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hobo jungle drums warning USA

be careful of bad ju ju! the hobo czar may have to find a job, since Obama will eliminate the office of hobo relations. we're on our own! that's nothing new?!

Amish technology bulletin

July 28, 2015
Our laundry drying without using a dryer!

Our laundry drying without using a dryer!

On impulse I posted this camera shot to share with FB and was surprised at strong positive response. If you live in a city apartment building, then you know the challenges of hanging laundry for pigeons to decorate. On any day in our area you can see the Amish hanging their washing to dry in the breeze. My wife is not Amish but we live to preserve our environment and protect nature.

Just like our Menominee neighbors, we stack firewood for the winter heating of our house with a cast iron stove. Our dead trees get harvested before they become a hazard. We are sad that some trees died, but grateful for their keeping us warm. Hauling in wood while winds howl and snow swirls outside our door is a necessary winter chore of mine.

It would be interesting to see how the wealthy promoters of green policies live in their mansions. I am sure there are no laundry lines, or stacks of firewood to heat their home. The Amish have been living green and seem to be doing just fine without intervention from utopia experts who love to lecture us.

Bwana Obama tries bossing Kenya

July 25, 2015

Kenya rolled out the welcome mat to the visit for our tourist president. He only needs a few special requirements for his visit. Several cargo planes full of helicopters, armored vehicles, and a staff of hundreds are just a few basic things he needs.

The president of Kenya is Uhuru Kenyatta. Us folks who have lived under the thumb of Obama moral superiority were shocked that Kenya’s president stood up for what the people of Kenya want. Obama vision of a world with lesbians and gays hugging and kissing in the parks is not what Kenya accepts. This is the land of his father and his father’s dreams. Uhuru dismissed the Obama lecture on educating children on the entire rainbow of LGBT sex practices.

I think Kenya got a better deal on their president who actually wants to represent what the people value. The people of Kenya can wave goodbye to Bwana Obama. We know he is coming back to lecture us on some more of his utopia social engineering to shame my white guilt superiority complex.

Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta is for his people.

Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta is for his people.

Bwana Obama has an attitude of superiority like a colonial dictator willing to share his wisdom to the dumb backward folk of Kenya. It came as a surprise that the President of Kenya refused the offer by Obama in changing the life long traditions of his country at the whim of Bwana Obama.

Eagle deserves respect

July 19, 2015
Eagles mate for life as male and female despite protests by gay rights groups.
The Spirit of America will never die!

The Spirit of America will never die!

Eagles live well around the Menominee Nation. Saturday one of the eagles was scouting our lake 1,000 feet above the water. It was amazing to watch the eagle descend on the hunt for a fish. It is awesome to watch them silently glide over our trees on the hunt by the lake shore. They live free and are revered as a harbinger of good luck by the Menominee.

The spirit of our country is well represented by our Eagle. Our symbol is not a parakeet living on hand outs in a cage. Our citizens do not deserve to be treated like parakeets. Our spirit and attitude is sympathetic with the spirit of the eagle.

I am tired and bored by the whining and complaining about how it is our Christians fault on anything that happened a thousand years ago during the Crusades. I laugh at the lunacy of wallowing in the regrets and guilt of being white. Is my family obligated to keep paying an IOU for future generations because of slavery over a hundred years ago? Is the Eagle to be punished for catching fish when it is hungry? The Eagle does not ask for permits or permission to stay alive.

We the people have the flame of freedom deep in our hearts. We do not welcome those who meddle and complain about our past. We are focused on the future with no regrets. We do not want excuses for our accepting loss instead of gaining victory.

USA knows we got short changed

July 12, 2015

The promised transformation of the USA by Barrack Obama is like a Hollywood horror story. He described visions of brotherly love with justice for all. We have seen mobs burning our flag, and wanting to kill our police. His vision for our “Hope and Change” was equality of opportunity, and shovels for everybody who wants a job. His solution was to shout his demands for a higher minimum wage. We have abundant idle protestors to invade Wall Street while soiling the parks and streets as their toilet. Socialists denounce the evils of a free market capitalism that attracts immigrants from around the world to the USA.

We have not walked away from the ideals that set the course of generations of citizens during World Wars and desperate times of turmoil. It is like a Hollywood comedy, that a brash, outspoken New Yorker that is a business billionaire has caught the interest of many disappointed Americans. The professional political experts are trying to belittle the stupidity of anybody that has made a fortune on his own. Of course these political experts would be like children in the hostile battles of real estate development and financing. Donald Trump is not supposed to be speaking out. The people of USA are too stupid to know that Trump is lying to all of us? We know a liar, because we been listening for 6 years on lies and excuses. Rich people only get rich by stealing and cheating us poor dumb sheep. That is the fairy tale told by the wolves of political elite.

Nobody expects any candidate to be perfect. We do expect our candidates to try to be honest on explaining their values and beliefs. Too many politicians waste too much time trying to say what they expect us dumb sheep want to hear. Trump blunders and wanders in his speeches, but nobody wants a professional speaker. We want a man who defends his beliefs and is not a political professional wolf.

Trump is drawing crowds that ignore the smug effete news media “reporters” who walk among the political wolves daily. Reporters do not earn respect or attention of voters. Trump has more people who want to hear him and see him every day. If you ignore what the people of the USA want, then you will not have strong business (Macy’s stooped to attack Trump). If you ignore what the people of the USA demand for news, then you will not have an audience (NBC, ABC, & CBS are in the rearview mirror FOX).

Defending the USA needs a warrior spirit like Trump who never quits fighting.

Defending the USA needs a warrior spirit like Trump who never quits fighting.

Do not open your luxury store in Bejiing right now!

July 8, 2015

Caterpillar sales of heavy equipment in China are down 80% for the last 3 months compared to the peak of 2011. There is no wealth without heavy construction as the foundation. The stock market in China was inflated purposely by the central planning masterminds of China. Stock trading groups had orders not to let the market drop. If life was only that simple as the China manipulation of their economy.

Now is not a great time to open a luxury brand store around Beijing with a new millionaire every minute. The new Mercedes dealer opening or the next Tiffany diamond bracelet sale may stop suddenly as wealth evaporates with the sinking China stock market and dropping real estate market.

China wanted to quickly become the top country and top economy in the world. It was an ambitious goal after the violent and lethal results of Mao Tse Tung’s Cultural Revolution. The criminal industry of substandard counterfeit steel bolts, counterfeit designer goods, and pirate copies of copyright protected intellectual property were accepted to feed more US dollars into China. The manipulation of currency in combination with a flurry of new stock offerings added to the rapid growth of money for China.

Most of the Chinese investors use margin to get stocks with loans from banks. (Just like our Great Depression experience with banks loaning to customers for stock investments.) So the small investor gets a need to add money to his losing investment. Selling dropping stocks adds to more loss in stock value. The bank does not want to hold stocks for their loan, so the banks will sell stocks. The loan client has no money to the pay the loan for the stock that is now sold. Chinese banks can sink under the losses.

USA could not believe that China would lie, steal, and cheat to get ahead faster. Corporations discovered that book keeping standards for business accounts and reporting of assets are creative writing in China. How can you invest in a company on traded in China? You do not know if anything is true on their valuation! Does anyone remember the Chinese small business owner from Arkansas delivering paper bags full of cash to Bill Clinton during his campaign for president? He wanted to get permits to distribute little goofy plastic toys in USA.


2 Wild & Crazy Guys!

July 1, 2015

Rainbow floodlights, running with banners, and hugging each other are the executive leaders of the USA. They are just a couple of wild and crazy guys!

Whee!  Look at me!  I wanted this picture for publicity.

Whee! Look at me! I wanted this picture for publicity.

LGBT supporters were hissing and bitching at our fearless leader until he saw the light. After accepting millions in campaign donations from LGBT donors, he saw the light in a blinding revelation. His daughters melted our president’s cold heart to accept the wisdom and wonderful beauty of gay marriage? Now he is giddy like a silly school girl running with rainbow banners and lighting up the White House like a carnival fun house.

It is just so sweet to see two corrupt politicians pretending they love kittens, puppies, and gay marriage. They need a hug and kiss for being so cute. Putin has to be wondering how nuts is USA.

We are waiting for our president to sing YMCA dressed like the Village People. Why did Obama and Biden avoid marching in LGBT parades? Expect the Roman Catholic Saint Patrick’s Day Parade will be forced to worship the LGBT miracle of marriage? Pope Francis may have to bitch slap Obama to stop this nonsense during the papal visit in September.

Ramadan secret revealed

June 30, 2015

There is a special bonus during Ramadan. For those engaged in Jihad attacks against the infidels, you get a special deal if killed. Your eternal reward is multiplied by a factor of 10! Who is crazy enough to make that offer? Lets just say you will never see his picture because it is straight from Mr. Big!

So gather around all you frustrated losers that want to kill people. This is a limited time offer! If you die, then you get all that extra stuff. Such a deal?

