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Masters of deception in White House

August 14, 2016

We share sorrow for the lost lives and damaged lives of military fighting Islamic terrorists.  Now we learn that our military orders and strategy relied upon fake intelligence reports.  Take a moment to reflect on how do edited and false intelligence get inserted into final intelligence reports?

On August 10, 2016 the House of Representatives released the initial report from their joint task force.  This was created by the Chairmen of the committees for Armed Services, Intelligence, and Defense Appropriations.  40% of intelligence analysts had experienced an attempt to distort or suppress intelligence in the past year.  Senior leaders in CENTCOM Intelligence relied on details reported from coalition forces over our own military troops reports.  So the Iraq army never surrendered our significant armored equipment and weapons to ISIS at the first sign of trouble?

We have a president who pretends he can better handle our military than our professional soldiers.  His personal touch is evident in the CENTCOM debacle of doctored intelligence reports to puff up better results.  Of course, President Obama first learned of the intelligence manipulation by reading about it in the news.  How could he know why his staff were changing intelligence reports?

The front line military operations forces did not trust the information that contradicted what they saw first hand.  So basically, your life relied upon your eyes and ears over information from head quarters.  That is a formula for disaster and worse, distrust of leadership.

This report is available on the public for your review.  Perhaps our president will take the time to read this report?  He may agree with his former Secretary of State that; “What difference does it make, now?”  Are toilets finally free for use by military based on the sex they want to be today?

We are lucky that our president is so brilliant, nobody understands what he is doing now.




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