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hobo jungle drums warning USA

be careful of bad ju ju! the hobo czar may have to find a job, since Obama will eliminate the office of hobo relations. we're on our own! that's nothing new?!

Is It Over Yet? 11/3/2020

October 19, 2020

My biggest mistake was donating to candidate Donald J. Trump before he even was soliciting for donations. I still want him in the White House because the alternative belongs in a retirement home for criminals. However, I have been texted, called, mailed and emailed several times a day for months! Yes, I am passed burnout on the crazy pleas for me to show my support NOW for the RNC $$$NOW!

I am scared at the prospect of the most incompetent VP in history getting elected as USA President 2020! Joe Biden has no gyroscope when easy money can be taken from China, Russia, Ukraine! Is there a possibility crimes were plotted to use loser son; Hunter Biden? “Sure dad, I can take fake jobs in China, Ukraine or Iran for megabucks!”

Joe your plan sucked, but my plan is great!

We are flying blind. Commercial news conceals more than reveals anything true during this election. Reporters are wearing badges saying they are reporters because they are not reporters. Russia and China have killed reporters who fail in protecting propaganda. In USA our news are in the hands of cocktail party professionals who never investigate past the appetizers.

Babbling, huffing and puffing bumbler Biden! Ryan sat there and took it like a sap.

We will get through this I tell myself. The world is watching. The crooks and tyrants hope they can buy favors from Hunter and then black mail our president. We are like children learning how evil and dangerous the real world really is. Our commercial news pretends they are reporting the real world as they want to see it. Our greatest heroine to protect USA is Nancy Pelosi?

Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi rips a copy of US President Donald Trumps speech after he delivers the State of the Union address at the US Capitol in Washington, DC, on February 4, 2020. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP) (Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Don’t Be Happy! Feel GUILTY instead?

September 28, 2020

Have you noticed some people are only happy when you are miserable? Take a moment and look around you right now. Anyone peering through your windows? Anyone demanding a donation for some “charity” to save the world on television or on your social media sites? If you are still reading this, than you have noticed how commercial media has turned into a nagging, whining gossip show that makes us FEEL GUILTY!

Why do YOU deserve to be happy? Give me your RUBY SLIPPERS!

Did Dorothy plan on killing a witch? It just happened during a “twister”. Now we all know somebody who is out of work because their restaurant cannot stay open, or their hotel cut back. It feels like I am living a bad dream these days. Except this is not a dream because nightmares can be real. You can see a tornado, or hurricane. Nobody can see, touch or smell Wuhan Plague Covid-19!

Commercial television is having an anxiety attack! Nobody really needs commercial television, except to get scared and depressed. Show me the looting, burning and protesters shouting that I caused all this! I am to blame for 200 years of slavery. I am to blame my parents bought their house by slaving to scrimp and save. Give me another catastrophe to watch from across the globe? Stop the World! I want to get off! (100 points if you know the music!) What kind of fool am I?

I am weary of being hijacked onto another guilt trip. I do not trust politicians who promise; “We can do better!” Too bad they are almost 80 years old and have done ZIP other than line their pockets with foreign money. Ancient politicians with little time left can promise the moon to get elected. I propose adding an ancient politicians wing to my Disneyland; Museum of Doom.

Would anyone volunteer to hop into any car being driven by any ancient politician? This is a rhetorical question. How about putting your family in their car?

I respected Bob Dole but I refused to vote for him as president because he was too damn old! Bill Clinton did okay, even if he was a scum bag. USA survived his lying, cheating on his wife and chasing skirts. He did blow up a foreign aspirin factory to be macho.

Donald J. Trump is really old, but appears to be still coherent. He is not ancient and senile. Biden was proud he figured out how to turn on music on his portable telephone! OMG

The real world does not need people being distracted from watching where we are going. Funny as it seems, the most reliable news is reported in The Wall Street Journal and your local community Daily Shopper newspaper. I do not trust or pay much attention to any national television news report.

Please be ready to know where the exits are located because the lights will go out sometime. Get your popcorn, candy and refreshments to sit at home and watch The Wizard of Oz.

Rep Nadler Shuffle Dance

September 25, 2020

Vaudeville died a long time ago. Representative Jerry Nadler did introduce his own brand of dance without any fanfare while Speaker Pelosi was speaking. It was a rare moment of joy and celebration to see the Nadler Shuffle nationwide on national television! Nancy ignored Jerry stumbling shuffle off stage with his legs wide apart to tenderly cradle the load in his pants.

Bio-Hazard protocols were ignored and there was no automatic Methane Alarm. Jerry is a real stinker. Nancy did not even hold her nose. She must be used to rolling in manure after all her years in politics. We demand that all public meeting areas in our government buildings must install methane alarms immediately. Did Nadler have an exemption to avoid wearing his Pandemic Face Mask?

James Woods posted on Twitter @realJamesWoods a video clip that shows the awkward but spontaneous dance performed by Jerry Nadler.

Big fat Jerry was a jovial grouch in his heavyweight days?

We need to make allowances to our human frailties. However, Karma caught up with Jerry who cruelly toyed with our Attorney General asking for a bathroom break during a long meeting. Jerry got to enjoy his bathroom break on stage.

9/11/2001 Memories

September 10, 2020
Lady Liberty it still standing tall!

We shut down all commercial flights to protect citizens from any more hijacked jetliners like #93. We could not understand how jet airliners plowed into the Twin Towers of World Trade Center in Manhattan on 9/11/2001.

President George W. Bush stood in the pit of the collapsed buildings with a bullhorn to announce justice is coming for the terrorists. His spontaneous speech to the rescue responders was both to uplift spirits and reassure the USA that we seek justice for this attack.

The second attack against USA in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012 targeted a State Department facility used by our ambassador as well as a consulate. This was rubbing salt in an old wound to remind the USA of the dark days after the airline hijackings from 2001. We are left to our own minds to choose what was the truth on both tragic attacks.

This post is the property of Andrius Sulskis

My single focus is keep USA alive and healthy in the early stages of our new Millennium! I can’t do anything about it. All I can do is support leaders I trust to focus on our citizens instead of distractions. Fortunately few of us trust or believe our commercial news in print, television and radio.

Political Science Test 2020

August 17, 2020

Students are sure they will be required to do school work soon.  The real question in their minds; Am I stuck explaining my lessons to my parents AGAIN?  Parents are wondering a lot more about their children’s safety if schools open.  (One positive from all this is the “School bully” factor is out of sight during our China Pandemic social distance time.)

Meanwhile, our future depends upon those elected this November to lead our country.  The superficial commercial news media plays for more viewers.  Politicians are astute on the gullibility of television broadcast hot buttons.  Give them a goofy or emotional video clip to get on the air.  Hug a dog.  Kiss a baby.  Ask a child who they want to lead our country.  (My answer would have been The Lone Ranger or Flash Gordon.)

Comparing election candidates definitely has an emotional empathy aspect.  However, Richard Nixon had zero empathy in his landslide election victory!  Candidates can promise everything under the sun.  Voters look for what you did so far.  Not promises but deeds sway voters.  I voted for Nixon to end the Viet Nam war and stop the draft.  He did both.  I did not vote for Obama, but still made a lot of money on investments.  Politicians love getting donations and even big business know how that game is played.  We had prophets of doom on television promising financial chaos and ruin if Trump would be elected as our 45th president.  I loaded up on more investments in the stock market before he was even the top dog from the huge pack of candidates.  People do listen to a billionaire more than a Bernie Sanders.

Joseph (aka JOE) Biden with Kamala Harris want to get elected.  What specific accomplishment can either use as their major achievement from public service?  I do not care about hugging kids or talking about their vision of the future.  What have you done?  Please tell us.  Do not be bashful or claim false modesty about bragging.  Go ahead and brag!  Donald Trump has no problem about bragging.  I would be bored at his dinner table hearing about his exploits and ideas.  However, my investments and bank account tell me that he is my candidate for 2020!  I was impressed at his first visit out of USA as president to Saudi Arabia with sword dancing too!

Donald Trump is proud of his family and hauls them out at every opportunity.  Where is Hunter Biden and his trail of  progeny?  Did Hunter learn any foreign language while “working” in Ukraine or China?  I am just being a smart ass, because you know Biden was using his VP status to let his son make money for the family.  Would Biden sword dance in Saudi Arabia?  I would not give him any sharp implement now!

Obama gun order

Crying shame that Islamic terror free to kill in USA now.

Yes, I will try to watch some of the Milwaukee Democratic National Convention.  There will be no beer.  No polka music.  And everything is “virtual” so it is like a honeymoon reading postcards about where you would like to go but never went.  The good news is that Biden won’t come to my state of Wisconsin.  The bad news is that Harris will be in Wisconsin a lot.  That’s life in 2020 with the China Pandemic election.

Obama good old days

Granny Pelosi passed a bill nobody read to get us all stuck with Obamacare! Thanks?

Congress Summer Vacation Today!

August 14, 2020

Your Congress is out on summer vacation today!  Please be careful because most of them have never been stuck at home in their own district.  Give them tips and guidance on how to get around their home town because a lot of restaurants have been shut down and public recreation places are off limits.  This China Pandemic has a lot of politicians lost and confused.  Stuck in their home towns is a challenge for these big shot globe trotters.

So as you are driving be careful because these politicians are wandering around dazed and confused.  Will Rogers remains a great resource for something to smile about.  I have discovered that politicians are never embarrassed in sounding stupid.  Do not encourage them by just avoiding them in town.  These are our time of trials and tribulations.  Many of these lost souls can only make our lives more challenging if we allow them to talk.


So please be careful.  Social distance is a good excuse to avoid these vacationers from Congress.  We can be assured that the answer to any problem is the same.  We need ONE MORE TAX!

Adults Do Not Pretend Problems Go Away

August 11, 2020

Games are fun sometimes.  Who trusts their safety to leaders asking us to pretend?  We see the headlines and the few seconds of video clips on looting, rioting and “protests” in cities in chaos.  How many accept an invitation to Chicago, Seattle, Portland, New York City and Minneapolis?

Buildings are boarded up.   Empty looted out stores on main street will not attract any customers.  Young families can feel safe walking back to their hotel after dark?

Of course, the police are the problem!  Mayors are fixing that problem by cutting police budgets, reducing police force. Attorney generals release the arrested without any charges filed.  (One attorney general declared the stores were insured so no charges would be filed for looting.)

We have real problems by leaders who pretend criminal acts are not crimes!  I sympathize with the Seattle police chief who turned in her resignation by retiring.  Why did she lack the support and respect of her city council?  She would not send her police force out to fight crime, when nobody is a criminal now.  Seattle public safety got cut by millions of dollars by the city council.  The city council must think Carmen Best is just ready to thank them for her budget cuts.  Look in the mirror council members to see stupid.

It is time for the city council members of Seattle to ride to the scene of riots, murders, robberies and shootings now.  They won’t mind dealing with violent crimes without proper support!  This is a deadly game of telling police to just play along with the politicians gamble on public safety.  Pretend time is over.

