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hobo jungle drums warning USA

be careful of bad ju ju! the hobo czar may have to find a job, since Obama will eliminate the office of hobo relations. we're on our own! that's nothing new?!

Bolts from China made me Nuts

April 7, 2018


Nobody is safe with cheap steel from China now in our nuts and bolts.  Got 2 stories to tell to illustrate the dangers we face now everyday in USA because of China.

In 1993 a salesman neighbor Tom was a fellow member of our Kishwaukee Country Club. He took pride and enjoyed bragging about the quality of the nuts and bolts he sold.  There are engineering tests to confirm the strength of the steel necessary to be safely used.  However, his troubles began when China flooded the USA with their nuts and bolts.  He could not understand how they were so cheap in price.  His troubles grew as his sales kept losing to China products.

We were at our annual golf event at Kishwaukee CC that was always festive and fun; Member & Guest Tournament.  I always made this my Mardi Gras week during June.  I took vacation time and enjoyed the club as my wife hung out with the ladies and the boys were playing in the pool and running up my account with popsicles, candy, and lemonades.  The club locker room man found me just before Tee Time.  He told me I had an important phone call from my office.  WF Hall was an old time Chicago printing company that kept changing owners while competing with RR Donnelly.  One of my major accounts was Spiegel Catalog.  The Donnelly plant in Indiana had millions of catalog pages printed and stocked in their storage warehouse to be shipped to my bindery operation in Georgia for the huge Fall and Winter Catalog of Spiegel.  The warehouse storage racks collapsed and caved in.  The warehouse was 5 stories tall and had steel storage racks with robot retrieval run by computers.  All my needed pages were ruined in a pile of rubble and the catalog mailing was in jeopardy.  Printing 3 million copies in a week was the challenge.  I didn’t think I could solve that problem before my tee time.

I called the Vice President I knew at Spiegel to offer our help to print the ruined pages.  Davia told me RRD promised they would print and deliver our needed pages.  I went to play golf and enjoyed playing my usual lousy golf.

Then the lightbulb went on after a few cocktails in the club house.  China sold fake quality rated bolts in the USA and that included cheating RRD.  The bolts broke under normal load weight.  Saving money on using steel from China put a printing plant under a huge financial burden to reprint on paper they had to buy to replace the product lost because of cheap steel bolts.

So what about the bolts in sky scrapers?  So what about bolts in your car chassis holding suspension parts in place?  This is no joke.  We don’t know when and where the millions of bolts China sold were mixed in with the bolts actually stress tested by USA engineers.  We cannot put quality control tests on every single nut and bolt China loaded into container super freighters.

Do not whine about how US steel will cost us more in products.  I want products we can count on for quality.  It is too late after  a building collapses with fake bolts.   Gravity is one law nobody can break.  It is a killer if you fall down 5 stories.

USA is taking back control on our own destiny with steel and our safety.  How about the launching frame for our new space rockets?  Do they have China bolts?  Our steel standards are for safety and reliability.  China cheated on meeting the standards to take our money and risk our lives for their profit.


White Easter in north woods

April 1, 2018

Today we celebrate the most important Roman Catholic church event of the year.  We give thanks for our salvation and the promise of entering heaven.

A surprise gift arrived in our mailbox Saturday.  We visited The Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, North Carolina on our way to a national Allante car meet in Savannah, Georgia in October of 2017.  I bought his 2002 published book; HOPE for Each Day.  His selection of a Bible passage is developed with his thoughts on how he applies it to life.  The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association sent us a remembrance publication; DECISION Billy Graham 1918-2018.

Billy Graham DECISION IMG_0255

Each one of us face challenges that demands our strength and fortitude in helping our family stay together.  Our teenage sons gave us opportunities to test our faith!   We are proud that our sons made us stronger in faith as they tested our patience.  Our sons are stronger for overcoming the challenges they created by their actions.

“Listen: Death is a defeated foe!  Christ has won the victory.”  From HOPE for Each Day on April 1 morning meditation; A purpose and power.

Data Miners Steal Children

March 20, 2018

Global Science Research is reported in an important article published by The Guardian from Paul Lewis and Julie Carrie Wong.  This is the firm that is pivotal in the Facebook Data Mine.  Is anybody surprised that Facebook pops up ads on your personal page?  Does anybody notice that the ads on your Facebook page are items you searched while not logged onto Facebook?  Is this digital magic only a lucky coincidence or are we constantly being tracked across our computer searches?


Our children are being stolen.  Being a parent is a exhausting and time consuming job.  When our boys were children, we did haul them to play little league baseball and hockey, Boy Scouts, and swimming.  Today kids get parenting time in front of their cell phone screen.  This is progress of a sort.

Those child miners pictured in 1911 had to make money for their daily bread.  Parents did not want their children deep underground but the children had their lives stuck in a mine digging for money.  Our future adults of USA are digital junkies from childhood.  Marketing companies want to have them in their pocket.

I have no idea if there will be a public outcry on the sale of personal information from Facebook Data Mine.  This whole process grew much more powerful fertilized by our tax dollars under 44th President Obama.

NSA data farm 03NSA-master1050

National Security Agency had record funding of our tax dollars to start a data collection plantation holding every person in our country inside.  We thank our 44th President Obama in funding data collection.  Terminator was a science fiction story.  Obama bragged on his data collection secret technology to know every person inside our country as well as outside.

We can cut out the guess work and just have a merger between NSA and Facebook.  Every child will be given a free cell phone so they can be tracked at all times.


I cannot tell the truth?

