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Sometimes angels wear cowboy boots!

June 25, 2016

All the self appointed experts on fixing the world talk too much.  It gives me a head ache trying to follow their endless speeches that go nowhere.  When you come to a fork in the road, you take it!  At least according to Yogi Berra giving directions.

Our president loves to talk.  He loves to give advice everywhere, too!  If I were to see him pull up in our drive way, the lights would be shut off and the shades will be drawn down and the door will be locked.  I am counting the days until he gets evicted from our White House.

The problems of the world today do need a solution.  We can help allies if they ask us.  We can refuse if we do not agree.  We remain independent and free.

John Wayne westerns remain popular long after his death.  He portrays the kind of man many admire.  He is not telling everybody how to live their life.  He fights bad guys that try to rob, kill, and steal from him or neighbors.  He doesn’t try to reform, lecture, or save the bad guys raising hell on earth.  Women admire his direct simplicity on facing life.  Ladies  trust his character to protect them if in danger.

Our president has personally ruined international peace and order.  His empty ultimatum of enforcing a “red line” against Assad butchery in Syria was a joke.  Over a million Christians were executed because of Assad. Millions of refugees wander the globe avoiding execution.  Europe, South America, Mexico, and USA now have millions of people sneaking in.  We need a leader who has the strength of character to face the chaos Obama has created by being scared of his own shadow.

Angels do the work of God and do protect us.  We are called upon to be the hands of God on earth to do good works when we least expect it.  Angels can wear cowboy boots and have trail dust on their hats!  I want the Duke on my side!

If we are crossing dangerous territory, then I want a cowboy instead of a assistant professor who never did anything.  Donald Trump has survived and thrived our worst economic down turn since The Great Depression!  Obama became a multi millionaire while he was working as president.  It seems suspicious to me, but I am just a poor hobo.



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