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Commercial media ready for VP debate?

October 3, 2016

The Vice President candidates debate will be on Tuesday October 4, 2016.  I vividly recall the 2012 debate between candidate Paul Ryan and Vice President Joe Biden.  It was bizarre with Joe laughing and mugging outrageous expressions while Ryan was talking.  Joe really did seem unhinged and in need of psychiatric restraint.  USA ignored his lunatic behavior and Obama got elected again anyway.

I can only hope that candidate Tom Kaine studies this debate material for a repeat spectacle of lunacy.  Nobody can match Joe for crazy.  I do hope that USA gets to see crazy Kaine!  We need a good laugh.

Governor Pence has a sly wit that can cut into the nonsense of campaign promises.  I look forward to seeing a ray of hope from the dark years we have endured.  The glories of Hope and Change promised have never arrived.  Obama promised us the hope of jobs, but that was all smoke.  President promised many “shovel ready jobs” after spending $850,000,000 as fiscal stimulus to recover after financial collapse of 2008.  Then he laughed about not many shovel ready jobs were produced?  Obama did reassure by announcing he was “focused like a laser” on finding more jobs.  He did find more jobs working for federal government!

Governor Pence did lead Indiana out of this financial swamp with the state in better shape for jobs and government spending.  He did a better job as a executive than our president.

Biden made headlines acting crazy at VP debate!

Biden made headlines acting crazy at VP debate!


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