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hobo jungle drums warning USA

be careful of bad ju ju! the hobo czar may have to find a job, since Obama will eliminate the office of hobo relations. we're on our own! that's nothing new?!

Tax Scam Traps Loser Celebrities

March 19, 2019

Spoiled lazy kids of rich parents expected gliding into an easy life.  These are the parents who bought bogus sports credentials and also paid to get higher SAT scores for these dullards.  These egocentric parents used checks in  buying a fictional profile of scholarship and sports achievements.  Their problem is tax evasion!

These parents expected to reduce their income taxes by claiming the bribery money for deceptive entry into college as a charitable donation to Key Worldwide Foundation.  If you are planning to cheat, than go big!  They knew that most normal charities do not promise entry into college for a price.  These 2 ladies are in entertainment I am told.  I have never seen them on the boob tube, flat screen, or the big screen in  a movie.

They face the real horror of prison, massive tax fines, and losing out playing on any sequels.  All because they tried acting dumb but flunked out, the IRS will spoil their plans of traveling.  Our real entertainment now begins with the parents who know their student who diligently participated in high school athletics was aced out by low level celebrities buying a entry scam for their lazy dullards.

The best story of all is the lawsuit by a teacher mom Jennifer Kay Toy demanding reparation of $500 billion!  The amazing legal system in our country has lawyers who cannot add or subtract well.  Why not $5 trillion?.  Her son was not accepted by USC!  This lawsuit was filed in San Francisco.  I am sure Ms. Toy will donate most of her settlement for poor high school students?

These ladies are the target of lawyers who dream of huge settlements to make them rich.  The litigants are just a little smarter than their dumb ass children.  This could make a great comic movie but nobody in Hollywood has  a sense of humor now.

Ultimate outrage is that neither Lori Loughlin nor Felicity Huffman will ever be cast to portray themselves in any movie about their scam.  Hollywood can be a bitch!




Methane Limit for Representatives

March 13, 2019

It has happened to all of us.  You let one loose.  You rip one.  Once it’s out, everybody smells it.  Imagine being trapped all day with over 435 House of Representatives.  Besides the hot air being spouted, you are trapped and getting gallons of methane gas poured out without warning.

Each of these 435 Representatives must have a staff of at least 3 workers and 9 ass kissers.  Besides people getting dragged in to explain why their business should not be taxed more, there are approximately 10,000 methane producers in our House of Representatives at any time.  To put that in comparison to dairy farms, it is a HUGE operation that has 2,000 dairy cows.  In my area of Wisconsin, a big dairy operation has 500 cows.  We need to control, limit, and set fines on excessive methane production in our Washington, DC.

methane bovine collector EU

It looks crazy, but this is European Union methane collector.  The cows have to put up with a lot in their lifetime.  Swiss cows are marched  up mountain sides to graze.  The dairy herd keeper in Summer stays on the mountain side in a rustic timber hut tending to the cattle.  Got to love the routine involved to change the methane collector bag every damn day?!

Before entering any government building, everyone must carry a gas detector for safety.

methane gas detector portable

Why are people more important than animals?  Do the animals have a vote in our laws created to control nature?  The diversity of creation continues to reveal miracles and secrets after thousands of years in the laws of nature.  If you spent your life reading our laws, then would anybody be wiser for it?


I do respect and value bar tenders highly.  I doubt gas bag big mouth Representative Alexandria Cortez makes it into the big leagues of bar tending.  I am asking for donations to save our planet by demanding our House of Representatives take action NOW to collect methane in their building.  Shoot me a note and me or Uncle Stosh will meet you for a boiler maker and take some cash.  NO BITCOIN!

Scam Sneaks Dumb Kids into College

March 12, 2019

The latest chapter of rich privilege is exposed in Operation Varsity Blues by FBI.  Wide ranging crimes of deception and bribery were selected by parents to package their kid as above average but not as superstar athlete and scholar.  The dilemma of wealthy parents is when they recognize their lazy son or daughter will never get into a prestigious college campus, like Georgetown.  They want to brag that their kid is going to Georgetown.  They are ready to buy “Photoshop” fake athletic pictures, as if their lazy kid ever bothered to  even try out for any high school team.

Georgetown University Washington DC

The sad truth is that the parents are buying a fake biography for their own flesh and blood.  “We know you are a loser.  But we bought a fake biography that makes you a winner!”  My parents loved me with all my faults (few as there are).  I refused to buy a college education for my sons.  My sons were lucky to graduate high school.  I love my sons. They are successful and do use on line advanced education courses.

Real wealthy parents are better off sending their dumb lazy children to Switzerland for pampered luxury with tutors and exotic travel courses.  That is more expensive, but the kids do get good chocolate and a network of other rich pampered students across the globe.  The students do learn to ski, mountain climb, yodel, and buy chocolate.

Students from Europe who attend a university in USA do gain 40 pounds with snacking plus electronic gaming to ruin your health.  Students from USA learn to drink beer in Heidelberg with the tradition of sabre dueling still alive.

Heidelberg University

So they expect their kid admitted with false credentials to enjoy living a lie while enrolled?  The student will be under intense pressure to succeed after the parents spent a small fortune on buying admission.  After graduation, the real challenge is living on your own.  My sons got a taste of reality and are surviving the challenge of living on their own.

My family still enjoys watching Chris Farley handle taking over his ambitious father’s plans for expanding his car parts empire.  Tommy Boy did discover how to get results despite adversity after his father passes away.



Droll Humor by ICE Scam

March 9, 2019

My Masters Degree is from the University of Northern New Jersey.  It was tragic that this fine institution closed in 2016.  My Doctorate Degree is from the University of Farmington in the quaint bucolic area of Farmington Hills.  I am afraid this is another lost temple of higher learning.  Both are victims of my favorite movie; The Sting.

ICE dared to mislead primarily illegal aliens from Telugu India who flocked into higher education to get degrees in our USA.  The complications and complex problems these poor bumpkins endured to get into a Sting University is worthy of a 2019 movie.  I do not know if I should laugh or feel sympathy.  It is not too late for Senator Sanders to offer these illegal aliens free tuition and register them to vote.  The lunatics in Washington D.C. will make an investigation into the cruel and unusual prank played on hundreds of Telugu illegal aliens.  Did Telugu have a travel agent who was selling packages  for getting university degrees in our USA?

We need to put Special Counsel Mueller on this investigation to see if any Russia Collusion is linked to India Collusion in our federal government.  Does this mean my degrees are not worth anything?  I refuse to remove them from my framed display in my office as Doctor of Metaphysics.

ICE scam FarmingtonICEuniversity-of-northern-new-jersey

This ominous digital warning was posted to inform the population that “the jig was up”!

ICE surprise

This method of tracking illegal aliens did start under president Obama.  It continued without apology under president Trump.  At least this scam was not as lethal as Obama gun smuggling to drug lords in Mexico under Fast and Furious.

2019 Puppy Adventures

March 9, 2019

If you want to know the character of people, than see them with their dog.  If you want to see the character of people, than see how their dog behaves.  I have a problem with people who pretend a dog is human.  A dog is smart enough to avoid acting like people.

The life we choose is the life we live.  Old dogs die but their loving memories remain in our lives.  My beloved told me of her finding a puppy she wanted to bring into our home.  “Turk” was born last Thanksgiving.  His house identity is abbreviation of turkey.  His lineage is from champion Keeshond blood lines.  We loved every Keeshond we brought into our home.  He is destined to travel to American Kennel Club events and be compared to many of his generation.  My wife is co-owner and handler for Turk.

Turk missing mom

The personality of every dog is unique.  We visited Turk several times before picking him up after Valentine’s day.  He appeared alert but he seemed passive with his litter mates.  Appearances can be deceiving.  Now that he understands he is home, his personality has flourished.  He accompanied his handler on a shopping trip to Tractor Supply for some additional pet supplies.  Of course, he was the center of attention by shoppers he crossed.  Turk also selected a new chew toy, that he favors for keeping close by his paw.

My wife will be retiring soon.  The schedule of AKC events will be part of our calendar.  Turk does not like when my wife leaves the house for work.  He steals her slipper to snuggle while he misses her.  Keeshond are a great dog for Wisconsin because they were bred as Dutch barge dogs to protect cheese cargo being delivered to stores near river and canals.

I am pleased that this dog does bark when he needs to bark!  Our last dog only barked for food.  Anybody could walk in and he would just sit and watch quietly.  He was a nice dog but quite useless.  This dog acts more like a dog.

I look forward to seeing Turk discover that we do not live in snow all year long.  Spring will reveal grass under his paws.  Our lake will reveal the water hidden by ice sometime in April.  For now, he thrives in snow and cold temperatures.  He has discovered the busy squirrels jumping from tree limbs near our deck.  Life is good when you love dogs who live with you.  They learn to adapt to crazy old people.




You Might Be Impeached!

March 4, 2019

Just in case a law might have been violated, Representative Jerrold Nadler is on a quest to question everything and anything Donald J. Trump has ever done.  It appears that his district does not need anything done for assisting them.  His mission is to find a crime.  He does not have anything specific to arouse his suspicion.  But he knows that he does not need evidence of anything to occupy his time, and spend our tax money just snooping around to find a crime.

jerrold-nadler fat rep

He does not claim any specific reason to expect cause to impeach our 45th president.  He does enjoy the publicity and notoriety of his quest.  We look forward to many suspicions and speculations to be shared with Propaganda News eager to confuse and irritate us common folk with nothing.  How about balancing our budget and hunting down fraud?  That might take too much work!

