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be careful of bad ju ju! the hobo czar may have to find a job, since Obama will eliminate the office of hobo relations. we're on our own! that's nothing new?!

Why does GOD keep us alive?

July 16, 2018

God must have a sense of humor I cannot understand.  There are laws of nature that every living creature needs to respect in order to avoid falling from great heights or drowning.  Angela Hernandez drove her car over a cliff by Big Sur and should have been smashed to death.  Her crushed car was sitting amid the pounding surf of the Pacific Ocean.  Do you expect to find her alive and well after a week?  A married couple on the way to fishing sighted her car way down below the cliff they were on.


If there were no humans, would the sunset still be beautiful?

Why does God grant a miracle?  Everybody in the world was following the story of the coach with his students missing in caves in Thailand.  Of course exploring underground in monsoon rain season takes a special kind of stupid.  After a week they were found alive, if not in great shape.  Then hundreds of rescue specialists poured in thousands of hours to pump out water while raining poured in more.  Divers risked life and limb in pitch dark flooded caves and did save everyone.  Unfortunately, one of those sacrificed his life in this heroic cause.

These recent events are just a small glimpse of the almighty power of God to show mercy to human stupidity.  There is room in this world for atheists and even devil worshipers to provide us entertainment with their public displays of stupidity.  But it does raise a question on the frequency and visibility of these modern miracles.  Is anybody paying attention to God anymore?  The other side of getting attention is volcano eruptions, earthquakes, and of course a new variety of plague.  I like happy miracles.  There are plenty who deny the existence of God, with their complaints against any supreme being who would allow suffering in life.  All of these critics enjoy pointing out the catastrophes but ignore our miracles.


Cola Wars Long Forgotten

July 7, 2018

Children today have never been taught the history of the USA struggles in our Cola Wars that eventually swept around the globe.  Billy Wilder was brave enough to make fun of the hysteria surrounding our self absorbed focus on “soft drinks” that made hard cash.  The brash executive that invaded communist strongholds in order to sell more Coca Cola is a perfect time capsule of these forgotten days.

Yes there are more important issues today to debate Energy Drinks or iced coffee.  During the excitement of capturing the world for Pepsi Cola versus Coke, the fanatic brain washed enthusiasm of a young communist captured the heart of a rich Coke executive daughter visiting Berlin on her world tour to get “culture”.  The executive assigned the duty of chaperoning this young lady was James Cagney intent on climbing the ladder of success to the top.  He traveled around the globe  dragging his family in his quest to sit at the top spot in Atlanta corporate headquarters.  Now his dreams would be dashed by a young commie?

Cagney gjon-mili-james-cagney-and-lilo-pulver-in-one-two-three-a-film-directed-by-billy-wilder

The power of laughter can break many barriers.  Humor relies on shaking us from our slumbers.  Wilder had the audacity to poke fun at the communist paradise full of people looking to get into our horrible corrupt USA.

I do not know if new viewers will get the humor today.  Too many children have been brain washed into group think.  It is rude and cruel to laugh at other people now.  There are too many serious problems in the world to waste our time to laugh at them.   I do laugh at how the basic common sense of Cagney leads to a happy ending for everyone.  Hormones and sexual attraction are important factors in the plot of One Two Three.  

This history lesson is worth a watch, even if you don’t get all of it.  Humor is as simple as 1 2 3.  Our hysteria today of fanatics screaming Resist makes less sense than the competition of Cola War.  


Happy 4th of July in 2018

July 4, 2018

Everybody in the USA is free today!  Anybody bitching today is entitled to free speech, but not entitled to me paying attention or respecting your opinion.

We enjoy these freedoms by fighting and some of us dying to stop people who oppose our right to be free.  Do not demand my silence in order to speak for me, because you know you are smarter.

eagle flag

The Spirit of America will never die!

T & E Game of Thrones

July 1, 2018

Hidden from view of mortal men and women is the private realm of corporate chieftains.  Companies that are listed on the stock exchange are conducting business with torrents of currency pouring through corporate headquarters.  We see the lower levels of demigods at commercial airport gates.  They have priority boarding and first class section always.  The real gods and goddess in Mount Olympus are seldom seen because they travel in private corporate jets, unless they are invited onto a private motor yacht or chartered train.

USA economic resurgence revives wretched excess again!  Spending money on Travel and Entertainment is not restrained now  an imprisoned demon.  

As a young man plunged into the corporate world working, I did cross paths with demigods at TIME and at Mobil.  I was a young rookie in the corporate culture who got to see how the game is at a level most folks have no clue.  These companies are still around after mega merger acquisitions.  Time/Warner and Exxon are bigger than ever until the next megadeal is consummated.

When the Summer Olympics were held in California, Time reserved an ocean liner and shuttled Grand Poohbah types on private motor yachts to avoid riff raff and commercial hotels.  When Mobil decided to accelerate the growth of a tiny takeover (W.F. Hall Printing my employer) they shoved me into one of their fleet of corporate jets to visit  our printing plants in Corinth Mississippi.  However, they forced us to sell our condo in Manhattan across the street from Saint Patrick’s Cathedral we enjoyed.  Mobil had 150 hotel rooms in Manhattan reserved every night for company use with 50% room fee paid whether used or not.  On my trips to New York I stayed at the Waldorf Astoria at half price to my T&E.

These memories are of chicken feed budget items.  Today, it is a whole new world at a whole new level.  I know that my stocks include billions of dollars in T&E!  This money is excessive but it is not wasted.  That is how the game is played.  To demonstrate how far it has infected our culture, everybody is encouraged to own time shares in private jets for family trips!  

Every year in Augusta Georgia, during the The Masters there are private jets  moved to another city because the parking lot is always overflowing with corporate jets by Bush Field.

Bush Field_augusta_hotel_70006



National Education Association dues hit

June 27, 2018

United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of  Illinois teacher, Mark Janus who objected to his union dues allocating his money into political activities.  This court decision is the culmination of decades of excessive political budgets funded by union dues not approved by the union membership.  It may not be surprising to discover that the disruption of union political “donations” will harm the Democrats primarily.

The Socialist political candidates plan their campaigns for elected office with mandatory funding from taxpayers.  We are not being taxed enough.  We are supposed look forward to confiscating more money to fund a future Socialist Utopia as seen in Venezuela today.  However, it seems a lot of citizens in the United States of America are feeling optimistic about our economic improvements now with 45th President Donald J Trump.

Forcing teachers to march on picket lines with political banners does diminish image of educators to level of a political prop.  Everyone has the freedom to speak freely their views on the direction of our country.  Mass produced protest posters seems more in keeping with communist “spontaneous demonstrations” political propaganda.

Trump protesters

Power to the People is defended by allowing freedom to choose instead of a union dictating their selected candidate for their union workers.

Mad as a wet hen

June 25, 2018

The best advice offered today for citizens of USA is to yell and shout?  Whenever you lose an election there is a remedy to change reality.  Harass and yell at anyone connected to the winning side.  Chase their families out of restaurants!  Threaten their children!  Blockade streets just to prove the losers are mad!  Our children must never degenerate into Antifa Resist morons.


Representative Maxine Waters offered instructions on how to torment and deny freedom to anyone connected with our 45th President Donald J Trump.  Mad World News article May 31, 2017 had this excellent composite image capturing cackling hens mad at the crowing rooster.

Trump Rooster

Maxine needs a bubble bath to relax.  She might be denied service and escorted out from a spa because her political opinions insult and irritate the owner.  So can she organize a protest to deny everyone the right to protest?  There are no limits to stupidity of blind hatred of all opponents of Trump.

Deplorables laughed at derogatory names and pointed accusing fingers from offended snowflakes mad at the world because there are supporters for our 45th president.  We are not going away.  Do not threaten physical intimidation and violence, because the spirit of LIVE FREE OR DIE has not been put into a jail cell yet.

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was “asked” to leave a small greasy spoon dive Red Hen Restaurant. (Red Hen Café places around USA not connected at all to this story.)  This incident inspired Waters to intimidate and harass anyone connected to White House of 45.  Any slight negative opinion on performance of 44 was immediately shackled to labels of hate speech bigotry.  Of course this current incitement to harass and intimidate 45 is best path for USA?  What is the vision for USA with the Wet Hen crew?

News creates news

June 22, 2018

Farmers have to suffer bad weather and long hours in order to raise crops or cattle.  Their success is not assured if there is a surplus when they can sell at market.  Forget about the quality of product if you are in the greatest business today.  NEWS has no quality standards and anything goes!  I still miss a genius who entertained the oddballs like me.  Ernie Kovacs was a comic genius with many talents to entertain.  His television program had no connection with reality or facts.  In many ways he could have been a great success today in NEWS INDUSTRY.

ABC News issued an “apology” on their  television text claiming Manafort guilty of 5 Cases of Manslaughter.  The apology by ABC lacked the publicity and exposure of their sensational fiction to grab viewers.  Looking forward to ABC showing the video of staff visiting Paul Manafort to apologize in person.  It does seem odd that enough hysteria has been created on defaming Manafort thus far, that he is being held in prison for months until his trial will be held (if it is ever held?)!  No news story can be found on how USA justice system has punitive decisions depending on who is facing trial.

