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hobo jungle drums warning USA

be careful of bad ju ju! the hobo czar may have to find a job, since Obama will eliminate the office of hobo relations. we're on our own! that's nothing new?!

Curmudgeons are not racist

January 25, 2016

There is a huge controversy that Hollywood is racist.  As can be anticipated, the egocentric hub of self adoration cannot abide any criticism.  When your world is based upon self adoration, then any flaw suggested is impossible.

I am a curmudgeon.  Those I associate with are members of the “Grumble & Bitch Club”. I do not classify my likes and dislikes based upon anthropology or philosophies.  I am not sure that I really like myself.

Please do not ever play the Barbara Streisand hit song; PEOPLE.  Why do I have to like people?  I do not expect people to automatically like me.  Why am I compelled to like anybody that shows up at my house?  I grew up in Chicago.  “What do you want?”  “Get out of here!”  The nuns sent us kids out to invade neighborhoods peddling gambling cards known as “punch cards”.  Grey haired old ladies and men slammed doors in my face with tears streaming down my chubby cheeks.  No compassion and no money was offered for my begging and pleading.  I learned that people do not need people peddling anything.

My mother and father always told me to “never open the door!”  If I was home alone when they were out, then I was to guard the house from invaders and peddlers.  We were not racist if we did not like anybody.  I am not a misanthrope.  I do not feel obliged to like a stranger.  I do not hate strangers.  I do not hug strangers.

Hollywood is a world built on appearances.  It can be dangerous to live in a world of mirrors.  Anyway, it is funny to see the self-righteous outrage about any possible flaw.  Narcissus stares at the mirror and cannot see any imperfection.  Nobody believes they are not perfect in Hollywood.  I know I am not perfect and I do not care.

If you believe we are all brother and sisters, then you can believe.  I am not obliged to live my life in fairy tales and make believe.  Curmudgeons are not lovable and do not want to be hugged.

Bar Tenders win big today!

January 20, 2016
Jackie at Toots Shor

2016 has the worst start for investors.  Millennials have the worst luck in the world!  Their economy is in the junk yard.  Jobs available demand enthusiasm at low pay and no future visible.  Forget all that bad news!  Look at these characters enjoying life at a saloon; Toots Shor.

The only profession making a huge gain are the bar tenders!  Yes, as the battle weary drag their weary bodies from Wall Street or from their computer after looking at their retirement balance today, everybody will want a couple of good drinks!

Jackie Gleason was an interesting character that made a lot of money, spent a lot of money, and ended up rich by choosing to blaze a television studio in Florida a long time ago.  He definitely indulged in enjoying; food, drink, and glamorous company.  He had style, good taste, and connected with folks working hard for a living who envied his life style.  He hung out at Toots Shor joint with a lot of celebrities, movie stars, and sports heroes.

What worse can happen?  A lot of bad news will keep coming and to add insult to injury the East Coast will get buried in a snow storm soon!  Millennials need to have a good drink and ignore our mediocre USA economy.

Dream world of USA president

January 2, 2016
illegal alien train

In June of 2012 an executive order was issued by President Obama to stop deporting children that came into the USA illegally.  His intention was to let DREAMERS find their dream in our country.  Instead, nightmares and worse destroyed the lives of many children.

What could go wrong with sending children across South America without adults to sneak across the Mexican border?  I often see parents in Wisconsin giving their child a back pack for heading out to Mexico alone.  Most of the kids make it, I think?

Chicago Congressman wants you to believe his Dream is real.

Chicago Congressman wants you to believe his Dream is real.

Shocking as it may seem, a lot of the children sneaking into the USA disappear in the USA when they are set free to dream.  Bad people who want to exploit helpless children eagerly enslave children for prostitution to obsessed depraved sex deviants.  Wisconsin is a major pipeline for moving sex slaves across our country.  Dreams do not come true when children cannot be protected by their parents.  Congressman Gutierrez does not expect children living in the streets on the South Side of Chicago to last very long but Dreamers are safe?

Transforming the USA by wide open borders to let in anyone and everyone keeps the criminals happy.  Many states had spontaneous protests of citizens trying to stop the forced resettlement of illegal aliens.  President Obama has zero Dreamers living with his family but the rest of the USA needs to look out for these children.  It is always great to rely on the citizens of the USA when the president does nothing.

Commercial news media does not bother to update the citizens of the USA on the huge influx of children again coming over the border from Mexico right now.  We were told months ago  by Homeland Security that there would be fewer children sneaking into the USA. My dream is that our government stops lying to the citizens of USA on illegal alien invasion.


Predictions for 2016 read at your peril

December 31, 2015
Wayne Cochran CC Riders

Donald Trump wants to go on the road as Wayne Cochran and CC Riders band.  However, his dream will be delayed after he is elected as President of the USA.  Our executive branch has been so poorly managed, he will be starting a new government CSpan show; You’re Fired!

Hillary Clinton will start a women’s center for Slick Willy & Bill Cosby abused ladies.  She will need to delay opening the center until she is out of prison for the murder of our ambassador of Libya.  She will be on the red carpet for Dallas, Texas January 15  premiere of 13 Hours the secret soldiers of Benghazi.

Democrats will be needing new underwear anticipating Trump 2017 orders for IRS to actually work on investigating tax abuses regardless of political party! Mexico will be happy to attend the new border wall unveiling ceremony they paid to build by US citizens.  Sanctuary cities will discover that they are not exempt for following federal policies on illegal aliens.

Wretched excess and conspicuous consumption will stimulate our economy and parents will celebrate millions of their college graduate children leaving home finally!

Happy New Year!


Who believes technology sets us free?

December 9, 2015

Technology gives people more ways to do really dumb things. The amazing thing is that technology brings entertainment your old aunt or grandma loves. When Al Gore invented the internet, did he foresee the explosion of Face Book? Can we ever get enough cute puppy or kitten video to watch on line?

Back in the dark ages of 1950’s, your aunt or grandma would bore relatives describing her cute kitten’s antics. Now, millions of people are glued to their LED monitor watching somebody’s cute kitten’s antics. What has changed? Obviously, we have all become brilliant and interested in watching kittens over the internet.

For the millions watching kitten postings, they are also bombarded with linked internet advertisers selling sex stimulants for grand pa, and diet pills to lose ugly fat. At least in the 1950’s your aunt or grandma did not sell your mailing address to hear more kitten adventures.

My main complaint on new technology is how every video game is based on blowing up, shooting, stabbing, and running over people. In the ancient days of the 1950’s, the action games were tag and king of the hill. We are happy to report that technology has reached more dumb people. We are sad to report, they are still dumb.

Warren Buffett is wealthy billionaire who bores people on You Tube.

Warren Buffett is wealthy billionaire who bores people on You Tube.

We don’t need more stupid people!

November 25, 2015
ISIS update Obama

There are a lot of stupid people in the USA government. Birds of a feather flock together. Today our president stood in front of the USA with his hand picked staff. In case we did not know he picked these people, he made it clear; “This is my Attorney General!” And he went on to identify each cabinet member position, but he neglected to remember their names.

As one of the few tax paying citizens in the USA, I thought those introduced are actually our attorney general, etc.? However, I will not question our president if they are his not ours.

The purpose of his interrupting our day was to tell us nothing. He did reassure us on his bravery in traveling to France. His attending the Climate Change Conference will keep him talking about controlling our weather by talking more. He beamed in pride knowing that by his defiant act of traveling to Paris will drive ISIS nuts! I think he is nuts!

So everybody can rest easy! His staff reassured him that as far as they know, we are safe! THANKS?

USA feels no shame

November 18, 2015
We got no hope with the change we got left in our pockets.

The world leaders attending the G-20 summit in Turkey took time to recognize and mourn the suffering of the French from terrorists attack in Paris. Our president strolled in late as all were bowing their heads in silence to acknowledge those killed in Paris.

Our president had a brief press conference after the meetings of G-20. Reporters questioned president Obama on how the USA will adjust strategy to defeat ISIS. There was no need to change his strategy. He was stunned that reporters kept asking how he will adapt his strategy to terrorism. He already answered that question. He spoke in monotones with no emotion or empathy for all those suffering in this “setback” in France.

He did become animated and emotional lecturing USA that opposing Muslim refugees from Syria is shameful. Where is the shame from our president on ignoring the massacre in Syria from years ago? He did promise a red line, implying a military action coming from USA to stop massacre in Syria. Obama then handed off the problem to Putin to handle. That worked out well with a flood of refugees now in Europe.

Putin depends upon Obama needing his assistance.

Putin depends upon Obama needing his assistance.

Governors in the USA are focusing on protecting their citizens. Muslim refugees shoved into states by Obama will be turned over to Catholic Charities for a limited time. Then they are walking around our country with no supervision. Nobody will know where they are in USA. (Why does USA rely upon a religious charity for federal duties?)

Our new Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan needs to take the lead to preserve our union and keep us a nation that is truly United States of America.

Ben Rhodes our best to defend USA?

November 15, 2015

Ben Rhodes is a political rat crawling around the halls of our White House. With the smoke still in the air around Benghazi from the massacre of 9/11/2012, the rat Ben had sent an email to be sure Susan Rice blamed a video for the death of our ambassador. He has been rewarded by some meaningless executive title under our commander in chief. Romney was defeated in the 2012 election by lying to the citizens of USA.

Ben just told Meet the Press that our president is doubling his effort to fight the terrorists that have unleashed massacres in Beirut and Paris. That must mean we will not only send 50 special forces to Syria, but another 50 someday? We admire the restraint of our president not to leap to false conclusions that terrorists screaming “Allah Akbar” could be some other religious group like Baptists or Roman Catholics. We need to waste time on worrying about USA legal gun owners as more of a threat than foreign terrorists.

Ben Rhodes is a lying rat that advises our president.

Ben Rhodes is a lying rat that advises our president.

One suggestion is to stop dreaming up new names to confuse us sheep in the USA. The terrorists were ISIS, then ISIL, and now DAESH. Changing names does not change the smell of swine. Whatever the latest name our president wants to use, does not bring back the dead in Paris and Beirut. Our best response will be to send John Kerry to Paris with James Taylor to sing again.

