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hobo jungle drums warning USA

be careful of bad ju ju! the hobo czar may have to find a job, since Obama will eliminate the office of hobo relations. we're on our own! that's nothing new?!

Does that flag still wave at Mar Largo?

August 20, 2016

In 1985 Palm Beach was anxious to see who would buy the crown jewel property Mar Largo?  Our U.S. government wanted to unload the donated white elephant of E.F. Hutton heiress Post.  The government auction of the property went to Donald J. Trump offer of $10,000,000!

The snobs in Palm Beach snickered and gasped that the loudmouth developer from Manhattan was crashing their snooty blue blood scene.  Gossip and rumors swept the town.  For us common folk, there are more regulations and restrictions in Palm Beach designed to keep the riff raff out!  I know I fit that category!

Trump knows how to pick a fight!  He promptly erected a 80 foot flag pole on his newly acquired property that he deposited $2,812 to take ownership!  This violated the local ordinance on the height and size of US flags allowed in Palm Beach. He laughed and kept the flag flying at a fine of $250 per day.  He counter sued Palm Beach $25,000,000 on their ordinance restricting his right to freely express his love of USA.

His objective was devious to create a diversion issue, while he quietly went about his plan to commercially develop his new property!  He reached a magnanimous agreement that gave Veterans of USA $100,000 donation instead of giving fine money to Palm Beach.  Palm Beach agreed to allow a 50 foot high flag pole instead of his 80 foot pole.  He had his landscapers remove the flag pole when his new location for the flag was built.  It was a mound of earth 30 feet high for his 50 foot flag pole.  The flag was 80 feet above ground anyway!  Oh yeah, Trump did develop the property as a resort just like he wanted!

The folks in Washington DC need to be afraid.  His legend grows since 1985 conquest of Palm Beach!  He is opening his brand new hotel in Washington DC in September ahead of schedule and under budget.  I applaud Donald J Trump for his audacity, tenacity and ingenuity in resolution conflict!

Trump helping a veteran get hired in Washington DC

Trump helping a veteran get hired in Washington DC


Massacre in Florida raises many questions

June 12, 2016
Crying shame that Islamic terror free to kill in USA now.

Crying shame that Islamic terror free to kill in USA now.

The carnage and brutal slaughter in PULSE nightclub of Orlando Florida is an attack on the USA population.  Response from our White House on Sunday is to lower flags to half mast in respect of 50 fallen citizens.  President encouraged prayers for the familes of the dead victims from an Islamic terrorist.  God was even called upon in our time of need, and this is just a political convenience to deflect attention from a lax attitude on monitoring threatening Muslim activities.  I go to church and pray with my community for all of us.  I do not look to our President to pretend he is my pastor.  If he wanted to call us into prayer, then he ignored to offer up any specific prayer or even a Bible passage.

Nobody knows what golf course president Obama was playing today after his heartfelt call to prayer.

The dead killer Omar was reported by coworkers to FBI on 2 different years regarding his admiration of a bomber terrorist and ISIS.  FBI confirmed Omar was interviewed but he was fine and no problems.  The 50 dead citizens disprove the clean pass from FBI that allowed Omar to avoid terror suspect list.  His gun application process raised no danger flags thanks to FBI.

Decorating the White House in LGBT rainbow colors is a nice gesture.  Protecting all of us is a duty.  Our executive branch gave the green light to terrorists after ignoring the 9/11/2012 Benghazi slaughter of our Ambassador and staff.  ISIS had more damage done by Russian attacks in a few weeks compared to years of our talking threats.  Somebody said it would take 30 years to stop ISIS?  Was it our fearless leader?

California Muslim killer couple and Florida Muslim killer have a lot of reviews of procedures as main response of federal executive branch of government.  We can look forward to more slaughters and future reviews from what I heard today by president Obama.

Rainbow flags for LGBT do not replace those killed.

Rainbow flags for LGBT do not replace those killed.


We do see the obvious!

June 8, 2016
Obama begs Putin to shake his hand at UN

These are lonely days in the White House.  Nobody, but nobody is calling our fearless leader for advice or inviting him to visit their country.

Nobody understands why our president is making a federal case out of children toilet rights.  Young children need our president sticking his head in every toilet around the USA to ask if boys want to be boys?

Obama sent our military to fight diarrhea as a national emergency!  Anybody remember the fiasco of limiting entrance of Ebola virus?  Now he is trying to get us all excited over a mosquito!  What me worry?  MAD magazine makes more sense than our immigration federal policies today.  Every disease from the dark ages now walks across our border in plain view with no questions asked.

Even Putin ignores our president. Obama has to wait to even get a handshake from Putin. Putin  does not even bother talking to Obama anymore.  He does buzz over war ships with his jets, and he sends war planes into our air space just for laughs.

We see the obvious that nobody respects or listens anymore to our president as a leader of the USA.  Why can our president get paid to campaign for Democrat elections with tax dollars from all of us?  Why do we pay Obama to travel to campaign for Democrat candidates?

We do try to keep our sense of humor with the miserable economy and unemployment problems.  We do not need to put up with a lazy president who talks but does  not work.

"What me worry?"

“What me worry?”

Everybody making money off Trump

June 4, 2016
Dixie Chicks poster

Just like the great schnozz used to say; “Everybody is trying to get into the act!”  Jimmy Durante had a great sense of humor and loved by the USA.  Donald Trump has everybody trying to tell him what he is doing wrong, and why everybody hates him.  Everybody is telling him how to act!  It seems funny that so many critics are getting more money by attacking a man they do not know.

Dixie Chicks started a new tour in Cincinnati with some stage decorations depicting Donald J. Trump with devil horns and a Van Dyke beard.  They were singing their ballad about killing a mean husband “Goodbye Earl” and had a stage prop using Trump’s scribbled photo.   This prop may be an attention getter, but why should the evil hated Trump be a prop for entertainers to get publicity?  Why do money grubbing entertainers have the right to use Trump to promote their ticket sales?

The Dizzy Chicks attacked President George W. Bush when overseas on tour and of course apologized because folks would not buy their tickets in USA.  Now the same old routine is dusted off to get publicity by making fun of Trump.  Who cares?

President Truman seated with Durante "Somebody always wants to get into the act!"

President Truman seated with Durante “Somebody always wants to get into the act!”


Merry month of May for USA

June 3, 2016
Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Glenn Strange, Lon Chaney, Jr., and Bela Lugosi in ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN, 1948.

USA had a lot to fear in May, 2016.  Airline passengers did not get off the ground thanks to TSA cutting back on airport screeners in a busy season.  TSA did not reduce their number of employees, but chose to reduce employees to help screen passengers held up for extra hours.

President Obama is traveling across the USA to brag on his saving our economy.  It seems hard to believe the unemployment report issued by his Bureau of Labor.  38,000 jobs are all everyone in the USA could find in May!  Parents with graduating high school students, and parents with college graduates still living at home are giving up hope at this point.  Thank you President Obama for reducing unemployment by 450,000 citizens giving up looking for work after May.  The percentage of citizens working is an all time low of 62%!

We know that Obama is incredibly dense when he continues to say he is doing a better job of returning the USA than President Ronald Reagan.  38,000 citizens are celebrating their new jobs.  Millions are waiting for an opportunity to work for a living.

We need more taxes, more illegal aliens, more refugees, and more regulations to raise wages.  We look forward to June adding 60,000 jobs?  Please have our president give more speeches on his success in ruining our economy!  We are just too stupid to see that fewer jobs is more good news.  Maybe we are tired of fairy tales and continued lies instead of results.

Love the 3 stooges golf outfits!  Available in Obama pro shop, made in China.

Love the 3 stooges golf outfits! Available in Obama pro shop, made in China.


Sanders new campaign motto?

June 1, 2016

Supporters of Bernie Sanders as a Democrat presidential candidate, will be shouting a new slogan for this self avowed Socialist campaigning as a Democrat. VENEZUELA or Bust!

Sanders supporters know Bernie wants everyone to be ready to start a political revolution!  The Socialist country Venezuela has the citizens ready for a real revolution to overthrow their failed government.  Sanders is confident that we still have too many rich people in the USA that he can tax more for his campaign promises.  Venezuela has taxed and then confiscated companies into oblivion to ruin their economy and kill the majority of jobs in the socialist country.

The commercial news media seem oblivious to the ruin of Venezuela due to give away promises offered by the Socialist run government headed by Nicolas Maduro.  Some economists have blamed their wealth of oil reserves as the reason for their economic failure?  It has been labeled Dutch Disease. I think the remedy is for the citizens to give Maduro a shot or two. His predecessor Hugo Chavez worked closely with our fearless leader before his secret demise due to a chronic health problem not treated by his own doctors in Venezuela.

Venezuela is the ideal country for Climate Change study with no carbon emissions from factories because they have no electricity plants running.  The population do not have food and do not have toilet paper.  It is an ideal remedy to our cutting back on industry and consumption.  Many people scrounge food from dumpsters and are going hungry.  For some odd reason, the population is ready to revolt.  The Venezuela revolution is not for Sanders style socialism.

Bernie should visit Maduro to show his solidarity in Socialism!

US State Department has issued a travel warning to our citizens that there are no sections of Caracas free from threat of heavily armed criminals looking for jewelry or our dollars, since their currency is worthless.  Bernie is brave enough to laugh at threats from fellow socialists in Venezuela!

Chavez and Obama discuss they are indispensable!

Chavez and Obama discuss they are indispensable!

Beware of drive by senior attacks!

May 22, 2016
Featured Image -- 6204

You are never too old to ruin the USA! Thank you Bernie for doing your worst?

Hoboduke Nonsense

You reap what you sow! I enjoyed the threat video advertising that warned USA consequences of electing wrong president. If Romney was elected president, instead of Obama for 2012, than senior citizens in video threatened to whoop ass and unleash violence to “burn that motherf#$%er down!” This was a confusing threat. If we laughed, than we risked the havoc of seniors on a rampage. If we took the old bitch seriously, than our holiday cookies might not get baked!

Now, our senior citizens have a new weapon of mass destruction. Gun toting seniors with drive by shoot ’em up wheels are everywhere!

