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Does that flag still wave at Mar Largo?

August 20, 2016

In 1985 Palm Beach was anxious to see who would buy the crown jewel property Mar Largo?  Our U.S. government wanted to unload the donated white elephant of E.F. Hutton heiress Post.  The government auction of the property went to Donald J. Trump offer of $10,000,000!

The snobs in Palm Beach snickered and gasped that the loudmouth developer from Manhattan was crashing their snooty blue blood scene.  Gossip and rumors swept the town.  For us common folk, there are more regulations and restrictions in Palm Beach designed to keep the riff raff out!  I know I fit that category!

Trump knows how to pick a fight!  He promptly erected a 80 foot flag pole on his newly acquired property that he deposited $2,812 to take ownership!  This violated the local ordinance on the height and size of US flags allowed in Palm Beach. He laughed and kept the flag flying at a fine of $250 per day.  He counter sued Palm Beach $25,000,000 on their ordinance restricting his right to freely express his love of USA.

His objective was devious to create a diversion issue, while he quietly went about his plan to commercially develop his new property!  He reached a magnanimous agreement that gave Veterans of USA $100,000 donation instead of giving fine money to Palm Beach.  Palm Beach agreed to allow a 50 foot high flag pole instead of his 80 foot pole.  He had his landscapers remove the flag pole when his new location for the flag was built.  It was a mound of earth 30 feet high for his 50 foot flag pole.  The flag was 80 feet above ground anyway!  Oh yeah, Trump did develop the property as a resort just like he wanted!

The folks in Washington DC need to be afraid.  His legend grows since 1985 conquest of Palm Beach!  He is opening his brand new hotel in Washington DC in September ahead of schedule and under budget.  I applaud Donald J Trump for his audacity, tenacity and ingenuity in resolution conflict!

Trump helping a veteran get hired in Washington DC

Trump helping a veteran get hired in Washington DC


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