We look forward to more stories about the Crusades with evil Christians killing the Jihad warriors from a thousand years ago. We are too busy right now counting the dead Christians.

The stupid sales pitch on Jihad reminds me of Used Cars a 1980 liberal documentary that revealed the dark and evil world of used car sales. The top salesman was raising money to buy public office in an upcoming election. The movie mocked the Ayatollah! Did president Obama and secretary of state Hillary Clinton realize this movie made fun of Muslims who attack the USA? It is not too late for an apology video from our fearless leader!

The more ISIS Jihad attackers we can kill, then the more happy they will be! Their reward after death will be increased by the power of 10! Most of the Jihad suicide volunteers are not smart enough to figure that out. We are doing them a favor by killing Jihad morons during Ramadan.

Used Cars

Tunisia target of terror

June 28, 2015

Hotel Riu Imperial Mahraba in Tunisia in Port El Kantoui is a 5 star rated resort hotel. The beauty of nature combined with the elegance of the hotel property have made many vacationers happy. Can 1 man ruin this vacation dream? An ISIS terrorist came onto this property and started killing as many as he could find.

Most of the innocent victims of this Islamic killer were British, and thus far 39 people died and many left wounded. Hotel staff and towns people that catered services for the hotel guests played roles in sheltering and rescuing those in the line of fire. Nobody knows how we would react in the carnage and confusion of murder in paradise. Local police did stop the killer as he roamed the hotel property killing.

Imperial pool

ISIS has a simple plan of terror and conquest. They kill in large scales of murder. They conquer and plunder cities with their band of marauders. They pretend they are nation builders for propaganda but they are thieves and killers. The wealthy Europeans that fled Tunisia now will stay away from any ISIS target country. Intimidation and fear make the conquest by ISIS easier.

FBI and Department of Homeland Security are alerting the USA to be wary on our July 4 national holiday. We have been warned to expect anything and everything at any public place. We are allowed to open carry a weapon in Wisconsin, and I may consider using my right for first time in my life. Having a means of defense may make my reaction to a cruel killer a simpler choice.

We can pretend it can’t happen here, but that may not be an effective plan under attack.

Defend our home and our country from invaders!

Defend our home and our country from invaders!

Supreme Court seance

June 25, 2015

The Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) has been blessed twice by our Supreme Court.

1. The law was brought to court as a forced purchase with no allowed alternatives on all citizens. Our president challenged critics who called this law as an unfair tax on all citizens. He denied this was a tax. Of course, the Supreme Court declared it was a tax and cannot be challenged under tax authority of government.

2. The law provides subsidies based upon income reported to IRS, because the mandated insurance ownership can bankrupt families who cannot afford this Affordable Care Act
. However, a lawsuit was brought because the law said the subsidies can only be given through state established healthcare exchange. Of course, the Supreme Court declared that the law as written is not important. Since healthcare involves too many citizens, the poorly written law does not matter. Keep the healthcare tax and subsidies because the Affordable Healthcare Act is a tax that was not a tax per our president, and because the law’s language does not matter just because.

So in my family, the deductible amount is $9,800. So we pay monthly premiums and pay for almost every health care service out of pocket. I had the good luck of needing to pay the full deductible this year. Lucky us?! This is not affordable! Never mind that it is not affordable and premiums are rocketing higher?

There is no point in trying to understand laws anymore. The law is whatever the mood of the Supreme Court fancies during their séance meetings.


New ISIS strategy allows hostage payments?

June 24, 2015

Response to ISIS by our fearless leader is to allow families to pay ransom for kidnapped family members. Auctioning citizens of USA will create a new propaganda victory for ISIS. This is a brilliant response to a problem our president does not solve. So when your son or daughter is kidnapped by ISIS, you can be sure that you are on your own to negotiate with ISIS. Of course, we will have swindlers pretending to represent ISIS stealing ransom money from grieving families.

We propose that Berghdahl parents set up a hostage negotiation service for families seeking to pay ransom. Dad Bergdahl speaks fluent lingo of ISIS captors. Mom Bergdahl will take your money. President Obama will host reunion celebrations in Rose Garden of White House.

Ransom service endorsed by president to handle ISIS problems.

Ransom service endorsed by president to handle ISIS problems.

Our president is busy getting a nuclear weapons program started in Iran right now. He has no time to worry about ISIS anymore. Sure the USA economy shrunk but there are more important problems right now for our fearless leader. NBA draft is on Thursday and he needs to get his face on this broadcast somehow.

ISIS can collect ransom money now!  What me worry?

ISIS can collect ransom money now! What me worry?

Lithuania sends weapons to Ukraine to fight Russia

June 22, 2015

Our military priorities in the USA are focused on social tinkering. Congress has Democrats who want to reduce funding plus add to financial burdens of military families. How much military money is being spent on LGBT month of June? Why do we need to flatter LGBT population? Do we have LGBT employee of the month at IRS? LGBT beauty contest judged by Caitlyn Jenner is next?

Money wasted to lavish praise on LGBT military!

Money wasted to lavish praise on LGBT military!

The aggressive invasion plans of Putin continue while we focus on wasting military money on nonsense. The president of Lithuania is the 1st country to send military weapons to support Ukraine defending themselves against Russian army. Dalia Grybauskaite understands that you need weapons to fight an army of invaders. Meal rations, blankets, and binoculars are important but this type of aid from the USA does not help an army fight invasion.

Dalia Grybauskaite with troops ready to defend against another invasion by Russia.

Dalia Grybauskaite with troops ready to defend against another invasion by Russia.

Our president fiddles and delays any tangible response to Putin plans of aggression. Lithuania is taking the initiative and the international lead to prepare for battle with Russia. We need a president more focused on defending freedom instead of celebrating LGBT festivals.

Obama presidency set record

June 19, 2015

We did not see millions of more shovels sold for “shovel ready jobs” somebody promised the USA. The stock market is booming if you believe our fearless leader propaganda. What has that to do with our government anyway? But there is with complete certainty a record increase in welfare payments and food stamp payments. In addition, we have a record increase in parasites!

Yes there is a record bumper crop of bed bugs and ticks under his presidency! These blood suckers are good symbols of our current president. They will drink your blood around the clock.

Tick blood suckers are everywhere!

Tick blood suckers are everywhere!

We did have a record production of new regulations and fines from EPA, OSHA, and DODD FRANK financial law. Our country will be perfect with the new regulations and fines. The increase in lawyers and billing from lawyers are the major benefit from these thousands of new rules and regulations.

We should have national Parasite Day! How about sharing the wealth? We can export ticks and parasites to the countries that keep sending us their unwanted citizens.

Some problems never change

June 19, 2015

It is worth visiting Colonial National Historical Park in Yorktown, Virginia. Our country became the United States of America after winning the war for freedom from England. Let me focus on why the pioneer settlers were fighting mad. The excessive and extensive taxes and tariffs from England were a burden to be shed by musket shot, and bayonet by the oppressed settlers.

The Continental Congress was tight fisted on spending money to fight for freedom. General Washington had voluntary troops dying and bleeding with no reliable supplies for food or clothing. The money for paying the troops was never seen in years. Washington had to complain, plead, and have influential friends intercede to get any assistance for his last major campaign to drive out the British troops from Yorktown. The French fleet and French troops aboard the fleet turned the tide of war to our favor in the Battle of the Capes by Chesapeake harbor. This success set the Washington strategy in motion to commit what little he had into battle for Yorktown in 1781.

So there are members of Congress today who choose to delay and minimize funding for our military. I am not in favor of waste that does occur in the defense budget. However, this waste is primarily funds diverted for cultural activities like LGBT events, and pork barrel projects demanded by members of Congress to claim as gifts for their state district. Some traditions need to be ditched. Congress playing politics with our men and women in military is why England could have defeated Washington. The stakes today are more dangerous with China, Russia, and marauding Islamic terrorists.

It was a simple message that started our Revolution. Virginia motto is “Do not thread on me!” Benjamin Franklin had a motto even more stark. “Join, or die!” You reach a point when people will not accept or tolerate oppression, even if it means death in the struggle.

Our founders of USA started by musket shots our battle for freedom.

Our founders of USA started by musket shots our battle for freedom.

It was my pleasure and honor to spend several days at Fort Eustis as a visitor. The soldiers on base are the age of my sons, and these defenders of our freedom are entitled to our support. Politicians need to demonstrate restraint on seeking power and being in the limelight while standing on the shoulders of these volunteer military.

Obama waiting for ISIS strategy

June 8, 2015

Sometimes complex problems demand a simple solution. I have played chess games with complex problems from opposition positions all across the board. If I wait for clarity, then my opponent will encircle my king while I wander lost and undecided.

