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England says Thank You to Obama!

July 14, 2016

Major appointment by the new Prime Minister of England, Theresa May is a major “up yours” gesture to EU and to our global president Obama.  The former mayor of London is Boris Johnson.  He is the new Foreign Secretary.

Boris has spoken bluntly about the nonsense of a global government nightmare known as the European Union or as either EU or PU.  For some odd reason President Obama invited himself to visit England to give speeches and lobby for England to show solidarity by voting to stay in EU.  Barrack also sent his campaign guru to England to support former Prime Minister Cameron in his futile battle to ignore the will of citizens.

English voters turned their backs on the advice from President Obama, plus ignored his threat that leaving the EU would cancel all trade deals with USA.  England voted to leave.  Cameron got to resign as Prime Minister.  The new Prime Minister is a independent and strong willed because this appointment is also a clear message that England is not needing any world leader to guide their future.  Boris Johnson had described our president as a Kenyan citizen to tweak his nose.

Our Secretary of State John Kerry may find it was easier negotiating with Iran than his new counterpart from England.  The world becomes more dangerous from attacks by Islamic terrorists and terrorist states such as Iran.  England has selected a strong person who will not play political word games to appease and accommodate socialists or militant Muslims.

I look forward to Donald Trump working with Theresa May along with her Foreign Minister Boris Johnson!

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