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Media leeches are outraged, again?

October 9, 2016

The commercial media companies love to make money by paid advertising on their news programs.  These entertainers pretend they are “reporting news” but are actually acting.  Television journalists get paid way too much for talking into a video camera while reading a teleprompter script.  It appears that all of the script writers of news are amazed and horrified again on human failings.

People lie, chase around for impulsive sex, drink too much, and boast on being better than we are.  Of course, I never did any of these things!  The media ratings game is focused on Donald Trump dumb stuff he has done over 10 years ago.  Of course, nobody is acceptable that has human faults!  Exception, Jimmy Carter confessed everything and it was extremely dull!  Jimmy did a Playboy magazine interview and confessed he secretly day dreamed lusting other women?  OMG

Hillary Clinton has supported her philandering husband Slick Willy while governor of Arkansas groping and raping widows and other strangers.  Hillary ignored the intern sex servicing from a young intern in a blue dress.  Hillary ignored the impeachment for lying under oath by her president.  Hillary ignored the laws of national security to keep private massive amounts of money for selling government permits, government positions, and business meetings while Secretary of State.

Citizen Donald Trump chased his dream of business success in one of the most competitive and complex markets;  real estate development.  He got bloodied but he kept on fighting to get ahead.  He got divorced from beautiful women and married beautiful women.  He did support and nurture his offspring.  Now commercial media must shame and harass Donald for his boasting about how he can get any babe!  The news media that hide in alley ways like peeping Toms, and circles their prey like a pack of wolves are worried about Trump offending women?  Who worries about the rape victims of Clinton?

I would never allow anyone I love to ever work for Hillary Clinton.  Many face ruin and death after getting involved in illegal activity.  I would say it is okay to go to work for Donald Trump.  It will be interesting to see how USA decides this election.  The commercial news media pretends they are outraged over candidate Trump.  None of them worried about abuses done in White House by William Jefferson Clinton.

Hey everybody!  This lady wants your vote?

Hey everybody! This lady wants your vote?

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