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hobo jungle drums warning USA

be careful of bad ju ju! the hobo czar may have to find a job, since Obama will eliminate the office of hobo relations. we're on our own! that's nothing new?!

Historic speech for future of USA

March 1, 2017

On February 28, 2017 President Trump delivered his first speech to our country on goals and problems we all face together.  Speaker of the House Paul Ryan was handed the text of this speech prior to President Trump delivering his speech.

On November 5, 2016 my wife and I were invited by Senator Johnson to meet him and Michael Gallagher candidate for Congress on their Wisconsin bus campaign stop.  Gallagher is a marine veteran endorsed by retiring Congressman Reid Ribble.  We arrived at Gallagher’s Pizza (his uncle) in Green Bay prior to the 5:00 PM event time.  The street front  dining area was operating for normal service.  The back banquet room had a small group of 50 people.  There were many men dressed in casual clothes but all wearing a ear piece plus all wearing a vest to conceal their weapons.  It seemed unusual to have such a high level of security.  I registered in with my digital Eventbrite confirmation.

First order of business was to go to the cash bar in front to get 2 beers for us.  Then we picked up some pizza from the guest table and chose seats close to the side entrance.  The campaign bus would drop off all by that side.  Suddenly a lot more men walked in from the side door, and all obviously more security.  All of these men were 30 years younger than me.  The campaign staff included college age volunteers.  It was nice to meet old friends and make some new ones.  Continual forecasts of doom from polling reports on commercial news media had me prepared to lose the election. However,  I refused to admit defeat without fighting until the end.  The enthusiastic young volunteers renewed my confidence in our future, and I did not admit defeat until the votes were tallied.

The door opened.  More security came in!  There had to be 25 armed men inside the banquet room with only 50 guests!  Then I saw the reason why.  Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (#3 ranked official in USA government) entered the room as the surprise guest.  We were very surprised.  Governor Walker, Senator Johnson, and candidate Gallagher with retiring Reid were all traveling together to campaign and attend the Packers Game on Sunday at Lambeau Field with Speaker Ryan.  We did not push to meet him, but as the evening wore on we did find Ryan free and my wife was very pleased to talk about family and friends.  We are especially fond of Michael Gallagher entering politics to replace our favorite Congressman Reid Ribble.  There was a halo of 4 security within arms length of Speaker Ryan at all times.  I certainly did not make any sudden gesture that might arouse concern!

The funniest spontaneous event at Gallagher’s was Ron Johnson beating Mike Gallagher at a beer chugging race!  Both of them laughed at the fun of the beer challenge.

We like Speaker Ryan and I wanted him to win his election.  The Republican pizza magic did work!  All candidates were victorious in election.  The crowning achievement was the election of Trump!  I did see him in Green Bay when he formally endorsed Ryan for reelection on August 5, 2016.


I was in the minority being a senior citizen.  Young families and college students and young blue collar workers owned the crowd majority.  This fact alone made me skeptical of relying on the opinion polls churned out by commercial news media on Trump loss.

My wife and I enjoy beer, pizza, and the patriots we know who do defend our country.  There were no press allowed in this event at Gallagher’s Pizza.

It is my pleasure to celebrate the national speech presented by President Trump on Tuesday February 28.  I know a lot of people who are making America great again!  This feels good!


And the loser is?

February 28, 2017

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has an annual ritual to pick winners in a lot of categories in a marathon ceremony.  This is commonly known and dubbed as The Oscars!  Most often a host is hired but on rare occasion a hostess is hired for this tedious event.  2017 had Jimmy Kimmel responsible for duties of Master of Ceremonies.

There is a definite shortage of wise cracks and good humor in this century!  Even dimwit comedians like Kimmel are elevated beyond their limited wit.  Twitter has a lot of comments under #Kimmelsucks in regard to the 2017 Oscars broadcast.  I am over the hill and I walk down to the graveyard to visit old buddies.  Nostalgia is not what it used to be!  In ancient times, Bob Hope served as a perennial host. His jokes and infectious humor involved unwilling participants dragged on stage to receive their Oscar.