Our response to last Paris killings was to sing "You Got A Friend"? Rick Wilking/Reuters

Our response to last Paris killings was to sing “You Got A Friend”? Rick Wilking/Reuters

Attacks by Muslims are growing

November 14, 2015

Why did Europe send Crusaders to drive out Muslims by sword, axe, and arrows? Liberals love to blame Catholic religion and greedy royalty for slaughter of Muslims in the Crusades. Our liberal leadership ignores the fact that the Crusades were in response to Muslims invading and killing in Europe. The invasion went on for decades before the citizens were demanding to drive out Muslims.

Crusades were wars to stop Muslim invaders of Europe.

Crusades were wars to stop Muslim invaders of Europe.

Anybody care to remember the Muslim atrocities against USA that I know during my lifetime? We lost marines blown up in camp under president Reagan. We lost sailors blown up under president Clinton and Blackhawk down. September 11, 2001 demonstrated the intent of Muslim terrorists in USA. President Obama had thousands of our troops killed with his coffee house rules of engagement to be fair and considerate to Muslim terrorists.

When Europe responds to Muslim attacks, then they will be driving Muslims out of their continent. It will be cruel, and it may offend liberals sense of justice. If you are under attack, then you are not content to sit and take it. How insane are our liberals to demand importing Muslims from Syria?

Sharia law zones in Europe will soon be taking root in USA. This concedes exemptions from state law to the Muslim laws. When our brave citizens stopped a train terrorist in Europe recently, France was grateful. This incident was just a small warning sign of growing terrorist invaders.

There is no good humane response to Muslim terrorists. The innocent Muslims will suffer because Europe cannot trust them to stop terrorist Muslims. Maybe the USA will take this problem more seriously when New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Seattle get terrorist attacks from Muslims. We do appreciate our president responding to our threats by sending 50 soldiers to Syria.

Terrorists look forward to more attacks in USA.

Terrorists look forward to more attacks in USA.

Cruz spoke clearly in debate

November 11, 2015

The flood of illegal aliens demanding protection by our laws ignored our laws to sneak in here. During the Republican debate in Milwaukee on Tuesday, I especially enjoyed Cruz on the topic of kindness and compassion to the flood of illegal aliens our president Obama coddles with false promises of freedom.

The media elites and college professors can be generous with the jobs of blue collar workers being given to illegal aliens. How about television reporters and university jobs for the illegal alien video journalists and professors? Cruz laughed at his own observation that suddenly illegal aliens would become a national crisis that demands our government stop this invasion. The motivation to demand action of course, is the loss of money suddenly from the pockets of the liberal elites. Illegal immigrants taking money from liberal elites would be the catastrophe that demands immediate action!

When the shoe is on the other foot, then it does not feel so good. So the middle class loss of jobs to illegal immigrants was ignored as not a real problem to journalists and professors. However, if professors and journalist start losing jobs to illegal aliens, then it is a national emergency! I appreciate Ted Cruz wit and sarcasm as the truth of our times. He speaks clearly and without any questions on what he says.

Ted Cruz laughs at elite hypocrites.

Ted Cruz laughs at elite hypocrites.

How does a president get rich in office?

November 9, 2015

Our current president has a government salary of $400,000 per year paid by those of us who do pay taxes. While in our White House, his net worth of personal wealth is valued at $12.2 million !

Obama wealth is in contrast to former president Bill Clinton who left office nearly destitute according to his wife Hillary Clinton. She was suffering in silence with this financial burden. I will be planning a spaghetti dinner to raise money for the Clintons to help them out.

When Barrack Obama was a candidate to become Senator from Illinois, his net worth was estimated to be 20 bucks. This little mullato boy from Kenya has become rich by a career in politics. Only in Illinois can a Democrat become wealthy while blaming rich people for all of our problems in the USA. The mayor hopes Obama can afford his property taxes and income taxes when he retires in Chicago soon.

Friends of Obama convinced him to share his experiences and vision for our future in 2 books that made him wealthy. Hillary got a lot of money for writing a book as well. I will let everybody know how they can buy my book I am working on at this time; SO WHAT?

I feel worried that Hillary cannot afford to live in the White House again as president. Her love of country may cost her too dearly in family finances. Bernie Sanders who is a tight wad might be better suited to continue to live as a poor family in the White House.

2 freeloaders hanging out at a public park.

2 freeloaders hanging out at a public park.

Technology makes tyrants powerful from WWII up to today

November 8, 2015

Eric Auchard of CBS News shared an update; Newly uncovered Nazi-era documents shed light on the alleged role IBM played in helping Hitler to carry out the Holocaust in Poland, according to the author of a controversial book on the subject.

Investigative reporter Edwin Black, the author of a book published last year entitled “IBM and the Holocaust”, puts forward further evidence to support his claims of IBM’s knowledge and complicity in Nazi operations in wartime Poland in the paperback version to be published this week.

Historians working as part of Black’s research team said that in the paperback they had pieced together the previously fragmented story of IBM’s role in supplying the organizational machinery used to to transport millions of people to Polish death camps.

Black and his researchers said recently discovered Nazi government documents in the U.S. National Archives and Polish eyewitness testimony link IBM’s U.S. operations directly to the operations of the Third Reich in occupied Poland.

The relevance to us today is how IBM pursuit of business opens the cyber security door for China. Lenovo of China bought the IBM sagging laptop business, and in exchange for this deal connections were set for software projects using IBM resources. I am not a technology expert so I have no idea how software architecture can be copied or hacked. IBM is a major investment by Berkshire Hathaway.

Human nature, greed, and pursuit of more money over the best interests of USA is still alive and well. Just look how Warren Buffett celebrated death of Keystone Pipeline project that locked in more future rail shipments of oil for the old Burlington Northern Railroad bought by Berkshire Hathaway. Oil freight is huge volume and very profitable for railroads compared to pipeline shipping savings. Of course, Buffett is seen as an ideal citizen and great business man by the corporate cronyism favored with our president.

The cyber security issues are real threats to our country and our economy by theft and subverting stolen technical secrets of our national defense. What action is being taken by our president? We do not need retaliation. We need initiative to deny our enemies access to our own technology experts.

Killing millions of Jews during WWII may not be very important to us today. However, never underestimate the power of greed to influence poor decisions by major US companies that endanger all of us.

Benito and Adolph enjoy Iran and North Korea pushing USA around.

Benito and Adolph enjoy Iran and North Korea pushing USA around.

City folks are pretty dumb

November 5, 2015

Most cities are spending a lot of time and money arguing over toilets. There are a group of LGBT people that are mad toilets have signs who can use the toilet. Remove the sign!

Millions of dollars are being wasted on designing new signs for toilets. Millions of dollars are being wasted on instructing public educators on instructing students on how to use the toilet. If you do not know how to go the bathroom when you are in grade school, then you have to be really dumb.

Voters in Houston just confirmed that if you have a boys bathroom, then only boys can use that toilet. Girls know that boys do piss on the toilet seat when they are in a hurry. Girls do not want boys in their bathroom. How is forcing boys into a girl bathroom a civil right?

A tradition from the start of our country is the easiest and cheapest solution. City people are supposed to be smarter than country people, but why do city people need so much help to use a toilet?



Recycling out of date phone booths for the city folks can be a cheap solution. Nobody uses pay phones anymore with everyone buying or stealing cell phones in the city.

Fancy city outhouse with a night light is LGBT toilet.

Fancy city outhouse with a night light is LGBT toilet.

Transportation Safety Authority fails bomb tests

November 3, 2015

President Obama proudly shoved all TSA employees into the federal utopia of union membership. Nobody gets fired, and we always need more employees to get the job done.

The 2nd testing of smuggling bomb materials onto airplanes by a government audit team did confirm that we can be sure bombs do get through screening.  We applaud the groping, probing, and confiscating routinely done by TSA.  However, it appears these activities do not affect sneaky bomb makers beating security for getting onto airplanes.

There is no question that adding more union federal workers fills our president with ecstasy and joy.  We will get more promises that this 2nd failure across the TSA system can be corrected with more union employees and more bonus money. Nobody will be fired and we can expect more money used from new debt ceiling for morale boosting trips to motivate TSA dullards.

“Several of our field leaders and officers have also recommended a Model Transportation Security Officer Project to determine model performance criteria. The project is intended to incentivize performance and emphasize the values and standards frontline employees are expected to uphold across the enterprise. I am a strong proponent of incentivizing performance, as this can be a powerful instrument to drive employee behaviors. Through these efforts, we intend to convey our values, measure them, and evaluate performance against these new expectations, uniting the TSA workforce behind critical agency reforms that will deliver organizational alignment and strengthen our security posture.” TSA Administrator Peter Neffenger has the delusion that this government program is an “enterprise”.   An enterprise in essence is taking the prize or goal.  It appears this TSA enterprise consistently fails the life or death threats of smuggling bombs onto airplanes.  Sounds like our future relies upon offering better incentives for the union workforce to have better morale while still failing in protecting us.

Crotch groping has saved how many lives?

Crotch groping has saved how many lives?


We reveal all our military secrets?

November 1, 2015

Thanks goodness our military are not at war anymore under President Obama.  A promise and pledge was made publicly by our fearless leader after our glorious exit from combat in the mountains and desert land of the Muslims.  We do not need to lose more soldiers in combat and we do not need to set combat boots on their foreign land.  However, advisors from USA are now going back into combat areas just to observe and support endless warfare.  Maybe some will get killed, but the pledge of no boots on the ground is in tatters anyway.

Our president has no plan on winning any war.  He just does not want to be blamed for losing every war he was leading as commander in chief.  The history books will not consider his delusions about international law keeping the world at peace.  Going back to the blood shed by USA during the Viet Nam war, it started with “advisors” who were the front line warriors battling the China military.  Presidents Kennedy and Johnson escalated the use of force to defeat the Chinese communist conquest of Viet Nam.

Our Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter knows the rules of propaganda in our current White House.  Any advisor killed in combat in Iraq now, was never in combat.  Military shot and killed in Iraq were just observers and advisors with guns.  Carter was upset that the secret plan of sending a lone US destroyer to confront the Chinese navy was in the news last week.  However, our White House revealing adding 50 advisors with air force Wart Hogs for support was just fine.  What will 50 troops do in turning the tide against ISIS?  It is the stuff of legend and lore how Sparta sent 300 to their certain death to confront the Persian invading army invading Greece.  Who expects 50 soldiers to defeat the Muslim army of ISIS?

We know that our president is playing politics with the lives and deaths of our military.  Either win or leave.  Our military leadership that are true warriors grow weary of the word games that let more die for propaganda.  Let the president lead his favorite LGBT troops in public parades with rainbow flags to make himself happy.

