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Celebrations by Secret Service

November 9, 2016

The vote to elect Donald J Trump as our 45th president is historic.  It also changed the lives for the families of Secret Service.  Hillary has been known to act like a queen or prima donna.  The families of secret service agents on duty to guard Hillary Clinton have seen their spouses come home dejected, demoralized, and tired of being abused.  The families felt powerless to help their beloved suffering mom or dad.  God has interceded in the most incredible gift.  Hillary is no longer a candidate for president and all Secret Service are free to leave Hillary on her own!

Free at last!  Families can rejoice and secret service agents can return being treated with respect instead of contempt.  Unfortunately, as a former first lady some agents must remain on guard.  We can only offer them condolences and pray for their strength.

Guarding our 45th president will be the most prized job for these secret service agents.  I laughed and I did have tears of joy on the results for our election of Donald J Trump!

Say a prayer for those secret service agents banished to guard Hillary now.

Protecting the life of future president Trump.

Protecting the life of future president Trump.

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