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hobo jungle drums warning USA

be careful of bad ju ju! the hobo czar may have to find a job, since Obama will eliminate the office of hobo relations. we're on our own! that's nothing new?!

Our Invisible Scandals!

May 17, 2017

Fads and frenzies favored by fickle #fakenews seem to fade fast!  (Alliteration was the Spiro Agnew novelty act.)  The novelty of Twitter was abused by Michele Obama and celebrities to pretend they could help kidnapped sex slaves by lame tweets.  Her husband our 44th president did nothing to help but he talked tough.  The only girls who got away escaped on their own.  Many did remain captive and are slaves in misery to this day.  News media do not care, never cared, and ignored investigating.

Today the babbling bumbling bums of news media want to appear outraged and emotionally overwrought by a pebble in their shoe.  What ever happened to the “conflicts of interest” with 45th president being a billionaire with family interests around the globe?  The scandals, bribes, and foreign strings pulling our president are no longer the battle cry of reporters!  WHY?  Either this was all nonsense as an issue, or reporters cannot find anything to feed their love of hysteria.


Tell us what you know!

Whatever happened to the hysteria and tantrums about protecting illegal aliens?  It seems deporting criminals is exactly what our citizens need for public safety.  Reporting murders, rapes, and drug deaths connected to deported illegal aliens are invisible on commercial news media.

I have a modest proposal for the process of submitting questions from reporters.  All questions need to be printed and submitted as a formal letter.  Majority of questions posed at press briefing are rambling in search of an idea.  If the letter fails grammatical rules by diagram demonstration, then it will be returned until accurately expressed as a question.

I do not care how the reporters look or sound.  I do care how the reporters do communicate accurately.  I have shut off commercial television news reports.  Imagine if all we knew about the world was just based solely on the reporting on commercial TV!?

The latest hysterical mob of reporting is focused on Comey wrote a memo after Flynn quit, and what did President Trump tell Russia ambassador in White House visit.  What are the odds this will be important or even dredged up again before Christmas as a cheap gift for news ratings?


Protecting the life of future president Trump.

More Russia spies in media

May 14, 2017

Hysteria over Russia among USA commercial news media has not infected the population in USA with doubts about President Trump loyalty.  However, I do have serious doubts about news reporting that continually ignores real news about Russia.  The military build up in Russia is invisible in USA news coverage.


New Armata Heavy Armored army battle tanks are in production for a new weapons option in battle.  This is not of any importance to mention by our celebrity reporters in USA news.

Russia hypersonic cruise missile1025694340

New hypersonic cruise missile must be invisible because our news media do not find it worthy of reporting.  We are constantly being informed on how, and why we all must be worried that maybe somehow Russia controls our White House.

Russia t1larg.russia.stealth.jet.jpg

If you see this overhead, then you are already killed.  The new stealth bomber must not exist, because our news media ignore another new weapon system in Russia.  Why are we relying on our news media to inform us?  We see college kids protesting with cardboard signs that could be made by grade school kids.  We see endless hours of airline passengers getting abused by our airline carriers on news.  Are our commercial news media under the thumb of Russia?  We demand a thorough investigation to find the influence of Russia on hiding their military buildup to television viewers in the USA!  Why are USA military parades and military exercises never seen on television?

The artists rendering of a new heavy transport jet named Avalon is a design to transport 400 Armata tanks.  Nobody in news media has any curiosity regarding Russia military build up.  We need to know if news media has been influenced by Russia.  I want to know now.

Russia new aircraft carrierRussia designed an invisible aircraft carrier?  USA news media cannot see it!   

Ennui grips liberal spirit

May 5, 2017

The French people have a historic election to select their future president on May 7, 2017.  It is fascinating that neither candidate is from a long standing political party of influence.  Emmanuel Macron married his school teacher for some odd reason, perhaps to graduate?  His political followers are En Marche! Marine Le Pen has a following that does not need an exclamation mark in their name; National Front.

The more common political groups failed to attract popular support.  This is reminiscent of our election for president in 2016.  It appears that there is a global attack on liberals by ENNUI infecting their weak minds.  France added this word into our lexicon for the USA.  Sylvia Plath in 1955 had a unpublished poem titled Ennui.  It remained unpublished by her lack of interest in her own poem?

Tea leaves thwart those who count catastrophe

designing futures where nothing will occur:

cross the gypsy’s palm and yawning she

will still predict no perils left to conquer.

The themes of lost hope and despair are more powerful in The Wasteland by T. S. Elliot, but she was dealing with ennui instead of the destruction of society.  Ennui is boredom with no interest in doing anything except complaining about being bored.  I see the fake intellectuals of the Obama flock as the ruin of initiative.  Why bother because work is so boring and tiring!

Liberals wait for something to happen, but they will not make anything happen.  They expect somebody will do something someday!

Alfred , Lord Tennyson captured the embrace of resignation in The Lotos-eaters in Choric Song IV;

Hateful is the dark-blue sky,

Vaulted o’er the dark-blue sea.

Death is the end of life; ah, why

Should life all labour be?

Let us alone.  Time driveth onward fast,

And in a little while our lips are dumb.

Let us alone.  What is that will last?

All things are taken from us, and become

Portions and parcels of the dreadful past.

To war with evil?  Is there any peace

In ever climbing up the climbing wave?

All things have rest, and ripen toward the grave

In silence; ripen, fall and cease:

Give us long rest or death, dark death, or dreamful ease.

Liberals are sophisticated and cosmopolitan.  Only the common folks from the rural towns who have been ignored for decades are ready to declare war against evil!  We do not need a gypsy fortune teller to predict our future.  We are claiming our right to work and worship while protecting our families from liberal lunacy.  45th president  is not perfect, but I am perfectly content to have Donald J Trump knocking over the lazy “it will never work” liberals.