The witch hunt began with Queen Hillary buying a propaganda investigation from whores in Russia to claim candidate Trump hired them in Moscow.  This began the bizarre rumors that candidate Trump relied upon assistance from Russia to win office.  During this lapse in common sense, nobody asked how and why Secretary of State Hillary Clinton approved a multi million dollar sale of USA Uranium directly to a company in Russia.  Hillary did instruct staff to destroy computers and of course, smash all cell telephones with sledge hammers.  That is normal security protocol.

Representative does not find anything unusual in the sale of uranium to Russia approved by Hillary Clinton.  However, he is looking for anything done by Donald J Trump that can be a crime.  This guy is a fathead and a publicity hound getting attention by rumors about Donald J Trump he can keep dreaming up.

Funny Green New Deal

March 1, 2019

The laws of nature do not obey what politicians pass as law.  There is more methane produced in the House of Representatives than a milking parlor with 500 cows in Wisconsin.  Fortunately, the cows do not read or follow the proposed laws about cows.

When the force of nature roars  up a hurricane or a blizzard, then tell me how anyone can find refuge to save their life by listening to a politician.  There is a lot of publicity and carbon dioxide generated talking and talking about a proposed law; Green New Deal.  I do know that the gasoline powered outboard boat in swelling waves passing a breakwater light tower is against this proposed new law.  When the storm blows in, there will not be any gasoline powered anything to push, pull, plow, or propel a boat.


The perpetual self promotion machine in our House of Representatives is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Her first and final term in office will be confirmed after 2020 elections.

The people who voted her into office to represent her district will send their thanks for nothing by voting her out.  At least could have tried to pretend and lie about stuff to help her district voters.  It may come as a shock, but the world will continue with or without her in office.  I won’t notice any difference either.



Nostalgia in Victim Industry

February 26, 2019

Life moves at a faster pace these days aided by rapid growth of technology.  There is no safe refuge from the advance of instant communication with immediate access.  One of the greatest threats to communication is presenting propaganda instead of allowing the public access to viewing actual events.  The movies of today are usually only spectacles of special computer effects without lessons from life experience.

At the Oscar Awards for 2018 released movies, the only film we saw was Black Panther.  Enter Spike Lee to accept his award as a director of a film might watch on Amazon Prime.  We did not watch the awards telecast.  He did have a unique sense of fashion style with his purple livery style cap.  It seems to be a costume from the Batman cast of characters.

Spike Lee got some additional publicity by a Tweet from our Twitter King residing in our White House.  I do share the frustration of 45 on the propaganda themes of wrongs never righted.  When will the past be allowed to remain as information of history?  If we do not repeat the mistakes of our past, than we should not be blamed for a past that we did not create?  I did enjoy the story of Black Panther with heroic characters and no apologies for celebrating their fantasy world without preaching.

The children of today should not be enslaved with guilt and atonement for stupid decisions of our past that they did not create.  It would be similar to blaming the current Hollywood film makers for all of the lousy movies from the last millennium.  I do consider deliberate use of children to perform propaganda scripts is worse than just cheap publiclity.  Children trust adults and do not understand the deeper currents of vengeance and hatred from the adults using them as propaganda tools.

It is a gift to have the innocence of a child.  It is a dark crime today to refuse reciting the litany of our failures.  Nobody can avoid accepting our crown of thorns and be crucified by Cory Booker, or face banishment by socialists.  The utopia rules are a lot more vague and subject to Hollywood cocktail parties.  Hollywood does need an audience that is willing to participate by spending a couple of hours viewing a movie.  How about a biography epic movie about Representative Ocasio-Cortez from her humble beginnings right up to claiming her role as QueenAlexandria?  That movie will go bust and sell few tickets.

The Wizard of Oz

I am very sure Alexandria sees herself as Dorothy.  #AOC is a witch and she does need a bucket of water, but do we have a Dorothy to save the world?  My favorite entertainment remains live local theater.  The Goodman Theater of Chicago had a series of productions for plays of Eugene O’Neil that were magical.  Iceman Cometh opened a lot of doors into enlightenment.  Brian Dennehy did several years in Chicago to perform in the master playwright’s creations.




Mass Amnesia in House

February 24, 2019

The newest House of Representatives entered their first year of service in happy ignorance of the housing financial crisis of Barney Frank.  This might seem like ancient history, but the Great Recession of 2008 has the fingerprints of former congressman Frank.  A great convenient resource is article by Kimberly Amadeo updated on January 28, 2019; The Great Recession of 2008 Explained with Dates.

The House Financial Services Committee was the kingdom of Barney Frank.  He magnanimously forced mortgage underwriting approve more marginal or poorly qualified applicants be approved for loans.  The  Propaganda News industry made a parting gift to Frank with a public declaration of innocence from any guilt for forcing the housing collapse and financial collapse of lending institutions.  The Washington Post published an article after his departure titled; Barney Frank didn’t cause the housing crisis.  How did the greatest financial crisis of the USA in our lifetime escape the notice of the oversight group; Financial Services Committee ?

Why am I bothering to remind us of a painful memory?  We are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past by ignoring to remember how we failed in the past.  The enthusiastic new members of our House of Congress may lack the sophistication and pedigree of Barney Frank degrees from Harvard.  I am more concerned about those that graduated from Harvard!  The greatest president in our history failed to effectively counter or correct this financial crisis while in office as our 44th president; Barack Hussein Obama.

I do blame our 43rd president for not heeding the pleading by states to stop the worthless mortgage lending procedures that put poor people into housing they cannot afford.  We all pay the price when our Congress plays politics with our financial safeguards.  It is more painful to see families lose everything because they were deceived into buying a house they could never afford.  I am proud to have elected our 45th president; Donald J. Trump.  He survived and endured every tidal wave in banking loan games, and massive regulations on commercial construction.  The will power to persevere in spite of the Great Recession is heroic and worthy of notice.  I take pride in my family surviving this crushing threat.  I respect the success of the Trump family getting through while growing their fortune.

The only thing we have to fear are new members in the House of Representatives who want to shoot first and check if they have the ammunition later.

Trump tower flag


Angel Moms Stop Lies

February 17, 2019

Never, ever doubt the power of a mother’s love for her children.  God affirmed the miracle of life is only possible because of a good mother.  Mary accepted life for our savior by loving her son, Jesus.  President Trump brought Angel Moms to unleash the power of love over evil acts that robbed life from their children.

The historic struggle to protect our citizens continues.  Our 45th president declared a National Emergency on national television on Friday, February 15.  The self appointed experts who were never elected in Propaganda News enjoy forcing their opinions on the public as “the truth”.  Jim Acosta confirmed his role as obnoxious DUFUS for commercial news media.  He challenged President Trump on pinning the blame for murders on illegal aliens.  Acosta did insist that the murders were “allegedly” committed by illegal aliens.  Were the victims allegedly murdered?

President Trump does not tolerate nonsense.  He swiftly asked Angel Moms to please stand up to bring Jim back to reality. Burying your murdered child does qualify as a life changing event.  Why must we accept any death or crime from illegal aliens as acceptable?   None of the moms are refusing entry of aliens.  They are victims of illegal aliens!

After taking questions from commercial media, the president left the podium.  The sacred video space for a segment by Jim Acosta suddenly had a wall of Angel Moms behind him in view of video cameras with their dead child photo held up.  God bless those devoted mothers who want to prevent another mother going through their grief and loss.

Acosta with angel mom Screen-Shot-2019-02-15-at-4.32.21-PM

AMAZON leaves New York at altar!

February 15, 2019

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was jubilant claiming personal victory in killing a major business investment in her district.  I must admit that our country is better off with the House of Representatives doing nothing.  Her district is fortunate to get nothing.  In most cases, districts pay more to get nothing.

Silly protesters wore the grumpy faces replacing the Amazon trademark symbol.   Who paid these people to antagonize Amazon?  I can only smile at the future discussions between Governor Cuomo with  Alexandria.

Anybody use the website; DRESHARE ?  The profile for Alexandria reads like it is a Russian translating the Wikipedia biography of Alexandria.   Dreshare reveals she has dimensions of 29-27-34 & weighs 132 pounds.  This personal information seems odd to list.  This Libra turns 30 on October 13 this year.  Who cares?




2.1 grams per ton can change the world!

February 10, 2019

My late 1st wife worked in a oral surgeon’s office in downtown Chicago.  She was the queen of gold in her own way.  As patients left teeth at the office after extraction, then she and her sister started to count their blessings.  The teeth with gold fillings went into their vacation coffee can.  When the can was full, they took the elevator in their building to the jeweler on the 11th floor.  She and her sister took a lot of cruises paid by gold fillings.

The future for Russia looks a lot like gold!  They have confirmed they can reap 2.1 grams of gold from a ton of mined rock in Siberia.  The extent of the gold potential is over 63 million ounces of gold!  It appears the ruble is good as gold.  Can you store over 2,000 tons of gold?


The current president of Russia is Vladimir Putin.  He will become the world’s most eligible bachelor after the tons of gold drop a few million dollars into his personal account.  His buddies and business investors are not going to kill this goose about to lay a lot of gold.

One of my favorite James Bond films remains GOLDFINGER!  In there the good guys won.  However, it appears God has a sense of humor to heap riches in the lap of communists who are not choir boys.


Another Prophet of Doom Warning?

February 8, 2019

Oh for the good old days of Al Gore promising doom before jumping onto his private jet.  Please be aware that my efforts to build The Museum of Doom needs your financial support!  Now we have a newbie?