March 17, 2018

Truth and honesty are not subject to revisions by swamp rats who twist words like pretzels to confuse everyone.  I place on the Mount Rushmore of LIARS President William Jefferson Clinton who twisted questions into absurd meaningless drivel.  His classic line was to question how it all depends upon how you define what “is” is?  Children in grade school can help our 42nd president through that tough question.

42nd president needs George to explain what “is” is!

Now there is a new national crisis?  Attorney General Sessions did take action to terminate FBI executive McCabe because the FBI Inspector General confirmed “McCabe made an unauthorized disclosure to the news media and lacked candor -including under oath-on multiple occasions.”  Lying deceitful deception fit under the mild wording of “lacked candor”!

AG Sessions was stupefied listening to McCabe BS!

Commercial news media enjoyed gaining “unauthorized disclosures” from McCabe.  Reporters hate to work.  It is much easier getting stories given to them.  Fact checking is from the ancient times of real reporters who investigated stories.  Most of the real reporters in commercial news media cover professional wrestling now or went to National Enquirer.

Reporters seem lost now.  They demand to know the weight and waist size of 45.  Why did he get 2 scoops of ice cream?  When did President Trump know Russia was controlling his campaign for president?  Why did Sessions fire a liar?

I am very happy to watch the NCAA March Madness and enjoy some of our best athletes in college competing to excel and win the national championship of basketball.  Actions do have consequences and winning is rewarded.


Thank you Secretary of State Tillerson

March 13, 2018

On February 1, 2017 was confirmed by Senate vote to become the Secretary of State of USA.  He came into his office with a RESIST campaign delaying his majority of  nominations for open positions of ambassador and staffing.  Rex Tillerson retired as chief executive EXXON, a major international energy US company.  By invitation of Donald J. Trump as our 45th president, Tillerson left his family in Texas to become a servant for our country.  Rex earned his wealth by a life long career in the energy industry.

His predecessor was John Kerry.  John had a career in politics funded by the wealth of his first wife.  He does favor his vanity and did manage to marry again another wealthy woman.

Before and after cosmetic surgery comparison on Kerry.

Rex did not need cosmetic surgery for his long climb up to chief executive of Exxon.  John is fluent in French language and is a cosmopolitan world free loader.  Now the great suspense is building because the Senate has a secret society following the do nothing policy of RESIST.  President Trump may or may not get his replacement nomination approved.

Our 44th President refused to visit Paris after slaughter at a French publishing group by Islamic terrorists.  He did send John Kerry who forced France to listen to James Taylor play a lame song.  I am so grateful Tillerson did not embarrass the USA and did not subject any country to listen to James Taylor.


River current is stronger than political parties

March 8, 2018

Tonight news on North Korea reminded me of my blog about swift current of events. Our skipper President Trump is at the helm. I give thanks to God!

Hoboduke Nonsense

Life will take every one of us on a wild ride many times.  Time can be described as a river with changing currents and changing weather that we all must travel.

None of us have the option of standing on the river bank to just watch life pass us by.  We are all thrown into the sink or swim challenge with the problems we cannot anticipate that come at times when we feel weak.

Our country and the world has brought us all to a new kind of river ride for those lucky enough to remain alive today.  The candidates for president that decided to rely on the strategy and the imaginary supporters from the last century, discovered that the world and the people are different now.  Speeches from the past do not grab our people now.  We have an old socialist promising revolution.  We have a billionaire who is…

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Did Japan conquer USA in 1990?

March 7, 2018

On September 6, 1990 the conquest of USA seemed inevitable.  A major Japanese investor bought the iconic landmark Pebble Beach Golf Course on that date.  This seemed to rock a lot of people.  New York Times Business Day section reported that this purchase was cleverly executed to minimize taxes as well.

Ben Hogan Properties was a United States subsidiary of Cosmo World Corporation headquartered in Hollywood by President Minoru Isutani of Tokyo.  The deal was handled as a deed transfer for $468 and thus avoided $900,000.00 in local taxes.  This acquisition was only one of the many golf properties and related developments in USA purchased for billions of dollars.

New York Rockefeller Center was bought by Japanese investors prior to this California landmark sale.  Commercial News Media conditioned and prepared the citizens of USA to anticipate the sale of our country to Japan.  Our computer semiconductor industry had to surrender immediately per the talking heads on television.  Our children had to learn Japanese and enjoy Sushi to succeed.  Japanese wealth was buying out Hawaii property from anyone willing to sell.  I was seated beside a Hawaii Culture Center manager traveling with his performance crew on a flight from Atlanta.  He shared his tale of woe.  A knock on his door by Honolulu had a real estate agent hired by Japanese offering to buy his ocean front property.  They gave him a million dollars.  He was rich but sad to learn that his sunrise by the ocean ended with not enough money to replace what he sold.

So what does this little trip down memory lane mean now?  Japan was rushing around like kids in a candy store exchanging yen for buying the candy store.  USA does have shrewd dealers and the agents for these Japanese buyers did very well.  The Japanese properties quietly changed hands with hardly a ripple in our news media that predicted our future was in the hands of Japan.  Our nation started to grow by shrewd traders on Yankee Clipper Ships traveling to foreign ports like Japan and China. Our current president wrote a book Art of the Deal.  We do have a tradition and history of growth by ingenuity and capitalism from traders.

Clint Eastwood acknowledges fan approval of his shot.

The opening salvo of tariff and trade negotiation in the headlines today do not signal the end of our country.  Clint Eastwood is still golfing at Pebble Beach Golf Course!  The USA flag is still at the club house.  Quit whining about doomsday prophets at commercial news media shows.  Get rich and get ahead ignoring our talking head glamour boys and glamour girls on TV.