Global problems have France ready for Le Pen.  It is comical that the only woman candidate USA offered will not be with her sisters in England, France, and Germany.  Nobody expected all of the world would wake up at the same time, to shake off the excuses of failing socialist policies of liberals.   Crops will be planted, roofs will be repaired, and children will play this summer!

Trump candidate

100 Days of Fake News

April 28, 2017

Television kept a steady barrage of hysterical attacks by commercial news media that Donald J Trump had no chance of getting elected as 45th president of United States of America.  These self appointed experts on everything had nothing to say on election night when the results could not be hidden from the people who chose to jump on the Trump Train!

Of course, we were alerted by that same group of stunned hypocrites that be prepared for the crash of our economy, our stock market, and world chaos from enraged foreign leaders.  The fat head lazy freeloader “reporters” were again completely wrong on their warnings.  The market went UP!  Foreign leaders and many minority leaders visited our future president in Manhattan at Trump Tower!  It was amazing to see the procession of visitors on the Trump Tower lobby video camera broadcasts!

Trump visitors

NFL legend Jim Brown and silicon valley trail blazer Bill Gates both were visiting Donald J Trump at his tower residence on the same day.  Both had different reasons to promote their public works interests but both are great patriot citizens of USA!  None of this merited much interest by publicity hound reporters chasing Russian spies in TrumpTrump tower flag Tower!

I have never been happier for the future of my family!  I am younger than our president enjoying retirement.  His labors and his selection of our top tier administration reassures me of our growing strength being nourished for a great future.  Of course, the news media swamp rats are distracting and cackling that the first 100 days are empty by our 45th president.  The fake news media have been exposed to all of us for their self admiration society as self appointed elite.  We elected our president.  We have been turning off these egotistical liars.

Our stock market and our consumer confidence are at record levels as a direct response to the direction set by our president Donald J Trump!  My sons and their buddies have a chance to get ahead, finally!  President 44 talked a lot without bothering to work.  President 45 has exhausted the lazy reporters by his 100 day pace of work.  I admire his energy and resolve to deliver a better future for us all!



Trump advisor is a shark!

April 13, 2017

It was a thing of beauty to watch Stephen Miller efficiently destroy media celebrity “reporters” on a Sunday morning.

On February 12, 2017 Chris Wallace survived a shark attack on his FOX NEWS SUNDAY shark tank.  The dull expressionless stare of Miller did not reveal fear or any emotion.  His adrenalin had to be restrained as he methodically derailed the heavily dyed hair of Wallace at every turn.  All the media wanted to focus on our 45th president blocked by 9th circuit court on the infamous travel ban order.

Miller declared matter of factly that there is no question on the authority and constitutional duty of our president on national security for citizens in USA.  Wallace had futile attempts at getting Miller distracted, but Stephen methodically disemboweled Chris on national television.  I was laughing and cheering!


You bet your life!

April 12, 2017

Groucho Marx had a television quiz show on 1950 NBC television.  You Bet Your Life had a melodramatic title for a comic and entertaining program.  One gimmick of the show was “Say the secret word” when a contestant triggers the duck to drop down after the word selected for that evening is uttered.  Bonus money has his audience applauding and laughing for the lucky contestant.

Groucho had a knack for mugging with his cigar and mustache that amused and entertained his audience.  His sly double entendre comments did sneak past the television censors.  My favorite Groucho quote was;  “I refuse to join any club that would accept me as a member!”

Today the commercial news media randomly selects their own secret word game.  Anyone who uses their secret word triggers the water boarding and hours of anguished examination by reporter celebrities.  Russia or wiretap has occupied hours upon hours of endless introspection by brilliant Democrat politicians.  The television audience from 1950 would be lost today trying to understand what is so newsworthy of endless hours babbling over secret words.


Our 45th president Donald J. Trump ignores the word games of reporters and talks straight to citizens of the USA.  In his own way, our president is entertaining by his eye rolls and “that’s a beauty” comment during reporter questioning.


Do you mind if I don’t care?

April 2, 2017

We citizens of the United States of America are generous and civic spirited.  Donald J Trump President 45 has taken charge of running our government.  Now we have to deal with rude pushy and selfish complainers.  Street demonstrations that are violent and disruptive for the working folks around the USA are acts of insurrection.  Blockading highways and byways do not change anything.  Antifascists pretend that all Republicans are Nazi sympathizers just because they are tired of using the label RACIST!

It is nuts to see screaming protesters with bulging blood vessels demand they want a safe space from dangerous Trump voters. There are too many examples of storm trooper tactics used by the scared and endangered snowflakes.  We are reaching the point where we will not allow protesters to beat, knock down, and assault Trump supporters.

Teutonic knights

The reason I am the grand potentate and grand poohbah of Curmudgeon Universe Club is that I do not care if anybody complains how their feelings are hurt.  If I am not attacking with a knife, axe, or gun then I do not merit an attack with a knife, axe, or gun by anyone who disagrees.  Half of the country was scorned as deplorable by the shrew Hillary Clinton in a pique of frustration that people supported Donald J Trump.

These young revolutionaries pretend to make a difference in futile disruption of life.

Antifa banner boys

Nothing inspires more confidence and trust than the sight of cloaked and masked rabble rousers running in gangs on city streets?  What is their mission? Has anyone in news media bothered to investigate and report on this Antifa guerilla warfare?  We don’t care if we cannot rely on news to report.  Citizens are prepared to defend our own neighborhood, town, and city.  This defense is spontaneous just as our heritage of Minute Man defined the seeds of our USA.

We the people accept our responsibilities to defend our freedom from mob rule by mindless mayhem.  Those pretending mobs can defy our common good are in for a painful experience.

eagle flag

God bless our USA