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About Hobo Party

It's not funny being poor, but we can laugh about it!

It’s not funny being poor, but we can laugh about it!

Somehow, sometime people don’t belong or fit in anymore.  You’re too old, overqualified, too educated, too independent!  Hoboes have a heritage central to the American Dream.  Hoboes don’t give up on their dream, even if everyone gives up on them!

Join us on our hobo journey!  We are accepting applicants to Hobo U.

Anyone can become a hobo!  The pilgrimage through life takes us on many twists and turns.  When everything is gone and you can’t see past today, then get on the hobo trail!  This trip makes you independent and stronger.  This is a big old world, so if your town got you down, move along.

This is the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Be prepared to see the spirit of America fighting to be free!

Something odd happened in 2016!  People who have not voted in 20 years came out to elect Donald J Trump as President of USA.  We are Making America Great Again!

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