It seems the freshman Representative from New York, has jumped into my favorite topic; The Museum of Doom.  Commercial news media love to interview this Twitter superstar; Alexandra Cortez.  When she tweets about anything she said to television interviewers, then the programs get more viewers and publicity for free.

We have only 12 years left, unless we do what she says!  One dozen years is a very specific and immediate doom.  The greatest despair is listening to her solutions on avoiding the destruction of earth.  We have to monitor cow flatulence!  Bovine farts are not the only source.  Our lives depend on a better solution.  Immediately all methane emissions in Washington DC will have limits imposed.  There will be no methane credits allowed!  (Al Gore made money off that idea by creating carbon credits to offset carbon emissions from his mansion and private jet.)

The drones beloved by Senator Chuck Schumer will be silently hovering  in the House and Senate chambers taking methane readings.  Part of this problem can be solved by having all government business out in the open air and not behind walls.  Speaker Pelosi needs to adopt a no walls policy immediately.  We only have 12 years left!

If we stop;  drinking milk, eating ice cream and making cheese, then we can save our earth.  The farmers in New York will love their rookie representative for her help.  My one major regret is that Will Rogers is not around today to appreciate the wealth of material this young lady offers for his comic commentary.

will-rogers congressmen


Fugawi Tribe Claims Elizabeth Warren

February 6, 2019

It is shocking for this old Chicago Boy when I see a tenderfoot tangled in her nylons.  Senator Elizabeth Warren needs a Chicago intervention pronto.  The Chicago Machine knows how to make something crooked appear straight by using a little fib.

She scribbled in her own hand a out of state application to practice her craft (whatever she got some stupid degree in her WASP college).  It claims she wants her race or ethnicity to be identified “Native American”!

That was way back before she became a gray haired bitch with a bad dye job.  That grumpy billionaire president poked fun at her expense on her stolen heritage.  Forget about all that gene identification nonsense.  None of the sovereign nations run out to ship blood samples to Ancestry DNA.  They already know that “white man speaks with forked tongue.”  Our forefathers stole all their prime location land and shoved them around and around to deserts, north woods, and east coast rock gardens.

The minority  access laws were passed to offer a small compensation for the minority people ripped off by politicians that run our country. (Plus politicians had relatives or angles to profit from this.)  If you had the misfortune of living on a reservation, then you could be considered a minority that might get extra leniency on acceptance for college or a company wanting to improve their quota of minority workers.  Once again the native Americans were used by Elizabeth Warren to sneak into Texas as a minority.


Lies are not lies, when you get a witness to vouch for your lie as being a truth.  Deep in the south east side of Chicago, there is a tribe of Fugawi Indians.   They have a casino in Indiana where all of the Chicago people go to buy cigarettes, liquor and gasoline at a lower tax rate.  Dizzy Lizzie could have shoved a little wampum their way, and presto changeo she is adopted into their tribe.  However, people seldom change.  Once a tight fisted money grubbing WASP, always a miser.

This tribe was immortalized in the forgotten mediocre television series; F Troop.  Elizabeth Warren would not have qualified for even a bit part in that commercial flop stinker.


Predicting the Past Returns Tomorrow!

January 31, 2019

President Trump never had any chance to get elected!  For some odd reason, the 45th President of the United States is Donald J Trump.  The experts invited onto news panels of commercial television never gave the Republican candidates much consideration during the nomination process of over a dozen candidates.  Democrats were confident the former Secretary of State would prevail in the 2016 election.


In Flint Michigan, the coronation of Queen Hillary R Clinton was carefully prepared to avoid any distractions from the invincible candidate for Democrats.  The polls and reporters for national news organizations were all focused on gaining access to the queen.  Her campaign staff limited access and set up ridiculous regulations like staying only in a cordoned area to avoid interrupting her dignified procession to coronation.

It is funny now to read again the rationalization by The Hill on the great accuracy of their forecast of election results for president in 2016.  On 1/19/2017 the lead article they published  One Last Look: 2016 polls actually got a lot right was their attempt to assuage the shock of weeping Clinton supporters who were promised the office of president by commercial media.

There will be no return to look at 2016 polls during this media coverage of the 2020 election drawing closer.  It brings me joy to watch over and over again the shocked faces of news broadcast celebrities forced to report on the victory of President Donald J Trump during the election night coverage.  I went to bed before any news broadcaster would dare confirm the election was won by Donald J Trump.  When I woke up, I felt relieved that my candidate actually did win!

There are never any changes in commercial news media when they fail in their duty to report the news.  The same experts, and the same news celebrity glamour boys and girls are on the television video cameras with Hollywood makeup and cinematic lighting.  Will the same accuracy of polls return for 2020?  The tiresome whining and moaning on Hillary loss has evolved into Trump attacks and gossip stories with no sources cited.  This is both a new century, and a new Millennium!

Public was kept in the dark purposefully on scandals and conspiracies in the camp of Queen Hillary!  Her toadies smashed cell phones with hammers and erased computer files with bleach prior to any FBI inquiry on illicit actions from Secretary of State.  The sale of Uranium to Russia is treated like the space aliens story of Roswell New Mexico.  Despite this complicit coverup by news media, the Democrat candidate failed reaching our White House.  The polls supposedly were impartial in their failure to predict accurately 2016.  According to The Hill the polls were highly accurate that forecasted coronation of Queen Hillary.

I will ignore and not waste a moment to watch commercial news predicting and covering the 2020 election.

Bang your drum NEWS

January 21, 2019

The world has not gone mad.   Don’t worry.  It is only the hysterical news media in the USA fanning flames and beating their war drums!

For some odd reason, an unusual protest was staged and planned by the Lincoln Memorial as political theater by lunatics who call themselves; black Hebrew Israelites.  The morons in commercial news media became witting dupes to be manipulated by these devout Jew hating and Roman Catholic hating protesters.  The bad news was that the black Hebrew Israelites scored no publicity for fund raising or talk show invites.  It seems news media is racist after all.  Commercial media ignored and minimized the message blasted off megaphones and loud speakers from these devout lunatics.  So these race baiting fanatics cursed at a group of high school students visiting the Lincoln Memorial and tried to get a racial news story on television.  Of course, news media ignores minority issues that complicate their propaganda news fairy tales.  Those protesters wanted sympathy and refutation of sentencing of Bill Cosby.  Did anybody understand the charitable nature of these lunatic protesters


USA has protests galore and the other protest group present at the Lincoln Memorial was native American Indian Nathan Phillips of the Omaha Nation.  Commercial news media usually ignores reporting about any of the native American Indian Nations.  However, this story provided news media Roman Catholic students being harassed by black Hebrew Israelites plus an elder from the Omaha Nation who wanted to get recognized after news media ignored every protest he held.  Out of respect for this elder, I refuse to show any image of Nathan Phillips or one student who became a national target after commercial news media put a bulls eye on his back for target practice.

So just imagine a relative went on a field trip to Lincoln Memorial and told you about being cursed and harassed by black racists, and a self appointed American Indian walked up to the harassed students beating his drum.  You would say is not what you would expect on a school field trip?  Propaganda news knows that high school students are well prepared to respond and handle such situations on a bus trip.  What nobody understands is how stupid and incompetent reporters from commercial media will continue to ask the same questions over, and over, and over again.

The silliest result all this political street theater is the damage done to the students who went on a field trip for USA history, and became a footnote in Propaganda News American style.



Patients from nuthouse denied trip!

January 18, 2019

Poor Nancy Pelosi had a great field trip planned for 2019.  She was taking her crew of fellow patients of Congress Insane Asylum from Washington DC to Brussels, Egypt, Afghanistan and maybe Zurich.  Of course this trip was to be paid by the stupid tax payers on government aircraft and attended to by military staff.

She commanded President Trump to stay out of her House of Representatives and forbade his delivering the speech for our State of the Union.   Speaker Pelosi was concerned on the safety of all from terrorist attacks because the “Government Shutdown” disrupted payment to federal workers.

Thus far the Propaganda News has not seen anything to question or challenge as unusual behavior by the Democrat politicians.  However, president 45 has intervened in the escape from the asylum by these free loaders from the House.


They were in a massive private coach bus enroute to their magic carpet ride when the FINAL LETTER killed her dreams of travel to exotic lands at our expense.  She was fearful of terrorist dangers in the House of Representatives but had no qualms about foreign travel where terror threats are real.

This exchange of letters between our president and our speaker of the house are historic!  I am still laughing at the political bitch slap game in 2019.  Hope nobody got their feelings hurt in this.  This is more fun than when President Reagan was tussling with Speaker Tip O’Neill.

Cabrini Green was UTOPIA

January 16, 2019

Once upon a time in the kingdom of Chicago, there went forth a royal decree from Hizzoner Richard J Daley!  Poverty and poor homeless families would be paid enough to live and given a home.  Please alert Senator Sanders and presidential campaigner Mayor De Blasio (who invented an Italian sounding name instead of his Jewish family name) that they need to study this brief chapter of Social Engineering.

Saint Francis Cabrini was the first American Saint.  He helped and toiled among the poor in their struggle for a decent and humane life in our country.  He was a Roman Catholic and he did not worry about public opinion on his offering aid to the low rungs of social strata.  For the vast majority of people alive today, the failures and misery of the government run public housing did not meet the 20th century expectations of a Social Engineering Utopia.

There is good news for the political candidates of our 21st century in our new Millennium.  Candidates espousing government Social Engineering can ignore the failures of the last century and the last millennium because our public education system hides these failures.

