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Wiretap of candidate Trump

March 4, 2017

Back in January, 2014 our former president Obama assigned Eric Holder to review the surveillance programs in the USA.  This was in response to public concerns raised by Edward Snowden revealing extensive snooping in our country when he left Hawaii in 2013.  The wiretap surveillance of Donald J Trump done in 2016 was to check on his connection to Russian spies or Russian hookers.

Ben Rhodes was busy attacking President Trump on Twitter because Obama never started any wiretaps.  Technically correct, because he sent his minions and lackey to get FISA court to approve the desired wiretap of Trump Tower.  Obama had his Holder checklist to keep his fingerprints off any surveillance he desired to protect the USA from Trump.

I worked for TIME in the magazine production department during the Watergate investigations legal and illegal.  The commercial news media were like a pack of hounds let loose on the hunt.  I had to often “Stop the presses!” This came at a cost, but the advertising revenue was loading the treasure chest faster!  My social life was a mess with working Friday night through Sunday afternoon during this period of history.  The editors didn’t care on the inconvenience they caused me.  I didn’t mind the extra money from overtime.


Our current President and Commander in Chief Donald J Trump is occupied on several fronts.  The news media are like flies at a picnic pestering everyone but accomplishing only annoyance instead of enlightening the public.  The Democrats have taken sloth and obstruction to pinnacles not seen before.  Meanwhile, the real problems left from the Obama glory days are major issues.  Of course, the emotional angst of histrionics from Hollywood and television is worse than the propaganda from Mao Tse-Tung or Joseph Stalin.  In the midst of these developing stories, we need to know who was taking all of the personal communications from Trump Tower!

Will the commercial news media investigate anything?  Or will we see more word games in more attempts to trip up the administration for penny ante “gotcha” games?   It will be entertaining to invite President Obama back into the real world he left in our laps.  His  astonishment always made me laugh.   To silence the reporters, Obama claimed he was surprised as anyone when he read the news about something his group had done.

We are standing at a cross roads for our country.  The people want a better economy.  Reporters want to mount the head of the president on a trophy wall.  The Democrats want to pretend the country is waiting for them to save the day.  Business owners large and small want to make more money by growing their business, and thereby employ more workers.  Wall Street is expecting President Trump to prevail on improving our economy by reducing regulations and taxes.  Money gets the attention of politicians!

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    Commercial News Media dismisses anything to investigate from the golden age of Obama as 44th President. Why did 44 allow Putin to send in his Trolls? Why didn’t Obama alert citizens of USA? Why did Obama DENY this invasion?

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