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hobo jungle drums warning USA

be careful of bad ju ju! the hobo czar may have to find a job, since Obama will eliminate the office of hobo relations. we're on our own! that's nothing new?!

Wiretap of candidate Trump

February 21, 2018

Commercial News Media dismisses anything to investigate from the golden age of Obama as 44th President. Why did 44 allow Putin to send in his Trolls? Why didn’t Obama alert citizens of USA? Why did Obama DENY this invasion?

Hoboduke Nonsense

Back in January, 2014 our former president Obama assigned Eric Holder to review the surveillance programs in the USA.  This was in response to public concerns raised by Edward Snowden revealing extensive snooping in our country when he left Hawaii in 2013.  The wiretap surveillance of Donald J Trump done in 2016 was to check on his connection to Russian spies or Russian hookers.

Ben Rhodes was busy attacking President Trump on Twitter because Obama never started any wiretaps.  Technically correct, because he sent his minions and lackey to get FISA court to approve the desired wiretap of Trump Tower.  Obama had his Holder checklist to keep his fingerprints off any surveillance he desired to protect the USA from Trump.

I worked for TIME in the magazine production department during the Watergate investigations legal and illegal.  The commercial news media were like a pack of hounds let loose on the hunt.  I…

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Presidency stole by 13 Russians

February 19, 2018

Poor Hillary Clinton has been humiliated by her losing her presidency because of  13 Trolls from Russia!   Shazam!  WHAT HAPPENED?  Rumpelstiltskin and his dozen comrades invaded USA to burrow into social media for sale to anybody with enough rubles.  Our history of espionage is filled with small time chiselers creating mayhem without a lot of resources because we are greedy and hire dimwits because they are cheap.

On President’s Day my reflections on our 44th President Obama needs to include his Secretary of State; Hillary R. Clinton.  They crafted a RESET policy with Russia.   Geiger counters were clicking as USA approved a massive sale of our Uranium through the intervention of Hillary.  Putin was smiling with Obama pledging to concede bordering countries to Russia as easy pickings.  Hidden in plain sight on Facebook and Twitter were 13 secret agents walking among us in protest marches in USA.

It is only a nasty rumor that Hillary paid for hookers in Russia to provide invented stories about candidate Trump.  These Hookers set in motion our intelligence organizations to investigate cloaked in secrecy the whole campaign organization of Donald J Trump who is our 45th President.  Hillary used Bimbo talent in Russia to justify a massive surveillance operation consuming thousands of hours of field work.  This plot for a TV comedy show would be rejected as too stupid and crazy to be funny.  Hillary does belong on The Gong Show.

There are 4 graves from Benghazi that Hillary dug all by herself.  These 13 Russians were happy for their assignment to USA to indulge themselves in fund raiser parties and enjoy our decadent excesses in political campaigns.  Trump eats at McDonald’s.  Hillary eats at 5 star restaurants using money from wealthy donors.


Protecting the life of future president Trump.


Media frenzy “Who is Red Gerard?”

February 11, 2018

The power of dreams in youth can move mountains.  Or can conquer mountains covered in snow.  A young man qualified to join the USA Olympic Snowboard Team named “Red” Gerard.  The dreams of youth do not ask permission to come true.  This boy was nurtured in a typical family home that moved from Ohio to Colorado.  The mountains and hills in Colorado shaped his future.  His family endorsed his love of nature as a good path for his growth.

Red reporting for duty to take on mountains in Colorado!

Nobody convinced the Gerard family that Red has no chance to make the 2018 Olympics.  He obviously loves snowboarding.  Our sons followed their loves.  Our oldest trekked to the mountains of Montana after returning from combat in Iraq.  Our youngest continues to play hockey and coach kids in hockey.  Competing in the Olympics is an amazing level of skill.  Winning Gold in the Olympics is a joy to celebrate for the Gerard family.  Red had the drive and the commitment to persevere in his personal quest.

Instagram posting by Gerard clan with “WOAH” Red!

Congratulations!  Thank you Red Gerard!  Follow your dream!


Nobody can catch this car!

February 7, 2018

Nobody can top this!  Elon Musk unleashed the biggest rocket of the USA from his Space Exploration Technology Corporation today!

His rocket is 230 feet long.  It is powered by 27 rocket engines.  The payload was unique!  His car company sent a Tesla Roadster to fly 140 millions miles to Mars.  Why not?

Elon Musk sent his sports car for a 140 million mile ride, without having to add any miles to his car.  Someday a Martian will be driving his car on Mars.  Nice that he sent a red car to the red planet.  He has set a tough act to follow for any billionaire!

I am a Crumb Bum!

February 3, 2018

Hollywood legends, sports heroes, and folks looking for a nice night out went to Saloon Keeper Toots Shor!  His personality always had him table hopping to visit everyone visiting his saloon.  Reporters and gossip column writers spent time and money hanging out for a story.  He also threw out people he found were irritating his friends.  This was not a fancy five star place.  Steaks and cocktails were served a lot.  That’s my style anyway.  Okay, raw oysters, clam chowder, and lobster are for a more expensive night out.

