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hobo jungle drums warning USA

be careful of bad ju ju! the hobo czar may have to find a job, since Obama will eliminate the office of hobo relations. we're on our own! that's nothing new?!

Teleprompter: BIG GUY

September 11, 2021

The code name for President Biden’s teleprompter is BIG GUY. Nobody knows for sure who has the password to program BIG GUY. You can always see the president focused on the teleprompter instead of anyone that might be in front of him.

Today the date of September 11 is forever connected to the attack on the USA with hijacked commercial passenger jets. The heroism of ordinary citizens to attack the pilot cabin filled with terrorists continues to inspire our citizens to confront evil, even at the risk of death. The phone calls before the final act of courage remain inspiring today. “Let’s roll!”

Our 46th president can only try to say, what his teleprompter shows him. The power behind the president is the team of writers that feed his teleprompter. The codeword for this apparatus is BIG GUY.

Where does the time go? Ask BIG GUY!

Never at a loss for words that are displayed on screens. We can be assured that our fearless leader has a response to any question that is programmed for BIG GUY.

Today, 20 years ago our patriotic citizens knew they faced certain death but they refused to become a missile of destruction. They chose to attack their hijackers and save lives of USA citizens on the ground. LETS ROLL

SOCIAL SECURITY in hospice care

September 5, 2021

Commercial news media do not want to inform USA on the nearing collapse of Social Security. Why is this safety net just now becoming a hidden death trap? The usual suspects are old politicians who promised and added unpaid benefits. Now we are on the edge of a cliff after decades of politicians robbing the payments made by workers from their lifetime of payments in USA.

When strangers wander across the border from Mexico, we suddenly throw the security blanket of our Social Security benefits as their right and privilege. When I was a young worker and had to pay more for those already in retirement, than I accepted my burden as a way to ensure my future benefits. I saw the politicians promise and boast on their promising increased benefits for Social Security. I heard the promise from Al Gore that my benefits were safe and secure in a lock box. It seems nobody really bothers to ask; “Why are 2 million strangers now in our USA this year?”

Blaming politicians does not fix a real problem. However, the present lunacy is that we can afford to increase USA spending budget by 5 trillion dollars just because we say so. We know that more new taxes will appear that take more money from most of us. While the bickering and grand standing continues, nobody bothers to worry about my Baby Boomer generation that paid the taxes and the social security payroll taxes. I heard the (now) retired politicians who boasted that our benefits from Social Security are safe and secure.

Our future requires us to speak the truth about both our past and our present.

Politicians are not exempt from their final judgement from our Creator. Sometimes, even God gets mad. (Sodom & Gomorrah is just a tiny example to consider.) I just know I do not want to be standing next to any politician when my time comes to leave this life.

My view of the future has dark clouds over my head. When it comes time to consider restoring my benefits, or casting me to the wolves; my future will depend on the politicians in office. With a new burden of 5 trillion added in new debt for the budget of USA, and millions of leeches sucking the Social Security money I paid; would anybody bet on me?

There is the Holy Spirit who cannot be bribed, bought or deceived. I have no reason for optimism other than my faith. I have faith in my fellow citizens. I have faith from seeing my life saved many times thus far when all was despair.

Do not expect our propaganda news to dare cover this story. Too many politicians want this kept out of sight.

Most Depressing Speech Ever by Biden

August 31, 2021

Back in the dark days of President Carter, it seemed we were lost in a maze of endless misery. The economy wasn’t going great either. This somber depressing mood is exactly how I felt as I suffered through the dark speech from an angry old man; President Joe Biden. His teleprompter neither reassured nor healed any wounds in the fabric of our USA.

The greatest joke was our 46th president complaining about the fortune wasted from our tax dollars in this war started by Osama Bin Laden. I was stunned at complaints on tax money poured into the desert and mountains of Afghanistan. This is the same president that demands us few taxpayers must feel guilty if we don’t spend 10 trillion dollars we don’t have, yet! There is no doubt Speaker Pelosi will perform her magic to get a spending bill nobody got to read passed because; We can read it after we pass it! (Ancient Nancy used her magic with her witch coven for President Obama.)

President Ronald Reagan had several goals. USA was depressed by the failures from President Carter policies. His primary mission was to raise our spirits and offer some sunshine. The world knew the strength of our nation, but we crippled ourselves by listening to endless complaints from Carter about how our evil intentions ruins the world. We can’t get more oil, so wear a sweater and for heaven’s sake turn off those lights! President Reagan just ignored everything Jimmy said and pressed ahead and we saw a better future.

I consciously told myself; “Self, do NOT listen to this nonsense!” I am sure Joe felt his speech was brilliant. I found it dark, boring and led us nowhere. Must be why his campaign events had less people than a fund raiser for lactose intolerant children.

Vice President Joe Biden bites his lip while speaking to students faculty and staff at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government in Cambridge, Mass. Thursday, Oct. 2, 2014. (AP Photo/Winslow Townson)

How many times do I have to hear about his son Beaux who passed away from cancer. Of course, we had to enjoy hearing about his burden of loss, again like we never heard it before. (Did you know his 1st wife died in a car accident? Heard that hundreds of times.) Joe told every parent of every Kabul fatality the same sad tale of Joe’s son Beaux who was NOT KILLED.

Joe seems mad and vengeful over wasted tax dollars. Joe seems happy tossing out trillions of dollars we do not have yet on projects that sound important. Anyone remember the story of Solyndra Solar Panels? That was only 100 million dollars of our tax dollars that went into a Democrat’s company that promptly shut down after getting our tax dollars. Maybe Joe can remember Solyndra Company when he moans and mourns about wasted tax dollars? How about his obsession with killing our oil industry to save the climate? I do not know of any study in science to back up this giant leap of tax spending.

Meanwhile, back to Afghanistan. Our state department sent emails several times alerting citizens about leaving. I think these emails were all sent in a couple of weeks after the house was burning already. Good luck folks? I have to stop at this point, because I refuse to live in Biden’s world of incompetent lifetime politicians. (Bernie Sanders is the supreme free loader who profits by scamming the system for fund raising.)

I know that I have found the most depressing speech ever when I recall the low points of Biden bitching. IMPEACH BIDEN is my mission to improve morale.


August 28, 2021

We all need to know that Marsha Raddatz has a personal net worth of over $15,000,000 and a annual personal income over $2,000,000. This qualifies her as a very rich elite “reporter” in Propaganda News. When tragedy strikes, you can expect to see her fake empathy while she squeezes the last ounce of melodrama out of her report. She has become a Melodrama Queen. How could she resist an EXCLUSIVE interview on the terrorist attack at Kabul Airport?

A former active military service marine worked for years on getting his local translator out of Afghanistan with his wife and children. His persistence almost succeeded. The couple were finally able to get through the Taliban security gauntlet and nearing the USA military entry point. Then the explosion ripped through at this point. A suicide bomber always works. However, a flood of bullets from armed terrorists made sure more were killed. But the worst was the worldwide television report by wealthy Raddatz. Stay tuned, but first a commercial.

Please be sure to thank ABC for ignoring the security of our military by broadcasting a secret password: PROFESSIONAL.

Old war horse keeps her megabucks battle plan.

The death of the translator husband with wife did pain the retired marine in his telling. Martha felt compelled to move beyond the tragedy of death at the entry to freedom. The marine mentioned the secret code word. Martha shoved the code word out before we were done with Kabul airlift. Martha had the codeword in large print on her report in addition to her distinctly speaking this word; PROFESSIONAL.

This story was not about the tragic loss of life. This story is about Martha Raddatz betraying a chance for freedom in the last days of Kabul airlift. Let me understand how the ABC news editor figured that sharing a current combat zone password was no problem. My contempt and outrage is beyond my self restraint level. Please consider how many lives end by revealing a secret password. This is all our military need during this exodus airlift? ABC News wears the crown reserved for Benedict Arnold.

I propose ABC start a new soap opera series. Martha Raddatz will do in depth (5 minutes maximum) segments of faded stars from Propaganda News who are desperate enough to be used by Martha for cheap ratings budget.

Her life in the elite scum floating on top of broadcasting will continue. Her net worth will grow. The grieving marine was used for a 3 minute video clip. The dead couple were just a background story and their orphaned children are now floating at the mercy of their world. Raddatz revealing the password for killers will be yesterday’s news. More victims and more exclusives are needed to keep making her millions every year. My outrage will not disappear and remains with me. As a shareholder of Disney, my puzzle is to find some way to draw attention to the lax security standards demonstrated by Martha Raddatz in her telling of Kabul airport password. Volunteers are welcome to join me at Disney share holder meeting.

That Was 4 or 5 Days Ago?

August 19, 2021

We are confused now. We were on the first baby steps into Build Back Better before the wicked witch from San Francisco (aka Speaker Pelosi) warned USA that she will never pass the Infrastructure Bill until she gets the SOCIALIST TAKEOVER bill. ABC News dragged President Biden onto a morning broadcast without his trusted teleprompter to reassure USA that we did not lose Afghanistan to Taliban terrorists. Joe did confirm the worst is happening and what did we expect?

I am more confused. We chose to abandon Kabul and leave millions of dollars of weapons, munitions, explosives, uniforms and a military airport USA finished building for security operations. The civilian airport was encircled by Taliban terrorists. Our military cargo planes were forced to kill civilians on the airfield as they rolled away with refugees escaping the lost city.

Even cattle trucks are not allowed to pack in cargo like this.

We thank ABC for giving Democrat puppet George Stephanopoulos as the propaganda protector for USA propaganda news. George did not expect our president’s answer on this photograph. “That was 4 or 5 days ago!” President Joe Bide expects all the world to be weary and bored with this OLD NEWS now after a few days. This is the same president who will pursue Trump to the ends of time to get in prison. But the light bulb is now on through our USA.

Expect the worst. Biden pretends he is solving the Wuhan Pandemic that ripped through USA and almost sank our economy. Our president is doing his best. This is not reassuring. Don’t our military lives and safety deserve better than his Afghanistan bail out. Now all of the world sees how our president measures conflicts. China is poised to be brutal and threatening USA . Russia is counting the money Biden gave them with supplying oil to Europe via pipeline. Pipelines are to be banned in USA, but Biden is happy to let Europe get oil pipeline leaks we refuse to accept caused by Putin.

There is no way to measure the pain and suffering of parents of crippled veterans who served in the warfare in Afghanistan. The dead includes childhood playmates of my sons they miss. We don’t care this was years ago. Nobody believes anyone could be so stupid to declare; “That was 4 or 5 days ago!” USA sees we have a lazy old moron in our White House. USA refuses to forget our sacrifices and the lives in Afghanistan. We are sorry a vacation plan was ruined by Taliban? POTUS turned his back on reporters and just walked away after a stupid propaganda briefing. We can see what our problem is now. IMPEACH BIDEN

Now You Know This Is Real

August 15, 2021

On 9/11/2001 I was almost at my office in Pulaski, Wisconsin as a Financial Advisor. The radio news had some odd story about a plane being off course and crashing in Manhattan. My assistant had the coffee going and I turned on the television in our reception area. There was a live feed on NBC showing the same sunshine and blue sky by my part of the USA. I turned on my office computer linked by satellite to our trading desk. Just as I turned to look at the reception area television outside of my private office, I saw a massive jet turning low and ramming into the 2nd tower. I felt as if I was watching something that could not happen. Without scaring my assistant Nora, I felt sick like I had to puke. In that instant, I was aware that the USA could be in real trouble.

