to study how kindergarten children throw tantrums for pity.  The adult version of tantrums are not as moving as seeing children wanting their cookies!

Raymond saw the puzzles of human thought as enlightening our understanding.  California confirms some puzzles have no solution.  We need to help our inept liberals who ignore repairing their own roof over 12 years but wail in protest that now the roof is leaking because of a Republican president!  I am crying in laughter at the jesters in California wailing for everyone to have pity on their failed government.  Raymond lived a long life and said goodbye at age 97.  “Why should I worry about dying?  It will not happen in my lifetime!” 

Liberals in California are like children looking for the Garden of Eden with wine and marijuana!  They expect me to pay for their navel gazing while dams burst after ignoring laws of nature. Gravity does allow tons of water to pour down a valley town from a crumbling dam.  Why is the dam crumbling?  Did this happen in one month?  California cannot break the law of gravity which is a well known law of nature!

Magic Twitter Signal

February 12, 2017
Donald J Trump elected president with no apologies!

Hysteria is building across our country!  People are supposed to be upset about Tweets!  Twitter is an obsession that has bedeviled more minds than Pokémon!  Commercial news media experts are convinced that Donald J Trump tweets are secret signals to confuse the nation.  The deplorables are certain that the experts in media are well practiced in confusion.

It is hysterical to see the hysteria rampant among the jabbering talking heads paid huge sums of money to tell us their version of the absolute truth!  They are continually digging through every word of our new President to correct his grammar, spelling, facts, figures, and even his ideas!  Most normal folks would consider people pests and obnoxious idiots to constantly tell somebody they are wrong and stupid.  Of course, the news media folks are always right and we are the trouble makers?

The professional gatekeepers of our republic are the news media, according to the news media.  We are starting to realize that the news media are babbling idiots and they are telling us nonsense they speculate is fact.  However, they miss the big threat.  More people are learning things from the Tweets and words issued by our president.  People are listening to what our president is telling us!  I don’t bother listening or quoting the news nonsense.  It is not even entertaining!  Trump does make me laugh!

I am patiently waiting for the secret signal on Twitter to take action.  Everybody needs to watch Tweets for our future!


Protecting the life of future president Trump.

There are deranged people who are real threats!  Some of them are on the news.

Tears of Joy

February 9, 2017
Steve Reeves developed himself to an ideal seldom seen.

Once upon a time, the USA recognized and rewarded our citizens who dedicated their efforts to improve themselves and our country.  Steve Reeves felt compelled to improve his physique and innovated a unique method of training with a focus on nutrition.  As a Middle School kid, I admired him and enjoyed his adventure movies.  He looked how a young guy would imagine a super hero should look.  I devoured all of the TARZAN books of Edgar Rice Burroughs.  I wished Hollywood would have cast Steve Reeves in that role.

I see our country is walking toward the light!  It is alright to admire individual success and outstanding achievements.  We do not need to feel shame by being too successful!  Children can look up to our heroes and heroines!  We are a nation of heritage and history that shows our direction ahead.  Donald J Trump has achieved far beyond the average success story.  He has overcome struggles and failures during dismal economic times.  He did not sit and cry, but his resurgence offered reason for all to hope.

Both of my sons are enthusiastic advocates of hard work plus embrace physical excellence.  Both of them are students of nutrition and strenuous physical training.  They are part of a national trend embraced by Millennials.  Mountain climbing, snow boarding, playing hockey, water skiing, and resistance training are strenuous pursuits that develops mind and body.  Armchair critics who pretend they can keep up the pace of my sons and their buddies are kidding themselves.

Critics of the USA need to look around at our Millennials who expand our heritage of heroics.  They have survived in their early working years the worst economic climate since The Depression.  They climbed out of the rubble and are climbing ahead hard.  We have a president who recognizes the regulations and red tape that restrict our growth.  Politicians who are still living in the last century and last Millennium are crying and wailing that they sky is falling as ancient gods are being toppled now.  My tears are tears of joy in celebration.  My sons and their generation will take the USA to new heights and new business.  I do not know what and how they will innovate, but I enjoy watching their efforts.

Marcus in combat

Our son in combat for USA.

Don Rickles boot camp for snowflakes

February 3, 2017

Once upon a time in the USA, we knew how to take a ribbing and laugh!  (Term ribbing means getting a elbow shoved into your ribs to get your attention!) The hysterical weeping and childish temper tantrums in display in USA now against President Trump makes me laugh.  The losing side are rioting but the best they can do is turn out children to break windows and wear masks.  They all need a good spanking and put to bed without their supper!  Cry babies are pathetic response. None of them can stand up to real men but turn tail to hide.

One man in his prime would bring the snowflake idiots to beg for mercy!  Don Rickles shared his one major concern; “Every night when I go out on stage, there’s always one nagging fear in the back of my mind.  I’m afraid that somewhere out there, there is one person in the audience that I’m not going to offend!”  Nobody ever made his living by insults, smart ass put downs, or mocked reactions of weeping victims like Rickles.  We do not have the benefit of a real pain in ass curmudgeon laughing at us!

Democrat Senators are hiding at the local bar to boycott working with Republicans.  The best Democrats can point to are a handful of thugs burning, beating, and throwing tantrums as a national movement against President Trump.  No wonder Democrats got their ass whipped across USA elections.  Don Rickles over 1 week would straighten out these lost souls!  Where am I?  What am I doing?  Why are you yelling at me?  Stop it! 

When I went to Las Vegas with Don Rickles in his prime, you tipped the club to keep you further back from the stage.  Don would put the spot light on people getting his personal pep talk during every performance.  His comments made everyone howl in laughter as we watched the victims squirm in discomfort!  Worst of all is seeing your spouse laughing loudest with tears streaming down as Rickles unleashes his moment of ridicule.

We #deplorables sure took a joke.  We did endure bad jokes for 8 years!  Now the idiots that elected Obama are wailing and moaning for pity.  We are making the losers mad, and it is awesome to laugh at their futile protests.  Best solution is to buy a ticket to see Bend over it won’t hurt?


Schumer has dim Liberty candle

January 31, 2017

Democrats planned a spontaneous protest event on steps of Supreme Court house for January 30, 2017.  The protest flash point was response to a 90 day delay for admitting more visitors from countries Obama identified as terrorist havens.  Senator Charles (Weepy the sad clown) Schumer tried flowery oratory alluding to USA Statue of Liberty standing in the harbor waters of New York.  Weepy Schumer held up a miniature battery powered LED votive light from China to pretend he was holding a torch of liberty.  It is prudent not to allow Schumer or Pelosi play with matches!


Neither Schumer nor Pelosi can match the beloved Weary Willie clown portrayed by Emmet Kelly Sr.  Democrats are giving clowns a bad name.  After 8 years of Obama Hope and Change, our nation wants to laugh at our past failures.  Instead, Pelosi and Schumer proudly drag out their Rummage Sale treasures from the Democrat stack of junk Obama never handled.  Nobody was inspired by their mangling This Land Is Your Land! as a song to connect with 1944 composer Woody Guthrie.

USA deserves better entertainment than Democrat politicians singing with small electric candles.  Visitors to the USA from countries with active terrorist problems is not a cause I want to cry, sing, or disrupt life by potential threats!  Democrats pay heed; Don’t Tread On Me!

Viriginia trip 2015 034

Our founders of USA started by musket shots our battle for freedom.

President Trump leading USA

January 23, 2017
Barack Obama meets with Donald Trump in the Oval Office of the White House. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Donald J Trump is the 45th President of these United States of America. Commercial news media television personalities knew it would never happen.  Polls predicated he had no chance at all to be president.  Hillary Clinton declined to campaign because she had a commanding lead in the polls and by the press.  She attended big campaign fund raising events while Trump was campaigning in a futile cause doomed to failure.  It appears the Russians thrust Trump into office?


The page has turned to a new chapter in our history.  Trump is not waiting to get a script from the politicians from the past.  We have a new generation of war veterans in our Senate and House of  Congress.  Twitter is not a dirty word.  Hollywood celebrities do not talk for the deplorables.

Too many families have suffered waiting in vain for better days while surviving 8 years of speeches and excuses.  Democrats are stunned that Trump is moving ahead with his campaign promises in his priority of actions by White House. Major union leaders were glad to hear that Trump is working on trade deals that give our workers priority!  Democrats may need to review their obstruction of Trump actions endorsed by the workers of the USA.

We can and must become a powerhouse again, because Obama emptied our treasury to become a poorhouse!  We have to win to recover.

Your nose knows

January 13, 2017

The new year 2017 has the sweet smell of success.  The prophets of doom keep trying to dredge up rotten garbage from years past.  We are facing a return to common sense and straight talk.  The news media are confused to handling the truth instead of political packaging.

