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Poor Hillary Clinton got rich by charity

July 20, 2016

It is impressive how much money has gone into a charitable Clinton Foundation. 

Please take a minute or two on visiting http://www.clintonfoundation to appreciate how the world has improved by their good works.   “The Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation builds find solutions..”  The biggest solution for a top priority problem answers the question; “How can the Clintons get stinking rich by any means?”

The Republican National Convention audience was chanting “Lock her up!”  I was embarrassed at such a juvenile reaction by adults.  Some politicians might even lose sleep over the voters getting cranky on the poor elected officials who become millionaires while serving in office.  Some Democrats might even be sweating that some of those chanting were serious about locking her up?

I prefer Hillary R Clinton’s famous Benghazi response “What difference does it make?!”  I believe justice is better served is by making the money grubbing chiselers from Arkansas poor again.  Protect our Clintons to be free to walk the streets in poverty around USA.  IRS will shut down their tax dodge of hiding millions of dollars off the tax rolls in their foundation that pays them a fortune while hoarding 90% of the “donated” money.

Slick Willy demanded travel by a private jet to fly 70 miles to speak at a public university event that paid him $150,00o to just show up as a grand poohbah while giving a quick speech.  How did he spend $110 on video rentals for one night?  How can you spend $1,000 on room service?  It is good to live like a king!

I am starting a Hobo Foundation and I know that Saudi Arabia, Russia, and banks on Wall Street will donate millions of dollars, just like Hillary got while Secretary of State.  What a country!  I will give updates on my billion dollar goal for fund raising into my Hobo Foundation.  The goal of my foundation could be to build partnerships by me taking money to find solutions to Hobo problems.

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