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Coonhound sun bathing

August 10, 2016

Millie loves to sun bathe.  Life in the north woods of Wisconsin includes the winter season.  Millie does not love winter.  Millie does love summer.

She sleeps with her nose awake.  She is roused instantly if there is a scent in the air that gets her interest.  I would not suggest a Treeing Walker Coon Hound as ideal for a condo with neighbors that object to noise.  Millie does rattle our windows if barking inside.

We have a special bond ever since I found her dumped in the woods as a puppy.  She is the first and last coon hound in our house.  She does demand extra attention as a coon hound princess.

She can jump up from the floor 3 feet vertical!  She can run and jump over fallen trees like a cougar.  Her barks can be heard a half mile away.

I enjoy indulging her love of sun bathing, because I know she will not enjoy winter.  I will be stacking our fire wood in August and September on the wood pile.

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