Most of us will do well if we just follow our nose!  USA must come back to our senses!  We do not need the news media to explain to us what we smell!

Breakfast with bacon and eggs is a good start.  Lunch with a Reuben is a good 2nd act.  Dinner with fried Walleye is a great finish to a Wisconsin day.  It seems most of us are capable of choosing what we like for ourselves.  The self appointed Ruling Class looks down their nose at us silly common folk.  Now there are doubts among the elite that their reign of bossing everybody may suddenly end in 2017!

Our new president Donald J Trump has brought in some fresh air.  The stale air and old fables of Washington DC do not seem so alluring in the start of our new year.  The major audience seeing new confidence in our future are the millennial generation.  They have only seen wars, terrorist attacks, and few chances for success, until now.

We all will be permitted to participate to Make America great again! Sweet smell of success is in the air!

Why did Obama give ISIS hand sign?

January 7, 2017

Britain’s Daily Mail published the only photo of our president affirming his allegiance to shahada affirming only 1 true religion of Muslims.  This was from his African leaders event Obama organized last August in Washington DC.  This gesture of the index finger is like flashing a gang sign to prove to ISIS your loyalty to the cause.


Our president was enjoying his being the center of attention from the leaders of African countries.  Nobody begged him to prove his loyalty to Islam at his conference.  Must be his ego demanding to add some more excitement to his coming out party he was hosting.  Not all of the leaders were enthusiastic embracing ISIS terrorists in their countries by endorsing support with the sign of shahada.

US Obama Africa Summit

There are high security clearances Obama issued to White House staff that would have been on USA terrorist watch list otherwise.  I do not want to see that finger wagging free loader anywhere in our White House again!  The dead in Benghazi were abandoned so he could go fund raising in Las Vegas without distractions.

Looking for a job? Obama starts search!

January 4, 2017
Visiting Alaska with his selfie stick to record his every smirk and smile.

Donald J Trump has his top priority to give USA “jobs, jobs, jobs!”  President Obama now faces an uncertain future once he is on the curb outside of our White House.  With a dubious education record and miserable resume as president, the options for employment are extensive with the higher minimum wage he set in place!

We look forward to a gorgeous coffee table book of Obama selfies for the whole world to enjoy at $85 per copy.  His wife Michelle will be running a sweat hog gymnasium.  Her colon cleansing diner will feature her favorite creations rejected by students around USA.

We can expect the Obama family to be bankrupt within 24 months based on his unique ability to spend more than his income.  Joe Biden will avoid all phone calls from “The One” to enjoy fondling children everywhere he goes.

The Secret Service assigned to protect our freeloader former president will learn to keep their wallets at home safe from Obama.  Michelle will learn to find a reason to live despite feeling hopeless because of deplorable USA electing Trump.  Life does go on!  The Obama act will be stale and boring over time.  I can safely turn on television without finding Obama on every broadcast every week.  I do look forward to the small video collection; Best of Obama.

Obama gun order

Crying shame that Islamic terror free to kill in USA now.

Praise God that we will be free at last!

Farewell to the old! Hello 2017!

December 28, 2016


2017 promises the USA a better future!  We all are weary of struggling through 8 years of mediocrity and weak growth for our country.  We have been too polite in enduring a lazy weakling as our leader.  Our president has humbled himself for no apparent reason.

I am too proud to kneel or bow down to anyone except Jesus Christ.  The depolorables for Trump refused to accept humiliation in attempts to silence our freedom.  Defiance is the birth right of our country since the Minute Man dared to defy the British army in our Revolution.

Our freedoms are restored in 2017 on January 20 with the inauguration of our president. Donald J Trump defies the commercial news media by daring to speak his mind without regard for the artificial constraints of appearing politically correct.  Freedom of expression and being free to enjoy our freedom does not need permission by bowing to Obama.

The pompous and verbose self appointed experts on everything from commercial news media have failed utterly in predicting the election of 2016.  Dire prophecies of economic ruin by the election of Trump also were profoundly foolish and wrong.  Of course, the market rally since the election is directly linked to our population adoring Obama, according to these same experts who are morons.  My prediction for 2017 is to expect a massive exodus from propaganda jobs in news media.

Nobody believes and is prepared for the changes in 2017.  Our freedoms only exist if we exercise our inalienable rights endowed by God!  A lot of people forgot what freedom means under the Obama rules setting our limits.  “That is not who we are!”  Nobody has to tell us what we are anymore!

Russia dilemma of Obama

December 18, 2016

Ian Fleming knew the complexity of Russia.  Too many intelligence paper pushers are eager to file everything according to simple minded Washington DC politicians.  President Obama as the head of our government (God help us!) prefers selfies and long winded speeches instead of reviewing facts.  Nobody in the world sees our leader as sophisticated or cosmopolitan, in spite of his family traveling the world at our expense to annoy every country.

From Russia With Love remains one of my favorite movies of all time.  The subterfuge in this movie is the secret hidden conspirators operating around the world inside many countries.  SPECTRE used high level security clearance people from the Russian KGB to glide around with little suspicion.  Obama is quite certain that Putin has engineered the election of Donald J Trump as our new president.  Putin is smirking because he has no knowledge of such a plan.  However, we need somebody from England to find the hidden threat hiding in plain sight.  James Bond where are you?  Our CIA and FBI are hard working and spending a lot of money doing secret spy stuff.  But do we have Bond?

Does anybody think our top politician has any spine or initiative to leave his golf course in Hawaii to work?  Our NSA has every email and every phone call ever made jammed into the super secret computer files of too much data.  Nobody knows what is happening because we are watching everybody everywhere.  How did Hillary get “hacked” and “leaked” so easily?  Oh yeah, she bought her own computer security folks like going to a flea market.

Now comes the real dramatic twist.  Onto the stage of world events enters our billionaire Donald J Trump.  I look forward to what mischief and adventures lie ahead for the USA!  Of course our new president will have the combined wisdom and knowledge of all the best minds in our commercial news media.  That collection of knowledge rivals the top universities in the USA.  Of course, that is saying nothing much, when you actually hear some of the top minds from universities.  Donald Trump just knew how to market and develop real estate in the toughest markets around the world.  That is easy!

Lucky for USA our Obama will be commenting, interfering, and continuing to release precious selfie pictures forever.  So Obama has claimed that he told off Putin to quit messing with our election, OR ELSE! (Sort of like his red line warning to Assad?) Stern warning from our fearless leader had little effect on stealing office of president!

I look forward to enjoying the newfound wisdom of Obama, now that he is out of office.  I prefer to hang out with the billionaire, and enjoy some interesting adventures.


Visiting Alaska with his selfie stick to record his every smirk and smile.

Santa Claus back on track!

December 13, 2016
Hobo Santa

Hobo folk have never been more excited about our future!  I took my hobo bride for a holiday feast at White Castle in Kenosha, Wi during a snow storm on Sunday December 11, 2016.  We knew that the future looked better after USA got Trump ready to take reins as president.  I was willing to spend almost $15.00 for only the 2 of us!  What to my wondering eyes did appear, but Santa Claus greeting children in this porcelain palace!  Little children came trooping in to get a free meal and tell Santa what they want this year.

The above photograph is a favorite of mine with Santa on a Hobo train welcoming all to enjoy our Hobo Jungle holiday.  After 8 years of getting bad news, complaints, and lectures on “That is not who we are!”; finally we get a break!  Santa Claus is coming to town!  We wish you a Merry Christmas! 

Nobody is going to spoil my mood!  That is because I do not read the New York Times, TIME, NEWSWEEK, WASHINGTON POST, nor watch CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS & NBC!  Commercial news media scolds us common folk for getting FAKE NEWS.  Since I ignore these folks, we do not get any fake news!

I love good news!  Life is tough enough without creating fictional crises in the news.  We are entitled to dream big!  We can try to win.  We can celebrate triumphs!  We all can enjoy the fruits of our abundant opportunities now in our future!  Santa is riding on the Trump Train.

Santa always gets a nightcap in Wisconsin!

Santa always gets a nightcap in Wisconsin!

Hillary needs a Christmas Carol

November 26, 2016

This Christmas there remain four families with an empty chair at the Christmas table. Senator Ron Johnson from Wisconsin wanted the Secretary of State to answer questions.  Hillary R Clinton clenched her fists and yelled in outrage during her questioning.  She gave no answer to console those grieving families that lost loved ones on her last mission in Benghazi, Libya.

Perhaps only the lost souls of Benghazi can persuade Hillary?  This Christmas I hope those four killed in Benghazi do visit Hillary.  Her lawyers and her parliamentary procedures do not apply in the highest court in the universe.  She cannot evade or confuse those four who sacrificed their lives for defending the secret mission of USA Secretary of State Clinton.  They demand her to speak the truth.

