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River current is stronger than political parties

March 8, 2018

Tonight news on North Korea reminded me of my blog about swift current of events. Our skipper President Trump is at the helm. I give thanks to God!

Hoboduke Nonsense

Life will take every one of us on a wild ride many times.  Time can be described as a river with changing currents and changing weather that we all must travel.

None of us have the option of standing on the river bank to just watch life pass us by.  We are all thrown into the sink or swim challenge with the problems we cannot anticipate that come at times when we feel weak.

Our country and the world has brought us all to a new kind of river ride for those lucky enough to remain alive today.  The candidates for president that decided to rely on the strategy and the imaginary supporters from the last century, discovered that the world and the people are different now.  Speeches from the past do not grab our people now.  We have an old socialist promising revolution.  We have a billionaire who is…

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