Kovacs explain game26HOBERMAN2-master675

Commercial broadcast companies who make more money with more viewers do not think they have to explain censoring what news is not covered.  The “mistakes” that grab attention of millions are never explained.  ABC created a massive stock market sell off for an hour on another “Whoops? Excuse me!”  Ernie Kovacs would have been amazed.   His love for his craft and attention to detail was often at odds with broadcast budgets and deadlines.  Our broadcast companies lack respect for their shrinking audience as we get less news but lots of flood video, volcano updates, and no updates on Russia stealing election for president in USA.  Now we have to wonder; “Did Russia steal election for president?”  Maybe more damage is underway with 25 million illegal aliens walking our streets in the USA right now but this is an invisible news story as well.



Boldly going where no man has gone!

June 15, 2018

The “reporters” taunting and harassing Press Secretary Sarah Sanders revealed their depths of depravity.  It was not surprising that nobody asked Sanders about the CBS scoop!  Sanders raised the topic of her reported departure as Press Secretary.  She also made her point that nobody asked her to verify if the CBS scoop was accurate.  The rules of reporting are now out the window.  Everybody wants the most outrageous 10 second video clip for their tag line.  Journalism has been killed by greedy publicity hounds.

Every child soon learns how far they can push their mom, before your rump gets smacked.  I am sure the perverts for publicity would love to have their bare buttes getting smacked by Sanders for their television clip.  Sarah knows better not to reward her tormenters with more free publicity.  Seeing CNN outburst and interruptions to disrupt any semblance of order with press corps are stunts to gain publicity.

Sean Spicer Holds Daily Press Briefing At The White House

WASHINGTON, DC – JANUARY 23: CNN’s Jim Acosta reports ahead of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s daily press briefing in the James Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House January 23, 2017 in Washington, DC. Other than delivering a statement on Saturday critical of reporting about President Donald Trump’s inauguration, this will be Spicer’s first news conference at the White House. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Sean Spicer endured the water torture and rejoiced to leave these vultures to fight over their next victim.  One of the most proud of these greedy vultures for video air time is Jim Acosta of CNN.  Mother Sanders had to “bitch slap” Jimmy to learn his place at last conference.  None of the reporter women get any slack from Sanders just because they are women.

This will come as a surprise to the video journalists of today but nobody wants to watch a smartass lecture us on current events.  We want information.  We do not really care about your opinion on anything.


Missing the good old days of CZARS?

June 11, 2018

Czar Watch[5]

Who are these Obama CZARS?

Our 44th president built up his own hidden government while serving as president.  All of his Czars were not funded positions that relied upon approval by Congress.  These were indispensable people cluttering up the White House?  I have the 45th president chart of positions he created for a czar.

It is empty.  ZERO overhead positions that only hold press briefings to keep entertained.


emoji whatever-smiley

Donald J. Trump is our Churchill

June 9, 2018

Many of us recognized the dire straits our beloved friends and family in the USA were forced to travel thus far in our new millennium.  We were just coming out of an economic slowdown when we got slammed with a horrible terrorist attack on 9/11/2001.  President 43 Bush got sidetracked into an endless Iraq campaign of war instead of destroying the terrorists from Afghanistan who killed us.  President 44 went around the world apologizing for the sacrifices USA made in preserving peace and order.  Iran was happy again and rich.  Russia took what they wanted without a word.  China fortified their manmade island in their claim for sovereignty of China sea.  We saw our economy drifting in stormy weather with too many families out in the street and under employed.  Are you depressed again remembering all this?  I was just about run over with the stock market crash of 2008.


Walking into this wasteland of international thievery and wasted opportunities from our recent economic coma was our ridiculed and defamed future president, Donald J Trump.  Winston Churchill was an old and ridiculed former servant of England who warned of impending world war and chaos to deaf ears.  When the war was actually thrust upon England, after a meaningless concession for peace by Chamberlain to Hitler, then it seemed all was already lost.  By force of will and endless wheedling with our president Roosevelt, Prime Minister Churchill kept Germany at bay while waiting for USA to enter the fight.  Our 45th president Trump saw and spoke often on the sorry state of our old economic policies, and weak foreign policy that gave away too many military lives and too much wealth.

Today, our economy is vibrant and growing with jobs that Obama promised us were gone forever.  China continues their persistent plan to dominate the world, but now we present a counter balance to aggression.  Russia persists in expanding their territory that was lost under President Reagan but president 45 is always there to remind them of our presence through reenergized alliances.  North Korea attempted to test our resolve with braggadocio of nuclear missile tests.  This actually was the first major test of our president.

The same Fake News Media that has criticized and attempted to ridicule our president, is now offering advice on how to negotiate with North Korea in Singapore on June 12, 2018.  This negotiation would never happen without the methods and yes, tweets of our president.  The Democrat party has lowered their importance to ridiculous impeachment threats and refusing to work on anything as a tactic of RESIST.  The citizens of the USA deserve to know the facts instead of the nonsense news that leaves everyone hungry for information about our country today.

Nobody can predict events in the future.  Our president knows his challenges are huge and can ruin our future if he fails.  My advice is to stop yapping like a back seat driver and help read the roadmap for our president!  We all need to work for our success for our children and their children.

Trump candidate

General Eisenhower saved my parents

May 27, 2018

My parents were walking across Europe during World War II to reach the USA Allied line in Germany.  That is how I would be born in the USA.

My father Vladas served as a army Lieutenant in Lithuania.  In 1941 Germany Blitzkrieg ran over neighboring countries unprepared for military armored weapons speed of advance.  His soon to be wife, Elina was terrified of being forced to accept pledge of NAZI teaching.  If teachers refused to follow NAZI teachings, then they were shot.  She had no intention of brain washing children in Lithuania.  Mom said everybody heard the artillery bombardment drawing closer day by day as Hitler lobbed artillery shells into cities nearby Vilnius.  It was not lightning in the evening sky, but fires from the artillery advance.

Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia all fell quickly to the NAZI invaders.  Then Germany got mad at Russia and decided to invade.  Napoleon discovered that mistake destroyed his quest for world domination.  Hitler refused to end the carnage and casualties to his army in this brutal battle front.  The military of Lithuania was to become cannon fodder and forced to fight at the Russian front for Germany.  Vladas was in command of a machine gun unit.  He told his men he will kill the German army escort if they will fight with him.  They all agreed.  As their unit were in heavy woods marching from Vilnius, they killed their German army escort of troops.  Dad left to get mom and leave Lithuania together.

They had many dangers, adventures, and many German citizens help them as they walked from Lithuania through Germany to find the allied lines to reach freedom.  Plus mom was in early pregnancy with my older brother.  They reached the moving line of General Eisenhower Allied Forces.

Many men died on all sides of this war.  The supply depot set up in Germany was vital to keep the Allied Forces moving to end the war.  General Eisenhower was not authorized but he expanded his manpower by using Vladas in Eisenhower pool of allied sympathizers working in this depot.  Dad was amazed to find he and mom were getting 3 meals a day again after weeks on foot.  Dad did not get enlisted in the US Army but he got military clothes and a special insignia pin to identify his status.  This is the pin.  They got passage to the USA on a battleship after dad lined up a job on a farm in Iowa.

What is Rosenstein smoking?

May 5, 2018

The Rosenstein Memo is discussed and illuminated by Andrew McCarthy in NATIONAL REVIEW on April 4, 2018.  It appears the Rosenstein Memo has powers beyond our Constitution!  There is no branch of government that can peer inside the genie’s brass lamp to know the powers of a bureaucrat memo!?  Everything is so top secret nobody knows what is going on legally or illegally in the witch hunters employed by Special Counsel Mueller.  All of his magic powers are granted by the invisible memo.  Nobody can see this memo?  Nobody can say what the memo says?  This is SECRET!

Put that in your pipe and smoke it!pipe smokeIMG_0376

We can only wait, and wait, and wait for more endless investigations and extortions with threat of prison and personal bankruptcy by investigators that have no limits by law.  A judge in Virginia has the clarity of vision to see chaos and strong arm lawless behavior by the Special Counsel Mueller crew.

Our national news media ignores and pretends this story does not exist.  It seems nobody can rely on getting news anymore with the current propaganda reporters on majority of news channels.  There is hope for our Constitution to survive with the brave efforts of defenders of our rights under the law of the land.  A memo does not replace our Constitution.

USA imports poor people

May 4, 2018

When does a “needy migrant” become a cherished resource Democrats import illegally?  If you ignored import rules for food products, liquor, pets then everybody expects legal penalties to stop illicit smuggling.  However,  anybody suggesting that laws be enforced with illegal aliens, is guilty.  They are guilty in denying Human Trafficking endorsed by weeping celebrities and politicians.

Reporters only go ankle deep into the depths of slavery investigation.   There seems to be a spectacular lack of interest in investigating the sources of money and resources used in creating chaos at our border.  The reporters recite the lawyer talking points that all of these people are “escaping extermination by criminal gangs and persecution by their government.”  It seems the reporting on the rampant threats are invisible by zero reporting on lethal travel threats migrants endure.

illegal alien train

The more the merrier hopping a free ride to get money from the USA are encouraged by lawyers in the USA.  It might seem odd, but normally nobody is encouraged to risk their life by taking a journey that is dangerous, lacking food or water, and dragging children into harms way.  Reporters love to show crying children or dead children for sympathy.  Why do the master minds of this migration remain hidden from public view?  They deserve recognition for their abuse of people under the guise of philanthropy.

There was a great persecution and annihilation of Christians in plain sight ignored by the commercial news media by reign of terror from Syria.  It did seem odd that Christians were identified and blocked for entry by President Obama.  There was visible death and suffering ignored by commercial news media headlines.  This trickle of illegal aliens staged by shadowy organizations is constantly covered by reporters as if our greatest human tragedy in our world.