Hillary never honored these dead.  She greeted their coffins return to our land.  She did not attend their burial ceremonies to honor their sacrifice.  Her staged outrage at the questions of Senator Johnson was a diversion from facing the truth.  Only these departed souls can return to demand Hillary speak the truth to them.

Hillary found humor in answering questions about Benghazi.

Hillary found humor in answering questions about Benghazi.

Obama Thanksgiving by himself

November 24, 2016
President Barack Obama walks away after pardoning the National Thanksgiving Turkey, Tot, as the president's nephews Aaron Robinson and Austin Robinson, watch, Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2016, during a ceremony in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

I give thanks for living in the USA with citizens who chose a great future with President Donald J Trump for 2017!  Thanks to God we are almost done enduring the most inept boob as president right now.  Obama was solo with none of his family for the public relations nonsense of saving a couple of turkeys from the Thanksgiving dinner table.  He did haul in some little boys related to his family.  They looked like they were having a lot of fun with our president?  He probably did finally beat them at a basketball game!

The lovely first lady and daughters were tired of Thanksgiving nonsense and went on a shopping trip to spend our last tax dollars not sent to Iran.  Iran has to be real happy that the new president has put them at the top of his list.  Obama wants television news media to get all his opinions on how he could have solved his problems he left for Donald J Trump.

This is my best Thanksgiving in 8 years!  Butcher the turkey and enjoy a great meal together!

Donald J Trump elected president with no apologies!

Donald J Trump elected president with no apologies!

Celebrations by Secret Service

November 9, 2016

The vote to elect Donald J Trump as our 45th president is historic.  It also changed the lives for the families of Secret Service.  Hillary has been known to act like a queen or prima donna.  The families of secret service agents on duty to guard Hillary Clinton have seen their spouses come home dejected, demoralized, and tired of being abused.  The families felt powerless to help their beloved suffering mom or dad.  God has interceded in the most incredible gift.  Hillary is no longer a candidate for president and all Secret Service are free to leave Hillary on her own!

Free at last!  Families can rejoice and secret service agents can return being treated with respect instead of contempt.  Unfortunately, as a former first lady some agents must remain on guard.  We can only offer them condolences and pray for their strength.

Guarding our 45th president will be the most prized job for these secret service agents.  I laughed and I did have tears of joy on the results for our election of Donald J Trump!

Say a prayer for those secret service agents banished to guard Hillary now.

Protecting the life of future president Trump.

Protecting the life of future president Trump.

Your nose knows!

November 7, 2016
President Truman seated with Durante "Somebody always wants to get into the act!"

When I am hungry, nothing works better than my nose!  At our annual county fair my nose pulls me to the barbeque smoking away with bratwurst.  Add some sauerkraut on the bun and there is nothing better.

It is fun to try different restaurants.  I trust my nose.  If there is heavy air freshener in the dining room, my feet are out the front door.

The most famous nose in show business belonged to Jimmy Durante!  His nickname in good humor was the schnoz.  He was not the best singer in the USA.  He was a lovable entertainer with a sense of humor.  He loved people and his sincere desire to entertain never crossed the line into insult or injury.  He would look exasperated on stage and complain that “Everybody is trying to get into the act!”

Everybody can agree that something stinks a lot in Washington DC.  When I smell too much, I do take a shower.  When the garbage pail starts to smell, I haul out the garbage.  It is time to haul out the garbage in Washington DC.  This election of November 8, 2016 allows all of us to stop holding our nose, and start to drain the swamp in Washington DC.  I will follow my nose and vote for some fresh air.

Trump helping a veteran get hired in Washington DC

Trump helping a veteran get hired in Washington DC

Halloween scares Hillary Clinton

October 31, 2016
Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Glenn Strange, Lon Chaney, Jr., and Bela Lugosi in ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN, 1948.
Hey everybody! This lady wants your vote?

Hey everybody! This lady wants your vote?

My favorite Halloween movie remains the 1948 Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. Hillary Clinton is waiting for Halloween 2016 to go away!  She is hoping Tuesday November 8 will be her coronation as queen of the USA?

The hidden threat Democrats keep dragging out is Vladimir Putin the mad Russian!

It seems every and any Clinton document released by hackers has the invisible hand of Putin?  Most children know that it is not smart to taunt and stir up a sleeping bear.  The Russian Bear keeps getting poked by Democrats as the evil unreliable source of released Clinton emails.  People that annoy Putin disappear or die.

It seems incredible that Putin transferred 650,000 emails to the laptop of Huma & Carlos Danger sexting idiot.  Muslim Brotherhood has people in the White House and the Clinton campaign team. The Russian threats to our peace of mind seem a scary exaggerated fairy tale by the wild shrieks from a witch people want to banish.

Everybody will be happy when the elections are over!  Will the Deplorable Trump Supporters become rehabilitated on 11/9/2016 ?

Memory lane of rigged elections

October 16, 2016

On January 20, 1961 our 35th president John F Kennedy was formally inaugurated in Washington D.C. as the first media star of politics.  His rise to that lofty position included some tough characters, including Richard J. Daley the Democrat boss & mayor of Chicago.

As a young man in 1973 working in the big city of Chicago, I crossed paths with a lot of characters.  TIME office in Chicago for production of the magazine had me as a rookie in charge of approving the work of printing for the weekly production.  I did enjoy some unique benefits being wined and dined by local suppliers from graphic arts printers.  One of my favorite restaurants was Como Inn owned by the Marchetti family since the days of Al Capone.  I grew up in Chicago and everybody knew it was a tough town demanding your attention for staying safe.  Valet parking hustled your car to a safe lot so the wheels would still be on after dinner.  The Como Inn head security guy was a giant black former police sergeant, William.  I got to know William through my printing buddy Dennis who came to USA from Jamaica.

William while with Chicago police was personal security staff for Hizzoner Richard J Daley.  William was affable but intimidating because he was massive and looked bullet proof.  When he shook hands my hand disappeared in his huge mitt.  When anything was happening in Chicago, he could pick up the phone by his stool at the end of the bar and find out from Chicago Police what was really going on.

While working in police for Daley, William had the personal duty assigned by the mayor in carrying ballot boxes from polling places in Chicago for 1960 votes. He had to make sure the right boxes of ballots got delivered. The wrong boxes of ballots did not show up.  William ensured 1960 victory of JFK because of Chicago votes.  Daley knew victory was to get Kennedy into office by any means.

It is funny to see the hysteria and outrage by so many of the rich elite news media howling about the failures and short comings of Donald J. Trump.  They all want to get invited to cocktail parties by the rich folks who are pulling many strings for another Democrat candidate for president.  Everybody is free to decide, but not every vote will be counted.  I know it did happen.  I know it can happen with boxes of filled ballots discovered in Indiana waiting to get delivered for Democrats.

News Media want Donald to blow a gasket!

News Media want Donald to blow a gasket!


Who will you trust with your life?

October 13, 2016

I will trust Donald J Trump with my life, but I would not trust him with my wife!

We know our federal government has gotten bloated with paper shufflers wrapping red tape on everything they touch.  Real estate developers like Trump see how the labyrinth of getting permits delays projects while adding time and costs.  USA wants more growth with better jobs.  I know Trump employs thousands on his properties.  His hotels, resorts, and condominiums have sheltered and protected millions of visitors.

Nobody knows what problems will be tomorrow.  We know that we have a lot of problems that need to be handled just ignored by federal government!  I choose a practical executive who will delegate and coordinate action plans that work.

It may shock some people, but John F Kennedy hosted nude swim parties at White House with women he chased around.  He did get USA into the Viet Nam mess for Lyndon Baines Johnson to escalate into a threat to China.  William J. Clinton did not have sex with that woman in the blue dress in White House.  He did ignore terrorist bombing of U.S.S. Cole that did kill sailors.  He ignored Osama Bin Laden also who did attack USA on September 11, 2001.

We have open borders with anybody walking into USA from Mexico side.  We have refugees and over a million expired visa visitors roaming our country.  We have Sanctuary Cities for safe refuge for all of them!   Donald J. Trump has a plan to stop ignoring the dangerous lapses of our safety.  We are labeled DEPLORABLE for wanting to keep our families safe.

I will vote for the builder; Trump.

Defending the USA needs a warrior spirit like Trump who never quits fighting.

Defending the USA needs a warrior spirit like Trump who never quits fighting.



Media leeches are outraged, again?

October 9, 2016

The commercial media companies love to make money by paid advertising on their news programs.  These entertainers pretend they are “reporting news” but are actually acting.  Television journalists get paid way too much for talking into a video camera while reading a teleprompter script.  It appears that all of the script writers of news are amazed and horrified again on human failings.

