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And the loser is?

February 28, 2017

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has an annual ritual to pick winners in a lot of categories in a marathon ceremony.  This is commonly known and dubbed as The Oscars!  Most often a host is hired but on rare occasion a hostess is hired for this tedious event.  2017 had Jimmy Kimmel responsible for duties of Master of Ceremonies.

There is a definite shortage of wise cracks and good humor in this century!  Even dimwit comedians like Kimmel are elevated beyond their limited wit.  Twitter has a lot of comments under #Kimmelsucks in regard to the 2017 Oscars broadcast.  I am over the hill and I walk down to the graveyard to visit old buddies.  Nostalgia is not what it used to be!  In ancient times, Bob Hope served as a perennial host. His jokes and infectious humor involved unwilling participants dragged on stage to receive their Oscar.


The long running gag was based on Hope anxiously hoping every year that he will finally win the Oscar he coveted.  His movies with Bing Crosby were great clean fun On The Road to….. series of comedies with of course Bing singing.  Even Marlon Brando had to go along with the gag!  It was funny!  Actors and actresses got to ham it up in good natured fun by poking fun of themselves.

The Best Picture of the Year 2016 was something?  The Master of Ceremonies got stage fright and froze during a crisis in the proceedings.  Hope would assuredly reduce the tension by mugging a funny face and pop the balloon with a joke.  Kimmel seemed like an onlooker wandering on stage.  The audience does look to the Master of Ceremonies as their captain to lead the proceedings smoothly.  Kimmel was more like the skipper of the Valdez oil tanker before it broke up and polluted Alaska with oil.  Once it spills, nobody cares about explanations after the mess.  Kimmel is a weasel who skewered great talented actor Beatty and actress Dunaway to take his fall.  Kimmel failed to act and restore order amid chaos.  Nobody cares about his excuses after Kimmel mediocre performance diminished the glamour of Hollywood.

I vote to play reruns of old Oscar broadcasts until somebody is selected to host the ceremony that is entertaining and brings out the best of Hollywood.  Why is it “Jimmy”?   Why did “Bobby” Hope elected to be called Bob?  Kimmel definitely does not wear the mantle of a departed better entertainer; “Here’s Johnny!”


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