I grew up a Chicago boy that drove quickly around or through Cabrini Green.  You did not walk through there at any time, and if your automobile broke down after dark then you did not walk up to apartments to call for help.  The drug dealers, and gangs of unemployed youths found a fertile base for gaining power and money in the housing development.  There are hundreds of opinions on the reasons for this.  My guess is that nobody in the housing was given an option to buy their unit as a condominium.  People do want to live in a safe neighborhood and they will help local police to keep their home safe.  If you are just renting, then you move out as soon as you find a better place.  It was only at the very end of the social experiment that some small token steps were taken to invite renters to become owners.  By then nobody wanted to be a pioneer surrounded by criminals.

cabrini green murderscabrini green boom

The term ghetto was appropriate to describe the sad fate of those driven into living in a failed Social Engineering Utopia.  Too many families were mourning dead children in the gang crossfire.  Gangs gained strength by recruiting children to commit crimes while still children.  Gang members did not want to serve another jail sentence and children were exempted from serious jail time sentencing from judges.  Gangs recruited children by fear and threats against their parents to get them to enlist.

Too many  lives were lost, ruined and left in a life of poverty because of failed Social Engineering.  We know that this time the old mistakes of the past are long forgotten.  I can see that greedy for power politicians will deceive and rely upon ignorant voters who have not participated in Cabrini Green Social Engineering.  The housing buildings were demolished without anyone shedding a tear for losing a ghetto created by SOCIAL ENGINEERING.  Lots of luck to Sanders and De Blasio in taking all of our money to give us a lot less in return for their UTOPIA.

Stray rifle bullets shot from balconies in the ghetto high rise buildings did bounce around Montgomery Ward headquarters buildings randomly.  Those were the days!  Do you feel lucky?  The Democrat Machine of Chicago relied upon the poor minority to vote for Mayor Daley staying in power despite miserable lives with no improvement.  My visits to Montgomery Ward offices always had some element of adventure.


Does California need electricity?

January 14, 2019

Governor Brown can start rationing power usage.  The mistakes and slovenly replacement of old electric system components can endanger the public.  Do computers need electricity?  Can a business operate without electricity?  Politicians dance on the melodramatic stage of chaos and tragedy in their every campaign promise.  California government is afraid it has bankruptcy for Pacific Gas & Electric.

The corporate headquarters for this mammoth utility is in San Francisco.  The homeless campers in abundance, and sidewalks littered with human waste make me avoid returning to this city where I left my heart.  I did avoid investing in this utility stock just because there is a long history of deteriorating reliability and safety in operations.  The political wrestling in the golden state is always a concern.  Melodrama in the movies is expected, but even Arnold Schwarzenegger had to throw in the towel as governor.

pge alternative-energy-solar.jpg

Forest fires start by old transformers on power poles and solar farm transmission lines that overheat.  It comes as no surprise that the state regulation of standards for solar power transmission are still out of date and lack safe guidelines.  Reporters are not electrical engineers and have no clue on the chaos and lack of coordination with state regulators.

Voters do see forest fires.  Now voters will see the failures of both the state and the utility will be on stage in bankruptcy court proceedings.  It seems California may ask Puerto Rico for help on utility problems.

NOBODY in commercial news media is explaining and detailing the depth of danger and lack of oversight in state government.  Media loves to show video of natural gas pipeline explosions leveling neighborhoods and wildfires burning down miles of homes.



North of the border Acosta Report

January 10, 2019

National news flash near the border of Mexico is from Jim “Ace Reporter” Acosta.  He is on the USA side of the border and he seems amazed that there is zero signs of illegal immigrants anywhere in sight.  Reaction to his brilliant observation included some advice to consider that “Walls work!”

I did not see drones buzzing over the CNN reporter’s head as recommended by Senator Schumer.  I did not see people protesting as suggested by Speaker Pelosi because the “Wall is immoral!”  We did not need ICE, Border Patrols, or National Guard to protect Acosta by the wall.  We see peace and order by doing something very simple.  We built a wall.  Nobody got hurt.  Nobody got arrested.  Relax USA!  Jim Acosta is safe.  He is not the smartest guy in Propaganda News!

Jim has just provided a first hand testimonial on the effectiveness of the wall!  Thank you Jim Acosta for your public service.  The joke is that Jim was trying to make fun of our border dangers by doing his report from one of the safest areas with just a border wall.  Jim really did not understand why he couldn’t find any flood of illegal aliens begging to be on television with him.  Maybe Jim could demonstrate scaling the wall to sneak into Mexico?

Hitch a ride on the express freight train from Mexico to see how it’s done Jim!

illegal alien train

Hijacked public transportation to crash across USA border.

NFL allows abusing Time Out

January 6, 2019

On Sunday January 6, 2019 the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Chicago Bears.  The problem I cannot ignore, is the method of victory.  The Chicago Bears were set to kick their field goal attempt to win this Wildcard Playoff.

The television sports casters will devote a lot of their air time pretending to be referees predicting the correct calls that should be called by the real referees.  This is BORING!  However, the SCAM they ignore is the intentional last second TIME OUT to disrupt the opposing kicker.

I know coaches call time out to force the kicker to stop and lose his concentration while waiting in the time out.  I do not know why the NFL allows a referee to be glued to the Eagles coach to permit a time out call after the play is in motion to kick.  Obviously, this is not in the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship.  This is a guy in the casino yelling to the roulette wheel man to change his bet after the ball has dropped into the wheel.  This is not allowed.  NFL allows a coach to call time out after the play is in motion?  How about time out called while the QB is in the motion of throwing a pass?  That is not allowed but this LUCY trick of pulling away the ball from the kicker is obviously fine with NFL.

The television sports caster will waste a third of their air time boring viewers over how they see a play that has already been ruled on by referee.  Not a peep or any mention of giving Eagles permission to pull the LUCY trick!  There are not many sports casters worth watching now.  I did love Monday Night Football when Don Meredith or Alex Karras would pull the leg of Howard Kossel.

don meredith cowboys article-1336213-0c5fdb5e000005dc-589_468x680

It always made me laugh when he would sing his signal that this game was dead.  Turn out the lights!  The party is over!  He knew he couldn’t sing and he did it to irritate big mouth Howard!  For the children born in this millennium, sports bars had nerf bricks they could throw at the television screen whenever Howard was shown.  Those were some funny times.

This scam went without a ripple or any mention of review by the pompous talking heads of today.  Of course this occurred on my most hated broadcaster system; NBC .

If I had a hammer

January 4, 2019

On January 3, 2019, USA rediscovered grandmother Nancy Pelosi assuming for her 2nd time the role of Speaker of the House.  The news coverage on national television news was very superficial.  We need to recognize the lady in red swinging the hammer.

Pete Seeger introduced our USA to a song that applies to Speaker Pelosi.  If I had a hammer asked the question of USA if we were prepared to hammer out a warning all over this land.  The speaker is old enough to have known this troubadour of social justice.  Unfortunately, the current speaker chose to downsize the hammer!

pelosi misses boehner hammer

The preceding speaker everybody remembers is John Boehner.   The speaker most everybody can’t remember was his successor Paul Ryan.  John was a man of the people.  He enjoyed his cigarette with a cocktail in the clubhouse after playing 18 holes of golf.  It is evident that John wielded a mighty hammer.  Why did Nancy Pelosi downsize her hammer to a nutcracker?

You can’t build a sky scraper with a small hammer.  We are a nation of big dreams and big plans.  Our future got “down sized” with our grandmother beauty queen swinging a small hammer.

Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi

China celebrates 2019 as year of the pig

January 3, 2019

I grew up in Chicago.  Carl Sandburg honored Chicago by immortalizing my city in his poem.  “Hog Butcher for the World,” This hobo poet rode the rails before his poetry was accepted.  His poetry and his view of life merits attention from all of us today.

My dad got his first job in Chicago working in a slaughterhouse hauling out the bloody entrails in a wheel barrow.  Moving tons ankle deep in blood was not fun, but it fed our family until he got a job in a car seat factory welding seat frames.  China is well aware of the cycles of feast or famine relying on the whims of mother nature for agriculture crops and feed for animals.

Porky pig looney tunes

My career as an investment advisor often included an old saying that still needs reminding to this day.  “Pigs get fat, but hogs get slaughtered!”

Nothing is more sad than seeing people who lost everything in pursuit of greed.  I have seen formerly wealthy people who lost their wealth in blind pursuit of blind hog wild investing.  There is no sure thing.  

China wants to be leader of the world, while demanding all nations dance to their tune if they want entry for foreign trade.  President Trump has dared to question the price being paid by ignoring theft, imitation goods and substandard steel from China.  Our 45th president has chosen not to play a rigged game with rules set by China.

Carl Sandburg poet



Busted 2019 Resolutions!

January 1, 2019

Life in Wisconsin has hardworking citizens, and Democrat politicians.  My resolution for 2019 has already been broken in protest to Democrat hysteria.

In February of 2011, the Wisconsin state legislature fled like thieves in the night from the state capitol in Madison.  It seems the Republican Governor Scott Walker was not dancing to the Democrat tune of fiscal suicide.  The only rational decision was to flee the state and force the governor to sit and wait until a quorum would return.  The Democrats knew they did not have the votes to stop fiscal belt tightening on give away programs they rammed through when holding the majority.  Impudent members of the ridiculed Tea Party discovered the Wisconsin legislators hiding out in Rockford, Illinois at The Clock Tower hotel complex.  They were enjoying Chicago pizza and chuckling at the dumb voters of Wisconsin using my tax dollars to hide out.  After they discovered their hiding spot was known, then they triumphantly returned to Madison to pretend they accomplished something by doing nothing.  Classic political posturing is still alive by pretending to be heroes while acting like cowards!