People lie, chase around for impulsive sex, drink too much, and boast on being better than we are.  Of course, I never did any of these things!  The media ratings game is focused on Donald Trump dumb stuff he has done over 10 years ago.  Of course, nobody is acceptable that has human faults!  Exception, Jimmy Carter confessed everything and it was extremely dull!  Jimmy did a Playboy magazine interview and confessed he secretly day dreamed lusting other women?  OMG

Hillary Clinton has supported her philandering husband Slick Willy while governor of Arkansas groping and raping widows and other strangers.  Hillary ignored the intern sex servicing from a young intern in a blue dress.  Hillary ignored the impeachment for lying under oath by her president.  Hillary ignored the laws of national security to keep private massive amounts of money for selling government permits, government positions, and business meetings while Secretary of State.

Citizen Donald Trump chased his dream of business success in one of the most competitive and complex markets;  real estate development.  He got bloodied but he kept on fighting to get ahead.  He got divorced from beautiful women and married beautiful women.  He did support and nurture his offspring.  Now commercial media must shame and harass Donald for his boasting about how he can get any babe!  The news media that hide in alley ways like peeping Toms, and circles their prey like a pack of wolves are worried about Trump offending women?  Who worries about the rape victims of Clinton?

I would never allow anyone I love to ever work for Hillary Clinton.  Many face ruin and death after getting involved in illegal activity.  I would say it is okay to go to work for Donald Trump.  It will be interesting to see how USA decides this election.  The commercial news media pretends they are outraged over candidate Trump.  None of them worried about abuses done in White House by William Jefferson Clinton.

Hey everybody!  This lady wants your vote?

Hey everybody! This lady wants your vote?

VP debate 2016 irritates by interruption

October 5, 2016
FARMVILLE, VA - OCTOBER 04:  Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine (L) and Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence (R) speak during the Vice Presidential Debate at Longwood University on October 4, 2016 in Farmville, Virginia.  This is the second of four debates during the presidential election season and the only debate between the vice presidential candidates.  (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

October 4, 2016 offered Senator Timothy Kaine and Governor Michael Pence 90 minutes to debate their campaign platforms.  Have you ever felt ready to strangle somebody?  Kaine kept smirking and demanding to see the tax return from Donald J. Trump!  When Pence dared to ask about the 33,000 emails deleted by Hillary R. Clinton, then Tim proudly proclaimed that FBI Director Comey  let her walk free.

The constant barrage of interruptions on every Pence response from Kaine was more than annoying.  72 interruptions by Kaine over Pence ruined the audience experience of the debate.  The lack of respect for the national audience, and the interruptions that bordered on heckling by Kaine trampled freedom of speech.

Kaine did establish a record for rapid litany of slurs, name calling and insults spewed out by Tim with apologies to his momma in the audience.  Tim felt ashamed that things Trump never said just had to be recited by Kaine with his momma present.

After the debate his mom brought up a bar of soap for her son Tim.  I don’t need soap because I will vote ignoring the Democrat scorched earth campaign.

Pence did speak directly to the elephant on the stage.  USA needs jobs and a better economy than Obama delivered and Hillary plan is more taxes and more government.  Pence simply showed sympathy for families struggling for a better job to climb back into the middle class. 25 million families slipped out of the middle class per Gallup Polls CEO interview on October 5, 2016!  Promises do not pay the bills.  Taxes do not add better paying jobs!  Trump & Pence are offering every citizen a better future in USA.

Kaine used every trick to distract and silence the message of hope from Pence for struggling families !

Trump helping a veteran get hired in Washington DC

Trump helping a veteran get hired in Washington DC

Commercial media ready for VP debate?

October 3, 2016
We pray that Obama stays healthy so Biden can't take over.

The Vice President candidates debate will be on Tuesday October 4, 2016.  I vividly recall the 2012 debate between candidate Paul Ryan and Vice President Joe Biden.  It was bizarre with Joe laughing and mugging outrageous expressions while Ryan was talking.  Joe really did seem unhinged and in need of psychiatric restraint.  USA ignored his lunatic behavior and Obama got elected again anyway.

I can only hope that candidate Tom Kaine studies this debate material for a repeat spectacle of lunacy.  Nobody can match Joe for crazy.  I do hope that USA gets to see crazy Kaine!  We need a good laugh.

Governor Pence has a sly wit that can cut into the nonsense of campaign promises.  I look forward to seeing a ray of hope from the dark years we have endured.  The glories of Hope and Change promised have never arrived.  Obama promised us the hope of jobs, but that was all smoke.  President promised many “shovel ready jobs” after spending $850,000,000 as fiscal stimulus to recover after financial collapse of 2008.  Then he laughed about not many shovel ready jobs were produced?  Obama did reassure by announcing he was “focused like a laser” on finding more jobs.  He did find more jobs working for federal government!

Governor Pence did lead Indiana out of this financial swamp with the state in better shape for jobs and government spending.  He did a better job as a executive than our president.

Biden made headlines acting crazy at VP debate!

Biden made headlines acting crazy at VP debate!


Bank robbery happens in banks!

September 20, 2016

Today the Senate Banking Committee spent time asking questions about fraud and theft of client money.  The Wells Fargo Bank president and chairman John G Stumpf had to explain how the bank management knew of fraudulent credit card accounts created out of thin air without client permission.  5,300 employees were fired for fraud involving 2,000,000 bank accounts.  Good news for the bank management that their bonus money is safe and secure.

It has been my life experience that most bank robberies happen when I am in the bank.  I do not deny any business a profit in the proper conduct of a transaction.  I had the problem of getting massive bank overdraft fees!  In the worst of times the bank accounting system held deposits for 3 days and immediately paid largest checks first out of sequence of chronology, so the most checks of smaller amounts would bounce for $35 fee each.  Years later, a class action lawsuit got me a minor refund as one of the many victims of a rigged record system enjoyed by a major bank in Wisconsin.

The hearing had pointed questions with little in the way of answers from Wells Fargo Bank.  Why is major investor Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway deaf, dumb, and blind on this crime wave?  As a major stake holder he is just not a bystander watching.  Will the Senate invite Warren with his ukulele for entertaining testimony?

I know too well that banks in the USA are expensive, inefficient and feel more like a prison than a business.  Your money is held hostage and subject to release by your bank. With the invisible interest rate on money deposited, there is little benefit in going through the trouble of a bank account.  Of course our government wants all money handled through banks to stop mailing checks from IRS or Social Security.  We are forced into banks by government.

Why not start stacking dollar coins in coffee cans in your garden?  You can enjoy the flowers and know your money is earning the same as a bank account without bank fraud.

Warren Buffett is wealthy billionaire who bores people on You Tube.

Warren Buffett is wealthy billionaire who bores people on You Tube.


Celebrities entering exile over Trump

September 10, 2016

Reporters are goading Hillary to let loose a nuclear melt down assault on Donald Trump.  So far Hillary thinks 50% of Trump supporters are “deplorable” people.  It is a safe bet that 50% of Trump supporters know their life style and income are “deplorable“!  Nobody tolerates political stunts by fake outrage over Trump.

My outrage is Obama shipping $34,000,000,000.00 in cash to IRAN!  Exile Obama!

The list is small of self exiled celebrities ready to leave the USA if Trump wins as president.  In fact, these people are not top shelf celebrities.  I look forward to their garage moving sales.  I will rummage through their junk and spend a few bucks for kitsch.  These exiles are self proclaimed kitsch artists.

Hillary smugly assumes that everyone sees her life time of doing nothing is seen as a paragon of virtue?  She crawls through sewer pipes to find money for her corrupt foundation.  While Trump was campaigning in cities with deplorable poor voters, Clinton had a Brinks truck following her for money raised at multi million dollar private dinners.

Hope they all move to Venezuela just in time for the revolution as starving citizens overthrow their socialist hell.  Nobody in Hollywood is doing a fund raiser to bail out the corrupt socialist dictator!  At least Bernie Sanders can make a SKYPE appearance from his new millionaire beach front vacation home Clinton bought him to quit race.

Hillary powerful pickle princess prowess!

Hillary powerful pickle princess prowess!


We need fun! We need clowns!

September 8, 2016
Don't send in the clowns!

We need to have fun.  Nobody can force me to give up my love of clowns!  Why do self appointed know it all folks enjoy depressing all of us?  Clowns never pretend to be taken seriously.  Clowns celebrate simple pleasures while they create comic chaos!

Why does Hollywood ignore the most basic foundation of our culture and heritage?   We need to laugh!  Life is hard enough.  We do look for a pleasant distraction to laugh at the problems we face.

