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Senator Sanders yells “Duck!”

June 21, 2017

As a socialist communist running for 2016 presidential election, “Bernie” Sanders promised a Revolution for the USA.  I visited his campaign website several times waiting for him to tone down his inflammatory oratory about initiating a Revolution.  Campaign oratory never changed.   His supporters expected fundamental change that only a communist can deliver.  It was touching that Sanders refused to spend money for his honeymoon, until he got his state to pay for his trip to Russia with his bride.

A devout follower of Sanders was a murdered assassin; James Hodgkinson.  On Flag Day the Bernie backer Hodgkinson set about to shoot as many Republicans as possible at a baseball practice before a charity ball game scheduled a day after June 14.  The catalog of wounded and types of gun shot wounds is bloody violent RESISTANCE against the election of Donald J Trump as 45th President of our USA.

FBI is handling the Department of Justice investigation on these crimes.  The suspect Hodgkinson had a list of Republican names on his person after the shoot out.  FBI did not consider this list to anything special and certainly did not imply he planned more attacks!?  The shooter acted alone and had no known connections to any fellow conspirators, per the FBI.  The FBI are in a hurry to close investigating this case.

Clinton Sanders by AP A. Harnik

Senator Sanders made a perfunctory rebuke for anybody from his Revolution supporters that want to shoot a few Republicans.  Not sure if he bothered sending flowers to injured Republicans shot by his fan.

The news got worse for Democrats when none of the 4 elections for Congress on June 20 had any Democrat elected.  A lot of Democrats were wailing and weeping on their loss.  The Republicans shot by a Sanders fan are mending, but already we can see warning signs of  more inflammatory language that leads to violence.  Commercial news media was oddly silent on both the Sanders shooter, and the Democrat candidates that failed to get elected Tuesday.

Next time Sanders has a gun toting fan, he needs to yell; “DUCK!”

ANTIFA poster

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