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Where are the Resistance riots?

July 30, 2017

Commercial news media organizations are searching for their next advertising oil gusher.  News industry loves scandals and chaos to keep viewers returning to watch more bad news ever day.  Democrats volunteered to keep media fat and happy from advertising money with the fairy tale of Russia sponsoring the Republican candidate for president.  On Sunday July 30, 2017 a new conspiracy appeared.  Commercial news media DID NOT MENTION COLLUSION between Russia and Republicans.  Can we get a independent investigation on a media conspiracy to create a scandal with no evidence?!

martha raddatz


Chuck Todd of NBC spent boring minutes to analyze their latest poll on why nobody likes President Trump in the USA now.  We know the polls can be worthless.  President Hillary Clinton can confirm the polls are a joke.  So why are there no #Resist riots and mass protests across the USA?  ABC news This Week program spent boring minutes with John Podesta leaving us less informed.  Thank you Martha Raddatz for keeping the fable alive by asking a Russian diplomat about what he knew of visiting Trump staff.  If she had a brain, she might be dangerous.  People in the USA are feeling better about the future right now!  We can fill up our gas tank without skipping on buying groceries today.  People are working in full time jobs instead of 3 part time jobs.


Seems like the good old days when we had a video to blame for Benghazi!

Will the USA get a reliable source of news?  How many people have died because of riots inflamed by fake news? Black Lives Matter and Soros funded Antifa thugs are not on list of news investigations.

Nobody is watching the news or reading newspapers because the validity and value of news is dismal.  I do find it amazing that the Washington Post published a opinion piece by Ed Rogers on July 27, 2017 “The quest to prove collusion is crumbling”.  Washington Post and New York Times as well as New Yorker have taken on the role of Pravda to protect the swamp creatures in Washington DC.  How did Ed Rogers get past the politically correct guards in editorial office?

Spontaneous protests and riots against our 45th president are not happening.  We want to see clusters of professional paid protesters on news every night, but we can’t even find an excuse to waste time on the air time for pathetic protest events.   Nobody cares because we had 8 years of race riots, cities in flames, and families ripped from their jobs and homes.  We the people see that there is hope and progress back in town again, finally!


























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