Cities promote violence by ignoring crimes and never taking criminals to court.  Criminals are forgiven without a trial and the victims have no justice.  This is an invitation to street justice for the grieving victims.  Vigilantes do not follow the rule of law, when there is no law enforcement.

Chicago shootings for Easter weekend.

When somebody gets killed in Chicago now,  families seldom see justice for their loved one.  Saving lives and protecting people is the reason for a metropolitan police force.  Politicians ignore the difficulty of this vocation when wielding their budget axe.



Where do you want to live?

August 10, 2020

You only live once, so think twice!  I was fired at the age of 49 with a young family living in a popular suburb of Chicago, Saint Charles.  We decided to sell this large property and move to our vacation lake house in the north woods of Wisconsin.  This home was intended to be our retirement home at the end of my working career.  The cost of living in the north woods was 40% less than in our exclusive suburb.  Property taxes were 50% less.

People choose to live where they can earn a living that can support their living expenses.  I declined employment opportunities in New York City several times.  Travels to Manhattan convinced me that this would be hell on earth for me.  Business in Chicago was more stressful than I wanted.  The nightlife in big cities offers more excitement and more problems too.  Nightlife in the north woods biggest challenge is avoiding deer on the way home.

We didn’t move that far away geographically.  The Fox River does go through St. Charles, Illinois to Green Bay, Wisconsin.  We used to bank at the former Harris Bank in St. Charles overlooking this river.  We enjoy St. Brendan’s Inn in Green Bay on the Fox River for Irish cuisine and international beers on tap.  An evening out in Green Bay still costs 40% less than Chicago.  There are more murders and robberies around Green Bay over 20 years, but it is invisible compared to Chicago weekly murders.

Snow storms in the north woods are dangerous and not to be taken lightly.  However, the resources and experienced equipment operators do tackle the storms efficiently.  But we do wave the white flag and stay snowbound on whopper storms.  I haul in firewood split in the early fall so we can enjoy sitting at home by a roaring fire in steel stove during winter.  Our keeshond loves deep snow and frolics in our snowbanks.  My wife walks with snow shoes to beat out a path for our small dog.

2017 last weekend

I find comfort in seeing the wood from our trees stacked in a log rack alongside our pole barn.  The fact that I chopped, split and stacked the wood gives me satisfaction when I haul in fire wood during the winter.  We know seasons change and plan for the change.  Think of where you want to live and how you prefer to live when deciding location choices.  I did not like being unemployed, but this harsh change makes me happier today.  My interest with investing led me to working as a Financial Advisor to earn money strictly on commission.





SOCIOLOGY is an ignored Science

August 7, 2020

Erich Hoffer was a longshoreman who observed Sociology.  His brief books offered insights into observing interactions by groups of people.  My North Central College Sociology Department had some unique professors when I was a student in the last millennium.  I got to see one of them deteriorate in a couple of years mentally and physically from active drug use.  He was a young man who descended into becoming a prophet of doom and drug delirium.  The older professor was definitely a lifer with tenure.  The study of how people really act requires accepting reality.  Everyone has their own view on the IDEAL SOCIETY, but nobody cares because it is tedious drivel.  Hoffer talked about the real world.

My reason to state the obvious, is that our competing groups promising to lead everyone into UTOPIA are never really analyzed. We deserve to observe how these groups really interact with their own members.  In other words, would you want to live like they live?  Reality check, I know that I should become a Vegan but I know that I would be miserable and grow sick of being too healthy.

We only get 1 life.  Don’t waste it.  The crazy drug addict professor was not a role model I wanted to follow.  (Of course he finally got sent away, but I had to endure his nonsense over 2 years.)  Those were in the years of Viet Nam war protests and after the assassinations’ of a president, his brother as candidate for president and the black minister; Martin Luther King jr.  4 students were shot dead in student war protests in Ohio, and became an anthem song by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young.

This new millennium lacks a realistic description of the groups needing study by Sociology.  The devout society of Propaganda News present daily updates under the pretense of delivering news.  I see a lot of the behavior of my crazy drug addict professor in these sanctimonious reporters.  Facts do not need an apologist to justify facts.

My observations are motivated by my observations on how we are being manipulated.    Our traditions and values became our heritage in our revolution despite the professors of pseudo-revolutionaries.  Bernie Sanders reminds me of the old sociology professor on tenure who waved the tattered flag of Stalin and Mao.  Advocates of communist revolution are usually tired old men who never manned any barricade.


We cannot quietly tolerate propaganda presented as facts. SOCIOLOGY is a field of science and not the private realm of propaganda professors.


Why are your neighbors buying guns?

August 5, 2020

More of our fellow citizens of USA are buying guns.  There is a shortage of bullets and guns available for purchase now.  Commercial media always showed the looting, mayhem and burning that was part of protests.  Groups claim their right to pillage stores around the country to prove their point on whatever they are protesting.

It is no coincidence that news reporters never mention the real story.  Almost all of my generation are now retired, because the Wuhan Pandemic is lethal and we are not immune to death.  Shop keepers decided to close shop and retire.  Teachers retired.  Corporate executives retired.  The protesters can bother the working folks, because I got no time or patience with invaders to my property.

I was surprised that the volume of gun buying has really wiped out USA gun dealer inventory.  I am more of a romantic and I have an extensive inventory of hand wielded weapons from swords, axes, knives, bats and staffs.  A shotgun is always a good idea if you have a mob coming over.  My yard light helps me see any visitors.  The news media pretend none of these concerns and worry are really happening in every community.

More people are drinking beer again, too!  Did you know we beat the record sales of chocolate by 25%?  I know there are a lot of pregnant women with due dates starting this fall through the winter.  When a woman is preparing the home for the arrival, there is no stopping her!  Chocolate helps. My wife is visiting one niece who had her baby 8 months ago with gifts.  The other niece due date is before Christmas.  Of course news media ignores this baby boom happening across the USA.

Commercial news media confuses and misses most of the important changes in our society in this pandemic.  News can’t even make a coherent description of basic statistics on deaths as a percentage of population.  How did they miss candy sales going berserk?  Now we can’t find enough guns either!


Grab a candy bar, load your gun and change that diaper!


Click “I AGREE” to Lose Freedom

July 30, 2020

We are now totally dependent on DIGITAL LEGAL RELEASE FORMS.  If you feel compelled to APPROVE an update to your computer or cellular phone, than simply read 75 screens of legal mumbo jumbo before clicking; I AGREE.  The text is detailed and specific on hundreds of escape clauses for the digital provider so we cannot blame or sue them for anything.

It is like signing onto a Time Share Contract after getting a “free vacation visit” that was not any fun to begin with.  I did have my car parked on the property and knew that I could not be held hostage without escape.  What is our escape from the digital prison camp?  You are perfectly free so long as you meet the hidden digital censorship panel of secret rules of what is acceptable to the nameless faceless judges.

We are already trapped before we can demand our freedom.  I have started to simply drop Apps.  They want to know where you are every minute of the day.  They want to know why you drove past their advertiser business location without stopping.  Did you “enjoy” or “like” your visit?  Be careful what you say because ALEXA is listening.  We are in the trap.

DIGITAL ROBBER BARONS have their hands on our throats and ask if we love them.  The House hearing on July 29, 2020 was a miserable failure because they allowed too many titans at the same time via digital presence.  The House surrendered before it ever started.  The House of Representatives wants campaign donations to get reelected in 2 year service contracts that go on to infinity. Cook, Bezos, Pichai, and Zuckerberg were appearing as digital apparitions on a display screen with the ass parked at home base to be more efficient and avoid the Wuhan Pandemic across USA.  In my mind, we got to see the digital projection of The Wizard of Oz instead of the actual people.

The hearing lacked emotional connection to the tax payers in USA.  It might have been more entertaining if we got to see the Avatar of each titan of tech titan as participating in Super Mario?  We have seen countless times politicians in our House of Representatives act outraged.  Nobody connects to fake play acting by professional politicians.  Nobody believes the sincerity of executives that can buy my hometown with their petty cash.

We are being told we are free to accept the app update or stop using the app.  I prefer to stop using the app.  The legal experts design approval forms to stay out of court regardless of the damage and harm that I endure by hackers, flaws and selling of my personal information.

Dorothy goes home

Our House of Representatives want to promise the voters in USA that we can be just like Dorothy allowed to go home without fear of digital witches in our nightmares.  We know this is a fantasy.



Seeds of Destruction FREE!

July 28, 2020

Our United States Department of Agriculture is dealing with citizens concerned on mystery packages from China.  The package can be labeled “earrings” or “jewelry” but the contents are multiple varied packages of seeds.  These are a variety of invasive plants that can spread rapidly and disrupt our agriculture crop fields.  This is NOT a prank.  This is a plot sneaking by a clever attack bypassing our border screening of any organic threat smuggled into our USA.  China sends seeds of DESTRUCTION for the year of the RAT throughout our USA.

Louisiana Department of Agriculture had informed the local newspapers about deceptively labeled mystery packages that were delivered across the state.  This photograph shows the contents.

USDA urges anyone who receives an unsolicited package of seeds to immediately contact their State Plant Regulatory Official  or APHIS’ State Plant Health Director. Please hold onto the seeds and packaging, including the mailing label, until someone from your State department of agriculture or APHIS contacts you with further instructions. Do not plant seeds from unknown origins.

This is from our USDA.  This invasion may not be as explosive as jet planes ramming sky scrapers in Manhattan.  This invasion can have lingering effects for decades by ruining our agriculture from invasive species “gifts from China”!   We still are enjoying the Wuhan Pandemic that has effectively shut down USA economy.  How can we properly thank China?

Russian President Vladimir Putin, right, and Chinese President Xi Jinping exchange documents at the signing ceremony in the Kremlin in Moscow, Friday, May 8, 2015. Russian and Chinese leaders have signed a plethora of deals in Moscow, giving Russia billions in infrastructure loans. (AP Photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko)

Unvarnished Truth Returns!

July 25, 2020

What everybody needs is the “Unvarnished Truth” right now!  Joe Biden pledges to deliver the truth as he sees it.  Let us review the achievements of our truth protector.

Joe Biden has received awards and even medals.  Joe and president Obama did cry often while serving our country.  We in the USA did shed tears as well while they were leading our country.  The tragedy of lethal incompetence was evident in several national crises.

USA has a big heart.  Awards and medals are a tangible recognition that can be seen and touched.  There is value in studying history to remember what works and what fails miserably.  You can assess the consequences if you want to remember these events now.

Affordable Care Act became law of the land in March of 2010.  VP Biden was near a live microphone when he congratulated President Obama after his address to the country.  “This is a big f**king deal!”  (I knew my hospital bill in 2014 was a huge pain in my ass after paying the huge insurance premium, and still owing over $12,000.  Thank you Joe for this memory!)

Biden informs Obama on NCAA pool

Who didn’t know first? You or me?

