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USA limits Christian refugees

August 30, 2016

President Obama has ignored the persecution and mass executions of Christians by Islam.   USA has been lectured and criticized by our president to accept refugees from Syria.  These refugees started their migration to escape the endless war and blood shed because the USA talked but did not stop Assad.

USA has admitted 10,000 refugees.  52 of these refugees are Christian.  So Secretary Kerry has managed to only find 0.05% of the oppressed religion in the refugee group.  This confirms that our State Department and our President has 99.5% failure in helping oppressed and threatened refugees.

Over 200,000 Christians have been killed.

President Obama reminded everyone at a National Prayer Day session that we are all guilty of Muslim deaths from Crusades over a thousand years ago.  It appears USA policy is directed by Obama to balance the scales of murder from a thousand years ago.  We are being instructed to feel guilty of bias and prejudice if we want to help Christian refugees!

USA does not only feel compassion for a chosen religion.  We help people everywhere without persecuting or ignoring a religious group.  The exception to this tradition is happening now by excluding Christian refugees! 

I observe that o.o5% Christian admittance by USA is discrimination and we do not allow USA to discriminate!  President has prejudice and a hidden agenda that is now evident.  The mass murder by Assad in Syria started the exodus of millions of refugees now engulfing Europe.  The neighboring nations in Mideast refuse and ignore the refugees.  Our president promised to end the Assad genocide by his “redline” proclamation to the world.  Obama was just talking.

Refugees in Sweden protesting coming to USA

Refugees in Sweden protesting coming to USA

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