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Looking for a job? Obama starts search!

January 4, 2017

Donald J Trump has his top priority to give USA “jobs, jobs, jobs!”  President Obama now faces an uncertain future once he is on the curb outside of our White House.  With a dubious education record and miserable resume as president, the options for employment are extensive with the higher minimum wage he set in place!

We look forward to a gorgeous coffee table book of Obama selfies for the whole world to enjoy at $85 per copy.  His wife Michelle will be running a sweat hog gymnasium.  Her colon cleansing diner will feature her favorite creations rejected by students around USA.

We can expect the Obama family to be bankrupt within 24 months based on his unique ability to spend more than his income.  Joe Biden will avoid all phone calls from “The One” to enjoy fondling children everywhere he goes.

The Secret Service assigned to protect our freeloader former president will learn to keep their wallets at home safe from Obama.  Michelle will learn to find a reason to live despite feeling hopeless because of deplorable USA electing Trump.  Life does go on!  The Obama act will be stale and boring over time.  I can safely turn on television without finding Obama on every broadcast every week.  I do look forward to the small video collection; Best of Obama.

Obama gun order

Crying shame that Islamic terror free to kill in USA now.

Praise God that we will be free at last!

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