We have 9/11/2021 coming soon. We have politicians squabbling over nonsense and fighting among themselves. Across the world, the real evil and genuine horrors of hatred have claimed possession of Afghanistan. Even this got the attention of our know it all reporters who pretend they are smarter than elected office holders. I noticed that the smart ass comments quit when the killing returned. Taliban burn Christians in cages for all to see their contempt for life and religion they dislike. They do mass beheadings on video to be sure people recognize their bestiality. They even kill reporters.

In times of uncertainty, we look to our president to speak to us. The propaganda news in 2001 made a big mountain of an issue that President George W. Bush was kept flying by the military experts until intelligence could confirm his plane was not targeted by terrorists. This was the “problem with Bush” just to jab him by commercial news jockeys looking for headlines. A lot of the same commercial news talking heads are not making an issue that President Joe Biden Jr. is holed up at Camp David. His excuse for staying away from updating the USA, is that he will talk to us in a couple of days. None of us have the luxury of telling death, we can’t talk for a couple of days so just wait until I am ready.

I feel worse than 2001. We lived through terrorist attacks all through this new millennium. Will we be expected to live through a thousand years of chaos and terrorism? God knows something I don’t know. The atheists conveniently blame God for the attacks carried out by people. He should have stopped it. President Joe Biden Jr was proud of his decision to pull out military from Afghanistan to the bare minimum before he started his vacation. It seems the Taliban ruined his vacation and stopped his bragging about himself as better than President Trump when they captured the major cities that our blood freed in Afghanistan. Maybe that is why the President of USA is hiding from all of us out of shame. Nothing will be solved by blaming anybody now.

This is now our moment of truth. You cannot fake a diversion to pretend it is all part of a plan USA anticipated. You cannot ignore the suffering and torture that will be unleashed in Afghanistan. I am especially sick for the parents in USA with a handicapped or battle fatigued military son or daughter suffering in life now because of their war hardships. We know the names of many dead military my sons played with in their youth. My oldest son went to Iraq in combat but came home intact. I am waiting to hear if our President will tell us how USA will respond. Will we confront the problem, or reveal our shallow cowardice to rely on the UN will have meetings on this?

Churchill saw the same storm clouds ignored by politicians of England before World War II. Delaying almost destroyed England and almost gave the world to Hitler. My question will be answered soon. I hope I am wrong on the answer I anticipate. Pretending does not work with evil and allies of the devil.

President Joseph Biden Jr enjoys being in the lime light.

We look forward to hearing and seeing our President Biden soon. We know he is not anxious to face the music of his own tune.

Pandemic of STOOPID

August 5, 2021

There will be another Biden Executive Order declaring that everybody who loves Joe is VERY SMART!

Anybody who questions nonsense is guilty of being not very nice. We just know that politicians always are lovable nice people. Rampant pandemic cannot be ignored anymore. Everywhere we are hearing and seeing STOOPID in the nonsense being shoveled by our White House. We can recognize it, because our commercial news never questions anything said by staff of White House. President Joseph Biden Jr might have chosen a lot of incompetent fools for staff of our White House. My fear is that our fearless leader is infected by the ancient plague of STOOPID.

The Bible has an example of “The Tower of Babel” to illustrate what we are hearing today. Anybody who dares question the morons from Biden’s inner circle will be ignored. We ask our president to show proof of vaccination from STOOPID PANDEMIC. Everybody is talking nonsense now. We are expected to nod our heads and ignore the Biden Babble.

Another Biden Executive Order promises nothing but sounds like something. The Electric Car relies upon electricity. The electric grid of our USA has been ignored for decades. By magic or executive order, our electric utility companies across our country are expected to double capacity? Is this realistic? Is this possible? Anything is possible if we ask the experts in high voltage electricity. Nobody bothers to prepare because we are now embracing executive orders as if taking is the same as working.

Towers, cables and generators of electricity cannot handle solar power or electric powered cars.

Commercial news media ignores researching or reporting on the tedious chore of reporting about the technology in high voltage power grid. Everybody getting a solar panel by their house will not replace the need for power grid expansion USA needs yesterday. Dumb reporters, and lack of reporting on our electric industry leaves us citizens in the dark!

Fortunately, we are keeping school children at home to limit education despite our record budget of tax dollars dumped into the Teachers Union and sports facilities at schools. The politicians want everybody to rely upon them instead of being independent. There is great danger when people want to know what is happening really. What if we dared to learn about the real problems in promising endless electric power? It is my favorite joke to see the poster behind a bar counter; Free beer TOMORROW!

President Joe will tell us that we can expect free beer tomorrow and all the electricity we need for electric cars. Can he provide proof of inoculation from STOOPID Pandemic?

Jungle Cruise movie is fun we need!

July 31, 2021

Walt Disney started something most unusual. His business was fun, fantasy and family entertainment. Despite the best efforts to kill anything that remotely seems like fun today, there are a few glimmers of hope. This new movie was christened with the title from the classic attraction in Disney World; Jungle Cruise.

Like many of us, I was more than tired of hiding in our house from the Wuhan Pandemic Plague. (We are getting buried in advice on how to stay home, stay masked, stay away to die of boredom!) The idea of going to a movie theater filled with strangers did not scare me anymore. Spending over a year with relatives can convince anyone to risk facing death outside.

Yes, the movie promotion clip on television advertising did make me wonder if this would be too “cheesy” to enjoy. I told my wife my plan to go to watch this movie and go out to dinner afterwards. I didn’t have to twist her arm. In fact she informed me that she still had a $25 gift card in her purse and she went online to reserve our seats locations. (Overstuffed recliner loungers are nicer than sitting on our furniture!) Marcus Cinema in Green Bay is part of the AMC properties for enjoying movies. We went to the cheap skate special time slot of 3:00 pm for $19 total. We found other survivors of Wuhan Pandemic Plague came to the show.

I did enjoy the subtle sarcasm of “The Rock” going through his tour guide spiel to cheapskate tourists as their river cruise had more surprises before they could leave him with more in his tip jar. The best surprise of all, was the “save the world” woman in trousers who arrived with her secret quest. I married one of those types, and I felt a kinship with the skipper.

On the river in a quest for ancient secrets in Jungle Cruise movie.

This movie has an amazing cast, stupendous stunts and many “bad guys” to overcome. This is all done with great wit and style. The villain is evil but not obnoxious. Heroic deeds were necessary but not superhuman level until the end. I leave you all hanging on that comment.

Why do people feel in a hurry to rush out? I sat through the credits to get familiar with the names and faces again. From there we went directly to Texas Roadhouse at 5:30 pm. It seemed this was our lucky day. The lot was full but just as I got close to the front door, a car left the parking lot directly in front of the entrance. My wife refused to believe I parked the car within steps of the doorway. People were waiting outside the entrance way and people were sitting around the entrance waiting for their tables. The hostess agreed of my idea to walk to the bar island in the center of the restaurant and she would text my wife’s cell phone when our table would be ready. It was great fun to see so many people. It was even more fun to see a bustling server staff of over a dozen on the floor delivering drinks and food. The open kitchen had a chef wearing a cowboy hat cooking.

My wife enjoyed her Leinenkugel beer from the tap, and I enjoyed my fish bowl sized margarita on the rocks with salt on the rim. I announced she was driving home as I proceeded to work on my drink. I gave a 25% tip and did not care at all. My wife’s phone got the message and we were guided to a window table near the entrance. There were 6 servers bustling around the entrance area bringing food, drinks and more hot rolls with cinnamon butter. I had the waiter take our photo after our order was delivered. As almost always, I enjoyed Road Kill entrée for my meal. I gave our waiter a 25% tip. We got out of there for $60 in total money spent. This was a great way to return home with my wife driving and me taking a nap.

I do not know these old people.

This would have been a boring story, except we are returning to life after hiding from the Wuhan Plague Pandemic.

Milwaukee Bucks Won Championship

July 22, 2021

The United States of America attract people from around the world. The Milwaukee Bucks head coach spent time working in Europe with basketball coaching. Mike Budenholzer became acquainted with a teenager player from Greece, named Giannis.

When Giannis Antetokounmpo was drafted by Milwaukee Bucks as their top first choice, everybody was confused. Coach Mike was rolling big dice on a draft choice unknown in USA. The team manager and the owners hoped he was a solid first pick. Good things do take time. Wisconsin knows it takes time for cheese. Wisconsin knows it takes time to harvest the makings of a great beer. People in Wisconsin are prepared to let cheese, beer and superstar athletes to mature in due time.

Excuse me, but nobody stops 34 from scoring!

After losing the first 2 championship games in Phoenix, NOBODY in Wisconsin wrote off our Milwaukee Bucks team. There were no excuses from the team. More important, the team changed a few of the lineups to adjust for the Suns roster.

22 Khris Middleton became the spark plug to light up Bucks

The play above the rim from 11 Brook Lopez was always a blast. The tough defense and 3 point sniper 17 P.J. Tucker rolled over players in the way with many fouls in his wake. Rebounding and annoying opposition with his layups became the style of 24 Pat Connaughton. The roster is not limited to any specific ethnic group. The diversity of this roster reflects a team that plays great together, even when the game is not going their way. Nobody quits, and nobody looks for excuses either. This is Wisconsin. We hope nobody objects to winning the championship again?

As a personal comparison from my living through the Air Jordan era by owning season tickets and living in the Chicago Stadium and then the new United Center; the Bulls had quite an assortment too. However, I am willing to consider that after winning 6 championships in Milwaukee, than I would rank 34 alongside 23 Michael Jordon. I am cheering for Milwaukee to continue as a beacon for this Millennium of basketball.

I did laugh out louds watching Giannis glide away after the trophy ceremony by dancing all the way out to the locker room. Today is the Milwaukee parade for the team. Go Bucks!!

One Million Illegal “tourists”

July 19, 2021

We have a new industry invented by President Biden. We have Illegal Tourists who swam and walked over from the border with Mexico to enjoy life in the USA. So far in 2021, 1,000,000 have arrived expecting care, food, shelter and a Democrat mail in ballot. The legal process to visit the USA is too cumbersome, so they took the initiative to buy passage with the Drug Cartel Travel Service. The Drug Cartel Travel Service probably donates some money to foundations, such as the Clinton Foundation. Not everyone can afford their fee, so they do arrange for financing and the names of relatives they can shake down. During the “Shovel Ready” era of President Obama, we also invited trainloads of immigrants from border of Mexico. He built cages for them.

Vice President Kamala Harris can take pride in her expertly avoiding doing a damn thing to fix this invasion. But now that they are only Illegal Tourists‘, this doesn’t sound too menacing. Nobody will report on the murders, rapes and robberies done by these Illegal Tourists because they are just visiting permanently. They will soon become lumped in with the other propaganda label; Dreamers.