Vice Squad Reporters

April 25, 2018

In the ancient days of reporting news, there were “beats” assigned.  This was done to assure the editor in chief there would be fewer fist fights and brawls among his sharks hunting for headline news.  It also served as an incentive to motivate lazy reporters to work harder for the same pay in order to get out of the basement.

Sports reporters were generally drunkards and failed news reporters.  Obituary reporters were rookies graduated from college ready to change the world.  Society column reporters were gossips who crashed a lot of parties without getting tossed.  Vice Squad Reporters were a special breed.  Midnight prowling of police scanners and 3:00 AM visits to lock ups to see who got in clink needs insomniacs.  I am afraid that the majority of NEWS reports today fail to meet Vice Squad standards from the 1960’s.

CNN Jim Acosta deserves a shot at his own Vice Squad column.  Teasing millions of viewers with constant talk about Russian Hookers failed to deliver anything.  CNN needs to either get a reporter in Moscow to interview a lot of call girls, or let Jim immerse himself among the whores.  Will the Greek leprechaun George Stephanopoulos have an hour interview with Stormy Daniels?  Can Slick Willy Clinton be an expert advisor on this program?


Happy Days of “Bimbo Eruption” as 42nd President.

We need the commercial news business to finally add some real Vice Squad News!  What politicians were hauled into the drunk tank last night?  Who got caught in the act with a prostitute or adult film actress (same thing)?  The public is being bombarded with Stormy Daniels updates.  These are boring.  Jimmy Kimmel attempts to get a laugh on sexual perversion suggestions, but nobody cares.  It is time to take the gloves off.

Get the team reunited of William J. Clinton and his little buddy the Greek leprechaun.  They can roam the streets and night clubs of Manhattan until the sun rises.  Hillary will have her frying pan ready to greet her husband in the morning.

Right now, I have a team of hobo experts eager to console and empathize with ladies of the night.  All they need is an expense account commercial news wastes on political reporters who buy drinks for drunk politicians to get old propaganda.  Sorry Joe Biden, but we need your entertainment money for some ladies.  Jim Acosta can reprise the movie character “Ramrod” who was a brutal pimp boss in the 1982 forgettable movie Vice Squad.  

There are no boundaries to bad taste or fake morality on fake news shocked at extramarital one night stands.  Even in the north woods of Wisconsin, it is rumored that a “girl’s night out” has a bunch of wives going to the no tell motel for an adventure.  Adult film actress have no stunt doubles to perform normal or perverse sex acts instead of the actress.



DNC Grieving Sad Death

April 23, 2018

This is a very unusual form of grieving in USA.  The loss of the 2016 election for president has DNC Denial of Defeat Dumbassery!  We are shown the painful bitching continuously  courtesy of television and print Commercial News for 2 years.  It happened so GET OVER IT!

clown hearse

Clown hearse is dignified exit for our government.

My proposal is to hold a funeral for the dream that will not die.  Reporters chased phantom hookers from Russia that started the Mueller investigation into every crazy accusation from lunatic Democrats mourning the assassination of Queen Hillary Coronation!

A dignified public funeral procession on the death of the Democrat victory in 2016 needs closure.  This time of public grieving is more dignified than the hysterical politicians holding USA hostage as they refuse to do their work as elected officials.  We want the reporters to actually report on real problems instead of chasing fables and hookers.


There are no reporters concerned at all about 4 Graves from Benghazi.  “What difference does it make!”  Hillary is eager to bury her Benghazi fiasco, but refuses to bury her failed campaign for president.

I will be starting a Fund Me page to collect money for a funeral procession that includes everyone.  Hobo or clown or even a swamprat are invited to march along the hearse with a casket labeled WHAT HAPPENED.  We will send a jug of moonshine and $10 to the Clinton estate as a token of our grief.


Bolts from China made me Nuts

April 7, 2018


Nobody is safe with cheap steel from China now in our nuts and bolts.  Got 2 stories to tell to illustrate the dangers we face now everyday in USA because of China.

In 1993 a salesman neighbor Tom was a fellow member of our Kishwaukee Country Club. He took pride and enjoyed bragging about the quality of the nuts and bolts he sold.  There are engineering tests to confirm the strength of the steel necessary to be safely used.  However, his troubles began when China flooded the USA with their nuts and bolts.  He could not understand how they were so cheap in price.  His troubles grew as his sales kept losing to China products.

We were at our annual golf event at Kishwaukee CC that was always festive and fun; Member & Guest Tournament.  I always made this my Mardi Gras week during June.  I took vacation time and enjoyed the club as my wife hung out with the ladies and the boys were playing in the pool and running up my account with popsicles, candy, and lemonades.  The club locker room man found me just before Tee Time.  He told me I had an important phone call from my office.  WF Hall was an old time Chicago printing company that kept changing owners while competing with RR Donnelly.  One of my major accounts was Spiegel Catalog.  The Donnelly plant in Indiana had millions of catalog pages printed and stocked in their storage warehouse to be shipped to my bindery operation in Georgia for the huge Fall and Winter Catalog of Spiegel.  The warehouse storage racks collapsed and caved in.  The warehouse was 5 stories tall and had steel storage racks with robot retrieval run by computers.  All my needed pages were ruined in a pile of rubble and the catalog mailing was in jeopardy.  Printing 3 million copies in a week was the challenge.  I didn’t think I could solve that problem before my tee time.

I called the Vice President I knew at Spiegel to offer our help to print the ruined pages.  Davia told me RRD promised they would print and deliver our needed pages.  I went to play golf and enjoyed playing my usual lousy golf.

Then the lightbulb went on after a few cocktails in the club house.  China sold fake quality rated bolts in the USA and that included cheating RRD.  The bolts broke under normal load weight.  Saving money on using steel from China put a printing plant under a huge financial burden to reprint on paper they had to buy to replace the product lost because of cheap steel bolts.

So what about the bolts in sky scrapers?  So what about bolts in your car chassis holding suspension parts in place?  This is no joke.  We don’t know when and where the millions of bolts China sold were mixed in with the bolts actually stress tested by USA engineers.  We cannot put quality control tests on every single nut and bolt China loaded into container super freighters.

Do not whine about how US steel will cost us more in products.  I want products we can count on for quality.  It is too late after  a building collapses with fake bolts.   Gravity is one law nobody can break.  It is a killer if you fall down 5 stories.

USA is taking back control on our own destiny with steel and our safety.  How about the launching frame for our new space rockets?  Do they have China bolts?  Our steel standards are for safety and reliability.  China cheated on meeting the standards to take our money and risk our lives for their profit.

White Easter in north woods

April 1, 2018

Today we celebrate the most important Roman Catholic church event of the year.  We give thanks for our salvation and the promise of entering heaven.

A surprise gift arrived in our mailbox Saturday.  We visited The Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, North Carolina on our way to a national Allante car meet in Savannah, Georgia in October of 2017.  I bought his 2002 published book; HOPE for Each Day.  His selection of a Bible passage is developed with his thoughts on how he applies it to life.  The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association sent us a remembrance publication; DECISION Billy Graham 1918-2018.

Billy Graham DECISION IMG_0255

Each one of us face challenges that demands our strength and fortitude in helping our family stay together.  Our teenage sons gave us opportunities to test our faith!   We are proud that our sons made us stronger in faith as they tested our patience.  Our sons are stronger for overcoming the challenges they created by their actions.

“Listen: Death is a defeated foe!  Christ has won the victory.”  From HOPE for Each Day on April 1 morning meditation; A purpose and power.

Data Miners Steal Children

March 20, 2018

Global Science Research is reported in an important article published by The Guardian from Paul Lewis and Julie Carrie Wong.  This is the firm that is pivotal in the Facebook Data Mine.  Is anybody surprised that Facebook pops up ads on your personal page?  Does anybody notice that the ads on your Facebook page are items you searched while not logged onto Facebook?  Is this digital magic only a lucky coincidence or are we constantly being tracked across our computer searches?


Our children are being stolen.  Being a parent is a exhausting and time consuming job.  When our boys were children, we did haul them to play little league baseball and hockey, Boy Scouts, and swimming.  Today kids get parenting time in front of their cell phone screen.  This is progress of a sort.

Those child miners pictured in 1911 had to make money for their daily bread.  Parents did not want their children deep underground but the children had their lives stuck in a mine digging for money.  Our future adults of USA are digital junkies from childhood.  Marketing companies want to have them in their pocket.

I have no idea if there will be a public outcry on the sale of personal information from Facebook Data Mine.  This whole process grew much more powerful fertilized by our tax dollars under 44th President Obama.

NSA data farm 03NSA-master1050

National Security Agency had record funding of our tax dollars to start a data collection plantation holding every person in our country inside.  We thank our 44th President Obama in funding data collection.  Terminator was a science fiction story.  Obama bragged on his data collection secret technology to know every person inside our country as well as outside.

We can cut out the guess work and just have a merger between NSA and Facebook.  Every child will be given a free cell phone so they can be tracked at all times.


I cannot tell the truth?

March 17, 2018

Truth and honesty are not subject to revisions by swamp rats who twist words like pretzels to confuse everyone.  I place on the Mount Rushmore of LIARS President William Jefferson Clinton who twisted questions into absurd meaningless drivel.  His classic line was to question how it all depends upon how you define what “is” is?  Children in grade school can help our 42nd president through that tough question.

42nd president needs George to explain what “is” is!

Now there is a new national crisis?  Attorney General Sessions did take action to terminate FBI executive McCabe because the FBI Inspector General confirmed “McCabe made an unauthorized disclosure to the news media and lacked candor -including under oath-on multiple occasions.”  Lying deceitful deception fit under the mild wording of “lacked candor”!