Too many entertainers pretend to be realistic about the problems in life.  What entertainers dare to have us laugh at life problems?  Hollywood did offer us a unique diversion that is hilarious.  Central Intelligence is brave enough to laugh at life.  I was amazed at such amazing stupidity!  This movie insulted sacred liberal dogma, and hugged the crazy dreams of teen agers now in middle age.  This movie refutes the wisdom of trying to be grown up!

Hilarious escape from death defying trap by CIA!

Hilarious escape from death defying trap by CIA!


Nobody told Hillary about “C”

September 5, 2016
Hillary found humor in answering questions about Benghazi.

Life can be as simple as A-B-D!  Hillary was befuddled why her Secretary of State emails had the letter C before some paragraphs.  What could C possibly mean?  She seems to have a spectacular lack of curiosity and certainly took no effort to solve that simple mystery.  She just chose to pretend not to see “C”!

Classified or Confidential information just went into her thousands of Yoga emails all around her circle of cronies and donors with no security clearance.  We can sympathize that as Secretary of State her boss did not explain to her what her job entailed.  She NEVER handled a confidential or classified email in her entire career as Secretary of State?  Who got to read and handle all that classified information instead?

She did instruct her staff to a unique procedure involving hammers!  Take her Blackberry phone and hammer it into bits!  13 Blackberry phones got hammered by her staff.  Plus one of her server computers had a “Bleach Bit” treatment?  I have no idea what that means but Hillary seems to have known this unusual process to destroy evidence.  It seems this computer was destroyed 3 weeks after a House committee requested her server.  How did Hillary know asking for her computer prohibited her from destroying her computer?

The most unusual discovery was that all of her Yoga emails were invisible.  There were none in her last 15,000 emails recovered that she could not destroy.  Not one single Yoga email and she sent so many Yoga emails!  She is happiest when on her Yoga mat doing her exercises?

Her conversations with FBI on her emails while Secretary of State had a lot of “I can’t remember!” answers.  Perhaps if she did not destroy so many emails, those emails would be a good reminder of what was going on about her!

There were no Yoga emails found.  Hillary goes free!

There were no Yoga emails found. Hillary goes free!


Hillary in a pickle?

August 31, 2016
Hillary powerful pickle princess prowess!

Television entertainer Jimmy Kimmel subjected Hillary Clinton to a test.  Unlike the labors of Hercules, the opening of a pickle jar is classified as entertainment by Kimmel.  Popeye would open a can of spinach to gain strength.  Hillary was just proving she could still “get her done!”

Pickles are often associated with food cravings of pregnant women.  Is Hillary hiding her condition in a family way?  Those bulky jackets and coats in the heat of summer can conceal a baby bulge.  Unless she is just concealing her beer belly?  Kimmel is not the sharpest tool in the shed, so I doubt he discovered the national secret of the year!

Most of the people Hillary recently has met are her servants, staff, and donors who bring a lot of cash.  Would you pay a lot of cash to spend time with the pickle queen of television?  Did Jimmy keep the pickle jar, or did he allow his guest take home a great prize?

My life revolves around pickles.  Since child hood, I love and continue to eat pickles daily.  I remember the old days of going to our Chicago neighborhood butcher with my dad.  These 2 brothers had a wood barrel of pickles and wooden tongs to pluck a massive pickle.  Dad would always let me pick out my pickle while he bought some salami and bagels.

If Hillary would have helped herself to a pickle on Kimmel’s show, then I would consider voting for her.  She ignored her pickles, and has lost any chance of my voting for her.  Will Donald Trump open a jar of pickles?  Will he eat a pickle?

Hey everybody!  This lady wants your vote?

Hey everybody! This lady wants your vote?



USA limits Christian refugees

August 30, 2016

President Obama has ignored the persecution and mass executions of Christians by Islam.   USA has been lectured and criticized by our president to accept refugees from Syria.  These refugees started their migration to escape the endless war and blood shed because the USA talked but did not stop Assad.

USA has admitted 10,000 refugees.  52 of these refugees are Christian.  So Secretary Kerry has managed to only find 0.05% of the oppressed religion in the refugee group.  This confirms that our State Department and our President has 99.5% failure in helping oppressed and threatened refugees.

Over 200,000 Christians have been killed.

President Obama reminded everyone at a National Prayer Day session that we are all guilty of Muslim deaths from Crusades over a thousand years ago.  It appears USA policy is directed by Obama to balance the scales of murder from a thousand years ago.  We are being instructed to feel guilty of bias and prejudice if we want to help Christian refugees!

USA does not only feel compassion for a chosen religion.  We help people everywhere without persecuting or ignoring a religious group.  The exception to this tradition is happening now by excluding Christian refugees! 

I observe that o.o5% Christian admittance by USA is discrimination and we do not allow USA to discriminate!  President has prejudice and a hidden agenda that is now evident.  The mass murder by Assad in Syria started the exodus of millions of refugees now engulfing Europe.  The neighboring nations in Mideast refuse and ignore the refugees.  Our president promised to end the Assad genocide by his “redline” proclamation to the world.  Obama was just talking.

Refugees in Sweden protesting coming to USA

Refugees in Sweden protesting coming to USA

Does that flag still wave at Mar Largo?

August 20, 2016

In 1985 Palm Beach was anxious to see who would buy the crown jewel property Mar Largo?  Our U.S. government wanted to unload the donated white elephant of E.F. Hutton heiress Post.  The government auction of the property went to Donald J. Trump offer of $10,000,000!

The snobs in Palm Beach snickered and gasped that the loudmouth developer from Manhattan was crashing their snooty blue blood scene.  Gossip and rumors swept the town.  For us common folk, there are more regulations and restrictions in Palm Beach designed to keep the riff raff out!  I know I fit that category!

Trump knows how to pick a fight!  He promptly erected a 80 foot flag pole on his newly acquired property that he deposited $2,812 to take ownership!  This violated the local ordinance on the height and size of US flags allowed in Palm Beach. He laughed and kept the flag flying at a fine of $250 per day.  He counter sued Palm Beach $25,000,000 on their ordinance restricting his right to freely express his love of USA.

His objective was devious to create a diversion issue, while he quietly went about his plan to commercially develop his new property!  He reached a magnanimous agreement that gave Veterans of USA $100,000 donation instead of giving fine money to Palm Beach.  Palm Beach agreed to allow a 50 foot high flag pole instead of his 80 foot pole.  He had his landscapers remove the flag pole when his new location for the flag was built.  It was a mound of earth 30 feet high for his 50 foot flag pole.  The flag was 80 feet above ground anyway!  Oh yeah, Trump did develop the property as a resort just like he wanted!

The folks in Washington DC need to be afraid.  His legend grows since 1985 conquest of Palm Beach!  He is opening his brand new hotel in Washington DC in September ahead of schedule and under budget.  I applaud Donald J Trump for his audacity, tenacity and ingenuity in resolution conflict!

Trump helping a veteran get hired in Washington DC

Trump helping a veteran get hired in Washington DC


Massacre in Florida raises many questions

June 12, 2016
Crying shame that Islamic terror free to kill in USA now.

Crying shame that Islamic terror free to kill in USA now.

The carnage and brutal slaughter in PULSE nightclub of Orlando Florida is an attack on the USA population.  Response from our White House on Sunday is to lower flags to half mast in respect of 50 fallen citizens.  President encouraged prayers for the familes of the dead victims from an Islamic terrorist.  God was even called upon in our time of need, and this is just a political convenience to deflect attention from a lax attitude on monitoring threatening Muslim activities.  I go to church and pray with my community for all of us.  I do not look to our President to pretend he is my pastor.  If he wanted to call us into prayer, then he ignored to offer up any specific prayer or even a Bible passage.

Nobody knows what golf course president Obama was playing today after his heartfelt call to prayer.

The dead killer Omar was reported by coworkers to FBI on 2 different years regarding his admiration of a bomber terrorist and ISIS.  FBI confirmed Omar was interviewed but he was fine and no problems.  The 50 dead citizens disprove the clean pass from FBI that allowed Omar to avoid terror suspect list.  His gun application process raised no danger flags thanks to FBI.

Decorating the White House in LGBT rainbow colors is a nice gesture.  Protecting all of us is a duty.  Our executive branch gave the green light to terrorists after ignoring the 9/11/2012 Benghazi slaughter of our Ambassador and staff.  ISIS had more damage done by Russian attacks in a few weeks compared to years of our talking threats.  Somebody said it would take 30 years to stop ISIS?  Was it our fearless leader?

California Muslim killer couple and Florida Muslim killer have a lot of reviews of procedures as main response of federal executive branch of government.  We can look forward to more slaughters and future reviews from what I heard today by president Obama.