The lethal operation to get Osama Bin Laden was a national search for some justice after the national tragedy of  9/11/2001 sneak attack.  President Obama gave the green light to go ahead on a secret incursion for a international terrorist.  His vice president was not endorsing the risky operation.  Making decisions is the most important responsibility of any president.  Operation Neptune Spear was successfully executed on May 2, 2011.  Some intelligence was gathered from the Pakistan safe haven of the dead terrorist.  Joe was mostly a cheer leader who kept his 100% endorsement in reserve (in case it failed and he could say; ‘I told you so.’)  This analysis is my “unvarnished truth” of assessing hair plug candidate Joe Biden.  Who pretends his bald head has got natural hair?


Liberal Utopia looks like Hell

July 23, 2020

Chicago murder rate is up 48% from last year.  Chicago Mayor Lightfoot knows that President Trump cannot send in federal peace keepers because she has it all under control.  The mayor of Portland plunged into the protesters to show solidarity, but got roughed up for his political theater flop.  The mayor of New York has pulled the financial plug to suck away over a billion dollars from the city police budget.  All of these mayors insist that we can rely upon mobs and looters to set public policy.  The looters and mobs are entitled to disrupt civil order and loot private business?  Does anyone remember the reason for destruction of property and looting of stores?

The city tax payers are not getting their money’s worth if they must shelter in place and just watch anarchy surround them.  A couple in St. Louis dared to display their guns by their home entrance because a large mob was rushing toward them.  The liberal outcry had the home owners charged for threat of weapons displayed to the mob!  This is so nuts I am avoiding a lot of cities for visits because they encourage mob violence.

If I dared file a permit request for a public parade of patriots in any of these cities under mob rule, than I am sure to be denied and given a litany of technical flaws in the application with $25,000 bond to cover any public damages.  Mobs just show up without any application, security bond, or permit fee.

riot fest poster 2020

This poster exploits the lunacy of riots is now mainstream culture in Chicago.  Riot Fest is a Hip Hop music event.  Unfortunately, folks in Chicago are so gun shy now, this poster may be disturbing enough to scare the citizens hiding from attacks.

Will Chicago mayor Lightfoot make a guest appearance at this music fest?


W.C. Fields Senior Center

July 17, 2020

You may have noticed that all across our USA, a lot more people are drinking spirits at home.  After spending too much time together, a lot of people discover that they need a cocktail to keep their sanity.  Reality can be brutal if you are sober every minute.

Wit and wisecracks were the weapons of  W.C. Fields to protect himself from busy body do gooders.  I am dealing with the dangers of dimwit advice on how I would be happier and healthier if I ruined the years left to me.  The people with answers and stupid advice are everywhere lurking on-line or doing dreadful podcasts.

For those who reflect on their choices made in life, I endorse this quote from W.C. Fields; “If I had to live my life over, I’d live over a saloon.”

I am organizing my CURMUDGEON CLUB that targets and bans busy body do gooders.  I do believe the Bible, and do not need authors claiming to explain God for me.  My 11th commandment is: Do not rewrite the good book!  

There are not enough senior centers that are tailored to old men.  We need a boarding house for old men over a saloon.  We need to protect and save old men from all those claiming they want to save us.  I am not sorry for all the stupid stuff I have done.  Deal with it.

If you care about old men being harassed and scolded for being old men, than we only have a few years to make my dream a reality.  My goal is to open a CURMUDGEON CLUB next door to the Stubborn Brothers Brewery in Shawano, Wisconsin.  It will offer old men a place to sleep next door to a saloon & brewery.  Does this sound like heaven to you?  Make this dream a reality for the old men you want out of your house.

Captain Pabst IPA


SEANCE Podcast Fans

July 13, 2020

Get ready to bring back the dead!  The entertainment industry can’t exhume the glamorous movie stars that built Hollywood.  So the grim work of inviting the dead to talk to us will become the hottest area for entertainment.  The premise behind the megahit movie GHOST opened the door beyond the grave.

Everybody loved Whoopi Goldberg as the medium to the spirit world.  Patrick Swayze wandered into the world of the spirits beyond only to be heard by the lovable charlatan, Whoopi.  The entertainment industry today needs to invite the dead back into our culture.  Remember that Hollywood stars have licensed and protected their earnings from beyond their graves with trademark protection.  Even Elvis Presley continues to entertain music fans who never saw him alive ever.


Sad to say that the dead stars are more alive than the current crop of Hollywood movie “stars”.  But what about the more important world of MONEY?  I will be hosting a monthly podcast interviewing the dead for investment ideas.  Most of the current financial commercial news programs are like being at a wake.  If you invested trying to follow the confusing forecasts, than you have not made much money from financial programs.  Welcome the wisdom from the dead!  DEAD Certain!

My guest list will be extensive.  Benjamin Franklin and J. P. Morgan offer better insights than any panel on commercial television.  I might even invite the late night hosts; Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert and that other guy I forget his name.  They are not dead, but they might as well be!  Join me in the newest threshold to eternity via Séance.


Pandemic Panic Excuses

July 7, 2020

Chicago is the city of “broad shoulders” per poet Carl Sandburg.  How long can the citizens of Chicago endure their burdens?  The crime rate and the murder rate are not even reported on national news anymore because it is too depressing.  I feel obligated to at least update my followers to alert them to the dangers of visiting Chicago today.  The dangers are real and they are lethal.  The odds of getting out alive are not worth the bet.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot used a classic excuse on CNN about the murders over July 4th weekend.  72 gunshot injuries and “at least 17 dead” were numbers from Chicago.  The mayor vaguely excused failures because Chicago was “really been hit hard by COVID” ??

However, this same mayor unleashed a travel restriction alert about Wuhan Pandemic.  Any traveler in Chicago from 15 states must now self quarantine for 2 weeks, or face fines up to $5,000 if they are in Chicago now.   The prospect of being stuck in Chicago for 2 weeks in isolation in a hotel room is a nightmare.  Of course the reality is scarier.  “See Chicago, and die!”  You cannot pay the ransom to leave Chicago.  You must remain for 2 weeks.  The odds of coming out alive or in good health are not good.

cabrini green murders

These people are facing trials that most of us cannot understand or experience.  Please pray for the citizens in Chicago.  They are good people.  They need good leaders now.  The photograph above is from the old days of Cabrini Green public housing that was intended to provide safe housing for the black community.  It turned into a gangbanger war zone that recruited children into crime and killed too many.  The demolition of the complex ended a failed social engineering experiment.  Mayor Lori Lightfoot needs help to end the carnage.

Blame That President!

July 3, 2020

Everybody has advice, but nobody knows why things happened.  2020 is the year we need to learn about our presidents.  A lot of protest groups make accusations that this problem or that problem was created by a president.  Prove it!

Children blame their parents at times when life gets tough.  I have finally learned that the past is always in the present.  I would have been a huge success, if my parents only sent me to a private elite school in Zurich, Switzerland!

Everybody finds a reason to blame the past for their present.  I have a new game to play ibarack_obama___influenza_h1n1_by_benheinen 2020.  Blame that President Gamecopyright

Everybody has a past!  But does everybody like their future?  We can imagine how it might have been and discuss the future stolen from us.  The only problem is nobody studies real history.  We have uneducated empty headed protesters tearing down statues for the wrong reasons.  Mob leaders are big mouths with nothing more supporting them than a megaphone and a baseball bat.

This game has a series of questions to be answered for points and winning the game.  The only problem is that the answers need to be facts from history!  This eliminates almost all of commercial news broadcasts today.  Facts are optional today.  We are used to watching every news story with the baggage of words, such as: whistle blower, anonymous source, racist sympathizer.

Now for a refreshing change, lets discover the truth about our presidents!  Lets play a game!  BLAME THAT PRESIDENT GAME!  99% of the public have had a few popular myths in school lessons.  George Washington chops down a cherry tree.  Abraham Lincoln splits logs.  Barack Obama takes selfies.  We all deserve to know more of every president because nobody in the news industry is a real investigator.  If  you rely on the news for facts, then we already know we are doomed by a thousand different problems.

Funerals deserve deeper respect from media

June 29, 2020

Every funeral I attended for a family friend or relative was a positive memory. Some Eulogy speeches revived memories of special reasons why I mourned and missed our departed. I took solace and pride in my oldest son reciting a poem written by his grandmother (my mother in law). We shared our grief together and talked about holiday memories and family vacations together.

Some remembrance services affect our nation. I recall our 44th President Barack Obama deciding to coax an audience into a sing a long he started to sing. Eventually a few joined but it was never a magic television highlight video. Today every major broadcast company had the funeral memorial service for George Floyd.  

I learned to appreciate the depth of feeling and connection that is the foundation of black culture.  I was not prepared for the depth of sorrow and the heights of celebration in the funeral for the editor, Robert Johnson.  Rockefeller Chapel in Chicago looks like a medieval castle from Europe.  The weather in Chicago had howling winds that literally almost blew over one of the ladies trying to approach the stairs to enter.  I had to grab her coat and cradle her so we could both get into the chapel.  The power of nature added to the depth of this memorial service as Lake Michigan was pouring over Lake Shore Drive and encroached on the chapel.

I wish the memorial service for editor Robert Johnson from Johnson Publishing had been televised. The musicians, celebrities and sports stars gave tribute by performing or sharing memories. His power as editor of JET and EBONY influence the Chicago Police to reduce manhandling black community. I gained insights by my brief visits to his editorial offices. All of the people working for those publications took pride in their heritage and their success in careers. They all had faced challenges and setbacks but never demanded sympathy.

The publisher allowed me to spend time with him at his office with his daughter for printing their magazines.  John H. Johnson demanded a seat at the publishing table by presenting positive news stories about sports, entertainment, life and political leaders from the black community.  His dream needed a printing company to produce his dream without taking all of his money to get onto news stands.  The largest printer in Chicago only permitted him to enter their office through an employee entrance for workers, instead of the lobby front door for all customers.  His pride was hurt as well as his budget by their take it or leave it attitude.  He did not hold up much hope for being treated well by any white company.  W.F. Hall Printing company in Chicago had a crusty chairman who looked like a puritan.  He wore suits with a matching vest and his office was a massive walnut paneled throne room.  He insisted that Mr. Johnson be met at the grand entrance of the offices and offered his choice of coffee or tea by the secretary who sat outside the inner sanctum.  Mr. Knox opened his door and stood in the doorway to meet and personally shake hands with him.  Both of these men faced the challenges of life as equals and not hiding from difficulty.  It was my personal privilege to work for this printing company on their sales staff, and my life knowledge expanded by being around both of these men.

My friends from business that were black all had valuable insights and contributions to my growth in business success.  It was a revelation to me to see the entertainers, political powers, and famous authors who came to call at Johnson Publishing Company.  Widows who used his magazine stories to motivate children by inspiration would visit the lobby and get an audience from the publisher who respected the power of mothers.  His mother pawned her furniture to give her son the money he couldn’t raise for producing his first issue of JET and he recognized his fame and fortune could have just remained an empty dream without mother’s help.

