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We need fun! We need clowns!

September 8, 2016

We need to have fun.  Nobody can force me to give up my love of clowns!  Why do self appointed know it all folks enjoy depressing all of us?  Clowns never pretend to be taken seriously.  Clowns celebrate simple pleasures while they create comic chaos!

Why does Hollywood ignore the most basic foundation of our culture and heritage?   We need to laugh!  Life is hard enough.  We do look for a pleasant distraction to laugh at the problems we face.

Too many entertainers pretend to be realistic about the problems in life.  What entertainers dare to have us laugh at life problems?  Hollywood did offer us a unique diversion that is hilarious.  Central Intelligence is brave enough to laugh at life.  I was amazed at such amazing stupidity!  This movie insulted sacred liberal dogma, and hugged the crazy dreams of teen agers now in middle age.  This movie refutes the wisdom of trying to be grown up!

Hilarious escape from death defying trap by CIA!

Hilarious escape from death defying trap by CIA!


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