AG Sessions was stupefied listening to McCabe BS!

Commercial news media enjoyed gaining “unauthorized disclosures” from McCabe.  Reporters hate to work.  It is much easier getting stories given to them.  Fact checking is from the ancient times of real reporters who investigated stories.  Most of the real reporters in commercial news media cover professional wrestling now or went to National Enquirer.

Reporters seem lost now.  They demand to know the weight and waist size of 45.  Why did he get 2 scoops of ice cream?  When did President Trump know Russia was controlling his campaign for president?  Why did Sessions fire a liar?

I am very happy to watch the NCAA March Madness and enjoy some of our best athletes in college competing to excel and win the national championship of basketball.  Actions do have consequences and winning is rewarded.


Thank you Secretary of State Tillerson

March 13, 2018

On February 1, 2017 was confirmed by Senate vote to become the Secretary of State of USA.  He came into his office with a RESIST campaign delaying his majority of  nominations for open positions of ambassador and staffing.  Rex Tillerson retired as chief executive EXXON, a major international energy US company.  By invitation of Donald J. Trump as our 45th president, Tillerson left his family in Texas to become a servant for our country.  Rex earned his wealth by a life long career in the energy industry.

His predecessor was John Kerry.  John had a career in politics funded by the wealth of his first wife.  He does favor his vanity and did manage to marry again another wealthy woman.

Before and after cosmetic surgery comparison on Kerry.

Rex did not need cosmetic surgery for his long climb up to chief executive of Exxon.  John is fluent in French language and is a cosmopolitan world free loader.  Now the great suspense is building because the Senate has a secret society following the do nothing policy of RESIST.  President Trump may or may not get his replacement nomination approved.

Our 44th President refused to visit Paris after slaughter at a French publishing group by Islamic terrorists.  He did send John Kerry who forced France to listen to James Taylor play a lame song.  I am so grateful Tillerson did not embarrass the USA and did not subject any country to listen to James Taylor.


Did Japan conquer USA in 1990?

March 7, 2018

On September 6, 1990 the conquest of USA seemed inevitable.  A major Japanese investor bought the iconic landmark Pebble Beach Golf Course on that date.  This seemed to rock a lot of people.  New York Times Business Day section reported that this purchase was cleverly executed to minimize taxes as well.

Ben Hogan Properties was a United States subsidiary of Cosmo World Corporation headquartered in Hollywood by President Minoru Isutani of Tokyo.  The deal was handled as a deed transfer for $468 and thus avoided $900,000.00 in local taxes.  This acquisition was only one of the many golf properties and related developments in USA purchased for billions of dollars.

New York Rockefeller Center was bought by Japanese investors prior to this California landmark sale.  Commercial News Media conditioned and prepared the citizens of USA to anticipate the sale of our country to Japan.  Our computer semiconductor industry had to surrender immediately per the talking heads on television.  Our children had to learn Japanese and enjoy Sushi to succeed.  Japanese wealth was buying out Hawaii property from anyone willing to sell.  I was seated beside a Hawaii Culture Center manager traveling with his performance crew on a flight from Atlanta.  He shared his tale of woe.  A knock on his door by Honolulu had a real estate agent hired by Japanese offering to buy his ocean front property.  They gave him a million dollars.  He was rich but sad to learn that his sunrise by the ocean ended with not enough money to replace what he sold.

So what does this little trip down memory lane mean now?  Japan was rushing around like kids in a candy store exchanging yen for buying the candy store.  USA does have shrewd dealers and the agents for these Japanese buyers did very well.  The Japanese properties quietly changed hands with hardly a ripple in our news media that predicted our future was in the hands of Japan.  Our nation started to grow by shrewd traders on Yankee Clipper Ships traveling to foreign ports like Japan and China. Our current president wrote a book Art of the Deal.  We do have a tradition and history of growth by ingenuity and capitalism from traders.

Clint Eastwood acknowledges fan approval of his shot.

The opening salvo of tariff and trade negotiation in the headlines today do not signal the end of our country.  Clint Eastwood is still golfing at Pebble Beach Golf Course!  The USA flag is still at the club house.  Quit whining about doomsday prophets at commercial news media shows.  Get rich and get ahead ignoring our talking head glamour boys and glamour girls on TV.

Jim Acosta needs Fan Club

March 6, 2018

Why is the White House denying Jim Acosta to be recognized at press briefings?  For people that never watch CNN (apparently too many do not watch), Jim Acosta is their White House Reporter.  Why does he choose to be Jim instead of James?  If there is a Jim Acosta Fan Club, then now is the time to help your idol!

Acosta needs to huddle with his mom, and figure how to handle that mean Sarah Sanders.  Smart ass attempts at Twitter comments from Jim will not fix his problem.  I am volunteering my impression of Acosta on prior “questions” he had asked Sanders.  Before I understood his question, I had to wait for Acosta to give a 50 word preamble on the problem from his perspective, before the question got asked.  Before Sanders completes with her answer, Acosta is compelled to interrupt by immediately challenging her reply.  The other reporters are waiting for an opportunity to have a chance to ask their questions while Acosta tramples over his time allotted.

Furby 1999 IMG_0246

My wife discovered her Furby she tucked away in 2000 after our sons were bugging her to get one.  They both have Beany Babies, Star Wars figures and toys, and sports cards all stored in a storage locker and some of my Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls memorabilia.  Acosta needs to travel with his own Furby.

Could it be worse for CNN, if Acosta had his Furby talk for him?  Does Sarah Sanders have her own Furby to help her with her children?

Sanders mqzSEXxdmvI


Parkland needed a dog!

February 24, 2018

Read the article posted by The Sun Sentinel on February 23, 2018 in regard to the Sheriff deputies waiting outside of the school.  My family loves dogs, and we have raised our sons with dogs around them.  I offer this observation.  A dog inside the school would have offered more resistance and protection from the killer, then the deputies waiting outside until the shooting stopped.  A dog will not wait to observe and ponder what is the best course of action if there is an intruder or attacker threatening anyone.  A dog will bark like hell, and attack.  It is instinctive and they are a gift from God to help protect us.

There are certain breeds of dogs that offer unique skills and attributes.  I do not know the breeding or skills of the deputies who waited outside during the carnage inside.  I do know that a dog will die trying to protect you.

People who mistreat and are cruel to dogs reveal a character flaw that bans them from my family.  If anyone mistreats any of our dogs, then my oak tree limb cane will be put to work teaching manners.  Anyone can inform the FBI of my intentions.

I still recall and mourn the absence of my beloved Treeing Walker Coonhound Millie.  She was 38 pounds of dynamite.  You could hear her bark for a country mile.  Neighbors from a half mile down the road asked me if I heard that crazy dog that barks.  Yes, that dog was mine folks.  They have distinct voices in their communication of spotting game to hunt, threats to safety like a skunk, and strangers around our property.    Not many people can raise and handle a coonhound because they are strong willed, independent, and always have to lead any pack.  Those are the characteristics I admire in President Trump.  Never have seen what dogs are in his family pictures.

Millie coonhound 2011

Millie the hobo “Treeing Walker Coonhound”

I do trust dogs because of their instincts and immediate responses to their higher senses of both hearing and smelling.  Yes, every person has an innate unique signature scent that Millie remembered.  She could smell trouble coming before it was even in sight.

I would not automatically entrust my life to any stranger, even in uniform.

Media frenzy “Who is Red Gerard?”

February 11, 2018

The power of dreams in youth can move mountains.  Or can conquer mountains covered in snow.  A young man qualified to join the USA Olympic Snowboard Team named “Red” Gerard.  The dreams of youth do not ask permission to come true.  This boy was nurtured in a typical family home that moved from Ohio to Colorado.  The mountains and hills in Colorado shaped his future.  His family endorsed his love of nature as a good path for his growth.

Red reporting for duty to take on mountains in Colorado!

Nobody convinced the Gerard family that Red has no chance to make the 2018 Olympics.  He obviously loves snowboarding.  Our sons followed their loves.  Our oldest trekked to the mountains of Montana after returning from combat in Iraq.  Our youngest continues to play hockey and coach kids in hockey.  Competing in the Olympics is an amazing level of skill.  Winning Gold in the Olympics is a joy to celebrate for the Gerard family.  Red had the drive and the commitment to persevere in his personal quest.

Instagram posting by Gerard clan with “WOAH” Red!

Congratulations!  Thank you Red Gerard!  Follow your dream!


Nobody can catch this car!

February 7, 2018

Nobody can top this!  Elon Musk unleashed the biggest rocket of the USA from his Space Exploration Technology Corporation today!

His rocket is 230 feet long.  It is powered by 27 rocket engines.  The payload was unique!  His car company sent a Tesla Roadster to fly 140 millions miles to Mars.  Why not?

Elon Musk sent his sports car for a 140 million mile ride, without having to add any miles to his car.  Someday a Martian will be driving his car on Mars.  Nice that he sent a red car to the red planet.  He has set a tough act to follow for any billionaire!

I am a Crumb Bum!

February 3, 2018

Hollywood legends, sports heroes, and folks looking for a nice night out went to Saloon Keeper Toots Shor!  His personality always had him table hopping to visit everyone visiting his saloon.  Reporters and gossip column writers spent time and money hanging out for a story.  He also threw out people he found were irritating his friends.  This was not a fancy five star place.  Steaks and cocktails were served a lot.  That’s my style anyway.  Okay, raw oysters, clam chowder, and lobster are for a more expensive night out.

