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Saint Bernard warned us

August 1, 2016

Back in 1150 Saint Bernard of Clairvaux Abbey described the path to hell.  Our English version of his aphorism is; “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”  A lot of folks are confident they know what is right and wrong.  Not enough folks do what they know is right.

There are a lot of people convinced that there is no hell.  Do not sweat any sinning, because the guilt trip is a scam.  It does seem a lot of free spirits discover religion when their life draws closer to expiration date?  A lot of lost souls want to be embraced by a church congregation for assurance of God’s mercy to forgive a sinner. The Satanic followers look forward to hell!

Pompous agnostics demand proof of God.  The clown hearse is a classic last ride for those clowns.  I would like the agnostics to prove that they are real.  How do I know these doubters are human beings?  What gives humans the right to define what makes a human a human?  Seems like a prejudiced benchmark and not an impartial standard.  How does a human define and measure God that is infinite and all powerful?  God is confined to the limits of human intelligence?  Mark Twain was amused that humans humbly  discovered that man is made in the image of God!

In 1979 ac/dc highway to hell defiantly elevated party time to an accepted a global priority.  This song assumes the world understands the concept of a real hell.  The people in Argentina are discovering their lives are hell under their socialist economy.  I have no plans of winding up in Argentina after a drunken party.

My vision of hell is to be bed ridden in a nursing home with devout Obama and Clinton sycophants who deliriously keep babbling on the miracles these crooks performed.  That would be hell for sure!  I probably would make their life hell on earth by my bitching and laughing on the failures of Obama and Clinton.



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