Clarity comes from action. If I develop a obvious grouping of forces in position for a major assault, then my opponent must alter strategy to meet a tactical challenge. The trick in chess and world affairs is to distract with the obvious as the devious real threat is masked behind the apparent battle tactics. We do not have the luxury of time. In chess we play with the time pressure running out the game clock. Our inaction presents a strategy. It tells our opponents that we are indecisive in battle and give our opponent time to develop their attack.

ISIS is gaining followers because it looks like the USA is afraid to attack them. ISIS has the luxury of time to run propaganda campaigns around the world. If they were busy fighting for their lives, then the time and money for propaganda would be gone.

Our tourist president in Germany with G7 meeting had lengthy meandering press conference where he said he is waiting for the Pentagon to deliver him a strategy. Is that like waiting for the Easter Bunny to deliver you candy? The Pentagon has rules of engagement prohibiting any civilian casualties but they must conduct a war without using our own infantry. So go ahead, and make a battle plan without any troops? Thank you fearless leader Obama.

I have the strategy that will win. All of the armored equipment and artillery pieces will have GPS trackers so we know where they were left while Iraq flees ISIS troops again. This time we will detonate the hidden explosives in all of our equipment left for Iraq army. Then we will kill ISIS using our weapons as suicide bombs. Stop all training of Iraq troops. They will run anyway.

Terrorists have crossed a red line in targeting golf course terrorism!

Terrorists have crossed a red line in targeting golf course terrorism!

Tenderfoot in “wild, wild West”

June 7, 2015

We need a new sheriff. Our fearless leader addressed the dangers of hacking in another one of his too many speeches. He loves to talk. Does he like to work at all? Cyber security against hack attack is just like the “wild, wild West” per our President Obama. It seems we got Barney Fife guarding us against some real threats.

Barney FIfe not having a bullet was a great gag for a comedy.  We are not laughing at our failures to protect USA.

Barney FIfe not having a bullet was a great gag for a comedy. We arte not laughing at our failures to protect USA.

Millions of personal files of federal workers are now removed from the federal government computers where they were “safe”. Of course, it is not the fault of our executive branch that administers our federal government. The propaganda officer of our president wondered why did not our Congress take steps to protect our computers. Really? It seems our executive branch cannot find emails subpoenaed by Congress on Lois Lerner of IRS. That is until a court order with threat of jail shakes some files loose. Congress has no access or administrative powers to control any branch of federal executive branch.

The Snowden theft of files and easy exit from the USA prove the complete incompetence of our executive branch to even pull the passport of a traitor to stop flight. The excuse is that Congress never gives enough money for anything that the executive branch fouls up.

Why did the IRS keep obsolete computer operating systems that let a few billion dollars of refunds get stolen to Russia? Does Congress need to be the administrator sorely needed in IRS? Why did the IRS ignore and never request budget money in last couple of years for new software? It seems like when my youngest son was failing out of high school, because he kept telling me he was up to date on his homework while playing video games on Xbox. The IRS was more focused on delaying work on applications for non profit 501C Christian groups. The IRS certainly visited the White House frequently. Was IRS security never discussed?

Josh Earnest wishes Congress would get involved in managing what Obama will not do.

Josh Earnest wishes Congress would get involved in managing what Obama will not do.

The “wild, wild West” our tenderfoot president talks about has bad guys that scare him. He laughs about threats from the past that are ancient history because he is so modern. Now the modern problems are from the past of our “wild, wild West”? We need a real sheriff that will not count on speeches and whining. He just found out there was a robbery by reading about it in the news?

Men are better women?

June 4, 2015

People today are dumber than back in the last century. Of course, the people living in this century are blissfully unaware of their stupidity. We are obsessed with selfies. I am linked on Facebook to bear witness to the endless selfies of some rich people. “This is me at the Mayweather fight in Las Vegas.” “This is me at the Kentucky Derby!” “This is me on my luxury yacht.” “This is me with my NASCAR team.” Of course, everyone has to grin like an idiot in every selfies. This is an unwritten rule. I do not like people who are always happy.

Now we have to endure this Jenner carnival on sex change. That is one ugly woman! So women will want to buy make up endorsed by Jenner? Jenner is making a small fortune on this publicity stunt. Do we all have to hear this story and see endless pictures? It is just like a man to think he knows how to be a better woman. It is just like a man to make more money than women on selling women’s make up.

Milton Berle was not really funny. He was just the 1st comic to make a small fortune being on the first television programs. It was such a novelty to have television, they rushed to broadcast anything and anybody that held attention. Back in the 1950’s, we did not need zombie programs to be entertained. People wanted to laugh instead of scream. “Uncle Milty” did enjoy dressing like a woman for humor. Jenner is dressing to pretend he is a real woman? I would dress like a woman for 500 million dollars but nobody makes me an offer.

Uncle Milty likes cigars and princess gowns.

Uncle Milty likes cigars and princess gowns.

We want to laugh in joy! Smirks not welcome.

June 3, 2015

Having a sense of humor is fundamental for intelligence. We can enjoy a good joke, or a funny story. We can cringe in disgust at someone insulting or belittling people to pretend they are funny. I observe and pay attention to how people use humor or pretend to have a sense of humor. I can confess that I don’t laugh a lot at the current standards of humor.

When world leaders have a good sense of humor, then there is more safety for their citizens. There is great danger when a world leader smirks and ridicules other world leaders. I personally feel happy when slapping or punching a smirker! I have no rational reason to feel such animosity. I just consider someone who smirks is a smart ass that lives in the delusion of their superiority. I have seen 2 world leaders with smirks on their ugly kissers. They both believe in their superiority. They both talk too much too long and too often.

Putin smirks at Merkel.  Kaboom to the moon!

Putin smirks at Merkel. Kaboom to the moon!

People love to laugh. Nobody really enjoys smirking. Anyone who smirks is on my “go to hell list”.
Here is another world leader that smirks and lectures everybody on everything like he knows anything!

Romney should have slapped that smirk off his face!

Romney should have slapped that smirk off his face!

The beer that is only sold in Wisconsin!

May 30, 2015

Wisconsin became the 30th state in our United States of America in 1848. Our reputation in dairy farming, cheese making, and beer brewing from Wisconsin are well known beyond our borders.

Come to Wisconsin to join us in celebration!

Come to Wisconsin to join us in celebration!

Now, I have to share a secret from Wisconsin. In the town of New Glarus is a brewery. This brewery produces Spotted Cow beer. You cannot buy this beer! It is only for sale in Wisconsin! This beer is a slightly sweet citrus tasting lager. It is thirst quenching and refreshing. I wish you could try one. We got it, and you don’t! You are invited to a road trip on a quest for Spotted Cow.

This beer is only sold in Wisconsin!

This beer is only sold in Wisconsin!

USA future in hands of white & blue collar workers

May 29, 2015
We are proud to be citizens of the USA!

We are proud to be citizens of the USA!

The road to future prosperity and financial freedom are in the hands of our children. Inept policies are promoted by our President with promises that they are working. We have too many young adults standing on street corners with nothing but time on their hands. There are jobs to be created by business owners after we take off their shackles from EPA, OSHA, IRS, and social engineers of failure.

The millennial workers now in blue collar and white collar jobs are our future. The military is all millennial age now. They all know that 99% of the rules, regulations and government help is an anchor holding the USA back. How have these rules and regulations promoted or protected our new workers?

I do have sympathy for the college students who are in debt and in dire straits looking for work as a community organizer or political science teacher. They are not the future of our country.

Our business enterprise economy needs ambitious workers who apply their creativity and ingenuity to improve and advance our country’s prosperity to all who want to work. Our future cannot repair our past. Millennial future goals will carry us into a better USA.

Humming bird war

May 28, 2015
Humming bird feeders on deck keeps buzzing with food fights.

Humming bird feeders on deck keeps buzzing with food fights.

The birds hover and scout around our deck humming bird feeders. These birds flap their wings so fast, they are a blur. They buzz like little buzz saws when they whiz by my ear to the feeders.

They have their own hierarchy on the feeders. Some stay perched in the trees waiting for the right opening to come to feed. The Oriole stays away from the dive bombing humming birds.

If I am bored, I can sit and smoke a cigar on the deck to watch the aerial show of humming birds feeding. 3 feeders get emptied twice a day. My wife makes a gallon jugs of mix every couple of days to keep them supplied. We do have a few fat humming birds!

Will you help me start the Hobo Obama Tribute Scam?

May 27, 2015

The President Obama Library has been announced to be built in Chicago. We hope that Chicago will not collapse like Detroit. My goal is to start a Hobo tribute that will travel to the same places our commander in chief visited over his 2 terms as president. My for profit undertaking will be Hobo Obama Tribute Scam.

This collection of random garage sale items and selfies pictures of our president is a cheap rip off tourist attraction. HOTS will have all money funneled through the “Slick Willy” shell corporation so nobody can know how much and where the money went. HOTS will pay me before a nickel is spent on operations. My goal is to match the overhead budget of the Clinton Foundation for travel expenses and my pay.

