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Nobody told Hillary about “C”

September 5, 2016

Life can be as simple as A-B-D!  Hillary was befuddled why her Secretary of State emails had the letter C before some paragraphs.  What could C possibly mean?  She seems to have a spectacular lack of curiosity and certainly took no effort to solve that simple mystery.  She just chose to pretend not to see “C”!

Classified or Confidential information just went into her thousands of Yoga emails all around her circle of cronies and donors with no security clearance.  We can sympathize that as Secretary of State her boss did not explain to her what her job entailed.  She NEVER handled a confidential or classified email in her entire career as Secretary of State?  Who got to read and handle all that classified information instead?

She did instruct her staff to a unique procedure involving hammers!  Take her Blackberry phone and hammer it into bits!  13 Blackberry phones got hammered by her staff.  Plus one of her server computers had a “Bleach Bit” treatment?  I have no idea what that means but Hillary seems to have known this unusual process to destroy evidence.  It seems this computer was destroyed 3 weeks after a House committee requested her server.  How did Hillary know asking for her computer prohibited her from destroying her computer?

The most unusual discovery was that all of her Yoga emails were invisible.  There were none in her last 15,000 emails recovered that she could not destroy.  Not one single Yoga email and she sent so many Yoga emails!  She is happiest when on her Yoga mat doing her exercises?

Her conversations with FBI on her emails while Secretary of State had a lot of “I can’t remember!” answers.  Perhaps if she did not destroy so many emails, those emails would be a good reminder of what was going on about her!

There were no Yoga emails found.  Hillary goes free!

There were no Yoga emails found. Hillary goes free!


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