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President Obama fears Xenophobia

June 30, 2016

Our fearless leader is challenging Donald Trump for being a closet follower of Xenophobia!  I lived my whole life blind to the perils of Xenophobia.  What are the perils anyway?  First of all, if you have to ask about Xenophobia, then you are really dumb!  Check, I fit that box.

Our president used to be an assistant professor!  Xenophobia is a word he just whipped out at us to figure out.  Why do I care if somebody from Xenon is upset that I exhibit Xenophobia?  I found out that Xenon is a chemical element discovered in 1894, and it is not even a country!

Our president announced in Canada that Donald Trump suffers from Xenophobia!  I did not know he was sick, and it seemed odd to reveal Trump’s medical problems while visiting Canada.  Our thoughts and prayers are for the recuperation of Donald Trump from Xenophobia (if he has been infected by it?)!

Why is our president focused on Donald Trump?  Our president needs to be focused on helping the USA instead of his concerns over the health of a billionaire.  Is Xenophobia contagious?  Lets stop spending military budget on fighting diarrhea in Africa and take the EBOLA money for USA fighting Xenophobia!



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