I am looking for a used van to house the treasured memories from the Obama years. Our goal is to spread the joyful news that our president is out of office finally. I hope to sell a lot of stupid toys and offensive souvenirs. I know I didn’t build it. I didn’t even try!

The famous green phone used to schedule hundreds of fund raiser events while president!

The famous green phone used to schedule hundreds of fund raiser events while president!

Iraq army sets record results for Obama

May 26, 2015

Our community organizer in chief has put his stamp on the Iraq military. We can see the results. The Islamic terrorists know it is open season.

The Iraq army has set records for disrobing, disarming, and attempting to retreat. We know the training and the priorities of our president are evident in the surrender of the Iraq army at every battle front. Our fearless leader reluctantly confirms that the Bush policy of our military surge to reclaim Iraq has failed. The military did win and achieve a military victory. Our president walked away from victory and points back to Bush as the reason he is failing.

If you saw the black flags and storming troops invading your town, would you drop your guns and surrender? Most everybody knows you will be killed and displayed on You Tube. I would choose to die fighting. The widows have picked up the dropped weapons and gone out to avenge and kill the terrorists! Obama just cannot decide whether he will ever arm any of the people actually resisting the invaders. He prefers to waste time training an army that will not fight. The resistance fighters are on their own. Hey, it has only been 6 years he wasted on deciding “Do I?” or “Don’t I help with weapons?”

President Obama refuses to bomb the formed troops of Islamic terrorists in plain sight. Why does he refuse to bomb the military leadership of terrorists? We might kill civilians in any attack? So how many civilians are being killed by our reluctance to cut off the head of the snake? Where is the reluctance to avoid killing civilians on the famous drone strikes approved by our commander in chief?

The thousands slaughtered, and hundreds of women dragged into slavery are the legacy of the Obama doctrine. He will not do anything and leave office with the slaughter going on. Of course he will point to a drone strike to strut and boast about his being tough.

Cowards kill defenseless to pretend they are brave.

Cowards kill defenseless to pretend they are brave.

Donors Wanted! No questions asked?

May 22, 2015

Once upon a time, Jim Bakker pleaded with devout Christians over television to “Praise the Lord!” PTL broadcasts were a combination of mediocre musical entertainment, tear filled pleas to give by deceased Tammy Fay Bakker, and get lifetime timeshares at Heritage USA development by PTL.

Give more so Jim Bakker can get a Rolex!

Give more so Jim Bakker can get a Rolex!

Now we are taking part in another fairy tale! Clinton Foundation is located at 1271 Avenue of the Americas on the 42nd floor in New York city. I miss the hokey pleading and praying for donation of PTL. They went off the air in 1989 when they used up their donated funds on make up for Tammy Fay. Why can’t “Slick Willy” get on television to bang the drum for donations? How about a timeshare to one of the Clinton mansions? We need some entertainment value from our chiselers and bible thumpers.

The foundation will save our environment, and just makes everybody think Africa needs the white man to save them poor natives. Some of the foundation donors rape the earth and use people for personal profit. These philanthropic donors expect doors to open and assistance on their goals of conquest with Clinton influence. Give a call to 212-348-8882 to find out how much of your donation gets wasted on overhead and vacations.

“Slick Willy” with hill billy Hillary want your donations!

Get a dog to stay alive!

May 21, 2015

Evidence shared on the brutal murders in Maryland is sad and sick. A family and a housekeeper were murdered in a robbery. The details shared are disturbing and sickening to put myself in the father’s shoes as his family is held captive, tortured, and murdered. One glaring omission in too many violent crime scenes is that there was no dog present.

I accept the problems and responsibilities that are part of the package in owning a couple of dogs. The benefits are worth more than the trouble and cost. My dogs are not attack dogs, but they instinctively are on alert to check anyone coming on our property. Everyone in the area knows we have dogs because they can hear my coon hound every day from a half mile away. No deranged idiot wanting to rob us can get into our house without a struggle. I have my shillelagh on a hook next to the leashes by the front door. It is handy for walking, and breaking bones.

The nightmare of an idiot barging into your home can happen. It is less likely to happen with some healthy dogs you love, and they love you. Burglar alarms and panic buttons are prudent precautions. My preference is to deter anyone wanting to rob us as easy pickings. We enjoy our dogs, and love them. They love us, and they are vigilant by nature. The absence of dogs in this Maryland house was one less defense barrier. Even a deranged psychopath is smart enough to avoid getting attacked by dogs.

So grab your shillelagh and get your couple of dogs on leash to walk around your neighborhood. It is good exercise and fair warning to any lazy thieves.

Our dogs are important.

Our dogs are important.

Auto safety rules gave us 10 years of mayhem!

May 20, 2015

Federal regulations and rules for automobile safety are expensive and extensive. However, supervision and investigation by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration under the Department of Transportation has been slow and disorganized on major problems.

Mark Rosekind of NHTSA with Anthony Foxx of DOT in spot light.

Mark Rosekind of NHTSA with Anthony Foxx of DOT in spot light.

The ignition switch problem with GM cars had accidents and fatalities over a time span of 10 years that was investigated after public out cries from families of victims. The exploding air bags with Japanese Takata equipment was known with 10 years of problems. However, action did not happen until it made the news.

We all know that 10 years of faulty automobiles cannot be repaired quickly. The glacier speed of NHTSA and DOT allowed death and mayhem to continue for 10 years. Now, we can feel “safe” with federal protection oversight of automobiles. Informing everyone that their vehicle is recalled is the 1st step. Approving the replacement air bag and installing this replacement in 34 million vehicles will take 5 years. A lot of airbags can pop open and kill or maim many more during recall.

I grew up driving in cars with solid steel dash boards, and no seat belts. Our DOT set specifications for airbags that make them more dangerous. The auto industry engineers wanted to set air bags with slightly slower rates of expansion with lower amounts of explosive. Federal pencil pushers insisted on the bomb being more explosive.

Federal supervision is great at making rules. Federal supervision is not working at protecting us after making rules. 10 years is the new standard for federal response. Hope we all can wait 10 years for every problem.

Would you have invaded Iraq?

May 18, 2015

It seems everyone in commercial new media has only one question. “Knowing what you know today, would you invade Iraq?” I do not know why this is the question? I am not a candidate for any office but I know what is obvious.

I would never have invaded Iraq. In case anyone wonders why, let me state the main reason. I treasure the lives of our military. They risk their lives to defend and protect the U.S.A. in battle and difficult circumstances. We let Iraq sink into the hands of those vowing to kill us. Iraq had a paper army with guys looking to make money, but run from battle. We threw out the professional soldiers of Iraq as if they caught the plague from Saddam Hussein. All of our military died for nothing in Iraq.

This is not funny. This is not something we can pretend did not happen. Those lost and wounded had their sacrifice thrown into the garbage heap. This Viet Nam type of “loss” is all in the hands of our executive branch of our government. Our failed inept diplomacy reflects the weakness and cowardice in our executive branch. Our military were brave and paid the ultimate sacrifice for a retreat from Iraq.

This question is dumb of course, because it will not bring back our dead. However, I have the question now. Do our allies expect our leadership to have any courage? We are forecasting now that the “Junior varsity team” of ISIS or ISIL or DASH or whatever damn name we dream up cannot be conquered without 30 years! That is so dumb. This is the same crew that called them JV. Now the terrorists cannot be conquered by the USA and allies without 30 years of warfare and more death? I do not trust our leadership. I do not believe the excuses from our leadership. I am glad my son came back from Iraq and is no longer in the army to serve under this leadership.

We should have never sent our military into Iraq. We need to wait for a leader to take office in the U.S.A. for facing up to the terrorists and plans of conquest threatening our allies. Drone attacks and targeted murders by special forces do not stop terrorism or conquest. Only armies stop enemies on the march for conquest. General Grant from the civil war understood that war is bloody and brutal. The best plan is to swiftly attack and defeat the opposing forces. This reduces the blood shed by not fighting for 30 years.

General Grant did not rely on only brute force to win. He used telegraph wires to pass scouting information ahead of the battle. He did use lethal swift attacks without excuses for weather, terrain, or being outnumbered. He drank too much, was slovenly in dress, and smoked too much. He would never be chosen today. Our rules are to look good and politically correct. Our rules are not to win.

Lincoln need to end the war.  He promoted a warrior to win.

Lincoln need to end the war. He promoted a warrior to win.

I would never have invaded Iraq. Our motto now is we want to lose. We want to wallow in our guilt. We do not celebrate warriors who kill our enemies. We do not want to offend our enemies. Only evil people kill enemies. We prefer to celebrate deserters and retreat.

NBC reports religion poll good for Democrats?

May 17, 2015

Meet the Press had a “nerd segment” by chief nerd Chuck Todd. It was not his analysis work but he got to read a script based on polling analysis by Dante Chinni. The poll published in July of 2014 by Pew Research identified 70% of the USA population connects with Christian beliefs. There was a category “none” on beliefs that had 22.8%. The Chuck Todd report ignored Muslim & Jewish segments of the USA. Pew Research did cover all segments in their report.