The long running gag was based on Hope anxiously hoping every year that he will finally win the Oscar he coveted.  His movies with Bing Crosby were great clean fun On The Road to….. series of comedies with of course Bing singing.  Even Marlon Brando had to go along with the gag!  It was funny!  Actors and actresses got to ham it up in good natured fun by poking fun of themselves.

The Best Picture of the Year 2016 was something?  The Master of Ceremonies got stage fright and froze during a crisis in the proceedings.  Hope would assuredly reduce the tension by mugging a funny face and pop the balloon with a joke.  Kimmel seemed like an onlooker wandering on stage.  The audience does look to the Master of Ceremonies as their captain to lead the proceedings smoothly.  Kimmel was more like the skipper of the Valdez oil tanker before it broke up and polluted Alaska with oil.  Once it spills, nobody cares about explanations after the mess.  Kimmel is a weasel who skewered great talented actor Beatty and actress Dunaway to take his fall.  Kimmel failed to act and restore order amid chaos.  Nobody cares about his excuses after Kimmel mediocre performance diminished the glamour of Hollywood.

I vote to play reruns of old Oscar broadcasts until somebody is selected to host the ceremony that is entertaining and brings out the best of Hollywood.  Why is it “Jimmy”?   Why did “Bobby” Hope elected to be called Bob?  Kimmel definitely does not wear the mantle of a departed better entertainer; “Here’s Johnny!”


Hobo Index of Misery update

February 27, 2017

Dredged up this antique 2011 posting during the glory days of President Obummer reign. Now people expect to make enough with President Trump to drive to any White Castle they like! Happy Days are here again!

Hoboduke Nonsense

Uncle Stosh just reported that during his visit to Illinois, a White Castle was torn down and replaced with a Walgreens.  We weep for this loss, and feel responsible that we didn’t suppoprt White Castle enough!  Of course it is expensive.  Uncle Stosh stopped in White Castle #010082 at 1:03:54 pm and ordered 4 White Castle for $2.52, 1 medium order of fries for $1.39, and a small coca cola for $1.49.  Uncle Stosh remembers ordering a White Castle for $0.25 back in 1967.  Those were the days!

It tasted delicious, but tore a hole through Uncle Stosh’s food budget for the week!

So inflation is continuing to kick everyone in their butte!  Gasoline in Chicago was $3.59 a gallon in Illinois.  Fortunately, Uncle Stosh doesn’t own a car, so he won’t need to worry.  He’s waiting for his free VOLT from President Obama, and free health care, plus unemployment checks until…

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Happy Landings Harrison!

February 22, 2017

One of the first laws we learn as children is the law nobody can break.  The law of gravity does bring us down to earth.  Harrison Ford loves to fly.  I suggest it is time to play at flying on Xbox and leave the airplane on the ground.  His most recent adventure created a lethal hazard for a airliner jet plane getting ready to taxi for departure.

I almost got killed in a charter Lear jet that had to avoid a small propeller plane that ignored landing instructions as we were taking off from Pewaukee Airport.  We got a fighter pilot bank at full power as I saw this idiot landing near our designated departure runway.  We went almost vertical and banking hard.  I hate flying!  Harrison Ford loves flying.  I refuse to fly until Ford no longer is permitted to fly!

Los Angeles premiere of 'The Expendables 3'

Do not accept a free plane ride from this senior citizen.  What is the point of wearing a tiny earring?  Harrison had a crash landing on a golf course a few years back.  President Trump should avoid ever inviting Ford to fly to any of his golf course properties.  The best airplane landing is the one you walk away from!

Maybe consider glider planes or ultra lights where the carnage threat is much less for us folks on the ground.  What goes up must come down.  Harrison seems befuddled on how to come down safely.  Why not invite John McCain for a plane ride?



Give ’em hell, Harry! Presidents Day

February 19, 2017

President Harry S Truman was a plain speaking patriot.  He campaigned for President #33 by visiting “whistle stop towns” too small for a regular schedule passenger train!  Our President Donald J Trump campaigned talking directly to the same types of people ignored by East Coast newspapers, national television stations, and the professional political leeches labeled as experts.  Both of these presidents confounded the legions of experts who laughed at any prospect of victory.


