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Do you mind if I don’t care?

April 2, 2017

We citizens of the United States of America are generous and civic spirited.  Donald J Trump President 45 has taken charge of running our government.  Now we have to deal with rude pushy and selfish complainers.  Street demonstrations that are violent and disruptive for the working folks around the USA are acts of insurrection.  Blockading highways and byways do not change anything.  Antifascists pretend that all Republicans are Nazi sympathizers just because they are tired of using the label RACIST!

It is nuts to see screaming protesters with bulging blood vessels demand they want a safe space from dangerous Trump voters. There are too many examples of storm trooper tactics used by the scared and endangered snowflakes.  We are reaching the point where we will not allow protesters to beat, knock down, and assault Trump supporters.

Teutonic knights

The reason I am the grand potentate and grand poohbah of Curmudgeon Universe Club is that I do not care if anybody complains how their feelings are hurt.  If I am not attacking with a knife, axe, or gun then I do not merit an attack with a knife, axe, or gun by anyone who disagrees.  Half of the country was scorned as deplorable by the shrew Hillary Clinton in a pique of frustration that people supported Donald J Trump.

These young revolutionaries pretend to make a difference in futile disruption of life.

Antifa banner boys

Nothing inspires more confidence and trust than the sight of cloaked and masked rabble rousers running in gangs on city streets?  What is their mission? Has anyone in news media bothered to investigate and report on this Antifa guerilla warfare?  We don’t care if we cannot rely on news to report.  Citizens are prepared to defend our own neighborhood, town, and city.  This defense is spontaneous just as our heritage of Minute Man defined the seeds of our USA.

We the people accept our responsibilities to defend our freedom from mob rule by mindless mayhem.  Those pretending mobs can defy our common good are in for a painful experience.

eagle flag

God bless our USA


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