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hobo jungle drums warning USA

be careful of bad ju ju! the hobo czar may have to find a job, since Obama will eliminate the office of hobo relations. we're on our own! that's nothing new?!

Media Methane Alert

August 24, 2017

Everybody knows what it smells like!  Nobody needs a college degree to know something stinks.  Commercial media companies rely upon each news division to produce high advertising income with journalist celebrities attracting viewers.  Viewers are walking away from news.  “After this commercial break, we have a shocking video!”


Michelle tweets do not save lives in Nigeria!

Television news has shown every family with a television gruesome murders for entertainment programs and from news programs.  ISIS burns Christians in cages and beheads groups kneeling in shackles.  These barbaric acts are broadcast to families in home over their dinner together.  The response of our 44th president to many of these assaults against civilization was to merely posture in social media.  The kidnapped girls by African Islamic terrorists had a Twitter campaign by Michelle Obama as the official USA aid offered.  We sent military units to fight diarrhea in Africa with EBOLA battle.  We only talked about helping the kidnaped young girls in Africa.

News media quickly ignores and forgets “old news”!  The families of the girls waited years in hope of their return.  The girls who did get away, escaped on their own!  We know the news media are unreliable in following through difficult issues.  We had a deluge of hysterical stories implying and accusing Republicans of inviting Russia to get Donald J Trump elected president.  Suddenly, there is only silence from media going dark, and nobody offers an update because there is only smoke with no fire.

If we relied upon our commercial news media to learn about our world, then we all would be stumbling in the dark.  Every hurricane, tornado, blizzard or wild fire is shown with somebody standing amid the chaos to tell us what we see.

All terrorist attacks get video showing crushed and limp bodies of families run over by trucks or cars.  Nothing is done to identify the reason these attacks continue.  Media refuses to analyze the Islamic terrorist threats around the globe.  Some even dare to say we have to get used to terrorism, just like we get used to bad weather!

We recognize a stinker when we smell it.  Too many news panels are an echo chamber talking to themselves as America turns off their broadcast.  Do not light a match by a panel of celebrity journalists, because methane is explosive!  They stink up our television!


It is hysterical that news media experts gave our 45th president no chance to get elected! A lot of people came out in huge crowds at every campaign stop of Donald J Trump.  I was glad to see him in Green Bay with a lot of families and millennials  in his audience.  Yes, he did announce and call out “fake news” media for a spontaneous crowd “Bronx cheer”!  We all laughed as the media folks squirmed.


Sleepless in Seattle?

August 16, 2017

Seattle honors Lenin

Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov took on a pseudonym in pursuit of killing enough people to build a worker’s paradise in Russia.  Lenin was never appreciated in the conquered countries claimed by the USSR.   So how did a massive 16 foot tall statue of Lenin find a home in Seattle, Washington?

Lewis Carpenter was teaching in Poprad, Slovakia.  He saw this massive statue in a scrap yard after the break up of the USSR.  It seems the local folks were not fans of Lenin or any communist oppressor.  Carpenter saw a unique opportunity to ship this massive statue to his hometown of Seattle in 1995.  Thank you, Lewis Carpenter?  Nobody studies history in the USA anymore, so mass murderer oppressors are just considered works of art.

Just recently, a few citizens did discover that Lenin was a brutal butcher who killed many to free his oppressed citizens in Russia.  It would be interesting to get Senator Bernie Sanders insights into how Lenin ranks alongside Stalin and Marx.  People have been dumping red paint to symbolize the blood on Lenin’s hands literally.  The statue can be melted down into spittoons for the tobacco chewers!  It is time to pull the plug on Lenin!  Unless there are Democrats who would be offended?

Lenin bloody hand

This statue might be great on the beach of  Sanders ocean front mansion he bought with Hillary money to drop out of his Revolution campaign for president.  Will Pelosi, Schumer, and McCain support pulling down Lenin?  Folks in Seattle will be staying awake at night sleepless, until we know if Democrats and Rino folks get approval from Moscow to take down Lenin.

