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hobo jungle drums warning USA

be careful of bad ju ju! the hobo czar may have to find a job, since Obama will eliminate the office of hobo relations. we're on our own! that's nothing new?!

Senator Sanders yells “Duck!”

June 21, 2017

As a socialist communist running for 2016 presidential election, “Bernie” Sanders promised a Revolution for the USA.  I visited his campaign website several times waiting for him to tone down his inflammatory oratory about initiating a Revolution.  Campaign oratory never changed.   His supporters expected fundamental change that only a communist can deliver.  It was touching that Sanders refused to spend money for his honeymoon, until he got his state to pay for his trip to Russia with his bride.

A devout follower of Sanders was a murdered assassin; James Hodgkinson.  On Flag Day the Bernie backer Hodgkinson set about to shoot as many Republicans as possible at a baseball practice before a charity ball game scheduled a day after June 14.  The catalog of wounded and types of gun shot wounds is bloody violent RESISTANCE against the election of Donald J Trump as 45th President of our USA.

FBI is handling the Department of Justice investigation on these crimes.  The suspect Hodgkinson had a list of Republican names on his person after the shoot out.  FBI did not consider this list to anything special and certainly did not imply he planned more attacks!?  The shooter acted alone and had no known connections to any fellow conspirators, per the FBI.  The FBI are in a hurry to close investigating this case.

Clinton Sanders by AP A. Harnik

Senator Sanders made a perfunctory rebuke for anybody from his Revolution supporters that want to shoot a few Republicans.  Not sure if he bothered sending flowers to injured Republicans shot by his fan.

The news got worse for Democrats when none of the 4 elections for Congress on June 20 had any Democrat elected.  A lot of Democrats were wailing and weeping on their loss.  The Republicans shot by a Sanders fan are mending, but already we can see warning signs of  more inflammatory language that leads to violence.  Commercial news media was oddly silent on both the Sanders shooter, and the Democrat candidates that failed to get elected Tuesday.

Next time Sanders has a gun toting fan, he needs to yell; “DUCK!”

ANTIFA poster

Today in 2015 changed history!

June 16, 2017

How soon people forget!  2 years ago the USA was drowning in government debt.  The majority of jobs created were part time only, because companies could not afford Affordable Health Care Act imposed on employers. GDP growth was at lowest level remembered by anyone alive.

GDP charts WSJ

Barrack Hussein Obama was our 44th President who told the USA how we should say “Thank you Obama!”  Families could not pay bills and could not find jobs to support family life.  A candidate stepped forward to howls of laughter from self appointed experts in commercial news media.  I watched Donald J. Trump with wife Melania descend the lobby escalator in Trump Tower to announce his candidacy to become our President.

Wall Street Journal newspaper described the event as; “reality-TV personality and real estate developer says he will self-fund campaign ‘to make our country great again’!”  News analysts from commercial television saw great commercial appeal in televising the speeches of this oddball character who could never win.

I was retired so I saw a lot of television air time during the day covering every candidate Trump activity and speech.  Despite his wealth and use of his own funding for campaign expenses, I mailed his small campaign office a donation in July, and more followed over 2 years.  A trickle of donations from many like minded citizens turned into a flood of money.

It was reassuring to know that the country had not gone mad.  Few actually believed the nonsense Obama enjoyed lecturing and sermonizing on boring meaningless issues.  He did own the realm of “That is not who we are!”  Candidate Trump paid thousands of employees who could afford to raise their family.  He survived in the toughest jungle of competition in real estate development, including golf course properties.  His focus on growing our economy included reducing ridiculous regulations restricting business.  Nobody in Millennial generation have seen or experienced a roaring economic boom.  They are in for a new experience as we grow faster than their dreams.

_trump_escalator1_June 16 2015

I am still happy and smile a lot after the election made fools of pompous critics.  Is anyone surprised that vengeance and revenge is the main goal of political opposition?  My support and prayers are for our president offering a better future for my sons and their buddies.  A great weight of liberal burdens was lifted off our country.  We do not have to crawl along feeling guilty for achieving success.  Yes we did it!  We can do better!  That is who we want to be!

How NOT to hug a curmudgeon!

June 13, 2017

We welcome the newest member of the Curmudgeon World Club!  Jerry Seinfeld spontaneously demonstrated the essential curmudgeon code of conduct.  The world of entertainment thrives on self promotion by flamboyant self promotion at public places.  Wisdom comes with age, or just wrinkles depending on your intelligence.  Kesha has crossed her threshold into the getting old decade of 30’s.  Jerry Seinfeld is crossing the threshold of maturity at 63.

