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Russia dilemma of Obama

December 18, 2016

Ian Fleming knew the complexity of Russia.  Too many intelligence paper pushers are eager to file everything according to simple minded Washington DC politicians.  President Obama as the head of our government (God help us!) prefers selfies and long winded speeches instead of reviewing facts.  Nobody in the world sees our leader as sophisticated or cosmopolitan, in spite of his family traveling the world at our expense to annoy every country.

From Russia With Love remains one of my favorite movies of all time.  The subterfuge in this movie is the secret hidden conspirators operating around the world inside many countries.  SPECTRE used high level security clearance people from the Russian KGB to glide around with little suspicion.  Obama is quite certain that Putin has engineered the election of Donald J Trump as our new president.  Putin is smirking because he has no knowledge of such a plan.  However, we need somebody from England to find the hidden threat hiding in plain sight.  James Bond where are you?  Our CIA and FBI are hard working and spending a lot of money doing secret spy stuff.  But do we have Bond?

Does anybody think our top politician has any spine or initiative to leave his golf course in Hawaii to work?  Our NSA has every email and every phone call ever made jammed into the super secret computer files of too much data.  Nobody knows what is happening because we are watching everybody everywhere.  How did Hillary get “hacked” and “leaked” so easily?  Oh yeah, she bought her own computer security folks like going to a flea market.

Now comes the real dramatic twist.  Onto the stage of world events enters our billionaire Donald J Trump.  I look forward to what mischief and adventures lie ahead for the USA!  Of course our new president will have the combined wisdom and knowledge of all the best minds in our commercial news media.  That collection of knowledge rivals the top universities in the USA.  Of course, that is saying nothing much, when you actually hear some of the top minds from universities.  Donald Trump just knew how to market and develop real estate in the toughest markets around the world.  That is easy!

Lucky for USA our Obama will be commenting, interfering, and continuing to release precious selfie pictures forever.  So Obama has claimed that he told off Putin to quit messing with our election, OR ELSE! (Sort of like his red line warning to Assad?) Stern warning from our fearless leader had little effect on stealing office of president!

I look forward to enjoying the newfound wisdom of Obama, now that he is out of office.  I prefer to hang out with the billionaire, and enjoy some interesting adventures.


Visiting Alaska with his selfie stick to record his every smirk and smile.

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  1. December 19, 2016 4:35 am

    Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    If only, Bear Grylls, would have made Obama drink piss…

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