Rainbow flags for LGBT do not replace those killed.

Rainbow flags for LGBT do not replace those killed.


We do see the obvious!

June 8, 2016
Obama begs Putin to shake his hand at UN

These are lonely days in the White House.  Nobody, but nobody is calling our fearless leader for advice or inviting him to visit their country.

Nobody understands why our president is making a federal case out of children toilet rights.  Young children need our president sticking his head in every toilet around the USA to ask if boys want to be boys?

Obama sent our military to fight diarrhea as a national emergency!  Anybody remember the fiasco of limiting entrance of Ebola virus?  Now he is trying to get us all excited over a mosquito!  What me worry?  MAD magazine makes more sense than our immigration federal policies today.  Every disease from the dark ages now walks across our border in plain view with no questions asked.

Even Putin ignores our president. Obama has to wait to even get a handshake from Putin. Putin  does not even bother talking to Obama anymore.  He does buzz over war ships with his jets, and he sends war planes into our air space just for laughs.

We see the obvious that nobody respects or listens anymore to our president as a leader of the USA.  Why can our president get paid to campaign for Democrat elections with tax dollars from all of us?  Why do we pay Obama to travel to campaign for Democrat candidates?

We do try to keep our sense of humor with the miserable economy and unemployment problems.  We do not need to put up with a lazy president who talks but does  not work.

"What me worry?"

“What me worry?”

Everybody making money off Trump

June 4, 2016
Dixie Chicks poster

Just like the great schnozz used to say; “Everybody is trying to get into the act!”  Jimmy Durante had a great sense of humor and loved by the USA.  Donald Trump has everybody trying to tell him what he is doing wrong, and why everybody hates him.  Everybody is telling him how to act!  It seems funny that so many critics are getting more money by attacking a man they do not know.

Dixie Chicks started a new tour in Cincinnati with some stage decorations depicting Donald J. Trump with devil horns and a Van Dyke beard.  They were singing their ballad about killing a mean husband “Goodbye Earl” and had a stage prop using Trump’s scribbled photo.   This prop may be an attention getter, but why should the evil hated Trump be a prop for entertainers to get publicity?  Why do money grubbing entertainers have the right to use Trump to promote their ticket sales?

The Dizzy Chicks attacked President George W. Bush when overseas on tour and of course apologized because folks would not buy their tickets in USA.  Now the same old routine is dusted off to get publicity by making fun of Trump.  Who cares?

President Truman seated with Durante "Somebody always wants to get into the act!"

President Truman seated with Durante “Somebody always wants to get into the act!”


Merry month of May for USA

June 3, 2016
Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Glenn Strange, Lon Chaney, Jr., and Bela Lugosi in ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN, 1948.

USA had a lot to fear in May, 2016.  Airline passengers did not get off the ground thanks to TSA cutting back on airport screeners in a busy season.  TSA did not reduce their number of employees, but chose to reduce employees to help screen passengers held up for extra hours.

President Obama is traveling across the USA to brag on his saving our economy.  It seems hard to believe the unemployment report issued by his Bureau of Labor.  38,000 jobs are all everyone in the USA could find in May!  Parents with graduating high school students, and parents with college graduates still living at home are giving up hope at this point.  Thank you President Obama for reducing unemployment by 450,000 citizens giving up looking for work after May.  The percentage of citizens working is an all time low of 62%!

We know that Obama is incredibly dense when he continues to say he is doing a better job of returning the USA than President Ronald Reagan.  38,000 citizens are celebrating their new jobs.  Millions are waiting for an opportunity to work for a living.

We need more taxes, more illegal aliens, more refugees, and more regulations to raise wages.  We look forward to June adding 60,000 jobs?  Please have our president give more speeches on his success in ruining our economy!  We are just too stupid to see that fewer jobs is more good news.  Maybe we are tired of fairy tales and continued lies instead of results.

Love the 3 stooges golf outfits!  Available in Obama pro shop, made in China.

Love the 3 stooges golf outfits! Available in Obama pro shop, made in China.


Sanders new campaign motto?

June 1, 2016

Supporters of Bernie Sanders as a Democrat presidential candidate, will be shouting a new slogan for this self avowed Socialist campaigning as a Democrat. VENEZUELA or Bust!

Sanders supporters know Bernie wants everyone to be ready to start a political revolution!  The Socialist country Venezuela has the citizens ready for a real revolution to overthrow their failed government.  Sanders is confident that we still have too many rich people in the USA that he can tax more for his campaign promises.  Venezuela has taxed and then confiscated companies into oblivion to ruin their economy and kill the majority of jobs in the socialist country.

The commercial news media seem oblivious to the ruin of Venezuela due to give away promises offered by the Socialist run government headed by Nicolas Maduro.  Some economists have blamed their wealth of oil reserves as the reason for their economic failure?  It has been labeled Dutch Disease. I think the remedy is for the citizens to give Maduro a shot or two. His predecessor Hugo Chavez worked closely with our fearless leader before his secret demise due to a chronic health problem not treated by his own doctors in Venezuela.

Venezuela is the ideal country for Climate Change study with no carbon emissions from factories because they have no electricity plants running.  The population do not have food and do not have toilet paper.  It is an ideal remedy to our cutting back on industry and consumption.  Many people scrounge food from dumpsters and are going hungry.  For some odd reason, the population is ready to revolt.  The Venezuela revolution is not for Sanders style socialism.

Bernie should visit Maduro to show his solidarity in Socialism!

US State Department has issued a travel warning to our citizens that there are no sections of Caracas free from threat of heavily armed criminals looking for jewelry or our dollars, since their currency is worthless.  Bernie is brave enough to laugh at threats from fellow socialists in Venezuela!

Chavez and Obama discuss they are indispensable!

Chavez and Obama discuss they are indispensable!

Beware of drive by senior attacks!

May 22, 2016
Featured Image -- 6204

You are never too old to ruin the USA! Thank you Bernie for doing your worst?

Hoboduke Nonsense

You reap what you sow! I enjoyed the threat video advertising that warned USA consequences of electing wrong president. If Romney was elected president, instead of Obama for 2012, than senior citizens in video threatened to whoop ass and unleash violence to “burn that motherf#$%er down!” This was a confusing threat. If we laughed, than we risked the havoc of seniors on a rampage. If we took the old bitch seriously, than our holiday cookies might not get baked!

Now, our senior citizens have a new weapon of mass destruction. Gun toting seniors with drive by shoot ’em up wheels are everywhere!

Update for 2016 with Bernie Sanders waking up from his 25 year long nap in the senate.  He discovered that the USA has a lot of problems he can fix as president.  He did zip with his ass firmly stuck in his chair in Senate.  But he knows…

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New spin to select toilets in public places

May 17, 2016

We have ignored the dozens of citizens across the USA who think their sex orientation does not match their body.  President Obama has solved all of the major world problems already.  Now he is ready to take action on changing toilet usage for the whole nation for dozens of concerned citizens.

Primary school, Middle school, and High school students will not be forced to use a boys or girls bathroom based on sex.  Everybody will spin the wheel and march to bathrooms that are not gender specific but only with a number.  Spin the wheel and march to that number toilet to relieve your bladder and bowels.  Nobody can demand sex privilege now on toilets.

Declaring that today I am a girl is too arbitrary.  Don’t ask and don’t tell.  We don’t want to know!  Spin the wheel and that is the end of it.  Nobody can beg or plead that I want to pretend I am a boy or a girl today.  Unisex clothing is the next logical step to keep everyone satisfied that their dignity remains intact.  Why do boys need zippers on trousers?  That is not fair!  Everybody can wear kilts for example.

It does seem puzzling that every solution Obama offers, makes life more complicated and solves nothing.  His talent and gift is to unveil problems nobody cares about.  His contribution is to confuse and irritate everybody on forcing his dumb solutions everywhere using our confiscated tax money.

Schools will have boys watering trees and bushes outside instead of spinning wheels.  Girls will be mad boys have again an advantage of speed and convenience in relieving their bladder.  Obama has started an important dialogue that pisses off every family in the USA.


Obama compliant toilet for everybody is green compliant.

Beware of Georgie the Greek on ABC

May 13, 2016

Candidate Donald J. Trump has the courage to take on all comers who want to challenge him. I watched Good Morning America on Friday 13, 2016.  George was busier than a bee buzzing and trying to sting Donald Trump with rapid fire staccato questions.  One of the issues George devoted repeat attacks was demanding the tax return information of Trump.

For some odd reason, George did not link or post anything on his official Twitter account; @GStephanopolous about his one on one session interrogating Trump.  Perhaps, the response Trump offered back to George he wishes never happened. “I know she (Hillary) is a good friend of yours and I know you worked for them and didn’t reveal it.”  Plus we learned that George  donated heavy money to the Clinton Foundation to ensure his priority on getting access to his friends that can be bought.