My resolution was to stay silent and not bitch about morons elected for 2019 duty in House of Representatives.  I am not hiding, and I am bitching.  Let me take a page from 2011, and say I was forced to break my resolution to ignore Democrat dullards.  I did vote for Trump.  Putin did not put a gun to my head to vote for our 45th president.

Noble speeches about welcoming illegal aliens with open arms defies common sense.  Let me know how many foreign free loaders these weeping politicians invite to take food and shelter at their home after entering USA without any screening for criminal records!  I cannot ignore my Curmudgeon Code.


This dimwit uses a tiny flame to symbolize the torch held by Lady Liberty!

USA Statue of Liberty stands watch in the New York harbor.  My parents waved hello after World War 2 from the deck of a battleship in 1946 after dad lined up a job on a chicken farm in Ohio to prove he would not need financial aid with his visa.  Now, foreigners without a visa just show up with a family demanding entry pronto is all Democrats need.  President Trump does NOT see murder, theft, and people streaming in on their own whim as acceptable to security of our nation and safety of our citizens.

I expect Senator Schumer to copy the exodus strategy for his senate minority just as Wisconsin Democrats hid to delay every legislation just because they could.

Happy New Year!  Keep your hand on your wallet.  Keep tabs on your elected senators and elected representatives.

Inertia is lethal

December 22, 2018

In the last century and in the last millennium, USA intervened to meddle in Albania feud in Kosovo.  President Clinton elected to get involved, because he was losing the public relations war by being a whimp with Russia and their proxy armies.  Those nasty Republicans chuckled and laughed over our glorious missile attack on an empty Aspirin factory to prove how tough Slick Willy failed miserably.  Some nasty Republicans predicted the permanent posting of military in Kosovo after 41 pledged and promised that our troops were only temporary.

Now in our current century and our current millennium, self appointed experts in propaganda news are alerting our country about the end of our safety because USA will ruin our security by withdrawal of our “temporary military in Kosovo” and our “military advisors” in Syria.  Getting military killed far from home will keep us safe in our country?

The Empire of Rome extended their military occupation around the globe.  What is currently that status of the Roman Empire these days?  Genghis Kahn and family did a remarkable job of conquest by military.  Why does our safety at home improve by letting military get picked off around the globe in any country being torn in conflict?  I am supporting our 45th president Donald J Trump for challenging the wisdom of repeating the Roman Empire approach to diplomacy.

Our current news media are better suited to covering Roman Circus gladiator games instead of analyzing nuances of international espionage and insurgencies.  President Trump is not concerned about ignoring questionable claims of “experts” on what might happen to end the world.  Will 2,000 military change the course of history if we withdraw?

2,000 military can get killed by doing nothing more powerful than INERTIA.

Kovacs explain game26HOBERMAN2-master675

Ernie Kovacs in his grave would be more valuable than the  endless procession of experts appearing on broadcast networks.  Kovacs advice never killed anyone.

Christmas Sweater Victory

December 17, 2018

Sunday December 16, 2018 was a happy day for this Chicago boy.  BEARS own the NFC North title in 2018!  The Green Bay Packers played their best, but the ugly Christmas sweater did make it clear Chicago won.

I saw Aaron Rodgers in the post game interview with a blue knit hat pulled down to his eyebrows.  He kind of looked like somebody going to a Salvation Army meal for Christmas.  Aaron had a more Hollywood outfit for the annual fans lunch with Green Bay Packers before the season starts.

Aaron Rodgers at fan_PKRlunch_105e

This lady was happy to have Aaron Rodgers join her at the fan lunch, which is an annual event with the Green Bay Packers.  Unfortunately, this 100 year anniversary season for Green Bay will not have any happy memories for the fans.

The dreams of Super Bowl are yanked away from Green Bay this season.  I look forward to seeing the playoff games of Chicago Bears.  Will the sweater survive?

Waiting for his shoe to drop

December 15, 2018

10 years ago, the President of the USA was George W Bush.  43 visit to President of Iraq included a press conference.  Our history is full of odd and curious characters.  President 43 did know how to duck!

This may seem like a trivial incident.  However, it is the essence of our attitude that our president did not miss a beat and laughed it off.  The President of Iraq did reward the shoe attacker with customary imprisonment and beatings familiar to citizens of Iraq. This shoe throwing “journalist” became a celebrity for his act of barefoot defiance.  The USA press made this shoe incident another reason to belittle our president who guided our country through the worst terrorist attack in our history.  For some odd reason, no USA commercial news media hired the shoe thrower after he left prison and fled the country.

Bush got his shoe

This journalist was sort of like Jim Acosta in his technique of throwing a question at the president.  President Bush did not take his shoe back home as a souvenir.  Security tore the shoe apart to determine if explosives were hidden inside.  The fickle finger of fate gave notoriety but no payday for Muntadhar al-Zaidi. He owns a little footnote in our history only recognized in this obscure blog posting.  No movie deals or TV invitations on Jimmy Kimmel ever dropped any coins into the piggy bank of al-Zaidi.  If anyone has any interest, than please send me money that I might decide to send to Muntadhar.  I am learning how to copy the Clinton Foundation scam.


Something to smile about

December 12, 2018

Smirk and nobody cares.  Smile and everybody shares.  It’s old but true; “When you’re smiling” the whole world smiles with you.  James Francis Durante was the self appointed ambassador of humor and smiling.  He was so popular that his catch phrase on stage always drew a laugh; “Everybody is trying to get into the act!”

During our Depression everybody was looking for any kind of hope and good news. The composers of When You’re Smiling are Larry Shay, Mark Fisher and Joe Goodman from 1928.

In our Great Recession of 2008 there were no happy tunes to lift anyone up. The closest positive mood music was #18 on pop charts.  The artist is Natasha Bedingfield and the song is Pocketful of Sunshine.


Rascal Flatts and Natasha Bedingfield did collaborate on several songs together.  Nashville music did try to stay connected to the our country while the majority of  2008 “hit songs” were not inspiring or uplifting in dark times.

I know how to smirk but it is a reaction to the sour discovery of a fake imposter.  I genuinely smile when greeting and meeting people.  If somebody proves to be fake than they have lost my smile.

AntiSocial Digital Media

December 9, 2018

Before you read this Blog, be sure your cell phone is fully charged and your  iPad too!  There are a thousand Tweets, a hundred Facebook live video postings, and a dozen emails from nobody you know are waiting for your attention.

Digital technology provides a lot of avenues to transmit communication.  Only 1% of the Digital Stuff does GOOD!

Politics is a great way to waste time doing nothing!

The empire builders in digital media usage are; GOOGLE (aka Alphabet), Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Since converting to being a Curmudgeon, I find more reasons to avoid digital media because it annoys and never satisfies anything.  Dumb television programs like Rocky & Bullwinkle, and Gilligan’s Island are now revered because they are more entertaining than the homage rethreads dredged up too many times.  How many doctor/hospital series can we take without anesthetic?  How many police shows are there?  I am ready to watch a cowboy show again, maybe.

Who feels guilty and compelled to “like” every stupid Facebook posting ?  I recognize some folks posting are self centered thin skinned and insulted if anyone ignores another whining and complaining update.  Twitter has amazing numbers of followers on some people posting Tweets.  Some of these Tweets are informative with attached news articles.  Too many Tweets are rants to join in uprising or reprisals.  I do laugh at the political slanted calls to action from professional politicians who dredge up old junk from their  Swamp.

I will focus on my childhood quest to wait up for Santa Claus!

All aboard to enjoy riding the rails with Santa Claus!

Lethal Software Can Kill You

December 6, 2018

Back in the old fashioned days of commercial aviation, no plane would go into service without a training course for the crew.  It seems the new enlightened age of software and computer assumes the program writers can do no wrong.  The new Boeing 737 jets have of course the latest and newest software to assist pilots in control of their aircraft.  It is criminal that new jets were put into service without actual flight time, but only computer time.  

The earlier version of flight assist controls had a simple way to cancel the computer control of the jet.  Simply pull up on the flight control yoke and the computer canceled control.  The flight crew of the doomed Lion jet pulled up on the yoke close to a dozen times as their aircraft continued to ignore manual control until it crashed and ended the lives of all on board.  There was a way to cancel computer control, but obviously they did not get practice and instruction on the NEW COMPUTER CANCEL COMMAND.

I hate computers.  I hate software upgrades.  Looking at a computer screen gives me a headache.  I hate my iPhone.

The passengers on the doomed flight did not die from an accident or ignoring safety procedures.  They died from new software.  (Of course I will NEVER get into a Tesla automobile.)  Their lives are gone.  Their families grieve.  The digital upgrades continue to pile upon everything.  This is one of the reasons I live in the Northwoods on a lake.  If the technology ever fails, we can continue without losing our lives.   I prefer to drive an old car as long as the mechanicals can function.  I may cancel a trip if the weather is too challenging.  It’s not worth dying to get anywhere.

UC Berkley aids CARAVAN

December 4, 2018

Student government of UC Berkley was threatened by threats of riots if there is no aid for the Honduras marchers approaching border from Mexico into USA.  The Student Government voted for aid.  The amount is $1,500.00?

Talk about throwing a penny into a beggars cup.   Give aid, or shut up!  I pledge to donate $1,500 for their Social Studies Department to create a chair for HOBO Studies.

Tijuana mayor estimates the current environmental damage by caravan to his community will need over one million dollars for restoration.  Nobody seems to care about the environmental havoc from this caravan leaving many tons of human waste and garbage in their wake.

We the people do not want illegal aliens!

