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President Trump leading USA

January 23, 2017

Donald J Trump is the 45th President of these United States of America. Commercial news media television personalities knew it would never happen.  Polls predicated he had no chance at all to be president.  Hillary Clinton declined to campaign because she had a commanding lead in the polls and by the press.  She attended big campaign fund raising events while Trump was campaigning in a futile cause doomed to failure.  It appears the Russians thrust Trump into office?


The page has turned to a new chapter in our history.  Trump is not waiting to get a script from the politicians from the past.  We have a new generation of war veterans in our Senate and House of  Congress.  Twitter is not a dirty word.  Hollywood celebrities do not talk for the deplorables.

Too many families have suffered waiting in vain for better days while surviving 8 years of speeches and excuses.  Democrats are stunned that Trump is moving ahead with his campaign promises in his priority of actions by White House. Major union leaders were glad to hear that Trump is working on trade deals that give our workers priority!  Democrats may need to review their obstruction of Trump actions endorsed by the workers of the USA.

We can and must become a powerhouse again, because Obama emptied our treasury to become a poorhouse!  We have to win to recover.

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