Rainbow flags are not really rainbows you morons.

Rainbow flags are not really rainbows you morons.

China irritated by USA

October 27, 2015

Susan Rice will be explaining why China is challenging all maritime activity. The television series Kung Fu insults the Chinese by using a white actor pretending to be a shaolin monk doing dumb martial arts nonsense with cowboys. Of course to make it totally nuts, his mentor is a blind monk who performs super human feats. Susan is apologizing to the Chinese for our stupid exploitation of martial arts for money.

Shaolin monks are not popular for China communists.

Shaolin monks are not popular for China communists.

Susan knows that China like the USA government, does not like religion to be more popular than the government. Anyway, Rice is infamous for her blaming the massacre in Benghazi of our ambassador because Used Cars insulted Muslims making fun of the Ayatollah at a used car lot.

Our president is making a bold statement to defy the military operations of the Chinese navy that is getting bigger than our navy.
He is sending from Japan a single military ship USS Lassen.

This single US naval ship will be our challenge to Chinese navy?

This single US naval ship will be our challenge to Chinese navy?

Teddy Roosevelt had a better idea to use a big stick instead of talking tough. This challenge to China is more of a joke, than a threat.

Chinese navy ignores USA threat from a single vessel in their waters.

Chinese navy ignores USA threat from a single vessel in their waters.

Our president is so feeble, nobody pays attention anymore to his red line military threats. China will not change their military expansion to control territory they want.

Heroine Hillary survived 11 hours!

October 24, 2015

Медаль «Защитнику свободной России» Putin has scheduled to award Hillary Clinton the prestigious title of Defender of a free Russia in recognition of her contributions by defending his motherland.

Hillary bravely declared her Reset campaign to help Russia become a global leader again.

Hillary bravely declared her Reset campaign to help Russia become a global leader again.

Hillary had to endure 11 hours of testimony in the House of Congress to answer questions about Benghazi massacre on 9/11/2012. She survived the grueling and painful questions from members of Congress looking to find information on her policies that led to the attack on Benghazi. The Democrats apologized and praised her courage to face the Republicans wasting her time and $4.8 millions dollars in expense spent on the hearing.

I never heard a Democrat in Congress complain about spending any money before?! I thought there was something wrong with my television when I heard this. If Republicans dare to suggest stop funding the federal study on fat lesbians, then the Democrats would howl like a fat lesbian dragged from her 3rd plate at a buffet. We welcome the Democrats to the stewardship concept to stop wasting our tax dollars on nonsense. So far the only waste is happening on the Benghazi committee hearings?

I do not think Hillary surviving 11 hours is as significant as surviving 13 Hours! I am absolutely certain that none of the Democrats on the Benghazi committee will bother to attend the movie on January 16, 2016; 13 Hours The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. Hillary would not enjoy being in the shoes of her ignored ambassador Stevens on September 11, 2012.

Hillary found humor in answering questions about Benghazi.

Hillary found humor in answering questions about Benghazi.

The Democrats seem more concerned about protecting Sanctuary cities from enforcing federal laws against illegal aliens. The Democrats no longer fight for the rights of citizens but demand we must adopt revolutionary principles to destroy our country. Comrade Clinton is adapting to the privileges of office enjoyed by rulers in Russia.

She might be ignorant of history that introduced the Stalin Labor Camps for enemies of the state to suffer and die in Siberia working. How about Hillary enjoying North Dakota in the winter for massacre in Benghazi?

Bernie Sanders is revolting

October 20, 2015

The political circus is traveling across the USA for electing our next president. The most unlikely cult hero is Bernie Sanders. On the CNN reality entertainment program of Democrat Candidate Debate Bernie invited everyone to join his revolution. He wants to make the USA more like Denmark?!

The official website for Sanders asks the question; “Ready to start a political revolution?” If it involves any work or effort or sacrifice, then the Sanders crowd would not get out in the rain to be revolting. Bernie believes in Santa’s workshop. His federal elves would be shoveling out money to fatten the academic empire of irrelevant political science majors.

Bernie speaking to  an empty Senate chamber to enjoy a video selfie babbling revolution.

Bernie speaking to an empty Senate chamber to enjoy a video selfie babbling revolution.

I can see the jumbo jets with revolutionary followers of Sanders eagerly boarding the Denmark immersion experience. Denmark expects you to learn their language. Denmark expects you to work? Denmark is not concerned about climate change because they have a miserable climate anyway!

Having a great time in Denmark!  Come join Bernie?

Having a great time in Denmark! Come join Bernie?

I am quite sure the Sanders followers will not be reading this old hobo. But I did enjoy the lunacy of Sanders inviting the USA to join his Revolution. The real revolution that made us free would never be backed by Sanders. LIVE FREE OR DIE

Why USA needs more bourbon!

October 5, 2015

If Hillary is auditioning to become a bar tender, then we know Happy Hour is a just a memory. Everybody has to cherish and enjoy their favorite saloon or tavern. I am absolutely convinced that drinking together is what we need in the USA. Would I knowingly walk into a bar tended by Hillary? NEVER! I want to have fun and relaxation sharing cocktails with neighbors and buddies.

Do not hang out at a bar with only 1 patron!

Do not hang out at a bar with only 1 patron!

I had a lot of concern that our country was wandering in the prohibition wilderness 20 years ago. Sales of hard liquor were plunging and appreciation of our heritage in whiskey barrels was vanishing. The Millennial generation is restoring my hope that we all can enjoy a cocktail again! The value of premium bourbon has entered the stratosphere. I am looking forward to driving to the Jack Daniels distillery while attending the Cadillac Allante Club car meet in Nashville.

My wife’s 40th high school reunion in Hinsdale, Illinois had a charity fund raiser with raffle tickets. She won a bottle of Old Fitzgerald barreled in 1947 and bottled back in 1955. Her girl friend class mate inherited from her father his collection of liquor. He had excellent taste in selecting his collection. I was delighted at her good luck to win a bottle she donated for the drawing. I definitely look forward to our visiting her class mate and seeing this astounding collection. This bottle is valued over $1,000.

Too many of her class mates were buried, or in failing health unable to attend. Those attending were merry indeed to celebrate enjoying life together. I see our duty is to survive and enjoy life together. Millennials are dedicated to enjoying life to full measure! I do not trust the dooms day prophets of our failings and misery. I prefer to have a laugh together and a cocktail to celebrate our lives.

Bourbon is a good investment to enjoy life!

Bourbon is a good investment to enjoy life!

USA is in back seat while Putin is driving?

September 30, 2015
Obama begs Putin to shake his hand at UN

Obama begs Putin to shake his hand at UN

Our president officially gave his permission to let Vladimir Putin take control at UN meeting. Syria has a buddy in the Kremlin selling weapons and military support to keep Assad in power. We can sit back and just watch what happens now.

There is little point in listing the accomplishments of our foreign policy, because there are none. ISIS is on the march and growing. Iraq is in ruins. Afghanistan is collapsing. Ukraine has been forgotten by the USA. China has a military alliance with Russia. China is invading our sea boundaries. China is infringing on airspace of our air force. Russia has instructed USA to stay out of Syria air space.

When our president speaks, nobody listens anymore. Even his loyal supporters do not expect any more gifts of “Obama-phones”. The union leaders got their reward from the president on denying the Keystone pipeline. This decision only took 6 years. That is Obama working on a fast track review? Canada was reassured in the 2012 campaign that their patience would be rewarded. Canada learned their reward by waiting for Obama.

We do need to send more of our reporters to Siberia now. Their blind loyalty to hiding the blemishes of our fearless leader did deny us facts. USA public only knows 10% of what our allies have learned with press from Europe accurately reporting our problems.

Survey of USA public confirms we do not trust our commercial news reporting. Donald Trump is ready to alert his audience when a “reporter” is not seeking facts but seeking publicity.

Putin does have reporters, lawyers, and whistle blowers mysteriously die when unveiling his failures. I think Brian Williams and George Stephanopoulos can anchor news broadcasts from Moscow for the next 5 years. They both did an excellent job of shielding our president Obama from any blame on his obvious failures. They can set a new standard of excellence in propaganda in Russia.

Putin might even be more popular than Obama because Russia has zero tolerance for Islamic terrorists. Putin does have allies with Muslims around the world who also do not want to tolerate Islamic terrorists. However, Obama cautioned the UN not to profile Islam as primary source of terrorist activity. Even England’s prime minister Cameron had to inform our president that all of the active terrorists are Islamic!

I do like vodka and caviar. I do like Cuban cigars. Our president has failed our country, but I can find some consolation by enjoying Russia and Cuba best products.

Stone the devil was deadly 2015

September 27, 2015

Saudi Arabia has estimated that 1.95 million pilgrims gathered during the Haj. One of the activities of worship is to stone the devil. Two streams of pilgrims tried crossing at an intersection with deathly results. Hundreds upon hundreds of pilgrims were crushed and killed by pilgrims.

I do not like being in crowds anyway. The Indianapolis 500 is exciting and I did go with my wife in 1994 in A.J.Foyt pit area seating we won bidding at a charity auction.

We were amid hundreds of thousands of people all pouring out after a great race won by Al Unser Jr. I did not feel panic, but I did not feel comfortable being pushed and carried along by a mass of people around us. They were selling helicopter rides out but my wife was scared and refused so we kept plodding along by foot.

USA had a lot of pilgrims crowding in to see Pope Francis during his visit. We didn’t have anybody crushed in mob panics. Saudi Arabia has annually Haj pilgrims visiting. It is hard to understand how an annual event going for centuries can become such a tragic surprise.

There is some merit to consider a “stone the devil” tradition in the USA. Of course, this would offend the atheists who refuse to acknowledge any devil. Celebrating this around Washington D.C. could include some interaction with our elected representatives and bureaucrats in both EPA & IRS. However, we can expect them to leave town avoiding this celebration of attacking the devil.

I loved Flip Wilson when he hosted his own television show with guest celebrities. Flip always had the famous excuse; “The devil made me do it!” It was even funnier because he was Geraldine who was a wayward lady. We don’t have anybody in our popular culture with his humor or powers of observation.

Best excuse is blaming the devil!

Best excuse is blaming the devil!

What is she drinking?

September 19, 2015
Hey everybody!  This lady wants your vote?

Hey everybody! This lady wants your vote?