The Hobo Jungle meeting of November 30, 2018 was in spitting distance of the campus of Berkley.  It was unanimously approved that Uncle Stosh will carry the kids $1,500 into Tijuana.  He will seek to hand over the money he didn’t spend to anybody named Joe in the caravan.  Alert the campus security that Uncle Stosh will need a police escort so he won’t get robbed while on campus.

Do not ever hold a fund raiser in Berkley because the communist utopia crew is too damn greedy to hand out any of their dough.  This post relied upon the great journalism of @celinedryan and this hobo nonsense is not endorsed by this reporter.

Mars welcomes USA InSight

November 26, 2018

205 days ago, InSight was launched by NASA to land on Mars.  Today, we have landed!  It is amazing that Elon Musk launched his sports car to Mars and now we have a scientific probe on this planet.   But what about the Martians?  Do they appreciate all this attention?

We have not set up an orderly system to allow Martians to invade earth.  We are just showing up on Mars, expecting a big welcome.

Mars ready to blast Bugs Bunny!

Now that we have invaded their planet, we must prepare to accept their visitors.  Bernie Sanders will offer them lifetime free income.  Matt Damon refuses to return to Mars because that movie was a bust.  

Marvin gets mad at earth.

Freeloaders fleeced USA

November 16, 2018

News Media gave 3 charity scammers entrance into your mind across our USA.  On November 17, 2017 you could not miss seeing these three thieves who stole charitable donations from good hearted citizens into their own pockets.  Now one year later, there are many mad citizens who relied upon news media to accurately report and investigate fantastic claims that brought a tear to many an eye.  It may finally dawn on the American public that news media will buy any story told on a city street corner without checking anything.

This fairy tale bait was taken hook, line and sinker by lazy news media.  A good hearted homeless veteran, who despite being down on his luck, handed over a $20 bill to a young YUPPIE lady to buy gasoline in a “bad neighborhood”.  Forget that most single gals have at least 3 credit cards.  Forget that she did NOT have access to her cell telephone to whine and plead some friend to help her out.    After all, it is on Facebook!

Thanksgiving is a great time to plead for donations and sympathy.  This nation has a lot of love for our citizens.  Even illegal aliens invading the USA demand sympathy and hand outs just because they want us to feel guilty over our happiness.  So we are now one year after this fairy tale unravels as the thieves argue over the spoils from their scam.  

John Bobbit Jr., Kate McClure and boyfriend Mark D’Amico staged a heart tugging story that never took place at a neighborhood gas station.  There are no “reporters” on commercial media television.  They have glamour boys and girls with makeup and hairdressers who look good.

How many poor citizens are suffering in silence without Facebook Go Fund Me?  Today it may finally dawn on everyone that our news media are only repeating gossip and never investigate if their story is accurate!  These 3 thieves concocted a story that did not smell right but was promoted by copycat news media all running with this scam.

Now is the time charity fund raising needs to be investigated.  We all know that charity theft is a national epidemic because of lazy news media who do not want to bother working to verify and search out additional sources to confirm facts.  The Clinton Foundation has used about 1% of their raised money on charity.  Let me assure Slick Willy and Queen Hillary with Princess Chelsea that news media will never ever investigate why Haiti hurricane relief from a decade back has yet to help those still suffering in Haiti.

Three free loaders wanted a free ride paid by donors to Go Fund Me based on a fairy tale to tug on heart strings.
Charity Thieves Thrive

CNN and Ali Baba 40 Thieves

November 14, 2018

Do children today sit to listen to a story anymore?  As an old curmudgeon, I am a fan of Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves. 

Press has gone MAD!

I will spoil the secret trick of this story by revealing the password to enter the den of thieves by saying; “Open sesame!”

Children were forced to enjoy a program that never explained the origin of their name in this blood thirsty tale.  The 40 thieves reigned terror by killing and stealing across their community.  Learning the secret password to enter their protected cave was the entry for Ali Baba.

Now we are being robbed as tax payers by a new gang of thieves for CNN.

Jim Acosta lost his White House pass by being a boor who demands to be treated as royalty.  News flash:  CNN has press pass to White House for 50!

The expense and extra wasted time by our executive branch for CNN and their 50 thieves is paid by USA taxpayers!

Why does the lowest audience rated network have a right to spend a disproportionate percentage of our tax dollars?  They are a for profit business that makes money by gumming up our government under the guise of reporting while stealing anything not sealed and protected.  CNN is taking our government to court by suing to demand a White House pass so Jim Acosta can make advertising revenue for CNN by acting like a clown.  We need press passes for NETFLIX, AMAZON, and DISNEY.   Mickey Mouse and Goofy would be better reporters than Jim Acosta.

I have started a Jim Acosta Fan Club.

So far we have less than 50 people who care anything at all about Jim Acosta.  I deserve a White House press pass for my club members.

Jim Acosta Fan Club is open!

November 8, 2018

Now is the time to elevate our level of parody and sarcasm.  We extend our hand out to Jim Acosta to join in the spirit of understanding his brilliance.  We also want to make some easy money by exploiting Jim Acosta through a fan club created strictly for profit off his bad boy reputation.  Banned from the White House is awesome street credential.

You can find his fan club page on Face Book.  Jim has not authorized or endorsed my intent to exploit and profit from his popularity.

Sean Spicer Holds Daily Press Briefing At The White House

If I can include some Troll from Russia for money, then I am sure Facebook will not mind.

Broken Warriors Back Home

November 8, 2018

One of the stupid expressions loved by 44 was; “No boots on the ground!”  A unique military strategy was announcing well in advance planned withdrawals of our troops from foreign battle fronts.  This gave plenty of time for planning reprisals against local civilians who aided our USA troops on the ground.  However, the dirty secret of President Obama was the excessive use of battle weary warriors to get back into the battle front for endless repeated tours of combat duty.

Nobody is a superman.  Watching friends and comrades fall in battle or from “Improvised Explosive Device” tests the limits of sanity.  Obama allowed Iran to prosper and kill our troops by exporting IED technology.  My son came home from battle but he had too many killed or maimed buddies.  5 or 6 consecutive combat tours of duty does permanent harm to your sanity.  These military were paid little for their duty and they were treated like slaves by our commander in chief.  Obama had no problem forcing military into constant battle front assignments.

Instead of using selective service draft for military duty, it is more popular for election to avoid the trauma of worrying about getting drafted.  The volunteers in military had to bear the burden for our country.  The burdens were heavier with the help of Obama.  His “rules of engagement” were drafted by lawyers who never knew combat.  Every battle front assignment included a legal check list to be followed before protecting yourself.  Drone killing orders by President Obama had no restrictions against killing civilians when claiming victory in blowing up a target.  Soldiers on the ground had no such freedom.

Marcus in combat



Obama gives us HOODWINK

October 27, 2018

USA celebrates our former president has returned to warn the citizens, illegal aliens, and foreign infiltrators in our land of our greatest danger.  Obama was focused like a laser in his greatest speech ever delivered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  It is great to see the master of Jihad on stage again.  His smirking smile and ISIS finger wagging are endearing.

His dire warning is to protect all of us from the mortal danger of HOODWINK.  There is LYING in the executive office of our White House.  OMG!

Chicago politicians know how to bust heads, pillage campaign offices, blackmail opponents, and the old standby of stealing an election by stuffing ballot boxes.  It seems we need to accept Obama as the master of honesty?  Whatever happened to Russia stealing our election?  Did Russia collusion just disappear in the swamp of Washington, DC?  That was our greatest threat and the reason to never trust President Trump according to commercial news “reporters” and the DNC brain trust.  How quickly we forget the conspiracy theories and warnings to never trust a Republican.  Obama is convinced the nation was drunk when we elected our 45th president.

President Obama meets with President-elect Trump at the White House in Washington

Barack Obama meets with Donald Trump in the Oval Office of the White House. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

What the country needs is a return to the old fashioned honesty of Obama.  “If you like your insurance plan, you can keep your insurance plan.”  There was not a “smidgen” of bias nor political targets in the IRS refusing to recognize Republican organizations as legal.  Who can forget the great success of his Economic Stimulus Plan?  We miss the good old days of wasting millions in Solyndra after it was already failing and entering bankruptcy.  The BP oil spill response by Obama was a slow motion comedy of errors.

Hoodwink is a word used 200 years ago.  The Twitter realm will be at a  complete loss to comprehend the horrors of hoodwink.  He predicted it.  Now it is coming true.  We have to finally say; “Thank you, Obama?”  Nobody worries about hoodwink except Obama.

Halloween costume contests

October 18, 2018

It is time to get ready to dress up in your favorite Halloween Costume.  In my childhood this was a very important occasion.  Kids today face the same challenges and delights.  Nothing is more amazing than seeing hordes of kids out after dark wearing costumes and knocking on your door shouting; Trick or treat!  Cheap skate curmudgeons could not hide from Halloween.  My favorite was going into a big apartment building and knocking on doors.  They thought they were safe from kids.  Some refused to answer but many handed out change because they had no candy supplies.

Hollywood and television had cowboys everywhere when I was a kid.  Before I was born, there was a famous cowboy who amused and entertained the USA.  Will Rogers was amazed that his comments on life and news made him a celebrity.  The politicians were worried this cowboy was roping their legs while the public laughed.  Nobody wants to be a joke, but his words rang true!

john_wayne_Rio Bravo

Rio Bravo showcased the Duke.

The Duke was my hero!  He also had a quick wit that skewered pompous blowhards. “Life is tough, but it’s tougher if you’re stupid!”  Will Rogers was not as abrasive; “Never miss a good chance to shut up.”

