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Museum of Doom

We all enjoy a good ghost story!  The DOOMSDAY creative writing industry has been going strong for centuries.  I blame Nostradamus for starting this.  Today, I blame NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC for beating this dead horse for more viewers.  However, even on the eve of destruction and certain doom, I see opportunity for profit and an easy buck.


Come take my hand, because I will lead you into my Museum of Doom!  

We have no alternative but to enjoy the time we have left.  We cannot stop watching!  If you visit my Museum of Doom be ready to run, because nobody is just a voyeur watching the end of the world.  We are all doomed if nobody buys a souvenir or at least  1 supersize big gulp Coke at my Store of Doom.

You cannot get a car or truck without $50,000.  You cannot go to your grocery store with the same budget from last month.  You cannot afford to heat your house or fill up your vehicle gas tank with same amount money from last year.  Are you feeling doomed?

Watching time left before Dooms Day.

The excitement around the White House of 46 is almost contagious?  President Biden loves to yell a lot now and televise his childish temper tantrums.  This is great for the museum souvenir sales of his old Biden bounced checks.

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