His sense of humor could be a little tough.  His buddies were labeled Crumb Bum.  Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, and Marilyn Monroe sat down with the boys.  John Wayne closed the joint a few times, as did Frank Sinatra & pals.  Sometimes you never want the fun to end.  Sometimes you are happiest with your buddies.  Our Millennial sons and daughters of USA are returning a smile to my face seeing them having fun out on the town.

Jackie at Toots Shor

Finally I see the return of style and pride in appearance.  Sport coats and suits are coming back for young gentlemen.  Dresses are revealing young ladies sense of style instead of a peek a boo game.  People enjoy a good joke.  Nobody finds it funny to pester and preach all of the damn time.  I found it funny and sad that Toots Shor left Jackie Gleason passed out drunk and had people just walk over his carcass in his saloon.  Gleason ran up a tab worth thousands (a lot of money back in his day) that Toots held for a while.  Of course, Gleason had to always be the center of attention to appease his ego when he wasn’t passed out.

Joe DiMaggio avoided Toots after getting advice to brush off his love, Marilyn Monroe because she was a hooker.  I never give advice on love, and I don’t own a saloon.

We have rich politicians in our nation’s capitol.  Congress woman Nancy Pelosi sneered when dismissing importance of $1,000 bonus checks companies gave thousands of employees in 2018.  “Just crumbs!”  Did Nancy ever go to Toots Shor Saloon?  I would have been glad to be a official Crumb Bum!  Sometimes the most effective response to whiners and complainers is to give them the Bronx Cheer!

I hope more “crumbs” get into every home in 2018.  God bless us, everyone!

We know a SECRET

January 24, 2018

Folks from Wisconsin are plain spoken.  There are no secret messages when we talk.  I take pride in our Senator Ron Johnson.  Senator Johnson took the lid off a deep dark secret hidden in the sewers of Washington DC.  There is no room in  USA to protect swamp rats burrowing into dark shadows to hide illegal actions for their  Secret Society.

My parents and their fellow immigrants hated the initials SS as henchmen for Hitler reign of a thousand years.  This newly discovered Secret Society cannot hide from our laws.  Their secret plots are designed to let evil kill the good in our republic.  Senator Johnson has reacted as a citizen who loves our country and expects our laws of justice being blind to favor or prejudice.

For some odd reason only FOX reported and broadcast Senator Johnson revealing covert subversive assaults on our government.  I look forward to Senator Johnson proceeding to flush out the swamp rats in our FBI by his senate committee.  Why does a philandering husband chasing a woman in our FBI have 50,000 text messages he sent his paramour?  There has to be little work was ever done properly with a torrent of text messages during their illicit affair.

Commercial news media ignore and conceal the ongoing investigation underway by Senator Johnson to unmask and reveal the collusion within FBI secret society.  All of these subversive activities did not spontaneously appear in 2017.  President Obama administration oversight of Department of Justice are the questions that need to be answered.

We defend our freedoms under law from secret society.


Bronx cheer to Schumer Shutdown

January 20, 2018

Today is the 1st year anniversary for our 45th president; Donald J. Trump.  It seems appropriate that a fellow New Yorker give a Bronx Cheer to remind our president that people from New York can be rude, obnoxious and whine for pity.  New Yorkers are our little kids tugging at our pant leg to buy them a toy, or take them to McDonald’s.

The birth of the Bronx Cheer comes from the northern most boroughs of New York city.  There is a joy in giving the razz to your opposition in your ball field.  This has now carried into the hallowed halls of the museum known as our Senate.  Amid the marble statues and fine art portraits of our elected representatives is the sounds of belching, breaking wind and lips with tongue exposed giving the Bronx Cheer instead of debate.  Senator Charles Schumer is now the proud recipient of officially giving President Trump the 2018 Bronx Cheer!

Nobody likes a whining loser.  We admire a fighter willing to set high goals in spite of huge opposition.  Nobody that is a whining loser can fool people by posing as a fighter.   Desperate to win on anything, Senator Schumer throws road blocks to our budget process. This act of defiance on blocking the national budget is to show he is fighting for who exactly?

This dimwit uses a tiny flame to symbolize the torch held by Lady Liberty!

Reporters are still recovering from the bad news that the medical examination results of President Trump confirmed he will live for a long time.  This came as a shock to the ban fast food and soda pop mafia.  Most of them are overweight and nag too much.  Now they must regroup to explain how this president refuses to submit to blackmail on allowing illegal aliens exemption from immigration laws.

I love New York and I admire the hustle and bustle in the financial hub of our world.  I respect those characters doing the Bronx Cheer!  Shutdown Schumer needs to do the cheer instead of whining.

Best Place to see END OF THE WORLD

January 16, 2018

Saturday January 13, 2018 was another beautiful day in Hawaii.  At Hawaii Emergency Management Agency a scheduled test was triggered at 8:05 AM for Civil Defense missile alert.  However, the transmitted message informed recipients that “this is not a drill”!

It has been estimated that when the alert is issued, everybody has about 10 minutes before total annihilation.  The landmark property of Kualoa Ranch is a jewel of Hawaii and is connected to the state history.  It is a working ranch owned by a family traced back to bloodlines famous in Hawaii heritage.  Their ranch includes stunning vistas and offers hiking, horse riding, zip-lines down mountain sides, ATV riding tours, and stunning wedding ceremonies beside the ocean.  Their visitors getting notified of a missile attack did not pile into the bar throwing money around.  They wanted to save their families.

Spontaneously, the staff pulled up their tour buses, military trucks and jeeps to haul everyone to a massive bunker built by our US Army in 1943 that tunneled into a mountain on the ranch grounds.  A military base remains close by and adjacent to this ranch with military  forces who often visit.  I am sure many congressmen and senators complained on “wasting money” by building this bunker back in their day.  The shaken tourists and visitors were grateful and relieved for this refuge being there at their moment of peril.

I want to acknowledge and thank Alyssa Arevalo of khon2 news.  Her published account of that day at the ranch sparked my blog.  However, their website did not post the station’s immediate inquiry to HEMA about the dooms day missile alert from 8:05 AM?  Did anybody in commercial news bother to track down and verify if this alert was for real as it was happening?

Godzilla thA52909H3

Staff at Kualoa Ranch do have a sense of humor!  The Godzilla rampages in Japan science fiction movies are honored on their property to amuse visitors.  The staff also was smart and responsive to immediate concerns of all because of this alarm that was gratefully only a false one.  If the world was going to end, then Hawaii is a glimpse of paradise.


Y2K Doomsday Memory

January 14, 2018

Let us wander down the walkway of doom together!  The world was waiting and worrying about the dawn of our Millennium.  The commercial news media could not reassure us that the uncertain future we faced together could avoid  shutting down every computer around the globe in 2000!

It is by sheer coincidence that my present car is my Millennium Cruiser 2000 Pontiac Bonneville.  In my future was waiting  our chorus of  DOOM in 2008.  We were being brainwashed into doubting the quality of American craftsmanship with General Motors.  My Pontiac is still rolling!  I would not sell this car for anything, well maybe for a new Lincoln?

For New Year’s Eve on December 31, 1999 our little town in Wisconsin held the community high school gymnasium open with very low key small town entertainment to see in 2000.  The police department and volunteer fire department were present with equipment in the event our nation had a Y2K BLACKOUT!  A local photographer had his book published with photographs from our event and other local pictures from 2000 and we bought an autographed copy.

In 2018 I suspect that there is something in the water in New York, California, and Washington DC.  Every sensitive soul is bitching about President Trump being rude and crude.  We are seeing our economy booming and the future has never looked better for our young adults that were children back in 2000.  They rather get paychecks than excuses for failure.

The fantasy hysteria on commercial news media raised doubts on what would happen with Y2K technology shutting down the internet and all computers.  Where was the warning on the melt down of 2008 financial markets?  Media was asleep!

My best advice is; “Never rely on news media for important life or death decisions!”

Obama begs Putin to shake hands UN

President Trump is rude and crude.  He gets respect.  He does not beg to be respected!




Oh, say can you SING?

January 9, 2018

There is a new sanity test sprung on USA by Democrats.  Can you sing our National Anthem from memory in a sports stadium in front of thousands?  I respect that liberals have such a love of our country that they feel compelled to ridicule and belittle anyone unable to sing our song!

Every news conference in Washington DC will now begin with reporters leading us in song by singing our National Anthem.  To include the children, reporters are invited to lead us all in reciting our Pledge of Allegiance.  Anyone who fails to properly perform  these simple tasks will be subject to public ridicule and required to take a psychiatric exam on national television.

There are some people who want our 45th President to sing solo on national television our National Anthem or agree that he is mentally unstable and incapable of singing.  USA needs to know if our journalists, reporters, and television hosts can sing this song as well.

One of my favorite dumb movies remains The Naked Gun that covered most of the major issues we all face.  Leslie Nielsen played a misunderstood police officer in this epic parody movie.  His pretending to be the opera singer hired for performing our National Anthem was loved by all in the baseball stands.

We need our commercial news media to promote and include singing our national anthem before every news program.  Those who object can kneel or play with their cell phones instead.


Hold your nose & close your eyes!

January 7, 2018

We have all survived the big holidays!  You acted surprised and happy on your Christmas gifts.  You celebrated the New Year and woke up in your own bed.  News media gave a half-hearted attempt to scare us about ISIS threats of attacking USA over our holidays.  One thing is for certain, everybody bought more holiday gifts than ever in 2017!