We do not honor anyone by pretending to feel sorrow.  We do honor the departed by honoring their heart felt causes.




Little kids make mud pies and noise

June 28, 2020

As a registered Curmudgeon my attending Sunday worship at St. Michael parish church is over 50%.  (This is a legendary batting average!)  However, this is not to seek praise because I am too modest for adulation.  Disruptions and distractions from the mass service are seldom an issue until, now.

Our vacation home became our full time home at the end of the last millennium.  Our lives are devoted to whatever my wife wants.  She gardens, runs a book share from our parish church hall and is forever volunteering to do something.  I was head of our parish Finance Council.  The Roman Catholic Diocese of Green Bay restricts and limited head of Finance to serving a maximum of 3 years.  (It makes sense to be suspicious of anyone volunteering to budget, organize finances and account for donations to a church.)  I served my time and our parish did not go broke and I did not buy myself a corvette!

The tourist season in our north woods of Wisconsin always doubles the population of our area with vacation home owners and renters.  Some of these people do go to church.  We did attend on occasion when we were vacation home visitors to our region.

Small children fidget, fuss and tease each other in church.  Those are minor issues.  When a little chubby girl howls and screams during mass, then it irritates me.  Her parents must think nobody hears her screams because nobody takes her to the Walled in Wailing Room.  I had to escort my youngest son into this room after he erupted into screams for no reason.  (He was only 3 years old then.)  I was slightly concerned that he might be possessed by a demon?

Jesus loved children and in his youth went into the temple to “do his father’s work.”  I am all in favor of my grown sons helping dad on hard physical labor projects.  Our children and their friends are our future now.  We can’t go back in time to instill experiences and lessons we should have.  We do the best we can and live with the consequences.

So when I am irritated by a little girl howling and wailing during mass, my concern is more about our future with a child being ignored by parents hoping nobody notices.  Our sons have memories and buddies from vacationing here, and then living here as our only home.  You get to know everyone, and everyone knows you.  Welcome to small town Wisconsin.

almost smiling Kurt Marcus



Wisconsin FORWARD Statue Toppled

June 25, 2020

White college students and thrill seekers claimed victory by toppling 2 statues in Madison, Wisconsin.  Some assaulted a Democrat State Senator who stepped out to see who was rioting in my state capital.  City Councilman Paul Skidmore commented; “The mob has become very bold.  They see they can get away with a little, and they inch forward more and more.  Madison is in a battle zone now, and I fear for my city!”

Trusting mobs are as intelligent as squirrels chasing squirrels.  Mobs are made of people who decide to over rule the majority because we missed something important.  When asked what is the important problem, then we get nowhere.  People enjoy toppling statues and looting jewelry stores for Rolex watches in our 2020 mobs.  The socialists and Democrats who rule Madison are confused that mobs would attack our figurehead statue for Wisconsin; FORWARD!

Mobs are not worth polling for an opinion.  Politicians get attacked by mobs.  Politicians cannot rely on mobs to vote on election day.  Mobs are a publicity tool for politicians to get attention but nobody wants to be adopted by any mob.  Mobs do not last long enough to clean up their mess.  They are sleeping off their drunken, drugged and deranged nocturnal raid.  Nothing important was accomplished but they feel victorious.

My state capitol building has suffered occupation by demented out of state protesters during the repeated siege against former governor Walker.  The clean  up expense from protester garbage and biohazard sewage was extensive.  The governor was not shoved out of office and he did win his next election despite the invasion of professional protesters.

We have illiterate and stupid protesters in mobs who cannot issue a cohesive statement on what is their contribution from destruction with disruption.  A lot of them will find comfort in booze, drugs and cynical attacks on everything we love.  There are always more flags to burn and police to taunt with bottles, bombs and lawsuits of brutality.

If Madison invites the chaos of Seattle with a CHOP Zone as a utopia solution, than I will consider moving anywhere else.  Seattle has a statue of Lenin that is safe and secure from any mob removal threats.

Seattle honors Lenin


Jimmy Kimmel bores everyone

June 20, 2020

The few fans of Kimmel Live are shocked that this boring program is CANCELED! Who ever takes over has to get out of a DEEP hole of miserable ratings.

Hoboduke Nonsense

It is sad to see what passes for comics on late night television.  We are suffering through the stages of Jimmy Kimmel.  He arrived a clean shaven eager comic.  He sank into a wandering vagrant trying to look like Grizzly Adams.Kimmel bum

He famously wept and gushed over his son’s medical emergency and then descended into a tirade to terrify us that we are doomed without a new health insurance plan.  INFORMERCIAL is never funny.  His horror story was that his son got healed and his hospital did it for gratis as a charitable benefit.  So his son got saved, and he didn’t lose his house to pay for it?  SHUT UP!

He is no Johnny Carson.  We did not want to get depressed going through more problems because we got enough problems on our own.  Carson was not trying to impress anybody.  He was trying to entertain.  That…

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Protests by Profiteers of Chaos

June 2, 2020

The spirit of USA believes in a better future.  Our shop owners are neighbors we know from our community.  Travelers love to visit the north woods for the natural beauty of forests and lakes.  A new group of travelers are profiteers of chaos.

These strangers love to show up and protest.  They are claiming  protection from our laws because they are on a sad preaching tour.  Their “message” does not erase the problems they are creating by robbery and vandalism in every community they visit.

I grew up in Chicago and am familiar with gangs extorting local merchants.  The Mafia picked on immigrant merchants not protected by local police.  The protection money sucked the profits out of many small businesses.  Chinese gangs, Mexican gangs, and Italian gangs have territories around Chicago.  The shipping docks and railroad yards have targeted thefts every week of container freight or trailers. This sophisticated theft happens with a conspirator on the “inside” giving specific dates and targets.  There are Black gangs but I only crossed paths with street gangs.  “Golden Gloves” matches at my high school auditorium had some crazy fights in audience with chairs flying.


Some terrorists are really stupid!  This group in picture live somewhere and I hope not in your town.  Stupid terrorists blow themselves up in order to kill a few people.  The protesters hurling bricks shipped into street corners before the riot are willing to accept your collateral damage as they throw their brick or Molotov flaming cocktail.

The Cardinal of Poland who became Pope John Paul 2 saw how Russia killed, tortured and deprived citizens of Poland.  He insisted on peaceful protests and did not tolerate violence or weapons.  Poland did prevail with the intercession of their Cardinal with Brezhnev from Moscow.  The Polish people did not burn down and loot their own shop keepers to protest against Russia.


ANTIFA want to become a threat to our freedoms.  There is no reason to protect and shield them from prosecution for their crimes.  Commercial news media ignored their paid attacks to derail the candidacy of Donald J. Trump.  The “spontaneous” attacks against his campaign events made them money while costing the candidate more money.  Now they are looting and pillaging jewelry and electronic stores in the recent wave of professional protests.

Our trust in our fellow citizens remains strong.  As a Chicago boy, I trust you after I get to know you.  Trust is earned and not just given.








Save Our Sand Castles!

May 28, 2020

Some of our most treasured memories are from childhood.  The artist Mary Cassatt had many of her compositions with young girls.  I do not remember what my sand castles looked like, but I do remember that I always had to play in the sand when my parents took us to the shores of Lake Michigan.

It would be a great group activity to have beach games added to schedule of activities for members of House and Senate.  I do a great job of floating on top of water to catch some rest.  Sandcastle building and even beach volleyball might be more productive and cost tax payers less, than another committee investigation on climate change.

Competition ruins many fun events.  Children know how to play.  Adults push kids into competition to spoil having fun at the beach.  The sand castle pictured here was not done by a child.  It is amazing and quite stunning.  However, no child was allowed to be involved because this was done in a Sand Castle art contest.

sand castle shoe 6237e69e46787ab8b6dcfa43c8fa60cb

My greatest concern is that adults will ruin childhood by interfering in games of children.  Each of us had only a short time to enjoy our childhood.  We can pretend to go back  but our minds were a blank slate as a young child.  How we see the world today is from the same lens we first saw our world as a child.

The mythical migration of baby boomers as young adults to Woodstock had a lot of us running around naked and listening to music.  Going to the beach as young children was more fun and less confusing.

Consider playing at the beach more this year and try to remember the joy of sand castles.  Avoid playing with politicians on the beach because I do not ever want to be a Senator or Representative.


Expert Pandemic Fighters on TV

May 26, 2020

It is impressive to hear and see our TV talking heads giving us their updates on global Wuhan Pandemic.  We are fortunate that everybody in commercial news media are qualified experts on health.  Medical research is not based on popularity polls.  But the ancient maxim in news is dredged up once again.  “If you are scared of dying, then STAY TUNED!”  Like millions of suckers, I stay tuned through the commercial breaks to get the rest of their news story.  Of course, the health experts on commercial news solemnly share their advice that we must tune in again tomorrow because they want us to watch another empty report.

It is impressive that commercial television reporters have important opinions on health research.  After this pandemic is forgotten, then these talking heads will be experts on space exploration, important social trends and how to raise your child.   My future is built on a better foundation.  We have gossips in town that love to talk.  We have commercial news talking heads that make fortunes by talking as if they know something.

The future is full of imminent disasters and world ending doom for TV talking heads.  We need to set a limit.  I propose that we can only focus on 1 pandemic at a time.  If commercial news discovers Russia Collusion or a morbidly obese president update, then commercial television cannot claim; “You are doomed!”  We all know a lot of fat people.  Nobody has spies from Russia sifting through our garbage for secrets.

My nose smells the rotten garbage avoided by our hard working reporters in commercial news .  Their whistle blower & anonymous sources are tossing  out rotten garbage in the alley for the glamour boys and girls of television.  For some odd reason, nobody actually investigates to find news.  They rely on snitches, traitors or irate former toadies.


The only news getting air time is empty junk food when people are hungry.  We are malnourished for information while being forced to ingest garbage.  It is too late for commercial news television to be trusted for accuracy now.


We Love Tomorrow!

May 24, 2020

Optimism can only survive by people who know that we can do better tomorrow!  General George Washington and his followers did win our freedom from a monarchy.  We are free to choose what we make as our goal for tomorrow!

The spirit of our USA needs people to share their dreams by making them come true.  I believe that even bad things do enlighten us.  We are all weary and worried about an invisible pandemic killer that is around us.  We all did the best we could to protect those we love.  We did the best we could to share food, aid and hope.

We revere the value of every life.  We honor those who served us to protect our freedom on Memorial Day.  It is sad that we do not have the normal town parade to display our love and sorrow for those we have lost.

I can foresee the Labor Day holiday taking on more significance.  I am afraid that Independence Day will not get the full treatment this year because of caution to avoid the pandemic threat.


This national holiday is to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the USA.

I have learned to never ruin tomorrow by dread and fear of repeating mistakes.  We know now our future needs us to nourish and educate the children of our children’s buddies.  These children will live in a land that remains free for dreamers.