Update for 2016 with Bernie Sanders waking up from his 25 year long nap in the senate.  He discovered that the USA has a lot of problems he can fix as president.  He did zip with his ass firmly stuck in his chair in Senate.  But he knows…

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New spin to select toilets in public places

May 17, 2016

We have ignored the dozens of citizens across the USA who think their sex orientation does not match their body.  President Obama has solved all of the major world problems already.  Now he is ready to take action on changing toilet usage for the whole nation for dozens of concerned citizens.

Primary school, Middle school, and High school students will not be forced to use a boys or girls bathroom based on sex.  Everybody will spin the wheel and march to bathrooms that are not gender specific but only with a number.  Spin the wheel and march to that number toilet to relieve your bladder and bowels.  Nobody can demand sex privilege now on toilets.

Declaring that today I am a girl is too arbitrary.  Don’t ask and don’t tell.  We don’t want to know!  Spin the wheel and that is the end of it.  Nobody can beg or plead that I want to pretend I am a boy or a girl today.  Unisex clothing is the next logical step to keep everyone satisfied that their dignity remains intact.  Why do boys need zippers on trousers?  That is not fair!  Everybody can wear kilts for example.

It does seem puzzling that every solution Obama offers, makes life more complicated and solves nothing.  His talent and gift is to unveil problems nobody cares about.  His contribution is to confuse and irritate everybody on forcing his dumb solutions everywhere using our confiscated tax money.

Schools will have boys watering trees and bushes outside instead of spinning wheels.  Girls will be mad boys have again an advantage of speed and convenience in relieving their bladder.  Obama has started an important dialogue that pisses off every family in the USA.


Obama compliant toilet for everybody is green compliant.

Beware of Georgie the Greek on ABC

May 13, 2016

Candidate Donald J. Trump has the courage to take on all comers who want to challenge him. I watched Good Morning America on Friday 13, 2016.  George was busier than a bee buzzing and trying to sting Donald Trump with rapid fire staccato questions.  One of the issues George devoted repeat attacks was demanding the tax return information of Trump.

For some odd reason, George did not link or post anything on his official Twitter account; @GStephanopolous about his one on one session interrogating Trump.  Perhaps, the response Trump offered back to George he wishes never happened. “I know she (Hillary) is a good friend of yours and I know you worked for them and didn’t reveal it.”  Plus we learned that George  donated heavy money to the Clinton Foundation to ensure his priority on getting access to his friends that can be bought.

The Disney company has to pay attention to their keeping balanced news coverage on ABC and ESPN.  There are questions if news coverage is honest by the political shark George Stephanopolous  hosting a weekly editorial news program plus the daily morning program.

Donald J. Trump moved on this next busy whirl of media interviews and events to reach the public.  The cowards that refuse to appear on FOX News reveal their fear of facing any difficult questions on issues important for the public.  Nobody can claim that Trump runs and hides from the interrogators who want to scalp him.  George is nursing his pride and taking a ice bath after getting kicked where it hurts. Maybe George can investigate the tax filing for the Clinton Foundation?

Trump helping a veteran get hired in Washington DC

Trump helping a veteran get hired in Washington DC

FINAL DESTINATION doom in Cleveland!

May 7, 2016
escalator eater-final-destination-4

The FINAL DESTINATION movie series have a oddball curse.  If you avoid death, then you are just delaying a more horrific bloody death that is inevitable.  This movie series  celebrates death by a wide variety of mechanical means.  The first movie kicked off our Millennium in the year of global cyber doom in 2000.

The hero and heroine in each movie are saved by acting on a intuition or foresight of impending doom.  It proves that paranoia and a hysterical imagination can save your life, before it kills you anyway.  Of course, the couples in each movie are doomed to never consummate their love while they are consumed by fevered nightmares.  Everyone gets to argue and walk out several times before meeting some gruesome end.

The Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan has a premonition of death and disaster bothering his vision of the Republican Party future.  Paul is desperate to save his party from destruction and doom because he knows Donald Trump will destroy the beautiful tranquil future for Republicans!  This is Ryan’s FINAL CONVENTION!  People decide where the party goes.

Ryan has the dilemma of vividly seeing the end of the world, and nobody wants to listen to his hysterical visions of doom.  The Bush family do not want to descend into the abyss of listening to the opinions of common folk on political candidates for president.  Even The National Review has no doubt that Donald Trump will destroy the tranquil silence by a noisy victory for president.

The paid protesters claiming how Trump has defamed, inflamed, and is the cause of their protesting paid by Soros organization.  It is all the fault of Trump!  The illegal aliens who are robbing, killing, and raping for the last few years do not deserve criticism from Trump.  Democrats look upon the protests from Trump as childish and beneath their lofty position.

Commercial news media personalities relish somberly warning all of their viewers that protester violence on the video they keep replaying is disturbing.  Viewer ratings have never been higher since the people of the USA do want to see what Donald Trump is up to!  Paul Ryan will never fill a hall with people the way Donald Trump packs them in.

New Media want Donald to blow a gasket!

New Media want Donald to blow a gasket!

New York attracts the best!

May 4, 2016
Sinatra new york

“The chairman of the board” Frank Sinatra signature song for me is New York New York!  It is a great song that captures the allure and challenge of seeking success in the city that draws in the top talent from all over our world.  Investors know Wall Street remains the global center for companies all over the world.  There are languages from all over the world when you wait in a hotel lobby in Manhattan.  It is exciting to recognize the prestige and importance of being branded a top player in New York.  Real estate in Manhattan is not a game for faint of heart with stratospheric levels of money at stake.

“I’ll make a brand new start of it, in old New York!” Frank Sinatra knew the challenges of keeping his career near the top when he was decades into his performing.  His selection of songs and his arrangements survived music fads and dozens of international music stars.  Devoted music fans of Sinatra trusted his integrity of music and flocked to his limited performances near the end of his reign.

USA grows weary of our anemic economy and families are losing hope of ever getting ahead.  Donald Trump is a brash real estate business man.  His father cautioned his entering the big arena of Manhattan real estate development.  He won and he lost but he never let his losses knock him down and out.  I measure the strength and reliability of any business partner on their having survived set backs and prevailed to grow stronger.  “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere!”  Donald Trump may have been counted out, but he refuses to stay on the canvas flat on his back.

On May 3, 2016 Trump has earned the right to challenge the Democrat candidate for president election of 2016.  Republican field of candidates have been reduce from 17 to 1.

This elite hotel in Manhattan has name of Trump!

This elite hotel in Manhattan has name of Trump!

Now the real battle for election of president has changed!  Donald Trump will set the stage for his campaign to invigorate our economy and give hope plus jobs to families in poverty now.  This battle will be huge!

(Lyrics of New York New York by Adolph Green and Betty Comden)


Birds of a feather

April 28, 2016

Do you want to be a winner or a loser?  You can judge a person by the company they keep.  For some odd reason, people in the USA are interested in winning instead of losing.  We should feel guilty that we have a heritage of winning in the USA?  Nobody is buying the guilt trip, because we have been losing under the burden of guilt from endless President Obama speeches.

Donald Trump has won and lost in his many challenges building his personal wealth and expanding his business.  Everybody admires the victors who have conquered challenges and impediments to reaching success.  “Bobby” Knight is a living legend that has coached young men in basketball to become victors.  Indiana is a state that has a tradition of loving basketball and families know the odds against any young man playing on the Indiana basketball team.  Just stepping onto that basketball floor under Coach Bobby Knight is living a dream.

I had a vacation home on Chapman Lake in Indiana and got experience in the state’s love of Knight.  His temper and hatred of losing were legendary.  I do not accept loss well either!  His response to loss is by winning the next time.  Knight endorsing candidate Donald Trump in Indiana on April 27, 2016 to be president parted the RED sea!  I cannot adequately express how Knight is revered and respected by Hoosiers and Indiana.

Knight is not a sentimental whiner who pleads for free hand outs, and not keeping score.  Winners do honor and appreciate the efforts of fellow winners.  Donald Trump deserves extra attention by Indiana because Bobby Knight has paid homage to him.  I have to laugh that the Ted Cruz is once again upstaged brutally by Donald Trump.  Winners win!

Millennial get rich plan

April 26, 2016
My son back from Iraq at Glacier Park with buddies.

Our Millennium, our century, and our first decade started with miserable economic problems.  We had a “tech bubble” stock crash in 2000.  Then we had another economic drop with the terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001 and the stock market dropped again.  Then when we thought the worst is over, the Depression of 2008 knocked everybody down on their ass. Good news for us survivors is on the way.  Get ready to reap in riches.

I share my experience as a baby boomer who graduated from college and was looking for work in our worst recession in 1972.  Of course, my high school and my college left me ignorant of economic cycles or basic business principles.  We cannot entrust capitalism to protection of politicians and professors.

My working career began with employment by TIME. My annual gross income was around $22,000.  I wanted to invest some of the money to make me more money.  I took a payroll deduction for buying company stock out of my biweekly pay.  The stock market was miserable in the recession, so my shares kept losing value and that made me rich.  I was not worried about losing money because I knew saving a small amount at the bank would make nothing. After 3 years of losing money and getting additional shares at always lower prices, the market turned.  Suddenly, I was rich and bought a condominium.

Seeing the potential from investing in times of trouble opened my eyes.  The Millennial potential for wealth is great.  Too many predictions of doom, make me encouraged to invest more.  Mutual funds have minimum deposit limits.  Stocks can be purchased for any dollar amount.  I would suggest diving into the shark tank.  Open a Fidelity account to deposit some cash systematically.  Research some companies that are important or you personally like.  Consider even a boring company like a utility.  I worked with an old gentleman who only bought electric utility stocks while working.  He was a millionaire that did not make a millionaire salary at work.

Be happy to enjoy making history, like I did.  I had to stop the presses every week for the Nixon Watergate stories.  You will be seeing the wildest election ever for Donald Trump!  Get rich!  Reagan made me rich in the stock market.  Trump will help us make money!

Our son in combat for USA.

Our son in combat for USA.



We have not begun to fight!

