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How NOT to hug a curmudgeon!

June 13, 2017

We welcome the newest member of the Curmudgeon World Club!  Jerry Seinfeld spontaneously demonstrated the essential curmudgeon code of conduct.  The world of entertainment thrives on self promotion by flamboyant self promotion at public places.  Wisdom comes with age, or just wrinkles depending on your intelligence.  Kesha has crossed her threshold into the getting old decade of 30’s.  Jerry Seinfeld is crossing the threshold of maturity at 63.

Awkward moment recorded when Kesha wanted to shower her public hug on Jerry Seinfeld at some minor event celebrity runway.  Jerry rebuffed hugging for publicity and Kesha was baffled at curmudgeon rules of conduct.  She wandered away stunned that her glorious celebrity aura did not merit a perfunctory hug.  Did she throw a fit or hug her Cabbage Patch doll for consolation?

Hugs and kisses used to have some human significance.  The debasement of human genuine expressions of emotion and affection continues by effusive theatrical gestures that replace real interaction.  Curmudgeon Seinfeld simply deflects participating in meaningless hugging and mugging for publicity pictures.  An album of publicity pictures is a poor substitute for a life of family and real friends.

Curmudgeons are important people because they do not bother creating publicity events to promote themselves.  The lessons gained from life are expressed in behaving like a curmudgeon.  It is good to observe curmudgeons, because everybody gets there eventually!  Curmudgeons take pride in arriving at their exalted level of age, wisdom without surrendering their gruff anti social barriers.  We are not hermits, but we do not indulge in selfie marathons like metro sexual vacationers.


Visiting Alaska with his selfie stick to record his every smirk and smile.



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