We have so much to anticipate until the end of our oldest president in history completes his first year as a “rookie” president. Can we attract 2 million illegal tourists? Will our president continue to rely on Kamala Harris as his excuse for ignoring all of the millions entering USA illegally? If a law is not enforced, and a law is blatantly ignored by our White House, than it must be an endorsement of illegal entry. Following the law is all based on knowing what laws matter? Can we avoid paying taxes?

President Biden loves ice cream cones, and he sort of remembers what President Obama asked him to do.

At the present time, there is no crisis (according to Propaganda News). What is a couple million more free loaders to our trillions in new debt created by President Biden? These are confusing times if anyone is trying to make sense from this chaos. Have no fear, it is all because of President Trump that our current oldest president in the history of USA seems confused and incoherent. The reason we do not have an approved budget from our House of Representatives, is all because the socialists demand the Democrats need to spend a few more trillions of dollars now. All of these concerns will be washed away with just one more tax.

Police are the problem, and border agents have become tour guides for illegal tourists. Everything will be perfect with one more tax and more IRS agents getting FBI reports on your Facebook comments. This is Amerika 2021 with the Democrat Socialist Party.

Facebook Censors for White House

July 16, 2021

On July 15, 2021 the Press Secretary Psaki for our 46th President Biden, revealed targeted censorship enforced by Facebook is working finally. Freedom of speech is being limited for the convenience of government plans and goals. Did anybody vote for a candidate to limit free speech? Was free speech ever a campaign issue for candidate Biden?

Our commercial news companies have not any complaints on censorship from President Biden. Most everyone figures anybody who hugs children and likes ice cream cones can’t a danger to our rights. Biden is addicted to hugging women and girls. There was a conspicuous lack of reporting about this announcement of targeted censorship.

This government censorship list is not available to the public. But rest assured that Cuba uses similar limits on rights of their citizens. Facebook is “voluntarily” providing this censorship service to gain the favor of our benevolent hugger in White House.

We congratulate Press Secretary for sharing this small step to deny free speech as a right of our citizens. We can look forward to more Executive Orders that will not be detailed or explained in our propaganda news.

Our future success demands we censor people who contradict anything asserted by our president. Why waste time discussing these small erosions of our freedom? This is no big deal according to our Press Secretary. Ask if president likes any new flavor for his ice cream cones.

China Vaccine Infects Covid-19

July 12, 2021

Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccine from China doesn’t do much, but make people worse and some died. This story is not news in USA, because our Propaganda News do not want their reporters killed while in China. Can we see video of World Health Organization staff happily getting vaccinated with Sinopharm injections? Wuhan Pandemic started in a weapons laboratory in China developing infectious diseases to kill and cripple enemies of China. If there was any ridiculous positive purpose, than their failure in curing their own disease confirms they never intended to cure this.

My assumption is that many vaccine trials were held in the forced labor camps of China. Enemies of China “volunteered” by forced abduction to enter these camps and be worked to death or tortured for rehabilitation on political beliefs. Will Speaker Pelosi take her foreign visit to any of these slave labor camps in China? She uses our tax money to host grand tours with her favored members of the House of Representatives. I don’t think Paris or London needs our attention this year.

The most disturbing problem is the incompetence of our commercial news. ABC news distributed a positive review of Sinopharm vaccine that was banned by Thailand after healthcare workers fell ill after getting vaccinated. One medical staff of Thailand died from vaccine. How about ABC News showing us members of their organization taking this vaccine? Is it possible that this vaccine would be investigated more thoroughly if their lives depended on this vaccine?

I know that I will never trust commercial television news from ABC. I do not own a lot of shares in Disney, but I will become a nuisance at the next share holder meeting that allows people to show up in person instead of digital.

I am too simple to be fooled

There is a dangerous world all around us, but we are kept blind by our Propaganda News self appointed censors. We have seen that our channels of communicating through Facebook and Twitter are also sewer pipes to market us while limiting our speech.

My Investing Life Boat

July 8, 2021

When I finally got started in my working career, I listened and watched what successful people did around me. I wanted to plan a path for some financial cushion, because I had ZIP at the start. My first corporate job was at Time Inc. That did open my eyes to life behind the curtain of magazine publishing. I knew that I did not want to swim with the sharks in Manhattan. So I went to work for a small printing company in Chicago that was purchased by Mobil from the Pritzker family. W. F. Hall had a major publisher account that needed some hand holding so they hired me because I was familiar with people in the publishing orbit. National Geographic has such a high level of standards that not many can meet their expectations for every issue of printing and binding. I got paid a lot (I thought) to deal with a fussy and nit picking client.

The corporate headquarters of Hall Printing was an ancient building that covered 2 square blocks in metropolitan Chicago. The place was like a museum of outdated machinery and mostly old people. One very old man was my boss; John Falvey. There are stories to tell, but one staff support person was of more importance. Bill Innes wore glasses with thick lenses that made his eyes appear as wide as an owl. He seldom spoke because he was busy handling ledger books and files. (Yes, ledger books filled with ink pen entries did take me to the Charles Dickens era.) Over a beer or two at Teddy’s Greek Bar, I learned that Bill was a millionaire in 1980. That intrigued me because he was not a vision of dynamic capitalism. So being rash and in a hurry I had to find out his secret.

My discovery amazed me, and I hope you are mildly interested in my discovery. This advice has been a part of my investing discipline through recessions, stock market collapse, and crazy sure fire advice from talking heads on television.

Utility companies were all that Bill invested in. They pay dividends and he had his dividends reinvesting to grow more shares he owned. His colleagues in the office laughed and smirked until their investments fell through the tides of economic change. Utility Stocks are right now, today the right answer. This is not a get rich approach to investing. It never will be. But do you want to be looking over your shoulder every day if you had to make a major sale to preserve your money? His house was free from mortgage and his investments were set to pay him dividends while collecting his social security checks at home with his wife. He did enjoy his retirement years without panic or worry about his finances.

I have made good money by owning a variety of investments. I always sell enough shares to take out my original cost and keep profits invested. I keep adding to my utility stocks with that money. Right now I see nothing to change my approach as I am now the age of old Bill.

My late father in law lived his whole life in the secret realm of high voltage electrical engineering. His grandfather patented the first high voltage electric tower for transmission lines. He had the responsibility of selecting and training the top graduates from university programs for electrical engineering. The real lessons were revealed under his sharing the secrets learned solving utility company problems. His travels around the world included advice to Saudi Arabia on doubling pumping capacity from their oil fields that they desired. With GE, he got it done.

Nobody can just walk in with that knowledge, because it is still being improved. They don’t even spend time with the patent process often because some of the solutions remain a trade secret. One of my utility stocks is a company I got to rub elbows with in Green Bay. Their headquarters are in Milwaukee.

More power for your future with WEC

Based on stock price today, the dividend is worth 3%. This is NOT a get rich quick scheme. This is a lifetime investment. I have learned from the wisdom of old Bill that has worked over many years of investing. It is up to you if you want to be bored making money slowly. The one feature that is not in the balance sheet is their equity stake in interstate transmission power distribution. This is an exclusive club that only is as strong as the talent of their engineers to design systems of distribution. WEC is the symbol for this utility stock.

Tax Dodger Foundations

July 3, 2021

Why does President Biden have a personal foundation for hiding money from paying taxes? Let me repeat this; why does Joe Biden have a tax evasion scheme foundation? President Obama and Vice President Biden gave tiny donations when in office. After leaving office, they both created charitable foundations to accept tax deducible donations from billionaires, and yes even millionaires to hide their money tax. Of course this is not being greedy, because the foundation claims to be a charitable foundation. Only evil and cruel cynics would dare question the motives behind creating a charitable foundation!

I am a cynic. You do not know how to cheat, until you see how millionaires figure out how to become billionaires. How do Representatives and Senators spend millions of campaign dollars to get a job that only pays around $100,000 salary? So how do these elected officials all become millionaires while in office? I don’t want to wear cement shoes or be found dead by suicide, so this topic is for another time. When Epstein Island visitor list is published for the world to see, that is when we can talk about perverted sex and money in the world of politics and commerce.

Bernie loves his new beachfront home he got to quit race for Czar of USA.

Billionaires normally do not start their own foundation, because it is a red flag for the IRS to really investigate. However, the audacious billionaires know how to play that game. Anybody remember the Rockefeller family foundation? Money from 100 years ago are still making more money without tax. How about the Kennedy family foundation? Yes, even Bill Gates and his ex wife (who divorced him over his sex vacations at Epstein Island) have a foundation with billions of dollars. Believe it or not, even Slick Willy Clinton had a foundation with his charming wife Hillary. They claimed to have helped Haiti by sending 1% of their foundation money they collected for aid. Now daughter Chelsea only has an executive job in her parents bankrupt foundation.

Why and how does our IRS tax money get deposited into the Catholic Bishops Relief fund in large numbers annually? That is because all of the illegal aliens continue to be handled by the Catholic Bishops Relief group. The federal government can claim they lost track of all the thousands moved every month this way. Catholic church doesn’t want to know or track anyone they helped. IRS can’t track people that are not supposed to be here in the first place. And only a cynic would dare complain about a church group helping people.

Ban tax deductions! Everybody pay 2% of their income for federal services. Eliminate tax deductions. Do not worry! Politicians will never stop their “donations” that pay so much.

I may have to start my own foundation? Hobo Relief Fund is accepting donations today! NO BITCOIN, just cash, silver or gold is accepted.

President Biden has a plan for citizens and illegal aliens too!

Speak Up. We Can’t Hear You!

June 25, 2021

We got a deal! Now, we don’t got a deal? Nobody knows if whispering Joe can decide to make up his own mind now. Thursday June 24, 2021 gave a message of optimism and hope for a functioning government. President 46 is acting like a USED CAR SALES MAN. We had a deal on Infrastructure Improvements approved by our president. President Biden welcomed video press to hear his proclaiming a victory of bipartisanship. But that was yesterday.

Today is Friday June 25, 2021. President Biden heard a voice in his head from whispering Joe. There is no deal without adding a few more trillion dollars by another special social justice climate change deal. So we had a deal, and it is still a deal but it cannot be deal without another deal! That seems clear enough. We can trust whispering Joe?

Vice President Biden loved to hug and whisper in public
Vice President Biden loved to get close to people on his lap too.

The safety and security of our nation is being treated like a political football getting kicked around to score points. Trillions of dollars from tax payers are being tossed around for political sport. We had a deal publicly reported by whispering Joe but he listened to his secret handlers who steer him through everything he does. For a few bucks (just kidding) you too can tell whispering Joe what he meant to say by himself.

So nobody knows why there was a public press announcement to confirm nothing. Never mind!

President Andy Jackson was the Whispering Lion who killed a few British soldiers.

Putin Plays Peek-a-Boo

June 17, 2021

War Games practice by Russia was on full display around Hawaii at the same time President Biden was looking for anyone to pay attention to him in London. Is this a coincidence? Putin knows how to play chess with a shell game Biden.

When the world is in turmoil because of a weak president, what country will risk their future by following USA? Things are not so dire, YET!

Nikita Kruschev threatened to destroy USA after he got our attention with Sputnik in space before us. Kruschev went to the UN and took off his shoe to bang it on the podium as he did a classic pro wrestler routine. “I will destroy you!” It was political theater to scare people that he might be crazy enough to fight a war that will destroy our planet.

