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Another hostage crisis for USA?

August 18, 2016

USA has another crisis for foreign diplomacy!  Rio de Janiero is upset that some drunk USA swimmers had a  story that did not match each other?  President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry are swinging into action.  Step 1. is to ignore these Roman Catholics because of the Crusades that killed Muslims 1,000 years ago.

A unmarked privately chartered jet is being loaded with $400,000,000 right now.  Brazil will be receiving heavy water, nuclear fuel, and an invitation to become a nuclear power with missiles.  Brazil must accept Muslim Syrian refugees and set up Burkini only beach sections.  The good news for our drunk swimmers is their release in 4 years!

It seems there is tangible evidence that the Iran release of hostages was actually because USA paid ransom money to Iran!  Obama keeps refusing to admit the obvious on his illegal exchange of money for hostages as ransom payment.  We know that we were told how we could keep our health plan in spite of questions on Obamacare holding USA hostage.  Obama has never lied, ever!  We are just too dumb to understand what he told us.

Brazil does not want to become a nuclear weapons super power, but Kerry insists to take the nukes.  Is the world going crazy?  Or is USA acting like we are nuts?  I am afraid that our White House is now a nut house.

Obama has to start his own celebrity golf tournament!  I will pay any price to see him on golf course playing in a tournament.  How about playing the Obama Tournament in Rio de Janiero?


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