April 24, 2016
Victory for freedom needs all of us to defend our right to live free!

President Obama confirmed to our dearest friends and allies in England that he yanked out the bust of Winston Churchill that has been in White House for decades.  That is alright.  Nobody in England dreams of wanting a bust of our fearless leader in their residence of Prime Minister.

When the new president assumes office in 2017, nobody will shed a tear for departure of B.O. from our White House.  I will celebrate in Las Vegas!  Our luck is bound to change for the better.

Our Millennial generation has suffered great hardships with the miserable economic policies of our government.  Our elderly saw their savings earn no interest with the magical book keeping of our Treasury to keep interest rates invisible.  Our poor have not been helped at all.  The lobbyists and free loaders have enjoyed easy living.  Now is the time for the tide to turn.

Our country and our future is in the hands of our Millennials.  The good news is that they cannot screw up our country more than our current resident.  We can only go up from here!  The motto of my favorite state of Wisconsin remains; FORWARD!

Our new spirit is found in our origins!

Our new spirit is found in our origins!


England grateful last visit by president

April 22, 2016
President Barack Obama, center left, and his wife first lady Michelle Obama, center right, pose with Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, left, and Prince Phillip in the Oak room at Windsor Castle ahead of a private lunch hosted by the Queen, Friday, April 22, 2016 (John Stillwell/Pool)

President Obama celebrated Earth Day 2016 in England.  His armada of aircraft and personal vehicles used enough carbon energy to run Haiti for 10 years. For some reason the first family are avoiding Haiti?  Theft of tens of millions of donated aid dollars from USA to Haiti still leave 90% of the population living in the jungle instead of promised shelter.

It was great to see the royal couple insist having the man of the manor drive the guests to Queen Elizabeth abode.  The Duke of Edinburgh got a part time job driving for Uber at 95 years of age.  Obama did not give him a tip when they got to the front door.

The purpose of the visit was to freeload and have us tax payers give the first family another vacation at our expense.  There was absolutely no work conducted other than to have everybody adore and hang on every word of our president.  Michelle had to spend a fortune on her traveling ward robe, again!

Our fearless leader was not brave enough to address the House of Commons.  The outspoken rowdy members of the House reputation was enough to scare our president away.  The population of England were all eager to see their visitors leave.  We are not so lucky because we know our tourists will return too soon.

It is great to see the Queen in good health at age 90!  It is amazing to see Uber using the Duke of Edinburgh as a driver at 95!

Duke gives Uber ride for first couple!

Duke gives Uber ride for first couple!


April 15, 2016

The oppressed children of slaves are now demanding that the slave masters pay a price.  The heritage genealogy of these Black Lives Matter victims remains suspect if any of their families had ever been enslaved. Universities are shamed into hiring professors that know all the black rap artists popular with oppressed minorities. It is not clear that rap classes will help anyone be successful in their future.

After a long tiring day of protesting and disrupting library studies of fellow students, there is hardly any time to actually study.  BLM demands  university schedules create time for more planned spontaneous protests.  Protesters need a Safe Space paid by the university to hide from police that is a sanctuary from civil law and university regulations.  Students will not be permitted to have a safe space free from endless protests for social justice by BLM.  Any student witnessed fleeing the endless string of BLM protests will be accused of a hate crime and subject to dismissal guilty of white supremacy.

Anybody who thinks they can curse, push, shove and punch anybody to prove they are helpless victims really needs a reality check.  Nobody has the right to demand I do anything because of slavery from 140 years ago.  Germany had a minority of brown shirt militant head bangers that intimidated the country and got der Fuhrer.  The USA does not owe anyone anything from 140 years ago.  The solution may be to set up territories just like the Indian reservation system.  All BLM seeking compensation from USA for slavery can stake land in abandoned Detroit and Chicago neighborhoods.  It will be a safe space and they can be assured that no white supremacy people will bother them.

Damian Williams worked at Jewel  Chicago warehouse and was picking up dinner for family when killed by black gang member.

Damian Williams worked at Jewel Chicago warehouse and was picking up dinner for family when killed by black gang member.


Everybody has to apologize!

April 10, 2016
Crying shame that Islamic terror free to kill in USA now.

There is a national craze to demand an apology.  You have to feel guilty and apologize for so many ridiculous infractions of good manners.  Protesters stomping on our USA flag demand apologies for anybody kicking their ass.  USA citizens blockading busloads of illegal alien children dreamers getting shoved at your expense into your town need to apologize.  Our globe trotting president is ashamed of us folks because he has to remind the tax payers protesting his fiscal waste that it is our fault he has to spend more.  “That’s not who we are!”  We have an identity crisis created by commercial news media and socialist communist professors.

News media want to know if a pizza parlor would or would not cater a homosexual wedding reception!  Who the hell cares?  News media want to know “If abortions would become illegal, what should the punishment be?”  What the hell is this nonsense?  We need to apologize for stuff that has NOT HAPPENED?

News media distracts people from the real problems of our country, to create imaginary problems as issues for apology and debate.  News media has become not only irrelevant, but have climbed the tower of Babel to ruin communication!  How many real problems are under investigation by news media?  Government waste, graft, and too many elected officials become millionaires because lobbyists want to “donate”  and invite them into business deals.  It is great that Harry Reid and Barrack Obama became millionaires by serving the USA.  It is unbelievable that this is not even investigated!  Can our commercial news media apologize for failing to do their job?

I apologize that I do not feel sorry for biased pig headed egotists who know their problems are all because of little old me.  It is great that we have so many people living well by shaming and blaming us common folk.  I know our future happiness depends on the success of my “Grumble & Bitch” philosophy endorsed by the Curmudgeon Society.

Yes, that is who we are.  We are fed up, and not sorry to bitch about the lazy stupid whiners demanding hand outs.

Don't ask for permission from your mortal enemies.

Don’t ask for permission from your mortal enemies.

Comrade Sanders poverty revolution

April 6, 2016

Politicians posturing as a revolutionary is nonsense.  Revolutionary Sanders has enjoyed living off his federal salary as an elected representative and then senator for 25 years!  So the revolution is starting now?  What has Sanders ever done while in office?

He has never worked other than as a politician.  If you spend your whole life as a politician, how can you now promise to revolt against what you did your whole life?  His best years have been wasted sitting on his rump and pretending to help advance our country by doing nothing.  What major law, bill, or special committee achievement is in his miserable wasted life in government?

A self declared “socialist” threatens to choke and break up big banks to fund his free stuff promised to get him elected to do nothing as president.  Where is the socialist party in the USA?  Nobody knows them after his 25 years praising their utopia principles.  Hillary Clinton lacked the courage to challenge or question why a socialist can pretend to run as a Democrat.  Now after getting bitch slapped by the Jewish socialist, Hillary will question why Democrats are hugging a socialist close to the graveyard.  It is clear, Hillary did not consider that she is so hated and despised that an old Jewish socialist is more popular than the queen of graft.

Our country has ignored and left the millennial generation as cast offs in order to invite illegal aliens and run around the globe apologizing for our past accomplishments.  I cannot blame the millennials for getting desperate and questioning their future chances.  However, it is sad to see that small trinkets of free stuff is more important than the opportunity to grow our economy.  It is also a sign of desperation.  It is similar to hanging onto the promises of a drunk at closing time in a saloon.  The drunk will not remember anything the next day, and the promises are gone after election.  Bernie Sanders is drunk with the amazing popularity he enjoys as a failed politician who has done nothing ever.

Not many days left to ruin USA.

Not many days left to ruin USA.

Selfie “how to” for Boomers

March 31, 2016

I snapped my selfie in the hijacked jet plane toilet from Egypt.  Now I can take selfies just like our fearless leader. I am not sure why this has become a global craze.  People have died in the process of self promotion by walking off a cliff, etc.

I am trying to figure out how to take a selfie of me using chalk on the sidewalk in front of White House marking out “Trump 2016“.   I may ask a policeman to take my picture to help me get famous.  I will check if I need a EPA permission slip or if this qualifies as “hate speech” threat.

I do not want to let the marvels of our new millennium pass me by with fewer years left to be above ground.  I plan on doing a YouTube Karaoke with me singing in my car with bums and hobo folk I pick up hitchhiking.  I was inspired by the fat British guy James Corden on CBS late night. I am fatter than he is, so I have to be a bigger hit.

Fat Brit sings in car with strangers.

Fat Brit sings in car with strangers.


Sympathy for the devil?

March 28, 2016

Nobody is perfect.  So we need to forgive everyone that chose to do evil?  Sorry, but nobody is perfect so I do not feel guilty by denying mercy to an evil doer.

Hormones inflame the libido of Muslim refugees. Young refugee men attack European white women or young girls for primitive sex.  We need to try to understand their sexual urges?  We need to hide our women and girls?  We need to try to understand their lust takes priority over laws to protect everyone?

Please forgive us flawed Christians to stop being victims to ISIS, ISIL, DAESH or poor Muslim refugees wanting our money.

We are only human.  It is past time to pretend we can be perfect and watch animal behavior without stopping the animals.  There are stirrings of spontaneous mob action of Europeans to stop the animals.  We need to feel guilty because the animals are crying for us to show them mercy now?

The animals eventually stampede in retreat when their animal lusts are no longer tolerated by their prey.  It is time to tame the wild animals by clubs, knives, and guns.

Europe fought 300 years failing to rid themselves of Muslims.

Europe fought 300 years failing to rid themselves of Muslims.

Chalk graffiti terrifies Emory

March 24, 2016

The students attending Emory University in Atlanta, Ga discovered chalk graffiti on their campus.  They are looking over their shoulders and are afraid to walk alone on campus now.  Walking among them are the terrorists who defiled the tranquility and peace by taking chalk in hand.  The demonic message was “VOTE TRUMP!

How could anyone in their midst be so demented and evil?  Are they safe now?  Students demand psychological counseling to avoid panic attacks.  Students demand the terrorist chalk demons be captured or exorcised.  Students demand a safe zone free from anything saying TRUMP.  It appears the University has enlightened leadership that agrees to all childish ridiculous demands of scared rabbits.