According to Chuck Todd, this report gives Democrats more strength because the “none” people voted for Obama as president. Why did NBC ignore the Muslims and Jews? The “none” people are younger voters. More importantly the question is why did NBC dredge up as a “news” item the Pew Research report from July of 2014? The punch line of this Chuck Todd segment was that this report raised problems for Republicans. NBC always finds problems for Republicans. Plus NBC creates fake problems for Republicans, such as AMTRAK funding.

In this same program of May 17 was an assertion by Chuck Todd that Republicans do not want to add funding of heavy Democrat areas that are majority of AMTRAK riders. This analysis is so stupid it is amazing. East coast and West coast population is mostly Democrat so Republicans will not properly fund AMTRAK with mostly Democrat riders?

Chuck Todd has no dynamic personality. His lack of insight and mediocre communication skills weakens the franchise of Meet the Press.

Does he look comfortable or creepy?

Does he look comfortable or creepy?

ABC news interrogator George

May 15, 2015
Political hack now a media puppet for propaganda

Political hack now a media puppet for propaganda

ABC “news” man George Stephanopoulos donated $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation. George said he loves poor children by donating money to this Clinton Foundation. Can anyone explain how much does this foundation really spend on charitable works? George will never bother asking or investigating this foundation to demand the answers. Even Bill Clinton explained that he doesn’t know much about the foundation that was started by him and Hillary. He just works there, yuk, yuk, yuk?

So George interrogated and grilled the author of Clinton Cash, Peter Schweizer. He was bellicose and irate that Peter dared to publish a book that was based on speculation smearing Hillary. Did not George as the moderator of Republican debates, demand Romney to defend why Republicans were planning to prohibit birth control. Romney seemed confused because there was no plan to prohibit birth control. Romney’s confusion was just a confirmation to Stephanopoulos that a nefarious plot was somewhere out there in hidden Republican bunkers.

So the news segment did not present any new information or insights, because George wasted time on cross examination speeches that did not allow the author time to talk. George is now in hiding from his own spotlight of conflict of interest. He is not worth the time and attention he is getting.

Did Obama scalp Indian princess Warren?

May 13, 2015

We recognize the mud wrestling in politics is entertaining. Our president slammed Elizabeth Warren into the mud pit recently. The Democrats are blocking approval in the Senate for Obama to proceed with a Pacific Trade deal he is negotiating. (God help us!)

“Elizabeth is a politician, you know, like everybody else.” Declared our impartial and imperial president. Of course Obama is above the mud slinging and back stabbing of politics now. Why? Because he is not running for office. All of his time is occupied fund raising for his Narcissus Foundation. He loves himself, and wants to let the whole world know how lovable he really is!

The “politician” label connects Warren to choosing a position for positive polling on her popularity with socialists and communists. This Pacific Trade deal might create more jobs than the Keystone Pipeline bill Obama killed. It was even more hysterical to see the Democrats bitch about the “politician” label as evil and sexist attack on Indian Princess Warren. Of course nobody is a politician in the Washington elite of federal government.

In happier times before Obama slapped Warren with POLITICIAN label.

In happier times before Obama slapped Warren with POLITICIAN label.

Muslim leaders avoid meeting our president

May 11, 2015

We got snookered by our fearless leader. President Obama campaigned, and made speeches on how the USA had a president that was sensitive and connected to the Muslim countries. He implied that he was the president to unite and connect with Muslim countries. He has failed and insulted our Muslim leaders over his presidency.

There is a Gulf Nations conference that was to give our “look at me everybody” president another media spot light. More leaders are canceling to meet and those canceling are the major powers. Will the commercial news media pretend this means nothing? What is the point of pretending there is a consensus of support on the United States policies in the Gulf region? This is all a massive “snow job” by our president.

Gulf Cooperation Council of Muslim nations of the region have 6 leaders. Do not hold your breath for all of them to show up to the Obama public relations event. The one problem listed at top of reasons by Gulf partners is that nobody knows Obama. He just shows up and leaves after the pictures and his speech is over. Nobody knows him. He loves selfies, YouTube video, and waving to photographers. He does not bother to spend personal time to get to know our allies. The Gulf leaders do not know who our president really is. Welcome to the club. Nobody in the USA knows who our president really is.

So the conference is all show. He is a “confidence man” that appears to be sincere and involved, while planning his next vacation or golfing trip. Nobody knows our president, and nobody cares at this point.

We love selfies!  What me worry?

We love selfies! What me worry?

Congratulations to USA starting nuclear arms race!

May 8, 2015

Our president is very pleased with the “framework” Iran has accepted for a potential “agreement” to limit nuclear armament. Somehow, the countries that neighbor Iran do not expect things to get better. Saudi Arabia recognizes that a weak framework will collapse and kill them. Our president will be gone fund raising for his Obama Narcissus Foundation. Saudi Arabia cannot rely upon the USA at this point.

The annual arms bazaar in Yaba Daba Doo has Saudi Arabia again spending record amounts to add to armaments. This confirms they have no trust in the USA as a reliable partner in the many alliances and defense pacts agreed upon in previous presidencies.

Saudi Arabia Defense Minister at arms bazaar with open check book.

Saudi Arabia Defense Minister at arms bazaar with open check book.

The legacy of the inept and indecisive foreign policy of Obama is a nuclear arms race in the Middle East because nobody trusts the USA. We do find it funny in a sick way that Iran is happy dealing with the USA. Our allies are not happy with the USA. You can’t make everybody happy. So we are glad our president chose Iran to make happy instead of our allies.

TEHRAN, IRAN - JULY 14:  Supreme Leader of Iran Ali Khamenei (L) meets with president of Iran Hassan Rouhani and cabinet ministeriel about the ongoing Israeli military airstrikes on Gaza in Tahran, Iran on July 14, 2014. (Photo by Agency/Getty Images)

TEHRAN, IRAN – JULY 14: Supreme Leader of Iran Ali Khamenei (L) meets with president of Iran Hassan Rouhani and cabinet ministeriel about the ongoing Israeli military airstrikes on Gaza in Tahran, Iran on July 14, 2014. (Photo by Agency/Getty Images)

Does Jar Jar Binks have a fan club?

May 7, 2015

Everybody is supposed to be so anxious and excited about the upcoming Star Wars new movie. Just consider if the new movie introduces a character more lame and obnoxious than Jar Jar Binks! Meesa no like Jar Jar Binks.

Today we know what Jar Jar Binks would do as president.

Today we know what Jar Jar Binks would do as president.

Now we have to live with someone as inept and confused as that fictional alien as the leader of our country. We are being rude to recognize the stupidity that is rampant across our country over the last 6 years. These years have been more painful and irritating than watching a Jar Jar Binks festival of movie clips.

There are rumors that Jar Jar Binks will leave the Empire to enter the intellectual zoo as a keeper. Our fearless leader is going to become a professor to confuse future generations. How rude!

BRIDGE OF SIGHS is waiting

May 7, 2015

Some musicians have the rare creative talent that shines out across the wasteland of the music business. The millennial generation has not crossed the Bridge of Sighs to know the mystic groove of Robin Trower. Long Misty Days is another trip down the river of music that carries us along. Robin Trower has endured the decades of many musical fads that ruined musicians chasing popularity. His music is genuine expression of his view of the music that is in him. It is safe to say you have not heard anyone today that can imitate his electric guitar style. As a Blues fan, he does have respect for the foundation of blues that became electric psychedelic blues in England. That’s Alright Mama from the album Roots and Branches is a slow shuffle blues that stays in the blues groove right through.

Robin Trower takes us into a mystic groove with his music.

Robin Trower takes us into a mystic groove with his music.

His collaboration with Jack Bruce on 7 Moons album takes us to another world of music that is now in the capable hands of Beck today. Just Another Day paints a world of dreams that are more important than the waking world. The question posed asks us to decide if our dreams should set our course for what we do in “the real world”. Many of the musicians are dying that surrounded Robin Trower and many that inspired him are dead. Jack Bruce left a legacy that can be enjoyed today.

Go across the Bridge of Sighs to cross the river of mediocrity in our culture today. You might find a new way to see the world.

Fantasy advertising luxury cars are depressing

May 5, 2015
Forget the exorbitant price, buy the fantasy ad world?

Forget the exorbitant price, buy the fantasy ad world?

Advertising used to be direct. Happy families enjoying a car trip out of the city. That was a fantasy with well behaved children not fighting or “Don’t touch me!” “You touched me!”

The affluent market target for Lexus is millennial DINK segment. Double Income No Kids For some inexplicable reason a lot of the locations are subterranean in city in a concrete tomb. What is the message? You are entombed working in the city, so escape with a car you cannot afford? The car or lease payments are equal to rent money.