Awkward moment recorded when Kesha wanted to shower her public hug on Jerry Seinfeld at some minor event celebrity runway.  Jerry rebuffed hugging for publicity and Kesha was baffled at curmudgeon rules of conduct.  She wandered away stunned that her glorious celebrity aura did not merit a perfunctory hug.  Did she throw a fit or hug her Cabbage Patch doll for consolation?

Hugs and kisses used to have some human significance.  The debasement of human genuine expressions of emotion and affection continues by effusive theatrical gestures that replace real interaction.  Curmudgeon Seinfeld simply deflects participating in meaningless hugging and mugging for publicity pictures.  An album of publicity pictures is a poor substitute for a life of family and real friends.

Curmudgeons are important people because they do not bother creating publicity events to promote themselves.  The lessons gained from life are expressed in behaving like a curmudgeon.  It is good to observe curmudgeons, because everybody gets there eventually!  Curmudgeons take pride in arriving at their exalted level of age, wisdom without surrendering their gruff anti social barriers.  We are not hermits, but we do not indulge in selfie marathons like metro sexual vacationers.


Visiting Alaska with his selfie stick to record his every smirk and smile.



Senate Investigates Hobo Party!

June 8, 2017

Senate hearing on 2016 Russia Conspiracy has focus on Putin influence on 2016 election for president.  Everybody knows that former president “Slick Willy” Clinton showed up at private jet of Attorney General Lynch to talk about vacations and grand children during the time Hillary Clinton was campaigning for Democrat party candidacy as president. We discovered that after that chance meeting, Lynch instructed head of FBI to handle the Clinton “matter” that was never an  “investigation”.  The “matter” was how and why did confidential emails of Hillary Clinton get distributed by WikiLeaks around the world?  The FBI was denied access to the computers of the Democrat National Committee and candidate Clinton personal server was erased and destroyed.  Despite not even seeing computer equipment, Diamond Jim Comey concluded that without doubt Russia fingerprints were all over this caper.

caboose home

Democrat Senators are howling about the Hobo Caviar Caper!  Russia delivered their Hobo care packages to the Chicago rail yard to this Russian red caboose by the Russian ambassador to Uncle Stosh in 2016.  Obama told Attorney General Lynch to set FBI director Comey on his trail.  Mayor Rahm Emanuel was informed of this secret surveillance to warn his staff to stay away from getting caught taking Russian caviar.  A lot of the senators were furious that on their junkets to Moscow, they were never offered Russian caviar!  It was an insult hoboes were given caviar, and vodka.  Boxes of Cuban cigars were delivered as well.

The Hobo jungle in Chicago had a great celebration that evening with the bounty from Russia.  Some communist Democrats from Chicago showed up to freeload.  They laughed and told us to send the bill to Rahm.

The Comey testimony concerning our 45th President Donald J Trump did not reveal anything that connected his presidency to clandestine Russian hijinks.  The sale of US uranium through Hillary Clinton was of no concern to anyone investigating Russian connections inside our government.


Barry and Hillary were waving goodbye to USA weapons grade uranium they released to Russia together!  Obama did claim that he told off Putin to stay out of meddling in USA affairs?  The B.S. meter went off the scale on that whopper.  They got away with it thanks to Lynch and Comey conspirators in their swamp.



Collusion conspiracy got Hobo Party

May 31, 2017

Uncle Stosh has been a bad boy!  He has been seen hanging out with elite commercial news celebrity reporters!  My Hobo Party has sprung a security leak.  Uncle Stosh has been bribed with booze, steaks, and the promise of  a panel chair at every Sunday morning talk show.   The fake news invisible anonymous “unnamed source” smokes cigars and talks too much.

Trump swarmed by British press

Our President Donald J Trump secret meeting with a Russian spy was foiled by the bloodhounds in commercial news media.  That is the fantasy daydream of every obnoxious egocentric “reporter” chasing millionaire book deals.  Our press corps invented the collusion scandal.  Uncle Stosh was enticed to enter the lair of swamp rats with boiler makers and rib eyes.  Hobo Party does have connections with Putin who donated vodka and caviar for hobo jungle parties during the Obama years.

Nobody in the glory hound news media bothers to share the legal definition of collusion.  Collusion involves two or more parties to enter into a secret agreement to defraud or gain an advantage over a third party. How many news organizations agree among themselves on what stories to cover and what facts are ok to use?  Reporters are swimming in the swamp water of their own collusion.  Uncle Stosh who does imbibe free Russian vodka is the anonymous source of commercial news media.  They appreciate getting all of his rambling recollections at fancy joints so the reporters can write off huge bar bills on the job.