I get upset seeing Sanders promising free stuff to anyone joining his REVOLUTION.

I get upset that our president gets Tango lessons in Paris after his visit to Cuba.  I get upset getting robbed over taxes and health care that has tax penalties.  I cannot get counseling from Obamacare without paying out of my $5,000 deductible.

The world needs to have these rabbits come out of their rabbit hole to face reality.

Emory terrified people endorse Trump in chalk!

Emory terrified people endorse Trump in chalk!


You’re Hired!

March 21, 2016
Trump helping a veteran get hired in Washington DC

On March 21, 2016 Donald Trump had a very busy day.  He met in Washington D.C. with some Republican big wheels in the morning.  I watched him at his press conference from his newest project from the old post office in Washington.  Hotel is under construction and 2 years ahead of schedule and under budget, thank you.  He called on many reporters on all topics.  He called on a young woman he did not know.

She was asking about his priority on hiring veterans.  Trump asked if she was a veteran, and yes, she is a veteran.  He called her up to the podium.  He told her to meet with his head of personnel on stage with him.  She got his card and has an appointment.  All this happened instantly in front of news media trying to pin down Trump on some touchy topics.

I had to reflect on this.  He called on a woman he did not recognize as a press regular.  He was listening to her and made the deduction that she might be looking for a job.  He calls her up when she said she was a veteran.  Does anyone need to know the heart of a man who will treat a total stranger with respect and dignity?  He did not treat her like someone begging.  He respected her and treated her with respect. He did not look to avoid her  and set up a story to delay her.  Trump acts like a leader!

Liberals will promise jobs programs, and government programs to “handle veterans issues”.  This is government socialism lingo that you are on a waiting list for years.  Trump did not dodge or evade her personal life problem.  The news media was ready to pounce, and walked away with a heart warming human interest real life story.

Trump hotel in Chicago

Trump hotel in Chicago


Harry Reid giving me joy

March 18, 2016
Senator Reid with Granny Pelosi are ready to provide enemas!

Last evening as I drifted off into the land of nod, a beam of light lifted my spirits.  Harry Reid appeared in my mind to brighten my life.  His success in becoming a multi millionaire while serving in the senate certainly deserves more attention.  His ramming the Affordable Care Act (aka OBAMACARE) through the senate as majority leader is forever shackled to his ankle, like a prison inmate with a steel ball & chain.

However,  I realize that Reid will never, ever face criminal charges on any transgression in the process of enriching himself while a senator.  That is why it made me happy that he went flying off his home gymnasium thread mill.  He smashed his face and got his head spinning.  The Lord works in mysterious ways.  I smiled to see he is still suffering 2 years later.  Thank you to the Almighty!

Granny Pelosi is Harry’s partner in the law she was too busy to bother reading ACA.  Now we all must wonder where is the cultural Renaissance Nancy saw in her vision??  Young men and women would give up working to take on fine arts.  Without being shackled to needing health insurance by a employer plan, then artists would flourish free from the burden of work forever.  President Obama has liberated millions of workers from jobs.  However, I have not seen evidence of street corner artists across our country now.

What misfortune may befall Pelosi?  Allergic reaction to her constant Botox usage is a possibility.  I have no influence on her future.  I am patiently waiting for Nancy to encounter some future event like Harry enjoyed.  She certainly deserves to enjoy  some sympathy for a horrible misfortune.

I slept well knowing that Reid still suffers from his own stupid accident.  My faith is stronger now.

Granny Pelosi passed a bill nobody read to get us all stuck with Obamacare!  Thanks?

Granny Pelosi passed a bill nobody read to get us all stuck with Obamacare! Thanks?

BS Revolution ignores coronation

March 14, 2016
Hey everybody!  This lady wants your vote?

Candidates for president deserve our sympathy.  How much more stuff can they promise us voters?  How can some of them promise illegal aliens stuff?  The debt will not grow because we will take money from rich people to give us stuff.

Bernie Sanders promised a Revolution when he takes office.  BS does not think starting his revolution will be violent or anarchy. I cannot think of a single peaceful revolution!  He has no plan or details to lead his new army starting this revolution.

Hillary Clinton has been getting email and phone callers from around the world begging her to become president instead of Donald Trump.  She has not identified who these foreigners might be.  Iran, Haiti, and Cuba are sure to be her supporters.

Bernie is not a Democrat.  So if he is not to be the Democrat candidate, then he can run as socialist/communist party candidate.  Hillary will not lose her arch nemesis; BS.

Meanwhile, the Republican party is very upset that the leading candidate is not a lifetime politician, nor taking orders from Republican big wheels.  Donald Trump will ruin the pecking order for free loaders, and lobbyists if he gets elected.  George Soros did pay for goons to disrupt the Chicago speaking event of Trump.  Of course, news media did blame Trump for being a target of an attack.  Donald did not even apologize for being too popular!

Hillary found humor in answering questions about Benghazi.

Hillary found humor in answering questions about Benghazi.


Tavern tokens save memories

March 12, 2016

Tavern tokens are important.  First, it reminds me where I was last night.  Second, it means I have another drink waiting for me.  Third, it is a nice way to share your good fortune in having enough money to buy somebody a drink.

This particular bar token I found in my pole barn in a can.  The tavern is still in business, so I can get a drink.  It probably was in that can for about 10 years.  Nobody can store a beer for 10 years and enjoy it.  However, my token will get me a beautiful brew ready to enjoy tonight.  The price of a beer has gone up in 10 years, so it was a good investment!  Plus it proves I was not nuts enough to drink past my limit, which is good.

Drink responsibly and do not drive if you have too many tokens in your pocket.

Want a drink at White House?

Want a drink at White House?

Hobo cruise tours now available

March 10, 2016
Danube rafters

You do not need to be packed into a cruise ship like sardines in a can.  Leave your money in the coffee can, and get onto a raft for a lot less money!  These lads on the Danube river built their own luxury cruise ship.  They even carry their own land cruiser bicycle to free load around port towns.

Duck under the tent when it is raining to enjoy the view of life on the river.  You can swim along the raft, and not be left behind like falling off a cruise ship.  You can fish for your dinner!  Meet mermaids, bar maids on shore, and see the world around you.

Do NOT carry paper money.  River life can make your dollars wilt when wet.  I do highly endorse the best ballast!  Dollar coins will not melt when wet, and you feel richer with heavy pockets of dollars.

Be sure to put on navigation light markers for your hobo cruise raft.  Nothing ruins a trip faster than getting rammed by a tug boat pulling tons of cargo on a barge.

That old man river will take you to a new view of life from the hobo raft.

Luxury dinner cruise raft is for rich hobo folks.

Luxury dinner cruise raft is for rich hobo folks.

Saved again by “Can’t Do” attittude?

March 5, 2016
Our new spirit is found in our origins!
Our son in combat for USA.

Our son in combat for USA.

The citizens of our USA have a reputation as being over confident, dumb, and for some odd reason successful.  There are countries that have civilizations over a thousand years old that look at us and laugh.  These same countries are living like they did a thousand years ago.

We are fortunate to have in our country many who will try to stop us; to protect ourselves from success.  “You can’t do that!”  Demanding freedom from an English monarch started a American Revolution and there were a lot of “You can’t do that!” folks who let a few fight and die for our freedom.

The campaign for president has brought out more pessimists to save us from our ourselves.  Donald Trump has made his fortune in the USA in real estate.  He has not always been successful, but he never stopped looking for new opportunities.  Fortunately, we have a lot of experts on stuff that know this man can never succeed.  The few folks that are interested in supporting Trump as our presidents of these United States of America need to adopt our “You can’t do that!” attitude.

We need to stay seated and do not rock the boat.  The life time and 3rd generation politicians know how to add more taxes and regulations best.  Freedom is an experiment that can hurt people.  There are political dictators that would be upset if we continue with this freedom nonsense in the USA.

It is astounding that the Grand Old Party has shoved into the spot light their ruling class elite folks to warn us against following Donald Trump.  We need a firm hand to hold us in place and just listen to the adults in power.  We are told it will take centuries to make progress.

The “You can’t do that!” experts are not elected or selected by we the people.  Who are these people that help us by tearing down people?  They have always been with us.  My sons are the millennial generation, and they are not willing to give up.  They have fought and some died for our freedom in wars we won in battle, but lost in diplomacy.  I ignore the diplomacy experts advice.  They have never won anything from our sacrifices of military.

So we are not free to choose anymore.  We are not wise enough to understand failures in diplomacy and just accept learning to stay in our place. The experts on why “You can’t do that” are free to talk, but not free to deny our freedom to choose.  I see our spirit of 1776 alive in my sons generation.

Bernie & Hillary retirement home

February 27, 2016
Not many days left to ruin USA.

This year the greatest show on earth is free!  The variety of candidates for president offer a lot of entertainment.  The Democrats do not offer much to attract our attention.  Whether Bernie wants lime Jello with dinner, or Hillary complains about the yogurt options is about as much excitement we find in the Democrat Retirement Home.  The Republicans offer a greater variety of predicaments in their soap opera.

Does Slick Willy kick out his mistress?  Who cares?  Will Bernie ever see his lifelong dream of Revolution?  We can put on his tombstone; “He tried to get it for free!”  Will Hillary learn how to use her email finally?  Will the dead from Benghazi have their killers tracked down?  We just have to wait until hell freezes over.

The grim reaper is the only exciting visitor these 2 will get in their future.  Who would ever want to see them in a retirement home?  The visitor ledger will be empty, except for undertaker sales people.  Before they are gone, please contribute to our Hobo Farewell Party!  They both will go on a freighter to Cuba for final attempt at happiness.  They will be bitching the whole way about everything.  We will video record every precious moment of  their petty complaints and demands for more money from the stinking rich.  They will feast on baked beans, Spam, and beef jerky.  They will be serenaded by our crooner in chief, President Barrack Hussein Obama.  Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will reminisce when they were in power, and dance the Hokey Pokey.  This will not be fun, but they don’t deserve anything better.  They can visit Guantanamo Bay and talk to the inmates about how life is terrible in the USA.

