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Prove it NFL!

September 24, 2017

Imagine you worked for a company where 70% of your employees were of one race?  Could you pretend that there is no profiling or bias in selection of hiring?  Are the odds against you getting hired if you do not fit the race profile of the 70%?  You probably guessed my reason on pointing out bias and favoritism within the NFL.

Alejandro Villanueva was the lone Steeler player to recognize the flag of the United States during the public ceremony of our USA national anthem at Chicago Soldiers Field!  That was an act of courage to be the only Steeler and have to take the stares of his team.

Ignoring our national anthem, or ignoring the fans who respect our flag is an insult to the working poor who scrape up the money to make the players rich.  So the 70% Afro-American players in the NFL are protesting the white guilt and bias against these millionaires?  Lets increase the stakes here!  Lets start every game with our USA pledge of allegiance!  Why let a few mad angry players tarnish the whole league?  They want to be different, then let them be different.  DO NOT force me to agree with this dumb ass protest nonsense.  Do you think there might be qualified players eager to take the place of protesters?

It was my mistake to watch the Chicago Bears game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on September 24 at Chicago.  Steelers protest is an insult to their heritage and their departed owner.  Chicago still honors the Halas tradition and values by respecting our flag as a tradition from the good old days.

Trump tower flag

All of the NFL television personalities had the group speech programmed into their artificial brains.  These TV folks know it was wrong of President Trump to criticize FREEDOM OF SPEECH for NFL players.  So freedom of speech is showing no respect for our flag, becomes my patriotic duty to defend?  I’m not showing up for these millionaires guilt trip.  Honor the flag!  Play the game!  Tell me why whites are the minority in the NFL.  I will save $450 and not go to a professional game.



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