Marcus in combat

Our son served and is now happy climbing mountains and hiking in Utah.  His younger brother continues his roadwork for marathon running.  My future is happy because we did not screw up their futures.


Saint Rita can help New York

May 21, 2020

We all know how it feels when we are worried for the safety and lives of our family.  My child hood was protected by my parents to the extent they could influence.  We knew our limited powers and we turned to prayer for help to protect us.

Prayers do get answered.  The eternal mystery of life is that answered prayers do not match what we thought we wanted to get.  Wisdom from life experience will reveal this truth.

I am not a holy man.  My prayers of every day are for my family.  If God chose to end the world, then my prayer will not matter anyway.  Saint Rita has been important for me because my high school in Chicago is dedicated to her.  The 9 days of novena prayers conclude today.  The Feast Day mass is celebrated on Friday, May 22 and I will participate through observing the service via computer at 7:00 PM.

Andrew Cuomo is over God

Mario Cuomo was a big mouth.  Son Andrew Cuomo talks as if this governor of New York did a miracle.  The people of New York know that this state has suffered the most from the Wuhan Pandemic of covid-19.  I will include the state of New York in my intentions for mass of May 22.  I know God will listen directly to the governor, so there is no reason to pray for this egotistical idiot.

teutonic order1

Armor does not vanquish vulnerability.  Masks, soaps and medicine can assist us but nobody can pretend we are immune to death.  Governor Cuomo demanded more hospital capacity by new rooms and demanded ventilators on a mass scale.  His requests have been granted via our national tax dollars.  Unfortunately, the death rate has not been stopped.  I will not pray to the governor.

Consider prayer through Saint Rita.  We are witness to miracles, but few pay attention to these signs from God all around us.


War from China will happen

May 17, 2020

President Truman remains a personal hero for me.  Reporters learned quickly that “Give them hell, Harry?” was nobody’s fool. He lived with his slogan; The Buck Stops Here! 

USA people endured and barely survived The Great Depression that infected the entire world.  During this time of financial panic, the dictators in Russia and Germany and Italy all decided to grab everything they could.  World War 2 created debt for every tax payer in the USA to save the world from dictators.  President Roosevelt was a cripple who stood tall to inspire and encourage our nation to believe we could save the world.  President Truman had the task of ending the wars under way after Roosevelt’s funeral.

2020 has the USA shut down in an effort to minimize the deaths from the Wuhan Pandemic covid19.  Unemployment is near the percentage of the Great Depression era.  Our government is spending money we don’t have to minimize family hardships because of the pandemic.  In the background, the power seeking tyrants around the world see an opportunity to grab more.  China has aspirations of world domination.  Will the Chinese people support the death and expense of world conquest by force?

China navy

Chinese navy ignores USA threat from a single vessel in their waters.

Xi and Trump in China 2017

Get ready for another challenge for the citizens of USA.  I have no powers of prophecy other than looking at history.  From our past, I can see more massive threats to our peace in plain sight now.  Sometimes challenges cannot be postponed or averted.  Our President Trump has focused on rebuilding our defense forces, while removing barriers to free trade by directly dealing with foreign powers.

Right now, the future depends on how greedy China wants to become during the pandemic.  We are in favor of peace, but there is a limit to our forgiving greedy foreign attempts to steal our wealth.  Praise the Lord!  Pass the ammunition!


Wisconsin panic over pandemic

May 13, 2020

It is time for reality to be faced.  In Wisconsin, we have lost lives every year to drowning, traffic accidents and this year of 2020 to a pandemic from Wuhan China.  The statistics need to be discussed. 1,846 patients required hospital care for the pandemic virus infection.  409 fatalities from the pandemic virus is the total thus far. Wisconsin has a population of 5,795,147.  The mortality rate as a percentage of population does not merit shutting down the state.  We hear lots of talk about; “How many lives could have been lost!”  That doesn’t buy the groceries.

Shutting down stores, restaurants, supper clubs, all public sporting events and the list is endless for the mayhem and disruption of Wisconsin lives.  My Governor Tony Evers  of Wisconsin lacks the basic skills for decisions as a chief executive.  He was a school superintendent for the state.  Creating new forms for principals to fill out, or setting up a committee to evaluate a new gymnasium project are not life or death decisions.

Governor Evers pandemic plan

Governor Evers had a real snappy title for his vision of Wisconsin recovering from the pandemic damage.  His plan is titled; Badger Bounce Back Plan.

He decided by himself to extend the shut down of Wisconsin through another month to hold citizens in isolation through May.  Millions of dollars have been burned up for nothing and billions in state revenue will never happen as a consequence.  The Supreme Court of Wisconsin did rule that his extension decision was illegal and ignored the State House plus Senate.  Tyranny is acceptable for inept governors.

Wisconsin has a very short period of recreational weather.  We have a long winter of snow and frigid air up in the north woods.  Nobody is going to stay indoors if they can see the sun shining with no snow on the ground.  I hope the governor will enjoy his retirement after his single term as governor.  We shut down business, sports, dining out for a death rate threat of 0.01%?  We got a sense of humor, but this is crazy even for a Democrat.



Global Pandemic Changes Our Future

May 9, 2020

Has everybody forgotten the EBOLA contagion?  USA did quarantine and restrict movements of people exposed to EBOLA with executive orders from 44th president Obama.  Our military was mobilized and sent to Africa to attack the source of infection because Barack Obama failed in his previous health crisis.

That global pandemic was H1N1 from swine.  The death count of 2009 in USA was “about 56,000” in the research of CDC statistics from New York Times.  Obama offered promises instead of more jobs and more money for the unemployed across our land.  It seems the pandemic did not get his attention while golfing.


Our grand children and their children will be paying off our government debt incurred to save lives from 2020 Wuhan Pandemic Covid19.  Can you imagine what a pile of 4 trillion dollars looks like?  Imagine the rockey mountains!

It is impressive that reporters from commercial news agencies are experts on finance, health, epidemic response and critics of obvious mistakes they find with president 45.  I am in awe on the brilliance of analysis on TV news to point out the flaws and failures of our White House.  My concern is that these reporters persistently keep their perfect solutions secret from us.

Life is never easy.  Stupid reporters make our burdens more difficult.  



Warren Buffet avoids 2020

May 4, 2020

The Wuhan Pandemic unleashed upon our world has changed our future. We cannot wish or pretend nothing happened.  Our new millennium has a different direction thanks to the Year of The Rat.

An old expression rings true today.  Rats deserting a sinking ship.  The question now cannot be ignored.  Is Warrant Buffet with the rats?  How about us on the ship?  Our captain for our ship of state remains at the helm.  President Donald J. Trump is our 45th president for our United States of America.

One of our great poets from the 20th century has words that apply right now.  T.S. Eliot succinctly stated; “Sometimes things become possible if we want them bad enough.”  At the height of our challenges, we see the true character of everyone facing death and life decisions around the world at once.  It is easy to walk away and ignore the challenges.  We choose to trust and follow the pathway we feel is right.  Leaders win the trust of followers if we believe they are worthy of our trust.

It is my opinion that Warren Buffet was a wealthy investor from the last millennium.  He fails to see and find the way of 2020.  We have a great future if we accept the burden of our destiny.  Our country is not a flea market.  It appears that Buffet is using large amounts of money in a flea market.  The investors who supply his money have the freedom to sell out Berkshire Hathaway shares and leave him with only his own money to lose.

His world and his time has gone into the history of our last millennium.  As an investor, I chose to buy Burlington Northern railroad stock in 2009.  I let my clients know what I am buying at a time of peril.  I sold my inflation indexed Treasury Bonds at a profit of 15% in 18 months.  Some of my clients did the same and some chose to sit it out.  Neither choice was wrong, but my choice made our net worth rapidly rise instead of sitting it out.  Warren Buffet bought ALL of the Burlington Northern shares later at a substantially higher price and we gladly took the bounty.  I remembered the extortion Buffet forced upon Goldman Sachs for his investor billions needed during the “Great Recession” for a high interest rate bond issues with the option to convert into discounted shares of stock from Goldman Sachs.

I denounce and abandon Warren Buffet now because he has abandoned us.  The USA is not a flea market.  He cannot dive in the swoop up our best companies in their moment of dire need.  He obviously can discard and dump airline companies that make him nervous during times of challenge.

He is a lousy musician who loves the ukulele!  I preferred Henny Youngman or Jack Benny playing their scratchy violin music.  They made our country laugh.  Buffet has mediocre returns and poor decisions in this millennium.

Buffet fans 636608640778911090-Buffett-press-2017-annual-meeting

Buffet demands adulation and adoration for his wealth from investors.



May Day Merriment?

May 1, 2020

May returns with hopes of forgetting the misery afflicting our world from Wuhan Pandemic.  Pretending that death will not grab any of us now is a child like fairy tale.  Of course the perennial prophets of doom will pretend to be glum that they were proved right again that “We are DOOMED!”

It is my burden to be the curator of my national treasure; The Museum of Doom!

Playing in the ocean seems an unlikely places to think about death.  This lifeguard station for a Grim Reaper is a great perch to make sure anyone is free to drown in the ocean.  For those who did leave the beach alive, than the parting gift of Wuhan Pandemic is a easy souvenir to bring home.

This photograph has inspired me to include a mobile exhibit for sun worshipers and beach goers to introduce vacationers to The Museum of Doom!  

The down trodden workers of the world have united on May Day since Lenin crowned himself as the sainted architect of revolution for the proletariat.  Comrade Sanders is so ego centric in 2020 that his office and his social media outlets have ignored May Day 2020!

sanderspic-tmagArticle Russia honeymoon

Comrade Sanders enjoyed the bounty of the proletariat in Russia!

Sadly the global May Day is being ignored in the USA, because the commercial news media ignores the proletariat.  Senator Sanders can be assured that the Grim Reaper continues to work even if the senator refuses to look.


Football saves USA!

April 25, 2020

The NFL 2020 Draft was not expected to capture the heart of America.  In a complete departure from the spectacle and Show Biz telecast style of previous years, we see the families and the anxious football college players at home.  We are all at home right now.  There is nobody going out to be entertained in a massive theater production anywhere in our USA.  The previous years were more theatrical productions with fans in the audience.  This year is different.  We all will have tales to tell about how we all were affected by this year.

We got to see more about ourselves and our country, by meeting the families who hopes their son would become a professional football player.  There were sorrows and regrets on tales of departed dads, childhood buddies and siblings.  These were real genuine emotions and we are enriched by appreciating the depth of feeling that motivated and inspired so many athletes in this draft.

The depth of character and strength of devotion to excel is the genius of our country.  This is why we love football.  Those who pursue this game are among those who also defend our nation in times of challenge.

NFL Draft 2020 csportfotonfl-draft-2020-042120-getty-ftr_qahhg0vnb5mlzwafm95sfd5q

The ratings of viewership were highest ever for 2020.  I appreciated the time devoted to allowing the background story be shared in this broadcast.  I even hope my Chicago Bears can do better with their tight end from Notre Dame!