Obama speech beats longest speeches by Fidel and Nikita! WOW!

President Biden has the shadow of Obama shrouding his halo. When Obama gave a press conference or a speech, have a pisspot handy because you are stuck in your seat for at least 90 minutes. When Biden gives a speech, nobody knows it happened. Putin was smiling like the wolf that ate grandma when he met our president.

My imagined sequence of Biden strategy is the following; “Look Vladimir, I gave you my list of 16 cyber crimes that are forbidden by my team. I can give you 16 things blocked by Trump that you want. Do we have a deal?” This is childish and stupid, but I see the Biden visit as opening our unlocked door into our future heartaches. If Biden makes a mistake, Putin will drive a tank through it and more people will be murdered. If Biden claims we are winning, than you can bet our military will pay the price in blood and suffering.

My suggestion is to make Hunter Biden the head of cyber security. His experience in handling his laptop filled with explosive secrets with pictures proves he is a classic expert on How Not To Secure Digital Data.

Vice President Joe Biden bites his lip while speaking to students faculty and staff at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government in Cambridge, Mass. Thursday, Oct. 2, 2014. (AP Photo/Winslow Townson)

Putin loses no sleep over torture and murder.

We can sleep with one eye open now. Putin will kill and rob our future because he has our list from Biden.

VP Will Meet ET

June 11, 2021

Press interviews with Vice President Kamala Harris includes the new raw nerve question; “When will you visit USA border with Mexico?” In my college years I loved the early James Taylor album Gorilla He sang about wandering off to MEXICO. “I never been, so I don’t really know!” ‘Sweet Baby James’ must have imagined Kamala needing this tune. Do yourself a favor and listen to this chill out predecessor long before Margaritaville.

It just seems to me that VP Harris is always pretending to act relaxed because she is always wound up. Chill out!

Karma is coming in space ships from beyond our world. The purpose of these visits is to find out how to stop our digital pollution being streamed out across the galaxy from our little planet earth. Nobody in the the universe wants to keep hearing rap music They prefer polka music. They are also tired of Harry Potter and any movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger except Jingle All The Way.

My concern grows that space aliens are crossing the open border into USA by landing in Mexico and walking over. The military pilots have seen something in their airspace that did not belong there.

It would be a great thrill for Kamala to get strapped into a jet fighter plane. VP Harris has zero interest in aliens from Mexico, but maybe she would be interested in seeing aliens from outer space walking over from Mexico.

We have made contact with visitors from outside of our galaxy in the camp area of a hobo jungle around Savannah. Details are limited due to Twitter and Facebook blocking our attempts to post the details of their demands delivered to Hobo Duke.

Sen. Warren Crypto Wampum

June 9, 2021

Digital Cryptocurrency is being stalked by Senator Elizabeth (Indian giver) Warren. Smoke signals from her Senate teepee are foretelling of war drums. She never wears war paint to trick her paleface guests. Many scalps are in her wigwam.

Once upon a time (many moons ago) Senator Warren pretended that she had native American blood in her veins. It seems she did fool some university to hire her because she claimed to read smoke signals and trap beaver. [John Wayne made a great movie about such paleface tricks in Comancheros.]

Nobody can remember if Senator Pocahontas Warren ever smoked a peace pipe with Senators “Revolution” Sanders. During the exciting Democrat debates for 2020 election, she confronted the Socialist with her accusation that he besmirched her sterling reputation.

Many campfires have gone cold and still Warren refuses to wear moccasins made by the Native Nations. China is cheaper. Our Great White Father Biden ignores the wisdom of Black Elk Speaks.

Map Of California Native American Tribes Printable Maps Native | Printable Map Of Native American Tribes – Printable US Maps

The Menominee have a tiny sliver of land where I live in Wisconsin. The Oneida have a bigger casino. Politicians live in their world of secret rules that are not laws. Why are they exempt and above our laws?

QUADRILLION is Biden Dream

June 3, 2021

My favorite character from Disney animation movie Toy Story is the oblivious character; Buzz Lightyear. There are no barriers that bother Buzz because he knows his goal is “To infinity, and beyond!” Allow me to link the behavior of President Biden by creating my nickname; Buzz Biden! The humor in Toy Story is stressing the gullibility of children to embrace their favorite characters and toys as trusted companions. The toys feel the same emotional connection to their child owners

My concern is that the real world can crush the dreams of children or incompetent Buzz Biden kindergarten economics. We are on the threshold of reaching debt “To infinity, and beyond”! The insane level of debt spending in our government is supposedly the responsibility of our House of Representatives. Constitution founders designed the budget authority to the House. We can kick out a Representative in 2 years if they are incompetent or dumber than we knew. Sadly, we see our crazy government spending and their waste is a joke on us taxpayers. The current majority focuses on blaming the other political party for refusing to win the race to spend our first Quadrillion Dollars!

Zimbabwe shows Buzz Biden his path to print Trillions in currency.

My disclosure is that I do own shares of DIS and we have profited from this investment by 60% over 2 years. Of course, I am a target of Buzz Biden for my rampant greed for choosing to keep investments sheltered in a retirement account. Have no fear, all of our retirement investments make us targets of socialists hunting greedy capitalists. We cannot pass on any of our property or investments to our family without more taxes. President Obama did explain to us dumb tax payers, that our government is investing our tax money for so much stuff we never need. That makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I think Zimbabwe already has done this. A ten trillion dollar from Zimbabwe is not enough to go to McDonalds.

Be prepared to be impressed by Buzz Biden plan for our government debt “to infinity, and beyond!” in 2021. The expert politicians were all shutting down our economy to keep us all in our boxes hiding from Wuhan Pandemic. Did you know it is a possibility that 3 million people died because of China? Propaganda News laughed at President Trump for daring to suggest this. Nobody knew what was real with the Propaganda News broadcasts last year.

We need to get advice from Zimbabwe on how they print their funny money. We are knocking on that same door right now. What could possibly go wrong for Buzz Biden?

Antiques stay in office too damn long

May 30, 2021

After 50 years in office, is it time to leave? How much in kick backs and bribe money are too much? My humble suggestion is to add a brand new item into our oldest president’s Build Back Better program. Pay ancient politicians to get out of Washington D.C. NOW! We cannot afford their public service price tag.

None of the voters that became voters in this millennium have any connection with these relics. Politicians are certain they are indispensable at any age. At some point, the milk goes sour. The wrinkled sheets start to smell funny. The antique clothes no longer fit well. Their inspired oratory sounds stupid. Give them a graceful exit with a paper bag of cash but no parades or farewell oratory. Goodbye, and stay gone. Hunter Biden will go to China and Ukraine to collect donations to pay for these new retired antiques.

The best way is to encourage each electoral district to submit a GET OUT list. A anonymous panel from Facebook & Twitter will confirm who should go without any recourse to appeal. We don’t want to keep seeing them on propaganda press news panels or begging for donations for any political party. They are banished by social media as well to stay invisible until their eulogy at funeral.

Hair dye on these boys is a wasted expense.

Northeast is a beast!

May 27, 2021

Life in the North woods of Wisconsin is a challenge. Many of the vacation renters and campers are hauling their massive trailers all around my remote area. Memorial Day weekend is the official return of all that were in hiding from our winter. As usual, the worst weather is happening right now, again! The wind is gusting from the Northeast. The water is warmed up enough that fog is misting along our southern shoreline by my home. Our pontoon boat is being pushed around a bit with the strong gusts, but the shore lines are holding from 2 of our trees near shore. Tonight camp fires are needed to avoid freezing! I will light my fireplace because we refuse to run our furnace in May.

May 27, 2021 welcomes frigid Northeast winds by my lake home.

Yesterday was cool but the skies were full of eagles prowling for their meal. The sky was blue and the wind was not bending trees. Today, is a different day in these North woods.

Eagles do sit on trees along our shore line while looking for a meal.

When we were just visiting this home with our 2 boys on weekends, there were stormy days that limited walks in the woods with our dogs. We made this officially our home at the end of the last millennium. The boys grew up in these North woods. I never feared for their safety, because they learned about nature in this area. Their Boy Scout camp weeks developed more skills, plus the adventure camp trips out of state were character builders. Our oldest discovered his love of mountain climbing on last adventure camp before graduating from high school.

We all pretend we can schedule our calendars. Nature has the last say about any given day! The fools who ignore the Northeast winds soon learn the hard way. We will enjoy our log fire and let Canada jet stream annoy our visitors. The North woods of Wisconsin are definitely temperamental. We don’t need to get mad about it, because it won’t change a damn thing!

Look at the moon 5/26/2021

May 18, 2021

Opinions do not change the laws of nature. Just look up on 5/26/2021 to watch the moon. Nothing will change in your life, but something might stir in your mind. The natural sense of wonder for the glories in the universe is powerful.

We have just started to enjoy the cycle of spring in the north woods of Wisconsin. The bears are stealing bird feeders again for hunger pangs from hibernation. The humming birds have migrated back as well as Baltimore Orioles. Fish are jumping out of the lake and eagles are dive bombing the waters for catching fish. The power and inevitable cycles of seasons are not changing because of my using charcoal to barbeque outside.

The “Blood Moon” will have an eclipse on May 26, 2021. The good news is that China has no rocket expected to crash to earth on this day. (You will get 20 more chances to catch a crashing rocket from China!)

We can look forward to years of Senate hearings and more arguments within House of Representatives on why this happens. The power of nature is not subject to limits by arguing politicians.

Campers will look up in wonder. Hikers may trek to a higher point on a mountain and set up camp to watch. The natural curiosity of humans to observe the heavens is natural. I feel more at ease just enjoying the glories of creation we can see, hear and feel. We are part of this amazing panorama in space. Even a hobo is part of this universe and those in a hobo jungle camp can look up.

Hiding Behind Masks

May 14, 2021

President Obama allowed H1-N1 to kill too many in USA. The present is always a hang over from the past. President Biden has run out of Executive Order Binge. People are watching now what is staring at USA our faces. Nobody knew that the most important business for our president is Mask Etiquette rules. None of his Mask speech has any legal standing. He is just talking to make it sound like he did something great. Obama made his presidency by making speeches that said nothing but sounded like something maybe will happen.

All vaccinated residents (including us tax paying citizens) may take off our face mask! We kneel in adoration and gratitude to Bwana Biden?

Biden can’t get anyone to show him on TV, so he enjoyed a lap dance.

Too many died for no reason during USA battling Wuhan Pandemic. I have no sympathy for some politicians who went on TV every day to promote themselves while pretending to be concerned about infected voters. The governor of New York deserves another Emmy for naked ambition. Too many families had suicides from stress and too many children could not cope with the exile from school and class mates. Last but not least, we demand justice on this attack on USA by China. I have no doubt that politicians will walk past the graveyard and ignore all those buried because of China.

Most of the confusion across the USA can be attributed to a flood of propaganda news in print, digital and television that demanded we pay attention but gave no vital information. Advertising revenue grew by hysterical reporting style now commonplace. Stay tuned for more news!