These luxury ads are not uplifting or inspiring. Don’t we deserve to be coddled? Don’t we merit some happy fairy tales on life after buying the car? I am sure Lexus has some amazing cars. But let me indulge my Baby Boomer inner child. When I went to a car dealer with my dad to buy his new Chevy, I was glued to the 1963 red Corvette Sting Ray sitting in the show room. That car made a statement without any words. Nobody had to tell me about hormones and sex appeal looking at that car. Babe magnet fantasy land in my post puberty mind was racing while drooling over that car.

I would never buy that car or any recent corvette, and I knew it was a hole in my future that I cannot replace. Chevy did not have subliminal advertising with dark concrete bunkers in city labyrinths. How about happy millennials laughing as they leave work on Friday night? Try avoiding Lexus ads using concrete bunkers and exploding light bulbs?

Seattle preparing for May day anarchists

April 30, 2015

Seattle was surprised by anarchist rampage in 2012 that disrupted the city with violent demonstrations. 2014 was tense with confrontations also. Anarchists are an odd bunch. How can you anarchists organize anything? Their core belief is in random acts of insanity to force people out of control.

Why is Seattle such a mecca for the angry outcries? Why not Dubuque Iowa? Seattle is a nice tourist destination and mild climate. Anarchists enjoy robbing from richer towns in beautiful country. Molotov cocktails, frenzied hysteria on the doom of our society, and stealing stuff are all predictable essentials of any anarchist event. Somebody has to claim they were harmed by police. That is anticipated after throwing rocks, spitting, and defiantly cursing in a policeman’s face.

Most anarchists are not intelligent enough to figure out how to disrupt society. What is their major target to overthrow in our society? Nobody knows because they are not very bright.

Young anarchists lost and confused in Seattle 2014

Young anarchists lost and confused in Seattle 2014

Good luck for Seattle on May day 2015. Look out for confused anarchists.

Wesleyan University forcing women into Delta Kappa Epsilon

April 29, 2015

Tinkering and meddling by Wesleyan University is nuts. The Fraternity of Delta Kappa Epsilon after 150 years is being coerced and forced to allow women to live in their fraternity house. Why? As a parent I know that hormones can defeat common sense! What is this ideal world where all the men are gentlemen at all times? As a parent, I do not want women wandering the hallways of my son’s residence at all hours of day and night!

The answer to rape concerns, and inappropriate attention from young men, is to inject women in their living quarters 24 hours a day? What brilliant eunuch figured this solution? Gender equality means women must be housed in a male fraternity house? It is forbidden to permit gender privacy. It is evil to have ethnic or cultural preferences for association, too?

So today, the burning issue at Wesleyan University on the futures of their young men and women in academic studies is to close a fraternity if it does not allow women to live in fraternity house! Will this university take responsibility for the claims of rape and sexual harassment by the young women who take up residence?

Most students want to find a path to a productive and successful future working for a living. What young woman has her university goal to be the 1st female living at Delta Kappa Epsilon? How does that make your future dreams and plans different or better? Is there a quota system that requires so many women live at Delta Kappa Epsilon?

The president Michael S. Roth needs to allow young women to live in the president’s quarters or be accused of discrimination!

President Michael S. Roth

President sorry he killed some folks?

April 26, 2015

Warren Weinstein of Maryland is dead. Giovanni Lo Porto of Italy is dead. Money from the Treasury is being sent to their families now. USA refused to negotiate release of Weinstein, like we did for Bergdahl our deserter.

Our president has micro managed our military operations with his rules of engagement playbook. He bragged to New York Times how he personally approves the victims list for drone attacks.

Our military in Afghanistan had record casualties and deaths with his new combat restrictions, before a shot could be fired, or a support aircraft could be summoned to save our soldiers. However, the drones do not have such stringent restrictions. Why? Because it would make the process too cumbersome to kill Obama targets. So we have blown up families and bystanders near targets in vehicles and in buildings in neighborhoods. Nobody was there to take a picture, so no bad publicity to see on the carnage. No checks from the Treasury either.

Of course, we cannot blame our president. He will make it clear that Congress failed in overseeing the process. He will make it clear that the CIA gave the command to strike by drone. Who cares that our president feels sorrow on the accidental killings? He never suspected that a missile fired into a building might kill a bunch of folks not on the kill list? The important priority is that no CIA agents or special forces were on the ground to coordinate anything. Looking down from satellites for highflying drones targets is as close as we get now.

We know that nobody can promise no civilians will get killed in war. We know that shooting a missile has more chance of massive carnage of civilians, compared to a targeted attack with special forces. Drones are a diverse arsenal from massive robot stealth fighters to propeller sized attack craft.

Air Force X-47B stealth drone in flight

Air Force X-47B stealth drone in flight

What makes a drunk fall down?

April 25, 2015

“If I had my life to live over, I’d live over a saloon.”

Our future leaders of the USA have discovered cocktails, beer, and wine. Some have experienced the side effects of enjoying too many refreshments. Some may have even found themselves on the floor!

There are many laws that people break. There is one law that nobody can break! What is it?

Why does a drunk fall down? It is gravity!

This law of nature continues to keep our feet on the ground. It can drop your ass to the ground, too.
So please get drunk responsibly. Sit on the floor, like the Japanese to avoid falling.

USA will get more jobs with Hillary!

April 24, 2015
CLINTON FOUNDATION takes money from anybody pretending to be a charity.

CLINTON FOUNDATION takes money from anybody pretending to be a charity.

Let us hop on a private jet to ride with “Slick Willy” Clinton as he flies around the world in search of “donations” to his charity. Get to meet billionaires from Canada, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and see millions of dollars promised in donations just because everybody loves Clinton! Why does everybody love to give Clinton money for a charity that does not have much charity results? It was great that USA approved sale of big stake in Uranium mine to a company in Canada run by the Russians. Was that just dumb luck and a coincidence that the sale was approved after a $500,000 speech fee was paid to Bill?

My plan is to get all of the unemployed and working poor in the USA united. We need the Clinton Foundation to provide support and services for our citizens in need! We have no idea how much money spent in Haiti just went to the greedy dictator running that country.

Will Hillary start throwing money around the USA for aid and charity projects? Will they stop flying on private jets chasing money? Hobo folk will not get any hand outs from this foundation. We can wave to the Clintons as they fly high overhead in their private jet.

Did you get your email from "Hot Momma"?

Did you get your email from “Hot Momma”?

Remember our American Dream!

April 20, 2015

James Truslow Adams had his historical book Epic of America published in 1931. “The American dream, that has lured tens of millions of all nations to our shores in the past century has not been a dream of merely material plenty, though that has doubtlessly counted heavily. It has been much more than that. It has been a dream of being able to grow to fullest development as man and woman, unhampered by the barriers, which had been erected in the older civilizations, unrepressed by social orders which had been developed for the benefit of classes rather than for the simple human being of any and every class.”


Why are we pretending that our country is not the ideal and the envy of everyone who wants to live our American Dream? Why are we ashamed at our prosperity and accomplishments? We want our children to face the future with a swagger that proclaims our independence! I thank God that I was born here after my parents left Europe to come to USA after WWII. They chose to leave it all behind to be part of our American Dream.

This dream is a reality by the blood, sweat, tears, and sacrifices of many generations in the USA. We do not have the right to kill the dreams of generations before us. I refuse to let social engineers of a elite utopia nightmare take over our dream. I do not accept pretending we are not worthy of our dream. This dream is real for all who dare to dream.

Families risk death fleeing war

April 19, 2015

Chaos and danger are driving out refugees from Libya, Nigeria, Iraq, and Yemen. Families need to feed their children and find a place to sleep without getting killed. These are people impoverished by the constant war and struggles to overthrow governments. The process to become a leader in these countries is based on killing their political opponents.

Every leader stands upon skulls in the climb to power. Dads and moms know there is no mercy and no justice in the struggle for power. They leave with their children to find someplace that offers any hope for a future. My parents came to the USA after WWII to flee Stalin’s domination of Lithuania. They had nothing but a desire to have a future.

My parents secured a safe passage to the USA with a work visa for dad to work on farm in Ohio. The families fleeing the chaos of war have no place to find organized refuge. Many have scraped up the money to get passage on old freighters and ferries that are overloaded for maximum profit. In the last 12 months, 10,000 have been rescued after sinking at sea. Thousands have drowned. They know the danger and risk of death on overloaded old boats. They take the chance of death by drowning for a future life going to Europe into countries that do not want them.

Our foreign policy does create ripples that become tidal waves to small countries like Libya. We elected to overthrow their dictator. We did not have a plan to maintain and restore order in the power struggles for a new leader to claim leadership in Libya. We lost our ambassador Stevens in this chaos after USA killed their dictator. Now families are drowning in their flight to safety anywhere.

Don't ask for permission from your mortal enemies.

Don’t ask for permission from your mortal enemies.

