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Guam secret Taotao Mo’na

August 12, 2017

Why do people travel the globe to take stuff?  These pursuits have gone on for thousands of years and are still flourishing today.  Ferdinand Magellan sailed for Spain to Guam in 1521.  His ship was greeted by dozens of outrigger canoes skimming across the sea waters.  He was impressed how swiftly they clambered on board and ran off with anything not nailed down, and even hauled away their dinghy!   Guam was claimed by Spain in the 17th century, but their dinghy was never found.  Big gun boats showed up, and informed the natives that their island is property of Spain.

Indigenous Chamorro inhabitants of Guam kept their traditions and memories of ancestors as a life line to their earlier freedom.  Spain gave up their claim for Guam to the USA in 1898 as part of settlement for Spanish-American War.  During World War II Japan invaded Guam in a fierce battle and enslaved the island December 10, 1941.  Their ancient spirits were their only consolation during beheadings and torture by imperial Japan.  USA did finally bring freedom back to Guam  August 10, 1944.  Japan fought to the last man and it was a deadly bloody siege for all involved.

Taotao Mo’ano is not a formal religion but it is a traditional belief in the enduring spirits of ancestors living in their forests and hills.  Similar to the liberal destiny belief expecting deprived minorities are born into the Democrat party.   If Magellan were traveling the world by car, he would discover that his car parked in the South side of Chicago would lose wheels, stereo, and battery in 15 minutes.

Guam today was singled out by North Korea as a target to retaliate against the USA.  Why blow up this island?  North Korea can ship over millions of illegal immigrants to overrun the island and get stuff!  Sadly, Guam has lots of advice from politicians like Senators Schumer and Feinstein who want to keep talking to North Korea while missiles are added for nuclear attack.  In solidarity we invite Schumer and Feinstein to stay on Guam until this problem is resolved!

Guam sputnik

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    President Trump will meet with North Korea to directly negotiate mitigation of nuclear threats. Secretary of State Pompeo has set the stage.

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