In the land of the Menominee protection of residents was priority 1. We had restrictions on travel before the governor of Wisconsin noticed the problems, and we required masks & temperature checkpoints in every business & church. The first Americans who greeted the pilgrims and pioneers did not wait for guidance from Washington. I respect the focus of preserving our forest land, our lake land and the lives of all living here. Our pontoon boat is moored by our lakefront home now. Nobody was wearing a mask on their boats ever.

Look Up USA

May 8, 2021

I read this article in our Washington Post daily newspaper. (The motto of this newspaper is “Democracy Dies In Darkness”.) “China says out-of-control space booster rocket probably won’t cause any harm”

Thank you Gerry Shih and Matthew Capucci for this classic example of garbage reporting from our propaganda news! They faithfully recorded the meaningless answer from China about this crashing rocket. There is a difference between patiently reporting BS propaganda answer or laughing at the idiot who expects the world to ignore their falling rockets. Once upon a time, reporters actually were smart enough to laugh at BS. This newspaper has become just a conveyer of darkness for money.

Long March Rocket from China is free to anyone it hits!

What is the response of USA? We are willing to sit and take it. Your neighbor has fireworks and loud music blaring at midnight. What is your response? Just ignore it? We must be tolerant of the chance that a 23 ton rocket will land on your house. You will get to keep it!

Once upon a time, we expected our President of these United States to speak for our country to other countries endangering our safety. That was in the old days. Modern times cannot resort to harsh words and threats of retaliation?

We all will get more chances to get a rocket on our house! 20 more rockets are to be sent up for building the China space station. Do you wonder if the operation of this space station will harm the universe in some way? The universe must accept what China must do. Falling rockets are not a threat. Well, maybe 100 people will get killed in the worst case? China cannot predict where the rockets fall, because that would be too expensive to their space budget. USA actually uses rockets that return to earth by landing under control, but we can afford to waste that much money. China is on a tight budget, so your family might die.

I congratulate the propaganda newspaper Washington Post for such courteous reporting of meaningless news. One law nobody can break is the law of gravity! Today is Saturday May 8, 2021. I hope President Biden will mention us if my house is crushed tonight by the debris from China Long March Rocket. It was nice being here on earth so far. Will Facebook allow a Fund Me page after I am dead? Will Twitter dedicate a day of tributes to my family? I know Senator Sanders will be glad to be on TV to complain about something. Will my home owner insurance refuse to pay for my total destruction? Sanders will make that his only response to my death, by attacking my insurance company instead of China.

What if the China Long March Rocket hits Delaware?

Tomorrow Costs Too Much Today

May 3, 2021

78th United States Secretary of the Treasury is Janet Yellen. I am concerned that President Joe Biden is calmly shoveling out money faster than we can print it! The value of our currency is the bench mark for all currencies circulated around the world. Secretary Yellen is younger than President Biden. I am younger than both of them. Neither one of them have a practical solution to inflation from printing money. It is a fact of life that my feeling rich with $100 in my wallet was 20 years ago.

Secretary Yellen expects there is a buyer for the USA Treasury Bond of 30 year maturity with a yield of 2.3% annual return. This has been going on for decades, but let me reveal a point of concern. We the people, are buying our own bonds to finance our growing trillions of debt. We the tax payers are spending money to buy debt for USA from USA. Why is this happening? The rest of the world cannot afford to buy all of our debt! We are pretending our Treasury Bond credit rating justifies spending money we don’t have to buy our own debt bonds while claiming we sold all of our debt bonds! We do not have a say in this nonsense. Would you tie up your money for 30 years to get 2.3%? New bonds will be forced to pay a higher interest rate!

By comparison to private industry, no company is allowed to buy debt they issue by diverting stock investor money. The reason Secretary Yellen knows our Treasury bonds are as good as gold because USA tax payers are obligated to cover all bonds issued by USA. Take a look in the mirror at yourself. How long would it take your family to pay off just a couple of million dollars of our debt? Maybe 3 generations of debt is not a reason to panic. But wait a minute! We have not even finished issuing new bonds for 2021. What about next year? We are in serious trouble because our leadership are too damn old to worry about our future.

Investing is a little more complicated to protect ourselves from our own government debt bomb. It is reassuring that Biden with Yellen are confident we don’t have any debt problem? Hey everybody, stay at home on unemployment with new checks funded by tax payers. Somebody else is paying for all this. Look in the mirror to see “somebody else”.

Norah O’Donnell got to attack President Donald Trump, but she will NEVER talk to President Biden on our debt bomb.

We are about to be sold into debt slavery by old politicians who are heading into the sunset soon. We need to shove them into retirement before generations will curse our memory. Reporting news has left any shred of credibility in the last millennium.

May Day 2021 Media Blackout

April 30, 2021

Commercial news media used to pay attention to communist annual parade of power and weapons on May Day. I am predicting that USA news sources are only propaganda press. No effort is made to inform the audience in USA on real news about China or Russia. The world is much smaller with internet, social media, podcasts and publishing. However, we remain in the “Cone of Silence” from Get Smart TV. It is much easier to always show the most violent crime, the most destructive fire and any weather disasters from anywhere. Will USA news black out May Day?

Update from May 3, 2021; NOT ONE COMMERCIAL NEWS ORGANIZATION REPORTED ON NEITHER CHINA NOR RUSSIA PARADES OF MILITARY POWER! It was not difficult for me to predict the myopia of sloth in commercial news. We are too busy criticizing the Disney version of Snow White from the last millennium.

Right now we have the oldest president ever in the history of USA, spending trillions of dollars we do not have. The oldest president ever is promising a glorious future well beyond his few years left. Of course, we can’t blame him if he is buried. When we regret paying off much higher taxes to repay Biden Promises, the lazy news media will pretend they were not involved.

Shed a tear for the taxpayers owing trillions for generations to come.
Joe is too old to be expected to work off his debt to society.

Gambling on Washington DC

April 23, 2021

There will be a new gambling site. Swamp Gas invites everyone to bet on the greatest game in the world; POLITICS! Take a position on Bernie Sanders getting his capital gains tax on investing to 39.6% backed by President Biden. It is a surprise that nobody knew candidate Biden was silent on taxes during campaign days. If you feel lucky on raising taxes retroactive to the start of 2021, put your bet on Bernie! There are odds makers. If you bet $100 (minimum bet) than you will win $39.96. Don’t like the odds? Don’t gamble. All the voters who gambled on Joe Biden are wondering how to celebrate now.

The lobbyists have an unfair advantage in placing bets. However, Hunter Biden is offering a gambling service to serious bettors for his “opinion” on what “might happen” in the White House. If you donate $!0,000 to Hunter, than you will get access to Zoom appointments for a limit of 30 minutes per year. His time is valuable. The real challenge is that President Biden has to wait for Doctor Jill to read to him “suggestions” from lobbyists. Hunter has to talk to Jill before Joe knows what is going on,

A Chinese restaurant in Washington D.C. will allow Swamp Gas access to their computer floor with secure satellite service. Your wagers will be more secure than campaign promises from President Biden. It is possible that some wagers will relate to Republicans in Washington DC.

Bill and Hillary Clinton may host a Swamp Gas podcast. Bill will also do some fund raising for his Clinton Foundation. Barrack Obama may offer his chart on predicting how the chips may fall.

We are about to enter the golden age of gambling. Coming soon are government inspectors to save us from CLIMATE CHANGE! Every home across our country will be visited for getting a rating on mandatory changes to save our climate. We only have 10 years left according to climate expert known as AOC. Do you feel lucky on getting a Green Rating to avoid $40,000 in mandatory improvements?

Every tax payer and even those who don’t have to pay now, will buy our Climate mandates.

They Are Out There

April 16, 2021

As a child of Sputnik hysteria, I am way too old to meet visitors from any other planets. Our country is still adjusting to the “rat pack” period of Frank Sinatra with his fellow demigods of culture. By comparison the new “stars” and “celebrities” are nowhere near the days of Sammy Davis Jr.! Is it possible that other galaxies want to experience those glory days in USA entertainment history?

FOX news has been updating their audience about the USA Navy confirms they will be sharing their sightings from their fleet and jetfighters. How will we adapt to the reality that They are out there!

It is not a question about IF anymore. Now what do we do? Fortunately, we have open borders and a influx of undocumented aliens will be pouring in from other planets. President Biden will be giving a national speech on turning over control of our nation to outer space travelers. It may be too late for a new movement; Human Lives Matter?

How do we resist visitors from other planets? Why would they want to stay on earth? Surely they must know that “Global Warming” gives us only 10 more years before our destruction. Do they want to save specimens of life like polar bears? Who will be our Flash Gordon to stand up for humanity? This post may be mildly humorous, but I am not laughing about the role of humans after visitors decide to stay here.

The movie Star Man says they have left offspring on earth already. Chicago Bears line backer Doug Buffone left earth back in 2015, but he shared on radio his kidnapping experience while in Indiana by a space craft abduction. This experience bothered him until his death. Even more thought provoking is Slaughterhouse-5 by Kurt Vonnegut (who remains one of my favorite authors). Billy Pilgrim is still in a zoo display on an alien planet!

I nominate Elon Musk to handle the visitors from space! He is brilliant and definitely understands the allure of space travel.

Musk left his sports care floating in space as payload on his rocket ship.

Facebook sux

April 10, 2021
Meet the enemy! All bow down for Facebook mortals!

Somewhere on our way to Utopia, the path led all of us past Facebook land. Once you are lured into this digital mouse trap, there is not even any cheese! The marketing marvel of digging into your life, relatives, and personal preferences for shopping make billions while we are trapped forever in Facebook slavery.

How many programmers does it take to make every software update that makes the Facebook web site more confusing and less intuitive? The solution is to hire more programmers who are young enough to be my grandchild. Of course, these programmers have to dance faster and jump higher to become a grand Wizard Programmer. Nobody cares about us old folks struggling with all these software updates! Click to load more confusing steps to do less.

How did we become captives of Facebook?

Commercial news is envious of the magic to hold so many hostages in social media. I have stopped watching commercial news for the most part because it has descended into Propaganda News! The ship has sailed on commercial news. More people rely on what is posted on Facebook as more reliable.

Gate keepers and censors at Facebook are the age of grandchildren eager for more allowance money.

I limit my use of Facebook and ignore the barrage of friendly reminders to post “happy birthday”, repost what I did 5 years ago and link up to people I don’t know. The marketing game preserve of users is sold constantly for billionaire Zuckerberg.

My Easter Wish 2021

April 4, 2021

It was wonderful to see more people at church today. Many more are willing to venture out now for human company instead of hiding in isolation to avoid the Wuhan Pandemic. Jesus saved all of us, who want to be saved. Atheists are welcome to enter the void at the end of their days. My wish for all the prophets of doom and whiners about human failings is this simple; STUFF IT!

I am not exhorting mobs of violent vengeance like the “peace keeper” Jihad Squad in USA House of Representatives.

Speaker Pelosi has lost control of any connection to our heritage that began our nation founded on independence from a monarchy or theocracy. Nancy pretends she speaks for the Roman Catholic Church instead of the Pope. Nancy needs to “Stuff It”! I have lost patience for her babbling nonsense. The only new “laws” we get are 500 pages passed in the dead of night after nobody read the law and they spend trillions of dollars we don’t have. The work and responsibility for our House of Representatives is to oversee the spending of our nation’s wealth through the government elected by the people. Has Queen Nancy ever bothered to update the peasants beneath her imperial heights on why and how our money is being expended from her fire hose of spending?

