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Sanders manifesto of Socialist Rights

July 12, 2016

On July 12, 2016 the AP news photographer Andrew Harkin captured the dud duo of TAX YOU PAY ME campaign event.  Revolution of Sanders is now in attic of forgotten facts of Democrat lore.  Yes Bernie, rattled on and on and on with a endless list of free stuff to be paid by somebody.  Hillary Clinton was a bobble head doll nodding approval for every ransom demand issued by Sanders for his Socialist Vampires.  She eagerly wanted and invited more needy, bitchy, whining voters who need more just because they think they  deserve more.

Hillary Clinton will clearly explain her fiscal stimulus plan to get her elected as president.  Too many stinking rich people need to get slapped with more taxes now!  The budget will never be big enough to feed our Socialist Vampires who expect money because they want money.  Hillary does not care to worry about such details as a budget that will drag down the USA into bankruptcy.  I live in a small town, and if we took all of the money and property  of our wealthiest families, then we all could go to eat out for 1 month and that would be it!

Somewhere on our way to Utopia, Democrats are convinced there is hidden treasure in every affluent household.  It is not fair to Democrat candidates, that any family is greedy enough to deny their personal money to the growing colony of Socialist Vampires waiting to get their free money.  I am definitely mystified by the crazy opium pipe dreams of Sanders and Clinton.

I am glad that we live in the North woods on a lake that gives us fish, and a good hunting season for deer and bear.  The rest of the country may find the pantry empty after every rich family has been cleaned out by Democrats.  I can be sure that nobody will bother with a raiding party during our Winter with snow at least a couple of feet deep!  Our chimney will be pouring out smoke from our chopped wood to stay warm as the bitter wind howls from the North.

Hillary will promise anything to get elected.  She pledged her support for our Ambassador to Libya.  She was not involved or responsible for his slaughter in Benghazi?  She will claim anything to stay in power.  I do not trust the safety of my family with Hillary Clinton.  I do trust her wealth will grow even more in her version of Utopia.




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