This lady made an apology video to the Muslims who killed our ambassador in Libya. She seems a little batty. We admire her coming back from poverty after leaving the White House. This lady got spirit but she got no talent.

Her foreign policy advice to our president got Russia laughing at us with Putin troops in Syrua. Libya is in ruins after she pushed out their government, and smuggled guns to Syria while our ambassador was killed. China is building a military naval base in the China Sea to trap Japan and bottle up their navy.

We cannot imagine the havoc and suffering she can cause as our president. We admire her spunk to act like the laws do not apply to her.

“Slick Willy” with hill billy Hillary want your donations!

She wants your vote, your money, and your staying in the dark.

We need Dirty Harry again!

September 17, 2015

These times of rioting, inciting racial divisions, and considering police as pigs to be slaughtered are not new. Let’s go back to the ancient times of 1971. Into the mainstream culture a tough law enforcement officer became a national celebrity. Dirty Harry was a movie character portrayed by Clint Eastwood with a smoldering anger on the judicial bias toward criminal protection.

Today in 2015 we have a president and an attorney general who talk like all police are brutes, thugs, and are only hired if they have a racial bias against blacks. This meddling does not help the victims who are predominantly black. Crime punishes the black families who cannot afford to leave gang dominated neighborhoods.

It would really help if our attorney general spent a month living in Chicago, Baltimore, or Memphis to see first hand the challenges of controlling criminals. It is easy to control police by demanding more regulations, federal investigations, and ordering police to be bystanders watching rioters burn down a city. It is easy to wonder out loud if police are too rough and too quick to handcuff suspects. It is more important to the citizens being targeted by criminals to get the police involved in fighting crime again.

Our economy and our employment under president Carter and under his clone president Obama are punishing our working families. It has never been a better time to be a criminal than right now! Arrested criminals can collect thousands of dollars up to millions of dollars on suing the police that arrest them. Even Dirty Harry would be shocked at lawyers making money for arrested criminals.

How many of my fellow citizens would volunteer to go on a midnight ride to a murder site in the south side of Chicago today? Some of these actually turn into an ambush to attack police! There is no doubt that if our president had someone break into his home in Chicago, he would not be the one to handle the invader.

President Reagan enjoyed using a phrase made famous by Clint Eastwood’s character; Go ahead! Make my day! Let me give you a clue. Dirty Harry enjoyed the opportunity to subdue a criminal with force if necessary.

This is the most powerful hand gun on earth!  Do you feel lucky punk?

This is the most powerful hand gun on earth! Do you feel lucky punk?

Pope Francis visit of USA may upset socialists?

September 15, 2015

Jesus was the son of God who lived among us to teach and show the path to heaven. Pope Francis lives his Roman Catholic faith to respect the teachings of Christ. A lot of citizens in the USA may not pay a great deal of attention to the Pope because most folks in the USA don’t want to listen to anyone.

One of the popular candidates campaigning for nomination by the Democrat party is Socialist B. Sanders. A fundamental premise of his version of socialism is to enjoy the life of the rich at their expense. Why are children entitled to attend college paid by all of us? Jesus knew that his father God set out his 10 Commandments as a foundation to follow. This included the commandment; Thou shalt not covet they neighbor’s goods. So why does everyone have the right to require the rich to share their luxury home or take them on vacation with them.

Artist Edward Armitage picture of Christ calling his new apostles to follow.

Artist Edward Armitage picture of Christ calling his new apostles to follow.

Jesus did work to eat. His Apostles did work to eat. Jesus could have demanded that God bring him breakfast, lunch, and supper with no work. Pope Francis did not grow up on easy street. Socialist Sanders supports the mythology of entitlement due to past wrongs 200 years ago. A penthouse for every illegal alien with full benefits for welfare, healthcare, education, and social security is a right we owe just because Sanders believes the mythology that all the poor can take from the rich. Sanders lives with creature comforts Jesus never enjoyed.

Pope Francis may disappoint the free loaders who demand to live like the rich because they covet their wealth. The Roman Catholic church does cater to their wealthy donors with private retreats with resort settings to treat them as special church members.

Pope Francis gives us more hope for better days ahead!

Pope Francis gives us more hope for better days ahead!

Late Show is really odd

September 10, 2015
Can Colbert actually listen to his guests before he rattles on and on?  This is a rhetorical question.

Can Colbert actually listen to his guests before he rattles on and on? This is a rhetorical question.

The USA has been yearning for a return to enjoying the Late Show after retirement of Letterman. The set and theater for the Colbert Late Show is amazing. The money they saved by giving Letterman the bums rush out was lavishly spent for Colbert. Filling the void in the time slot was odds and ends from rerun junk room of forgotten canceled series.

I was looking forward to learning about latest movie projects for Scarlett Johansonn. Unfortunately, she could barely speak without a barrage from the Colbert stream of unconsciousness humor. She started to talk about her husband and their living in France. She was unable to complete a sentence without confusing diversions from the master of confusion Colbert.

She traveled from Paris but did not get a chance to talk because of Colbert.

She traveled from Paris but did not get a chance to talk because of Colbert.

Johansonn has a commanding screen presence amid the Avengers cast. She was not asked and could not discuss any projects of hers. Colbert was mugging his face for laughs and crouching as if ready to pounce on her during her brief time. I felt sorry for her strange treatment for supposed amusement.

Colbert has a huge following. This confirms that anyone can succeed in the USA. He essentially has no competition because the other national networks have embraced mediocrity as well. Colbert contorts his face as an old vaudeville entertainer who needs to exaggerate his expressions so the folks in the last row know they should laugh.

Labor Day Blues

September 8, 2015

Labor Day is a holiday that signals a time of change in my calendar. All of the vacation home people enjoy this holiday as their last hoorah on our lake. Us old timers on the lake celebrate with a “chili dump” party every year for the last 20 years.

We all meet at the same house every year. Our children are adults and we see grand children racing around just like our children used to do. People arrive by boat, by car, and on foot. Everybody brings a pot of chili plus a side dish or desert. We are happy to see everybody together healthy and happy. Some faces are now just memories after their passing. Their surviving spouses carry on and party.

A huge cauldron sized kettle gets all of the chili dumped in. I forgot this year to bring my favorite Cajun hot sauce to spice my chili bowl dining. A massive ladle stirs the mix, and the kids get hungry and anxious to eat supper. Our friend Steve always ignores the bedlam and we chat over a nice cold beer waiting for the ladies to organize the wild Indians. The cauldron is set onto a massive plank so it won’t burn off the varnish on their long dining room table. Shredded cheese is on a massive bowl to top your chili. Frito scoop chips and crackers are ready to help in devouring the chili. After an hour of 18 adults and 10 kids feasting, there is usually 5 gallons of chili left in the kettle.

Every year is different but every year is the same. Some get drunk one year and need a ride home. Most don’t get drunk and sit around bare foot in their 20 feet high ceiling cabin telling tales and jokes. The kids keep busy down at the lake front with frog catching contests and goofing around. They flip on their outdoor lights down the 40 foot hill to the lake front for the kids to see. The dogs are racing around happy for the company and some scraps of food usually forbidden. I like to see at the bar on a stool near my wife and drift in and out of several conversations.

The skies let loose a torrent of rain that went on for 5 hours this year. Lightning lit up the sky and thunder trembled the huge windows facing the lake. The boat travelers who came by pontoon huddled under their boat canopy as they went back across the lake to their home. As usual everybody got some chili for taking home in their pot. Anne usually packages up several meals in the freezer to enjoy in the winter. We will have our fireplace blazing away looking out from our dining room table at our snow covered lake enjoying chili from this evening.

So the slow annual exodus from the lake starts this week. There is a lot less traffic in town and around the restaurants after the summertime crowd disappears every year.

Al Hirt in 1967 was just building a huge following that toasted him as the king of New Orleans.

Al Hirt in 1967 was just building a huge following that toasted him as the king of New Orleans.

I had to listen to some New Orleans jazz while setting up the barbeque for our dinner of bratwurst. Al Hirt always gets me in a good mood on my outdoor speakers while I watch the twilight over the lake. Dem Golden Slippers and Ain’t Misbehaving are great fun.

This Christmas we will be visiting New Orleans to greet Papa Noel and listen to a lot of jazz with my son and his fiancée coming from Seattle to join us with our hockey coach son.

People today must discover Al Hirt jazz!

People today must discover Al Hirt jazz!

Stop the race baiting and laugh!

September 7, 2015

We enjoy meeting people and sharing stories. Whether at the local flea market, farmers market, or sitting at a pub you can expect folks in Wisconsin to talk to you. I have watched Queen Latifah on her television show. She puts her audience at ease and draws upon interesting guests to share stories.

It would be easy to create racial tension or cultural arguments on the variety of guests visiting. Queen Latifah does deal with serious issues of the day seriously instead of sensationally. The level of intellect and ideas represent the best of the USA in her discussions.

The big mouth drum beaters like Reverend Al Sharpton inflame and divide communities because it is easier that way. It takes more time and effort to include and connect a diversity of people. Queen Latifah is more informative and enjoyable than any of the late night shows. She inspires me with confidence that we are not street fighters when issues arise. The talent and intellect of all of her guests makes me proud to know we have such great people in our country.

Queen Latifah invites a wide spectrum of celebrities and public figures.

Queen Latifah invites a wide spectrum of celebrities and public figures.

It does bother me to see so called Commercial News Media Reporters bait and make controversy for the sake of ratings. This upsets and inflames without informing the public. FOX news is part of this bull fight ritual of spearing people and waving a red cape to get some crazy charge on television.

In addition to her ease at putting guests at ease on her program, Queen Latifah has great talent in both acting and singing. Got to love the Queen!

Wedding obsession of LGBT

September 6, 2015
Rowan County Judicial Center in Morehead, Ky., Friday, Sept. 4, 2015,  the second couple to receive a marriage license. Kim Davis was taken to jail for refusing to license same-sex marriages  (Alton Strupp/The Courier-Journal via AP)

Rowan County Judicial Center in Morehead, Ky., Friday, Sept. 4, 2015, the second couple to receive a marriage license. Kim Davis was taken to jail for refusing to license same-sex marriages (Alton Strupp/The Courier-Journal via AP)

A county clerk in Morehead Kentucky dared to ignore the Supreme Court of the USA! People for centuries have celebrated weddings all wrong! We are prejudiced and dumb to think that marriage is between a man and a woman. Life is so much better now that we can see gays hugging and kissing to celebrate getting “married”? Kim Davis is a county clerk. She did not think a marriage license makes sense if it contradicts the Christian values of the founders of our country.