Guam secret Taotao Mo’na

August 12, 2017

Why do people travel the globe to take stuff?  These pursuits have gone on for thousands of years and are still flourishing today.  Ferdinand Magellan sailed for Spain to Guam in 1521.  His ship was greeted by dozens of outrigger canoes skimming across the sea waters.  He was impressed how swiftly they clambered on board and ran off with anything not nailed down, and even hauled away their dinghy!   Guam was claimed by Spain in the 17th century, but their dinghy was never found.  Big gun boats showed up, and informed the natives that their island is property of Spain.

Indigenous Chamorro inhabitants of Guam kept their traditions and memories of ancestors as a life line to their earlier freedom.  Spain gave up their claim for Guam to the USA in 1898 as part of settlement for Spanish-American War.  During World War II Japan invaded Guam in a fierce battle and enslaved the island December 10, 1941.  Their ancient spirits were their only consolation during beheadings and torture by imperial Japan.  USA did finally bring freedom back to Guam  August 10, 1944.  Japan fought to the last man and it was a deadly bloody siege for all involved.

Taotao Mo’ano is not a formal religion but it is a traditional belief in the enduring spirits of ancestors living in their forests and hills.  Similar to the liberal destiny belief expecting deprived minorities are born into the Democrat party.   If Magellan were traveling the world by car, he would discover that his car parked in the South side of Chicago would lose wheels, stereo, and battery in 15 minutes.

Guam today was singled out by North Korea as a target to retaliate against the USA.  Why blow up this island?  North Korea can ship over millions of illegal immigrants to overrun the island and get stuff!  Sadly, Guam has lots of advice from politicians like Senators Schumer and Feinstein who want to keep talking to North Korea while missiles are added for nuclear attack.  In solidarity we invite Schumer and Feinstein to stay on Guam until this problem is resolved!

Guam sputnik

Storm watch is real

August 6, 2017

There is a lot of talk focused on ridiculing President Donald J Trump.  There are commercial media celebrity “journalists” who play word games to trap staff of our 45th president with word game questions.  “What if…?”  “Can you promise…?”

When you are being threatened by a storm, only an idiot wants to stand around to talk about it.  When the thunder is rumbling and the wind starts knocking you off your feet, then your survival depends on how you respond.  Your body responds even if your brain is avoiding to accept what is facing you.

This storm picture by Green Bay, Wisconsin gets your attention, but feeling this storm come up on you gets your priorities quick.  What is the connection to taunting 45 by politicians, reporters, and swamp rats today?  All the hot air of outrage and self righteous indignation is changing our weather.  When this storm breaks, it will be fast, ferocious and indiscriminate.  I cannot predict and do not want to forecast devastation.  A lot of smart ass wise crackers may be feeling this storm.

As I write this post, there is the rumble of thunder over my lake as the sky is dumping a lot of rain.  Nobody is on the lake.  Only an idiot would be out.  We got a lot of idiots on television ridiculing the 45 rally folks as stupid unschooled losers clinging to outdated ideas about our USA.  We got a storm coming.  Too many fools are taunting and bragging about smart ass comments against 45.

Nobody at the current Trump rallies are laughing about the accusations tossed at 45.  The days of turning the other cheek and being played a fool are over.  Keep your weather eye focused on storm clouds.




Where are the Resistance riots?

July 30, 2017

Commercial news media organizations are searching for their next advertising oil gusher.  News industry loves scandals and chaos to keep viewers returning to watch more bad news ever day.  Democrats volunteered to keep media fat and happy from advertising money with the fairy tale of Russia sponsoring the Republican candidate for president.  On Sunday July 30, 2017 a new conspiracy appeared.  Commercial news media DID NOT MENTION COLLUSION between Russia and Republicans.  Can we get a independent investigation on a media conspiracy to create a scandal with no evidence?!

martha raddatz


Chuck Todd of NBC spent boring minutes to analyze their latest poll on why nobody likes President Trump in the USA now.  We know the polls can be worthless.  President Hillary Clinton can confirm the polls are a joke.  So why are there no #Resist riots and mass protests across the USA?  ABC news This Week program spent boring minutes with John Podesta leaving us less informed.  Thank you Martha Raddatz for keeping the fable alive by asking a Russian diplomat about what he knew of visiting Trump staff.  If she had a brain, she might be dangerous.  People in the USA are feeling better about the future right now!  We can fill up our gas tank without skipping on buying groceries today.  People are working in full time jobs instead of 3 part time jobs.