The biggest problem in the USA culture today is the death of cowboys.  The myths, legends and folklore are not dead in the hearts of kids.  Hollywood and television wants to entertain families without sharing our cowboy heritage.

I enjoyed watching The Cisco Kid.  Mexican cowboys had more bling, to use a term from the last millennium.  I enjoyed his sidekick Poncho, who was always a step behind the quick witted Cisco.

Cisco-kid-2 Duncan Renaldo

We need Cisco and Poncho back to fight the bad guys.


Klaatu Barada Nikto, Gort

October 5, 2018

Science Fiction fans know The Day the Earth Stood Still from 1951.  A visitor from another galaxy, Klaatu came to Washington DC.  Donald J Trump might as well be from another galaxy, because he speaks a foreign language misunderstood by politicians.  He does speak English and his words are plain spoken.

Klaatu had a secret command to help save the earth from destruction by his robot policeman, Gort.  The Democrats do not know the secret phrase or the extortion threat that can stop our 45th President.  It is entertaining to watch the frenzied paid protesters.  We did see during the 2016 the campaign many mob thugs destroy cars, beat up Trump supporters, and even throw eggs at a lady because she dared to support Trump.  Mobs did not scare away Trump supporters.  The RESIST guerilla army grow more desperate every day as President Trump enjoys laughing at their futile temper tantrums.

Gorth 1951

The premise of inventing a peace keeper robot is the science fiction solution to avoid mob protests or armies invading countries for conquest.  The robot is not afraid because it is a machine designed to prevent and destroy threats of human aggression.  The robot will not cry or cringe at mobs protesting a peace keeping robot.

There is a circus sideshow event that is distracting us from our real problems.  Women are inventing emotional stories to block the Senate vote for a candidate to the Supreme Court.  There was no witness to confirm anything bad happened.  Grown men and women were studying the candidate Kavanaugh year book from high school and his calendar of personal appointments in the summer of 1982.  Senators demanded explanations from this candidate on what did he mean as a teenager when reading these items.  I feel guilty that I never wrote and kept a calendar from my high school days for inspection by senators.  However, I am sure the senators can gain great knowledge by reading my blog!

Trump Rooster

This golden rooster in China bears a resemblance to Donald J Trump.  It is more entertaining than the massive baby balloon designed to belittle and mock our president in London.  Nobody finds the daily whining and complaining as funny.  We recognize predictable complaints as boring.  The protesters have really overstayed their welcome in the Propaganda News stories every day.

We need to build our own Gort to handle the morons who want to kill our president and any supporters for our president.  Send them to Wakanda!

Wakanda image

Wakanda welcomes protesters?  They kept their country hidden from crazy white people.  Open borders is not even discussed in Wakanda.


Were You Born Yesterday?

September 24, 2018

There is an epidemic of stupidity across our great land!  There is a cynical attempt to manipulate public opinion by pretending to be “one of us!”  The greatest danger we face today is trusting anyone who pretends to be sincere.  Fortunately, we are smart enough to smell a stinker.  Our greatest threats are hiding in plain sight because they claim they are “one of us”.  Deceivers demand our sympathy and support by their calculated pleas for our acceptance.  Chiselers always want a short cut and have no patience to actually work.

One of my favorite movies about our USA was released almost on my birthday!  Born Yesterday made fun of politicians seeking more contributions to stay in office and become rich.  Judy Holliday was an average working girl who jumped at her chance to get on easy street with a rough tough greedy junk man.  The irony in this plot was that the brute junk man was ashamed at how stupid his dame acted in the Washington DC.  He pushed shoved and insulted anyone who did not make him more money.  Any obstacle was bribed or shoved out of his way.  He gladly bought the services of a polished suave insider to polish up his dame.

The premise and the promise of this movie affirms everyone has the ability to confront bullies.  We need to rely on our trust in the principles that founded our great USA.  When things seem darkest, then the light from our heritage shows our way to freedom.  Our election campaign for our 45th president affirmed my faith in my fellow citizens.  People will always second guess decisions, but nobody questions our love of country when we cast our vote for president.  The 2016 election turned nasty with a candidate calling us Deplorables.  

Now it seems obvious to me that many on the losing side, are now posing as devout Trump Train ticket holders.  Just take a moment to review the profile of everyone on Twitter.  There are a flood of me too people who claim to have endured the propaganda attacks hurled at my fellow Trump supporters.  I do not follow anyone who only jumped onto the Trump Train after the victory of our election.  It is easy to become a supporter of the winner, after 2017!  I do not bother following anyone opening their Twitter profile in 2017 or after.  I was laughed at.  I went to campaign rallies to see candidate Trump and walked through protesters.  I have turned off my television to all late night comics who heaped scorn and “jokes” about our president.

It is predictable.  Twitter accounts want followers by pretending to be one of us.  I was not Born Yesterday.  Twitter accounts opened 2017 and later have not suffered the slings and arrows to get our president elected.  I do not choose to let swamp rats steal my cheese.

Trump candidate

Let the good times roll!

Hurricane Florence & Volcano Pele

September 13, 2018

Kilauea Volcano 2018 aHR0cDovL3d3dy5saXZlc2NpZW5jZS5jb20vaW1hZ2VzL2kvMDAwLzAzNy8zODEvb3JpZ2luYWwvcHV1LW9vLmpwZw==

The volcano activity on Hawaii continues, but this news is not news video theatre.  All of the cameras and adventurous media talking heads are breathlessly showing surf scenes and predictions of doom.  The biggest influx of equipment and people is from every news organization to be offering exclusive video about something on Hurricane Florence.

anthonywilson_160x200  Anthony Wallace of ABC news in Raleigh, NC has to fight the invaders army of reporters from every news bureau around the globe with their video staff to report on his locale.

This is a predictable waste of our time.  Intrepid reporters brave the storm to get blown over with gales of rain.  The home news desk will have talking heads safely sitting in their studio offer great advice; “Please stay safe! Please!”  While of course the studio crew expect more gruesome horrible carnage for us on their next video clip from Florence.  Advertising rates go up for bigger audience numbers during hurricane events.  Even people in the desert country of Arizona and the mountain country of Utah watch hurricane reports.  There must be some legal form the hurricane reporters must sign to absolve the news agency of any liability if their reporter is drowned, blown off the equipment van, or gets drunk in their hotel room.

Now ABC sent their “weather girl” Meteorologist Ginger Zee to take on hurricane Florence on the front line of the flooding and desolation.  She defiantly defended her decision to become a hurricane fighter.  She did understand that her family may be worried about her safety, but being on national video getting drenched in a hurricane is vital for our country and her career.  Her husband will suffer at home watching football, eating pizza with their 2 sons and playing cards with his buddies.  Of course we can track her adventures on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & ABC.

Florence draws close1536815893258

When will news media send their reporters into space?  Out of this world future is near.

Florence from space thLB5X82HZ





Wife made money writing about murder!

September 12, 2018

Widow Nancy Compton from Portland, Oregon wrote about killing husbands.  I do not know how many women or men bought her books.  I will check my wife’s library to see if I am future target!  Looking at her kisser, I must confess I would have left Nancy to let her stay home alone a long time ago before she chose to kill me.  She was arrested for murdering her husband.  If you constantly plan out murdering husbands, then can it be a crime of spontaneous anger over his annoying habits?

There is a comedy in this somewhere.  I know in our little community, a stupid and selfish husband attempted to kill both his wife and their child at home by fire at night.  I am suspecting that her motivation was similar to our local idiot.  She didn’t want to divorce and give spouse any share of their property because greed kills.

A more entertaining fiction is the film; How to Murder your Wife.  


The Jack Lemmon character succumbs to love and lust by giving up his pampered bachelor lifestyle by marriage to his exotic and affectionate wife.  She dares to change his life by cooking and loving him as well.  The personal butler Terry Thomas will have none of that, and threatens to leave.  The comic situations are captured in the comic-strip life of Brash Brannigan a cartoon character created by the husband.  His comic strip murder of his wife sets in motion a tumultuous resolution but without mayhem.

Most murders are not a surprise.  Her dead husband would have been better off getting divorced and away from her.  Now the citizens of Portland will be paying for her room and board for the rest of her life.  She will be writing now about how to break out of prison a lot.  The guards should keep their eyes open!  I do expect future rallies for her release and character assassination of her late husband to justify some sympathy because she does live in Portland!



Spartacus in our Senate?

September 8, 2018

This was a week of magical revelations by the Democrats.  Rising up to challenge the approval of Supreme Court candidate Judge Kavanaugh stammered Senator Cory Booker that he is ready to be Spartacus!

Immediately every senator stood up to shield him from attack by all shouting; “I am Spartacus!”  Actually, nobody stopped the confused senator from braying like a donkey.

Senator Booker bill to legalize marijuana

Precious time was wasted by the publicity hound senator as he agonized over his revelation that he did release to the public an already public document.  His demanding a public uprising fell far short of the actual history from the revolt by the real Spartacus.  His fellow senators seemed bewildered and amused at his melodramatic self aggrandizement.  The public is confused if this senator has a grasp on reality.

All during the Kavanaugh hearing the paid protesters kept interrupting the Republican senators while not one Democrat senator was interrupted.  It would seem a contrived conspiracy to undermine only Republicans just might implicate a Democrat plot.  Mueller team should have some free time.  They made their big hits on Russia Collusion.  Manafort while working with Podesta did elude and evade taxes on money they both made from Russia and only Manafort was found guilty.  Popadopolis was sentenced to Jail time 14 days!  He pleaded guilty to lying to FBI on what cocktail he drank in London.  Yes, it was a gin fizz!  Mueller has Cohen in his sights to go to the big house for swindling and lying!  It is unheard that a lawyer would ever stoop to cashing in by cheating his client.