Why did men marry women for centuries? Where do children come from? These questions do not matter to our Supreme Court.

Now the whole world has to dissect Kim Davis for a ritual autopsy on the failures and shortcomings of her own life. Nobody is perfect or without sin. She has been sent to jail by a local judge who is mad that anybody dares to express civil disobedience. Set up a recall election to remove Kim Davis.

The whole insanity of the Supreme Court decision is that they ignored that the majority of states voted to recognize legally that marriage is between one man and one woman. So LGBT waves banners and weeps in joy to see our White House lit up like a carnival tent with rainbow colors.

Atonement calls for a public whipping of Kim Davis and challenging how she dares to follow her conscience. Anyway, she sits in a jail cell with no bail allowed. Does this judge seem a bit excessive and extreme on crushing Kim Davis?

Pizza parlors that would not cater a gay wedding become a national target. Bakers that refuse to bake a gay wedding cake need to be punished with excessive fines. I could not find a gay wedding cake topper at a baker supply web site. This insane focus reminds me of a mass hysteria. I found a wedding topper that is bound to offend a lot of people. Enjoy the outrage of being offended.

Would this be good on a gay wedding cake?

Would this be good on a gay wedding cake?

Death and suffering from vanished “red line”

September 5, 2015

The Obama pact with Syria 3 years ago was to stop the use of chlorine bombs that poison and suffocate civilians. This was a public relations victory for our president who erased the “red line” for Syria atrocities. Millions flee Syria while tens of thousands continue to die since our president negotiated safety for Syria.

Our European allies are struggling and overwhelmed with millions of refugees pouring across the continent. Our allies have a crisis within their own borders with a flood of people willing to die, for a chance to stay alive. Our president pretends he knows nothing about this problem, that he created by weakness in dealing with the dictator Assad.

Syria refugees cross barriers across Europe as in Serbia.

Syria refugees cross barriers across Europe as in Serbia.

Putin saw the weakness in our president. Putin volunteered to participate in the agreement to prevent the USA from intervening in Syria. Our president was happy to accept Putin getting involved. Just as our president is happy to have Putin involved in the Iran nuclear deal.

There is only silence from the USA as our European allies struggle with results of our indecisive weakness to stop Syria genocide. Germany, France, Italy, Norway, Sweden and other country leaders do not expect any answers or action from our president. Our president is busy talking about the greatest problem we face is “climate change”?

Syria agreement led to continued genocide and exodus.

Syria agreement led to continued genocide and exodus.

Our president loves how he looks in Alaska

September 2, 2015
Visiting Alaska with his selfie stick to record his every smirk and smile.

Visiting Alaska with his selfie stick to record his every smirk and smile.

Alaska has wild life that any tender foot from the urban jungle never meets. Our commander in chief needs to adore himself with millions of selfie pictures. Each picture is more adorable than the last! We need to cherish his charm, good looks, and smart ass comments as long as we can.

We are concerned for his safety wandering the wilderness with Grizzly Bears, wolves, and cougars. He is so self absorbed staring at his own Narcissus obsessions, that any predator can bite him in the ass and drag him off to feed their young.

I do not know any grown man so self absorbed, other than Kanye West or Chris “Cait” Jenner. I would love to see a picture of our president dressed like a mountain man conquering the wilderness. That picture would be hysterical to add to his mom jeans bike riding outfit.

Uncle Jeb becomes a curmudgeon?

September 1, 2015

Retirement as a loser can make anyone bitter. I feel sorry for the Bush family having to deal with a new curmudgeon, Jeb. As he gazes out of his retirement home window, he is not happy. “That damn Trump Wall blocks my view!” He loved to watch the illegal aliens marching into the USA. These “love” invaders no longer are peering through his window. The wall stopped them.

He passes time watching the “Slick Willy” fund raising segment on the shopping channel. “Free Hillary! Any donation will help make her time in prison more comfortable! This is a tax deductible donation. For $1,000 get a personal email from Hillary thanking you for your help.” Martha Stuart has launched her new line of Hillary endorsed prison clothes. Bill was a little upset that Chelsea got a $10 million advance for a tell all book about her parents.

The Chicago Obama Library has fallen upon hard times. Chinese protestors are waving banners as they block the entrance. “Chinese lives matter!” George Bush was invited to the grand opening ceremony but he told Obama to piss off. Jeb offered to show up, but nobody replied to his kind offer.

Jeb has offered to speak for free at retirement homes. They will see if they can fit him into the schedule between Bingo and field trips to a Indian casino. His only consolation is chuckling to see George Stephanopolous representing a coal industry export group. George was fired after Hillary lost the race for president, because that was his only value to ABC as a close confidant of the Clinton empire.

Florida Governor Jeb Bush (L) hugs his brother President George W. Bush upon the President's arrival in Orlando in this March 21, 2001 file photo. Jeb Bush will announce his bid for the Republican presidential nomination on June 15, 2015 in Miami, finally jumping into the crowded field after a chorus of criticism about how he is handling his non-campaign and moving to bolster his support.  REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque/Files   ATTENTION EDITORS - THIS PICTURE IS PART OF THE PACKAGE “JEB BUSH TO ANNOUNCE 2016 BID”. TO FIND ALL 16 IMAGES SEARCH 'JEB BUSH 2016'

Florida Governor Jeb Bush (L) hugs his brother President George W. Bush upon the President’s arrival in Orlando in this March 21, 2001 file photo. Jeb Bush will announce his bid for the Republican presidential nomination on June 15, 2015 in Miami, finally jumping into the crowded field after a chorus of criticism about how he is handling his non-campaign and moving to bolster his support. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque/Files ATTENTION EDITORS – THIS PICTURE IS PART OF THE PACKAGE “JEB BUSH TO ANNOUNCE 2016 BID”. TO FIND ALL 16 IMAGES SEARCH ‘JEB BUSH 2016’

Antarctic drilling is fine with Obama?

August 29, 2015
3 Emporors  Penguins photo from Antarctic by Robyn Waseman of NSF.

3 Emporors Penguins photo from Antarctic by Robyn Waseman of NSF.

Oil drilling in the pristine nature preserve of Antarctic is fine with our environmental guardian President Obama. Does he care that the penguins may suffer anxiety and extinction? Our National Science Foundation has spent a fortune on their US Antarctic Program to study, photograph, and stomp around the frozen remote region at the end of our earth.

The Gulf of Mexico oil spill from deep water drilling was a fiasco that our government allowed. The drilling equipment exemptions done by low level local employees of our Minerals Management Service led to the largest oil spill in US history as the legacy of our environmental president.

The solution to this disaster was our president destroying in 2011 the organization and creating 2 new bureaucracies. 2 for the expense of 3 is the perfect solution to a failure of epic proportions. Now we have Abigail Ross Harper as the Director of Bureau of Ocean Energy Management reassuring us that everything will be fine. We also have Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement to offer conflicting and disorganized information.

Shell oil company may have donated money for the Obama Library and his foundation. We know we can all feel confident that the penguins would want our president to get more money. I have to admire the audacity of our president crying and moaning over saving the planet from carbon dioxide that we all exhale. I have to laugh that the environmental doom people will now have to live with penguin anxiety from oil drilling.

Of course commercial news media ignores the hypocrisy of the savior of our environment walking away from the Antarctic penguins at their time of need. Our government response to the Gulf oil spill was mass confusion. Federal theft of state oil clean up equipment did not help Louisiana protect their own environment. Obama was too lazy to even get involved until the news media was wondering where is federal action.

Learn to do nothing better!

August 26, 2015

My greatest accomplishment is doing nothing! Every day we are warned of a new crisis and more impending disasters. I found that if you ignore the forecasts, and avoid the government studies on looming doom, then you are more likely to enjoy life. I know a lot of brilliant people who have lived miserable lives. A lot of brilliant people are on a mission to make most of us miserable. I will take a nap as their dooms day rants annoy most of the public.

Doing nothing requires discipline and practice. Holiday family gatherings include a swirl of last minute errands for the pistachio nuts or ear plugs. I volunteer to brave the throngs of holiday shoppers, and go to the tranquility of a well stocked bar. Drinking a rum and Coke helps me savor the moment, and collect my thoughts on the laziest way to finish my mission. Plus it gives me an excuse to add some stuff nobody wants but me on my excursion. My wife tells me “We don’t need that!” and then I buy it anyway because I wanted it.

When I finally return, nobody noticed how long I was gone because the whirl of holiday preparations makes everyone dizzy. I can only take watching this blur of activity for a limited time. I offer to make a few cocktails for those ready for some holiday cheer. Then I do not feel guilty for settling down to enjoy my drink and nod at whatever my wife says.

I have made more money through investing by doing nothing! Changing investments every day is not as necessary as changing underwear every day. I will discuss with my wife what I think about the financial markets once a week. We may make adjustments twice a year on our investments.

It takes courage to do nothing, when hysteria has everyone spooked. I feel sympathy for all those losing money by getting spooked into impulsive decisions. Take a nap, and consider making a cocktail before selling everything and moving to a bunker. Plus all this commotion can make children anxious that their parents are nuts.

My best advice is to enjoy rainy days, sunny days, and the company of those we love without arguing. Most things in life seem to work out, or we find how something terrible was not so bad after all. I continue to perfect my skill of doing nothing better than anyone else.

"If I had my life to live over, I'ld live over a saloon."

“If I had my life to live over, I’ld live over a saloon.”

We are fighting evil!

August 25, 2015

Evil works to terrify people and those who do evil deeds are cowards at heart. We are brave people. We stand up to cowards trying to terrify, kill, and subvert good people to accept evil. In Louisiana a state trooper was brutally killed for no reason by a coward who chose the path of evil.

State Trooper Steven Vincent was gunned down in cold blood by the driver of a vehicle in a ditch along the road. It was a meaningless act of violence that ended Vincent’s life, and changed the world of his family. A driver nearing the scene was flagged down by people nearby calling for help. They warned him that the man ahead had a gun that shot the officer.

Robert LeDoux proceeded to walk up to the scene of the crime. The killer told him to mind his own business and leave. LeDoux charged at a run and tackled him to the ground. The bystanders followed LeDoux and assisted in restraining and handcuffing the killer. Robert found that the name badge of the trooper was the brother of his friend on the police force.