I lack the wisdom to speak for the future of our nation. I do feel concern and some anxiety for my sons future under the oldest president ever in office for USA. He signs every executive order handed to him by lobbyists that funded his campaign for office. However, I can pray and I do pray for our country. When President Obama was in office, I did pray for his health and safety during his 8 years in office because I was terrified of the prospect of Vice President Biden ever sitting his chair. Now the worst has happened and we have a babbling buffoon pretending to lead our nation. Stuff it, Joe!

President 46 with his Vice President talk a lot without saying much.

Our eagle population in Wisconsin has grown stronger and I see the majesty of creation being protected in my state. It is amazing to see eagles dive bombing the lake now catching their fish. Our dog was excited to pick up the residue of fish dropped from one of our trees by a fisher eagle after eating a caught fish. Our country will survive the wasted spending and weak leadership of our 46th president. The eagles survived in spite of decades of hunting and feather hunters.

Eagles mate for life as male and female as a noble example for us all.


March 30, 2021

Once upon a time, people lived in fear as many died all around them. That was last year; 2020. Advertisers and leaders of Propaganda News loved the captive audience afraid to watch, but feeling compelled to get the bad news!

CDC director is MD Rochelle Walensky. She felt compelled to share her FEELINGS about Wuhan Pandemic. She blurted out the words; IMPENDING DOOM. Feeling a sense of dread for some reason raises questions about President Joe Biden relying on “the science” as our safe haven. The leader of CDC has concerns about her vision of IMPENDING DOOM as a threat that bothers her. No facts were offered other than how she feels.

I can tell everybody that the pinnacle of veracity is my Hobo Jungle Grapevine. We heard that Hunter Biden will take care of IMPENDING DOOM. So don’t worry and be happy! Case closed. We should all be glad that “the other guy” is not around anymore. The name of President Donald Trump is banished to the realm of forbidden words by a secret executive order signed by President Joe. Everybody in our propaganda news empire is aware that they can only mention President Trump for new accusations.

The doomsday prophecies published and bought by buyers of propaganda news are in the montage of magazine covers pasted into this brilliant dissertation. Predictions by trusted scientists warned of our freezing to death or roasting to death. Climate Change stories were prophets of doom for most of my life and somehow the world went on. Somehow, we barely snuck by the shrinking ozone!

Doctor Rochelle Walensky shared her concern about IMPENDING DOOM.

My doctor is a woman. She knows that I am a typical man who can hear what she is saying and nod my head. Then I leave her office and do whatever my wife wants me to do. My doctor warns me about the danger of colon cancer. I told her that she can tell my family that she wanted me to get a colposcopy but I said no thanks every year. My love of sauerkraut and baked beans confirms my colon is healthy.

So I am waiting for IMPENDING DOOM like a IRS audit or more likely; One More Tax from President Joe.

Smugglers Getting Rich off 46

March 24, 2021

Can you speak the language of Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, or China? All of these folks are marching across Mexico from all over the globe to get across our Wide Open Border. Ignorance is no excuse. USA citizens are required to learn these languages in order to welcome new Biden illegal aliens demanding all the privileges of tax paying citizens.

President “Joe” Biden might be getting confused with the blizzard of Executive Orders cascading out of the army of lobbyists beating a path through our White House. Our beloved Propaganda News are sleeping soundly at night and very content to repeat every furnished “news bulletin” from the White House complex. Nobody seems concerned about billions of dollars in fees paid to human smugglers that are primarily drug dealers for China and dope peddlers.

All arrested in Wisconsin in Nicolet National Forest are from Mexico border. What about Bob? Where’s Bob? No drug gang guy named Bob?

We can soon expect cruise lines offering luxury cabins to wealthy travelers who want to live in our USA and can pay for it. Take a cruise trip to Mexico port cities and get whisked across to the wide open USA border.

The impoverished foreigners are scrounging up $4,000 to $11,000 in cash for the Drug Cartel passage fee. You get a nice wrist band from the cartel so they know you paid and won’t get shot by them. You might have to wake up the National Guard troops sleeping in their truck on the border because crossings are around the clock. Arrival after midnight until dawn might cause delays as you try to wake up our sleeping guardians.

Babbling, huffing and puffing curmudgeon superstar Biden!

Right now the billions being spent to expand border housing for illegal aliens is well underway. These border towns must learn to accept millions of new residents dumped into the local tax payers budget. President Biden is distracted by his new save the globe 4 trillion dollar Infrastructure Climate Change Boondoggle Bill.

Welcome to the mad house of Democrat binge of taxes to pay for stuff we think we need.

90% Waiting for Biden Bucks

March 18, 2021

19 million tax paying citizens of USA got the “Stimulus Money” on St. Patrick’s Day. By my unofficial calculation, there are 90% of USA taxpayers still waiting for their Biden Bucks.

What about our Biden refugees? There is no official count on the flood of poor homeless freeloaders eagerly flooding over the border from Mexico since our new president left the door wide open and unlocked.

Does anyone remember the mob scene of unruly Representatives and Senators who covertly snapped pictures of children drinking from toilets? That was the drama queen Alexandria Cortez looking for everyone to congratulate her demands for President Trump to improve the greeting to illegal aliens. Now the chaos at the border has none of this political circus because aliens can come in, but Representatives or Senators are kept out. Does this seem suspicious? Propaganda news reporters don’t want to go there.

What is coming quickly, are the NEW TAXES! Of course these essential new taxes are only to tax the RICH! This may shock us hobo folks, but all of the propaganda news reporters are getting ultra wealthy taxable income now. This is the greatest threat to President Biden honeymoon with press.

We can look forward to the Jihad Squad demanding that all former and yet to arrive illegal aliens get the $1,400 that went out to tax payers. We need more slaves to row the tax payer slave ship. Welcome aboard suckers! You can never elude the IRS!

It is our duty to give money to illegal aliens crossing the border in record numbers for Biden.

We are not prepared for the chaos unleashed by good intentions from idiots. What could possibly go wrong with putting illegal aliens on buses all around the USA? No concerns about Covid 19 tests are at the border. No tests required to get released.

This will be the year that killed the Democrat Political Party holding control of USA. Success can destroy the victors. We all will experience living in poverty with 46.

Taxpayers will weep with new taxes from crybaby Biden.

Saint Patrick’s Day 2021 is GREEN

March 17, 2021

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to one and all! My wife and I started today by enjoying breakfast at Cruising Inn in the bustling metropolis of Shawano, Wi. A Mexican family’s dream came true by opening up their restaurant in the year of the pandemic 2020. That is a true example of the American Dream!

In this same town several new business owners started their entrepreneur dreams by rolling up their sleeves in spite of panic and hysteria. Saint Patrick has blessed USA by the distribution of “Economic Stimulus” funds today through our banks, credit unions and the few surviving “Savings and Loan” institutions. I find it more than a coincidence that God reminds us of the love shown to our USA by the most unexpected events. Our President Biden is a Roman Catholic. Is it coincidence that our IRS and Treasury had the money released on Saint Patrick’s Day? Coincidence is the realm of fate and luck, or devoted believers in the powers of God.

From last year on this saint’s day, the stock market has catapulted most of our investments into new heights. Today, I see that the stock market has not rained or ruined my celebrating this blessed day in 2021. The new investments I added since last year have exceeded my modest expectations. My inclination is to take some of the huge profits made early next year, because I adhere to an ancient saying. Pigs get fat. Hogs get slaughtered!

I am afraid that our current president will have no clue on the problems he has unleashed by his flood of executive orders. Plus, he has nobody smart enough that can help him. We are reserving a spot in the hobo jungle for his son Hunter to freeload by our Mulligan Stew pot under the stars.

The American Rescue Plan is sinking our future with graft, corruption and empty promises. However, everybody today is cheering the money distributed today. Just remember, whatever we get for free is never valued much. Expect demands for more, and more to start instantly. Hobo folk never expect more, but not many hobo are elected to share our hobo wisdom in Washington DC.

My Irish blessing I got from a dear departed buddy is always my wish for my family.

“What’s his name” runs Pentagon!

March 9, 2021

President Biden seems to forget more than he can remember now. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin knows a little bit about our Pentagon. Our president cannot remember the name of “the guy who runs that outfit over there.”

Vladimir Putin is making his wish list of conquest a little longer now. It should be illegal to put a doddering mentally incapable oldest president of USA into our White House. However, the brain trust of DNC shoved aside all concerns to allow a devout communist be the brains behind our 46th president. Russia has a very complete file on “Bernie” Sanders who has a long distinguished career as Senator who has ZIP accomplished.

President Biden is in not in command of his mind. His brain is there, but his mind seems lost in the ozone of Mount Olympus fables.

The 25th Amendment of USA Constitution will be used to remove President Biden after he signs a few more mega trillion dollar spending bills written by the industry lobbyists. We hope that President Biden will merit a mention in the worst political scandals in government scams.

President Biden never tweeted about “covfefe” and he takes a lot of naps. Who is running our country right now?

Biden can’t get anyone to show him on TV, so he enjoyed a lap dance.

I Am Neanderthal!

March 5, 2021

Today is March 5, 2021. We passed a crisis yesterday on March 4, 2021! President Biden shut down Washington DC to prevent the overthrow of our nation’s capitol by the plotters ready to invade and conquer. The FBI alerted our President Biden of a plot by QAnon to overthrow his government on Thursday, March 4! NOBODY laughed in the White House. Our brave Speaker of the House demanded more bullets be issued to the armed National Guard soldiers stuck in Washington DC from states around the USA. More razor wire was added to protect our politicians poised to waste $1,900,000,000.00 Covid Relief pork barrels for Democrats.

These folks are smarter than Speaker Pelosi or FBI.

A new threat that has been revealed by President Biden. We have to be aware of a new threat from prehistoric times. Neanderthals are a threat to our safety! How did they slip into our country? Why didn’t our FBI or Homeland Security alert anyone about these subhuman beasts? Nobody pays attention to Texas because all of our attention is on saving Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles and New York City after decades of Democrat rule. The policies of Democrat run cities always fails, but all we need is One More Tax for Utopia!

I am a Neanderthal! It seems predictable that when the chips are down and doom is close by, only a Neanderthal can save the day! Remember the Cajun Navy pouring in to save flooded cities? They brought their own boats, and showed up without any government coordination. Remember 9/11/2001 when millions sat afraid inside their caves in the cities? Neanderthal response was to pull people out of destroyed buildings and feed the emergency workers by Ground Zero!

Today, I affirm the rights of every Neanderthal to celebrate that our future relies upon men and women who survive by fighting the dinosaurs in Washington DC today. Even as our nation faces financial collapse by printing trillions for wasteful politicians, we are expected to cheerfully sell our children and grand children into paying One More Tax!

This dimwit uses a tiny plastic candle from China to symbolize the torch held by Lady Liberty!

