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2nd Time Around Festival

January 27, 2021

USA has cause to celebrate! Speaker Nancy Pelosi has decided that the first impeachment of President Trump was a lot of fun. In order to cheer up the citizens of USA, lets do it AGAIN!

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has decided to sit this one out. It seems he knew Trump was impeached already! Impeaching Trump again will make something to celebrate for the IMPEACH TRUMP FAN CLUB. Alternate judge for this circus under the big top will be somebody beloved and missed. Come on down Al Franken! We need to light a candle for Senator Patrick Leahy who is hospitalized as his excuse to avoid running the Impeachment Hoax REDUX 2021.

Does anyone know who is pulling the strings on puppet President Biden? President Joe has zero stage presence and nobody pays attention. Propaganda News continues to shame everyone daring to question the capability of a very old politician to actually work. It is touching that President Joe dragged ancient Senator Leahy off his nap couch to run Kabuki Theater show trial of former President Trump. Vermont elected this man back in 1975! Joe believes he will be there to hold a centennial celebration with mummified Patrick.

Senator Patrick Leahy from Vermont knows the swamp!

While President Joe keeps signing Executive Orders to get on television, the House of Representatives and the Senate are trying to look busy as if they are working. For some odd reason, Propaganda News fails to attract homebound captive citizens to watch their empty broadcast of ancient talking heads. It seems the script for Gilligans Island continues to be used by our monopoly of commercial broadcasting. We are now on Biden’s Island!

Nobody in Propaganda News bothered to interview Chief Justice Roberts on his refusal to be the execution judge to impeach former President Trump a 2nd time. This must not be news worthy? How and why did the mummy Leahy get the rare honor and privilege to hang Trump again? Does USA have any problems being ignored by our House of Representatives and Senate during this Kabuki Theater trial? We are not supposed to ask any questions now. Welcome to the news blackout to allow more paid advertising on daily news broadcasts.

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