We are a great country with brave and good people. There will always be evil among us. However, we do not accept acts of evil as spectators anymore. We are taking down those who do evil acts. This is not trained or explained. We feel the power of good to combat evil and we are fighting evil.

We can be killed by evil people, but we choose to fight evil. A mad dog does not need therapy or counseling when it is attacking you. You need to stop the dog attack by any means available.

Cowards do pay attention. These random acts of courage by our citizens do put the evil on notice that we are not whimpering victims. God bless the USA!

Robert LeDoux was sad he could not save the trooper.

Robert LeDoux was sad he could not save the trooper.

Islamic terrorists moving to Chicago

August 20, 2015

The major achievement of the current president is coming to Chicago! The Obama Library with his selfies, YouTube videos, and hundreds of hours of speeches are to be in Chicago. We have also learned that his Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter is planning to move the Islamic terrorists from Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. The best site would be across the street from the Obama library in Chicago.

You can visit Obama’s relocated terrorists by walking across the street from his library. On lucky days, you will participate in drive by gang shootings as a wounded white cracker. The Black Lives Matter street artists will enact robbing and shooting tourists for a memorable day. They may actually keep your wallet and jewelry as a donation for White Guilt Trip.

If you do make it alive to the new Islamic Sharia Law Center you can learn bomb making, IED camouflage, and enjoy recreation in their Jihad gymnasium. The souvenir shop will include stolen priceless artifacts from Christian churches destroyed by Jihad. Bowe Bergdahl parents will be culture guides for Islamic immersion therapy. Bowe’s dad will teach you how to pronounce names and handy phrases if you get captured for ransom.

Bergdahl parents will introduce you to Sharia Law Center in Chicago.

Bergdahl parents will introduce you to Sharia Law Center in Chicago.

Torturing Kayla Mueller’s parents

August 19, 2015

Volunteering aid to help people around Syria led to the capture of Kayla Mueller. We learn more about the USA from foreign press, such as The Independent from England. Mueller was captured in August of 2013 and fellow captives managed to escape who reported Mueller’s location to USA commandos in Iraq in November of 2014. These brave teen aged survivors gave valuable information to help her rescue.

Carl and Marsha Mueller have not only lost their daughter, but have endured the callous indifference of the White House toward their captive daughter. The so called rescue attempt in February of 2015 was a public relations stunt. The proper response to our commando information would have been a Christmas gift back in 2014! For some reason, our dim wit president assumes the world moves according to his leisurely pace of deliberation. However, this miserable failure in rescue did show our resolute president promising our swift justice for her death. Justice will happen in 2017 with a new president who really cares about her murder.

ISIS demanded a hostage release and a ransom of money for Mueller. Her parents were threatened of their prosecution if they dared to interfere in the deliberate delayed pace of inactivity by our White House. Then our same White House was kind enough to share the details on Kayla’s sexual torture and rape by the caliph of Islamic State, Al-Baghdadi. That certainly was what the grieving parents needed to know after her death? Their loss, our failure, plus sexual slave story are too much to handle.

There was no Rose Garden event like the Bergdahl parents who seem to have disappeared from our president’s social calendar. The parents of Kayla Mueller have no consolation or justice from our White House. Our president just confirmed that ISIS has nothing to fear from USA. But they should be sorry that the brutal death of Kayla makes our president mad.

Mueller Family album picture of beloved daughter Kayla.

Mueller Family album picture of beloved daughter Kayla.

Planting seeds

August 16, 2015

We have no future if nobody plants seeds. By the time the inventory of food is used up, it is too late to start planting seeds. We cannot prevent drought, tornadoes, or floods. There are seasons that limit the crops after all the work was done.

Farmers try to time their planting to match the cycle of seasons ideal for growth. Farmers try to improve their equipment to be more efficient versus the added cost. Nobody seems to really pay attention to farmers so long as there is plenty of food available.

Everybody knows where food comes from? Food comes in cans, cardboard boxes, and butcher paper. I find it fascinating that our agriculture industry in the USA is not even worth one word in the forum of upcoming election for president. If any item of food in the grocery shopping list gets to be very expensive, then the howling and complaining begins!

Farmers are unusual. They are stewards of the land. They have to deal with animals as friends and dangerous at times. They have to tend to their animals around the clock every day in every season. Their equipment freezes and cracks in brutal winters. Their tractors sink in mud and have equipment from satellites to plant straight rows of corn. The market price for their produce can be less than their costs at the time of sale.

It would make me feel better about my next meal, if I knew that one candidate for president discusses agriculture issues. It is too late to start helping our agriculture industry, after shortages hit.

Farmers do not whine or want spontaneous hugs. They are independent characters for sure. They take tax depreciation for tractors that need loans for half a million dollars. They pay cash for everything else. Before the end of the year, if they have too much profit then they will buy a $90,000 pick up truck for tax depreciation. They may wear worn work clothes, but their land holdings can be worth millions. None of them became wealthy fast. This is the result of a life’s work. Some die near poverty when the markets are against them, or got divorced. Then the land they worked becomes a tax problem for the heirs with estate taxes.

Most farmers’ children see how hard they work and choose another path for work. The high technology in new farm equipment make tractor cabs more like space shuttles. Old tractors are expensive hobbies. New tractors and harvesting equipment take millions of dollars and high technology maintenance. The crazy exception are the Amish farmers who do well!

The candidates for president now in Iowa take farmers for granted. Can one of the candidates discuss the challenges and regulations that are the burden of our farmers?

We should import all of our food and stop farming now!

We should import all of our food and stop farming now!

EPA ignores methane problem in Washington D.C.

August 13, 2015

Back on February 1 of last year, your humble hobo raised concerns on EPA enforcing their methane regulations in our nation’s capitol. Recent methane readings are higher than last year!

Nancy Pelosi emissions are off the chart. Is she living on beans and sauerkraut? She should be in a Plexiglas gas chamber box to avoid polluting Congress more. The final design of the gas chamber is being kept secret at this point. She could wear a snorkel to get fresh air from outside the box.

The president refuses to let the White House get tested for methane levels. The Michelle Obama focus on gaseous vegetables for her colon cleansing hobby is a problem. The president has been tooting his own horn in public more often. If it is not necessary, it is safer to avoid traveling to the White House now.

The EPA website has extensive regulations and limits for methane from oil and gas industry. The gas CH4 is certainly a stinker! Everybody knows which way the wind blows when methane is in the air.

At the present the only remedy is to hold your nose in Washington D.C. to avoid the noxious gas. This gas is explosive. Anyone familiar with Dumb and Dumber recalls the terrifying scene of methane emissions on fire for the amusement of Jim Carrey. For conspiracy theorists, the methane lobby has effectively ended Jim Carrey’s career and he is invisible since his classic movie.

Washington D.C. squanders their methane like prankster Carrey.

Washington D.C. squanders their methane like prankster Carrey.

It is time to end the cozy arrangement of EPA letting methane levels in our federal government to exceed limits set for us tax payers. Do not light a match anywhere near the White House when our president is working. Have no fear, because he seldom works.

China cheats by currency games

August 12, 2015
Chart from CNN on Yuan lower value.

Chart from CNN on Yuan lower value.

On Monday August 11 the China Yuan currency was deliberately lowered in value by Beijing. This makes manufacturing by US companies in China more profitable. This makes China exports to the USA more attractive by a lower price. This makes it clear that trade deals with China are meaningless with deliberate currency manipulation.

He is not the only smart guy on China problems, but Trump has often brought to media attention the game playing by China to create unfair advantages in every deal. Our latest trade deal praised by our president cannot remedy currency manipulation by China. Major US companies have left China and sold operations to get out from corrupt and dishonest accounting accepted by banks of China.

The major advantage for bringing manufacturing back from China to USA is control on quality and actually lower cost with our utilities for operating factories. Poisoned pet food, poisoned baby formula, counterfeit tainted drugs, and counterfeit specifications on steel nuts and bolts have endangered and injured many in USA.

There is no doubt that poaching by China targeting profitable USA markets has stolen manufacturing jobs and injured our population by unemployment. It is time to challenge China and reclaim our industrial supremacy again. Donald Trump does make it a priority of USA to protect our jobs and our companies that export goods. My guess is that China sets up their export sales based upon the USA dollar value. My guess is that China sets up their import buys based upon their China Yuan. China just made more money on their exports and they just saved more money by their imports.

China needs a lot of Yuan to continue military build up!

China needs a lot of Yuan to continue military build up!

EPA spill in Colorado “Poses no threat to wildlife”

August 10, 2015
EPA said their spill will not harm wildlife!

EPA said their spill will not harm wildlife!

The federal Environmental Protection Agency wants to reassure everybody in Colorado, as well those down stream that the EPA spill poses no threat to wild life. That is very reassuring?

Let me imagine that I am a farmer along a flowing river, and some fertilizer washed off my land into the river. Would the EPA just ignore the impact on the river? Probably expect court hearings, fines, fees, and mandatory environmental inspections for years.

Water quality is essential to every form of life on our planet. EPA wants to take control of any water anywhere in the USA. They justify this dominion over our water as essential to protecting life. The lunacy of minimizing the pollution and destruction of river wildlife by this same EPA confirms that our federal government believes everybody is stupid and brain washed.

We got upset seeing the BP oil spill in Gulf region. We can’t see anybody giving national updates on this spill in Colorado. Now that the damage has been done, there is nothing to say now. We need to hold EPA accountable for all the damage done to local municipal water systems. Reparation for lost income to local tourist town business along river is important.

Who will hold the EPA accountable for their poor management of their core responsibility? Saying “sorry” has no remedial effects for Colorado and their neighbors.

EPA sent their staff into Navajo Nation to have a form signed waiving the EPA from any future reparations from the damage of the leak. That demonstrates perfectly that the EPA wants to stick it to our poorest native Americans shoved into reservations forced upon them. At least they did not bribe them with fire water? We got awesome lawyers in EPA ready to screw all of us!

Putin embargo bans food from USA

August 5, 2015

The Russian have a police unit to enforce the embargo against food from USA. This is a dangerous assignment that demands lethal skills of their elite police. The sight of this police unit will scare most grocers. Twinkies and Spam are swiftly handled by this crew!

Food embargo team impounds food as fast as they can.

Food embargo team impounds food as fast as they can.