The Disney company has to pay attention to their keeping balanced news coverage on ABC and ESPN.  There are questions if news coverage is honest by the political shark George Stephanopolous  hosting a weekly editorial news program plus the daily morning program.

Donald J. Trump moved on this next busy whirl of media interviews and events to reach the public.  The cowards that refuse to appear on FOX News reveal their fear of facing any difficult questions on issues important for the public.  Nobody can claim that Trump runs and hides from the interrogators who want to scalp him.  George is nursing his pride and taking a ice bath after getting kicked where it hurts. Maybe George can investigate the tax filing for the Clinton Foundation?

Trump helping a veteran get hired in Washington DC

Trump helping a veteran get hired in Washington DC

FINAL DESTINATION doom in Cleveland!

May 7, 2016
escalator eater-final-destination-4

The FINAL DESTINATION movie series have a oddball curse.  If you avoid death, then you are just delaying a more horrific bloody death that is inevitable.  This movie series  celebrates death by a wide variety of mechanical means.  The first movie kicked off our Millennium in the year of global cyber doom in 2000.

The hero and heroine in each movie are saved by acting on a intuition or foresight of impending doom.  It proves that paranoia and a hysterical imagination can save your life, before it kills you anyway.  Of course, the couples in each movie are doomed to never consummate their love while they are consumed by fevered nightmares.  Everyone gets to argue and walk out several times before meeting some gruesome end.

The Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan has a premonition of death and disaster bothering his vision of the Republican Party future.  Paul is desperate to save his party from destruction and doom because he knows Donald Trump will destroy the beautiful tranquil future for Republicans!  This is Ryan’s FINAL CONVENTION!  People decide where the party goes.

Ryan has the dilemma of vividly seeing the end of the world, and nobody wants to listen to his hysterical visions of doom.  The Bush family do not want to descend into the abyss of listening to the opinions of common folk on political candidates for president.  Even The National Review has no doubt that Donald Trump will destroy the tranquil silence by a noisy victory for president.

The paid protesters claiming how Trump has defamed, inflamed, and is the cause of their protesting paid by Soros organization.  It is all the fault of Trump!  The illegal aliens who are robbing, killing, and raping for the last few years do not deserve criticism from Trump.  Democrats look upon the protests from Trump as childish and beneath their lofty position.

Commercial news media personalities relish somberly warning all of their viewers that protester violence on the video they keep replaying is disturbing.  Viewer ratings have never been higher since the people of the USA do want to see what Donald Trump is up to!  Paul Ryan will never fill a hall with people the way Donald Trump packs them in.

New Media want Donald to blow a gasket!

New Media want Donald to blow a gasket!

New York attracts the best!

May 4, 2016
Sinatra new york

“The chairman of the board” Frank Sinatra signature song for me is New York New York!  It is a great song that captures the allure and challenge of seeking success in the city that draws in the top talent from all over our world.  Investors know Wall Street remains the global center for companies all over the world.  There are languages from all over the world when you wait in a hotel lobby in Manhattan.  It is exciting to recognize the prestige and importance of being branded a top player in New York.  Real estate in Manhattan is not a game for faint of heart with stratospheric levels of money at stake.

“I’ll make a brand new start of it, in old New York!” Frank Sinatra knew the challenges of keeping his career near the top when he was decades into his performing.  His selection of songs and his arrangements survived music fads and dozens of international music stars.  Devoted music fans of Sinatra trusted his integrity of music and flocked to his limited performances near the end of his reign.

USA grows weary of our anemic economy and families are losing hope of ever getting ahead.  Donald Trump is a brash real estate business man.  His father cautioned his entering the big arena of Manhattan real estate development.  He won and he lost but he never let his losses knock him down and out.  I measure the strength and reliability of any business partner on their having survived set backs and prevailed to grow stronger.  “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere!”  Donald Trump may have been counted out, but he refuses to stay on the canvas flat on his back.

On May 3, 2016 Trump has earned the right to challenge the Democrat candidate for president election of 2016.  Republican field of candidates have been reduce from 17 to 1.

This elite hotel in Manhattan has name of Trump!

This elite hotel in Manhattan has name of Trump!

Now the real battle for election of president has changed!  Donald Trump will set the stage for his campaign to invigorate our economy and give hope plus jobs to families in poverty now.  This battle will be huge!

(Lyrics of New York New York by Adolph Green and Betty Comden)


Birds of a feather

April 28, 2016

Do you want to be a winner or a loser?  You can judge a person by the company they keep.  For some odd reason, people in the USA are interested in winning instead of losing.  We should feel guilty that we have a heritage of winning in the USA?  Nobody is buying the guilt trip, because we have been losing under the burden of guilt from endless President Obama speeches.

Donald Trump has won and lost in his many challenges building his personal wealth and expanding his business.  Everybody admires the victors who have conquered challenges and impediments to reaching success.  “Bobby” Knight is a living legend that has coached young men in basketball to become victors.  Indiana is a state that has a tradition of loving basketball and families know the odds against any young man playing on the Indiana basketball team.  Just stepping onto that basketball floor under Coach Bobby Knight is living a dream.

I had a vacation home on Chapman Lake in Indiana and got experience in the state’s love of Knight.  His temper and hatred of losing were legendary.  I do not accept loss well either!  His response to loss is by winning the next time.  Knight endorsing candidate Donald Trump in Indiana on April 27, 2016 to be president parted the RED sea!  I cannot adequately express how Knight is revered and respected by Hoosiers and Indiana.

Knight is not a sentimental whiner who pleads for free hand outs, and not keeping score.  Winners do honor and appreciate the efforts of fellow winners.  Donald Trump deserves extra attention by Indiana because Bobby Knight has paid homage to him.  I have to laugh that the Ted Cruz is once again upstaged brutally by Donald Trump.  Winners win!

Millennial get rich plan

April 26, 2016
My son back from Iraq at Glacier Park with buddies.

Our Millennium, our century, and our first decade started with miserable economic problems.  We had a “tech bubble” stock crash in 2000.  Then we had another economic drop with the terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001 and the stock market dropped again.  Then when we thought the worst is over, the Depression of 2008 knocked everybody down on their ass. Good news for us survivors is on the way.  Get ready to reap in riches.

I share my experience as a baby boomer who graduated from college and was looking for work in our worst recession in 1972.  Of course, my high school and my college left me ignorant of economic cycles or basic business principles.  We cannot entrust capitalism to protection of politicians and professors.

My working career began with employment by TIME. My annual gross income was around $22,000.  I wanted to invest some of the money to make me more money.  I took a payroll deduction for buying company stock out of my biweekly pay.  The stock market was miserable in the recession, so my shares kept losing value and that made me rich.  I was not worried about losing money because I knew saving a small amount at the bank would make nothing. After 3 years of losing money and getting additional shares at always lower prices, the market turned.  Suddenly, I was rich and bought a condominium.

Seeing the potential from investing in times of trouble opened my eyes.  The Millennial potential for wealth is great.  Too many predictions of doom, make me encouraged to invest more.  Mutual funds have minimum deposit limits.  Stocks can be purchased for any dollar amount.  I would suggest diving into the shark tank.  Open a Fidelity account to deposit some cash systematically.  Research some companies that are important or you personally like.  Consider even a boring company like a utility.  I worked with an old gentleman who only bought electric utility stocks while working.  He was a millionaire that did not make a millionaire salary at work.

Be happy to enjoy making history, like I did.  I had to stop the presses every week for the Nixon Watergate stories.  You will be seeing the wildest election ever for Donald Trump!  Get rich!  Reagan made me rich in the stock market.  Trump will help us make money!

Our son in combat for USA.

Our son in combat for USA.



We have not begun to fight!

April 24, 2016
Victory for freedom needs all of us to defend our right to live free!

President Obama confirmed to our dearest friends and allies in England that he yanked out the bust of Winston Churchill that has been in White House for decades.  That is alright.  Nobody in England dreams of wanting a bust of our fearless leader in their residence of Prime Minister.

When the new president assumes office in 2017, nobody will shed a tear for departure of B.O. from our White House.  I will celebrate in Las Vegas!  Our luck is bound to change for the better.

Our Millennial generation has suffered great hardships with the miserable economic policies of our government.  Our elderly saw their savings earn no interest with the magical book keeping of our Treasury to keep interest rates invisible.  Our poor have not been helped at all.  The lobbyists and free loaders have enjoyed easy living.  Now is the time for the tide to turn.

