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They Are Out There

April 16, 2021

As a child of Sputnik hysteria, I am way too old to meet visitors from any other planets. Our country is still adjusting to the “rat pack” period of Frank Sinatra with his fellow demigods of culture. By comparison the new “stars” and “celebrities” are nowhere near the days of Sammy Davis Jr.! Is it possible that other galaxies want to experience those glory days in USA entertainment history?

FOX news has been updating their audience about the USA Navy confirms they will be sharing their sightings from their fleet and jetfighters. How will we adapt to the reality that They are out there!

It is not a question about IF anymore. Now what do we do? Fortunately, we have open borders and a influx of undocumented aliens will be pouring in from other planets. President Biden will be giving a national speech on turning over control of our nation to outer space travelers. It may be too late for a new movement; Human Lives Matter?

How do we resist visitors from other planets? Why would they want to stay on earth? Surely they must know that “Global Warming” gives us only 10 more years before our destruction. Do they want to save specimens of life like polar bears? Who will be our Flash Gordon to stand up for humanity? This post may be mildly humorous, but I am not laughing about the role of humans after visitors decide to stay here.

The movie Star Man says they have left offspring on earth already. Chicago Bears line backer Doug Buffone left earth back in 2015, but he shared on radio his kidnapping experience while in Indiana by a space craft abduction. This experience bothered him until his death. Even more thought provoking is Slaughterhouse-5 by Kurt Vonnegut (who remains one of my favorite authors). Billy Pilgrim is still in a zoo display on an alien planet!

I nominate Elon Musk to handle the visitors from space! He is brilliant and definitely understands the allure of space travel.

Musk left his sports care floating in space as payload on his rocket ship.
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