As the sun slowly sets on Bernie and Hillary, I will be drinking a lot of cocktails.  I do plan on dancing on their graves in tribute.

Do not hang out at a bar with Hillary!!

Do not hang out at a bar with Hillary!!



Whack a mole bothers Obama

February 24, 2016

The official position of our fearless leader is USA will not respond to every military attack.  Our threats to Syria on banned biological warfare weapons just hung in the air without any military response from the USA.  We cannot use our military in a “whack a mole strategy”!

The small acts of aggression in military attacks by ISIS and Syria were not handled by our military following our commander in chief.  Our president gave tacit go ahead to Russia leader Putin to buddy up with Assad to kill his protesting faction of citizens under smoke screen of attacking ISIS.  Russia did significant bombing that hurt ISIS and helped Assad.  Putin rules of engagement did not bother to wait for innocent civilians to get out of the way.  ISIS always chose to be in civilian areas anyway.

If the USA squashed ISIS in 2014, then there would be no refugee crisis in Europe from Syria.  The president wanted to be more sophisticated than crude warfare killing terrorists.  After all, remember the Crusades was a problem over a thousand years ago by killing some Muslim civilians in the warfare.  Assad heard USA talk but not act in stopping his violations in use of chemical weapons.

Europe is floundering under mass invasion of Muslims claiming they are fleeing for safety.  However, the European countries with Muslim refugees are under attack by rapes, robberies, welfare bankruptcy, and best of all are complaints by refugees against European culture plus traditions.

If USA only played a little whack a mole using our military back in 2014, then 2016 would be safer around the world.  The people of the world are often talking about Obama in their curses and complaints.

Obama mocked Romney on threat from Russia in campaign of 2012.

Obama mocked Romney on threat from Russia in campaign of 2012.

River current is stronger than political parties

February 21, 2016
river raft

Life will take every one of us on a wild ride many times.  Time can be described as a river with changing currents and changing weather that we all must travel.

None of us have the option of standing on the river bank to just watch life pass us by.  We are all thrown into the sink or swim challenge with the problems we cannot anticipate that come at times when we feel weak.

Our country and the world has brought us all to a new kind of river ride for those lucky enough to remain alive today.  The candidates for president that decided to rely on the strategy and the imaginary supporters from the last century, discovered that the world and the people are different now.  Speeches from the past do not grab our people now.  We have an old socialist promising revolution.  We have a billionaire who is not ashamed of his achievements or his wealth that he built up in real estate.  We are offered 2 different visions of our future.  We can make America great again!  We can spend more tax money by taxing the evil greedy rich people.

This debate and our attention is distracted by wars, illegal alien crime wave, terrorist invaders, and world domination plans from China plus Russia.  Our lives and our security will depend upon the next election for president.  We need to rely and place trust upon our favored candidate.  Nobody is perfect and nobody can predict what comes next around the next bend in the river.  The problems that threaten our security are not Democrat or Republican but American.

I want a president who has faced challenge and adversity and prevailed.  South Carolina has Donald Trump on top of the heap. The heap now has fewer old century candidates. I want Donald Trump for our nation to win again.  He has ripped up the scripts from the last century.  He has survived our major real estate Depression and his expansion of business is impressive.  Do not look at him to be following an old formula that got us into this mess today.

Trump candidate

A nation of emigrants; USA

February 17, 2016
Don't send in the clowns!

Bernie Sanders has started a movement in our USA!  My parents left their home in Europe because they knew  communists of Russia killed anyone who opposed complete domination and control of citizens.  They came as legal immigrants to the USA to be free.

We have to consider becoming an emigrant to avoid the Bernie Sanders Revolution. Citizens are seeing the risk to their life from violent groups of Islamic terrorists.  We see cities burned by black protesters claiming that whites are slave masters.  We see Sanders rallies with capitalism convicted and waiting for the death sentence upon his election.  Profitable corporations with international business will join the exodus to Ireland from the USA.

We need to look to clowns for guidance.  If the clowns are packing up to leave, then you know the end is at hand for USA.  We can look forward to the IRS adding staff to confiscate and impound wealth on a massive scale for Sanders.  If you have built up a business, then you get the top prize.  Audits, confiscation, and convicted guilty of greed are your rewards by the Sanders inquisitions.

Do not get too comfortable in your home.  When my parents left Europe, they left all of their possessions and property behind.  They hitch hiked carrying what they needed to find freedom.

Bernie speaking to  an empty Senate chamber to enjoy a video selfie babbling revolution.

Bernie speaking to an empty Senate chamber to enjoy a video selfie babbling revolution.



Curmudgeons are not racist

January 25, 2016

There is a huge controversy that Hollywood is racist.  As can be anticipated, the egocentric hub of self adoration cannot abide any criticism.  When your world is based upon self adoration, then any flaw suggested is impossible.

I am a curmudgeon.  Those I associate with are members of the “Grumble & Bitch Club”. I do not classify my likes and dislikes based upon anthropology or philosophies.  I am not sure that I really like myself.

Please do not ever play the Barbara Streisand hit song; PEOPLE.  Why do I have to like people?  I do not expect people to automatically like me.  Why am I compelled to like anybody that shows up at my house?  I grew up in Chicago.  “What do you want?”  “Get out of here!”  The nuns sent us kids out to invade neighborhoods peddling gambling cards known as “punch cards”.  Grey haired old ladies and men slammed doors in my face with tears streaming down my chubby cheeks.  No compassion and no money was offered for my begging and pleading.  I learned that people do not need people peddling anything.

My mother and father always told me to “never open the door!”  If I was home alone when they were out, then I was to guard the house from invaders and peddlers.  We were not racist if we did not like anybody.  I am not a misanthrope.  I do not feel obliged to like a stranger.  I do not hate strangers.  I do not hug strangers.

Hollywood is a world built on appearances.  It can be dangerous to live in a world of mirrors.  Anyway, it is funny to see the self-righteous outrage about any possible flaw.  Narcissus stares at the mirror and cannot see any imperfection.  Nobody believes they are not perfect in Hollywood.  I know I am not perfect and I do not care.

If you believe we are all brother and sisters, then you can believe.  I am not obliged to live my life in fairy tales and make believe.  Curmudgeons are not lovable and do not want to be hugged.

Bar Tenders win big today!

January 20, 2016
Jackie at Toots Shor

2016 has the worst start for investors.  Millennials have the worst luck in the world!  Their economy is in the junk yard.  Jobs available demand enthusiasm at low pay and no future visible.  Forget all that bad news!  Look at these characters enjoying life at a saloon; Toots Shor.

The only profession making a huge gain are the bar tenders!  Yes, as the battle weary drag their weary bodies from Wall Street or from their computer after looking at their retirement balance today, everybody will want a couple of good drinks!

Jackie Gleason was an interesting character that made a lot of money, spent a lot of money, and ended up rich by choosing to blaze a television studio in Florida a long time ago.  He definitely indulged in enjoying; food, drink, and glamorous company.  He had style, good taste, and connected with folks working hard for a living who envied his life style.  He hung out at Toots Shor joint with a lot of celebrities, movie stars, and sports heroes.

What worse can happen?  A lot of bad news will keep coming and to add insult to injury the East Coast will get buried in a snow storm soon!  Millennials need to have a good drink and ignore our mediocre USA economy.

Dream world of USA president

January 2, 2016
illegal alien train

In June of 2012 an executive order was issued by President Obama to stop deporting children that came into the USA illegally.  His intention was to let DREAMERS find their dream in our country.  Instead, nightmares and worse destroyed the lives of many children.

What could go wrong with sending children across South America without adults to sneak across the Mexican border?  I often see parents in Wisconsin giving their child a back pack for heading out to Mexico alone.  Most of the kids make it, I think?

Chicago Congressman wants you to believe his Dream is real.

Chicago Congressman wants you to believe his Dream is real.

Shocking as it may seem, a lot of the children sneaking into the USA disappear in the USA when they are set free to dream.  Bad people who want to exploit helpless children eagerly enslave children for prostitution to obsessed depraved sex deviants.  Wisconsin is a major pipeline for moving sex slaves across our country.  Dreams do not come true when children cannot be protected by their parents.  Congressman Gutierrez does not expect children living in the streets on the South Side of Chicago to last very long but Dreamers are safe?

Transforming the USA by wide open borders to let in anyone and everyone keeps the criminals happy.  Many states had spontaneous protests of citizens trying to stop the forced resettlement of illegal aliens.  President Obama has zero Dreamers living with his family but the rest of the USA needs to look out for these children.  It is always great to rely on the citizens of the USA when the president does nothing.

Commercial news media does not bother to update the citizens of the USA on the huge influx of children again coming over the border from Mexico right now.  We were told months ago  by Homeland Security that there would be fewer children sneaking into the USA. My dream is that our government stops lying to the citizens of USA on illegal alien invasion.


Predictions for 2016 read at your peril

December 31, 2015
Wayne Cochran CC Riders

Donald Trump wants to go on the road as Wayne Cochran and CC Riders band.  However, his dream will be delayed after he is elected as President of the USA.  Our executive branch has been so poorly managed, he will be starting a new government CSpan show; You’re Fired!

Hillary Clinton will start a women’s center for Slick Willy & Bill Cosby abused ladies.  She will need to delay opening the center until she is out of prison for the murder of our ambassador of Libya.  She will be on the red carpet for Dallas, Texas January 15  premiere of 13 Hours the secret soldiers of Benghazi.

Democrats will be needing new underwear anticipating Trump 2017 orders for IRS to actually work on investigating tax abuses regardless of political party! Mexico will be happy to attend the new border wall unveiling ceremony they paid to build by US citizens.  Sanctuary cities will discover that they are not exempt for following federal policies on illegal aliens.

Wretched excess and conspicuous consumption will stimulate our economy and parents will celebrate millions of their college graduate children leaving home finally!

Happy New Year!


Who believes technology sets us free?

December 9, 2015

Technology gives people more ways to do really dumb things. The amazing thing is that technology brings entertainment your old aunt or grandma loves. When Al Gore invented the internet, did he foresee the explosion of Face Book? Can we ever get enough cute puppy or kitten video to watch on line?

