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Mad dogs & Englishmen leave EU

June 27, 2016

England has a tradition of following customs to the edge of lunacy.  When England was claiming colonies around the globe, they ignored tropical weather by insisting upon following their fashions better suited to a cool climate.  Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noon day sun in India.

Our president visited Queen Elizabeth for no reason other than to be on international television before the #Brexit referendum vote.  Obama did scold any naughty voters that leaving the EU would put their economy in the “back of the queue” for trade agreements (which means MONEY!)  It seems the stern lecture had no impact at all on final exit vote!  Our president had his personal campaign manager from the USA working for Prime Minister Cameron in London to make sure the vote won for staying in EU.   We were not shocked that the magic touch and brilliance of our fearless leader fell short in utter failure.

It seems the United Kingdom voters are tired of the European Union offering helpful suggestions on how life in England can be improved if only they weren’t so English!

Why do the Germans like beer & beer hall bands?  Why do the French enjoy wine in sidewalk café?  Why do elite snobs love to belittle and question every culture?

Why is it of vital importance that our United States of America keeps paying too much to keep the corrupt and ineffective United Nations in New York?  Can we get a national referendum to stop all support to the free loaders wallowing in our money fighting and arguing over stuff nobody ever sees!?  Does anybody know anything done by the UN that is not done by USA military and our tax dollars?

It is funny to see the commercial news media taking such an interest in the UK leaving the EU.  It is even funnier that Obama spent our money to travel to England to tell them not to leave EU.  Queen Elizabeth was happy to wave farewell and bon voyage to Barrack and Michelle.

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