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Georgia

I still love the Bears tight end of my childhood; Mike Ditka.  Coach “Poppa Bear” Halas brought him back to save the franchise and capture the 1985 Superbowl as head coach.  (In spite of the departure style of “Iron Mike”, whose parting comment was that penny pincher “Halas tossed nickels around like manhole covers!”)

Now comes the most important NFL Ritual!  Mister Irrelevant 2020 will be lavished with attention and some extra money by coming in last place!  It takes a sense of humor to drive yourself to exhaustion by physical exertion, and be rewarded with a gag title for last in the draft.  That is the beauty of our country, and our spirit of good cheer in all things.

Stay tuned folks!  Training camp is when the real struggles begin for these rookies.  This is the big leagues.  This is the best of our best in competition.  There are a lot of heart warming stories and some heart aches that they carry.  God bless them all.  Our future is in their hands.



Flu Season of 2019 Killed More

April 18, 2020

TIME published on June 30, 2019 an article recapping the 2018/2019 Flu Season.  Influenza has been truncated to Flu for the convenience of commercial media to save expense in printing more characters.  A letter saved is a penny earned.

42.9 million people got sick

647,000 were hospitalized

61,200 died

“That’s fairly on par with a typical season, and well below the CDC’s estimate of 48.8 million illnesses, 959,000 hospitalizations, and 79,400 deaths.” per Jamie Ducharme of TIME.

Hysterical screams and melodramatic accusations were absent in news media.  It seems we can endure and accept 79,400 dying by the Flu without panic.  However, now the Flu statistics are ignored because anyone dying from Wuhan Virus is our fault.

Do you know that the Flu is contagious?  The Flu does spread just like Wuhan Virus!  

Nobody wants to die.  Nobody volunteers to risk their life.  Commercial news media make money from their sale of advertising to promote products to the viewers of television and the handful who buy newspapers or magazines.  Hysteria and panic are a great way to stampede viewers into mediocre reporting and shoddy grammar.  The public relies upon the accuracy of the news sources.  Recently we realized that we are on our own to discover the facts that matter.  Do not bet your life by relying on news reporters!

We are all going to die one day.  I do not expect to live forever.  Make every day count.  Do not follow the herd in a stampede.  Do not rely on a reporter to save your life.

Why do people avoid taking the available flu vaccine every season?  Do you think you are invincible from catching influenza?  When there is a Covid-19 vaccine, will there be a demand for it?  I trust your judgement on answering these questions for yourself.

The Wuhan Pandemic born in 2019 will haunt and cost billions of dollars per year for citizens of the USA for the next 80 years!  Whenever elected officials in our government handle a news media crisis, than there is no limit to the spending of our tax dollars!  The news media might bother reporting on the details of the tax money yet to be collected for the rest of the 21st century.  All the politicians will be retired and some asleep in their final resting place before the cost is repaid.  Taxes live forever!

B.O. more taxes

Give me more money by more taxes!

Politicians know that utopia is possible after adding ONE MORE TAX!  


Sanders Plans for 2024? Please NO!

April 15, 2020

Politics is the one field of endeavor that welcomes losers to keep returning again, and again.  Why do losing candidates keep returning to annoy everyone again?  I propose that we allow losers the freedom to campaign, but restrict publicly licensed television broadcasts of any campaign speeches from repeat losers.  Losers do have the freedom to fund raise by pay for view subscription events.  Donations from Russia will need to be reported as public information.

Socialist “Bernie” Sanders will not annoy USA again for funding his next drive for his Sanders 2024.  

gay banners

The 2020 candidate of the Democrat party will be former VP Biden.  It was very moving to see our 44th president endorse Joseph Biden as his candidate.  Obama left us many unforgettable memories!  What is your favorite memory?

Barack Obama never jumps into anything.  The candidates debated on television in 2020 but no endorsement was offered by Obama.  After all of the competitors withdrew from the race, then finally Obama made the obvious choice; Obama now backs Biden!  Both Sanders and Obama offer words of encouragement but no money.

I have finally figured out that political candidates see fund raising as more important than winning an election.  I was laughing how the billionaire Donald Trump got endless free television time.  All of the networks wanted to laugh at his campaign run by amateurs.  He made good television because candidate Trump was not shy in publicly skewering politicians from the swamp.  I saw Trump on television several times a day across many national broadcasts.  Trump’s free television was worth more than what 2020 candidate Bloomberg spent to get nowhere fast.

Socialist Sanders is hoarding his war chest of 2020 donations for future 2024 campaigning and future income for his wife as his paid campaign coordinator for advertising.  The most efficient capitalist is a socialist!



King of Canned Meat: SPAM

April 11, 2020

Going back is in our future!  Like many of us sheltering in place to avoid the Wuhan Flu Covid-19, we are being forced to eat our own cooking.  Since my child hood, my taste in food has been very simple.  My mom born to a duke in Lithuania, joked that we ate food popular for peasents.  My favorite delicatessan cold cut remains salami.  

USA has proclaimed our champion canned meat champion.  World known and loved from World War 2 is SPAM!  I have returned to SPAM and Corned Beef Hash and now eat a portion of both with a single egg flipped over almost every morning.

I discovered the nationwide demand for SPAM in my shopping expeditions over the last 3 months.  Empty shelf space remains where the SPAM used to sit.  There NEVER was an empty shelf space over the last 5 years for SPAM.  

Better yet, look at the price listed for SPAM!  Some of the online prices listed are crazy.  I refuse to pay the ransom!  When I found SPAM with 2 cans on the grocer shelf, I did buy one at their normally high price of $3.45 for a can.  I used to be able to find it at WalMart for $2.64 but they never stock their shelves properly and that space is usually empty.

As a young lad, I always knew I could make a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich on my own if my parents were out shopping.  I do not see grocer empty shelf space for peanut butter or grape jelly.  I was surprised and amused to discover the resurgence of SPAM!  Looking at Amazon web site, I discovered my suspicion was confirmed.  USA has fallen in love with SPAM.  As most of you know more about Amazon than me; If Amazon has an item in short supply from high demand, then there is no special deal for PRIME members.  

Ding-Dong-School-1952 Chicago WMAQ

Dad worked nights at a factory and mom worked days at an office as a assistant accountant.  Dad would have me watch Ding Dong School while he could take a cat nap on week days.  We had no grand parents to help because they were all killed by the communists from Russia after WW2.  Dad was on the execution list of Russia for being an officer in the army of Lithuania with relatives labeled: enemies of the state.

I am amused and amazed that SPAM has been discovered again.  Maybe Ding Dong School can be rediscovered as well?



BABY Boom in December 2020

April 2, 2020

I predict a record demand for disposable diapers in December 2020!  There will be a national shortage of disposable diapers because of the Corona Virus pandemic.  Every governor in every state will declare an emergency and demand federal aid because of our 2020 BABY BOOM!

Life happens!  Expect our brilliant reporters in commercial news media to interrogate President Trump on the big question: “How did this happen?”  Most people learned about birds and bees somewhere along their growing up.  However, dumb reporters will demand President Trump to explain the obvious.  Did we prepare for this Baby Boom?

I do expect the usual abortion crisis alarmists demanding more taxes.  Expectant mothers want their child to be born healthy and not be considered another baby that escaped abortion.  The power of love and life cannot be suppressed in the midst of a pandemic.  The power of the human spirit and the mystery of creation are evident in how we revere the beauty and value of life.


Babies do not read headlines.  They demand attention from parents who respond to their usual demands for coddling and cuddling.  They are not a burden, but offer joy and hope for our families to grow despite the worst challenges of a Wuhan Virus pandemic.

News media will not understand this miracle because they are looking backwards, as always.









Do NOT Blame Santa Claus!

March 26, 2020

What do children dream about every year?  When children discuss their wish list in secret among themselves, they are hoping and dreaming of their perfect Christmas gift.  They know their parents can’t afford it, but Santa Claus might handle it!

Get ready for a lot of lousy Christmas gifts in 2020!  You are entitled to be skeptical of my foresight.  Allow me to reveal my Grinch prophecy, because most people will overlook the obvious.  I know my few readers are brilliant and astute.  I have seen hundreds of hoarders wheeling overloaded carts of stuff from grocers and warehouse clubs to their parked SUV.  These vehicles were gorged up to their windows with massive amounts of stuff.

Nobody was buying Christmas gifts.  The hoarders were buying toilet paper, towels, hand sanitizers, face masks, and every type of food to store.  I am not talking about supplies for a couple of weeks.  I am talking about supplies for a year!  Supplies overflow hoarder basements, cabinets, garages and storage lockers they rent.

Spotted Cow 002

Hoarder warning!  Stores and warehouse clubs are REFUSING RETURNS!  They said you decided to deny excess goods to neighbors by your hoarding, so KEEP IT!

Yes, there are hoarders who had visions of wealth by selling sanitizer, toilet paper, and face masks for a king’s ransom.  Yes, we laugh at those hoarders now blocked from selling on Amazon.  The Corona Virus has people forced to stay home from work to avoid the potential contamination of our general population.  Restaurants were reduced to offering take out.  Bars were closed to patrons.  Politicians were forced to actually work.  The bad news will gradually be revealed.  Imagine discovering that your wife’s relatives are all communists!

So here comes Christmas 2020.  Christmas wrapping paper cannot disguise cases of toilet paper under the tree.  Hospital masks, sanitizer bottles and even cans of peas will make treasured Christmas gifts.  Expect a lot of pissed off recipients of gifts.

So please, do not blame Santa Claus!  Adults may choose to storm out of their home to leave their hoarder relations in the house.  The local bar will be ready to listen to everyone bitch and complain about their lousy relatives this Christmas.  Drink a good beer from Wisconsin because your lousy Christmas needs a good drink!


North Woods Survives Pandemic

March 23, 2020

Where we live in our United States of America is a personal decision.  During the Great Depression unemployed citizens could stay put or move on to find a better opportunity.  Rural farming families did take all their meager worldly goods and got on the road.  Unemployed hobo folk hopped onto empty boxcars still wearing their suits from jobs that disappeared in search of work.

Our oldest son took to the road after returning from military service in Iraq.  He went West to hike trails, climb mountains and see the grandeur from our mountain tops.  He got trained in avalanche rescue as part of his snowboard activity at resorts.  We have hills around the north woods of Wisconsin but he yearned for mountains.  Among the possessions he left behind in his old bedroom is his Corona Beer poster he got in his army days.  If you tell anybody today that you have a Corona, then you better be ready to run!

We bought our vacation home back in 1995 on a beautiful lake in Wisconsin north woods.  It was our goal to retire at our lakefront home.  I lost my job at the end of the last millennium.  We sold our large house west of Chicago, and our vacation home became our HOME.  My new career was my personal avocation, Financial Advisor.  This Millennium has more than enough excitement in the first couple of decades.  However, I felt confident and assured that we were living among people we trusted.  You can survive by living off the land if needed.  We always bought a quarter of beef from a farm we knew and had it processed at a butcher who asked us what cuts to package in a size we want.  All was flash frozen and wrapped with labels as service for us.  The big freezer in the basement was always stocked with fish, beef, pork and poultry.  My barbeque kettle on the lower deck was busy for most of the year rain or snow.

