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Y2K Doomsday Memory

January 14, 2018

Let us wander down the walkway of doom together!  The world was waiting and worrying about the dawn of our Millennium.  The commercial news media could not reassure us that the uncertain future we faced together could avoid  shutting down every computer around the globe in 2000!

It is by sheer coincidence that my present car is my Millennium Cruiser 2000 Pontiac Bonneville.  In my future was waiting  our chorus of  DOOM in 2008.  We were being brainwashed into doubting the quality of American craftsmanship with General Motors.  My Pontiac is still rolling!  I would not sell this car for anything, well maybe for a new Lincoln?

For New Year’s Eve on December 31, 1999 our little town in Wisconsin held the community high school gymnasium open with very low key small town entertainment to see in 2000.  The police department and volunteer fire department were present with equipment in the event our nation had a Y2K BLACKOUT!  A local photographer had his book published with photographs from our event and other local pictures from 2000 and we bought an autographed copy.

In 2018 I suspect that there is something in the water in New York, California, and Washington DC.  Every sensitive soul is bitching about President Trump being rude and crude.  We are seeing our economy booming and the future has never looked better for our young adults that were children back in 2000.  They rather get paychecks than excuses for failure.

The fantasy hysteria on commercial news media raised doubts on what would happen with Y2K technology shutting down the internet and all computers.  Where was the warning on the melt down of 2008 financial markets?  Media was asleep!

My best advice is; “Never rely on news media for important life or death decisions!”

Obama begs Putin to shake hands UN

President Trump is rude and crude.  He gets respect.  He does not beg to be respected!




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