Coonhound devotion for family of pack

April 17, 2015

Coonhounds are a special breed of dog. Millie has devotion to her pack dogs, our pets. When our Keeshond goes for a veterinarian visit, she drags me outside as she tracks his scent by our driveway where he hopped into my wife’s car. When he comes home from the vet, she is running around like it is Christmas morning. Her tail is wagging, and she has to sniff his head.

Her little buddy “Poochie” is our rescue mutt that is a mix of Shih Tzu and miniature Poodle. When we saved Millie as a puppy dumped near our woods, Poochie enjoyed knocking her over as top dog. Know that she is 3 times his size, she enjoys playing chase me every day with him. My wife just took him for a Spring hair cut and shampoo. Millie is sad and trying to track down her missing buddy.

Coonhound wants her little buddy back home now!  His empty bed is behind her.

Coonhound wants her little buddy back home now! His empty bed is behind her.

You cannot ignore the bonds of loyalty and devotion to family and dog pack of our Treeing Walker Coonhound Millie. When Poochie comes home from the groomer, she will pick on him that he smells different after the shampoo. Her boys endure her bossing them around, because she has to be the leader of the pack. Millie is loyal, loving, and the sheriff of our home.

AMERICAN SNIPER hurt feelings of whining students

April 10, 2015

Michigan State University found 300 students bitching about the movie AMERICAN SNIPER. These students protest that this movie is biased against Muslims.  Are these students affirming Muslim terrorists as representing the Muslim religion?  Being super sensitive against upsetting anyone whining about “hurt feelings”, somebody in University yanked the plan to show the movie about Chris Kyle.  I thank God that we still have men in this country like the new football coach Jim Harbaugh!

His reaction to the controversy at his University about this film was immediate and direct.  “Michigan Football will watch “American Sniper”! Proud of Chris Kyle & Proud to be an American & if that offends anybody then so be it.”  I love his direct and genuine response to the whiners on his campus.  We have the right to be Americans and we have nothing to apologize for a public display of our honoring those who protect our country.

USA and our citizens are not ashamed of our love of country.  We do not apologize to people who find our enthusiasm too rowdy.  This is a great country that has a powerful attraction to freedom lovers who are willing to sacrifice for great reward.  Coach Harbaugh is an American!  The offended Muslim students will need to deal adapt or leave the campus.  Protecting our freedom and honoring those who died protecting our freedom is more important to us.  Nobody is forced to live here.  Nobody is going to force us to be ashamed of our citizens or our patriotism.

Coach Harbaugh by his stand, turned the appeasing University stooges to reverse position.  The movie is being shown.  We all need to simply take a stand for our love of USA.

Coach Jim Harbaugh loves Michigan State University and the USA!

Coach Jim Harbaugh loves Michigan State University and the USA!

Jubilant street celebrations in Iran? Yeah, baby!

April 4, 2015

Our Secretary of State John Kerry has done the impossible!  He had the people in Iran dancing and celebrating in their streets over his “framework” of an agreement to be agreed upon for nuclear fuel.  He was very busy getting Swiss chocolate so he did not bring up the ballistic missiles Iran has bought to transport nuclear material.  We congratulate Kerry for making so many people in Iran happy.

I did not find anybody in my town honking car horns and celebrating the nuclear deal!  It did seem odd that nobody in the USA feels this is a great deal, but everybody is celebrating in Iran?

It is confusing to follow anyway.  Iran had their “framework” of an agreement to be completed.  Kerry had his “framework” of an agreement to be completed.  So we do not have an agreement, but we expect both versions of the “FRAMEWORK” to match sometime.

After 3 months, we decided we need 3 more months together?  Why not hold these talks in Israel?

The most holy Ayatollah Khomeni of Iran is about to get the infamous 3 Stooges double eyejab from Detective Drebin used by Moe on Curly quite often.

The most holy Ayatollah Khomeni of Iran is about to get the infamous 3 Stooges double eyejab from Detective Drebin used by Moe on Curly quite often.

Buffett finds it easy to take money

March 26, 2015
Buffett using private jet

The news media treat Warren Buffett as a beloved great grandfather of our economy.  I view him as more of a vampire sucking up great amounts of money to only make money for himself. Rich people always find leeches and media gushing praise.  Why is the “Oracle of Omaha” viewed as a blood sucker?

Recent history from the upheaval in the USA and the world in financial collapse of 2008 is where W.B. showed his fangs.  Goldman Sachs “agreed” to take billions in cash from Berkshire Hathaway of W.B., but at Shylock terms of 10%.  Beggars can’t be choosers, and W.B. chuckled counting his money by getting nose bleed interest rate and option to convert into shares of common stock of Goldman Sachs.

Just this week Berkshire Hathaway that owns a large amount of Heinz common stock, engineered a  merger and acquisition of Kraft foods to make a Frankenstein monster giant food company.  So W.B. suggests to Heinz board that buying Kraft is a great deal.  Kraft share holders will make a lot of money.  Heinz share holders have not seen any great gains while connected with Berkshire Hathaway.  Plus the financing for the takeover by Berkshire Hathaway “earns” a generous financing charge.  Heinz was not in a position to say no to any of this Frankenstein monster plan.

The laws and regulations lobbied by W.B. at White House seem to favor Berkshire Hathaway?  This is a total surprise to us common folk that watch the billionaires kiss the royal rump of our president of USA!

W.B. sucks but nobody can get him off the stage!

W.B. sucks but nobody can get him off the stage!

Stealing money from US Steel

March 19, 2015

Empty suit in chair of POTUS

Empty suit in chair of POTUS

Everybody in the USA deserves a fair chance and a fair shot at getting a good job per our president. Talk is cheap. Why is the import of steel from China flooding USA and shutting down our local steel plants? Our Federal Reserve policy has the strong dollar make our exports more expensive outside of USA. Our allowing China to flood our markets with steel sold below cost is subsidized by China to shut down our steel industry. Our president has been taking steps to fix this for the last 4 years!? Hope our steel industry figured out that they are on their own to fix our monetary problems, and to counter China stealing our steel business.

We cannot afford to wait 2 more years until we get a new president. In 2 years, our steel plants will be shrunk and those jobs will be GONE. Like all of our dire problems, our president tells us he is focused like a laser on the problem, and he will get back to us on his progress in a couple of years. We know how that goes.

We have a resilient group of business leaders in the steel industry. They cannot fix monetary exchange problems. They cannot stop China from exporting steel below cost.

How about our president insist that China must allow the steel workers union to be in every plant in China? How about mandatory health care benefits and maternity leave on any imported steel company? How about all imported steel must go through the West Coast sea ports on the work slow down holding up shipments for 4 weeks?

 I am too simple to be fooled.

I am too simple to be fooled.

It is all my fault.

March 7, 2015
Europe fought 300 years failing to rid themselves of Muslims.

My parents came from Lithuania after WWII to the USA. I am guilty of white privilege. They came here with nothing, no relatives to help them. My success was due to oppressing minorities and taking advantage of former slaves. My ancestors killed during the Crusades a thousand years ago. It is my guilt that Muslims today kill Jewish delicatessen store owners. It is my fault that dumb ass converts to Muslim are killing today. Chopping off heads, burning people alive, and butchering families of Christians is my fault.

I have been reviewing this. SCREW THEM! I am not giving a free pass to killers, thieves, whiners, and “life is not fair” protesters. In fact, I will hurt somebody’s feelings! Life is tough. USA is the land of opportunity. We are not a sympathy vending machine handing out money for the Crusades or Jihad wannabe idiots. Don’t bug me with my guilt being a white man. I am proud of my family, and what we have accomplished without handouts, welfare, or stealing.

My parents came here as “legal aliens” with nothing but determination to start a new life after losing everything in the war. I am a first generation citizen. My parents came over on a battle ship from Europe. My wife’s family came over on the Mayflower. What a great country!

Nobody is going to make me feel guilty on what I achieved. There are a lot of people richer than I am. Good for them! There are a lot of people poorer than me. We do sponsor Roman Catholic charities to help.

It is time for the USA to start losing our patience. Don’t blame us for Jihad, slavery, and illegal aliens demanding hand outs! The complaint window is officially closed.

Don't ask for permission from your mortal enemies.

Don’t ask for permission from your mortal enemies.

Did Hillary invent “e-mail” as Secretary of State?

March 5, 2015
CLINTON FOUNDATION takes money from anybody pretending to be a charity.

That creepy looking lady was our Secretary of State representing our country. It would be seem pretty basic that she would be provided stationary for letters, an email address in our government for official communications, and maybe even a portable phone. I was more than stunned to learn that Hillary Clinton NEVER set up a government email account. I am sure the CIA and NSA all agree that her security system was superior to the U.S.A. government?

Excuse me, but is she NUTS? The Chief of Staff for the President and the security procedures in our government were ignored because she said so? What is the reason she used? It was too hard to remember her password?

If you worked the Securities Industry, and you set up a personal e-mail to conduct business, then you are fired and fined immediately. But if you represent the U.S.A. as Secretary of State, then sending confidential and secret e-mail as “Hot Momma” is no problem!