It very much surprised me that the pandemic panic has infected the minds of many people in our nearest metropolitan area.  Store shelves are cleared of toilet paper, paper towels and you name it!?  These must be city folk is my guess!  Folks in the north woods do not act in a selfish manner by loading up in a time of shortage.  Our local grocery store has more supplies on shelf than mega stores nearby.  Native Americans run this grocery store and they limit amounts purchased to ensure the elders and families with children have access for their weekly needs.

This crisis reassures us that we chose the perfect place for us to stay in retirement.  There is no substitute for enjoying your life as you prefer to live.

Turk Legend Lake July fourth 19 66529648_10157203504512604_3770514272619069440_n


Are We Here? Panic in the Streets

March 16, 2020

Priorities change immediately when facing death.  We have been saved from dangers we never knew many times by our public servants.  The victories that kept us safe are never reported.  It is more important for viewership ratings, to promote hysteria and fear in commercial news media.  People hiding in their homes watching television make a lot of advertising revenue for the peddlers of panic.  

Panic in the Streets is a movie you should view now.  This is a straightforward movie that eloquently explains how people go about their lives without needing to panic over epidemic thanks to public servants protecting us.  Richard Widmark remains one of my favorite actors who selected great scripts.  In 1952 the Hollywood I admired was producing great films with great talent and great scripts.  (The  political actors in Washington DC now are scaring our country with panic and propaganda.)

Panic in the streets Richard Widmark 1952

The present world wide health problem is a virus; Covid19.

Today, I am sad to observe the sorry low standards that are accepted in reporting news.  The lack of analysis and absence of facts is obvious to me.  If you had to rely on commercial television news broadcasts, than your odds are not good.  They love to play video of a tornado, a flood, a fire or victims of foul play.  If it is a slow day for graphic disaster events, than they become prophets of epidemic doom.  I would not bother asking any of these experts if my life depended on it.

Right now our country is entering panic.  There is a growing panic in the streets.

Right now is a time for each family and each of us to set our priorities on minimizing exposure to risk of epidemic.  Will states proudly declare their own Sanctuary from Law Zones?  With the development of a vaccine against Covid19 will citizens have the freedom to decline inoculation?  Medicine and safe practices are now treated as voodoo practices by cults, kooks and hysterical conspiracy groups.

Many governors and mayors promote and proudly ignore our federal laws with their sanctuary areas.  These are the same governors and mayors who moan and complain that President Trump is failing to lead with national rules for panic over Covid19.  We recognize the reckless decisions of these elected leaders.  We see them desperately expecting the federal tax money clean up their mess now.

Thank you governor Cuomo for demanding President Trump issue more bureaucratic rules for every state.  Than you will be quickly complaining that the federal leadership does not take into account for the unique issues in your state.  My family is not waiting for my governor or my president to tell us how to stay safe.  We raised our sons to learn how to survive by our support and participation in activities with Boy Scouts.  My oldest son just posted his weekend mountain climbing video and my youngest son updated us on his roadwork with a 1.5 mile run yesterday.  I cannot protect my family from every problem.  I can continue to encourage their efforts to improve their lives.

Richard Widmark role was a great actor giving honor to a dedicated doctor assigned to protect as a military doctor for immigration diseases.  This was in the last millennium.  Today, the control of immigration diseases has become a political game to accuse USA of cruelty by enforcing laws and rules.  Sanctuary zones from common sense are now flourishing.


Beware the Ides of March 2020

March 11, 2020

China made sure we will never forget 2020.  The coronavirus transmitted from China has grown to a declared international emergency by World Health Organization.  This virus does not thrive in a warm temperature so as the sun changes the weather of north America, then the virus will not destroy summer family plans in our USA.  2020 Year of the Rat will always be remembered for the threat of pandemic around the world. happy-chinese-new-year-2020_48190-483

Coinciding with the virus health challenge, there are the oil exports of Russia increasing in volume to reduce the price of oil exported from Saudi Arabia.  This is a heavyweight fight with massive repercussions.  Saudi Arabia knows the energy industry growth within the USA has reduced the price per barrel of oil.  The personal diplomacy of our president visiting their country strengthened our bonds.  In the background is the financial challenge to the USA oil industry with the market value of oil lowered by Russia competing with Saudi Arabia by both increasing output.

Furby 1999 IMG_0246

Our family Furby remains a trusted advisor.  The Dow Jones average settled at 23,553.22 on March 11, 2020 after a massive sell off.  He did not warn us of this disruption but we did not ask him either.  The market opened at 24,604.63 this morning.  One year ago, the DJIA was 26,552.




Proleteriat Party of Sanders

March 9, 2020

Some people demand to be pitied as a victim.  In his revolutionary zeal, Bernie Sanders wanted to get arrested to be photographed as a young victim of police brutality.  One stereotype popular in news media is eternal.  Always portraying Chicago police as thugs and brutes is never questioned.  Castro groupie Sanders did get his photo being hauled out by Chicago cops into news on a minor protest event.  That was the closest Sanders ever got to facing  physical danger to himself, and this is a pathetic protest stunt. Bernie revolution

Curling up like a possum is young Sanders while police brutally man handle the Karl Marx believer.  There was a lack of public sympathy or even notice of this minor news.

People today are polite and subdued in this millennium.  Nobody really fears a mob of neighbors pouring hot tar and showering feathers to hurt and humiliate a obnoxious whining misanthrope.  Most of us want harmony and tranquility.  However, we are now often accused of turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to somebody somewhere that feels offended.  Sometimes getting knocked onto your ass is deserved.

It finally dawned on me that we need to label and recognize an invisible group of Marxist fans.  I give to the USA our PROLETARIAT PARTY!  Workers unite and give Sanders all of your money.

Bernie did gush about Castro.  Bernie has never criticized Putin by name.  It is clear to me, that we are never taxed enough according to the utopia plans of Bernie.  Don’t worry about the price, because none of the citizens will have money.  Everything goes to the state!  Don’t tell that to the unions.  Organized labor wants the union dues to continue and increase.  Union workers get benefits better than the average working stiff.  If everyone gets the same benefits under Bernie, than why belong to any union?

Forgive my musing about Sanders.  History has passed him by a long time ago.  He just keeps demanding we honor and respect his many years of doing ZIP as an elected official.  He has done well financially by doing nothing.

The students and young working class of today cannot believe our society is so stupid as to tolerate an old fool lying and promising nonsense.  The young today are too polite and respectful.  There are assigned zones for retreat to meditate and avoid any free speech.  Protests went to hell starting with the flowers and beads during the Viet Name war protests of the last millennium.

The street thugs of ANTIFA would get their asses kicked in a minute in any Chicago bar fight.  Of course, it would look funny to see a masked hooded dude walk in a with a piece of steel pipe and a back pack into any Chicago bar.  God help any street thug entering a Chicago cop bar!

Bernie and Hillary

Nostalgia for campaign of 2016

Black Market for TP 2020

March 7, 2020

It is impossible to predict when people will stampede, other than the rumor of free beer.  (A new brewery Stubborn Brothers Brewery did a “soft opening” last night and our little town had every parking place taken to BUY their beer!)  Toilet paper is not the first item I connect to fighting the new Propaganda News top story; Coronavirus.  The response is bigger than the fiction about ZOMBIES Walking Dead that turned into a branch of study at our top universities.

Our youngest son got a good job scheduling production at a major employer in our region of Wisconsin.  Koch industries makes paper products and this includes toilet paper.  He would be given cases of toilet paper and paper towels as company Christmas bonus given to all employees.  It was a nice gesture.  As a bachelor he gave us 2 years worth of paper products we stuffed into a storage locker at a storage facility we rent.  He switched jobs to become a scheduler at a company that delivers mirrors and large screen televisions for hotel chains and sports stadiums.  We don’t expect to get any free stuff from his new company; SEURA.  

Tonight we will meet with our youngest son at a Green Bay restaurant that is a landmark.  Kroll’s West is not a trendy place.  The menu and the beverages have not changed for 70 years.  It is a Wisconsin classic.  We want to hear about his last weekend excursion to Las Vegas with his buddies.  I want the money he owes me, too.  We are bringing 24 rolls of his toilet paper from our locker.  We will be sitting in booth #61 in the bar room this evening, in case anyone wants to visit a great spot.

Budweiser wagon

Traditions remain firmly rooted in Wisconsin.  We do honor those who brew beer.  Milwaukee is definitely a mecca for beer lovers.  My lifelong relied upon beer is Pabst Blue Ribbon!  The beer wagon of Budweiser is an icon.  However, it was never my go to beer.  (Yes, I will drink it.)

Cardboard made Green Bay wealthy.  Our timber industry has spawned many products used around the globe.  Our corrugated case material is smiling around the world for Amazon.  Green Bay is not as filthy or crime filled as Chicago.  My hometown of Chicago is just a childhood memory for me now.  That city I knew is long gone.  I learned to drink beer in Chicago.  My sons learned to drink beer in Wisconsin while we dined at supper clubs and had them served beer as children.  They did not become addicted to drinking by sampling beer.  Nobody bothers families giving children adult beverages while dining.

Now sanitizer soap and toilet paper are in high demand and short supply.   The real panic would be a beer shortage in Wisconsin!  Green Bay is an international destination for tourists who are fascinated by the legends and lore of Green Bay Packers.  I remain a Chicago Bears fan.  Meeting coach Ditka after the 1985 Super Bowl at a charity event in Chicago remains a cherished memory.

Me and Da Coach Celebrating Superbowl Win Memory

Met Iron Mike after season of Superbowl victory and talked about my late wife Carol who missed it all.


Health Crisis affects politicians

March 4, 2020

For whom the bell tolls?  It tolls for thee!  As you search the faces in these portrait photographs, you may recognize one you heard about somewhere sometime.  My future and my family do not rely on any of these people, thank God!

I thank God that nobody in my family ever got infected by the Potomac Swamp Virus of running for office.  I cannot claim the mantle of sainthood, but my family are proud to be patriotic Americans.   I am smart enough to only support politicians instead of becoming a political candidate.  I respect and support my senator Ron Johnson, my congressman Mike Gallagher and my president Donald J. Trump.

There are hundreds of failed candidates whose grasp is far short of their reach.  There are a lot of jail cells that were denied too many politicians, too.  Among the losers in this group of pictures is a crook sentenced to jail.  Lawyer crook Michael is on the top left of this group.  Mike failed the primary rule for politicians; Never get caught.  Lawyers are not necessarily the best & brightest people.  He was popular to appear on national news shows as an expert of some type and freely offering empty headed opinions.  He was almost a celebrity.  That and a dollar is worth a dime in real money.