Reporters are fighting the tar baby right now. Welcome to the briar patch!



How to translate news lingo?

May 29, 2017

We are supposed to be intimidated by the news media talking around us and over us.  They love to dive into intelligence jargon terms, and rattle off names they pretend to know.  All of the reporters on every television station or radio network are qualified as legal experts on everything.  If  you met them in person, you would never know they were so intelligent!

Lynch mob hysteria of the moment in commercial news media is focused on the terrible crime of back channel communication!  It seems our country is in danger with Russians talking to anyone in the USA.  Has anyone bothered to diagram and explain what the media definition means for “back channel communication”?  How did Russia get our president elected?  How did Democrats ignore the danger from Russia with Democrats in every major federal government position during 2016?

On March 29, 2016, a brave young woman reporter was brutally handled by a member of candidate Donald J Trump campaign team.  Corey Lewandowski assaulted Michelle Fields in a public place with dozens of people around candidate Trump during a campaign stop in Florida.  How come nobody bothered to offer an eyewitness account of this brutal assault in the middle of a crowd?  Michelle even showed George Stephanopolous her bruises from the ape like grip of Lewandowski imprinted into her frail forearm!  After his television show, Michelle worked up the courage to demand charges filed with local law officers one day after it was supposed to happen?

Stalker Fields tried grabbing Trump for attention but Lewandowski intervened.

The frenzy of reporters failed to get the public agitated or even give Michelle more sales on her new book; Barons of the Beltway.  We have to credit George and Michelle giving the USA the first chapter in their new book; Tales of Fake News.  There were no charges filed due to lack of evidence to merit any legal action.

Now we are all supposed to be agitated and upset over the constant drum beat of reporters telling us of this treason that almost happened?  What about the election for president stolen by the Russians?  Maybe somebody reporting news can tell  us why we still have never captured or convicted the killers from Benghazi on September 11, 2011?



Arabian nights adds President Trump

May 21, 2017

Another chapter is being added to the Arabian Nights book of legends and lore.  Our 45th President Donald J Trump started his international diplomacy by visiting Saudi Arabia and their King Salman.  The magic carpet of AirForce 1 flew from Washington DC on a 13 hour flight into another world.  During WWII the importance of developing oil was evident to the military mind of Eisenhower who blessed the ARAMCO industrial alliance using technology and oil exploration experts of USA to grow the oil nations of the Middle East.  It is fitting that Exxon former top executive Rex Tillerson returned as our Secretary of State.  His firm has enriched Saudi Arabia and remains a valuable partner for their growth.

Would anyone have the courage to walk into a room full of sword wielding men?  Yes, this was a ceremonial dance traditional to men, but I would not trust Schumer or even Pelosi with a sword in hand behind my back!  President Donald J Trump enjoyed being shown the traditions and the people of his host country, Saudi Arabia.  After flying 13 hours and 5 hours of ceremonies, our president has the energy to join in the men dance line of waving swords!  I can be sure SNL and Colbert will run endless video loops of our president to belittle his sword dance.  Little people think they are bigger by belittling other people.


The dark shadow of terrorism has come out of the shadows with the ISIS grab for power as the only true version of Islam.  Our former president made it sound that this group of killers may take a generation to reduce their carnage around the world.  President Trump is taking action without giving the terrorists free publicity.  His Secretary of Defense Mattis is more practical on the solution.  Isolate the terrorists by encircling the killers with a ring of death.  They will not be allowed to escape by invading another country.  They will surrender or get killed.  There is no negotiating or placating deranged sadists.


The consummate business man Trump has helped set the stage for a major bond through the purchase of hardware, software, and technical training of military technology.  The immediate benefit to citizens of USA is the $110,000,000,000.00 order.  There are $250 billion additional orders being finalized.  We know spending $10 trillion dollars was major accomplishment of president 44 that is on our backs as national debt.  Our new president does understand that we need to increase our balance sheet by sales for more Gross Domestic Product from USA.

There may be a new tale added to the legendary stories already known in The Arabian Nights.  Our president honored the Muslim nations by respecting their traditions and customs.  He is doing what thousands of brilliant liberals talked about.  Our president was honored by King Salman by the award of their highest honor to a citizen.  The Collar of Abdulaziz was draped around the neck of President Trump by King Salman.  This very public display by the king and broadcast to all Muslims affirmed his trust in our president to be a strong shoulder with an open hand.