Back in the dark ages of 1950’s, your aunt or grandma would bore relatives describing her cute kitten’s antics. Now, millions of people are glued to their LED monitor watching somebody’s cute kitten’s antics. What has changed? Obviously, we have all become brilliant and interested in watching kittens over the internet.

For the millions watching kitten postings, they are also bombarded with linked internet advertisers selling sex stimulants for grand pa, and diet pills to lose ugly fat. At least in the 1950’s your aunt or grandma did not sell your mailing address to hear more kitten adventures.

My main complaint on new technology is how every video game is based on blowing up, shooting, stabbing, and running over people. In the ancient days of the 1950’s, the action games were tag and king of the hill. We are happy to report that technology has reached more dumb people. We are sad to report, they are still dumb.

Warren Buffett is wealthy billionaire who bores people on You Tube.

Warren Buffett is wealthy billionaire who bores people on You Tube.

We don’t need more stupid people!

November 25, 2015
ISIS update Obama

There are a lot of stupid people in the USA government. Birds of a feather flock together. Today our president stood in front of the USA with his hand picked staff. In case we did not know he picked these people, he made it clear; “This is my Attorney General!” And he went on to identify each cabinet member position, but he neglected to remember their names.

As one of the few tax paying citizens in the USA, I thought those introduced are actually our attorney general, etc.? However, I will not question our president if they are his not ours.

The purpose of his interrupting our day was to tell us nothing. He did reassure us on his bravery in traveling to France. His attending the Climate Change Conference will keep him talking about controlling our weather by talking more. He beamed in pride knowing that by his defiant act of traveling to Paris will drive ISIS nuts! I think he is nuts!

So everybody can rest easy! His staff reassured him that as far as they know, we are safe! THANKS?

USA feels no shame

November 18, 2015
We got no hope with the change we got left in our pockets.

The world leaders attending the G-20 summit in Turkey took time to recognize and mourn the suffering of the French from terrorists attack in Paris. Our president strolled in late as all were bowing their heads in silence to acknowledge those killed in Paris.

Our president had a brief press conference after the meetings of G-20. Reporters questioned president Obama on how the USA will adjust strategy to defeat ISIS. There was no need to change his strategy. He was stunned that reporters kept asking how he will adapt his strategy to terrorism. He already answered that question. He spoke in monotones with no emotion or empathy for all those suffering in this “setback” in France.

He did become animated and emotional lecturing USA that opposing Muslim refugees from Syria is shameful. Where is the shame from our president on ignoring the massacre in Syria from years ago? He did promise a red line, implying a military action coming from USA to stop massacre in Syria. Obama then handed off the problem to Putin to handle. That worked out well with a flood of refugees now in Europe.

Putin depends upon Obama needing his assistance.

Putin depends upon Obama needing his assistance.

Governors in the USA are focusing on protecting their citizens. Muslim refugees shoved into states by Obama will be turned over to Catholic Charities for a limited time. Then they are walking around our country with no supervision. Nobody will know where they are in USA. (Why does USA rely upon a religious charity for federal duties?)

Our new Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan needs to take the lead to preserve our union and keep us a nation that is truly United States of America.

Ben Rhodes our best to defend USA?

November 15, 2015

Ben Rhodes is a political rat crawling around the halls of our White House. With the smoke still in the air around Benghazi from the massacre of 9/11/2012, the rat Ben had sent an email to be sure Susan Rice blamed a video for the death of our ambassador. He has been rewarded by some meaningless executive title under our commander in chief. Romney was defeated in the 2012 election by lying to the citizens of USA.

Ben just told Meet the Press that our president is doubling his effort to fight the terrorists that have unleashed massacres in Beirut and Paris. That must mean we will not only send 50 special forces to Syria, but another 50 someday? We admire the restraint of our president not to leap to false conclusions that terrorists screaming “Allah Akbar” could be some other religious group like Baptists or Roman Catholics. We need to waste time on worrying about USA legal gun owners as more of a threat than foreign terrorists.

Ben Rhodes is a lying rat that advises our president.

Ben Rhodes is a lying rat that advises our president.

One suggestion is to stop dreaming up new names to confuse us sheep in the USA. The terrorists were ISIS, then ISIL, and now DAESH. Changing names does not change the smell of swine. Whatever the latest name our president wants to use, does not bring back the dead in Paris and Beirut. Our best response will be to send John Kerry to Paris with James Taylor to sing again.

Our response to last Paris killings was to sing "You Got A Friend"? Rick Wilking/Reuters

Our response to last Paris killings was to sing “You Got A Friend”? Rick Wilking/Reuters

Attacks by Muslims are growing

November 14, 2015

Why did Europe send Crusaders to drive out Muslims by sword, axe, and arrows? Liberals love to blame Catholic religion and greedy royalty for slaughter of Muslims in the Crusades. Our liberal leadership ignores the fact that the Crusades were in response to Muslims invading and killing in Europe. The invasion went on for decades before the citizens were demanding to drive out Muslims.

Crusades were wars to stop Muslim invaders of Europe.

Crusades were wars to stop Muslim invaders of Europe.

Anybody care to remember the Muslim atrocities against USA that I know during my lifetime? We lost marines blown up in camp under president Reagan. We lost sailors blown up under president Clinton and Blackhawk down. September 11, 2001 demonstrated the intent of Muslim terrorists in USA. President Obama had thousands of our troops killed with his coffee house rules of engagement to be fair and considerate to Muslim terrorists.

When Europe responds to Muslim attacks, then they will be driving Muslims out of their continent. It will be cruel, and it may offend liberals sense of justice. If you are under attack, then you are not content to sit and take it. How insane are our liberals to demand importing Muslims from Syria?

Sharia law zones in Europe will soon be taking root in USA. This concedes exemptions from state law to the Muslim laws. When our brave citizens stopped a train terrorist in Europe recently, France was grateful. This incident was just a small warning sign of growing terrorist invaders.

There is no good humane response to Muslim terrorists. The innocent Muslims will suffer because Europe cannot trust them to stop terrorist Muslims. Maybe the USA will take this problem more seriously when New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Seattle get terrorist attacks from Muslims. We do appreciate our president responding to our threats by sending 50 soldiers to Syria.

Terrorists look forward to more attacks in USA.

Terrorists look forward to more attacks in USA.

Cruz spoke clearly in debate

November 11, 2015

The flood of illegal aliens demanding protection by our laws ignored our laws to sneak in here. During the Republican debate in Milwaukee on Tuesday, I especially enjoyed Cruz on the topic of kindness and compassion to the flood of illegal aliens our president Obama coddles with false promises of freedom.

The media elites and college professors can be generous with the jobs of blue collar workers being given to illegal aliens. How about television reporters and university jobs for the illegal alien video journalists and professors? Cruz laughed at his own observation that suddenly illegal aliens would become a national crisis that demands our government stop this invasion. The motivation to demand action of course, is the loss of money suddenly from the pockets of the liberal elites. Illegal immigrants taking money from liberal elites would be the catastrophe that demands immediate action!

When the shoe is on the other foot, then it does not feel so good. So the middle class loss of jobs to illegal immigrants was ignored as not a real problem to journalists and professors. However, if professors and journalist start losing jobs to illegal aliens, then it is a national emergency! I appreciate Ted Cruz wit and sarcasm as the truth of our times. He speaks clearly and without any questions on what he says.

Ted Cruz laughs at elite hypocrites.

Ted Cruz laughs at elite hypocrites.

How does a president get rich in office?

November 9, 2015

Our current president has a government salary of $400,000 per year paid by those of us who do pay taxes. While in our White House, his net worth of personal wealth is valued at $12.2 million !

Obama wealth is in contrast to former president Bill Clinton who left office nearly destitute according to his wife Hillary Clinton. She was suffering in silence with this financial burden. I will be planning a spaghetti dinner to raise money for the Clintons to help them out.

When Barrack Obama was a candidate to become Senator from Illinois, his net worth was estimated to be 20 bucks. This little mullato boy from Kenya has become rich by a career in politics. Only in Illinois can a Democrat become wealthy while blaming rich people for all of our problems in the USA. The mayor hopes Obama can afford his property taxes and income taxes when he retires in Chicago soon.

Friends of Obama convinced him to share his experiences and vision for our future in 2 books that made him wealthy. Hillary got a lot of money for writing a book as well. I will let everybody know how they can buy my book I am working on at this time; SO WHAT?

I feel worried that Hillary cannot afford to live in the White House again as president. Her love of country may cost her too dearly in family finances. Bernie Sanders who is a tight wad might be better suited to continue to live as a poor family in the White House.

2 freeloaders hanging out at a public park.

2 freeloaders hanging out at a public park.

Technology makes tyrants powerful from WWII up to today

November 8, 2015

Eric Auchard of CBS News shared an update; Newly uncovered Nazi-era documents shed light on the alleged role IBM played in helping Hitler to carry out the Holocaust in Poland, according to the author of a controversial book on the subject.

Investigative reporter Edwin Black, the author of a book published last year entitled “IBM and the Holocaust”, puts forward further evidence to support his claims of IBM’s knowledge and complicity in Nazi operations in wartime Poland in the paperback version to be published this week.

Historians working as part of Black’s research team said that in the paperback they had pieced together the previously fragmented story of IBM’s role in supplying the organizational machinery used to to transport millions of people to Polish death camps.

Black and his researchers said recently discovered Nazi government documents in the U.S. National Archives and Polish eyewitness testimony link IBM’s U.S. operations directly to the operations of the Third Reich in occupied Poland.

The relevance to us today is how IBM pursuit of business opens the cyber security door for China. Lenovo of China bought the IBM sagging laptop business, and in exchange for this deal connections were set for software projects using IBM resources. I am not a technology expert so I have no idea how software architecture can be copied or hacked. IBM is a major investment by Berkshire Hathaway.

Human nature, greed, and pursuit of more money over the best interests of USA is still alive and well. Just look how Warren Buffett celebrated death of Keystone Pipeline project that locked in more future rail shipments of oil for the old Burlington Northern Railroad bought by Berkshire Hathaway. Oil freight is huge volume and very profitable for railroads compared to pipeline shipping savings. Of course, Buffett is seen as an ideal citizen and great business man by the corporate cronyism favored with our president.