North Woods Nature Alert

March 2, 2021

Still miss my beloved Treeing Walker Coonhound who is asleep in the hillside facing our lake. She was very much a Alpha Dog! Yesterday while driving along the Wolf River flowing through the north woods of Wisconsin, I smelled the unique scent left by skunks. Millie had such a powerful sense of smell, she knew the presence of a skunk from 100 yards away. Her baying exceeded safety levels of noise. The windows in our house vibrated and rattled from the force of her warning alert. The skunks 100 yards away would spray because of her powerful alert volume.

My warning alert is about our Senators and Representatives who are plotting some crazy tax schemes for their spending trillions of dollars we do not have. USA will print these dollars anyway . Anyone who has over one billion dollars in property, investments and cash will pay a new tax of 3% on top of normal income taxes. Our tax structure is already confusing and complex for every citizen filing annual income tax government forms. For the wealthy just under 1 billion dollars will get to pay an additional 2% new tax on everything they own.

This might seem to insult the intelligence of our brilliant Senators and Representative but this is their at home tax assignment; What is 3 X 50? What is 2 x 50? So 150% of a billionaire’s total net value means their billions are gone in a lifetime. So 100% means an almost billionaire will never become a billionaire after every last nickel goes to the tax man in 50 years. Who will be left to pay for the insane spending of trillions approved by Senators and Representatives who failed basic math calculations?

The poor slobs who work for a living will need to pay trillions of dollars of government debts. At least we won’t have to worry about billionaires and millionaires being rich anymore. We all will be poor, FOREVER!

I refuse to quietly follow the morons in Washington DC, who have never done anything except live off our tax money.

Millie “Treeing Walker Coonhound” photo on the day before Benghazi 4 were killed thanks to Obama, Biden & Hillary Clinton.

Did You Submit Taxes for 2020?

February 28, 2021

Citizens of China and Russia have no say in how their taxes get taken from their annual earnings. Our President 46 is Joseph Biden. I do not anticipate getting any information on his budget more detailed than stupid slogans. Build Back Better

I just had my 2020 tax forms filed electronically by my accounting service. The previous year, I had the pleasure of owing over twelve thousand dollars and not because of any massive “wind fall fortune”. The Obama Care accounting rules are very expensive for recipients getting it “free”. This year it took discipline to go through the year while using less money than the previous year. I do not owe any tax money from 2020! I even got a little refund to spend.

Our House of Representatives are compelled to increase spending every year. Every new fee or tax is labeled an “investment” by the devious devils in Washington DC. Their “investments” always reduce my bank account!

I was happy to learn that President Biden demands our home will be taxed for capital gains for my children when they inherit our estate after we are gone. Any increase in value from our investments will be taxed for the capital gains even though we are holding them just for dividend income that is taxed. So the appreciation in “market value” will be taxed. No mention of getting a tax deduction when the investment loses market value is even considered. One More Tax in our transition to Socialism is our compelled investment necessary to make politicians happy.

Bandits with masks to protect themselves!

Our government will spend $1,900,000.000 of our tax dollars that have yet to be collected over 2 lifetimes. Plus, we don’t know the new spending for the slogan Build Back Better projects because so far we got propaganda but no facts. Our national networks of commercial television are happy to walk around pretending to report what is actually happening. We are on our own with Propaganda News reporting on what they are told to report.

INFLATION unchained by Yellen

February 22, 2021

Just a friendly alert to the handful of people who read is my warning about our United States Treasury. The Treasury Auction process is no longer following the puppet strings game of USA. What if we held an auction and nobody bought our debt bonds? Believe it or not, the laws of finance do not care about politics. Money only cares about finance safety before buying a bond that must pay the fixed interest rate of this debt. President Biden does not want to pay a higher interest rate on his new debt, but the auction process relies upon buyers willing to buy our debt issued by United States Treasury.

Appearances are not as important as the character of a person. Our financial solvency in our USA rely upon the leadership of United States Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. She supports the Democrat slush fund emergency relief bill of $1,900,000,000,000.00 as essential for no specific reason. When the swamp is run by the rats, do not expect to get more than a little cheese left by our rats. Rats are smart but not smart enough to run our economy. Why does USA own more bonds than we need? Because it appears we are in good financial shape, and because we want to buy up bonds to drive down interest rates if the market set the price without interference by U.S. Treasury buying up bonds. This is not new, but it is only a recent scam used to keep rates down for our Treasury Bonds.

Commercial news fails to report or even discuss how our bond market operates. This post cannot explain 10 years of bond auctions. This post is my warning of the dangers coming because Propaganda News only shows up after the house burns down or the car falls off the bridge. Nobody wants a disaster, and my audience cannot stop this disaster. We can only prepare how to protect our house, investments and consider storing more silver & gold to help our family.

Uncle Sam might get a new look with another trillion dollars!.

Do not trust me on predicting how much time we have until inflation is roaring back. I am investing in short term floating rate interest loans issued by banks instead of fixed interest Treasury Bonds. Back in the long forgotten Great Recession only a dozen years ago, I made a lot of money going this way. I made a great deal of money buying Treasury TIPS that are indexed to inflation but at this time the prices are nuts already. Do not abandon stocks. Even in the panic selling of a stock market that plunged for a year, stock sales were executed so money was available. My example remains today. “If your neighbor decided to sell his house for $500 right now, that is NOT the real market value of the house. Desperate people needing money do stuff you don’t need to copy. MARK TO MARKET rule set by our U.S. Congress helped drive chaos into our GREAT RECESSION.”

Do not sit at home watching TV to learn about this. Commercial television does not want to scare away their audience. Plus, commercial television does not want to be banned from participating in staged events. Do yourself a favor by reading; It’s Not as Bad as You Think by Brian S. Wesbury. Published in 2010 by Wiley. I have investments from First Trust Advisors LP and held investments that came through a recession that felt like a depression.

I recognize that China is manipulating currency to stampede USA as greatest loan risk on earth. China wants to take over control of global finance. Bribery masks threats from China by our elected Senators and Representatives. We cannot fail because of corrupt weak Congress.

Speaker Pelosi Must Repay Wasted Taxes

February 15, 2021

It is a common legal precedent that any “frivolous lawsuit” obligates the accuser to pay court costs for the waste of money. Speaker Pelosi must repay the tax money spent in the Second Impeachment of Former President Trump. It is hard to estimate the amount of time spent by elected Senators and Representatives in this futile 2nd impeachment. However, the salaries of staff and elected Senators and Representatives will not be paid from taxpayers dollars but from Speaker Pelosi for the Second Impeachment of Former President Trump.

Nobody denies the strength of hatred and melodramatic theatrics of displaying contempt during this doomed impeachment. However, even before the process began, the charges were filed with the knowledge that this was not likely to succeed. But the accounting of wasting tax money and government time never was a concern to Speaker Pelosi. Guess what Speaker Pelosi thinks of her owing tax payers the money she wasted? She doesn’t care because she will ignore tax payers as always.

Now the tax payers of USA are entitled to an accounting of the expenses we have paid in this mockery of justice. Nobody is satisfied by any aspect of this procedure. It is my statement that the taxpayers of USA are always right! If nobody likes the IMPEACHMENT results, than the Speaker of the House takes responsibility for forcing her will against the common good.

President Biden now has the public relations mess of explaining to us tax payers that WE THE PEOPLE MUST IGNORE THE WASTED TAX DOLLARS AND WASTED TIME OF ELECTED OFFICIALS.

This process opened wounds and divided our country more than our real problems ignored during this circus.

This is not a joke. This is not what tax payers want or expect from our elected officials. We are entitled to a formal review process and an accounting for time and money wasted. The expense of defending herself is on Nancy Pelosi and not from the office budget of Speaker of the House. Nancy Pelosi ignored the needs of USA in her arrogant disregard of real work left aside.

Tax payers money is not for political stunts!

Will we accept the wanton waste of our taxpayer time and money? They owes us the work they ignored. They owe us the money they spent of our tax dollars.

New Popularity Poll; U Suck award

February 14, 2021

We the people get to share our love and admiration for sports stars by voting best player polls. We the people are told who we should like on commercial television programs. The commercial networks pay attention to viewer ratings on programs because advertising revenue is their blood money. This U Suck award will be a new source of revenue too! Of course it is tacky and in bad taste to belittle or ridicule the worst talking heads on commercial news, but these blood suckers enjoy picking on all sorts of targets they keep punching on television.

I must confess, that I do not watch news telecasts any more! I got sick during the 8 years of Obama adoration by commercial news media for “the one”! All of the incompetent and biased news characters persisted to ridicule and criticize everything done by Trump. We need to honor and bring on stage these lovable bigots pretending to cover news. I propose we start a national annual award show to recognize the bigots and blowhards who really are Propaganda News.

I did start the FaceBook Acosta Fan Club site just for kicks. The real fans of Acosta are confused on my posts that seem to mock and hammer Jim. But many people know this is a mock site that enjoys dumping on the big ego with small talent of Acosta. The ego and stupidity of television news celebrities is cosmic in strength.

Barack Obama meets with Donald Trump in the Oval Office of the White House. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Commercial news media loved covering candidate Trump events because he raised news audience ratings. Donald J. Trump was categorized as a “no chance loser candidate” by the pundits of Propaganda News. They never dreamed that the nightmare of Trump as 45th President could EVER happen. They lavished free air time because he was funny in his attacks on political sacred cows. His victory never happened in their professional opinions. The USA public made a huge mistake, of course?

That is water under the bridge now. Oddly, nobody drowned or got fired in Propaganda News. All of the sarcastic morons on television remained on air. WHY? Who voted them most likely to be trusted? I certainly never was asked. You know your own favorites you love to hate on television. This is honest to hold a popularity contest on who gets shoved into our homes every day every week every month every year.

You can reach me on Facebook at Acosta Fan Club site. You can reach me on Twitter at @DukeHobo

Happy New Year of Metal Ox

February 12, 2021

The Rat is finally gone after ruining 2020 around the world. Welcome to 2021 Year of Metal Ox!

The last traces of the Wuhan Pandemic are killing too many people in this year. However, we have vaccines to protect and prevent deaths from growing in our USA. I give thanks that President Trump took early steps to reduce the spread of this killer across our country. I also give thanks that I do not live in the state of New York, nor have to travel to New York City any more since retirement.

The PROPAGANDA NEWS has blacked out and ignored this Chinese new year because they ignored the threat our president saw back in 2020. We are truly on our own to find the truth on our own, because commercial news only sells advertising and panic. They love to show massive car wrecks on ice covered highways too.

I am celebrating 2021 Year of Metal Ox! Our millions of citizens with Chinese ancestry suffered just the same as everyone. Superstition or custom dictates fish today as a meal for good luck for this year. We will enjoy cod, because we always enjoy cod every month of every year. But tonight I will pay homage to my family surviving one Covid 19 infection last year by eating cod tonight for dinner. I say good riddance to 2020 Year of Metal Rat. (I also am grateful for my Moderna vaccine this week!)

I do not rely upon news for the truth anymore, because they choose profits over facts.

Today I really feel optimistic that the truth will set us free. Even an ox can knock down the barricades of Propaganda News. Do not harass or attack our Chinese citizens in revenge for the failings of politicians who ignored the threat of Wuhan Pandemic. Special shout out to Governor Cuomo of New York who sent infected seniors back into nursing homes to kill more by infection. The federal hospital ship sitting in New York harbor was never used for caring for seniors sent back to infected nursing homes who died. God knows how to even the score without propaganda or news black outs on this mass murder.

