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100 Days of Fake News

April 28, 2017

Television kept a steady barrage of hysterical attacks by commercial news media that Donald J Trump had no chance of getting elected as 45th president of United States of America.  These self appointed experts on everything had nothing to say on election night when the results could not be hidden from the people who chose to jump on the Trump Train!

Of course, we were alerted by that same group of stunned hypocrites that be prepared for the crash of our economy, our stock market, and world chaos from enraged foreign leaders.  The fat head lazy freeloader “reporters” were again completely wrong on their warnings.  The market went UP!  Foreign leaders and many minority leaders visited our future president in Manhattan at Trump Tower!  It was amazing to see the procession of visitors on the Trump Tower lobby video camera broadcasts!

Trump visitors

NFL legend Jim Brown and silicon valley trail blazer Bill Gates both were visiting Donald J Trump at his tower residence on the same day.  Both had different reasons to promote their public works interests but both are great patriot citizens of USA!  None of this merited much interest by publicity hound reporters chasing Russian spies in TrumpTrump tower flag Tower!

I have never been happier for the future of my family!  I am younger than our president enjoying retirement.  His labors and his selection of our top tier administration reassures me of our growing strength being nourished for a great future.  Of course, the news media swamp rats are distracting and cackling that the first 100 days are empty by our 45th president.  The fake news media have been exposed to all of us for their self admiration society as self appointed elite.  We elected our president.  We have been turning off these egotistical liars.

Our stock market and our consumer confidence are at record levels as a direct response to the direction set by our president Donald J Trump!  My sons and their buddies have a chance to get ahead, finally!  President 44 talked a lot without bothering to work.  President 45 has exhausted the lazy reporters by his 100 day pace of work.  I admire his energy and resolve to deliver a better future for us all!



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