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How to translate news lingo?

May 29, 2017

We are supposed to be intimidated by the news media talking around us and over us.  They love to dive into intelligence jargon terms, and rattle off names they pretend to know.  All of the reporters on every television station or radio network are qualified as legal experts on everything.  If  you met them in person, you would never know they were so intelligent!

Lynch mob hysteria of the moment in commercial news media is focused on the terrible crime of back channel communication!  It seems our country is in danger with Russians talking to anyone in the USA.  Has anyone bothered to diagram and explain what the media definition means for “back channel communication”?  How did Russia get our president elected?  How did Democrats ignore the danger from Russia with Democrats in every major federal government position during 2016?

On March 29, 2016, a brave young woman reporter was brutally handled by a member of candidate Donald J Trump campaign team.  Corey Lewandowski assaulted Michelle Fields in a public place with dozens of people around candidate Trump during a campaign stop in Florida.  How come nobody bothered to offer an eyewitness account of this brutal assault in the middle of a crowd?  Michelle even showed George Stephanopolous her bruises from the ape like grip of Lewandowski imprinted into her frail forearm!  After his television show, Michelle worked up the courage to demand charges filed with local law officers one day after it was supposed to happen?

Stalker Fields tried grabbing Trump for attention but Lewandowski intervened.

The frenzy of reporters failed to get the public agitated or even give Michelle more sales on her new book; Barons of the Beltway.  We have to credit George and Michelle giving the USA the first chapter in their new book; Tales of Fake News.  There were no charges filed due to lack of evidence to merit any legal action.

Now we are all supposed to be agitated and upset over the constant drum beat of reporters telling us of this treason that almost happened?  What about the election for president stolen by the Russians?  Maybe somebody reporting news can tell  us why we still have never captured or convicted the killers from Benghazi on September 11, 2011?



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