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7/5/2016 Nothing suspicious per FBI?

July 5, 2016

Today is a great day for all the wealthy and powerful criminals!  Our Director of Federal Bureau of Investigation did spend a whole lot of money investigating Hillary Clinton home made email system.  Director Comey certainly sounded dramatic revealing to us citizens that what he was about to reveal was not known by anybody in the White House!  OMG!

Never mind!  Nothing here to file charges on email conspiracy to hide information from our own government?  Thanks very much!

He wasted our tax dollars because our former Secretary of State wanted all of her communication records under her personal control!  So the destroyed server and the thousands of hours trying to put together a jig saw puzzle of stuff took a lot of our tax money to pay for the FBI staff.

Of course, we cannot present Hillary Clinton with a bill for the millions of dollars wasted on a dog and pony show investigation leading to zip for charges.  She did see millions of dollars from foreign governments while our Secretary of State go into the Clinton Foundation. It would not be fair to expect her to pay her own bills, while she picked up millions into her foundation.

I can look forward to a visit by FBI and IRS and EPA for my daring to even consider that flaunting the law by Hillary Clinton is a privilege only for special criminals of wealth and stature.  Justice is blind.  Comey needs to get his eyes checked.  He must have been concerned that Hillary Clinton could not get a fair trial in the USA.

I am waving to our Air Force One carrying our president Barack Obama and the Democrat candidate for president Hillary Clinton out of Washington DC today.  Bon Voyage, and it’s great to be innocent of any wrong doing.  It sure seemed suspicious what she did, but we are just simple minded voters.

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