Seems like the good old days when we had a video to blame for Benghazi!

Will the USA get a reliable source of news?  How many people have died because of riots inflamed by fake news? Black Lives Matter and Soros funded Antifa thugs are not on list of news investigations.

Nobody is watching the news or reading newspapers because the validity and value of news is dismal.  I do find it amazing that the Washington Post published a opinion piece by Ed Rogers on July 27, 2017 “The quest to prove collusion is crumbling”.  Washington Post and New York Times as well as New Yorker have taken on the role of Pravda to protect the swamp creatures in Washington DC.  How did Ed Rogers get past the politically correct guards in editorial office?

Spontaneous protests and riots against our 45th president are not happening.  We want to see clusters of professional paid protesters on news every night, but we can’t even find an excuse to waste time on the air time for pathetic protest events.   Nobody cares because we had 8 years of race riots, cities in flames, and families ripped from their jobs and homes.  We the people see that there is hope and progress back in town again, finally!


























Poland welcomes USA president 45

July 7, 2017

Saint Pope John Paul II must be pleased to see our President Donald J Trump visiting his homeland of Poland.  As a favorite son of Poland, the pope swam, hiked and camped in the countryside of his native land.  The conquests and domination of his country and oppression of his people offended and angered the pontiff.  While cardinal, his power of personality attracted supporters and defied the Kremlin manipulation of his country..trump-in-poland

The speech delivered by 45 was a powerful message of support for Poland and their historic struggles to be free from World War II occupation by Germany Nazi army, through the occupation by Soviet Russia.  Russia tried to kill the Roman Catholic beliefs and practice of religion.  The union steward Lech Walesa took a stand to support a living wage for the shipyard workers abused and oppressed by communist demands.  Cardinal Karol Wojtyla of Poland worked in concert with this devout labor leader to disrupt the domination of their country by communists.

Our president has opened the door to freedom by staking our support of Poland and their tradition of devout patriots defying oppressors.  His speech in Poland is both historic and makes a emphatic declaration of our bond to Poland.  Casimir Pulaski came as a volunteer cavalry officer to support George Washington in our fight for freedom.  Our connection to joint freedom goes back to the founding of our nation.

If a church leader in poverty and a labor leader defied Russia for better wages, then our billionaire president can Lech-Walesagrow the USA in spite of fake news media propaganda.  I am proud and happy that President Trump stands with our friends in Poland!




Emoji secret council unmasked

July 4, 2017

A major deadline has just passed an expiration date.  If you wanted to submit a new Emoji proposal Unicode Consortium application, then the deadline passed by on July 1 for any new 2018 adoption.  TIME of 3/2/2016  had an article on the president of this non-profit organization dedicated to computer codes that can be commonly exchanged with goofy cartoon pictures.  Mark Davis works at GOOGLE and entered the cyberspace wilderness to protect computer doodling.

mark davis

The application process is available at the site.  It is a perfect example of USA technical overload.  If  you enjoy filing your taxes, then this form is just for you!  Of course, I am satirical extoling the joy of submitting a Emoji proposal.

I will nominate Uncle Stosh of our Hobo Party to join the panel members in voting approval or denial on applications.  His credentials are similar to Bill Gates.  Stosh left college before graduating.  That is about it.

Mark looks like a hobo, except he is a multi-millionaire working for Barney Google.  It seems Barney got shoved out of his company, but they kept his name because….?

emoji whatever-smiley

We are well into the new millennium.  Emoji society confirms we can be reassured that our world embraces dumb stuff!  I remind Emoji fans, that you can adopt a hobo.  We will not crash your computer or demand you change your life.  We just want some money, and we will go on our way.  All gifts of cash are welcome.  If you do not help, then many tears will be shed.

emoji drama queen