So secret e-mail on Benghazi in her private secret account is recorded how? It reminds me of her billing records as a lawyer that finally turned up in a car trunk in auto salvage yard in Arkansas, years after they were subpoenaed. Funny how stuff just walks away from Hillary. Not very funny for those families that still have no answer on their deaths.

Did you get your email from "Hot Momma"?

Did you get your email from “Hot Momma”?

Staying warm is best revenge

February 18, 2015
Wisconsin out of propane!  I'm not out of wood!

My wife knows I am a big baby! I never get sick. I had a cold for 10 days but luckily no fever or flu. However, even with sub zero weather, I do not mind hauling in fire wood to keep us cozy and toasty warm 74 degrees. Our furnace is set at 68, so the extra warmth is courtesy of our fireplace.

Stacking the wood in October and November made my life easier now in deadly weather. It is a short walk from our side door to haul in more fuel. Splitting and stacking wood is real work, but worth the effort to stay warm in the dead of Winter. I have some improvements in mind for organizing the wood stacks for this coming Fall. But I am very happy that I spent the time and effort that is keeping us warm today.

My wife appreciates the extra warmth that doesn’t cost us a dime extra. When we are out with the dogs, the scent of oak and cedar wood from the chimney is a welcome reminder of the waiting warmth inside. The sun is shining. The wind is blowing from the North West. It is below zero outside, and we can enjoy the view without frosted windows.

Feb 18, 2015 below zero but we don't care.

Feb 18, 2015 below zero but we don’t care.

We harvested dead trees earlier this year. In high winds dead trees do kill people when crashing down. In hot Summer droughts, wild fires are a serious threat. These trees now keep us warm, and our neighbors are safer with selective harvesting. The Menominee Nation are masters of timber management. We welcome their men and women who cleared our dead trees.

Global Warming conference canceled due to snow

February 17, 2015
Obama closed federal government due to SNOW?

Federal government declared today a “snow emergency” with 6 inches of snow in Washington, D.C. today! Our greatest threat to security is our own federal government being afraid of the snow! All government offices are closed today after the federal holiday President’s Day. It is time to regain our pioneer heritage and face the challenges nature throws at us.

President Obama continues to claim that Global Warming Climate Change is our greatest problem? We have survived as a country droughts, blizzards, tornadoes, and hurricanes without demanding billions for wasted research. The ultimate goal is to regulate the climate so that it is never hot or cold, but just lukewarm. Does anybody believe this fairy tale of climate control?

Our president is not setting any goals. He needs billions and billions more to “improve” stuff but not achieve anything.

Federal budget must be bigger to save our world!

Federal budget must be bigger to save our world!

President throws spears from Ethiopia at Republican candidates?

July 27, 2015

The terrorist groups threatening governments like Ethiopia are a growing problem. USA needs to be a strong ally and not just offering speeches. It seemed odd that our president distracted attention from these serious issues in Africa to whine about political campaigns in USA.

The Republican who wins the election for president will have to deal with a locked front door. Obama is keeping the keys. He does need to take his dogs when leaving town. We can be sure that our former president will be constantly on television sharing his suggestions to the new president. Thanks for the big help?

We know that the Republican party was responsible for holding the USA hostage according to our imperial tourist president. He never knew what was going on until he saw it in the news. However, he always felt the need to write the news he was about to read. Republicans were terrorists that wanted to throw grandma off the cliff to save money in the budget. The people of Ethiopia probably do not worry about politics in the USA.

Our next president should offer Obama the opportunity to visit Iran on the great deal he claims he got for USA. By 2017 the problems of the deal should be very evident for everyone to see.

President eats more than average family of 4 in Ethiopia.

President eats more than average family of 4 in Ethiopia.

cult followers; Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!

July 23, 2015

Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! has opened the door into mass hysteria as fun! Thunder Levin has elevated Kitsch with reverent adulation of minor celebrities in his new category of horror. The blood spatters drenched in this story every minute of the movie. The commercial breaks gave everyone a minute to text or Twitter their comments. The Tweets appeared at next commercial break to share the audience comments.

Mark Cuban plays a gun toting shark killer President of USA!

Mark Cuban plays a gun toting shark killer President of USA!

Thunder Levin has taken the climate threat change to a new level of brilliance. The random eruption of tornado storms that rain down sharks on the USA is awesome! The predictions of doom are graphically realized with hysterical carnage. Thunder is laughing at the premise that solemn predictions of climate doom will end the world. We are all going to die? “Oh, Hell No!” We got the warrior spirit to chain saw and shot gun sharks into bloody bits.

When will PETA do their job? How can the mass slaughter in graphic detail of sharks be tolerated? Why do sharks merit this lunacy? Ok, these are not baby seals getting their heads bashed in for pelts. These sharks revel in devouring humanity. We are getting what we deserve? There is no heavy reflection on anything in this carousel of carnage. The pace of killing leaves you dizzy.

I look forward to college courses analyzing and debating the Sharknado with as much gusto as the prolific zombie cult. It was great to see the NBC morning crew devoured by sharks! Everyone needs to enjoy rubber sharks. Thank you Thunder Levin! He even killed the author from Game of Thrones! Everybody loved getting killed by his sharks dropped by tornado storms.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

July 18, 2015

A hysterical comedy from 1988 helps us understand our White House today. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels has Steve Martin deluding himself into believing he is the ultimate con man fleecing money from sympathetic women. However, he discovers that he is a small time hustler compared to Michael Caine living like royalty off the money stolen from wealthy tourists visiting his coastal paradise. You really need to see the movie, or watch it again. The two con men make a bet who can swindle a recent visitor who appears to be a gullible and klutzy young woman with too much money.

Steve Martin pretends to be a crippled veteran competing against Michael Caine who pretends to be a world famous doctor to win the money of Glenne Headly.

Steve Martin pretends to be a crippled veteran competing against Michael Caine who pretends to be a world famous doctor to win the money of Glenne Headly.

Finally, I see how recent events belong in this Hollywood farce. We started to see news about how the IRS targeted conservative groups that challenged the Democrats support of Obama for 2012 election. Our president was indignant and publicly reassured the USA that all of the wrong doers will be cast out of paradise. However, our president later confirmed “There is not a smidgen of wrong doing!” So everything is ok and we should ignore the destroyed emails and applaud the retirement of Lois Lerner who wanted the Justice Department to file charges on conservative groups.

I remember seeing our president on television promise all of us that “If you like your health insurance plan, then you can keep your health insurance plan. Nobody will take it away from you!” Then he did mumble some excuse that maybe he did not explain that of course his Affordable Care Act did force insurance companies to close our health insurance plans. That seemed to shut us up. Of course, one of his overpaid consultants had to blab and brag about how stupid we were about the scam inside Affordable Care Act. Jonathan Gruber was smirking and pompous on video joking about us “stupid voters” who would be fleeced just like a con man in the comedy movie.

Our president had amnesia and could not seem to remember the millions of dollars paid for the advice of the con man Gruber. Did Gruber come to the White House for meetings? He was just somebody that showed up and Obama did not pay attention to him.

Obama cannot remember talking to this guy!

Obama cannot remember talking to this guy!

Now we have Planned Parenthood in the news. Women who get abortions using their facilities get to sign a form letting the corpse be butchered for selling body parts. Doctor Deborah Nucatola was sipping wine and nibbling on a healthy salad while chatting about selling body parts from what would have been live babies until killed by abortion. This seemed to insult and upset people. So the CEO of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards apologized “for the tone” of the insensitive discussion of selling body parts. I felt like vomiting when I learned how a fetus became a parts department. What kind of person can carve up these babies every day and haggle on the price the parts are worth? I am really upset that the Affordable Care Act was defended and sold as a “woman’s health benefit” by offering a pipeline for Planned Parenthood body parts sale.

I believe that Jesus lived with us to help children of God to find their path to salvation. I do not accept an apology on language that was insensitive. I do not accept a bazaar selling body parts like a flea market. I am tired of being played for a fool by politicians way too smart to talk down to us dumb folk.

Immediate job opening for radiation inspector in Iran!

July 15, 2015
Radiation detector by Mazur is available at Amazon.

Radiation detector by Mazur is available at Amazon.

Today the press conference by President Obama droned on and on and on. Of course, any solution to any problem in the Mideast requires asking everybody so nobody can blame him. We know our president cannot and will not ever take any effort to do any work on real problems. He can dedicate a lot of time to talk to the press and lecture Congress on their failings. His twisted logic defending the advantages of lifting all sanction on Iran before they comply with nuclear controls had everyone stumped.

If you want a job with no future, then buy your radiation detector, Ebola diarrhea suit, and head to Iran. You have a job! Be sure to avoid Jihad beheadings while you are there. The president will explain how to use your radiation meter and how to contact John Kerry on any questions of lethal threats against your life.


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