These officers might be the best solution to enforce Michelle Obama’s school lunch rules. Kids would pay attention to these guys!

Poor Management of federal land burns forests

August 3, 2015

Why does our federal government just accept expanding forest fires? Federal land needs better forestry management to reduce wild fires and scorched earth. We see our president make speeches on executive orders forcing the electric utility plants to have the same emissions as a flower garden. We have no plan and no goal to reduce forest fires on federal land.

Forest fire emissions have the same amount of emissions as the entire USA annual automobile emissions! We target stricter emission standards for cars and trucks. We just accept forest fires?

There is a higher cost to actually work on managing forest land. Talk to my Menominee Nation forestry management. They are actively thinning fire hazards and harvesting wood. Our forest fire emissions are 0.01% of US federal forest land. If our federal government refuses to take responsibility for protecting and managing federal land, then be fined for the carbon dioxide emissions on their land.

National Center for Scientific Research worked with University of California satellite monitoring to measure the emissions from forest fires. A detailed methodology was presented by Carlo Trozzi with the calculation values for different types of trees consumed in fire.

Staffing to oversee land management is efficiently done by the Menominee. By the way, every major forest fire in the USA draws upon the Menominee fire fighters who are experienced in attacking the fire. Spending more money to save forests and actually get cash from safe harvesting of forests will improve our safety.

Lightning will not burn down a forest, if the source of dead timber is taken away. We make no attempt to clear dead wood because we restrict forest management.

Menominee forest management avoids wild fires.

Menominee forest management avoids wild fires.

Dictionary deconstruction for positivity

August 2, 2015

Liars in politics are destroying our dictionary. It is no surprise that the worst liars are (“Who me?”) lawyers in politics. Deconstruction for positivity is the improvement offered in torrent of propaganda.

Slick Willy set back communication decades by demanding we accept his understanding of what IS is? His impeachment was on lying and fuming that he never had any sexual relations with a young lady visiting the White House. That cheap lying president never even tried to bribe her for her silence? Part of the lunacy was explaining he was never alone with Monica in the White House, even when he was alone with her. What do you mean by alone?

President George H. Bush promised USA; “Read my lips! No new taxes!” That was inspiring to us voters. Of course, he did raise taxes to make Democrats happy in Congress. That whopper got Clinton elected.

Granny Nancy Pelosi when Speaker of the House reassured us nervous voters that they have to pass the Affordable Care Act before they read the law. Our current president reassured us illiterate common folk not to worry. “If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan!’ Of course, the law forced insurance companies to cancel millions of plans that did not offer mandatory services of abortion and colon cleansing. I thought it was hysterical that he mumbled some nonsense that he regrets there was confusion by us illiterate dumb folks on his promise on keeping our insurance.

The Tower of Babel was to be the supreme achievement of mankind. This project would rival the greatest natural wonders from our Creator. We are witnessing the mass confusion of deceptive dialogue in Washington D.C. under this lawyer president who cannot practice law.

Democrats have done a lot of damage to the dictionary. “Investment” means more taxes for federal spending. Evil Republicans were terrorists holding the country hostage during review of budget spending. President shut down national parks and denied funding for fallen military being reunited with families. We cannot blame him, because the Republicans got all the credit for these outrages.

Do not look up the definition for TRUTH in the new dictionary. Slick Willy is helping rewrite the definitions for our fearless leader. Remember that Islamic terrorists did not kill our citizens in Benghazi. It was a video mocking Islam from the USA that killed our ambassador?

Positivity and great things have been accomplished by our president! Whatever that hell that means, is up to him. We are supposed to believe him?

Nobody trusts us!

Nobody trusts us!

Cold hard cash is best

August 1, 2015
cold hard cash 001
coins are silver lining when black clouds appear.

coins are silver lining when black clouds appear.

Most of us have a lock for our front door to keep out burglars. With hackers and theft of debit card magnetic strip info, we can’t protect ourselves. I do not trust banks to guard my money, since Bill Clinton eliminated the 1933 Banking Act. This Glas Steagall Act prohibited banks from mixing investment money with deposit money. We got the 2008 financial collapse with banks losing on investments and we got the losses. Thank you Slick Willy. I do not think my money is safe because it is in a bank account. Most bank robberies happen when we walk into our bank. We get robbed. Bank fees are endless.

In olden days, American Express traveler checks let us carry a lot of cash that could not be stolen. However, counterfeit traveler checks since the late 1990’s have few merchants that accept traveler checks. So cash is king, again. If I am getting no interest on cash in a bank account, then I might as well hold cash.

I enjoy some coin collecting of silver. I always use the dollar coins. Paper currency on hand is always good. The government wants everybody to rely on electronic transfer of funds. We have no choice. I still use checks to pay my taxes.

Nobody loses money by holding cash. Banks pay no interest. When the ATM system is out of order, or the ATM is out of cash, it is good to keep some cash on hand. ATM fees take our money to get our money. I prefer using a credit union for storing money for checking and savings. I prefer investing in stocks and bonds with my serious money. Debt was necessary when raising a family. Now debt is ancient history for me.

Amish technology bulletin

July 28, 2015
Our laundry drying without using a dryer!

Our laundry drying without using a dryer!

On impulse I posted this camera shot to share with FB and was surprised at strong positive response. If you live in a city apartment building, then you know the challenges of hanging laundry for pigeons to decorate. On any day in our area you can see the Amish hanging their washing to dry in the breeze. My wife is not Amish but we live to preserve our environment and protect nature.

Just like our Menominee neighbors, we stack firewood for the winter heating of our house with a cast iron stove. Our dead trees get harvested before they become a hazard. We are sad that some trees died, but grateful for their keeping us warm. Hauling in wood while winds howl and snow swirls outside our door is a necessary winter chore of mine.

It would be interesting to see how the wealthy promoters of green policies live in their mansions. I am sure there are no laundry lines, or stacks of firewood to heat their home. The Amish have been living green and seem to be doing just fine without intervention from utopia experts who love to lecture us.

Bwana Obama tries bossing Kenya

July 25, 2015

Kenya rolled out the welcome mat to the visit for our tourist president. He only needs a few special requirements for his visit. Several cargo planes full of helicopters, armored vehicles, and a staff of hundreds are just a few basic things he needs.

The president of Kenya is Uhuru Kenyatta. Us folks who have lived under the thumb of Obama moral superiority were shocked that Kenya’s president stood up for what the people of Kenya want. Obama vision of a world with lesbians and gays hugging and kissing in the parks is not what Kenya accepts. This is the land of his father and his father’s dreams. Uhuru dismissed the Obama lecture on educating children on the entire rainbow of LGBT sex practices.

I think Kenya got a better deal on their president who actually wants to represent what the people value. The people of Kenya can wave goodbye to Bwana Obama. We know he is coming back to lecture us on some more of his utopia social engineering to shame my white guilt superiority complex.

Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta is for his people.

Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta is for his people.

Bwana Obama has an attitude of superiority like a colonial dictator willing to share his wisdom to the dumb backward folk of Kenya. It came as a surprise that the President of Kenya refused the offer by Obama in changing the life long traditions of his country at the whim of Bwana Obama.

Eagle deserves respect

July 19, 2015
Eagles mate for life as male and female despite protests by gay rights groups.
The Spirit of America will never die!

The Spirit of America will never die!

Eagles live well around the Menominee Nation. Saturday one of the eagles was scouting our lake 1,000 feet above the water. It was amazing to watch the eagle descend on the hunt for a fish. It is awesome to watch them silently glide over our trees on the hunt by the lake shore. They live free and are revered as a harbinger of good luck by the Menominee.

The spirit of our country is well represented by our Eagle. Our symbol is not a parakeet living on hand outs in a cage. Our citizens do not deserve to be treated like parakeets. Our spirit and attitude is sympathetic with the spirit of the eagle.

I am tired and bored by the whining and complaining about how it is our Christians fault on anything that happened a thousand years ago during the Crusades. I laugh at the lunacy of wallowing in the regrets and guilt of being white. Is my family obligated to keep paying an IOU for future generations because of slavery over a hundred years ago? Is the Eagle to be punished for catching fish when it is hungry? The Eagle does not ask for permits or permission to stay alive.

We the people have the flame of freedom deep in our hearts. We do not welcome those who meddle and complain about our past. We are focused on the future with no regrets. We do not want excuses for our accepting loss instead of gaining victory.

USA knows we got short changed

July 12, 2015

The promised transformation of the USA by Barrack Obama is like a Hollywood horror story. He described visions of brotherly love with justice for all. We have seen mobs burning our flag, and wanting to kill our police. His vision for our “Hope and Change” was equality of opportunity, and shovels for everybody who wants a job. His solution was to shout his demands for a higher minimum wage. We have abundant idle protestors to invade Wall Street while soiling the parks and streets as their toilet. Socialists denounce the evils of a free market capitalism that attracts immigrants from around the world to the USA.

We have not walked away from the ideals that set the course of generations of citizens during World Wars and desperate times of turmoil. It is like a Hollywood comedy, that a brash, outspoken New Yorker that is a business billionaire has caught the interest of many disappointed Americans. The professional political experts are trying to belittle the stupidity of anybody that has made a fortune on his own. Of course these political experts would be like children in the hostile battles of real estate development and financing. Donald Trump is not supposed to be speaking out. The people of USA are too stupid to know that Trump is lying to all of us? We know a liar, because we been listening for 6 years on lies and excuses. Rich people only get rich by stealing and cheating us poor dumb sheep. That is the fairy tale told by the wolves of political elite.

Nobody expects any candidate to be perfect. We do expect our candidates to try to be honest on explaining their values and beliefs. Too many politicians waste too much time trying to say what they expect us dumb sheep want to hear. Trump blunders and wanders in his speeches, but nobody wants a professional speaker. We want a man who defends his beliefs and is not a political professional wolf.

Trump is drawing crowds that ignore the smug effete news media “reporters” who walk among the political wolves daily. Reporters do not earn respect or attention of voters. Trump has more people who want to hear him and see him every day. If you ignore what the people of the USA want, then you will not have strong business (Macy’s stooped to attack Trump). If you ignore what the people of the USA demand for news, then you will not have an audience (NBC, ABC, & CBS are in the rearview mirror FOX).

Defending the USA needs a warrior spirit like Trump who never quits fighting.

Defending the USA needs a warrior spirit like Trump who never quits fighting.

Do not open your luxury store in Bejiing right now!

