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Today in 2015 changed history!

June 16, 2017

How soon people forget!  2 years ago the USA was drowning in government debt.  The majority of jobs created were part time only, because companies could not afford Affordable Health Care Act imposed on employers. GDP growth was at lowest level remembered by anyone alive.

GDP charts WSJ

Barrack Hussein Obama was our 44th President who told the USA how we should say “Thank you Obama!”  Families could not pay bills and could not find jobs to support family life.  A candidate stepped forward to howls of laughter from self appointed experts in commercial news media.  I watched Donald J. Trump with wife Melania descend the lobby escalator in Trump Tower to announce his candidacy to become our President.

Wall Street Journal newspaper described the event as; “reality-TV personality and real estate developer says he will self-fund campaign ‘to make our country great again’!”  News analysts from commercial television saw great commercial appeal in televising the speeches of this oddball character who could never win.

I was retired so I saw a lot of television air time during the day covering every candidate Trump activity and speech.  Despite his wealth and use of his own funding for campaign expenses, I mailed his small campaign office a donation in July, and more followed over 2 years.  A trickle of donations from many like minded citizens turned into a flood of money.

It was reassuring to know that the country had not gone mad.  Few actually believed the nonsense Obama enjoyed lecturing and sermonizing on boring meaningless issues.  He did own the realm of “That is not who we are!”  Candidate Trump paid thousands of employees who could afford to raise their family.  He survived in the toughest jungle of competition in real estate development, including golf course properties.  His focus on growing our economy included reducing ridiculous regulations restricting business.  Nobody in Millennial generation have seen or experienced a roaring economic boom.  They are in for a new experience as we grow faster than their dreams.

_trump_escalator1_June 16 2015

I am still happy and smile a lot after the election made fools of pompous critics.  Is anyone surprised that vengeance and revenge is the main goal of political opposition?  My support and prayers are for our president offering a better future for my sons and their buddies.  A great weight of liberal burdens was lifted off our country.  We do not have to crawl along feeling guilty for achieving success.  Yes we did it!  We can do better!  That is who we want to be!

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    󾓦 beautiful 󾓦

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    Too soon for nostalgia, but this remains a turning point in our culture and history by a crude, direct real estate mogul! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

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