Our country and our future is in the hands of our Millennials.  The good news is that they cannot screw up our country more than our current resident.  We can only go up from here!  The motto of my favorite state of Wisconsin remains; FORWARD!

Our new spirit is found in our origins!

Our new spirit is found in our origins!


England grateful last visit by president

April 22, 2016
President Barack Obama, center left, and his wife first lady Michelle Obama, center right, pose with Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, left, and Prince Phillip in the Oak room at Windsor Castle ahead of a private lunch hosted by the Queen, Friday, April 22, 2016 (John Stillwell/Pool)

President Obama celebrated Earth Day 2016 in England.  His armada of aircraft and personal vehicles used enough carbon energy to run Haiti for 10 years. For some reason the first family are avoiding Haiti?  Theft of tens of millions of donated aid dollars from USA to Haiti still leave 90% of the population living in the jungle instead of promised shelter.

It was great to see the royal couple insist having the man of the manor drive the guests to Queen Elizabeth abode.  The Duke of Edinburgh got a part time job driving for Uber at 95 years of age.  Obama did not give him a tip when they got to the front door.

The purpose of the visit was to freeload and have us tax payers give the first family another vacation at our expense.  There was absolutely no work conducted other than to have everybody adore and hang on every word of our president.  Michelle had to spend a fortune on her traveling ward robe, again!

Our fearless leader was not brave enough to address the House of Commons.  The outspoken rowdy members of the House reputation was enough to scare our president away.  The population of England were all eager to see their visitors leave.  We are not so lucky because we know our tourists will return too soon.

It is great to see the Queen in good health at age 90!  It is amazing to see Uber using the Duke of Edinburgh as a driver at 95!

Duke gives Uber ride for first couple!

Duke gives Uber ride for first couple!


April 15, 2016

The oppressed children of slaves are now demanding that the slave masters pay a price.  The heritage genealogy of these Black Lives Matter victims remains suspect if any of their families had ever been enslaved. Universities are shamed into hiring professors that know all the black rap artists popular with oppressed minorities. It is not clear that rap classes will help anyone be successful in their future.

After a long tiring day of protesting and disrupting library studies of fellow students, there is hardly any time to actually study.  BLM demands  university schedules create time for more planned spontaneous protests.  Protesters need a Safe Space paid by the university to hide from police that is a sanctuary from civil law and university regulations.  Students will not be permitted to have a safe space free from endless protests for social justice by BLM.  Any student witnessed fleeing the endless string of BLM protests will be accused of a hate crime and subject to dismissal guilty of white supremacy.

Anybody who thinks they can curse, push, shove and punch anybody to prove they are helpless victims really needs a reality check.  Nobody has the right to demand I do anything because of slavery from 140 years ago.  Germany had a minority of brown shirt militant head bangers that intimidated the country and got der Fuhrer.  The USA does not owe anyone anything from 140 years ago.  The solution may be to set up territories just like the Indian reservation system.  All BLM seeking compensation from USA for slavery can stake land in abandoned Detroit and Chicago neighborhoods.  It will be a safe space and they can be assured that no white supremacy people will bother them.

Damian Williams worked at Jewel  Chicago warehouse and was picking up dinner for family when killed by black gang member.

Damian Williams worked at Jewel Chicago warehouse and was picking up dinner for family when killed by black gang member.


Everybody has to apologize!

April 10, 2016
Crying shame that Islamic terror free to kill in USA now.

There is a national craze to demand an apology.  You have to feel guilty and apologize for so many ridiculous infractions of good manners.  Protesters stomping on our USA flag demand apologies for anybody kicking their ass.  USA citizens blockading busloads of illegal alien children dreamers getting shoved at your expense into your town need to apologize.  Our globe trotting president is ashamed of us folks because he has to remind the tax payers protesting his fiscal waste that it is our fault he has to spend more.  “That’s not who we are!”  We have an identity crisis created by commercial news media and socialist communist professors.

News media want to know if a pizza parlor would or would not cater a homosexual wedding reception!  Who the hell cares?  News media want to know “If abortions would become illegal, what should the punishment be?”  What the hell is this nonsense?  We need to apologize for stuff that has NOT HAPPENED?

News media distracts people from the real problems of our country, to create imaginary problems as issues for apology and debate.  News media has become not only irrelevant, but have climbed the tower of Babel to ruin communication!  How many real problems are under investigation by news media?  Government waste, graft, and too many elected officials become millionaires because lobbyists want to “donate”  and invite them into business deals.  It is great that Harry Reid and Barrack Obama became millionaires by serving the USA.  It is unbelievable that this is not even investigated!  Can our commercial news media apologize for failing to do their job?

I apologize that I do not feel sorry for biased pig headed egotists who know their problems are all because of little old me.  It is great that we have so many people living well by shaming and blaming us common folk.  I know our future happiness depends on the success of my “Grumble & Bitch” philosophy endorsed by the Curmudgeon Society.

Yes, that is who we are.  We are fed up, and not sorry to bitch about the lazy stupid whiners demanding hand outs.

Don't ask for permission from your mortal enemies.

Don’t ask for permission from your mortal enemies.

Comrade Sanders poverty revolution

April 6, 2016

Politicians posturing as a revolutionary is nonsense.  Revolutionary Sanders has enjoyed living off his federal salary as an elected representative and then senator for 25 years!  So the revolution is starting now?  What has Sanders ever done while in office?

He has never worked other than as a politician.  If you spend your whole life as a politician, how can you now promise to revolt against what you did your whole life?  His best years have been wasted sitting on his rump and pretending to help advance our country by doing nothing.  What major law, bill, or special committee achievement is in his miserable wasted life in government?

A self declared “socialist” threatens to choke and break up big banks to fund his free stuff promised to get him elected to do nothing as president.  Where is the socialist party in the USA?  Nobody knows them after his 25 years praising their utopia principles.  Hillary Clinton lacked the courage to challenge or question why a socialist can pretend to run as a Democrat.  Now after getting bitch slapped by the Jewish socialist, Hillary will question why Democrats are hugging a socialist close to the graveyard.  It is clear, Hillary did not consider that she is so hated and despised that an old Jewish socialist is more popular than the queen of graft.

Our country has ignored and left the millennial generation as cast offs in order to invite illegal aliens and run around the globe apologizing for our past accomplishments.  I cannot blame the millennials for getting desperate and questioning their future chances.  However, it is sad to see that small trinkets of free stuff is more important than the opportunity to grow our economy.  It is also a sign of desperation.  It is similar to hanging onto the promises of a drunk at closing time in a saloon.  The drunk will not remember anything the next day, and the promises are gone after election.  Bernie Sanders is drunk with the amazing popularity he enjoys as a failed politician who has done nothing ever.

Not many days left to ruin USA.

Not many days left to ruin USA.

Selfie “how to” for Boomers

March 31, 2016

I snapped my selfie in the hijacked jet plane toilet from Egypt.  Now I can take selfies just like our fearless leader. I am not sure why this has become a global craze.  People have died in the process of self promotion by walking off a cliff, etc.

I am trying to figure out how to take a selfie of me using chalk on the sidewalk in front of White House marking out “Trump 2016“.   I may ask a policeman to take my picture to help me get famous.  I will check if I need a EPA permission slip or if this qualifies as “hate speech” threat.

I do not want to let the marvels of our new millennium pass me by with fewer years left to be above ground.  I plan on doing a YouTube Karaoke with me singing in my car with bums and hobo folk I pick up hitchhiking.  I was inspired by the fat British guy James Corden on CBS late night. I am fatter than he is, so I have to be a bigger hit.

Fat Brit sings in car with strangers.

Fat Brit sings in car with strangers.


Sympathy for the devil?

March 28, 2016
Refugees in Sweden protesting coming to USA

Nobody is perfect.  So we need to forgive everyone that chose to do evil?  Sorry, but nobody is perfect so I do not feel guilty by denying mercy to an evil doer.

Hormones inflame the libido of Muslim refugees. Young refugee men attack European white women or young girls for primitive sex.  We need to try to understand their sexual urges?  We need to hide our women and girls?  We need to try to understand their lust takes priority over laws to protect everyone?

Please forgive us flawed Christians to stop being victims to ISIS, ISIL, DAESH or poor Muslim refugees wanting our money.

We are only human.  It is past time to pretend we can be perfect and watch animal behavior without stopping the animals.  There are stirrings of spontaneous mob action of Europeans to stop the animals.  We need to feel guilty because the animals are crying for us to show them mercy now?

The animals eventually stampede in retreat when their animal lusts are no longer tolerated by their prey.  It is time to tame the wild animals by clubs, knives, and guns.

Europe fought 300 years failing to rid themselves of Muslims.

Europe fought 300 years failing to rid themselves of Muslims.