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Storm watch is real

August 6, 2017

There is a lot of talk focused on ridiculing President Donald J Trump.  There are commercial media celebrity “journalists” who play word games to trap staff of our 45th president with word game questions.  “What if…?”  “Can you promise…?”

When you are being threatened by a storm, only an idiot wants to stand around to talk about it.  When the thunder is rumbling and the wind starts knocking you off your feet, then your survival depends on how you respond.  Your body responds even if your brain is avoiding to accept what is facing you.

This storm picture by Green Bay, Wisconsin gets your attention, but feeling this storm come up on you gets your priorities quick.  What is the connection to taunting 45 by politicians, reporters, and swamp rats today?  All the hot air of outrage and self righteous indignation is changing our weather.  When this storm breaks, it will be fast, ferocious and indiscriminate.  I cannot predict and do not want to forecast devastation.  A lot of smart ass wise crackers may be feeling this storm.

As I write this post, there is the rumble of thunder over my lake as the sky is dumping a lot of rain.  Nobody is on the lake.  Only an idiot would be out.  We got a lot of idiots on television ridiculing the 45 rally folks as stupid unschooled losers clinging to outdated ideas about our USA.  We got a storm coming.  Too many fools are taunting and bragging about smart ass comments against 45.

Nobody at the current Trump rallies are laughing about the accusations tossed at 45.  The days of turning the other cheek and being played a fool are over.  Keep your weather eye focused on storm clouds.




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