Stop Playing Games?

January 30, 2021

My sons kept dragging me to Game Stop stores for 10 years. PlayStation games and Xbox games shot holes through what I laughably called my “budget”. My perspective on gaming is that Super Mario remains my favorite games. Nintendo abandoned me and I would buy a new console player if ever it would return. (Nintendo redux is NOT what I am want at all.) However, in those years my sons were under roof as minors, my budget kept bleeding money for their “must have” game discs. Discs now are ancient history but my sons are living on their own and their gaming is up to them now. It is amazing to see a investing scam focused on shorting stock of GameStop!

WASHINGTON – JULY 22: Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA), chairman of the House Financial Services Committee (L), talks with Elizabeth Warren, Chair of the TARP Congressional Oversight Panel, during a hearing on Capitol Hill on July 22, 2009 in Washington, DC. The hearing was held to oversee the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). (Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images)

In days of old, “investing” meant researching a company’s products and services before buying shares to profit from their growth. Of course that is ridiculous with the 20th century rolling out Hedge Funds! It no longer matters if a stock is good or bad and no difference at all if the company has any chance of surviving. For instance the Reddit renegades who wanted to profit from the greedy Hedge Funds by simply buying Game Stop stock shares. Yes, now this is a threat to Hedge Funds who “short the stock”, which is a magic act of selling shares that you never bothered to own. Sophisticated elite investors laugh at the stock owners who suffer losses because their stock is sinking faster than normal. It seems if you sell over 100% of the shares available, than the stock price might actually go up? This happened when Elon Musk had Tesla stock shorted. He had the last laugh, and regular investors understood how to to frustrate the brilliant Hedge Funds ! Simply keep buying shares, because there is a limit on when “short sellers” must cover their empty positions.

Warren Buffett is wealthy billionaire who bores people on You Tube.

The ancient investor Warren Buffet understands that everybody gets to see who has a bathing suit and who is without a bathing suit when the tide goes out. Now our Senators and Representatives are answering their desperate calls for help. Those calling for help are the greedy blood sucking Hedge Funds! The political melodrama will offer crafty politicians a platform to look like they really care about Joe and Susie voter. Our commercial news media (Propaganda News) has NEVER BOTHERED to spend 10 seconds on this issue of Hedge Funds because it actually requires work to investigate this sorcery. Plus, why upset the company big shots who make money from investing in Hedge Funds? Yes, the real problem is our small investors! How dare anyone make a profit by simply buying a stock being manipulated by our patriotic model citizens who donate money to politicians from their Hedge Fund!

Will Representative Maxine Waters ask the right questions? She has decades of practice. Will Senator Sanders blame CAPITALISM? (My bet is he will volunteer to save USA by Socialism right now!) Will politicians indict our small investors who dared to profit by simply buying shares of stock that were sold short by the Hedge Funds?

Please come back to this Hobo Jungle Grapevine because commercial propaganda news are still praising President Joe for driving out the evil Trump person.

2nd Time Around Festival

January 27, 2021

USA has cause to celebrate! Speaker Nancy Pelosi has decided that the first impeachment of President Trump was a lot of fun. In order to cheer up the citizens of USA, lets do it AGAIN!

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has decided to sit this one out. It seems he knew Trump was impeached already! Impeaching Trump again will make something to celebrate for the IMPEACH TRUMP FAN CLUB. Alternate judge for this circus under the big top will be somebody beloved and missed. Come on down Al Franken! We need to light a candle for Senator Patrick Leahy who is hospitalized as his excuse to avoid running the Impeachment Hoax REDUX 2021.

Does anyone know who is pulling the strings on puppet President Biden? President Joe has zero stage presence and nobody pays attention. Propaganda News continues to shame everyone daring to question the capability of a very old politician to actually work. It is touching that President Joe dragged ancient Senator Leahy off his nap couch to run Kabuki Theater show trial of former President Trump. Vermont elected this man back in 1975! Joe believes he will be there to hold a centennial celebration with mummified Patrick.

Senator Patrick Leahy from Vermont knows the swamp!

While President Joe keeps signing Executive Orders to get on television, the House of Representatives and the Senate are trying to look busy as if they are working. For some odd reason, Propaganda News fails to attract homebound captive citizens to watch their empty broadcast of ancient talking heads. It seems the script for Gilligans Island continues to be used by our monopoly of commercial broadcasting. We are now on Biden’s Island!

Nobody in Propaganda News bothered to interview Chief Justice Roberts on his refusal to be the execution judge to impeach former President Trump a 2nd time. This must not be news worthy? How and why did the mummy Leahy get the rare honor and privilege to hang Trump again? Does USA have any problems being ignored by our House of Representatives and Senate during this Kabuki Theater trial? We are not supposed to ask any questions now. Welcome to the news blackout to allow more paid advertising on daily news broadcasts.

Doomsday Preppers Are OK

January 22, 2021

Let us remember a segment of our population that were labeled WACKO. The wealthy sophisticated city folk were more concerned on buying new luxuries, than stocking provisions for a disaster. Credit cards were a sign of privilege and used for baubles and fashion trends. Yes, maybe stocking up on caviar and gourmet ice cream is a sign of accepting Doomsday Prepper logic. Closet space was overflowing with designer clothes and no space to fit a freezer in a penthouse apartment.

My wife and I live on a lake in Wisconsin. Our house is atop a hill overlooking the bounty of nature with massive trees to protect our home from howling winds, blizzards and the dead trees we honor by burning them in our wood stove in the family room. Our big freezer is stocked with rotating stock we use over 3 months while restocking on monthly shopping trips that includes Costco. Our dogs have their dog biscuits in the basement pantry containers and the aluminum trash can is full of dry dog food. My wife makes every week meat, fish, vegetables and herbs in her pressure cooker for dog food.

Wild game and fish have their place in our menu. We celebrate the resurgence of eagles around our lake with many year old eagles sitting around an opening in the center of the lake to grab fish. Over head mature eagles fly at tree top level to ensure the safety of their children and relations during their ice fishing. The eagles help reduce the squirrels, chipmunks and rabbits. The owls and foxes are not starving either. The bears are hibernating and the wolves do get livestock and pets when available. How could China change our lives here?

The Wuhan Pandemic proves the possibility of a seemingly remote problem changing everything here. How many people reacted to this crisis by anticipating how to set up essential reserves? The canned food we would replenish every month suddenly disappeared from our local grocers. Our town is very small. Walmart was often out of Armour Corned Beef Hash with the rack space empty. We did not hoard because everyone deserves to shop normally without the panic of amateur preppers stuffing toilet paper for a year in a house that cannot fit all of their inventory. We were glad the city folk from Green Bay did not invade our stores because inventory for our population would disappear in one day.

I can testify that city folk do not understand where food comes from! The jokes about us country folks with cows and corn fields stopped when the cities were short of supply. The milking parlor area of the pole barn is busy daily in blizzards and subzero Winter days. Hundreds of cows need to be fed and kept healthy every day. There is no vacation because the cattle need daily attention. Our Wisconsin cheese operators are constantly processing and curing cheese. City folks would be amazed at the attention to details on the grading of the milk suitable for cheese, butter and drinking milk. The lab measurements made before the milk hauler unloads his tanker truck ensure processing meets the grade.

It is common sense not to broadcast on Facebook that anyone is a Doomsday Prepper. Instead of fighting over electronic big screen TV sales, the common place items of bacon, toilet paper and canned corned beef hash went to the top of the shopping list. My prediction is that families will make sure they have an inventory for a couple of weeks as a standard practice.

2021 has everybody looking at life from a different perspective from way back in 2019. I welcome those who choose to live in the country and support life styles to sustain the harmony of nature. Doomsday Preppers recognize we only live once so look at your choices in perspective of family welfare.

Madness Everywhere in Politics Today

January 9, 2021

Feuds and grudges are more important today, than working for the good of our USA republic. President Trump forgot about his duty as a public servant and goaded mob action. Nobody can control a mob. The mayor of Washington DC chose to ignore the risk of such a threat to public safety and allowed protesters to become a mob. A few well placed water cannons from fire trucks would have cooled the mob before lethal injuries. However, no real precautions were made because the worst did happen just as many hoped for in Propaganda News. “Death and misery arrived with Donald J. Trump!”

The 4 years of dirty tricks were plotted and executed by DNC to cause our 45th president to fail. No concerns about the risk to our republic mattered. An endless barrage of “anonymous source” headlines connected President Trump to needing Russia. The Wuhan Pandemic came here while the House of Representatives were only concerned about their IMPEACHMENT TRIAL.

We know the me first perspective of politicians. Politicians pose and abuse our mother tongue in front of video cameras from Propaganda News.

Press has gone MAD!

We all knew it was coming with the daily drum beat of mistakes, conspiracies and criminals discovered by our 5th column of Propaganda News. Who is watching the plots and conspiracies inside the commercial news media monopoly? No reporter dare unveil how Propaganda News hides news that reveals their corruption. Why did our House of Representatives waste time and money creating a Russia investigation without evidence? Nobody in commercial news asked any questions about the Wuhan Pandemic problems in USA while giving updates on the empty Russia investigations. Of course, it was the fault of President Trump that not enough action was taken to prevent the Wuhan Pandemic! After months of reporting on commercial news, I am more confused than before about what works in prevention to avoid infection. It is evident that commercial media has failed in communicating news. We see everybody stay home, stop working and keep inside still has not reduced infections. We do see interviews on television of grieving relatives and solemn reports on mounting death tolls.

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi does look better behind a mask. She would make everyone happy if she stayed by her freezer eating ice cream every day. She failed in removing President Trump before, and her only plan is to force Trump out in 11 days. It took her 9 months to pass a watered down bill that failed to help the unemployed forced to stay at home not working.

Former beauty queen loves her hammer.

All of the failures and disappointments for these 4 years of President 46 will be the fault of President Trump. Our Propaganda News have the headlines and the interviews lined up already to avoid reporting news.

Best Place to see END OF THE WORLD

August 10, 2021

Whispering Joe defied all military advice and declared victory by abandoning a country we died to protect. Osama Bin Laden gets the last laugh. Propaganda News might lose their heads again because of President 46.

Hoboduke Nonsense

Saturday January 13, 2018 was another beautiful day in Hawaii. At Hawaii Emergency Management Agency a scheduled test was triggered at 8:05 AM for Civil Defense missile alert. However, the transmitted message informed recipients that “this is not a drill”!

It has been estimated that when the alert is issued, everybody has about 10 minutes before total annihilation. The landmark property of Kualoa Ranchis a jewel of Hawaii and is connected to the state history. It is a working ranch owned by a family traced back to bloodlines famous in Hawaii heritage. Their ranch includes stunning vistas and offers hiking, horse riding, zip-lines down mountain sides, ATV riding tours, and stunning wedding ceremonies beside the ocean. Their visitors getting notified of a missile attack did not pile into the bar throwing money around. They wanted to save their families.

Spontaneously, the staff pulled up their tour buses…

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