Finally returning from exile, Barrack Hussein Obama unleashed a flood of his comments full of sound and fury but not a word stuck in the headlines.  He continues to confuse everyone by saying a lot of nothing.

The conspiracy hatched by Senator Durbin was unveiled in the Senate hearing as well!  He proudly confirmed that being exposed by a reporter’s tweet was true.  He held a secret gathering of Democrat Senators on who would keep interrupting and confusing Republican Senator Grassley to delay any business getting done.  It is well known that Durbin is so incompetent, Democrats chose Schumer as their minority leader instead of the moron from Illinois.  Why did Durbin let Booker just swing in the wind with his stupid Spartacus moment?


Durbin wound his turban too tight and cut off blood to his brain!

Finding Joy While Grieving

September 6, 2018

When the worst happens, then the world loses balance.  We were to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary, when my wife collapsed at work from a brain aneurysm.  When I arrived at her Chicago office for a prominent oral surgeon, she was not there.    All looked solemn and told me she was at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.  This was 1985.

I met her mom by the emergency admittance level.  The lack of information shared by staff made me more concerned on Carol’s condition.  Then the hammer dropped.  She was on life support and not responding.

This was the month of May.  I was not going to become a lounge lizard living at a bar.  I bought season tickets from a buddy at work for the Chicago Bears.  I also got 3 season tickets by subscription to Chicago Bulls.  I spent my free time at Soldier Field and at Chicago Stadium.

I had no expectation of anything great from Monsters of the Midway.  Life is full of surprises when you do not expect them!  The preseason games showed average performance but there were sparks that got my attention.  The season showed a unique ability to find a way to win in the early games.  Then it dawned on Chicago, that this team can do it!  They became a team feared for aggressive defense designed by Buddy Ryan.  The offense surprised that they did not only rely on Sweetness Walter Payton.  The best media attention was reserved for Da Coach Mike Ditka.  I knew and loved him from his playing days as tight end on the team he was coaching.

The words of Walter Payton in his autobiography; Never Die Easy “When you’re good at something, you’ll tell everyone.  When you’re great at something, they’ll tell you.”  I did see this great team grind through the season and reach the pinnacle of success in New Orleans for the Super Bowl.  I knew Carol was watching and cheering every step of the journey.

The cast of characters was wild.  Dan Hampton was Danimal.  Mike Singletary was Samurai.  Saturday Night Live made a regular feature with comics posing as a group of typical Chicago types sitting around a bar making boasts and toasts to Da Coach!

My employer was W. F. Hall Printing Company of Chicago and my President was Edward C Nytko.  My role was in Executive Sales with my accounts of Montgomery Ward and Spiegel.  I entertained my clients at these sports events and our memories of each game remain enjoyable to this day.   I did not wallow in grief as I entered my focus on enjoying Chicago professional sports.  I always thought about how Carol would have enjoyed seeing The Fridge or being at a game with me.  I am convinced that she did have a hand in the extraordinary 1985 season for Da Bears!

The annual fund raiser for the Chicago Boy Scouts had Mike Ditka has the keynote speaker at their 1986 luncheon.  We always bought a VIP table as a sponsor and for this year I insisted to Greg Kaelin of Montgomery Ward that I wanted their photographer to get a picture of me with Coach Ditka before the event in the VIP lounge.  This is the photo.

I told Mike Ditka that I knew my wife missed being there in death, but I knew she was there watching from heaven.  He asked if I was doing okay.  I said “Yes!”  I met my current wife at a model agency open house that Montgomery Ward staff invited me to join them after the Super Bowl victory in 1986.  I never would have met Anne except for this string of events.


Bob Woodward has FEAR

September 5, 2018

The media frenzy during the Watergate Prosecution was focused on a real crime.  Now the ghosts of that era still walk this land in the empty figures of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein.  Both of them lived off one story for decades as their only claim to fame.

We are supposed to be hysterical with FEAR because our president is a hard man to work with.  I do not know any chief executive that is not a hard man or woman to handle.  Getting to the pinnacle of success is like climbing a mountain.  Faint of heart people do not even attempt to start this climb to the top.  Woodward is certainly far from the top of colleagues in his profession of news media.  His claim to fame is based on creating FEAR by making the public afraid of their current president.

Trump swarmed by British press

Real Estate mogul and Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump arrives for jury duty New York State Supreme Court on August 17, 2015, in Manhattan. (Michael Graae for

The paparazzi and commercial news know they can be rich and famous simply by capturing one wrong move or scandal by billionaire Donald J Trump.  We are all witnessing the search for scandal from hounding old paramours to school days stories.

Woodward found disgruntled staff in White House that did not like working for President Trump.  That is it?  Stop the presses!  Everybody has to watch this?  Boring and empty hysteria is in a book because not everybody loves working with a demanding boss.  Franklin Delano Roosevelt told our country during a much more challenging danger that “We have nothing to FEAR but FEAR itself!”

Feb 2018 MAD

WAKE Me When It Is Over!

September 2, 2018

Senator John McCain was a “Maverick”?  His boring campaign message as a candidate for president in 2008 had zero public interest.  The undertakers and publicity hounds are anxious to get back in the spot light thanks to this carnival sideshow spectacular!  Propaganda news reporters are dragging out any critic of President Trump to “Please give your opinion about why McCain banned 45 from his funeral!”  How does impeach become a automatic theme just because of a funeral?

Why did the McCain family ban his running mate that he chose; Sarah Palin?  This family is NUTS!  If John McCain disliked and abhorred Sarah Palin, then what in the world compelled him to select an unknown lady for his campaign?  Was she simply being used as a feminine figurehead to attract female voters?  I have never respected the opinions of senator McCain because he was always a smug smartass on television interviews.

gay banners

McCain memorial wanted to maintain a sense of gravitas for his final farewell.  Inviting Biden and Obama to speak was celebrated as a magnanimous gesture to unite our country.  Commercial media enjoyed the political attacks aimed at 45 while ignoring how these 2 hacks lied and defamed different political opinions.  Reporters gushed how this funeral united our country while attacking our president.

Many were glued to their televisions to watch college football.  This memorial was not the topic of discussion over the Labor Day gatherings of families and friends.  NOBODY had to weep and wail about how McCain deserves his vengeance by impeaching 45 for Maverick!



I campaigned for McCain & Palin 2008

August 26, 2018

We hoped to save our country in 2008.  Green Bay, Wisconsin was scheduled for a presidential campaign stop by the Republican ticket; McCain & Palin.  My wife and I went to join the throngs of people gathering outside the auditorium Resch Center.  There was laughter and friends happy to meet their friends showing up for support.  The line to enter extended for over a mile!  I was surprised and impressed that we might have a chance to save the USA!

We did not hold much hope for candidate McCain but we did love Sarah Palin the governor from Alaska.  The auditorium was packed on a weekday before dinner time.  My teenage son was dragged along to join me and my wife at this event.

The Democrats did not want to look weak so they scheduled a Obama rally (without Biden) for a Saturday 2 weeks later at his same auditorium.  They imported bus loads of spectators to barely fill the auditorium seats in view of the stage area.  The news coverage camera angles were aimed to show a crowd and avoided the empty floor and the empty seats out of camera shot.  Of course our local news stations did show the real view and it looked like a ghost town with only a few bus loads seated for national news camera shots.  Fake News was very obvious to make Obama seem loved by Green Bay.

Sarah Palin and her husband were outdoors people who hunted, fished, snowmobiled, and did 4 wheeling around Alaska.  Green Bay has plenty of families of hunt, fish, and enjoy winter activities like snow mobiles and snow shoe travels.  When Sarah climbed the stairway up to the stage we saw she was petite and smartly dressed.  Her wardrobe was a media attacking point in addition to her down syndrome baby.  We understand how cruel and ruthless news media exploit their power to harm people.

We all loved her message and the messenger.  Let me remind the flat earth society of her simple slogan Drill baby!  Drill!  Democrat senators laughed and dismissed such a simple minded and dumbass solution to our energy problems and shortages.  Drilling would take at least 10 years before any tiny improvement would help the down trodden citizens paying through the nose for energy.  These same brilliant critics are now silent because the energy growth happened because governors used state lands to approve drilling for more oil and gas.  Federal red tape and blockades could not be stopped at within our sovereign states.  The USA is now exporting oil and LNG to foreign countries under President Donald J. Trump.  45 is expanding the use of federal land for oil and gas.

McCain Palin 2008

McCain put the crowd to sleep after Palin had everybody hooting and hollering.  My wife and I campaigned by planting campaign yard signs after visiting families around Green Bay that same week.  We knew McCain would never win.  We were not surprised at his loss.  We were sad and disappointed that Sarah Palin was kicked, ridiculed and had no peace after the campaign because she dared to speak out and fight back against media.

None of these smart ass news media folk would last a week camping out on the trail of elk or bear hunting.  Wisconsin has plenty of ladies young and old who do hunt game.  Do not make fun of our folks in Wisconsin who preserve our woods and wilderness around this great country.  Many of the firefighters in California wildfires are from the Menominee Nation who are world famous timber experts.  Game wardens from Wisconsin are guarding wildlife across our great land.

Wisconsin Democrat Senator Russ Feingold spent over 4 years with Senator McCain to pass their Campaign Finance Law!  This law was supposed to reduce fraud and abuse of bribe money masked as campaign donations.  Yeah, that really worked?  Feingold tried getting back into Wisconsin politics in this century, but voters sent him back to California.