The cyber security issues are real threats to our country and our economy by theft and subverting stolen technical secrets of our national defense. What action is being taken by our president? We do not need retaliation. We need initiative to deny our enemies access to our own technology experts.

Killing millions of Jews during WWII may not be very important to us today. However, never underestimate the power of greed to influence poor decisions by major US companies that endanger all of us.

Benito and Adolph enjoy Iran and North Korea pushing USA around.

Benito and Adolph enjoy Iran and North Korea pushing USA around.

City folks are pretty dumb

November 5, 2015

Most cities are spending a lot of time and money arguing over toilets. There are a group of LGBT people that are mad toilets have signs who can use the toilet. Remove the sign!

Millions of dollars are being wasted on designing new signs for toilets. Millions of dollars are being wasted on instructing public educators on instructing students on how to use the toilet. If you do not know how to go the bathroom when you are in grade school, then you have to be really dumb.

Voters in Houston just confirmed that if you have a boys bathroom, then only boys can use that toilet. Girls know that boys do piss on the toilet seat when they are in a hurry. Girls do not want boys in their bathroom. How is forcing boys into a girl bathroom a civil right?

A tradition from the start of our country is the easiest and cheapest solution. City people are supposed to be smarter than country people, but why do city people need so much help to use a toilet?



Recycling out of date phone booths for the city folks can be a cheap solution. Nobody uses pay phones anymore with everyone buying or stealing cell phones in the city.

Fancy city outhouse with a night light is LGBT toilet.

Fancy city outhouse with a night light is LGBT toilet.

Transportation Safety Authority fails bomb tests

November 3, 2015

President Obama proudly shoved all TSA employees into the federal utopia of union membership. Nobody gets fired, and we always need more employees to get the job done.

The 2nd testing of smuggling bomb materials onto airplanes by a government audit team did confirm that we can be sure bombs do get through screening.  We applaud the groping, probing, and confiscating routinely done by TSA.  However, it appears these activities do not affect sneaky bomb makers beating security for getting onto airplanes.

There is no question that adding more union federal workers fills our president with ecstasy and joy.  We will get more promises that this 2nd failure across the TSA system can be corrected with more union employees and more bonus money. Nobody will be fired and we can expect more money used from new debt ceiling for morale boosting trips to motivate TSA dullards.

“Several of our field leaders and officers have also recommended a Model Transportation Security Officer Project to determine model performance criteria. The project is intended to incentivize performance and emphasize the values and standards frontline employees are expected to uphold across the enterprise. I am a strong proponent of incentivizing performance, as this can be a powerful instrument to drive employee behaviors. Through these efforts, we intend to convey our values, measure them, and evaluate performance against these new expectations, uniting the TSA workforce behind critical agency reforms that will deliver organizational alignment and strengthen our security posture.” TSA Administrator Peter Neffenger has the delusion that this government program is an “enterprise”.   An enterprise in essence is taking the prize or goal.  It appears this TSA enterprise consistently fails the life or death threats of smuggling bombs onto airplanes.  Sounds like our future relies upon offering better incentives for the union workforce to have better morale while still failing in protecting us.

Crotch groping has saved how many lives?

Crotch groping has saved how many lives?


We reveal all our military secrets?

November 1, 2015

Thanks goodness our military are not at war anymore under President Obama.  A promise and pledge was made publicly by our fearless leader after our glorious exit from combat in the mountains and desert land of the Muslims.  We do not need to lose more soldiers in combat and we do not need to set combat boots on their foreign land.  However, advisors from USA are now going back into combat areas just to observe and support endless warfare.  Maybe some will get killed, but the pledge of no boots on the ground is in tatters anyway.

Our president has no plan on winning any war.  He just does not want to be blamed for losing every war he was leading as commander in chief.  The history books will not consider his delusions about international law keeping the world at peace.  Going back to the blood shed by USA during the Viet Nam war, it started with “advisors” who were the front line warriors battling the China military.  Presidents Kennedy and Johnson escalated the use of force to defeat the Chinese communist conquest of Viet Nam.

Our Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter knows the rules of propaganda in our current White House.  Any advisor killed in combat in Iraq now, was never in combat.  Military shot and killed in Iraq were just observers and advisors with guns.  Carter was upset that the secret plan of sending a lone US destroyer to confront the Chinese navy was in the news last week.  However, our White House revealing adding 50 advisors with air force Wart Hogs for support was just fine.  What will 50 troops do in turning the tide against ISIS?  It is the stuff of legend and lore how Sparta sent 300 to their certain death to confront the Persian invading army invading Greece.  Who expects 50 soldiers to defeat the Muslim army of ISIS?

We know that our president is playing politics with the lives and deaths of our military.  Either win or leave.  Our military leadership that are true warriors grow weary of the word games that let more die for propaganda.  Let the president lead his favorite LGBT troops in public parades with rainbow flags to make himself happy.

Rainbow flags are not really rainbows you morons.

Rainbow flags are not really rainbows you morons.

China irritated by USA

October 27, 2015

Susan Rice will be explaining why China is challenging all maritime activity. The television series Kung Fu insults the Chinese by using a white actor pretending to be a shaolin monk doing dumb martial arts nonsense with cowboys. Of course to make it totally nuts, his mentor is a blind monk who performs super human feats. Susan is apologizing to the Chinese for our stupid exploitation of martial arts for money.

Shaolin monks are not popular for China communists.

Shaolin monks are not popular for China communists.

Susan knows that China like the USA government, does not like religion to be more popular than the government. Anyway, Rice is infamous for her blaming the massacre in Benghazi of our ambassador because Used Cars insulted Muslims making fun of the Ayatollah at a used car lot.

Our president is making a bold statement to defy the military operations of the Chinese navy that is getting bigger than our navy.
He is sending from Japan a single military ship USS Lassen.

This single US naval ship will be our challenge to Chinese navy?

This single US naval ship will be our challenge to Chinese navy?

Teddy Roosevelt had a better idea to use a big stick instead of talking tough. This challenge to China is more of a joke, than a threat.

Chinese navy ignores USA threat from a single vessel in their waters.

Chinese navy ignores USA threat from a single vessel in their waters.

Our president is so feeble, nobody pays attention anymore to his red line military threats. China will not change their military expansion to control territory they want.

Heroine Hillary survived 11 hours!

October 24, 2015

Медаль «Защитнику свободной России» Putin has scheduled to award Hillary Clinton the prestigious title of Defender of a free Russia in recognition of her contributions by defending his motherland.

Hillary bravely declared her Reset campaign to help Russia become a global leader again.

Hillary bravely declared her Reset campaign to help Russia become a global leader again.

Hillary had to endure 11 hours of testimony in the House of Congress to answer questions about Benghazi massacre on 9/11/2012. She survived the grueling and painful questions from members of Congress looking to find information on her policies that led to the attack on Benghazi. The Democrats apologized and praised her courage to face the Republicans wasting her time and $4.8 millions dollars in expense spent on the hearing.

I never heard a Democrat in Congress complain about spending any money before?! I thought there was something wrong with my television when I heard this. If Republicans dare to suggest stop funding the federal study on fat lesbians, then the Democrats would howl like a fat lesbian dragged from her 3rd plate at a buffet. We welcome the Democrats to the stewardship concept to stop wasting our tax dollars on nonsense. So far the only waste is happening on the Benghazi committee hearings?

I do not think Hillary surviving 11 hours is as significant as surviving 13 Hours! I am absolutely certain that none of the Democrats on the Benghazi committee will bother to attend the movie on January 16, 2016; 13 Hours The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. Hillary would not enjoy being in the shoes of her ignored ambassador Stevens on September 11, 2012.

Hillary found humor in answering questions about Benghazi.

Hillary found humor in answering questions about Benghazi.

The Democrats seem more concerned about protecting Sanctuary cities from enforcing federal laws against illegal aliens. The Democrats no longer fight for the rights of citizens but demand we must adopt revolutionary principles to destroy our country. Comrade Clinton is adapting to the privileges of office enjoyed by rulers in Russia.

She might be ignorant of history that introduced the Stalin Labor Camps for enemies of the state to suffer and die in Siberia working. How about Hillary enjoying North Dakota in the winter for massacre in Benghazi?

Bernie Sanders is revolting

October 20, 2015

The political circus is traveling across the USA for electing our next president. The most unlikely cult hero is Bernie Sanders. On the CNN reality entertainment program of Democrat Candidate Debate Bernie invited everyone to join his revolution. He wants to make the USA more like Denmark?!

The official website for Sanders asks the question; “Ready to start a political revolution?” If it involves any work or effort or sacrifice, then the Sanders crowd would not get out in the rain to be revolting. Bernie believes in Santa’s workshop. His federal elves would be shoveling out money to fatten the academic empire of irrelevant political science majors.

Bernie speaking to  an empty Senate chamber to enjoy a video selfie babbling revolution.

Bernie speaking to an empty Senate chamber to enjoy a video selfie babbling revolution.

I can see the jumbo jets with revolutionary followers of Sanders eagerly boarding the Denmark immersion experience. Denmark expects you to learn their language. Denmark expects you to work? Denmark is not concerned about climate change because they have a miserable climate anyway!

Having a great time in Denmark!  Come join Bernie?

Having a great time in Denmark! Come join Bernie?

I am quite sure the Sanders followers will not be reading this old hobo. But I did enjoy the lunacy of Sanders inviting the USA to join his Revolution. The real revolution that made us free would never be backed by Sanders. LIVE FREE OR DIE

Why USA needs more bourbon!

October 5, 2015

If Hillary is auditioning to become a bar tender, then we know Happy Hour is a just a memory. Everybody has to cherish and enjoy their favorite saloon or tavern. I am absolutely convinced that drinking together is what we need in the USA. Would I knowingly walk into a bar tended by Hillary? NEVER! I want to have fun and relaxation sharing cocktails with neighbors and buddies.

Do not hang out at a bar with only 1 patron!