“If you cannot convince them, confuse them!”  Washington DC has experts on everything so it is hard to convince anyone to accept an alternative offered by our president.  President Truman was a brisk power walker.  It was hysterical to see the reporters trying to walk along side to score a news item answered.  Our current president keeps on the move with his goals as his priority. “I never did give anybody hell.  I just told the truth, and they thought it was hell.”  Truman did have a great attitude on challenges and trick questions tossed like grenades by the press.  “Whenever the press quits abusing me I know I’m in the wrong pew.  I don’t mind when they throw bricks at me-I’m a pretty good shot myself and I usually throw ’em back at ’em.”

The USA did enjoy having a strong leader in Truman who spoke loud and clear on his agenda.  The USA is enjoying a return to “Give them hell” style president again.  Obama wanted sympathy on any challenge he faced.  I cannot identify any challenge that Obama won?    Truman and Trump want USA to win by overcoming challenges.


California dammed drowning in tears

February 15, 2017

Raymond Smullyan was a published author that explored his beloved mathematics, puzzles, and magic!  Puzzles simply revealed principles in mathematics that eluded understanding.  I regret missing his time in Chicago performing in The Pump Room his close up magic during the 1970’s.

It is amazing to see the hysterics of our liberal citizens in California over the dam on verge of unleashing a tidal wave of doom.  They lived with this dam crumbling for 12 years with no repairs.  Now that the danger is upon them, this is a crisis that is the fault of our President Trump?  Obama harvested donations for 8 years from liberals in California.  Why was the safety alert from 12 years ago was ignored by Democrat Governor and former president Obama?  Of course it wasn’t a danger for 12 years, but now in this moment Trump has to solve their problem with our tax money!

If my roof has been leaking for 12 years, but I wait to attempt fixing roof until the Spring rains this year, then it is the fault of President Trump?  California crying their liberal tears, does not move me to pity them.  Excuse me as I laugh at your lunacy.  Why not roll on the ground and wail in agony?  Democrat liberals need to study how kindergarten children throw tantrums for pity.  The adult version of tantrums are not as moving as seeing children wanting their cookies!

Raymond saw the puzzles of human thought as enlightening our understanding.  California confirms some puzzles have no solution.  We need to help our inept liberals who ignore repairing their own roof over 12 years but wail in protest that now the roof is leaking because of a Republican president!  I am crying in laughter at the jesters in California wailing for everyone to have pity on their failed government.  Raymond lived a long life and said goodbye at age 97.  “Why should I worry about dying?  It will not happen in my lifetime!” 

Liberals in California are like children looking for the Garden of Eden with wine and marijuana!  They expect me to pay for their navel gazing while dams burst after ignoring laws of nature. Gravity does allow tons of water to pour down a valley town from a crumbling dam.  Why is the dam crumbling?  Did this happen in one month?  California cannot break the law of gravity which is a well known law of nature!

Magic Twitter Signal

February 12, 2017

Hysteria is building across our country!  People are supposed to be upset about Tweets!  Twitter is an obsession that has bedeviled more minds than Pokémon!  Commercial news media experts are convinced that Donald J Trump tweets are secret signals to confuse the nation.  The deplorables are certain that the experts in media are well practiced in confusion.

It is hysterical to see the hysteria rampant among the jabbering talking heads paid huge sums of money to tell us their version of the absolute truth!  They are continually digging through every word of our new President to correct his grammar, spelling, facts, figures, and even his ideas!  Most normal folks would consider people pests and obnoxious idiots to constantly tell somebody they are wrong and stupid.  Of course, the news media folks are always right and we are the trouble makers?

The professional gatekeepers of our republic are the news media, according to the news media.  We are starting to realize that the news media are babbling idiots and they are telling us nonsense they speculate is fact.  However, they miss the big threat.  More people are learning things from the Tweets and words issued by our president.  People are listening to what our president is telling us!  I don’t bother listening or quoting the news nonsense.  It is not even entertaining!  Trump does make me laugh!

I am patiently waiting for the secret signal on Twitter to take action.  Everybody needs to watch Tweets for our future!


Protecting the life of future president Trump.

There are deranged people who are real threats!  Some of them are on the news.