2020 has ruined a lot of day dreams from these politicians who got ground up and left behind after failed campaigns.  I feel sorry for their relatives who will hear their war stories for the rest of their lives.  Rejoice if you are not related to any of these politicians because your holidays will be joyful.

In the old days of the last century, wealthy people bought politicians but never walked in the muck of the swamp themselves.  We have a millionaire socialist candidate, a fake native American Indian candidate and we had a billionaire Bloomberg candidate.

Get ready for some real entertainment with the elections of 2020.  Too bad we don’t have newspapers and television reporters who can inform us citizens.  I do participate on Twitter.  

Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi

President Barack Obama arrives on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2009, to deliver a speech on healthcare to a joint session of Congress . Vice President Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi applaud at rear. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)


Fat Tuesday warning!

February 24, 2020

Fair warning to all who read this.  Mardi Gras officially ends after Fat Tuesday.

The Jewish, atheists and communists do not care about my Roman Catholic rules.  This is the time of year that I am forced to review my failings and sins.  Every damn year I have more to repent.  Fortunately, I accept my human frailty as my burden to bear.  Do not weep for me.  Just be sure to buy me another cocktail on Tuesday before Ash Wednesday!

BESTPIX New Orleans Holds Citywide Mardi Gras Celebration

Alas, I am not in the Mardi Gras capital of New Orleans this year.  Every morning shop keepers and saloon keepers hose off the feces decorating their sidewalk from the street people.  Pick pockets and thieves rejoice to see the drunk revelers staggering by Bourbon Street half out of it.  I love the food, the cocktails, and most of all the music!  The amateurs who insist on broadcasting that they are drunk are tiresome.

The culture and traditions unique to Mardi Gras are creative affirmations of our celebrating life in the USA.

Mardi Gras beads

I look forward to having a reason to repent after celebrating Fat Tuesday!  I do not know if God will give me another Ash Wednesday to repent.  I will have ashes on my forehead if I am still alive.  Find a reason to repent!


REVOLUTION or Revulsion?

February 9, 2020

These are the days of  inciting REVOLUTION campaigning.  Perennial revolutionary candidate today is Senator Bernie Sanders.  He acts outraged on the injustices of capitalism and exhorts his promises of socialism as a necessary REVOLUTION.

For a Revolution to start, than it takes more than one person.  How can anyone promise a cataclysmic change without genuine support of the citizens?  Politicians use and abuse the trust of peasants who toil with taxes on their back, while the halls of power are controlled by generations of wealthy donors who own the politicians.  This is my short version of the candidate Sanders call for the peasants to trust him to set things right.  Let us remember Napoleon Bonaparte.  France took their cue from our American Revolution for freedom from foreign rule by England.

However, a young Prime Minister of England recognized the lies that feed goals of conquest of power hungry conqueror Napoleon Bonaparte.  Allow me to share a segment of his text presented on February 3, 1800 to the House of Commons in regard to; On The Refusal To Negotiate With France.

   Its first fundamental principle was to bribe the poor against the rich by proposing to transfer into new hands, on the delusive notion of equality, and in breach of every principle of justice, the whole property of the country.  The practical application of this principle was to devote the whole of that property to indiscriminate plunder, and to make it the foundation of a revolutionary system of finance, productive in proportion to the misery and desolation which it created. *


General Napoleon Bonaparte conscripted his army from teenagers to elderly men to be the army of his conquests of the world.  Promises of spoils of conquest to his army was an incentive for victory.  Our current Napoleon calls himself BERNIE.  William Pitt was in his mid twenties and assigned the pivotal duties as Prime Minister to avoid the endless onslaught of Bonaparte’s conquests.  His advice was ignored and appeasement was a temporary pause but eventually we know the war came to England by Bonaparte.  The last laugh was England stopping the French at Waterloo.  This battle was the last chance to stop conquest.  An earlier call to arms as requested by the young Pitt would have avoided years of dread and fear on imminent invasion.

My concern is that the poorly educated graduates of USA public schooling know less than the peasants of France who embraced the promises from revolution.  Our colonial Minute Man army of spontaneous volunteers wanted to stop exorbitant taxation by England.  The American Revolution was for freedom and not for conquest of the world.  The French Revolution was perverted by Napoleon into a conquest of the world.

Fortunately, the Democrat party will once again cheat Bernie Sanders of his delusion of his Bernie Revolution 2020.  But I will diligently support the campaign of our 45th president to gain another term in office just to be sure to keep socialism out.

copyright* Modern Eloquence volume IX copyright 1923 Stationer’s Hall, London



Super Bowl 54 beats IMPEACHMENT

February 2, 2020

USA honors the athletes who made it to the highest contest for professional football.  This Super Bowl 54 has many fans sad that their favorite team could not make it to this level.  However, true fans know that the best athletes have a hidden spark that elevates their performance to a supreme moment in a difficult play.  We love to watch reruns of these divine moments that seems to defy ordinary mortals.

My favorite memory was my Chicago Bears 1985 magic season.  My wife passed away and I spent most of that year at Chicago Soldier Field and at basketball games of Chicago Bulls at the ancient Chicago Stadium.  I met my current wife after the Bears won the Super Bowl.  We have been married a long time now, and maybe my Bears can get into another Super Bowl game before I am gone.


This epic game of Kansas City Chiefs against the San Francisco 49ers will be a great contest!  I am looking forward to watching the game on television tonight.  I am looking forward to an early spring thanks to a groundhog today.  President Donald J Trump and his first lady Melania are the new Florida elite.  Real estate tycoon Trump bought the old high society landmark that he turned into a hotel & condominium resort with a beautiful golf course.  The old money folks turned up their nose and loved to thwart this upstart billionaire from New York.


Donald J. Trump insisted on a 50 foot flag pole be erected on his resort property immediately.  The blue bloods took him to court because the pole was too high. Guess who won?  The life long politicians in Washington DC figured they would make short work of this brash billionaire daring to occupy the White House.  They ignored a stubborn patriotic business man who survived the toughest business trench warfare in commercial real estate.

Nobody will bother watching replaying video on the Impeachment Trial of 2020.  We love to remember favorite plays and favorite players from Super Bowl games.  Nobody bothered to watch the Impeachment.  Nobody wants to spend time with the partisan attackers who hate the personality of our President 45.  USA wants to move ahead.  We respect our past, but we do not live in the past.

In this swirl of current events USA was shocked with the sudden death of a NBA superstar.  Public mourning and genuine tributes flowed for the loss of Kobe Bryant. Los Angeles Lakers drafted a successor to Michael Jordan of my beloved Chicago Bulls.  (My current wife was dragged to a lot of Bulls games in the new United Center as well as my sons.)  It was exciting fun to see the great games between Kobe and Michael.

Nobody takes pleasure in seeing your favorite athletes suffer an early death or family loss.  In the perverse world of politics, it is loathsome to see blind hatred of a political opponent.  Even attacks on family members becomes sport for fun?  I take pleasure in seeing the attackers of 45 scurry for the shadows now.  I know the claims of patriotic reasons for attacking President Donald J. Trump are not heartfelt concern for our beloved country.  There are no rules in the game of politics.  However, a billionaire who did rock the boat and broke a lot of rules is not intimidated by cheap shots.  I am glad this distraction was never attracting viewers to watch the same critics repeating the same complaints for months.

I hope the Chiefs win today.  I know USA wins today watching the Super Bowl.

Happy New Year from China!

January 25, 2020

China has their astrological calendar starting a new year today.  January 25 starts the year of the metal rat.  (My birth year was in the metal tiger.)  To join in this celebration my wife and I will enjoy dinner at our small town Chinese restaurant in the north woods of Wisconsin.

People from China have traveled the world to have a better life outside of China.  The heritage and history of China is in every community in the USA with these global ambassadors.  As a child my family dentist was a global traveler for vacations and he did visit China.  My visit to China was limited to China town in Chicago.


My meal this evening will include hot tea, hot & sour soup, egg roll, steamed dumplings and sweet & sour chicken.  The essential fortune cookie is always the grand finale to see if good fortune is coming.  Yes, I will buy a Powerball ticket for sure after we leave the restaurant.

In our travels we enjoy returning to San Francisco with a meal in China town.  We will make a point of finding a Chinese restaurant while in Las Vegas for a winter get away.   One of our sons will meet us with his lady.  He has the metal horse sign from the Chinese astrological chart.

Be sure to enjoy Chinese new year!






Prove it NFL!

September 24, 2020

It seems like only yesterday the fans of NFL were put on notice that we were racists. Now we OWE them even MORE MONEY while the white minority have to toe their line in locker rooms. Take a TIME OUT from this nonsense by NFL.

Hoboduke Nonsense

Imagine you worked for a company where 70% of your employees were of one race?  Could you pretend that there is no profiling or bias in selection of hiring?  Are the odds against you getting hired if you do not fit the race profile of the 70%?  You probably guessed my reason on pointing out bias and favoritism within the NFL.

Alejandro Villanueva was the lone Steeler player to recognize the flag of the United States during the public ceremony of our USA national anthem at Chicago Soldiers Field!  That was an act of courage to be the only Steeler and have to take the stares of his team.

Ignoring our national anthem, or ignoring the fans who respect our flag is an insult to the working poor who scrape up the money to make the players rich.  So the 70% Afro-American players in the NFL are protesting the white…

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Unforgettable 44 & Biden

August 21, 2020

There are memories that I cannot erase. Benghazi 4 always pops up in my thoughts when I see any of the President Barack Obama team.

President 44 set up his team of lawyers to be at the front lines of every conflict area to review and indict military actions. I was amazed that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton knew that a obscure USA video triggered riots and violence that killed 4 of our own in Benghazi. Susan Rice went on every national television network to assure the public that we were to blame for the enraged attackers of Benghazi. President Obama was too busy fund raising for another election to be disturbed by pleas for help. But what about Vice President Joe Biden?

Joe Biden and Barack Obama greeted the caskets and grieving relatives back in the USA. Joe made some crude comment on how one of the dead must have had really big balls to fight like he did unto his death. The father did not find comfort in Biden’s stupid comment.

Testimony to Senate on Benghazi slaughter by Secretary of State.

Now we are asked to accept candidate Joe Biden as a seasoned and battle hardened leader of our USA. Joe is ready to lead, finally? There are 4 graves that remain as a reminder that death for our country should mean something today. Dead but never forgotten!

Did you know that the whole story about a video was only a story made up to distract our country from the horrible price paid by indifference? Hillary had a illegal weapons depot around Benghazi and the militants wanted these weapons before she shipped them along to her other battle front. Was Joe Biden ever aware of what 44 and his team were planning? Joe Biden was and remains a dimwit out of the real power loop.

Joe pretends to understand but does get things totally wrong.

I cannot ignore our years of 44 killing spree with his drone attacks that killed families and children as acceptable collateral damage. Of course the “boots on the ground” military had a panel of lawyers reviewing every weapon used in every military action for possible prison and court martial.

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When will the Benghazi 4 get their day in court for those who let them die?

October 2020