July 8, 2015

Caterpillar sales of heavy equipment in China are down 80% for the last 3 months compared to the peak of 2011. There is no wealth without heavy construction as the foundation. The stock market in China was inflated purposely by the central planning masterminds of China. Stock trading groups had orders not to let the market drop. If life was only that simple as the China manipulation of their economy.

Now is not a great time to open a luxury brand store around Beijing with a new millionaire every minute. The new Mercedes dealer opening or the next Tiffany diamond bracelet sale may stop suddenly as wealth evaporates with the sinking China stock market and dropping real estate market.

China wanted to quickly become the top country and top economy in the world. It was an ambitious goal after the violent and lethal results of Mao Tse Tung’s Cultural Revolution. The criminal industry of substandard counterfeit steel bolts, counterfeit designer goods, and pirate copies of copyright protected intellectual property were accepted to feed more US dollars into China. The manipulation of currency in combination with a flurry of new stock offerings added to the rapid growth of money for China.

Most of the Chinese investors use margin to get stocks with loans from banks. (Just like our Great Depression experience with banks loaning to customers for stock investments.) So the small investor gets a need to add money to his losing investment. Selling dropping stocks adds to more loss in stock value. The bank does not want to hold stocks for their loan, so the banks will sell stocks. The loan client has no money to the pay the loan for the stock that is now sold. Chinese banks can sink under the losses.

USA could not believe that China would lie, steal, and cheat to get ahead faster. Corporations discovered that book keeping standards for business accounts and reporting of assets are creative writing in China. How can you invest in a company on traded in China? You do not know if anything is true on their valuation! Does anyone remember the Chinese small business owner from Arkansas delivering paper bags full of cash to Bill Clinton during his campaign for president? He wanted to get permits to distribute little goofy plastic toys in USA.


2 Wild & Crazy Guys!

July 1, 2015

Rainbow floodlights, running with banners, and hugging each other are the executive leaders of the USA. They are just a couple of wild and crazy guys!

Whee!  Look at me!  I wanted this picture for publicity.

Whee! Look at me! I wanted this picture for publicity.

LGBT supporters were hissing and bitching at our fearless leader until he saw the light. After accepting millions in campaign donations from LGBT donors, he saw the light in a blinding revelation. His daughters melted our president’s cold heart to accept the wisdom and wonderful beauty of gay marriage? Now he is giddy like a silly school girl running with rainbow banners and lighting up the White House like a carnival fun house.

It is just so sweet to see two corrupt politicians pretending they love kittens, puppies, and gay marriage. They need a hug and kiss for being so cute. Putin has to be wondering how nuts is USA.

We are waiting for our president to sing YMCA dressed like the Village People. Why did Obama and Biden avoid marching in LGBT parades? Expect the Roman Catholic Saint Patrick’s Day Parade will be forced to worship the LGBT miracle of marriage? Pope Francis may have to bitch slap Obama to stop this nonsense during the papal visit in September.

Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be!

February 11, 2016
Wise cracking super roper Will Rogers.

Will Rogers was a world famous native American with wise cracks making everyone happy.  “For the American people are a very generous people and will forgive almost any weakness, with the possible exception of stupidity.”  The world may laugh at how we choose to spend our money, but they want our money!  The roping cowboy traveled the world spreading the word about how we see things.

We see the campaign for president as entertainment in the USA.  It is exciting, just like when the circus posters are plastered around town letting us know the big top show is coming soon.  The world watches us nervous if we really are that crazy as the candidates campaign promises.  Just like when the circus comes to town, the children are practically floating on air. Some candidates warn women they will go to hell if they don’t vote for a woman.  Some candidates promise the delirious children that college loans will disappear in their  utopia of free stuff.

We are puzzled at times as we try to follow what our federal government is really doing. “I don’t make jokes.  I just watch our government and report the facts.”  It is especially entertaining to see our current president reminisce on how he changed the world during his years and years of office.  Why would anyone want to brag about doing nothing?

The tax penalties for not buying health insurance you cannot afford is a great invention.  We all love paying taxes?  “Income tax has made more liars of American people than golf.”  Some of us do try to fill out our income tax form as accurate as the crazy rules require.  “Even when you make out a tax form on the level, you do not know when it is through, if you are a crook or a martyr.”  We got to see the whole country jump through government hoops with a crazy computer enrollment system that gives more head aches than a room full of monkeys.

My favorite nostalgia is coming in 2017.  I can hardly wait for the chance to bore people on explaining “That is not the way Obama did it!”  The real puzzle right now is trying to understand how Obama has done anything!  The genius of our political system, is that somebody will be able to talk for hours like they really know something worth hearing.

The millennials own the future, but have to deal with our nostalgia for race riots burning down Baltimore like in the good old days, as well as a new cold war inviting in Iran and North Korea with new nuclear rockets.  Our president has elevated doing nothing into a career.  It will be funny to see him imagine more accomplishments he never did on his nostalgia tour.  Will Rogers wishes he was here to make more jokes.


Drink more beer! “What me worry?”

February 9, 2016
We LOVE BEER in Wisconsin!

Do not fret and fuss over the slow economy.  Why bother looking at your retirement investments now?  The stock market is losing money in 2016. Close to 40% of working age citizens are “retired” because they do not get paid to work.  This must be Utopia?  Imagine 40% of your town not working, and this is not a day dream but this is reality now. Today is Fat Tuesday.  Drink more beer!

In the good old days of 2015, I could day dream of going to Munich in Germany to enjoy drinking “ein mass” one liter mug of their great beers.  Today, the Muslim refugees are rioting and protesting drinking beer!  So another simple pleasure is gone from the life of Germans, thanks to uninvited invaders intruding their stupid culture into Europe.  USA can hardly wait to be invaded, because that is “Who we are!”

Mardi Gras will be banned soon, because it offends Muslims, atheists, and dim wits.  I propose that we start a new social protest movement.  Beer Drinkers First demands the right to enjoy beer anytime anywhere.  We will enjoy drinking songs as we wave our mugs of beer to the music.  I never thought the day would come that beer drinkers feel bullied, threatened, and harassed because we offend too many idiots.

Now I understand.  When you see a drunk stagger out of saloon, tavern, or night club with bleary blood shot eyes, then you see the face of a survivor.  We need to preserve and protect beer drinkers as an endangered species.  Too many self appointed experts who want to “do good for humanity” interfere and interrupt happy hour.  Actually, who believes the myth of happy hour is a reality?  This pursuit of one happy hour is a fantasy to hide from the brutal ugly reality of life today.  Too many idiots have decided to help us destroy any happiness.

I prefer to help a drunk get home.  I have no interest in sheltering and feeding forever Muslim refugees that bitch and criticize my way of life.

Let us honor; Beer Drinkers First!  Join me in my toast to beer drinkers tonight.

Squeezing more taxes from oil? Tanks!

February 4, 2016
Obama gun order

There are no adequate words to thank our fearless leader Obama.  He has a modest proposal for the USA tax payers.  How about collecting $10 dollars from every barrel of oil that is bought and sold in the USA?  Oil price was about $30 per barrel today so this is only a tax of 30%!  Of course, the shipping companies, gas stations, and users of public transportation plus drivers will pay more.  But why should USA get any benefit from our risk and investments in producing oil that lowers our prices today?

Last year Obama was taking victory laps on our lower gasoline prices, despite his obstructing and blocking federal oil development.  All of the benefits are from private lands in states that permit oil exploration.  Federal paper shufflers did zip to help USA get lower oil prices.  Now this year, he is ready to steal money for his billionaire buddies who fund his foundation by “donations”.

The evil Republican majority in Congress will make this new tax dead on arrival.  Thank God this is Obama last year of helping USA by more taxes.  Weeping Obama publicity picture is great keep sake to remember with tears of joy on his departure.  If you want to see price increase of 30% for your use of energy, than be sure to vote for Obama supporters!

Honeymoon suite of B. Sanders

January 29, 2016

What more could a newlywed hope for back in 1988?  As Mayor of Burlington, Vermont the newly wed Bernie Sanders was a global jet setter.  12 person delegation from his city went to Yaroslavl, Russia with his new bride Jane a day after they were wed.  Russia had endured the Reagan presidency and was a diminished world threat after his efforts.  Trade was desired by Russia to rebuild after disasters of communist central planning.

Honeymoon shopping had to be very interesting by this Volga river city.  My parents were shipping food and clothes to relatives in the former Soviet Union.  The Russian stores looked like a looting after Black Lives Matter protests.  Rotten hunks of beef nobody wants in the butcher case had limited appeal.  However, for the Russians that was a typical shopping experience with centralized agriculture in ruins under their government.

In letters that came back home to us, we could tell which items were taken by Russian soldiers protecting their country from USA food and clothes.  The tariff to let a package enter Russia territory was exorbitant on top of the amazing cost of shipping.  Of course, not knowing what actually got through after pilfering was always another concern.  The security workers were wealthy in the black market by selling the confiscated goods from USA relatives.

Vladimir Putin will offer honeymoon specials to those who want to start their married memories in Russia in the Sanders suite.  Our country does include a lot of eccentric fruit cakes.  We salute Sanders for taking the cake!  Honeymoons begin in Yaroslavl?  Bernie knows how to be “From Russia With Love”!  Why did he wait 25 years to get his bride a wedding ring?  We know he is more cheap than romantic.  Maybe the government should buy wedding rings for all grooms?


Counterfeit Boxes saves lives

January 18, 2016

There was a bizarre television series in 1967; The Prisoner.  Patrick McGoohan leaves the spy business in London and discovers himself on a island property that looks like a holiday resort.  Appearances were deceiving.

We need to take this principle to appease the society socialists.  I propose that every major city needs a Protest & Pillage zone.

There will be Hollywood storefront stores filled with fancy cardboard boxes with large screen television and stereo equipment.  The boxes are filled with exploding paint bombs used for bank robberies. As the outraged protesters pillage the electronic store, they think they are getting lovely gifts for themselves.  Instead, the police get to see a lot of paint bombed looters to arrest the next day. A liquor store will have imitation beer cases with beer cans filled with paint bombs.  The police can watch the looting and just laugh at the joke being played.

We can enjoy protest parades once a month marching by the looter village section of town.  Drunks and dullards attending college can cheer them on to show their support against white oppression.  Everyone will be excited to see capitalism attacked by protesters looting in the official Protest & Pillage zone.



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