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Cigar Bulletin

Okay, discovered my favorite cigar.  There are many wonderful choices from Davidoff (open up the safe and empty out your money!), Padron, Uppman, and Cuesta Rey.  Am now officially Monte Cristo fan.

Normally smoke fat cigars, but the 42 with conneticut wrapper is my favorite smoke.  27 to a box, and enjoy each evening watching the sun set while smoking one for 40 minutes of quiet time pleasure.

Just like hobo folk, cigar smokers are not welcome and are a menace to society.  I don’t apologize for being a hobo at heart.  I don’t apologize that I smoke cigars.  I don’t care if you object to either.

When Obama starts his retirement in 2013, I will light a cigar, drink a glass of port, and throw a log on the fire.  The memories of the Obama years will go up in smoke as a bad dream.  A good cigar is more important to me and my happiness then worrying about global warming.  This is the land of the free thanks to the brave souls who will smoke a cigar, have a drink to toast freedom, and fight to remain free.


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  1. JD Blom permalink
    December 1, 2013 6:49 pm

    I will be saving my last Padron to join you in that celebration!

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