I lost track of the natural disasters that afflicted our world in 2017.  Houston flooded, hurricanes blew down islands, and news media were hoping to find somebody to blame for incompetence in Trump administration.  The new tax law was signed to start in 2018!  The price of oil increased and the stock market set records as well.

The greatest threat to our peace and tranquility in this new year, is from Commercial News Media!  It is amazing to see the amount of air time and the legions of cynical experts on everything pretending to reveal huge scandals in our White House.

Nobody can distract Miller by wiles of lying gossipers.

In 2018, the failed RESIST uprising has disappeared with ISIS.  The only real threat we face are from The Stinkers still roaming Washington DC for news media.  Our only defense is to hold our nose and close our eyes.  Maybe they will go away after another year of blockbuster impeachment fantasy stories.  Why do Obama administration thieves remain off the radar screen of news media investigating?



Ignore Mother Nature at your peril!

January 5, 2018

All the while fortunes were growing by 25% in DJIA in 2017, Mother Nature kicked a lot of people in their ass!  Hurricanes rivaled the lethal storms from the 1950’s.  Record forest fires in California destroyed communities.  Financial collapse fears can be allayed by observing and analyzing economic reports to avoid Beany Baby Bubbles.  Forest fires can be prevented, if anyone bothers to pay attention!

Consider that safety conscious ski territory resorts do proactive avalanche prevention.  This is based on observing, monitoring, measuring, and blowing off huge overhangs of snow by explosives to save lives.  Ski patrols do carry avalanche rescue tools, communications, and alert signals.

Consider that California has No Plan to prevent forest fires, except posters and parades with candy.  Public controlled land by state allows fuel for fires to accumulate by benign neglect of nature.  We had a neighbor with fallen trees and dead trees ready to collapse in a lot next to our property.  I am grateful the new neighbor owner hired Menominee Nation lumberjacks that I use on my property to attack the neglected woods to restore safety by hauling out dead timber and trimming major limbs threatening healthy trees.  California has zero forest management to save forests by thinning out dead trees and removing dead wood on the floor of forest land.  Sustainability is the principle central to Menominee culture and heritage by never raping the land, but by protecting the natural resources by active management.

Nature can be cruel and lethal to those who ignore respecting the dangers present in every season.  The forest fires will leave no ground cover when the spring snow melt flows down hill and washes out more homes.  Stupid tenderfeet think hugging a tree makes a difference in saving the forest.  People who live in the forest land, use the land to sustain the forest and live off the forest by hunting, and harvesting timber.

How many people are stupid enough to demand snow overhangs on verge of avalanche be preserved?  How many tree huggers visit forest land with fallen trees?  There is one law of physics and nature nobody can break!  The law of gravity can be deadly when visiting a forest. 



Happy to be really Blue & Lonesome

January 3, 2018

On December 2, 2016 the Rolling Stones paid tribute to Chicago Blues in a new classic album; Blue & Lonesome.  I am a Chicago boy who discovered the nasty music of Blues as a teen ager.  It was considered “black music” that just did not fit in popular culture.  Only “underground radio” stations on the FM band would play blues on rare occasion.

The British invasion of popular music in the 1960’s included must misfit trouble makers; The Animals & The Rolling Stones.  Their love of our blues music from Chicago forced the world to discover what this music was all about.  Yes, Eric Clapton with his kick ass trio Cream did have awesome tracks of blues.  Watching them in Chicago on their farewell tour perform Crossroads remains one of my highlights to this day.

I am playing tracks off my computer now as I reflect on how the music of Howling Wolf, Muddy Waters, Bo Diddley, James Cotton and Little Walter entered the bloodstream of Millennials.  The Blues is direct in connecting to what everybody wants.  Muddy Waters knew everybody been fighting about the same thing!  Lust, love, loneliness are all in the same dark alley nice people do not talk about.

There are many people who do not like listening to real blues.  That is alright.  Not everybody is chasing their red rooster all over town.  I found it funny that guys in their 20’s came from England to hang out in Chicago listening to ignored black blues musicians.  I am still discovering what I should already know.

If you have never liked blues music, then it may be too much to listen to Blue & Lonesome.  I am happy that over 50 years later, my favorite music is kicking open the door for Millennials to give a listen.  Those 20 year old English musicians sat on Southside Chicago black night clubs back in the 1960’s to learn from the elders of Chicago Blues.  These musicians are elderly but the music has vitality that defies age.

Pessimist of the year 2017?

December 29, 2017

The time is at hand to review 2017.  As president of Curmudgeon Club our annual review is underway for our prestigious award for; Pessimist of the Year.  My approach is very simple on excluding and ignoring anyone who could drop dead and nobody would notice.  This includes everybody in television broadcast news.  It is a sad commentary that their most notable contribution would be to go away.

There is a special bonus point system to award higher ranking for annoying and irritating the most people.  Movie stars and politicians do have an advantage.

  Hillary Clinton is making money by losing!  She wrote a book about What Happened.

Curmudgeons usually do not care to find out what people want.  However, this is such a special year, so I am accepting nominations for this award for 2017.  Send a Tweet to @DukeHobo on your nomination for Pessimist of the year 2017.

2017 has been a great year and I have nothing to complain about, which is impossible for a curmudgeon.  You can find somebody to blame in 2017 to be crowned as our pessimist.  I am willing to accept a sponsor for this award.  Pessimists always hope that next year can be worse than this year!

Happy New Year!  Welcome 2018!

WASHINGTON, DC – OCTOBER 18: Members of Code Pink for Peace protest before the start of a hearing where U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions will testify to the Senate Judiciary Committee in the Hart Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill October 18, 2017 in Washington, DC. Committee members questioned Sessions about conversations he had with President Donald Trump about the firing of former FBI Director James Comey, the Defered Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy, the ongoing investigation about Russian intereference in the 2016 presidential election by Robert Muller and other subjects. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Grab your Obama shovel!

December 26, 2017

2017 has been one rip roaring year in the USA with our 45th president, Donald J Trump!

My main resource for news remains MAD magazine.  The morons who claim to be working at E.C. Publications Inc. have tried to exploit and make a pittance by exploiting our president.  I do observe their efforts to resurrect Alfred E Neuman as a cultural cliché.  Everybody is making boat loads of cash off 45, except the doomed MAD crew sinking on the ill fated Pequod pretending to attack 45.

Feb 2018 MAD

The only bombs this magazine staff concocts are their dimwit attempts at clever satire.  There is a genetic defect in me that keeps me addicted to seek out cartoon strips.  I am mostly saddened and disappointed in what passes for wit today.  Winston Churchill was on the verge of England’s total destruction, and he still found the time to drink to excess with dinner companions while smoking his  cigar and tossing out ripostes!  Oh  yeah, for our college history students, he did save England in World War II courtesy of us colonial boys and girls.  I did enjoy the June issue showing fake news publicity hounds chasing 45.

Allow me to dredge up ancient mythology created by our 44th president.  We were clawing our way out of the cave of 2008 financial collapse.  We were looking for any kind of good news for unemployed, and families busted.  Barrack Hussein Obama delivered glorious words about shovel ready jobs.

Anybody here still waiting for his economic recovery?  The only shovel job we got was steaming manure about the TRILLION DOLLARS spent by Joe Biden for stuff.  Where is the Obama Dam, or Biden Bridge?

In the February 2018 issue of MAD there is a comprehensive colonoscopy for the 20 Dumbest People, Events and Things 2017.  

June 2017 Mad

There is a lot of great material for satire.  If only we can find some half-wits capable of humor.  Is there a conspiracy to ignore Nancy Pelosi?  She warned USA of Armageddon, but nobody bothered to get scared!  Our secretary of defense has a macabre wit, that should scare some people into their senses.  “The first time you blow someone away is not an insignificant event.  That said, there are some assholes in the world that just need to be shot.”  

So remember when you go camping, to dig your hole for relieving yourself.  Your trusty Obama shovel will finally be used.  I propose to start National Shovel Day to honor president 44.  Everybody in Fake News Media wants to dig up dirt on president 45.  Why is Hillary Clinton forgotten?  Give Hillary her own shovel, too!

Predictions for 2018

December 20, 2017

Our greatest miracle is before our eyes for Christmas 2017!  Our sons and daughters are getting jobs.  The days of misery and despair are behind us.  I have survived many setbacks and disappointments in my life.  It is a helpless feeling to be rocked by financial earthquakes, and be fired at age 49.  Many suffered more than me, but I suffered enough for me.  I left the taxes of Illinois in my rearview mirror after selling our beautiful home in Saint Charles.  Our vacation home on a lake in Wisconsin became our only home.  I switched careers and started as a investment advisor.

We all survived the tragic attack on our country on 9/11/2001.  I kept my clients alive and well through the financial collapse of 2008.  Nobody was forced to sell their house, go back to work, or live like a pauper.  In fact, the bonds I had my clients buy and the stocks they sold early in 2008 made a foundation for the booming investment days ahead.  In the first quarter of 2009, I saw the last gasp for the brutal sell off in stocks that seemed to have no bottom.  In March 2009, I and my clients started to sell some of our bonds with gains of 20%.  We started to buy more stock mutual funds, stocks, stocks in unit trusts, and ETF stock investments!

I did not like the policies of our 44th president.  However, my goal was to grow our money and it did grow!  President 45 challenged our country to demand more for our future.  The world is believing that our best days are ahead.  Now we seem to be standing on the top of a mountain?  Or is this just the peak of a foothill, with the mountains ahead of us?

My sons, and their buddies are busy living and working.  Babies, weddings, new homes, better jobs, and the rocket pace of life in your 20’s and 30’s is zipping along.  I am just watching and remembering how it was overwhelming and exciting as I started on my life.

