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Memory lane of rigged elections

October 16, 2016

On January 20, 1961 our 35th president John F Kennedy was formally inaugurated in Washington D.C. as the first media star of politics.  His rise to that lofty position included some tough characters, including Richard J. Daley the Democrat boss & mayor of Chicago.

As a young man in 1973 working in the big city of Chicago, I crossed paths with a lot of characters.  TIME office in Chicago for production of the magazine had me as a rookie in charge of approving the work of printing for the weekly production.  I did enjoy some unique benefits being wined and dined by local suppliers from graphic arts printers.  One of my favorite restaurants was Como Inn owned by the Marchetti family since the days of Al Capone.  I grew up in Chicago and everybody knew it was a tough town demanding your attention for staying safe.  Valet parking hustled your car to a safe lot so the wheels would still be on after dinner.  The Como Inn head security guy was a giant black former police sergeant, William.  I got to know William through my printing buddy Dennis who came to USA from Jamaica.

William while with Chicago police was personal security staff for Hizzoner Richard J Daley.  William was affable but intimidating because he was massive and looked bullet proof.  When he shook hands my hand disappeared in his huge mitt.  When anything was happening in Chicago, he could pick up the phone by his stool at the end of the bar and find out from Chicago Police what was really going on.

While working in police for Daley, William had the personal duty assigned by the mayor in carrying ballot boxes from polling places in Chicago for 1960 votes. He had to make sure the right boxes of ballots got delivered. The wrong boxes of ballots did not show up.  William ensured 1960 victory of JFK because of Chicago votes.  Daley knew victory was to get Kennedy into office by any means.

It is funny to see the hysteria and outrage by so many of the rich elite news media howling about the failures and short comings of Donald J. Trump.  They all want to get invited to cocktail parties by the rich folks who are pulling many strings for another Democrat candidate for president.  Everybody is free to decide, but not every vote will be counted.  I know it did happen.  I know it can happen with boxes of filled ballots discovered in Indiana waiting to get delivered for Democrats.

News Media want Donald to blow a gasket!

News Media want Donald to blow a gasket!


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