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Historic speech for future of USA

March 1, 2017

On February 28, 2017 President Trump delivered his first speech to our country on goals and problems we all face together.  Speaker of the House Paul Ryan was handed the text of this speech prior to President Trump delivering his speech.

On November 5, 2016 my wife and I were invited by Senator Johnson to meet him and Michael Gallagher candidate for Congress on their Wisconsin bus campaign stop.  Gallagher is a marine veteran endorsed by retiring Congressman Reid Ribble.  We arrived at Gallagher’s Pizza (his uncle) in Green Bay prior to the 5:00 PM event time.  The street front  dining area was operating for normal service.  The back banquet room had a small group of 50 people.  There were many men dressed in casual clothes but all wearing a ear piece plus all wearing a vest to conceal their weapons.  It seemed unusual to have such a high level of security.  I registered in with my digital Eventbrite confirmation.

First order of business was to go to the cash bar in front to get 2 beers for us.  Then we picked up some pizza from the guest table and chose seats close to the side entrance.  The campaign bus would drop off all by that side.  Suddenly a lot more men walked in from the side door, and all obviously more security.  All of these men were 30 years younger than me.  The campaign staff included college age volunteers.  It was nice to meet old friends and make some new ones.  Continual forecasts of doom from polling reports on commercial news media had me prepared to lose the election. However,  I refused to admit defeat without fighting until the end.  The enthusiastic young volunteers renewed my confidence in our future, and I did not admit defeat until the votes were tallied.

The door opened.  More security came in!  There had to be 25 armed men inside the banquet room with only 50 guests!  Then I saw the reason why.  Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (#3 ranked official in USA government) entered the room as the surprise guest.  We were very surprised.  Governor Walker, Senator Johnson, and candidate Gallagher with retiring Reid were all traveling together to campaign and attend the Packers Game on Sunday at Lambeau Field with Speaker Ryan.  We did not push to meet him, but as the evening wore on we did find Ryan free and my wife was very pleased to talk about family and friends.  We are especially fond of Michael Gallagher entering politics to replace our favorite Congressman Reid Ribble.  There was a halo of 4 security within arms length of Speaker Ryan at all times.  I certainly did not make any sudden gesture that might arouse concern!

The funniest spontaneous event at Gallagher’s was Ron Johnson beating Mike Gallagher at a beer chugging race!  Both of them laughed at the fun of the beer challenge.

We like Speaker Ryan and I wanted him to win his election.  The Republican pizza magic did work!  All candidates were victorious in election.  The crowning achievement was the election of Trump!  I did see him in Green Bay when he formally endorsed Ryan for reelection on August 5, 2016.


I was in the minority being a senior citizen.  Young families and college students and young blue collar workers owned the crowd majority.  This fact alone made me skeptical of relying on the opinion polls churned out by commercial news media on Trump loss.

My wife and I enjoy beer, pizza, and the patriots we know who do defend our country.  There were no press allowed in this event at Gallagher’s Pizza.

It is my pleasure to celebrate the national speech presented by President Trump on Tuesday February 28.  I know a lot of people who are making America great again!  This feels good!


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