His sense of humor could be a little tough.  His buddies were labeled Crumb Bum.  Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, and Marilyn Monroe sat down with the boys.  John Wayne closed the joint a few times, as did Frank Sinatra & pals.  Sometimes you never want the fun to end.  Sometimes you are happiest with your buddies.  Our Millennial sons and daughters of USA are returning a smile to my face seeing them having fun out on the town.

Jackie at Toots Shor

Finally I see the return of style and pride in appearance.  Sport coats and suits are coming back for young gentlemen.  Dresses are revealing young ladies sense of style instead of a peek a boo game.  People enjoy a good joke.  Nobody finds it funny to pester and preach all of the damn time.  I found it funny and sad that Toots Shor left Jackie Gleason passed out drunk and had people just walk over his carcass in his saloon.  Gleason ran up a tab worth thousands (a lot of money back in his day) that Toots held for a while.  Of course, Gleason had to always be the center of attention to appease his ego when he wasn’t passed out.

Joe DiMaggio avoided Toots after getting advice to brush off his love, Marilyn Monroe because she was a hooker.  I never give advice on love, and I don’t own a saloon.

We have rich politicians in our nation’s capitol.  Congress woman Nancy Pelosi sneered when dismissing importance of $1,000 bonus checks companies gave thousands of employees in 2018.  “Just crumbs!”  Did Nancy ever go to Toots Shor Saloon?  I would have been glad to be a official Crumb Bum!  Sometimes the most effective response to whiners and complainers is to give them the Bronx Cheer!

I hope more “crumbs” get into every home in 2018.  God bless us, everyone!

We know a SECRET

January 24, 2018

Folks from Wisconsin are plain spoken.  There are no secret messages when we talk.  I take pride in our Senator Ron Johnson.  Senator Johnson took the lid off a deep dark secret hidden in the sewers of Washington DC.  There is no room in  USA to protect swamp rats burrowing into dark shadows to hide illegal actions for their  Secret Society.

My parents and their fellow immigrants hated the initials SS as henchmen for Hitler reign of a thousand years.  This newly discovered Secret Society cannot hide from our laws.  Their secret plots are designed to let evil kill the good in our republic.  Senator Johnson has reacted as a citizen who loves our country and expects our laws of justice being blind to favor or prejudice.

For some odd reason only FOX reported and broadcast Senator Johnson revealing covert subversive assaults on our government.  I look forward to Senator Johnson proceeding to flush out the swamp rats in our FBI by his senate committee.  Why does a philandering husband chasing a woman in our FBI have 50,000 text messages he sent his paramour?  There has to be little work was ever done properly with a torrent of text messages during their illicit affair.

Commercial news media ignore and conceal the ongoing investigation underway by Senator Johnson to unmask and reveal the collusion within FBI secret society.  All of these subversive activities did not spontaneously appear in 2017.  President Obama administration oversight of Department of Justice are the questions that need to be answered.

We defend our freedoms under law from secret society.


Bronx cheer to Schumer Shutdown

January 20, 2018

Today is the 1st year anniversary for our 45th president; Donald J. Trump.  It seems appropriate that a fellow New Yorker give a Bronx Cheer to remind our president that people from New York can be rude, obnoxious and whine for pity.  New Yorkers are our little kids tugging at our pant leg to buy them a toy, or take them to McDonald’s.

The birth of the Bronx Cheer comes from the northern most boroughs of New York city.  There is a joy in giving the razz to your opposition in your ball field.  This has now carried into the hallowed halls of the museum known as our Senate.  Amid the marble statues and fine art portraits of our elected representatives is the sounds of belching, breaking wind and lips with tongue exposed giving the Bronx Cheer instead of debate.  Senator Charles Schumer is now the proud recipient of officially giving President Trump the 2018 Bronx Cheer!

Nobody likes a whining loser.  We admire a fighter willing to set high goals in spite of huge opposition.  Nobody that is a whining loser can fool people by posing as a fighter.   Desperate to win on anything, Senator Schumer throws road blocks to our budget process. This act of defiance on blocking the national budget is to show he is fighting for who exactly?

This dimwit uses a tiny flame to symbolize the torch held by Lady Liberty!

Reporters are still recovering from the bad news that the medical examination results of President Trump confirmed he will live for a long time.  This came as a shock to the ban fast food and soda pop mafia.  Most of them are overweight and nag too much.  Now they must regroup to explain how this president refuses to submit to blackmail on allowing illegal aliens exemption from immigration laws.

I love New York and I admire the hustle and bustle in the financial hub of our world.  I respect those characters doing the Bronx Cheer!  Shutdown Schumer needs to do the cheer instead of whining.