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Gambling on Washington DC

April 23, 2021

There will be a new gambling site. Swamp Gas invites everyone to bet on the greatest game in the world; POLITICS! Take a position on Bernie Sanders getting his capital gains tax on investing to 39.6% backed by President Biden. It is a surprise that nobody knew candidate Biden was silent on taxes during campaign days. If you feel lucky on raising taxes retroactive to the start of 2021, put your bet on Bernie! There are odds makers. If you bet $100 (minimum bet) than you will win $39.96. Don’t like the odds? Don’t gamble. All the voters who gambled on Joe Biden are wondering how to celebrate now.

The lobbyists have an unfair advantage in placing bets. However, Hunter Biden is offering a gambling service to serious bettors for his “opinion” on what “might happen” in the White House. If you donate $!0,000 to Hunter, than you will get access to Zoom appointments for a limit of 30 minutes per year. His time is valuable. The real challenge is that President Biden has to wait for Doctor Jill to read to him “suggestions” from lobbyists. Hunter has to talk to Jill before Joe knows what is going on,

A Chinese restaurant in Washington D.C. will allow Swamp Gas access to their computer floor with secure satellite service. Your wagers will be more secure than campaign promises from President Biden. It is possible that some wagers will relate to Republicans in Washington DC.

Bill and Hillary Clinton may host a Swamp Gas podcast. Bill will also do some fund raising for his Clinton Foundation. Barrack Obama may offer his chart on predicting how the chips may fall.

We are about to enter the golden age of gambling. Coming soon are government inspectors to save us from CLIMATE CHANGE! Every home across our country will be visited for getting a rating on mandatory changes to save our climate. We only have 10 years left according to climate expert known as AOC. Do you feel lucky on getting a Green Rating to avoid $40,000 in mandatory improvements?

Every tax payer and even those who don’t have to pay now, will buy our Climate mandates.

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