Do not hang out at a bar with only 1 patron!

I had a lot of concern that our country was wandering in the prohibition wilderness 20 years ago. Sales of hard liquor were plunging and appreciation of our heritage in whiskey barrels was vanishing. The Millennial generation is restoring my hope that we all can enjoy a cocktail again! The value of premium bourbon has entered the stratosphere. I am looking forward to driving to the Jack Daniels distillery while attending the Cadillac Allante Club car meet in Nashville.

My wife’s 40th high school reunion in Hinsdale, Illinois had a charity fund raiser with raffle tickets. She won a bottle of Old Fitzgerald barreled in 1947 and bottled back in 1955. Her girl friend class mate inherited from her father his collection of liquor. He had excellent taste in selecting his collection. I was delighted at her good luck to win a bottle she donated for the drawing. I definitely look forward to our visiting her class mate and seeing this astounding collection. This bottle is valued over $1,000.

Too many of her class mates were buried, or in failing health unable to attend. Those attending were merry indeed to celebrate enjoying life together. I see our duty is to survive and enjoy life together. Millennials are dedicated to enjoying life to full measure! I do not trust the dooms day prophets of our failings and misery. I prefer to have a laugh together and a cocktail to celebrate our lives.

Bourbon is a good investment to enjoy life!

Bourbon is a good investment to enjoy life!

Another hostage crisis for USA?

August 18, 2016

USA has another crisis for foreign diplomacy!  Rio de Janiero is upset that some drunk USA swimmers had a  story that did not match each other?  President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry are swinging into action.  Step 1. is to ignore these Roman Catholics because of the Crusades that killed Muslims 1,000 years ago.

A unmarked privately chartered jet is being loaded with $400,000,000 right now.  Brazil will be receiving heavy water, nuclear fuel, and an invitation to become a nuclear power with missiles.  Brazil must accept Muslim Syrian refugees and set up Burkini only beach sections.  The good news for our drunk swimmers is their release in 4 years!

It seems there is tangible evidence that the Iran release of hostages was actually because USA paid ransom money to Iran!  Obama keeps refusing to admit the obvious on his illegal exchange of money for hostages as ransom payment.  We know that we were told how we could keep our health plan in spite of questions on Obamacare holding USA hostage.  Obama has never lied, ever!  We are just too dumb to understand what he told us.

Brazil does not want to become a nuclear weapons super power, but Kerry insists to take the nukes.  Is the world going crazy?  Or is USA acting like we are nuts?  I am afraid that our White House is now a nut house.

Obama has to start his own celebrity golf tournament!  I will pay any price to see him on golf course playing in a tournament.  How about playing the Obama Tournament in Rio de Janiero?


Masters of deception in White House

August 14, 2016
Crying shame that Islamic terror free to kill in USA now.

We share sorrow for the lost lives and damaged lives of military fighting Islamic terrorists.  Now we learn that our military orders and strategy relied upon fake intelligence reports.  Take a moment to reflect on how do edited and false intelligence get inserted into final intelligence reports?

On August 10, 2016 the House of Representatives released the initial report from their joint task force.  This was created by the Chairmen of the committees for Armed Services, Intelligence, and Defense Appropriations.  40% of intelligence analysts had experienced an attempt to distort or suppress intelligence in the past year.  Senior leaders in CENTCOM Intelligence relied on details reported from coalition forces over our own military troops reports.  So the Iraq army never surrendered our significant armored equipment and weapons to ISIS at the first sign of trouble?

We have a president who pretends he can better handle our military than our professional soldiers.  His personal touch is evident in the CENTCOM debacle of doctored intelligence reports to puff up better results.  Of course, President Obama first learned of the intelligence manipulation by reading about it in the news.  How could he know why his staff were changing intelligence reports?

The front line military operations forces did not trust the information that contradicted what they saw first hand.  So basically, your life relied upon your eyes and ears over information from head quarters.  That is a formula for disaster and worse, distrust of leadership.

This report is available on the public for your review.  Perhaps our president will take the time to read this report?  He may agree with his former Secretary of State that; “What difference does it make, now?”  Are toilets finally free for use by military based on the sex they want to be today?

We are lucky that our president is so brilliant, nobody understands what he is doing now.




USA proud of golden athletes

August 12, 2016
United States' Simone Biles, left, and Aly Raisman celebrate after winning gold and silver respectively for the artistic gymnastics women's individual all-around final at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Thursday, Aug. 11, 2016. (AP Photo/Dmitri Lovetsky)

The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro has amazing athletes from the USA.  The diversity of events offers everyone an avenue to participate on this world stage. Wisconsin does want to see darts, polka dancing and pool added to the events.

The personal challenges for each member of the USA team reveal the depth of dedication and optimism of our citizens.  I appreciate and enjoy the achievements more after learning a little about our athletes.  Our success in competition confirms the love and devotion of our citizens to excel using their God given talents.

I admire amazing stories like Michael Phelps who has battled personal demons and persevered to once again reach the pinnacle of his sport.  I was surprised at the domination by our women gymnasts.  Our athletes do embody the ideals of the Olympics by their respect and sportsmanship demonstrated to their competitors.

Viewers in USA of these amazing competitions is down on television ratings.  I find it odd that with little good news in the world, that USA does not enjoy following the competitions by our best athletes.  I hope this drop in viewing is not a drop in love of our USA team competing at their highest level of effort.

Aly Raisman from Boston competed her best for individual best gymnast and won the silver.  Her team mate Simone Biles won the gold.  Simone has suffered desertion by her birth parents but has flourished with her adopted parents.

Aly in her childhood has seen Boston struggling with the terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon.  All of our USA competitors know the dangers and threats common now in the world with terrorist killers yelling Allahu Akbar.  USA citizens remain defiant and resolute in defending our freedom.  Terrorists will never shackle our spirit and suffer the consequences of attacking USA citizens.

The devotion and dedication of USA team is to give their full measure of effort in the competition.  The reward may only be that they competed but came in last.  This effort deserves our respect and attention.  Our team demonstrates the best of our faith in individual effort for the greater good for all of us.

Coonhound sun bathing

August 10, 2016
coon hound sun

Millie loves to sun bathe.  Life in the north woods of Wisconsin includes the winter season.  Millie does not love winter.  Millie does love summer.

She sleeps with her nose awake.  She is roused instantly if there is a scent in the air that gets her interest.  I would not suggest a Treeing Walker Coon Hound as ideal for a condo with neighbors that object to noise.  Millie does rattle our windows if barking inside.

We have a special bond ever since I found her dumped in the woods as a puppy.  She is the first and last coon hound in our house.  She does demand extra attention as a coon hound princess.

She can jump up from the floor 3 feet vertical!  She can run and jump over fallen trees like a cougar.  Her barks can be heard a half mile away.

I enjoy indulging her love of sun bathing, because I know she will not enjoy winter.  I will be stacking our fire wood in August and September on the wood pile.

Saint Bernard warned us

August 1, 2016
Clown hearse is dignified exit for our government.

Back in 1150 Saint Bernard of Clairvaux Abbey described the path to hell.  Our English version of his aphorism is; “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”  A lot of folks are confident they know what is right and wrong.  Not enough folks do what they know is right.

There are a lot of people convinced that there is no hell.  Do not sweat any sinning, because the guilt trip is a scam.  It does seem a lot of free spirits discover religion when their life draws closer to expiration date?  A lot of lost souls want to be embraced by a church congregation for assurance of God’s mercy to forgive a sinner. The Satanic followers look forward to hell!

Pompous agnostics demand proof of God.  The clown hearse is a classic last ride for those clowns.  I would like the agnostics to prove that they are real.  How do I know these doubters are human beings?  What gives humans the right to define what makes a human a human?  Seems like a prejudiced benchmark and not an impartial standard.  How does a human define and measure God that is infinite and all powerful?  God is confined to the limits of human intelligence?  Mark Twain was amused that humans humbly  discovered that man is made in the image of God!

In 1979 ac/dc highway to hell defiantly elevated party time to an accepted a global priority.  This song assumes the world understands the concept of a real hell.  The people in Argentina are discovering their lives are hell under their socialist economy.  I have no plans of winding up in Argentina after a drunken party.

My vision of hell is to be bed ridden in a nursing home with devout Obama and Clinton sycophants who deliriously keep babbling on the miracles these crooks performed.  That would be hell for sure!  I probably would make their life hell on earth by my bitching and laughing on the failures of Obama and Clinton.



Poor Hillary Clinton got rich by charity

July 20, 2016
Hillary found humor in answering questions about Benghazi.

It is impressive how much money has gone into a charitable Clinton Foundation. 

Please take a minute or two on visiting http://www.clintonfoundation to appreciate how the world has improved by their good works.   “The Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation builds find solutions..”  The biggest solution for a top priority problem answers the question; “How can the Clintons get stinking rich by any means?”

The Republican National Convention audience was chanting “Lock her up!”  I was embarrassed at such a juvenile reaction by adults.  Some politicians might even lose sleep over the voters getting cranky on the poor elected officials who become millionaires while serving in office.  Some Democrats might even be sweating that some of those chanting were serious about locking her up?

I prefer Hillary R Clinton’s famous Benghazi response “What difference does it make?!”  I believe justice is better served is by making the money grubbing chiselers from Arkansas poor again.  Protect our Clintons to be free to walk the streets in poverty around USA.  IRS will shut down their tax dodge of hiding millions of dollars off the tax rolls in their foundation that pays them a fortune while hoarding 90% of the “donated” money.

Slick Willy demanded travel by a private jet to fly 70 miles to speak at a public university event that paid him $150,00o to just show up as a grand poohbah while giving a quick speech.  How did he spend $110 on video rentals for one night?  How can you spend $1,000 on room service?  It is good to live like a king!

I am starting a Hobo Foundation and I know that Saudi Arabia, Russia, and banks on Wall Street will donate millions of dollars, just like Hillary got while Secretary of State.  What a country!  I will give updates on my billion dollar goal for fund raising into my Hobo Foundation.  The goal of my foundation could be to build partnerships by me taking money to find solutions to Hobo problems.


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