The Millennial Generation is larger in population than my Baby Boomers.  Mothers, fathers, children and our economy will be too busy growing to be told it is not possible.  I started out looking for a career job during the early 1970’s recession.  My sons are getting the wind at their backs to move ahead.  It will be amazing!  Their hard work will make my investments grow beyond my dreams.


He is ready for a good 2018!

I am not greedy, but I will make more money in retirement than I did while working.  Keep cash on hand, and even get some Certificates of Deposit, too.  But 80% invested in bonds and equities will feather my nest.  Do you think the tax cut will help our Millennial workers?  We will see in 2018!


Santa always gets a nightcap in Wisconsin!

Hurry, hurry for synthetic currency?

December 11, 2017

Pan handlers in front of public transportation entries typically have a empty upturned cap or a open Gucci purse to collect cash.  This is from the last millennium, folks.  Everybody knows that sinking feeling when you discover your wallet is not in your pocket, and neither is the money you needed in that missing wallet!


Where did we lose 13 trillion dollars? What did we get?

Did you know our government limits the amount of cash you can carry out of the USA?  (The only notable exception was shipping billions in currency into Iran in unmarked planes in the dead of night.)  Yes, there is an alternative to hauling currency around.  If you have a smart phone, iPhone, iPad, or tablet, then you can move millions of dollars with a few taps on the screen by digital magic.

Day dreaming of stuffing your mattress with hundred dollar bills is a thing of the past.  In Russia the coins were made of silver or gold, depending on the denomination needed to buy something.  Peasants complained about a heavy coin pouch strapped to their waist belt.  Solving that weighty complaint was paper currency.  Coins can last for centuries, and have some intrinsic value from their metal.  Paper currency in the USA did include some that could be exchanged for physical silver a long time ago.  Our treasury has minted a lot of dollar coins over the last few wears to reduce replacing worn paper dollars.

old silver 001

coins are silver lining when black clouds appear.

Uncle Stosh in the hobo jungle has revealed a new digital currency.  ZIP COIN weighs nothing.  The value is not locked into a fixed exchange rate.  We are selling in our initial offering 1 ZIP COIN = $20,000.00

Yes this new digital currency can be worth a lot more, or it could just disappear worthless.  Pretty exciting to see how it goes for you!


Want a drink at White House?

Nancy cancels Christmas?

December 6, 2017

It is too late.  Give up all hope.  Our California psychic and evil witch of the West, Nancy Pelosi shared her vision for our complete destruction in Armageddon!  There are wild fires roaring across her state right now.  Children are crying and parents need real help, now!  But Nancy is too busy trying to scare the whole country by her wacky prediction of doom.

The introduction of Resistmas can only be understood, if you have lost your mind because Hillary Clinton lost the deplorable vote for 2016 election.  Somehow, this is a cute way to tap into our national celebration of Christmas.  Do not bother trying to understand, and do not humor the Resist idiots.

pelosi reid

Senator Reid with Granny Pelosi are ready to provide enemas!

In happier times, when Democrats ran the entire country we remember Harry Reid who became a millionaire while serving as a senator with “Botox Nancy”.  The problems we face today were grown and nurtured with President Obama leading us to doom.

Santa Claus has not held a press conference to cancel his Christmas visits around the world.  Life will go on.  Nancy needs to join a senior center and warn them about her vision of Armageddon.  Yes, the world goes on with our President Donald J Trump.  Nancy needs to spend time with Hillary and share happy memories of getting millions of Yankee dollars from selling Russia our weapons grade uranium.

granny Pelosi

Granny won’t get to hug B.O. anymore?


Show me the money! CFPB

November 29, 2017

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau does exactly what for USA?  Will Rogers did know that we should be grateful that we do not get the government we pay for!


If you are looking for protection from giant financial predators, like Wells Fargo Bank, then stay away from the massive building we bought for Senator Elizabeth Warren.  Her new bureaucracy has our taxpayers billions of dollars for staff and massive impressive headquarters.  We got no say on the money spent, and the staff hired that supposedly protects us from financial thieves.  What did this bureau do on the 150 million consumer private data hacks from Equifax?  What did this bureau do on credit cards and bank accounts opened by Wells Fargo Bank that did not have customer approval on defrauding hundreds of thousands?  Silence is the answer.  After the horse is out of the barn, then the sleeping protection bureau staff will slap on fines that will not help a single tax payer.


The self promotion by Elizabeth Warren fell short in the presidential campaigns from 2016.  She is not charismatic.  She does annoy by lecturing like a bossy grade school teacher.  “Did you eat your vegetables?”  Does anybody know what the staff budget is for CFPB?  They cost the USA too much!

Our 45th President Donald J Trump has appointed a replacement Director Mick Mulvaney.  Got to laugh at the Keystone Cops reaction of Warren loyal buffoons.  Spontaneous protests just happened with professionally printed placards and posters?  Were they printed in union employee printers?  Take pity on these senior citizens who have gone senile in this protest group.  I have no rational answer to how these people are out walking in public.

<> on October 18, 2017 in Washington, DC.

This is clearly elder abuse by Senator Warren!  I feel pity to see such a sad event to let seniors leave their assisted living facility for a lame demonstration.  Go feed pigeons in the park folks!

Santa Claus is coming to town, soon!

November 26, 2017
Santa Claus NYC 2009

Santa Claus is coming to town!

Thanksgiving traditional Macy’s Day Parade sets the stage to get children waiting for Santa Claus.  Christmas has flourished in our traditions and heritage of paying homage to baby Jesus who started life on earth in a stable.  This parade tradition in Manhattan adds to our heritage for;  Peace on Earth, and Good Will toward Man.

All aboard to enjoy riding the rails with Santa Claus!

USA loves celebrating Christmas.  We added Rudolph the red nosed reindeer for fun!

Rockettes marching in Boston 2010 courtesy of Boston Globe story.

In 2008 our oldest son was in combat in Iraq.  We were getting beat up by a financial market panic during a lousy economy.  It was like finding a ray of sunlight in Green Bay with a November show, by touring Rockettes  Christmas in New York extravaganza.  I hauled the family to this show with tickets very close to the runway from the stage.  The music, the dancers, the circus Christmas parade on stage all was uplifting to our spirits.  Yes, I was low on chips, but it felt great to spend money we could not afford by enjoying our Christmas spirit with others.

Our son safely returned with his Red Arrow 32nd and I saw the economy fighting back with us climbing out of the cellar in 2009.  The Christmas show remains a special memory for me and my family, while we stayed in touch with our son in combat to defend our freedom.  He got to enjoy a USO traveling show that came to Iraq.

There is one thing that always remains true.  Every Christmas has a real surprise!  Just enjoy it!

Just to make it official, Donald J. Trump proclaimed while campaigning for president that we all can feel safe once again wishing everybody; Merry Christmas!



Grateful for our Blessings

November 21, 2017

I have been celebrating the election of our 45th president, since November 8, 2016!  I felt compelled to start decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving.

IMG_0083 lights 2017

This tree started to grow here since we bought the property back in 1995.  These LED lights were hung by me last week, after buying them at Costco.  I was shocked that my wife did not criticize how my decorating looks.  I wanted to be sure Santa will see our house while flying over Wisconsin.

We take pride that a Wisconsin tree was selected to be inside the White House for the first Christmas of Melania Trump as First Lady.


It did cross my mind in 2016, that we might have to leave the USA if Hillary got elected.  I am grateful that many voters decided to allow us to remain in Wisconsin!

Groping Title Goes to?

November 16, 2017

Nobody feels at ease with sleazy predators.  One of the classic techniques is to grope a girl or woman in a public place to avoid a slap or scream.  Or grope a woman dead asleep from a grueling USO tour entertaining our troops around the world.

Many choose to give the Groping Title to Alabama Republican candidate Roy Moore running for senate.  But wait just a darn minute!  Arkansas gave us Slick Willy Clinton.  Minnesota has Senator Al Franken!  Delaware gave us Senator Joe Biden.  Who can cut the voting at this point?  USA has a right to choose!

Al Franken enjoyed a feel on exhausted Leeann Tweeden during USO tour.

Senator Franken loves to heap scorn and smart ass comments on anyone that offends his superior moral compass.  Why did Al want to stage a groping grab of Leeann Tweeden?  Why did he need to capture this posed grope for posterity?  Al did not effusively apologize and seek forgiveness from Leeann or her military husband!  He must have already gave himself a pass on this sick stunt.

Can former Senator Joe Biden share the stage with this newcomer to the groping competition?  Joe has definitely groped more children and adults in public in still pictures and video over many years.

I cringe at the thought that USA had Joe Biden representing our country.  I do not want Franken or Moore to be in public office.

UCLA basketball thieves

November 15, 2017

USA college basketball was on display in China.  Our ambassadors of NCAA sports had 3 thieves get more attention than they merit.  UCLA ucla-logo-bearvs Georgia Tech GThad traveled around the world with their young players to showcase our best student athletes.  It was embarrassing to get our president to bail out these petty crime crooks captured in the act of theft in China.

These players are possibly multi-millionaires in waiting for NBA riches.  However, they just had to lift Luis Vuitton merchandise to score free stuff.  Will stealing stuff make any difference to their professional future?  Sad to acknowledge that nobody cares about the players who did not embarrass our country and who represented USA with integrity and good manners.

Xi and Trump in China 2017

With all of the serious issues and problems in the world, these 3 knuckle heads did not merit the time and attention that distracted President Xi and President Trump!


