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VP debate 2016 irritates by interruption

October 5, 2016

October 4, 2016 offered Senator Timothy Kaine and Governor Michael Pence 90 minutes to debate their campaign platforms.  Have you ever felt ready to strangle somebody?  Kaine kept smirking and demanding to see the tax return from Donald J. Trump!  When Pence dared to ask about the 33,000 emails deleted by Hillary R. Clinton, then Tim proudly proclaimed that FBI Director Comey  let her walk free.

The constant barrage of interruptions on every Pence response from Kaine was more than annoying.  72 interruptions by Kaine over Pence ruined the audience experience of the debate.  The lack of respect for the national audience, and the interruptions that bordered on heckling by Kaine trampled freedom of speech.

Kaine did establish a record for rapid litany of slurs, name calling and insults spewed out by Tim with apologies to his momma in the audience.  Tim felt ashamed that things Trump never said just had to be recited by Kaine with his momma present.

After the debate his mom brought up a bar of soap for her son Tim.  I don’t need soap because I will vote ignoring the Democrat scorched earth campaign.

Pence did speak directly to the elephant on the stage.  USA needs jobs and a better economy than Obama delivered and Hillary plan is more taxes and more government.  Pence simply showed sympathy for families struggling for a better job to climb back into the middle class. 25 million families slipped out of the middle class per Gallup Polls CEO interview on October 5, 2016!  Promises do not pay the bills.  Taxes do not add better paying jobs!  Trump & Pence are offering every citizen a better future in USA.

Kaine used every trick to distract and silence the message of hope from Pence for struggling families !

Trump helping a veteran get hired in Washington DC

Trump helping a veteran get hired in Washington DC

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