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Christmas Eve 2016 north woods

December 24, 2016

Winter in the north woods of  Wisconsin demands everybody pay attention.  The power of nature takes command of our lives.  The ice storms can snap power lines and leave us relying on fire to stay warm with oil lamps for light.  Snow storms can strand you at home, so do not ignore stocking up your winter pantry.  Of course, nobody can get around deep snow without snow shoes or you are sinking up to your knees walking outside. Christmas Eve 2016 is a real show by mother nature.

This is our first Christmas at home for the last 15 years!  Last year was fabulous family gathering in New Orleans and Biloxi with 80 degree weather!  This year we stay home and use Facebook to post Christmas activities.  I have never been happier!  I have several axes to help keep the wood pile feeding our steel fire stove.  I do not expect any ISIS idiots to visit our area in winter, but my axes and camp knife are handy as needed.

It will warm up enough to start melting some snow.  We heard the avalanche noise of snow sheets breaking free off our steel roof several times last night.  Today I got the pleasure of shoveling out so mom and youngest son could both drive into town.  The snow is too heavy for the big John Deere snow blower I sold to a small engine shop.  I wind up shoveling and have not died from it, yet! MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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