Screw Cap Wine Bottles

November 11, 2017

My generation lived in the golden age of free love  and “Don’t trust anyone over 30!”  We were so damn smart, we knew “the whole world is watching!”

As a college student, I never did turn on with the drug culture.  I did discover the magic and power of Bacchus!


With little spending cash from my part time job in a book warehouse, my homage to Bacchus found the wines of the 1970’s.  My music performing arts buddies joked that our  wine is cured in transit on a railroad tank car.  Ripple wine was the Gallo priced for drunks laying about in alleys with a paper sack, or college students.  There were gallon jugs of Paisano red wine for Italian pizza parties.  The variety of Boone’s Farm wine flavors were bought for social mixers with the charming young ladies visiting our bachelor pad apartment over the weekend.


Forget about struggling with opening a corked bottle of wine.  Even if you are sloppy drunk, you can twist off a screw cap without spilling wine or breaking the bottle.  Young ladies do respect a connoisseur of the finer things in life, even if you can only buy screw cap Ripple.

It is hysterical to see the elaborate rituals and tools for uncorking wine.  A brisk turn of the wrist is all you need!


The decade of 1970 had a lot of poor young guys and gals trying to enjoy life in the worst economy with few jobs to pay for a real wine cellar.  I and my classmates survived and found fun aided by the screwcap wines.  Like most of our artifacts, and terrible fashions; all are long gone to scrap heaps.  Do not ask me to remember specifics about our parties.  We had fun, but little to remember except witness accounts by the sober among us.


The sun rises in the East!

November 8, 2017

Our 45th President Donald J Trump put his priority on visiting Saudi Arabia as his first international journey for diplomacy.  The security of our USA is linked to exterminating Islamic terrorism.  The timing of this visit did reassure the anguished recent victims of Islamic terror around the globe that the USA has focused on peace and security.  President Trump made a emphatic speech that Saudi Arabia is essential to driving out Islamic terrorists.

Saudi Arabia officially unveiled their Anti-Terrorist Center to President Trump on his visit.  This center has technological sizzle with cyber security advances.


Our president was spending valuable time with the current king’s designated future leader of Saudi Arabia, Prince Mohammed Bin Salman.  The population of  Saudi Arabia is now a millennial age generation.  Their wealth from oil created a odd welfare state that did not demand everyone work.  No healthy country can remain vital with free loaders in the majority.  Terrorists and revolution thrive with idle young adults.

The wealth from oil increased after World War II, with President Eisenhower sending USA companies in helping Saudi Arabia with ARAMCO including our major companies.  The natural resource wealth of the nation did enrich the royalty of the nation.  Prince Mohammed surprised those who enjoyed the wealth of state for a long time.


Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal has cut a wide swath in international finance with handling sovereign wealth investments.  He indulged himself by living a lavish lifestyle, such as the jet with his royal chair.  His investments are supposed to be for the country and not himself.  By his arrest, the investments need to be reviewed based on intrinsic value instead of his ego.  Saudi Arabia cannot afford to ruin their future by depending on mediocre investments from the past.

Do not be afraid to “Go East young man!  Go East!”  If you have the skills and business to help grow Saudi Arabia, then your wealth can grow there.  I know energy executives from the old Mobil that did well by their assignment there in the last millennium.  The future looks bright.





11 Minutes of Panic?

November 3, 2017

Thursday November 2, 2017 had millions in panic for 11 minutes!  Twitter shut off a user account on that evening.  11 minutes we all lost contact with @realDonaldTrump on Twitter!

Rachel Siegel of the Chicago Tribune newspaper confirmed that an employee on their last day as an employee savagely shut off Donald Trump account!  This seems hard to believe.  Especially, since there is an alternative theory volunteered by The One and this prophecy appeared in the sacred source; HUFFPOST on 11/20/2016.  While serving as president and soothe sayer, Barrack Hussein Obama laughed that Donald J Trump lost control of his Twitter account to campaign staffers shutting him off.  Unfortunately, the Obama crystal ball did not reveal the literal collapse of Hillary Clinton in her failed campaign to be come president.

Tweety Bird always entertained by denying Sylvester the cat a canary for a meal.  “I tawt I taw a puddy tat!  I did! I did!  I did taw a puddy tat!”


Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook seem as cute and innocent as this cartoon canary.  But are they?  ISIS?  Russia?  Why are evil plots using social media to target citizens of USA?  I refuse to kill the canary!  I do not really care about social media as much as the cartoon character.

Why is the Twitter employee denied his 11 minutes of fame?  Nobody has interviewed or invited this Twitter account killer to give his story!  It is hysterical that so many people get mad about their Twitter account that is free.  You get what you pay for.  That’s all folks!

Halloween Hash 2017

October 31, 2017

Halloween in the USA in 2017 is kept alive by the children and the child inside adults.  Yesterday, the Menominee children were laughing and marching around the town of Keshena in costumes to collect candy.  I remembered days gone by of my trick or treat adventures with school buddies by Midway airport in Chicago.

Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Glenn Strange, Lon Chaney, Jr., and Bela Lugosi in ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN, 1948.

My costume was usually a hobo or pirate.  Now my costume is dressing like a grumpy old man.  Decided to take a picture of my breakfast frying pan with organic egg over easy with corned beef hash using olive oil.

Halloween is definitely scarier today.  In Washington D.C. we have to avoid swamp rats sneaking into every dark corner of 5 star gourmet restaurants.  Innocent member of congress and senate are trapped in drinking fine wine and massive steaks with lobbyists.

Hollywood is reeking of scandals triggered by raging hormones.  Actress assaults by producers are common, and teenage male actors are not safe either from lecherous homosexual actors.  Tinsel town is more like a bordello.  Halloween seems normal compared to the movie industry.

My favorite Halloween movie is still Abbot & Costello Meet Frankenstein.  The children of today are way ahead on using technology.  I knew how to dial a phone.  Phones today are in your pocket and offer a magic carpet through the internet.

Kids still get wound up and ready to head out trick or treating today.  Look out world!  There will be a lot of bellyaches Wednesday from candy overload.



Senate plays Trick or Treat

October 25, 2017

News media are outraged and moaning over Senators they never cover until these ignored senators attack President Trump!  What have these senators ever done in office?  Anybody in the USA know of Senator Flake?  Anybody in the USA know of Senator Corker?  Both of these characters wanted to become celebrities by whining that our president was not being nice to them.

Why is our president being attacked by almost all of the commercial news media glamour boys and girls?  At this point nobody can attack his improving our economy!  So these “reporters” whine over lazy senators mad at our tough talking president?  Nobody cares about these lazy bums!


President Donald Trump and other male White House officials bounced along to a ceremonial sword dance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia outside the Murabba Palace. President Trump has the sword of leadership!

I had the misfortune to be represented by Senator Dick Durbin while we lived in Saint Charles, Illinois.  We had a trick or treat surprise by our senator on his campaign to get the international Super Collider  project right in our neighborhood!  There would be blasting and heavy equipment tunneling under our home for years to dig out a huge circle for accelerating stuff for physics discoveries.  We attended a public meeting after the secret plan was hatched by dunce Durbin.  Nobody was happy but he pretended we all loved his idea and rushed out.  Our only help came from Switzerland winning the bid to build the super collider under the Alps.  The Swiss saved our happy home.  We did leave Illinois to move to Wisconsin to reduce taxes, improve our quality of life, and avoid Durbin.

Durbin is so dumb, he got shoved off by President Obama in favor of Senator Schumer to lead Democrats.  Senator Flake is so dumb, he thinks standing up with Durbin to attack our president is a Profile in Courage ?  What have any of these free loaders ever done while in service in our senate?

We can count on Senators Corker and Flake appearing on the usual late night enemies of our president.  Fallon, Colbert, and what’s his name that cries a lot will gush over these boo birds. Trick or Treat?


Hillary powerful pickle princess prowess!

What is your password?

October 7, 2017

Anecdote on updating my software for my iPhone 6 confirms I am over the hill.  I keep getting messages from my phone that there is an upgrade to download.  Alright already, damn it!  I downloaded it Friday night after seeing the Cubs win.  I am not a fan of the team, but my sons are fans of my era “lovable losers” & “Wait ’til next year!”

I hate computers.  I tolerate my cell phone, but do not love it.  My 16 Gigabyte storage capacity was jammed full like the old front hall closet of Fibber McGee & Molly.  I had to delete more songs I like so the new software could be added.  Then it happened! Right after I deleted the complete anthology of Miley Cyrus and Cher!

My new software asked me to type in my password!  My passwords in my  notes were safe inside my phone locked by the millionaire software guru folks who design updates to torment us.  I do not know any Russian hackers to ask for help.  I created a new password that I also wrote on an index card by pen in ink and stored it in my safe.  My software blocked me until I would enter my iCloud password, which is the old password I did not remember!  I was cursing and thanking my wife for her advice she gave me afterwards; “That is the reason I did not update my software on iPhone!”  She is smarter than me, damn it!

My Saturday morning schedule was to visit the cell phone store in town to beg and plead to free my phone.  A mother to be sat behind the counter and looked at me with suspicion as I walked up to her.  I omitted my cursing from the night before and restrained my voice to sound reasonable.  She looked at me like “Another old idiot!”  She swiftly opened my phone after I shared my 4 digit pass code and my new password.  How many obstacles do software guys create to users?

They had the new iPhone 8.  Of course I picked it up.  My 16 GB was full up.  The new 64 GB will be enough for music and pictures until the next software upgrade.  IMG_0397 My last selfie with the old 6!