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Senate Investigates Hobo Party!

June 8, 2017

Senate hearing on 2016 Russia Conspiracy has focus on Putin influence on 2016 election for president.  Everybody knows that former president “Slick Willy” Clinton showed up at private jet of Attorney General Lynch to talk about vacations and grand children during the time Hillary Clinton was campaigning for Democrat party candidacy as president. We discovered that after that chance meeting, Lynch instructed head of FBI to handle the Clinton “matter” that was never an  “investigation”.  The “matter” was how and why did confidential emails of Hillary Clinton get distributed by WikiLeaks around the world?  The FBI was denied access to the computers of the Democrat National Committee and candidate Clinton personal server was erased and destroyed.  Despite not even seeing computer equipment, Diamond Jim Comey concluded that without doubt Russia fingerprints were all over this caper.

caboose home

Democrat Senators are howling about the Hobo Caviar Caper!  Russia delivered their Hobo care packages to the Chicago rail yard to this Russian red caboose by the Russian ambassador to Uncle Stosh in 2016.  Obama told Attorney General Lynch to set FBI director Comey on his trail.  Mayor Rahm Emanuel was informed of this secret surveillance to warn his staff to stay away from getting caught taking Russian caviar.  A lot of the senators were furious that on their junkets to Moscow, they were never offered Russian caviar!  It was an insult hoboes were given caviar, and vodka.  Boxes of Cuban cigars were delivered as well.

The Hobo jungle in Chicago had a great celebration that evening with the bounty from Russia.  Some communist Democrats from Chicago showed up to freeload.  They laughed and told us to send the bill to Rahm.

The Comey testimony concerning our 45th President Donald J Trump did not reveal anything that connected his presidency to clandestine Russian hijinks.  The sale of US uranium through Hillary Clinton was of no concern to anyone investigating Russian connections inside our government.


Barry and Hillary were waving goodbye to USA weapons grade uranium they released to Russia together!  Obama did claim that he told off Putin to stay out of meddling in USA affairs?  The B.S. meter went off the scale on that whopper.  They got away with it thanks to Lynch and Comey conspirators in their swamp.



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  1. June 9, 2017 2:49 am

    Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    If only just one, would have eaten beans before that hearing…

    • hoboduke permalink*
      June 9, 2017 8:01 am

      Hobo poetry would be in the air! His passing gas is about all he did testifying.

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