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Halloween scares Hillary Clinton

October 31, 2016
Hey everybody! This lady wants your vote?

Hey everybody! This lady wants your vote?

My favorite Halloween movie remains the 1948 Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. Hillary Clinton is waiting for Halloween 2016 to go away!  She is hoping Tuesday November 8 will be her coronation as queen of the USA?

The hidden threat Democrats keep dragging out is Vladimir Putin the mad Russian!

It seems every and any Clinton document released by hackers has the invisible hand of Putin?  Most children know that it is not smart to taunt and stir up a sleeping bear.  The Russian Bear keeps getting poked by Democrats as the evil unreliable source of released Clinton emails.  People that annoy Putin disappear or die.

It seems incredible that Putin transferred 650,000 emails to the laptop of Huma & Carlos Danger sexting idiot.  Muslim Brotherhood has people in the White House and the Clinton campaign team. The Russian threats to our peace of mind seem a scary exaggerated fairy tale by the wild shrieks from a witch people want to banish.

Everybody will be happy when the elections are over!  Will the Deplorable Trump Supporters become rehabilitated on 11/9/2016 ?

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