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Who will you trust with your life?

October 13, 2016

I will trust Donald J Trump with my life, but I would not trust him with my wife!

We know our federal government has gotten bloated with paper shufflers wrapping red tape on everything they touch.  Real estate developers like Trump see how the labyrinth of getting permits delays projects while adding time and costs.  USA wants more growth with better jobs.  I know Trump employs thousands on his properties.  His hotels, resorts, and condominiums have sheltered and protected millions of visitors.

Nobody knows what problems will be tomorrow.  We know that we have a lot of problems that need to be handled just ignored by federal government!  I choose a practical executive who will delegate and coordinate action plans that work.

It may shock some people, but John F Kennedy hosted nude swim parties at White House with women he chased around.  He did get USA into the Viet Nam mess for Lyndon Baines Johnson to escalate into a threat to China.  William J. Clinton did not have sex with that woman in the blue dress in White House.  He did ignore terrorist bombing of U.S.S. Cole that did kill sailors.  He ignored Osama Bin Laden also who did attack USA on September 11, 2001.

We have open borders with anybody walking into USA from Mexico side.  We have refugees and over a million expired visa visitors roaming our country.  We have Sanctuary Cities for safe refuge for all of them!   Donald J. Trump has a plan to stop ignoring the dangerous lapses of our safety.  We are labeled DEPLORABLE for wanting to keep our families safe.

I will vote for the builder; Trump.

Defending the USA needs a warrior spirit like Trump who never quits fighting.

Defending the USA needs a warrior spirit like Trump who never quits fighting.



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